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Could the Chicago Blackhawks attempt to move Brent Seabrook this summer?

Potential trade targets and trade bait for the Chicago Blackhawks, the risk of trading Alex Galchenyuk and the Stars are opening to moving their 2017 first-round pick. Details in your NHL rumor mill. 

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Chris Hine looks at possible trade targets and trade bait for the Chicago Blackhawks to get below next season’s salary cap. The expansion Vegas Golden Knights are one option as they carry plenty of salary-cap space and must build their roster. The Hawks could lose center Marcus Kruger to the Knights in the expansion draft. Vegas might also be in the market for a veteran presence such as winger Marian Hossa or defenseman Brent Seabrook, provide they’re willing to waive their no-movement clauses. 

The Carolina Hurricanes have plenty of cap space and could benefit from a veteran presence on their blueline. Having taken on the remainder of Bryan Bickell’s contract last summer, Hine wonders if the Canes would be willing to take on another big Blackhawks contract.  

Another option is the Toronto Maple Leafs, who are looking to upgrade their blueline. They could be a destination for some Hawks veterans willing to waive their NMCs to join a club primed to contend. The Blackhawks could have an eye on Leafs left wing James van Riemsdyk, who’s a year away from unrestricted free agent status. Other possibilities include the Florida Panthers, Buffalo Sabres, New Jersey Devils, Winnipeg Jets and Dallas Stars. 

Seabrook, Duncan Keith, forwards Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Marian Hossa and Artem Anisimov carry full no-movement clauses. Of these, Anisimov’s been rumored to be on the trade block. Defenseman Niklas Hjalmarsson has a partial no-trade listing 10 preferred trade destinations. Kruger lacks a no-trade and seems the most likely to be traded, though Hine speculates the Blackhawks could be squeezed to add a young prospect in the deal. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Toews, Kane and Keith aren’t going anywhere. Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman might have regrets over giving Seabrook over $6 million per season on a long-term deal. Getting the blueliner to agree to waive his NMC and finding a taker for his contract is a daunting challenge. Forget about moving Hossa; he turns 39 in January, his best years are behind him and his contract stretches through 2020-21.

If Anisimov is willing to waive his NMC he will attract interest from clubs seeking scoring depth at center or left wing. The 28-year-old is signed through 2020-21 at a reasonable $4.55 million per season. Halmarsson could also draw some attention. 

LE JOURNAL DE MONTREAL: Yvon Pedneault reports of ongoing speculation in Montreal suggesting Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin will trade forward Alex Galchenyuk and defenseman Nathan Beaulieu this summer. While Pedneault anticipates Beaulieu has likely played his final game with the Canadiens, he advises caution in dealing Galchenyuk. He points out the Boston Bruins dealt away Tyler Seguin, who went on to become a scoring leader with the Dallas Stars. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Seguin is obviously a better player than Galchenyuk but I understand Pedneault’s concern. Galchenyuk has offered tantalizing glimpses of his offensive skills. At 23, he still has several quality seasons ahead of him. However, he hasn’t blossomed as hoped into a reliable scoring center, something the Habs desperately need. Bergevin could use Galchenyuk as trade bait to address that need this summer. 

TSN: Dallas Stars GM Jim Nill is open to moving his first-round selection (third overall) in the 2017 NHL Draft in exchange for a current NHL player. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Every NHL GM holding a high draft pick is usually willing to at least listen to offers. Doesn’t mean they’ll find what they want or will move that selection. Nill could be looking to bring in a good, established NHL defenseman to bolster his blueline. 



  1. I think Dallas having, and being willing to deal the 3rd overall pick could be interesting given the expansion draft scenarios.

    Teams that need to move a Defensemen might be very intrigued by #3 overall, since it’s a good return for a good young D, and it comes with no cap hit or expansion concerns. For instance, Minny trading Dumba for the 3rd overall could make a lot of sense for both teams.

    Again, not suggesting this will happen, but the fact that this draft is a little on the weaker side and the expansion draft coming up, should make for some very interesting scenarios and consideration.

    • I agree Danny … and more! The combination of an expansion draft and probably the weakest entry draft in several years could see a flurry of deals involving those holding down the top 6 draft positions, NJ needs offense now – not 2/3 years down the line, Dallas, having dealt with their G issues by signing Bishop, now need to get back some of that veteran D they let slip away (Goligoski and Demers-type D), Philadelphia really needs to finally get a goalie on whom they can rely, Colorado needs to improve EVERYWHERE, Vancouver – if they can’t/won’t trade the twins – has to try and shore up that D, and Las Vegas is not going to get anything that can help them for the next 2/3 years at position 6.

      Before the “experts” jump and dump, I am NOT saying this WILL happen – but it wouldn’t shock me to see a flurry of deals involving some or all of those teams.

      • Vancouver is an interesting option with respect to trading for the 3rd pick since they already have a pick in the top ten. Do they pick 7th?

      • If I’m Benning, I’m asking Edler how he likes being paired with Klingberg and then I’m asking Jim Nill how he would like that pairing for 82 games.
        Benning should offer Edler and be willing to take Niemi back in return along with 3rd overall. Edler/Niemi have roughly the same cap hit.

      • Steven Vancouver picks 5th. The difference between 3rd & 13th in the draft is thought to be a wash so no point trading up. I think Dallas will retain the 3rd & draft Heiskanen the best Dman available at #3. That will leave 1 of Vilardi or Glass for Vancouver at C of greater long term need to vancouver or Tippet at RW.

        It’s always tough to project what these 18 year old kids will be 6 to 8 years down the road when fully developed at 24 to 26 playing in their primes depending upon if they are forwards or Dman. Dman take substantially longer to develop. This draft is weak of studs like most seasons but overall depth is fine.

        Getting Dallas & Vancouver to make a trade is highly unlikely. This is the Hatfield & McCoys. There is bad blood between Aqualini & Galiardi. Aqualini already tried to stick it to Galairdi again in the Hamhuis trade. That was after him cutting Galiardi out of the Canucks purchase which ended up with Galairdi filing suit in court. Subsequently Vancouver received nothing for Hamhuis. These 2 teams won’t be trading anytime soon.

      • That seems totally plausible Tyler. Call Benning!

      • Edler isn’t worth a first round pick anywhere in the draft let alone third overall. Need to rethink that one.

      • Yep sure Deeeeeeee, Edler is Vancouver’s #1 D. No D logs more minutes & takes harder assignments in Vancouver. He would return at least a 1st & a solid prospect with 2 years remaining and a respectable cap hit. It’s moot as Vancouver isn’t moving him until the group of kids are more developed. Hutton, Stetcher & Juolevi. If he doesn’t resign in Vancouver Next summer he will be moved shortly there after.

        Not everyone can have a Doughty, Letang, etc. Some have to make do with soft #1’s or even decent #2’s; Edler, as their #1.

      • You are right on that George, I think it’s almost more interesting because of a weak draft. Teams aren’t putting a lot of stock in moving up, and I think the consensus is some of the best players from this draft could end up being picked outside the top 10.

        Most of what I have read makes it seem as this draft is considered even more wide open with every player having some flaws and holes, even more so than 2012.

        The expansion draft will throw the wrinkle of different assets will have different values to different teams, and moves may have a domino effect.

        Players that require protection spots will have their values reduced, and players that are potentially NHL ready and exempt will be worth a lot more than they are typically.

        An example could be the Leafs. Many are talking about JVRs trade value given he has one year left, but pre-expansion draft his value will diminish since it will require an all to valuable expansion spot to protect him. Not saying teams won’t pay it, but it will reduce his perceived value to some teams. Alternatively, a guy like Kapanen could be more sought after by some teams as he seems NHL ready and is expansion exempt. So normally I would say JVR is a better trade asset than Kapanen, however Kapanen could very well be worth more pre-expansion in a lot of teams assessments.

        Will be interesting to say the least.

    • Dumba for 3rd overall is way overpaying. Now if it was Dumba for Anaheim’s 1st then yes. But Dallas needs someone on the top line. I doubt Nill is looking to trade just the 3rd overall. He will add picks and prospects to get that top line LD.

      • I don’t think Minnesota would give up Dumba for the 3rd overall It would take that & more. I wouldn’t. This is a stud offensive Dman who is sound defensively. 11 goals & 34 points playing as Minnesota’s #3 this year & still 2 more seasons from being fully developed. A future top 10 if not top 5 offensive Dman in 3 years.

        Not a single Dman in this years draft that appears to be that asset today. No team has a better prospect pool than Minnesota for players not yet in the NHL. In THN Future Watch they have 5 in the top 45. Eriksson Ek; 5th, Kaprisov; 13th, Kunin; 16th, Greenway; 36th, & Tuch; 45th.

        They don’t need any draft picks really. They have a ton of young players playing now & a prospect kitty over flowing. They do need expansion draft exempt assets or a team to send them a protected asset completing a trade for Dumba or Brodin post expansion draft.

      • Stiker, you like myself have been pumping Brodin to the Bruins for some time now. Realistically, what do they have that Minnesota wants/needs to get that deal done? The Bruins only have one true NHL player with expansion exempt status; that being Vatrano, and I’m not seeing a need there for Minnesota. Granted, if they trade Brodin they will lose a good forward to Vegas so Vatrano can help there. If they don’t, they’ll end up losing one of the defenseman. Could it be Vatrano, one of their D prospects not McAvoy/Carlo back (Lauzon, O’Gara, Grzelcyk) and a pick if necessary?

      • Picks; up to 2 1sts if necessary, a prospect not Carlo or McAvoy & then send them Spooner following the expansion draft. Boston has room to protect him & then ship him following the expansion draft to complete the deal. I would like to try & get Zucker in that same trade. Boston has room for Zucker on their protected list even with Spooner on it.

        Bergeron, Pastrnak, Marchand, Krejci, Backes, Spooner & Zucker. 7 forward protectors.

        D keepers become Chara, Krug & Brodin. 3 D protectors.

        Boston loses 1 of the 2 Millers or McQuad getting to retain 2 of the 3 & next years D looks awesome.

        Chara, Carlo.
        Krug, K. Miller/McQuad.
        Brodin, McAvoy.

        Spare C. Miller/K. Miller/McQuad.

        They could make a similar trade with any 1 of Clb, NYI or Ott & with Anh they could send Spooner before if they like as Anh has room for at least 1 more forward pre expansion. None of the other 4 can take Spooner before the expansion draft.

        The problem is there will be at least 7 other teams bidding hard for these Dman potentially available from these 5 teams & the team that pays the most will get the asset. Cost will be ridiculous as always.

      • I was looking at Columbus’ expansion plans too and see them and Minnesota as the two teams I really want to go after in similar trades for BOTH a D & FWD in the same deal

        Which forwards would CBJ be trying to move? Atkinson/Calvert would be a nice piece to land although would love Jenner

      • I don’t see Atkinson moving. Columbus due to NMC’s is locked in to the 7, 3 & 1 format. Hartnell like Pominville; the similarities for these 2 teams in expansion is almost identical although far worse for Minnesota, has an NMC & if he doesn’t agree to waive I see no way Columbus can not buy him out. His NMC is problematic, Clarkson’s NMC will meet the LTIR exemption requirement for having to protect.

        7F’s. Saad, Dubinsky; NMC, Foligno; NMC, Jenner, Atkinson, Anderson & Karlsson.

        3D. Jones, Savard & which of Murray & Johnson?

        ClB may move a Dman in trade prior but perhaps they just put Johnson; 30 & 1 year to UFA status, Calvert & the 2 young goalies Korpisalo & Forsberg out for selection. Vegas might well select Korpisalo. I think I would, what appears to be a great young up & coming goalie that just turned 23 with 45 games under his belt already. Or does Clb look to trade him before expansion?

        Perhaps this is a great scenario for Columbus. Interesting times.

  2. I am not sure that moving Hossa is as crazy an impossibility as it’s made to sound.

    The reason being that he is currently receiving only $1M a year, and is still capable of playing at a level that is worth roughly $5M a year. The team trading for him doesn’t need to worry about cap recapture if he retires, and left wingers who can put up 20+ goals aren’t often readily available.

    I don’t think he would have much value, and his NMC makes it so you need his buy in otherwise he might just retire leaving some cap recapture issues to contend with. Also, the NMC makes his value even lower, and likely negative prior to the expansion draft, however I do think if Hossa was willing to move somewhere, it’s not impossible to think you could move that contract as long as the expectation wasn’t to get max value.

    • Danny.

      I was about to post something similiar. If Hossa were willing to move & Chicago would need to add a small sweetener to get another team to assume the cap hit. His 1 million per in actual salary for the last 4 years fits for several cash strapped teams as would his leadership. He would be a great fit on numerous teams with the space to incur his cap. Arz, Car, Col, Flo or NJ. The question is would he accept a trade to any of these teams & at what additional cost to Chicago?

      He is still a solid defensive player, can kill penalties, is a very smart hockey player & can put up decent points. If a team could convince Hossa to come, they also get the benefit that Chicago is on the hook for his cap recapture penalties. The NHL has held the teams responsible for signing those cap circumvention contracts, Luongo as well to having to take the recapture penalties even if traded in the 2012-13 CBA.

  3. The Habs’ cupboard of prospects is very bare and their cap space is low.

    Their only real chance (IMO) of success in the next couple of years is a one or two shrewd mid-tier UFA signings that pay off, and that Galchenyuk blossoms into a first line centre. That would improve the whole team and scoring/depth on every forward line.

    I’m not saying it’ll happen; I’m saying it’s the only route to success for the Habs in the next couple of years. (Combined with solid coaching from Julien)

    Even if your hunch (as MB) is that he won’t, I think you have to ride it out and see. Trading Galchenyuk will not get you any of the pieces you need to get over the hump.

    • I guess it all boils down to Galchenyuk’s perception that he is a C – something two veteran coaches disagreed with when they both shifted him to a wing position. If he can’t accept that his shortcomings at the C position will continue to frustrate his coaches, then maybe it’s time to be moved for the best possible deal.

  4. Ryan McDonagh and Rick Nash for Dallas 2017 1st(3) Anaheim’s 2017 1st, Valeri Nichushkin, Jamie Oleksiak, Gemel Smith, and Mattias Backman. It cuts a ton of cap off of the Rangers which allows them to shop in free agency and gives Dallas the Dman they want. Nash is more for cap relief for the rangers and Dallas has the space.

    • & David Poille is really Howdy Dowdy. Ha-ha!

      NYR isn’t trading McDonaugh, their #1 Dman nor do they have to move Nash out to free up cap space. NYR has cup aspirations & the closck is ticking with Lundqvist.

      Not to mention the value of Oleksiak, Smith & Backman is virtually non existent. Nichushkikn is under KHL contract for 1 more year & NYR has tons of youth at forward now.

      It’s good to have hopes & dreams though.

      • Yes and Gary Bettman is really the Count!

      • I thought maybe that little guy from Fantasy Island. Tattoo Tattoo! Yikes.

        That’s not very nice I’m actually 1 of the few that thinks Gary has had a very positive effect on the game & the NHL. Like everyone not without some mistakes but the NHL has never been stronger & it’s growth curve in the US is staggering.

  5. Anaheim’s first pick this year in a weak draft amounts to a second round. Somebody like Theodore for the 3 overall makes some sense. Maybe the Habs get Kovalchuk ? (resigns Radulov) and keep Galchenyuk.

    • There may not be a player in this draft as valuable based on what we know today as Theodore.

      Anaheim will trade a Dman pre expansion draft but moving the expansion draft exempt Theodore doesn’t make sense. He will replace who’s ever traded & or lost moving forward for Anaheim. He is still years from being fully NHL developed but will be an NHL regular next season in Anaheim.

    • Anaheim doesn’t have a 1st round pick in 2017 – Eaves trade.

  6. With Hossa only carrying a cash value contract of $1 M for the balance of the term, I would say he is an attractive forward for a non cap team. Still productive, good leader, and $1/year-should have numerous teams interested

    • IF he indeed wants to go through the 82-game grind with another team after 18 seasons, a couple (3?) of Cups and about to turn 39 in January 2018. He might just call it quits.

      • Would you? I wouldn’t, I’d be like Jagr. He says he’s play to 50 & he may well. Ha-ha!

      • Capfriendly can’t even list his entire annual career stats, not enough room on the page. It blacks out in 2014-15. Ha-ha!

      • Sorry Jagr that is. That’s a very long list.

      • I was thinking more about the fact Hossa will take home just (just??? – Jaysus) $1 mil a year for the next 4 years based upon that monster deal he signed some time ago. His cap hit, however, remains at $5,275,000 per and as far as I can determine Chicago gets no relief from that should he decide to hang them up. Why would he do them a favour if they seek to deal away that contract and instead toil for 4 more years for some other organization? This is from a site that goes into that contract in detail:

        “As you might already know, Hossa’s contract has a salary cap recapture penalty attached to it. The league created these penalties as part of the 2013 CBA to punish teams that it believed circumvented salary cap rules with lengthy deals that deflated annual average values. Hossa’s 12-year, $63 million deal, which concludes with a salary of $1 million in the final four years, will incur those penalties if he retires.

        And based on the numbers, it becomes clear why Hossa retiring is unlikely to be a solution. Essentially, as long as Hossa plays at the level of a player worth $1 million through the life of his contract, he’ll be worth keeping around. That’s because the cap recapture penalties on his contract are pretty substantial.”

        I don’t think Jagr is the type to keep playing for a “paltry” $1 mil. But who knows?

      • There is a formula for determining cap recapture penalties but not the entire contract is recovered but still sever & should he retire early are born by Chicago. If Hossa were traded Chicago will want some form of assurances he’s going to fulfill his contract or trading him is fraught with peril.

        Unless injured a player shouldn’t be allowed to willingly walk away from a contract with out some form of penalty to the player as well as far as I’m concerned. These long term deals are front ended load to the benefit of the player & should they choose not to honor them they should have to return some monies. Not in the CBA & not happening but that’s how it works to people under contract in the real world. You want to opt out early, sure pay X # of dollars & the contract can be terminated.

  7. Hey Striker,
    Yes. I see that Van picks 5th not much difference really. But if Vancouver made a trade for the 3rd without giving up the 5th (sounds like an American movie) that would be interesting.

  8. What would a reasonable return for Anisimov look like? I think he would be a good fit on David Krejci’s wing as well as providing another reliable face off man for defensive zone face offs. It’s nice to be able to have two guys on the ice that can win faceoffs in those situations especially late in games/late in the season

    • No thank you. Can barely put up points playing with 2 of the best players in the world, struggles to stay healthy, doesn’t hit; 18 on the year, or block shots; 27, & he’s not very good in the face off circle won 45.1% of his draws. Does that sound like a Bruin to you?

      • Upgrade from Ryan Spooner.

      • Is he? Not for me. For me this was Spooner’s sophomore year. His 2nd full season. Julian didn’t give him a C ice spot but moved him all over the line up & with the exception of his 1st line PP deployment which was solid & his usual linemates were bums. Belesky, Hayes etc. Cassidy eventually returned to #3 role & he started to come around.

        Again I know I’m in the minority but I like Spooner & like all players accept him for what he is & isn’t.

      • He came around for about 2 weeks after Cassidy because he had to back up his talk but then went right back to his old self eventually getting scratched in the playoffs. I like Spooner as no more than a trade chip in the scenarios listed above

  9. I think a lot of teams have their eye on JVR; including the Leafs themselves; but he won’t be cheap to resign so things could get interesting

    • Joey, as a Leafs fan would you want to sign JVR in the 6.25M – 7.5M range? He has hit the 30 goal mark once and 60 points in a season twice, barely.
      I see him as more of a $5 – $5.5M guy, the Leafs have other key RFAs to sign in the next few years.
      JVR knows how thin the leafs are at LW and will use that to his advantage. I have a feeling he wont be on the roster at the start of the 18/19 season.
      Seabrook is a premium defenseman at the moment but that salary term is scary, Leafs need to pass on him if the opportunity presents itself.
      Don’t get me wrong, he is an awesome solution and the Leafs would be lucky to have him in the short term.

      • Marchand was recently signed for 6.125 just before the season started. How does JvR get more than that in exactly the same spot but being a year younger, 1 year to UFA status? How could he possibly ask for more? Boils down to if he wants to stay in TO. Marchand left some money on the table to stay in Boston.

        Marchand & JvR’s #’s over their careers are almost identical before Marchand went superstar on us last season but he never got the quality of icetime JvR has had in his career since arriving in TO. Marchand saw little to no PP time under Julian until last season & almost 4 years ago.

  10. Interested to hear what non-Habs fans think of Galchenyuk’s trade value.

    For Habs fans what would be the main piece coming back that would make it worth it.

    • Ideally the habs would want to package him with Bealieu ++ for Duchene

      • Duchene isn’t the answer to what Montreal lacks – not an elite scorer. His play last year and the World Championships has been less than dominating. He would help but would have to come at the right cost and the right cap hit. Both seem out of line at the moment.

      • They’d be better off with Landescog – bigger and with a nasty streak – something they need up front – not another smurf.

      • I thought the O’Reilly centering Duchen at LW & Thornton at RW was canda’s best line in the WC.

        That said I’m not moving both Gelchenyuk & Beaulieu in a trade for Duchene straight up. I think Mtl is crazy to move Beaulieu. He’s 2 more full seasons from my breakthrough for Dman, getting better every year & has shown he can replace Markov on the PP when given the opportunity.

        Moving Beaulieu will haunt Mtl when Beaulieu breaks thru significantly in 2020-21 & turns from 26 to 27.

  11. Anisimov centers Kane right? Not sure the Hawks should move him and that chemistry.