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Could the Edmonton Oilers attempt to shop Jordan Eberle this summer?

Suggested offseason moves for the St. Louis Blues and Ottawa Senators plus the latest Jordan Eberle trade speculation in your NHL rumor mill. 

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites NHL insider Elliotte Friedman speculating on Calgary’s Sportsnet 960 over struggling winger Jordan Eberle’s future with the Edmonton Oilers. He thinks they could revisit efforts this summer to move Eberle. He wonders if there’s a possible deal to be had with the Vegas Golden Knights. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Friedman noted the Oilers encountered in their previous attempts at moving Eberle. While the 26-year-old winger netted a respectable 20 goals and 51 points in 82 games this season, he has only two points 12 playoff games this spring.

His contract, however, remains the biggest sticking point. He has two years left on his current deal at an annual salary of $6 million. Unless the Oilers are willing to add something as a sweetener or pick up part of his remaining salary, they probably won’t find many takers for Eberle in this summer’s trade market. 

ESPN.COM: Craig Custance believes the St. Louis Blues should sign defenseman Colton Parayko to a long-term contract extension, add speed at center and create room for the young up-and-coming players in their system. 

Parayko is coming off his entry-level contract and has played well in his first two NHL campaigns. Custance suggests a deal comparable to Dallas Stars blueliner John Klingberg (seven years, $29.7 million, $4.25 million annual cap hit).  

Addressing that need for speed at center might not be easy. The Blues have two first-round draft picks to use as trade bait but perhaps it’ll be best to save those picks and try to address that need through the draft. While the Blues have veteran depth, Custance suggests it might be worthwhile giving kids such as Ivan Barbashev, Jordan Schmaltz and Zach Sanford more playing time. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Parayko is the real deal on defense. He’s also their only significant free agent this summer. However, they also have over $68 million invested in 20 players. The expansion draft will free up a little more cap space, but they’ll need to shed another salary to re-sign Parayko to a Klingberg-type deal and still have sufficient space to shop for speed at center. He’s also eligible for arbitration, making it difficult for Blues management to convince him to accept a more affordable short-term bridge deal. 

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch recently suggested the Senators could use more grit in their roster and calls upon management to address that need in the offseason. He feels New York Rangers forward (and pending UFA) Tanner Glass would be a good addition, citing his skating and toughness plus he’s five years younger than 38-year-old Chris Neil. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Glass spent most of this season in the minors but he’s been solid since his recent call-up, with four points in six games and driving the Sens to distraction with his physical play. He’d also be affordable as he’s completing a three-year deal worth over $1.4 million annually. 




  1. Eberle did not have 25 goals this season. A hat trick in the final game brought him to 20 goals and 51 points with a whole season played. Who’s stats did you grab?

    • I inadvertently looked at 2015-16 instead of this year’s. I’ll amend this accordingly.

  2. No thanks on Tanner Glass.

    • I have said since training camp that Glass looks like a completely different player this year. Now before anyone gets nuts over that statement…. no, he’s not winnng a hart, Richard trophy by any stretch. But his skating imroved a ton since last year.

      Honestly, I thought he’d be in the lineup from day 1 , while they let Buchnevich settle in, learn the language etc.

      • I know… people rippin on glass need to learn you shouldn’t throw stones in tanner houses. duh

      • They all can’t be Dave “the next one that’s not even playing ” Bollands out there!

  3. Maybe a buy out for Eberle is the way to go. Is it 60% of the remaining contract over twice the remaining length? So that’s 7.2 million over 4 years. 1.8 million per year; take the remaining 4.2 million per year to pout toward some solid 3rd pairing defensive help. Just a thought as they are going to have to eat salary anyway to move him. Still not terrible numbers (at least in the regular season). He could possibly rejuvenate himself elsewhere. Although a trade to a team like Vegas or Arizona looking to get to the ceiling limit might be an option as well. At any rate it’s time to move on from this player.

    • I think if you are considering a buyout you it’s better to consider the value of a trade holding back the same amount.

      Does Eberle have trade value if he is making $4.2M for the next two years. I would guess he has some, maybe not huge, but he is young, has average over 20 goals and 50 points a year. Vegas won’t get many opportunities for a player like that, and at $4.2m he is worth the gamble. Also, after the expansion draft Vegas is likely to have quite a few good depth D, as I believe the way the protection schemes work, that’s where the most value will be for them. I think they will likely stockpile assets to make trades, so it’s likely they will have the type of D Edmonton is looking for.

      So I think trading Eberle, holding back $1.8M of his salary, and taking back assets or the D you are looking for is a better scenario, as the cost on the cap will be lower for a traded for player most likely, and Edmonton will only have $1.8M in dead space for 2 years rather than 4.

      • I agree Danny. I just throw it out there as another option. A buyout might not be the way to go with respect to the potential that still remains for this player too. He is still a productive player; but one is in need of a change of scenery.

      • If it’s that bad offer vegas a mid round pick to take him in expansion. They get a former first round pick reclamation project and another asset. Edm doesn’t lose a different player. Win win

      • My point is I don’t think Eberle is near that bad. I do think trading him this season is trading at a low, but 20 goal, 50 point wingers don’t grow on trees. He is also still young enough that maybe he has a little more to give. In fact, his career average pace is 26 goals, 61 points over an 82 game season.

        I think holding back a little salary makes him a very worthwhile gamble, so I don’t think giving up an asset to move him would be necessary. Scoring is hard to buy, so even if the return isn’t as massive as a young potential 60 point forward would normally command, I think there would be a good number of teams interested in a reclamation project and would pay something of value if the cap hit was more reasonable.

        If I were Edmonton and they wanted to move on, I would just expose him as is, no sweetner, and if Vegas passes, see if you can work out a deal post expansion draft to maybe hold back some salary to make him attractive.

      • I think it’s 2/3rd’s for players over 25, 1/3rd for players under.

      • I agree that the Oil need to move on from Eberle, especially now that expectations are no longer just making the playoffs. The issue with Eberle is that if he isn’t scoring, what is he accomplishing? He isn’t scoring in the playoffs and this season he went long stretches without. Again, what value does he bring if he isn’t scoring? He isn’t and has disappeared in the playoffs and for much of the regular season.
        He can’t play on your first PP because he can’t/won’t one time the puck. Which is why you see Letestu on the 1st PP unit. He continues to see ice time this year and in the playoffs because what other choice does EDM have?
        If you can get LV to draft him, take the extra cap space and run. If you can withhold $2M for 2 years, take the cap space and run.

      • Part of Eberle’s decline can be directly relayed to his quantity & quality of ice time as well as his deployment with line mates.

        2014-15 19:02 TOI/GP 3rd for forwards. 2:37 PP TOI/GP 3rd for all skaters 2nd for forwards.

        2015-16 17:51 TOI/GP 5th for forwards. 2:38 PP TOI/GP 3rd for all skaters & forwards.

        2016-17 16:46 TOI/GP 5th for forwards. 2:14 PP 6th overall 5th for forwards.

        That reduction in quantity & quality of ice time & not getting 1st line minutes costs significant points. Returned to a 1st line & PP his points return to historical norms.

      • Striker, that has merit, but the point is that he wasn’t producing on a line with McDavid at the level that others were. Maroon and Draisaitl specifically.
        He is not getting the minutes as he is also a player that does not drive the play. He had Hall doing that for the line, and had a good opportunity to play with McDavid who also does.
        He doesn’t defend well and get the puck back, he is not physical, doesn’t drive offence by skating the puck, cycling the puck, fore check to create turnovers or get to the net to get greasy goals.
        He is paid $6M to score. Unfortunately unless Eberle has time and space, he can’t. There is less and less of that every year. Then even less in the playoffs.
        If Eberle is on your top line you are not a playoff team unless he is potting 40 because he does nothing else.
        Why should the coach give him more ice time?

      • Agreed RayBark.

        Reinhart with Eichel didn’t work the 1st time either in their rookie year. It got revisited & it worked the 2nd time. Not saying eberle with McDavid will ever but what about if he played RW with Draisaitl? Might that work? As playing RNH isn’t working partly due to RNH.

        It’s not happening in Edm but it may else where. All kinds of teams dyeing for scoring & he would see that very opportunity. Edm just isn’t 1 of them any longer.

      • Striker, while numbers generally tell a story I don’t think they do here.
        Eberle was tried on McDavid’s wing at the start of the season and he failed – this was almost the first 30 games.
        Then Draisaitl and McD came together and lit it up.
        After a while they moved Drai to the second line to balance the scoring and Eberle moved to the first line mid season. He failed again.
        His ice time is down because he wasn’t producing and he isn’t a player you want out there in a defensive zone start either.

        I do watch quite a few oilers game and can tell you that Eberle is invisible for long stretches of play, he isn’t battling on the boards, isn’t making consistent passes and not an offensive threat most nights.

        This is a declining asset.

    • I don’t see a need to buy out Eberle, Edmonton has lots of cap space and their two biggest RFA Draisaitl who will be getting a nice raise over his $925k that he presently getting and Kassian at $1.5 not sure how much of raise he’ll get but he will still get a raise. With almost $23m in cap space money doesn’t seem to be an issue next season. However the following season the have Benning, Slepyshev, Nurse and McDavid all rfa’s money might be very tight then.

      • Another way to look at it Caper. But no matter how you slice it the Oilers need to continue moving on from the group players they had. Moving Hall at this point looks pretty good. They are trending in the right direction and need to keep moving forward.

  4. Parayko is the real deal for sure. At less than $5M per he would be a bargain. I can’t imagine he makes any less then Zaitsev and should in fact be making more.

    I’m glad the Eberle stock has finally plummeted, over the years management has set too high a price on him. Apart from having the ‘potential’ to score there is nothing in his game that impresses me. He floats on the PP and is mostly invisible 5 on 5.
    Oilers have Puljuuarvi coming up and can also look at Justin Williams as a UFA

    • I don’t think you can use Zaitsev as a comparable as such, he was one year away from UFA, and by most accounts his contract is overpaid. Maybe is sets a price, but I wouldn’t want to be using him as the bar if I am a GM. I know a player agent would disagree, but I think negotiations are done based on a sample.

      I think he gets sandwiched into a deal based on the group of Jones, Rielly, Lindholm, Klingberg, Hamilton, Ristolainen, Brodin, Ekblad and Maata. All of these guys are D signed right out of their ELC to longer term contracts. The lowest of these is just over $4M, and the highest is Ekblad, which is the type of money he will not get. He is St. Louis best D, so he is likely going to ask for money more similar to the guys on the list making just over $5. I would guess no matter how you look at it, you figure this is a deal between $4.6-$5.4, which isn’t a big enough window to hold up the deal.

      We probably won’t have to wait too long to find out.

      • I agree with that Danny. $4.6 – $5.4 makes sense to me. He is worth it at the top end of that range on a long term deal

      • I bridge all players coming out of their ELC’s to 2 year deals for 3 reasons primarily. 1. To save monies in the short term. 2. To put me in a position to get them under contract longer. 2 year bridge followed by a contract up to 8 years if the player warrants such. 10 is better than 8. 3. To make sure they continue to improve & not plateau or regress.

        I take the leverage I have with most players coming out of ELC’s, no arbitration rights. Paryako is a little different in that as he signed at 22 only 2 years service required for arbitration rights. 21 3 years, 20 or lower 4 years.

        Even in arbitration he’s not getting more than a 2 year award at his discretion & would still be an RFA following. The arbitration award & bridge deal would be similiar monies. The comparables are few & not all are directly comparable but would be Trouba, Orlov, De Haan, Beaulieu, Schultz. Arbitration is all about comparables.

      • I like Bridge deals, but like anything, you need to have use for different tools for the situation.

        In some circumstances, I like signing directly out of an ELC. Yes, you will give up a couple of years of control, however for the most part GMs seem to get better deals in place this way. Also, if the plan is to consider keeping the player for as many of their most prominent years, signing out of an ELC can often give you a better UFA window to sign a player. Most players who like the team they play for end up staying, evidenced by a dry UFA crop year after year. So I would rather have the UFA negotiation with a 26-27 year old than a 28-29 year old. The reason being, they will have similar asks in terms of term and $, but the 26-27 year old signed until 33-35, is less likely to have as many years of bad cap hit as the 28-29 year old signed until 35-37. So for players where you know what they are, I think going straight to the longer term deal should be heavily considered.

        Karlsson, Tavares, Stamkos are pretty good examples of this as their 2nd contracts would be signed a little younger.

      • Do you want to be signing Reilly or Lindholm to an 8 year deals at 28 coming out of their 6 year deals? Or Ristolainen at 27? Or Monahan, etc.? They end up with long term deals that slide into their mid to late 30’s.

        I want them that at 24 to 26 & signed to 8 years deals if warranted so I can just potentially walk away when they are 32 to 34 not be tied in at a huge cap hit at 36 to 38.

  5. If I was Edmonton I’d call up Montreal a team starving for offence and tell them look I’ll trade you Eberle and RNH I’m holding no salary back I want Dmen and picks make it work call me when you can … Montreal will offer up Pleckanec good Third line C , Emelin good 3rd pairing Dman that is a hitting machine and then offer draft picks … Edmonton saves about 2 million gets a good PK plus a good centre on the 3rd line….. plus the dman that hits … also the beauty for Edmonton is that in a year if they don’t want to resign any of those two guys they just saved 12 million ….. and they have enough to sign all their RFA …what do you think edm fans …. Montreal gets offence that they need absorbs 2 million in salary which isn’t that bad … still will need to get a big centre maybe a ufa

    • Frank if you are the GM of EDM and offer this package RNH and Eberle for Plek, Emelin and pick, Bergevin should take it, you just give what MTL need 2 forward in the top 6. Two player that should help MTL scoring more often.

      But if I’m the GM of Edmonton I think I would want more than Plek, Emelin and pick.

    • You know something Frank I think Montreal could be a very good landing spot for one or both of these players. Montreal has added some gritty players up front that might compliment an infusion of offense. I think they are both still good players.

    • While I don’t think Eberle has as much trade value as he should given prior production, he likely still has some. RNH is a solid two-way center, he is pretty much a young Plekanec, which is worth much more than an old Plekanec.

      If Chiarelli ended up trading away 3 consecutive 1st overall picks and Eberle for Adam Larsson, a 3rd and two salary dumps, he should be immediately fired, as that would not bode well for the future of their organization.

      What Edmonton is doing in the playoffs right now is great, but they need to be careful to not overvalue their team based on this run, and start dumping assets for next to nothing just to put that old core behind them. Eventually Edmonton will have their core of McDavid, Draistl, Puuljarvi, Klefbom and Talbot doing most of the heavy lifting, but will not have a lot of tradeable assets left to insulate that group. It’s fine if they think they should move on from certain players, but you need to manage your assets.

      RNH & Eberle are solid hockey players (RNH more so than Eberle), they are underwhelming compared to expectations and contracts, but they aren’t guys you move just to get rid of them.

      RNH in particular will likely pick his scoring up just by having some wingers to play with.

    • I can’t see why Edmonton would have any interest in Plekanec. They have no needs for a C today. Even if they move RNH in a trade at some point I assume that would leave McDavid, Draisaitl, Letestu as the top 3. Draisaitl looked very effective playing C last game. I assume long term, once Edm cuts ties with RNH, Draisaitl will eventually play C full time.

      If I’m taking a Dman from Mtl I would be taking Beaulieu. Eberle straight up or tweak as required. He fits Edmonton’s long term needs at D way better than Emelin.

      I wouldn’t look to move RNH & Eberle in the same trade & don’t see how MTL could take on 12 mil even getting Plekanec’s 6 off the books a season from now.

      Mtl needs to resign Price. That could cost 8 mil per long term. Resign or replace Markov & Radulov both UFA’s & the same for Galchenyuk & Beaulieu both RFA’s.

      • Agree Striker. It has to be tempting for EDM to play Draisaitl at center full time out of the gate. RNH has been effective as a checking center, including these playoffs, but he makes too much money to be a 3C. I also think he can bring more offense if not having to take on that role.
        It is hard to imagine both RNH and Eberle both playing for Edmonton next year and with Draisaitl and McDavid due big raises in the next 2 years and the need to replace/resign Russell . With all the movement that is likely to take place this off season PC may have an opportunity to improve this roster even more. Gonna be interesting in EDM again this summer.

  6. We’ll give you Bobby Ryan for Eberle. As a sweetner coming from our end (necessary because of Ryan’s contract and decline. We’ll give you Cody Ceci.

    • Yeah, riiiiight.

    • That would be insane

    • Sold. Ha-ha! At least from Edm’s perspective.

  7. Just goes to show how little a lot of those media guys know about hockey. Tanner Glass isn’t even an AHL player at this point.

  8. What kind of Asset can New Jersey expect to get for a sign and trade involving Kovalchuk?

    It’s hard to get an idea of what the value would be as a deal like this hasn’t been completed in the modern NHL, so there isn’t much to compare against.

    Either way, it’s nice to see Jersey get some luck between the expansion draft and this type of windfall.

    • The fact he’s coming back from the KHL isn’t really that relevant. He is NJ property & needs to sign with them before he can move. Essentially an RFA with 1 little wrinkle he has to be sign 1st to be traded.

      I assume he will negotiate with several teams as to term & monies with NJ’s consent. Then it will be up to NJ to find a deal with 1 of those teams. If they can’t get fair compensation or compensation they feel reasonable they let him rot until he can become a UFA the season following at 35.

      Not really all that much different than any RFA due a deal & wanting a new home again with the exception of that 1 little wrinkle.

      • I had hoped when Kovy left that was the last we would ever see of him or Radulov as well. Alias it wasn’t to be, so as long as neither end up on my favorite team or teams I like then happy to have them both back.

        Montreal was a great landing spot for Radulov. Being a Bruins fan there are few teams I hate more for obvious reasons. Primarily Boston being on the losing end of far to many playoff series. Ha-ha!

      • NHL should always welcome back talent. Three cheers for radiology and kovalchuk for getting paid to play for a competitive league home with their families.

  9. Bishop to Dallas for a 4th rd. pick

    • how? how do they plan on getting out of this mess… buy out one or both goalies? or buy out one.. pay that.. pay 4.5 ish for a backup and 6-7 mil for a starter?


      on other news.. one more team out of running? for maf… uh-oh. who goes… murray or MAF?

  10. Congrats Ottawa fans! Good series! Can’t say I’m not grossly disappointed. Games 2 and 5 easiy wins if NY could just close! Hayes, Miller and Kreiders playoff performances, unacceptable!

    Let the NY window has closed discussion begin… year 3-4 and counting,