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Should the Washington Capitals trade Alex Ovechkin this summer?

Should the Washington Capitals trade Alex Ovechkin this summer? Are the Boston Bruins shopping Ryan Spooner? What’s next for the Carolina Hurricanes? Read on for the latest in your NHL rumor mill.

SPORTSNET: With the Washington Capitals facing another early playoff exit, TVA Sports hockey insider Renaud Lavoie wonders if management might consider “thinking the unthinkable” and see if they can move captain Alex Ovechkin for a good return.

“I’m thinking about a big trade that’s going to be help two franchises,” said Lavoie. “Is it possible, is it feasible in the cap era? I don’t know. But they need to think about that, because they have so many good things. They have unbelievable players.”

Lavoie acknowledged Ovechkin isn’t solely responsible for the Capitals playoff woes. However, if things aren’t working, perhaps a change is in order.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bear in mind that Lavoie isn’t saying Ovechkin will be dealt. He’s merely suggesting the Caps should consider that prospect. Could Ovechkin be traded? As the old saying goes, if Wayne Gretzky can get traded, anyone can. But there’s significant factors working against such a move.

First and foremost, it needs the blessing of Capitals owner Ted Leonsis, who has a good relationship with Ovechkin and could be unwilling to move his franchise player. If he’s against it, the deal won’t happen unless Ovechkin requests a trade.

Ovechkin’s contract is a significant stumbling block. He’s got four years remaining on his deal at an annual cap hit of over $9.5 million ($10 million annually in actual salary) with a 10-team no-trade clause. With the cap ceiling not expected to significantly rise for next season, good luck finding a team on Ovechkin’s list of acceptable trade destinations willing to take on that cap hit.

Third, the potential return. Swinging a deal that benefits both teams is a difficult task. The Capitals will seek a significant return that could potentially gut the roster of their trading partner.  

Add those factors up and it’s unlikely we’ll see a blockbuster deal this summer involving Alex Ovechkin. 

THE HOCKEY NEWS’ Ryan Kennedy reports the Boston Bruins are entertaining offers for restricted free agent forward Ryan Spooner. “I’ve heard New Jersey, Vancouver and Vegas as potential destinations,” said Kennedy.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty speculates the Bruins will look outside their organization for a left-side defenseman to skate alongside promising blueliner Charlie McAvoy. However, they’ll face competition from clubs such as the Tampa Bay Lightning seeking a similar defenseman. While Spooner could have some trade value it won’t trump what the Lightning could offer, especially if they’re willing to part with left wing Jonathan Drouin.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Bruins hope to use Spooner to acquire a decent defenseman they might have to include a draft pick or prospect as a sweetener. Spooner will still have some value but clubs will now look at him as a reclamation project. Perhaps the Bruins can target teams that risk losing a defenseman in the expansion draft or those in need of shedding salary this summer. 

THE NEWS & OBSERVER: Luke DeCock believes Carolina Hurricanes general manager Ron Francis is entering a critical summer in his rebuild of the club. Francis has yet to swing a major trade for an elite player. His club needs a center who can play on one of the top two lines, a scoring winger and a third-pairing defenseman or two.

The Hurricanes are well-stocked with draft picks and entering a summer where teams face salary-cap pressure and the risk of losing good player to the Vegas Golden Knights in the expansion draft. There could be no better time for Francis to use his depth in trade bait to land impact players. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Francis appears to have started that process, having shipped a third-round pick that belonged to the Ottawa Senators to the Chicago Blackhawks for pending unrestricted free agent goalie Scott Darling. With $41 million invested in 14 players, the Hurricanes have plenty of cap space, though their internal cap ceiling may be lower than the league’s. Still, they have the cap room and the depth in picks and prospects to make at least one significant move this summer.



  1. Spooner involved with an exchange of picks and prospects might land you a R.Murray -CLB, Calvin de Haan -NYI or Scandella-Min. ,,,I think these players would also be a nice it on TBAY’s roster.,,,Shattenkirk will be over reached on salary

  2. Should the Caps be eliminated by the Pens, the perceived vision of OV as a talented loser who can’t or won’t elevate his game to another level to win, will have been reinforced; again; leaving myself to wonder what team would want to gut their roster to trade for any player of that description;much less OV

    • What if Ovie wants to play with those 2 Russians from the KHL that Vegas signed today? He seems like a guy who was built for Vegas. Plus he’s as dirty as the casino money is there. Vegas could easily take his cap hit and the Caps could pick which players they want in the expansion draft. It’s win win for everyone, especially the Penguins.

      • Ovi is not dirty. What utter nonsense. A lot of negative things can be said about him, but that is not one of them.

  3. big year for the canes. he canes are a atlantic division playoff team but stuck in the metro. Solid youth, good core… need goaltending. don’t think they need d. Prime spot for duschene to land. offer this years 1st, one of the good d prospects like Fleury, and another decent asset to Col. I think MAF would have been a good fit but with darling probably wanting to sign to be at least a 1a/1b type guy it might be tough. Marc has shown he can be a good starter but not so good when sharing time.

    • I don’t think you’ll get Duchene without giving up one of Faulk/Hanifin/Slavin. Weak draft year so the Canes mid-first this year is really like a late first, early second. Granted you can always hit the jackpot but it’s a crap shoot

      • It might take one of those but depending on what the other asset Car gives up I’m not sure who would be willing to beat them offerwise in the league… Mont… sergachev, 1st rounder, asset? maybe.

      • No way I would trade Sergachev by himself for Duchene let alone with a first and other assets. Sergachev is going to be a star as soon as next year.

      • I would too?

    • I pass on Duchene if Francis. With only 2 years to UFA status better options available due to far cheaper costs & more time under RFA status. Does Carolina really need to add anyone?

      Carolina has prospects across the board except possibly in net. Rask; 242 NHL reg season games played, Teravainen; 196, & Lindholm; 293, are all ready to pop & have shown glimpses of the players they are about to become. Aho is a stud in the making & with Staal & Skinner; 25 years old in 11 days, that’s a solid core.

      I don’t trade any of the Dman. In fact as the protectors are low, Carolina is 1 forward & 2 D short for the 7, 3 & 1 formula, I add players pre expansion giving up picks & prospects but not any of the current NHL players from teams that need to acquire futures for the players they are about to lose. Zucker, Brodin, etc.

      McGinn played 57 games last season, he’s an NHL regular next season playing LW with Staal on the 3rd line. They introduce Gauthier; may have to return to Jr at some point, & Roy; if he isn’t NHL ready he goes to the AHL for seasoning returning later in the year. They also have numerous other forwards beating on the door. Wallamrk, Zykov, Tolchinsky, Saarela, Kuokkanen, etc.

      This is 1 of the best prospect pools in the NHL. I think they make the playoffs in the east next season regardless of if they add anyone from outside the organization.

      • I love you. It’s rare to see someone talk positively about the Hurricanes. Francis has done an amazing job at clearing out bad contracts and expiring contracts while stockpiling draft picks. And the important part, that increase in picks has led to an incredible prospect pool in the past three years. Carolina’s development program has been redone completely since RF took GM duties, and that was sorely needed. And it’s starting to pay off. Now they have another stockpile of picks, and tons of cap room to add that top center if they can find one. I’m sure with all the player movement to come, they’ll find at least a center or a RW capable of 25+ goals. And with Darling signed today, and RF finding a new goaltending coach now that he found his goalie (bye, bye Marcouix) I believe their goaltending woes may actually be over. And with Carolina’s D where it is and trending the way it is along with that fat prospect pool and lots of impressive post-season outings, they just need that one piece or so at forward to bridge the year or so gap of development/seasoning most inevitably will need. In that time roster regulars Lindholm, Aho, Rask, TT will hopefully continue to improve and approach their full potential. Carolina is definitely on the rise.

  4. Spooner to Vegas makes a lot of sense. I could see Vegas trading a pick to Boston to make Spooner available in the expansion draft. Another scenario could be that the trade involves Vegas taking another contract off of Boston’s hands as well. Maybe a trade pre-draft a pick for Spooner + the understanding that Vegas will select say Hayes in the draft instead of one of the Millers/McQuaid

    I honestly have no feel for what the return for Spooner could be. 2nd round pick is a fair assessment I’d say, but in a weak draft class I’d rather Sweeney try to get creative with ways to make sure specific players are protected than worry about the return

    • vegas needs picks… doubt they will give an asset for spooner. More likely they agree to take hayes if vegas gives them spooner for something like a conditional late pick, condition is they reach the conference finals or something. maybe that’s a bit harsh… maybe that would look like vegas 5th rounder for boston 7th rounder and spooner, they agree to take hayes back from boston and save them the buy out.

      • Exactly, they would get two NHL proven players for a later draft pick that wouldn’t crack the NHL this year. A trade like that would help Vegas fill out their NHL roster and will save Boston from a potential buy-out and the lose of one of their defenseman they aren’t able to protect. The only question is, why would Vegas want to help anyone? I think that question gets lost a lot when discussing their potential moves

      • vegas doesn’t want to help anyone but if it helps themselves who cares if it helps boston… not even the same conference. The only teams vegas should be worried about “helping” are the pacific teams. but unless they think they are going to be serious contenders that isn’t that big a deal either. The deal above helps vegas by giving them two assets instead of 1 from boston while sacrificing little to nothing. This will likely happen with several teams. some teams will give assets to prevent players from being picked, other teams will give slightly better assets for vegas to take their bad contracts

      • Look for a similar deal with NYI involving czikas and hickey

      • Buy out Hayes, the buyout is under 900K per year for 2 years & keep Spooner. Qualify him at the 1.1 as required under the CBA & let him potentially go to arbitration. Who cares he isn’t getting a big award should he not settle prior. I like Spooner. Boston has no cap issues nor need to dump salary & certainly doesn’t need to pay Vegas or anyone else to free up cap space.

        We lose 1 of K. MIller or Mcquad, 2.75 or 2.5 mil per respectively. All good as apparently they want a left handed Dman to deploy with McAvoy & both K. Miller & McQuad are right handed, don’t need both 1 will suffice. These aren’t depth Dman which 1 will be if the both stay in Boston.

  5. I wonder if the Hurricanes would use Justin Faulk as bait to bring in a top 1/2 center

    • Rask, Lindholm & Staal are their top 3 centers. Rask; turned 24 on March 1st, & Lidholm; 22 on December 2nd, they are just kids. No these aren’t Crosby, Backstrom, etc. but both have years of growth ahead of them. Both had 45 points this season Lindholm missing 10 games to injury but both are strong in the faceoff circle. Rask took 918 winning 50% & Lindholm 635 winning 55.6%.

  6. @ Striker, yesterday you made a comment that I didn’t answer your question you asked me a week back. I did. I come on this site around 8am central and generally off by 9am off to work I go. Don’t usually visit the site when I’m at work. Then around 6pm or later I come back on and read the comment sections, then I reply if necessary. My pass experience has shown me, that after that time generally no one is visiting the site or at least commenting. So a lot of time it gives me the last word. (haha) To answer your question although its in a different day and may not be related to the above I would protect Scheifele, Wheeler, Little, Lowry and Byfuglien, Myers, Trouba and Enstrom, if Entrom waives his nmc or bought out and Perreault to the forward list. Perreault has a 4yr contract kicking in at $4.125 per. Like to keep him but prefer Lowry game.

    • Sorry Caper. Missed it. I primarily get to participate in the AM & might get back a few times over the course of the day but by mid afternoon virtually impossible to check back again. I should have gone back & looked. Thanks for re posting your thoughts.

      We are on the same page. Baring several trades Winnipeg is going to lose a good player. Best case scenario Enstrom waives so they can expose him & not potentially be confronted with buying him out to protect 7 forwards. In that scenario I assume they would lose Dano. If they use the 8 skater option then 1 of Perreault, Armia or Copp are goners. Of those 3 I take Armia. The reason I included him in my potential trade scenario.

      Certainly not saying that deal happens but at some point Winnipeg has to move Trouba. Pre expansion may garner the best return if not certainly this summer well he still has a year before arbitration.

      Trouba will be a 7 mil per Dman on his next negotiated contract. If he forces arbitration next summer he takes a 2 year award at probably gets 6 mil+ regardless & with each passing day of that award have more & more leverage.

  7. If competition for Dmen is value of Spooner, Bolts can trade Tyler Johnson, or maybe even Vlad Namestnikov — no need to part with a prime asset like Drouin. I’convinced the BOlts need fast, promising, second & third pair guys rather than a second stud to go along with Hedmon. Garrison, Coburn, Sustr share primary issue of being slow. Upgrqades do not neccesarily need to be all-stars.

  8. Washington is facing the inevitable once again, a disappointing playoff outcome. Their number one problem is they don’t have the on- ice leadership, to lead by example, to come alive at playoff time. Ovie isn’t any of these.
    His salary & age alone make him untradeable. Who would want an aging player whose point production is in a spiral, & whose best years are behind him.

    • vegas, Arizona, florida… any place that needs some assistance growing th excitement for the game.

      • While all those places would be great for the game, I would assume that most if not all of the teams that could afford to get him under their cap would be part of that 10-team no trade list

      • cap yes.. list? maybe not. Unless he’s a gambling man. Florida might be able to meet both.

    • you would think at 240 pounds, OV could at least drive the net like 190 pound Crosby.

    • Washington has out played Pittsburgh in 3 of 4 games, they just can’t score. Bringing in Shattenkirk hasn’t helped. It’s made it worse not better. He & Orpik have cost Washington games, Alzner’s injury has them dressing 7 D the last 2 games sitting their 3rd line RW Connolly causing continuity issues on the forward lines & at D.

      Ovy isn’t the problem specifically, facing Pittsburgh is. They shouldn’t even be facing each other in the 2nd round. This stupid bracket system has them facing 1 of the best teams in the NHL in round 2! Does this make sense to anyone? I don’t understand how it makes sense to the NHL.

      • Next round the Penguins will play either the Rags or the Sens and they will be significantly the worst team they have played in this years playoffs. That’s the dumbest thing ever.

      • The NHL needs to kill this bracket system & return to 1 plays 8, reseeding after each round.

        Their should be an astrix in the NHL guide & Record Book that states. This cup won under stupid F–ing bracket system.

      • The idea of “continuality ” issues is re-dick-U-llass. You play with who you play. Injuries happen bad changes happen. Players get hot/cold. After youth junior college NHL play? You can’t adapt to a new NHL caliber player on the line with you? This is ea sports kinda bs.

  9. The team that trades for Matt Duchene will add a skilled forward who has played for Team Canada and who will be strongly motivated to re-establish himself as a top flight player in the league. Carolina would seem to be a great fit fit for Duchene but Minnesota and Anaheim would also have the defensive assets to trade for him. Wherever he ends up, I predict that Matt Duchene will be one of the comeback players of the year in 2018.

  10. What would you think of a “Hanifin for Sam Reinhardt” straight up trade? Looks good for both teams to me.

    • I don’t think Reinhart will get Buffalo Hanafin, at least not straight up. Way harder to acquire & develop a Hanafin than a Reinhart.

      I assume if a Dman is moved by Carolina at some point it will be Faulk that eventually moves. His actual salary next season is 5.5 then 6 over the last 2 seasons of his current deal. The return will be significant if he’s moved & that may not happen for sometime yet.

      Carolina was 2nd to last in the NHL in 2015-16 with an operating loss of 15 mil, 400K less than Florida. Hanafin is cost controlled for years yet.

  11. Not to mention Ovi’s stance of going to the olympics adds to the trouble trading him.
    That being said, if he’s on the block, there will be (great) offers.
    If not for hockey reasons then financial reasons. Imagine the hype Ovi brings to certain markets.

    Ovi is and will remain a tradeable asset

    • Vegas, being a new team might want a celebrity-type player like Ovi to attract new fans. Not saying it would happen but McFee has a history with Ovi and if the Caps take back salary–say $2 million–might make him more attractive Whatever happens, it should be an interesting off season.

    • I agree. They were discussing this scenario on XM91 this AM. I’m not saying he will be traded. Washington has moved all kinds of pieces around to win it all to no avail. perhaps something rash is necessary.

      There is no harder trophy to win in NA professional sports. To some extent fortuitous luck, good & bad comes into play or a goalie can just steal a series.

  12. Does anyone know specifics about these “modified NTC” that are written into some contracts? Are these lists updated by the player and submitted to the team every year? Is it one list submitted when the contract is signed and that’s it? I’m not sure if it’s a case by case situation or there are specifics attached to that sort of language

    The only reason why I ask is because for anyone with a modified NTC that needs to submit a list of locations they would not accept a trade from, my guess is that technically none of those lists would currently have Vegas on them. It would be a real jerk thing to do but can an owner flip a player with one of these clauses to Vegas right now?

    • Not all are identical but in effect for 1 season when submitted or requested essentially. Some submit July 1st, some when asked to, etc. Even then a player may be approached about a team not on his list & may agree to the trade if the team acquiring him signs him to a new deal.

      Burrows was asked for a list Ottawa wasn’t on it. Van asked him if he would accept, he said if they resign me, Ottawa traded for him & resigned him. Others decline such opportunities. Filppula not wanting to go to Tor.

      Numerous players have accepted trades to a team that wasn’t on their original list. Once a team doesn’t want you, why would you want to stay & why would the team potentially want to keep you.

      It doesn’t always work out great for the team trading you. Martin St. Louis would only agree to go to NYR. They got a decent return. Kesler Anh or SJ. That handcuffed Vancouver as SJ didn’t want him. They didn’t get back any where near fair compensation but what can you do, hard to negotiate a fair trade when there is only 1 potential trade partner.

  13. There are potentially at least 5 solid options available as UFA’s that would suit a 3rd pairing mentor-ship role with McAvoy & cost Boston nothing more than money. Kulikov, Stone, Daley, Smith & Russell, although I see Stone & Smith resigning with their respective teams post expansion draft but pre July 1st, even in the gap before when teams are allowed to talk contracts with UFA’s.

    If Boston secures 1 of these Dman as UFA’s or finds away to trade for a Brodin pre expansion draft; that would mean exposing C. Miller or returning him in trade, that would give Boston 3 solid D pairings & 1 of the best D’s in the NHL, certainly top 6.

    If Boston traded for Brodin & exposed C. Miller, McQuad & K. Miller in expansion losing 1, that works really well for me. With Chara, Carlo, Krug & McAvoy next season & at least 2 of the 2 Miller’s & or McQuad, I like Boston’s D even if they don’t do anything, although I assume they will do something either with a UFA or in trade & they have the cap space to do so.

    • an aging/aged out chara, carlo, good young player, growing pains not over yet, krug, good offensive middle pairing guy, mcavoy, to early to say, daley (take my daley please… I mean seriously, take him)… top 6? nosirrebob. brodin would be nice.

      seriously… daley has made every d man he plays with worse… keep him away from CM like the plague… if you were looking for a real solid d man from the pens to help him try to pry cole away from the pens… amazing work by the man this year.

      • Justin Schultz as well. He will get a nice raise but has turned into a solid RH defenseman

      • Why? Boston has Cole in McQuad or K. Miller; just righties, & Boston would have to pay something to acquire Cole. Daley & the 5 other options can be had for nothing but cash as UFA’s, nor is Daley my 1st choice but 1 of 6 all a question of how much money & term. I like Daley, he would work for me as a leftie on the 3rd pairing although I would just prefer McQuad or K. Miller play their offside with McAvoy, ideally McQuad.

        I don’t care how old Chara is. He is still incredibly effective & is still Boston’s #1 Dman, especially defensively. He had a great season & his presence makes the kids he’s mentoring better. He is in the top 40 in almost any D stat you choose to look at. Goals, points, hits, blocked shots, minutes played, etc.

      • Hey. I’m just glad Daley will be gone from the pens. Take him. Good for everyone else in the east. (You are def better off internal).

      • Ha-ha!

        I’m not a huge Daley fan either don’t get me wrong but as a UFA for 2 or 3 years at the right cost to play 3rd pairing minutes, there’s worse options. Nor do I watch Pittsburgh play as often as you do. I watch them alot as they are fun to watch but I try to see everyone play some what equally with a few exceptions.

        I don’t like watching teams that play a dedicated D system yet can’t counter attack well. I barely watched NJ play this year. I struggled to watch Ottawa this season after they were fun to watch the season prior. Vancouver I barely watched after being a season ticket holder for decades. I want to enjoy watching the game. Some of these teams suck the life out of it.

    • Striker, I’m interested to see what your pairings would be

      Do you really think that McAvoy would be a 3rd pairing guy next year? He was handed first pair minutes in the playoffs and but for one or two “rookie mistakes” played pretty flawlessly. One could even argue he was the best Bruin in that entire series.

      • It will depend if Boston loses a Dman in expansion which I assume they will. Currently 1 of K. Miller or McQuad. Add C. Miller to that group if Boston trades for say a Dman like Brodin. A Dman that would justify exposing C. Miller.

        Chara, Carlo.
        Krug, McQuad/K. Miller; which ever 1 isn’t selected.
        ?; player acquired in trade or signed as a UFA/K. Miller/McQuad, McAvoy.

        Krug & Carlo didn’t play a single playoff game, Boston’s #2 & 3 Dman from the regular season by TOI/GP. Krug Boston’s #1 offensive Dman, Carlo played 1st pairing & penalty killing minutes with Chara.

        C. Miller was lost in game 1 against Ottawa after playing 7:08, he didn’t play in game 2 & McQuad went down in game 2 after 2:47 not to play again. C. Miller missed game 3 returning in game 4 but played injured seeing limited minutes, because of it. That left Chara, K. Miler & McQuad to shoulder the vast majority of minutes.

        That allowed McAvoy to play significant minutes as what choice did Boston have? Playing 6 playoff games isn’t the same as playing 82 games in 27 weeks. In 6 games Adrenalin alone could carry you thru. When playing 3 to 4 games a week, week after week kicks in fatigue will become a significant factor, especially for players coming out of college.

        Just because McAvoy may play 3rd pairing minutes to start until injuries alter the line up Boston will have 3 pairings that get solid minutes. Go look at TOI/GP distribution for teams with really strong D’s like Anh or Minnesota. That may mean McAvoy see’s 3 or 4 minutes less a game than the #1 Dman by TOI/GP on the 3rd pairing. Boston will essentially role pairings. PP & PK time will determine who see’s more or less ice time.

      • Good assessment. I’d really like them to make a move on Brodin. They could have an elite defense if they get that deal done. There are definitely ways around losing a defenseman that I noted above along the lines of making a deal with Vegas that includes Spooner

        My perfect scenario:
        Krug/McQuaid (K. Miller or C. Miller)
        This gives you a lot of depth and the ability to move Chara up and down during the regular season to save him for playoff minutes

    • I noticed yesterday you said you would stay away from Shattenkirk. That’s different then what you been advocating before. Just curious what changed your opinion?

      • You obviously missed my response last time you raised it. I don’t specifically remember advocating for him; Boston has Krug a very similiar asset, but if so then the emergence of Carlo & Pastrnak, the UFA signing of Backes all of which won’t leave enough space for his salary but more importantly.

        I didn’t even have Carlo on the radar to start last season nor did I expect McAvoy drafted 14th overall last summer to come out of College this quickly. Those 2 make adding a Dman unnecessary. Dman this young stepping straight into the NHL at such a young age never mind in the roles & minutes they did is incredibly rare. Shocking really.

        Who doesn’t like Sweeney now?

    • Striker, you’ve been advocating for Shattenkirk for awhile but yesterday you said you would stay away. Just curious what changed your opinion?

      • If I’m Bruins, 100% stay away. Money needs to be invested elsewhere (scoring LW being the priority). Unless the asking price comes down drastically, they do not need him. Brodin is the guy I’d like to see them attack

      • The latest reports say that Shattenkirk’s playoff performance won’t affect his value at the UFA signing date. I seriously doubt that, no way he should get 7 million and that too on a long term deal.

      • I agree SH21.

        Taz. I assume someone will pay Shatty a contract very similiar to that signed by Yandle. Shattenkirk is 16 months younger.

  14. Darling 4.15 per year for 4 years? That’s a ton of money for a goalie that’s never played more than 32 NHL games in a single season & has been a back up for 1 of the best teams in the NHL in his time in the NHL. I hope that works for Carolina but I would have signed a show me deal.

  15. If I was Garth Snow, I would make Washington an offer for Ovie and give JT what he has needed from day one.