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Could Anaheim Ducks management ask Kevin Bieksa to waive his no-movement clause?

Ongoing speculation over the Anaheim Ducks’ possible offseason moves, the Winnipeg Jets face a tough decision about Toby Enstrom and the uncertain futures of Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau with the San Jose Sharks in your NHL rumor mill.

SPORTSNET: Luke Fox examined several offseason issues facing the Anaheim Ducks. Because of no-movement clauses carried by Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry, Ryan Kesler and Kevin Bieksa, the Ducks must protect them in next month’s expansion draft, though general manager Bob Murray could try to convince Bieksa to waive his.

Failing that, Murray risks exposing a good young forward such as Rickard Rakell or Jakob Silfverberg or leaving a blueliner such as Cam Fowler, Sami Vatanen, Hampus Lindholm or Josh Manson unprotected in the draft. Blueliners Shea Theodore and Brandon Montour are exempt. Because of the Ducks need for scoring, Fox suspects they’ll attempt to protect Rakell and Silfverberg.

Fox also speculates Murray could attempt to move a blueliner before the draft. He lists the Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Rangers, Tampa Bay Lightning and Buffalo Sabres among the clubs with young scorers to tempt the Ducks GM.

The 32-year-old Perry’s production declined this season. Moving him and his $8.6 million cap hit won’t be easy. Buying out Bieksa is an option to protect another defenseman in the expansion draft, but because he falls into the 35-plus category, the Ducks would remain on the hook for his full cap hit.

They must also reach a decision on whether to re-sign defenseman Cam Fowler, who’s a year away from UFA eligibility, to a contract extension and make decisions on pending UFAs such as Patrick Eaves, as well as determine who will be goalie John Gibson’s backup next season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Murray could try to convince Bieksa to waive his movement clause by suggesting the Golden Knights might pass on drafting a 35-year-old blueliner in the expansion draft. Remains to be seen if Murray approaches Bieksa or if the veteran defenseman takes that gamble.

Murray could try to swing a deal with the Golden Knights to ensure they pass on selecting a key player left exposed in that draft, but the price could be high. If Murray opts to move one of his defensemen in exchange for a young forward, Vatanen is oft-mentioned as the likely trade candidate.

Like Fox, I doubt Perry will be shopped. The Ducks will hope he has a bounce-back performance next season.

Fowler will likely be re-signed this summer to a lucrative long-term extension. If the 33-year-old Eaves is willing to accept a reasonable short-term deal, he could be re-signed. 

WINNIPEG SUN: Ken Wiebe wonders if the Winnipeg Jets will ask veteran defenseman Toby Enstrom to waive his no-movement clause for next month’s expansion draft. That would allow the Jets to protect one goalie, three defensemen and seven forwards. If he doesn’t, the Jets could be forced to protect four blueliners and four forwards, creating the possibility they could lose a forward to the Golden Knights. Enstrom, 32, is in the final season of his contract with a $5.75-million salary-cap hit. If he waives his clause, Wiebe mulls the possibility of Vegas taking Enstrom off the Jets’ hands.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Enstrom waives his clause, I’ll be very surprised if the Golden Knights select him. His best seasons appear behind him and he’s been hampered by injuries in recent seasons. Still, if he agrees to be exposed in the draft, it would help Jets management protect another player. 

CSN BAY AREA: Kevin Kurz reports veteran forwards Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau still face uncertain futures with the San Jose Sharks. He claims there’s no backroom handshake deals between the two and GM Doug Wilson that would allow the club to protect other players in the draft. The duo remain unrestricted free agents.

Of the two, Kurz speculates re-signing Thornton appears the priority, citing his value as a skilled center and leader. If Thornton still seeks a three-year deal, Kurz feels it’ll cost at least $5 million per season. Marleau’s future appears murkier, suggesting it doesn’t make sense to invest more than one year in him. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Thornton and Marleau likely want to remain with the Sharks. The expansion draft and uncertainty over next season’s salary-cap ceiling complicate things. Wilson could push for a two-year, bonus-laden deal with Thornton and a one-year one for Marleau. They could decide to test the market, but they might not get better offers elsewhere. 



  1. Jets to do list:

    1) Get a goalie.
    2) Stop taking stupid penalties!
    3) Fire Paul Maurice if #2 does not happen (they are not listening to him).
    4) Entertain offers for Trouba as long as it includes a good defender plus a prospect coming the other way. I doubt he will sign there after this bridge contract. He wants to play in the States.

    This team is not far from major contending status in my opinion.

    • Hellebuyck is a stud in the making. Winnipeg just needs to be better across the board. Losing their #2 Dman all season; Myers, Trouba missing 22 games & being semi useful for another 10 as he got back up to full NHL speed, Enstrom missing 22 & Little, their best 2 way player, face off man & a force on the ice, for 23 games killed any hope of Winnipeg being a playoff team & any goalie from posting above average #’s in Winnipeg. He is Winnipeg’s #1.

      I agree with firing Maurice.

      Only 1 player is really taking stupid penalties in Winnipeg. Buffy & he isn’t going to stop.

      Winnipeg controls Trouba till he has completed 7 years of service. 2 more years after next season. Trouba has arbitration rights next summer & can choose a 1 or 2 years settlement. I assume he would choose 2 to become a UFA following. I agree Winnipeg should move him ASAP to maximize the return well the team acquiring him can negotiate; can be extended come July 1st, with him before it gets ugly in arbitration & he forces his will on anyone he wants.

      I have Winnipeg still 1 more year from being a playoff team although the NHL is so tight now anything is possible.

    • Steven for the most part I agree. #2 and #3 go together. The thing about the Jets in 2016-2017 is they went in with two strategies.
      1. They made a decision to go with Hellebuyck and Hutchinson no matter what. They wanted Hellebuyck to get the starts and to assimilate himself to a starter role.
      2. They made a decision that they (as Paul Maurice quoted) “didn’t want to coach the skill out of their players.” being one of the highest scoring teams in the NHL says they accomplished that.
      I hear both of the above over and over again; I heard it from Paul Maurice and Cheveldayoff while being interviewed and its mentioned on a regular bases.
      What I take form that is management decided before the season started that 2016-2017 season would be a right off. Season loss for hopefully seasons gained. There is an argument to be made that a starting goalie needs time to develop into a starter by getting use to the work load and being better mentally prepare for the higher work load. Is that what the jets anticipate this year a mentally prepared Hellebuyck?
      By not coaching the skill out of the players, well I not really sure what that means. Does it mean no back checking? no structure? Pond hockey? Skill players they want offense and the jets got that, one of the highest scoring teams. Generally skilled players don’t want to know who their goalie is, well the jets got that too. Later in the season Maurice was quoted saying “their staying at the Buffet to long.” which is evident by being one of the worst in the league for goals allowed.
      The team often got off to slow starts and were one of the worst on the pp and pk and defense constantly caught out of position, these all fall into the hands of the coach. I’m not sure if that was part of not coaching the skill out of them philosophy. Evident from Maurice comment of to long at the buffet is that he could turn off the skill to become more responsible in their own zone.
      2017-2018 will be a conformation of success for the blue print they set out this season or a bust proven they had a failed philosophy. It’s time to start coaching defense and but a better structure in place and they need a goaltender who will challenge Hellebuyck for the number 1.
      I don’t see Trouba being traded this season unless they get the return they want. No rush in getting it done this season.
      If I’m the jets I would ask Enstrom to waive his nmc or buy him out. The 7-3-1 is a much better option for the jets over the 4-4-1
      this team is close to being a playoff regular team but if they move Trouba or don’t get an adequate replacement then they might be stalled. If they don’t make the playoffs next season Maurice is done.

      • Caper.

        I heard a similiar thing from some talking heads on XM91. Specific players; Laine, Ehlers, Lowry, Scheifele, Dano, etc. were given a green light to think offense 1st at the expense of their defensive assignments. I assume that those players will be roped back in some what this year.

        This strategy is complete different than how most NHL players are developed, they usually learn D 1st then are allowed to express their offensive tendencies. It might work. It’s certainly a new & unique approach.

        Being the smallest potential market in the NHL & having limitations of spending, Winnipeg choose to build for the future as they should have. They are 1 more year away from it all coming together for them. That also meant throwing Hellebuyck to the wolves. The experience garnered & show of faith will serve Hellebuyck & Winnipeg well long term.

    • Agreed Steven – decent goaltending combined with that roster, especially if Little and Myers are healthy, can play with anybody. Great fans – I hope it happens. Regarding Paul Maurice, it’s amazing how smart a coach is when his goalie stops the puck.

      • Boucher just said essentially that in his recent press conference. When given NHL coaching opportunities he’s not going to any team with out a good goalie.

        No position better reflects a teams ability than in net. Is Schneider a bad goalie as NJ certainly made him look like 1 this season.

      • Good to see some comments regarding the Jets. It makes no sense to “coach” players to make mistakes. If this, in fact, was the MO for the season then a shakeup should have occurred before first puck drop! You don’t play to lose when you have winners on your roster. This is a young man’s game now and they have a young team. Go for it!! I get keeping Helleybuck but add some depth with an experienced netminder who can steady the ship until he’s ready. In my opinion, this is a very good underachieving team!

      • Steven.

        & as soon as the expansion draft is over numerous teams will do just that but doing so pre expansion especially for a team like Winnipeg that wasn’t a playoff team yet waiting made sense. Why do so & then potentially just lose that asset in the expansion draft.

        I can understand keeping 2 goalies if a cup contender or a team with solid playoff aspirations like Pit; MAF, Was; Grubauer, Chi; Darling, Nas; Saros, & TB; Bishop, moved as their goose was cooked. Now Pit, Was & Nas are potentially confronted with losing a solid goalie or in the case of Nas & Was great up & coming young stud goalies for nothing if they aren’t traded prior or they don’t pay Vegas off to avoid.

        Winnipeg wasn’t in that position when the season started but following expansion all kinds of solid options. Halak, Elliott, Johnson, Bernier, Ward, etc.

    • Jake McCabe, Nic Baptiste and a 2nd for Trouba? Not sure if it would be enough.

      • Buf can’t afford to move a good young up & coming Dman to get a far more established better 1 today. They need to achieve both. Retain McCabe, continue to let him develop & also trade for 1 pre expansion giving up ideally futures or non essential NHL roster player. They did that with Zadorov to get O’Reilly. I love this trade for both teams. Buf is getting rewarded today, Colorado for about 10 to 12 years in the very near future, 2 to 3 years.

        By no means am I implying McCabe is Trouba or ever will be but we don’t know what McCabe will be nor Trouba for that matter just 2 years ahead of McCabe so clearer. In his 2nd full NHL season playing as Buf’s #3 he had 3 goals & 20 points, 3 goals & 2 points less than Trouba in his 2nd full NHL season playing a very similiar role, or 6 goals & 6 points less than Dumba in his 2nd full season. All were drafted in 2012 but McCabe choose a completely different development route, 3 years in University.

        Trouba is 2 years from being fully developed, Dumba 3 & McCabe 4 & in 4 years lets look back & see what all 3 of these Dman are when fully developed at the NHL level.

        In today’s NHL a players salary & term are a significant portion of his value. See Hamonic, Larsson, Vatanen, etc. These lower salaries have a ton of value & McCabe is 2 contracts away from seeing any where near what these other 2 Dman will be paid due primarily to pedigree, draft position.

  2. What people don’t seem to realize is that if a player waives his NMC for the expansion draft, he can’t get it back afterward. Meaning at any time he could wind up embarrassing himself riding a bus in the AHL. Why would anyone give up that protection for nothing?

    • I think it will depend on the player and situation. For instance with Bieksa he only has this year left on his deal. If Murray gives him his word he will stay with the team for the year, he may do it. His options are also probably waive it and likely play for Anaheim next year and make $4M. His second option, is get bought out and be guaranteed not to be back in Anaheim, and no guarantee that a contender will want him. For his situation, it could be worth the gamble, especially knowing it won’t be too difficult for Murray to keep his promise, as it is one year, and Murray would likely not want to have the perception that he would treat a player that way.

    • You would think a player like Bieksa, who maybe only has one more go at a cup run, would be willing to waive his NMC to give his team a better chance of competing for the cup in his last year under contract there

      Under the assumption no trades are made:
      If Bieksa were to waive, Anaheim would either be able to protect an additional D under the 8 skater model (Perry/Getzlaf/Kesler/Rakell or Silfverberg/Lindholm/Vatanen/Fowler/Manson) meaning Vegas would select the one exposed between Rakell or Silfverberg OR if they wanted to protect both Rakell and Silfverberg would have to go 7 FWD/3 D model leaving Manson (or Vatanen?) exposed. Again, this is barring NO TRADES

      The only way Anaheim isn’t losing one of Rakell/Silfverberg/Manson is if they make a trade ahead of expansion – move Vatanen out, convince Bieksa to waive, use the 7 FWD/3 D model to protect Fowler/Manson/Lindholm on the backend and (Perry/Getzlaf/Kesler/Rakell/Silfverberg) plus 2 additional fowards, presumably one being from the return for Vatanen

    • So as not to be bought out.

      Will a player lose his NMC if he waives for the expansion draft? The NHL hasn’t been very forthcoming with information about the expansion draft rules.

      The players we are discussing in this situation, Bieksa, Beauchemin & Enstrom all have 1 year remaining & will simply be bought out if they refuse to waive & with only 1 year to UFA status they will be moving soon regardless. If they aren’t selected meaning moved then their NMC’s stay intact regardless.

      The other 2 effected. Pominville, will be bought out for sure. MAF will be traded, Pit has already arranged a deal with Vegas, will agree to waive or if push comes to shove be bought out but I say the odds of that are less than 5%. I have him traded to Calgary. 1 of only 2 teams that needs a starter but the only team that doesn’t have a protector in goal currently for expansion.

      • Cal would have to sign Elliot or Johnson to go back to Pitt to expose

      • Sure works for me or Pittsburgh addresses in some other way.

  3. The problem for the ducks is that if they buyout Bieksa it will cost them 2.66 mil cash (that they don’t have), plus they’d have to pay a replacement player at least 1-1.5 mil and they’d have Beiksa’s entire contract plus the replacement player on their cap hit. And even then they’d still have to expose a good player like Manson to the draft.

    Alternatively, they could ask Bieksa to waive his NMC for a trade to Toronto for instance, with the understanding that Toronto will buy out his contract, AND that the ducks will resign him on July 1 for more than 1/3rd his original salary. Then Bieksa would wind up with more money than he otherwise would have made. The ducks would not have to replace Bieksa and would have a lower cap hit and not have to pay the 3-4 mil to buyout and replace Bieksa. That would still leave Manson exposed, but if the Leafs through in a scoring forward like Leivo or Liepsic the Ducks would be a better overall team with no expansion worries. The Leafs would use their free cap space for next year and their financial might, to buy a player like Manson at a reduced cost in terms of assets.

    That’s what I would do at least if I were any or all of the Ducks, Leafs or Bieksa.

    • It would be an interesting scenario to see Bieksa used that way, but that has him just trusting Murray’s word as much as just waiving it for the draft, so there isn’t much in it for him. For Anaheim, they save some cap space, but is that worth losing a little off the return for one of their D? And while Toronto is happy in that instance I do worry that the league may consider that a circumvention of the CBA if Bieksa is traded, bought out and signs back with the team that just traded him all inside of a few weeks. I am wondering how the league would respond given that it looks like obvious circumvention of the expansion draft.

      • I like the thinking on this type of deal and don’t exactly think its against the CBA. I simply think it’s exploiting a loophole that is within it (loophole Lou to the rescue).

        I think the deal could look something like this:
        Manson, Bieksa to the Leafs for Lepsic, 2nd round and another mid prospect.

        Bieksa then bought out and resigns with Ducks.

        I think Anaheim’s return looks low in this situation and may need to be tweaked a bit (possibly changing in Kapanen for Lepsic) but I think the basis is there. Anaheim gets what they really want, the ability to protect all core components of their roster while picking up an asset in Lepsic that’s on the cusp of cracking an NHL roster and a 2nd round pick in an albeit, weak draft.

      • You have to believe that there are three teams that are undoubtedly going to be sellers going into the expansion draft. Ducks, Wild and Canes.

        Ducks and Wild have a deep, strong D core with more D to protect than spots available. Canes have a glut of young defenders and a need up front. I can see a positional, hockey style trade coming for the Canes.

        Ducks and Wild are interesting. It’s looking like Dumba and Brodin will be the candidates going out of town and likely picks/prospects/young talent coming back in return. Both defenders are fine players and will bring a lot to their teams.

        Ducks have Theodore, Manson, Montour, Vatanen, Lindholm AND Fowler. Not to mention Bieksa who has a NMC and must be protected (unless he waives, I think this will happen).

        The Ducks will likely lose Manson, Vatanen is signed to a new contract and I believe shows more consistency in his game than Manson does. I would argue that his ceiling is higher but given Manson’s size and physicality he would bring a lot more to the table for certain teams. I expect him to be the one on his way out based on the return the Ducks would get without really having a crippling effect on their roster.

        Buyers I see the Leafs, Tampa and Sabers all as buyers in this who will likely make deals. I think Drouin is on the move to a team although he will need to be protected so possibly the Canes make the most sense. I see the Leafs and Ducks making a deal and the Sabers and Wild coming to an agreement.

        Proposed deals:

        Leafs send Lepsic, Soshnikov and 2nd to Ducks for Bieksa and Manson. Leafs then buy out Bieksa and he resigns with ducks at reduced salary, saving them on cap space and allowing them to protect their core.

        Sabers send Bailey, Carrier and 2nd to Wild for Brodin and 6th. Sabers get a younger D who can play top 4 minutes, Wild get returns that can impact their roster in the next 4 years (bailey).

        Canes move Faulk to the Lightning in exchange for Drouin, Garrison and 4th


      • It’s not happening so not an issue.

      • Even if Kapanen Anh isn’t moving Manson in that package. Anh isn’t moving Manson at all. Irreplaceable currently in Anh no 1 in their system like him.

        Anh will simply ask Bieksa to waive, if he doesn’t he will be bought out. He will waive & go unselected & in expansion & play out his 1 year remaining.

        Vatenan will be traded pre expansion for a huge return & 11 teams will be bidding. Arz, Bos, Buf, Car, Col, Dal, Det, NJ, NYR, TB & Tor. The return will be better than Hall for Larsson but paid primarily in futures making it very hard to value for 5+ years, picks, prospects & 1 well paid semi established NHL player, a player coming out of his elc or on a bridge deal or very cap friendly deal if not on a bridge.

    • I assume Bieksa will waive for the expansion draft, if not he will be bought out full cap hit or not. Simply an asset management issue & Anaheim will eat the salary if necessary as they have no choice. I think the threat of a buy out will have Bieksa willingly waive so he can most likely stay in Anh. I don’t see Bieksa waiving to be traded so another team can buy him out.

      If Bieksa is available Vegas isn’t selecting him. Anaheim has numerous young forwards available that will appeal to Vegas & only 1 can be protected 2 if Vatanen isn’t moved with part of the return being a protector at forward. Kase, Kerdiles & Sorenson. Should Vegas select Bieksa his value in trade to another team might be a 2nd round pick, 1 of these 3 young forwards will have way more value to Vegas down the road.

      Vantenan will be traded, Anh will protect 7 F; Getzlaf, Perry, Kesler, Silfverberg, Rackell, a player acquired in trade for Vatanen & 1 of Cogliano, Vermette, Kase, Kerdiles,or Sorenson, 3D; Fowler, Lindholm & Manson, & 1G; Gibson.

      Theodore, Montour & Larsson will all be NHL Dman next season with or with out Bieksa still on the roster & with Fowler, Lindholm & Momntour still the best D in the NHL & if Desprres some how returns from his concussion, Larsson will be seasoned in the minors until needed.

    • @Mst if you’re traded prior to the expansion draft you can’t return to the original team for 1 year. So Toronto can buy him out, he still can’t go back to Anaheim for a year. No end runs

    • Bieksa is 35+. Pretty sure they have to pay the entire 4 mil

  4. One scenario I haven’t seen talked about is the a trade between say the Wild and canes.

    For example, the Wild send Dumba to the canes for Jacob Slavin. Its a straight up D swap with Canes getting the better player.
    The canes can protect Dumba and Slavin is exempt.

    The wild could also send Neiderreiter to someone for a forward and pick. Since I am most familiar with the Leafs roster an example of this trade would be Connor brown plus a 2nd/3rd rounder for Nino

    • Why under any circumstances would Carolina trade Slavin for Dumba, who has flat-lined in his development?
      They would have to give up another good forward along with Dumba to attempt to land Slavin.
      I still don’t understand why the Wild didn’t select Minnesota native Jacob Trouba…exept that thought Dumba was gonna be a tough flyer who could handle the defensive zone.

      • I agree Bill Dumba looked really good and promising not so long ago…..but I agree he has kind of flat lined in his development..thought he might be a Justin Faulk of Carolina type..

      • Dumba had a great season, although drafted in the same year he started his NHL career a year later. This is a stud in the making & again 1 year behind Trouba in his development at the NHL level as well as 5 months younger. Nor does he have Trouba’s sense of self worth nor contract demands.

        Dumba had significantly more goals, 1 more point & only played 57 mins more of total TOI than Trouba this season in a far more sheltered role. Trouba played as Win’s #2, Dumba as Min’s #3 just like Trouba was in Win last season & Dumba isn’t yet being deployed in a PK role but will be next season.

        Trouba gave the puck away 62 times in 60 games, Dumba 43 in 76. Plus minus isn’t a great stat but it provides some insight of their 5 on 5 play with in their respective teams. Dumba; ES TOI 1325:24, was +15, 3rd on Min’s D, Trouba; ES TOI, 1217:40, +4 tied for 4th in Win.

        I say both Trouba & Dumba will be solid 2 way NHL Dman when fully developed in 2 to 3 years respectively although Dumba will have far better offensive totals than Trouba & be no less efficient defensively & hiting the cap at a lower cap hit. Trouba’s going to demand a premium for his services either getting it willingly from the team that pays him or leveraging it as a UFA.

        Minny didn’t make the wrong choice these were 2 great choices, solid future #1’s accept Dumba isn’t over valuing himself & dictating his NHL future & holding out asking for Ekblad monies like Trouba. Flo upset the market doing that. It effects everyone unless you play hardball like most teams have with similiar players.

      • Perhaps they didn’t draft “Minnesota Native” Jacob Trouba because he was born in “Rochester, Michigan”

      • Michigan, Minnesota close enough. Ha-ha!

    • I like the idea with the Canes. But Brown isn’t exempt and he’s got a higher upside than Neiderreiter, has better 5 on 5 numbers already as a rookie, and kills penalties, so that wouldn’t work with the Leafs.

      The only exempt roster players on the Leafs that this might work with would be Kapanen and Shoshnikov (Matthews, Marner and Nylander are untouchable). I don’t think the Leafs would want to part with Kapanen for Neiderreiter just given the differences in cap hits going forward and Kapanen’s age, and I don’t think Shoshnikov is enough for Neidereitter.

      • There are some lateral moves that could make some sense (not saying likely) but I think they would be along the lines of the Canes trying to upgrade by taking advantage of a massive amount of protection space.

        For instance would a trade involving Hanifin to a team that may feel they need to trade a D, but would actually rather not. Hanifin is worth a lot, and maybe even more to some teams as he is draft exempt. Carolina can afford the price and to protect whatever they take back. So maybe they can overpaid for Hanifin to a team with some protection issues. (Hanifin for Lindholm?)
        Anyway, it’s at least interesting.

    • No way Carolina makes that trade. Slavin is their number 1 D and he still has a lot of upside.

    • Taz, I like this idea with the Slavin/Dumba swap. If I’m Carolina however, I’m asking for more. While they are both RFA after next season, Slavin IMO is the better player. I’d start that conversation as a Slavin for Brodin swap (signed at a team friendly deal through 2021)

    • Connor needs protection

      • Yeah my bad, should have checked the protected list.
        Though, I am still intrigued by the idea of lateral moves instead of not landing anyone.
        Like the example of Brodin above.
        I’m sure there are other examples out there like Fowler for Slavin or thereabouts.
        its an angle that I just haven’t seen considered as yet

    • Why would Carolina make that trade with Minnesota? What do they gain from that trade? Slavin having 2 years of NHL service & is already a stud shut down Dman with untapped offensive abilities.

      I have mentioned Carolina repeatedly in trade with both Minnesota & the other 4 teams confronted with losing a really good Dman & any team confronted with losing a very good forward but no need to move Slavin to do so.

      Carolina only has 1 protector at D Faulk. Pesce, Slavin & Hanafin are exempt. Trade Fleury, a pick or picks & a prospect not named Gauthier or Roy for Brodin & Zucker from Minnesota or Trouba & 1 of the young forwards Winnipeg is confronted with losing, Armia, Copp, Dano, Lowry, Petan, etc. All the assets being returned to Minny or Win are expansion draft exempt. Carolina has room for at least 1 forward as well if not 2 depending upon whether you feel McGinn & or Di Giuseppe are protectors. I think McGinn is but Di Giuseppe isn’t.

      Then Trade Faulk to TB in some form of deal for Drouin. Now Carloina isn’t just a playoff team but a cup contender who still has bags of cap space to add over the course of the season.

      No team is in a better position for the expansion draft than Carolina. They can take on 2 D & at least 1 forward pre expansion draft. They can trade for players who will be cap casualties following but before the season starts, have over 30 mil in cap space before buying out Lack & have tons of draft picks, 6 in the 1st 3 rounds this season.

      • Striker, your deals above for Carolina make sense. My deal above is essentially the same idea, just using Slavin as the expansion exempt piece going back. You’re absolutely correct, Carolina is set up extremely well as long as Francis makes the right moves

        My thought process, by using Slavin you can probably get Brodin & Zucker for Slavin and one of CAR’s 3 2nd round picks which will allow Carolina to keep all of their prospects. Minnesota will get a guy that they’ve seen at the NHL level

      • But you are absolutely correct. If you can keep them all and just move out picks/prospects, why not? My thought is, Minnesota will be looking to at least get back someone they can plug in today but don’t need to worry about protecting

      • Fleury is ready to take the next step in his long prosperous NHL career, a season split between the NHL & AHL as injuries dictate. I’m not certain Minnesota necessarily needs to with Folin, Reilly, Olofsson, Soucy & Belpedio all ready to move up a notch in the pecking order.

        People shouldn’t assume just because the 7th overall pick in 2014 has been passed by several other D prospects in Carolina he’s not going to have a stellar NHL career, he’s just following a far more standard development curve & being developed perfectly.

        None of the other Dman selected in this draft; 2014, have started their NHL careers yet really either other than Ekblad at #1. Honka; 14th, Sanheim; 17th, DeAngelo; 19th, Montour; 55, & numerous others not even on the radar yet. Most Dman; almost 80%, wait almost 5 years to start playing in the NHL & even then in sheltered roles.

      • That also kind of ties into my point though Striker. If Carolina is so high on Fleury and have taken the time to groom and develop him properly – why send him in that deal? I feel like I’d rather float Slavin’s name out there as a proven NHLer NOW than give up what Fleury might and probably will be

      • A bird in the hand so to speak. I see no way Carolina is moving Slavin a stud shut down Dman in 2 short years with untapped offensive abilities. He’s why the can afford to move Fleury a stud prospect. Potential yet to be realized & years away from becoming fully NHL developed.

        With Faulk, Slavin, Hanafin & Pesce Carolina’s top 4 is 1 of the best in the NHL now & 3 o those 4 are expansion exempt. Why not take this opportunity to build the best D in the NHL? Add 2 from the teams confronted with losing them.

        Carolina has 6 picks in the 1st 3 rounds this year, all future years picks, the roster is loaded with young up & coming players at D & forward now & they have bushels of cap space & spots to add 2 D & at least 1 if not 2 forwards pre expansion draft to fill out their protectors, I say do so. Spend futures, how many does 1 team need? Carolina has way to many. 1 of the top 3 prospect systems in the NHL both playing now & coming.

      • Lets say Carolina goes out and gets 2 really good Dman out of Brodin, Trouba, Vatanen, Dumba, Methot, Hamonic, De Hann, Savard, Murray, Trouba, etc. & takes at least 1 good young forward like Zucker, Niederreiter, Armia, Lowry, Copp, etc. before the expansion draft in trade, paying for them in futures, picks & solid prospects in the system, a bunch of them stud prospects like Fleury, Gautheir, Bean, Roy, Kuokkanen, etc.? Spending some of those 6 picks in this years draft a 1st, 3 2nds, 2 3rd’s or 2018 or 2019’s 1st or 2nd’s to make it all happen. All these teams need futures except for Anh who has room for a forward.

        Then post expansion draft Carolina flips 1 of those Dman in some form of trade with TB for Drouin & helps elevate some of TB’s cap pressure in another way? How might this NHL roster fair next season?

        Aho, Rask, Skinner.
        Zucker, Lindholm, Drouin.
        Teräväinen, Staal, Gauthier/Stempniak.
        McGinn, Ryan/Roy, Nordstrom/Stempniak.

        Slavin, Vatanen.
        Hanafin, Pesce.
        Brodin, McKeowen/Murphy/other.

        Darling, Ward.

        I assume Carolina is losing Faulk, Fleury & several other prospects not Bean, Gauthier or Roy with numerous high picks, multiple 1st & 2nds potentially to facilitate such trades.

        That’s certainly a solid playoff team & potential cup contender especially as they would still have tons of cash to spend between now & the trade deadline if it really works adding assets.

        Feel free to punch me & wake me from my dream. Ha-ha!

      • Given this scenario Carolina is set to have Faulk/Slavin/Pesce/Hanifin and say Brodin/Vatanen as their top 6 which is absolutely sick. Who is playing those 3rd pair minutes? They still have Murray/Bean among others. Where do these guys slide in? If that’s the move you’re making – I’m turning around and trading Faulk for an elite forward.

      • HAHA looks like we were responding at the same time. As I said, Carolina can be extremely scary as early as NEXT season. Let’s hope that the city comes out in waves to support them

      • Not to mention – Scott Darling winning a Vezina. Smart guy taking that chance and running with it

    • These lateral moves make no sense to me at all unless the team getting out of a problem pays a significant premium. What possible motivation can a team like Carolina have to make this trade? I’m still scratching my head on the Subban for Weber trade as this was essentially a lateral move although apples & oranges by skill set but 2 premier stud Dman. The same but also different.

      This is no different than NYI wanting to move Hamonic for the same player. Not happening it’s pointless.

      Carolina trades for ideally 1 maybe even 2 of the 5 Dman available potentially as many as 7 or 8 so they can protect them. They keep all of them pre expansion to protect them as part of their 3 D then go back to market to make a trade following the expansion draft if desired.

      Then they trade Faulk or 1 of the other D post expansion draft in a package of some nature for Drouin. No point moving anyone of Slavin, Pesce or Hanafin. These players are under cost control for years.

      They can achieve this by just moving prospects, picks & taking on cap issues from other teams again with out having to trade anyone of Slavin, Hanafin or Pesce. I think Anh has shown that having more than 6 solid NHL Dman is a great thing & if you can why wouldn’t you?

    • Slavin much better. Nino and dumba for slavin? Maybe a 3rd rounder back to minny as well? That is feasible

    • @Taz definitely no to the Brown for Neider trade. Brown’s versatility, no way. You might try picks and/or prospects tho

      • Brown And a 2nd isn’t getting Nino I wouldn’t worry about! Why do leaf fans come up these ridiculous trades? It’s mind boggling

  5. Joe Thornton would be a good short term solution for the Hurricanes. It would give Aho a couple of years to develop into a first line center. He would provide the Canes with veteran leadership and playoff experience that they are lacking. I could also envision him as the captain. During the Canes post season press conference Francis mentioned the possibility that the next captain could come from outside the organization. Justin Williams and Joe Thornton are two players that immediately crossed my mind. Thornton would probably prefer a team with better odds of being a cup contender vs more money in the last two to three years of his career.

  6. Joe Thornton is 1 of my favorite players of all time. That said no 5 mil per for 3 years. At 38 on July 2nd & having dropped 12 goals & 32 points last season from the 1 prior, I offer 1 year at 5; a bonus laden deal to get to 5. 1 year deals for players 35 & over can have bonus monies deferred if necessary to help circumvent the cap. Should those bonuses be earned & put a team over the cap they carry forward to the next season as a penalty. This would allow SJ some cap flexibility next season as they transition away from Thornton who is still very effective with Pavelski. If years are added then the annual salary drops, 2 years at 4 per, 3 at 3.5 per or I simply let him move on.

    I like Marleau as well but his role other than on the 1st line PP has been reduced significantly over the last 2 years. I let him go as a UFA & give his ice time to younger players.

  7. One expansion team seems to have everybody so scared to do anything! Sheesh. Why should Winnipeg wait for Las Vegas if they choose to address their goaltending? Anybody you trade for you will automatically protect anyway. I wish there were more “go for it” like managers in the League like Jim Rutherford! I am sure Penguins fans must really like him!

    • Because they aren’t losing Hellebuyck. No 1’s scared of Vegas, they are using sound asset management & each team has it’s own issues & expectations. Winnipeg isn’t Pittsburgh. 1’s a cup contender for years still, the other 1 still trying to become playoff relevant. Their needs & goals aren’t even close.

    • If rumors are to be believed, Pittsburgh was willing to move MAF to Calgary last summer but Calgary refused Pittsburgh’s asking price of Calgary’s 1st 6th overall & rightfully so.

      Now we get to see how retaining MAF plays out for Pittsburgh. I assume more than satisfactorily as they just need him & his cap hit off the books, That will happen for sure in any multitude of ways. The return yet to be determined.

      & Could they have turned him into slightly less last summer they were better to retain him. At least based on what we know today.

      • Retaining MAF has already played out and it was a smashing success. Without MAF filling in for Murray the first two and a half rounds there is no way the Pens are still in the playoffs. If the Penguins win the cup they become the greatest team of the cap era and that is worth whatever assets they now lose out on.

      • Blackhawks have something to say about that. 3 out of 3 in an extremely difficult division/conference to get out of. Losing 2 in the conference finals. I understand what you’re saying though Deeeeee

      • Who knows, perhaps Jarry would have been the 2nd coming of Murray?

        Pittsburg is doing exactly what I would have done, kept MAF until this summer. Moving MAF won’t be difficult & keeping him till this summer always made sense to me. The return this summer will be very similiar to last season as the goalie market is set, expansion is a wrinkle that may require some creativity but I have no doubts Rutherford has plans in place to address that.

        Numerous goalies have moved since the last lock out. Good young 1’s garner a 1st; Jones & Lehner, others; Talbot more picks but later, Elliot a 2nd, Andersen a 1st & 2nd but I assume that was partly the payoff to take Bernier later after his signing bonus was paid, & just recently pre expansion although UFA’s Bishop & Darling have helped to set the range.

        MAF should acquire a 2nd & a prospect of some nature with a back up goalie to expose, he goes to Vegas & Pit provides some nominal incentive or he’s simply bought out. Regardless it was worth the cost of retaining him until this summer.

  8. Wilson could also let Thornton and Marleau walk. Why is that never seen as a viable option? Services rendered; contract terminated; move on. Take that money and use it elsewhere. I know; I know, get assets. Money is an asset don’t forget.

    • I agree Steven. Neither are signing with out NMC’s so letting them walk if their contract demands don’t fit works for me. I had no issues with Boston retaining Eriksson. He was their trade deadline acquisition essentially. The compensation being offered didn’t justify the loss. It didn’t work out oh well who cares.

      Similar for Vrbata in Arz & accept that weren’t battling for their playoff lives like Boston the season before last but Arz felt retaining Vrbata as opposed to giving him away for free was better for Dvorak’s development & now they will look to resign him post expansion draft but before July 1st.

      Letting Thornton & Marleau potentially walk is good asset management for me unless 1 or both sign a contract beneficial to SJ in some way.Should they both will demand NMC’s from where ever they sign & get them so as the decide when 7 if they are moved. Being veterans they have earned that right & no 1’s holding a gun to the team that signs them’s head.

      • People get too wrapped up in what they’ve done for the franchise and don’t seem to realize what they are doing to it NOW. Marleau especially is just blocking younger players to get the ice time they need to progress

  9. Jets are clooosse!!!
    Jets vs Nash 2-1 Jets April 8
    Jets vs Sens 4-2 Jets April 1
    Jets vs Ducks 4-3 Jets March 30.
    Jets just have to get Into the dance!!!! Trade Buff/ Trade Wheeler. Wow we ll have an excellent team