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Should the Anaheim Ducks attempt to trade Corey Perry in the offseason?

Suggested offseason moves for the Anaheim Ducks & New York Rangers in your NHL rumor mill. 

ESPN.COM: In the wake of the Anaheim Ducks’ playoff elimination in the Western Conference Final, Craig Custance believes they should trade winger Corey Perry, trade a young defenseman for a young forward and re-sign defenseman Cam Fowler to a contract extension. 

Custance advocates moving the 31-year-old Perry, whose production declined this season, believing they cannot afford to continue carrying his $8.625 annual salary-cap hit for the next four seasons. He acknowledged this won’t be easy, given Perry’s salary and no-movement clause, but feels Perry’s winning pedigree and the possibility he could regain his 30-goal form could attract interest. 

The Ducks are deep on defense and risk losing a good young defenseman for nothing in the expansion draft. Custance feels the Tampa Bay Lightning could be a good trade partner and wonders if the Ducks could pry winger Jonathan Drouin out of Tampa Bay. 

Custance expects the Ducks won’t waste time re-signing Fowler, who’s a year away from unrestricted free agent eligibility, to a long-term contract extension in July. He guesses it could be an eight-year deal for around $6.5 million annually. If blueliner Kevin Bieksa won’t waive his no-movement clause before the expansion draft, Custance advises buying him out. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Despite the decline in Perry’s production in the regular season, I suspect Ducks management will point to his leadership and clutch scoring in this year’s playoffs (three overtime goals) to justify retaining him. While I don’t doubt there would be interest in Perry if he hit the trade block, that hefty cap hit will dampen enthusiasm.

I also expect the Ducks will shop one of their young defensemen for a young scoring forward. Sami Vatanen, Brandon Montour, Josh Manson or Shea Theodore are possible trade candidates. It wouldn’t surprise me if management convinces Bieksa to waive the NMC, gambling that the expansion Golden Knights won’t select a 35-year-old blueliner who’s nearing the end of his career.

Remember all the trade speculation involving Fowler last summer? I doubt we’ll see it again this summer. I concur with Custance that he’ll likely get over $6 million annually on a long-term deal. 

NEW YORK POST: If New York Rangers management believes Oscar Lindberg can center one of their top three lines, Larry Brooks suggests they have no option other than to use center Derek Stepan as trade bait for a top-pairing right defenseman. He points out Lindberg skated with Nicklas Backstrom and William Nylander for Sweden in the recent World Championships, suggesting he’s been under-utilized in his brief NHL career. 

Brooks also suggests the Rangers should find a way to re-sign defenseman Brendan Smith, who could be willing to forego unrestricted free agency to stay with the Blueshirts for a fair market deal. They acquired Smith from the Detroit Red Wings before the trade deadline and he proved to be a worthwhile addition. Brooks feels the Rangers can afford a four- or five-year deal worth between $4 – $4.5 million annually. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Stepan could indeed be an attractive trade chip to land a quality defenseman, but it could prove a risky move. Lindberg playing alongside Backstrom and Nylander at the Worlds doesn’t necessarily mean he can handle a bigger role with potentially lesser linemates on the Rangers. Mika Zibanejad has yet to prove he can handle the first-line center role on a full-time basis and Kevin Hayes can be inconsistent. J.T. Miller can skate at center but the Rangers could be more comfortable with him on the wing.

With over $63 million invested in 18 players for 2016-17, the Rangers can afford to re-sign Smith if they wish. A possible buyout of Dan Girardi and the loss of a salaried player in the expansion draft will clear up more cap room but they will likely need more space to re-sign Smith and bring in that top-pairing right-side defenseman. 



  1. I can’t see Anaheim parting with Montour or Theadore, as that doesn’t help their expansion situation, and they would still need to trade Manson or Vatanen. Since they will likely get a good forward for the trade they do make, I don’t think they would move a 2nd D.

    I do think if Tampa is willing to move Drouin, and Anaheim is offering the D they want, they might seem like the most likely trade partners as I don’t see any teams that are capable or willing to offer a more valuable forward.

    I also don’t see any real possibility of Perry being moved. I guess you never say never, but the problem is his salary makes it a difficult deal to put together, and I think the organization thinks too much of Perry to move him in a weak deal or put him through endless speculation. Put that with his NMC and cap hit, and it’s near impossible.

    I say near because it’s relatively similar to the Weber deal last summer, but that deal only happens because it was made quickly and a slam dunk win for Nashville. I don’t think Dallas is calling and offering up Jamie Benn in a one for one swap, or whatever other similar player you want to insert. Never say never, but I would be shocked.

    • Slam dunk?

      You watch the same league I do?

      Easy to say the preds won that deal cause of this yrs success, but ok joined a much better team that was built for the post season.

      Other than Subbans straight ahead speed Weber is better in every other area, including his contract.

      • Weber is a good defensemen, but is in decline. He is no longer an elite shutdown D. As a result his teams give up more shots and scoring chances with him on the ice than using Subban in the same role. For all the bluster of people saying Weber would make Price’s job easier, he didn’t.

        Also, Weber is a declining asset signed to 7.8M until he is 40. The Habs will have that cap hit until he decides to not play, which probably means well past him being worth anywhere near that much. The Preds lose a little to current cap hit, but Subban has played a lot less hockey, is younger, and plays a style that tends to lead to better longevity.

        Even if Montreal gets an even deal in year one (they didn’t), the Preds basically swapped two players who play the same role, for the player you will get more useful years out of.

        I am not trying to crap on Weber, both players in their prime, I take Weber. But Subban in his prime, and Weber today, I take Subban.

        Also, Subban is more likely to be able to sustain his prime years longer. This isn’t guaranteed, but defensemen who rely more on speed and puck handling, who do less hitting and shot blocking tend to stay effective for more years. It’s at the least a worthwhile gamble when you can already see Weber is declining.

        It’s against the grain of old school thought, but the NHL’s transition to a faster game means defensemen capable of breaking up plays in the Neutral zone, keeping pucks in the offensive zone, skating pucks out of their own end, have a better effect on keeping pucks out of the net than players who block a lot of shots and throw a lot of hits. Those talents aren’t just for offense, which is why coaches will put guys like Subban, Karlsson, Burns, and Hedman up against the other teams best competition. They take chances, but the chances they take don’t result in more goals against than taking the chance of letting the other team sustain pressure.

      • Agreed- this is just silly. I hope PK wins a cup- good guy..but those who try to lump Subban and Weber in the same sentence are out to lunch. Weber had a year in Montreal all around that PK never did. PK benefitted from Josi Ekholm and Ellis, the former who Weber helped develop…For the record- I am a Leaf fan but Bergevin did well in this deal.

      • Sam,

        Weber had those same defensemen around him for several years. It’s not just this year to compare the two.

        For the record, I am not saying that Weber is some useless pylon, but at this point in his career he has lost a step, and it shows, while Subban is still in his prime. I see a noticable gap between the two now, that will likely widden year after year.

        In any event, we obviously have different opinions on this, so I will revise something in either case.

        It the very least, Poile thought the deal was a slam dunk, which is why he made it. GM’s, fans, analysts have a hard time coming to a consensus on Defensemen’s traits and abilities, so I think that is safer to say. This is probably why they are also hard to peg in the draft.

        So, I will just say that I don’t think Anaheim will have an offer that they feel is a slam dunk to move Perry, as forwards are probably a little more straight forward to evaluate a winner/loser in that sort of deal.

        Our difference in opinion is probably why defensemen trades are also the most interesting to discuss. Even in Anaheim’s situation, there doesn’t seem to be a clear consensus as to who they keep out of Vatanen and Manson. FWIW in this scenario I think Anaheim would be crazy to move Manson, as he is a type of defensemen that is very rare in the NHL today.

      • Weber is a far better all around dman than subban it’s really not even close!

      • Danny.

        Your making a ton of assumptions there. As stated below Subban is making 4 million more in salary owed at point of trade in 4 less years under contract. Weber’s cap hit is 1.2 million lower now. What is Subban getting when this contract expires in 5 years at 34 years of age? Weber will still be under contract to Montreal for 4 more years following & Subban most like playing else where.

        I didn’t nor do I see see Weber slowing down at all for well over 6 years. He logged the 5th highest TOI/GP in the playoffs & 10th in the regular season for TOI/GP for all players. Weber’s 31, 32 in August, his game isn’t built on speed but smarts, skill, a howitzer of a shot & brute force. At 6″4″ 235 lbs he’s not fun to play against. I don’t see his game changing much until he hits his late 30’s; 37, 38, & even then much like Chara’s transition he simply forfeits his PP time taking on a far more defensive role as a shut down Dman.

        When someone like Toews says he’s the player he likes playing the least & happy to have seen move to the east, that’s telling. Let’s revisit this discussion in 2023-24 & see what Weber is still achieving at that time. I assume double digit goals & 30 to 35 points still logging 1st pairing minutes.

      • I do see Weber having slowed down. His game has never been built on speed, but it at one point it wasn’t a weakness, just not a strength.

        I value Subban more than Webber. Defensive game is more similar than people want to admit. 5 on 5 they have about the same effect on how many shots the oppositon gets on goal, how many scoring chances, despite Weber supposedly being better. The reason is Subban is better in the Neutral zone and better at skating the puck out under control rather than throwing it up the boards. Subban gives the benefit of generating more offense for his team, getting the puck to his forwards, and pushing the play the other way. This turns the tide, and in my opinion makes him more valuable at this point and likely going forward. Further, I would rather have Subban expiring and either tradable or just leaving in his early to mid 30’s than Weber at 34 with 6 years left on his deal and likely playing a smaller and smaller role for too much money. I just think it’s a better way to manage the asset.

        On Toews comments, he isn’t wrong. Weber is hard to play against, and Toews played against him and with him, while he was in his prime, and knows he is still a very good player. As I said, I think the peak of what Weber was, is better than Subban’s peak, but I am judging this trade on what I think the teams will get going forward.

        In any event, I am fully willing to admit that the way defensemen are evaluated is not perfect, maybe I am missing something, and obviously anyone who feels the opposite way is entitled to prefer Weber over Subban. I do feel like in time this trade gets more one-sided, but either way it wasn’t the point of my original post.

        The only way a guy like Weber gets traded is when his GM feels he is getting a slam dunk win. If nothing else, Poile thought his team was much better off with Subban going forward than holding on to Weber. He would not have subjected Weber to endless trade speculation, he would not have moved him for the sake of doing so. I was using that example to talk about the possibility of the Ducks moving Perry. Perry is a hero for Anaheim, and still a useful player. He only way the Ducks move him is if they get an offer they feel they can’t walk away from.

        I do think for forwards its much easier to come to a consenus of value, which makes it even harder to imagine a scenario where he moves this year.

        At the very least, I think everyone can agree that the reason Weber and Subban could be swapped is because the GMs making the trade valued them very differently.

        I do think Defensemen are the most interesting to talk about because of how hard they are to value and project. Their effect on games isn’t easily determined by counting stats. I even think this disparity in valuation has a lot to do with rare movement of defensemen. Obviously good defensemen are rare, but more than that, because they are hard to project, GMs are often afraid to get burned. A good example is that 2 years ago when Pittsburgh Traded for Kessel the sticking point that they wouldn’t cross is including Derrick Pouliot. 2 years later, he isn’t like to warrant a protection slot in an expansion draft, and probably doesn’t get selected.

      • Weber did have 7 more goals & 2 more points than Subban this season, granted in 22 more games but considering Weber’s physical side I’m not punishing him as he can stay healthy something Subban hasn’t been able to accomplish the last 2 years.

        I appreciate your position Dan just don’t agree nor do I see what you see apparently.

      • Striker,

        I appreciate your argument and I think it goes to what makes defensemen so interesting to discuss. Even knowledgeable hockey fans, GMs, Analysts can disagree about the value a defensemen brings and it is very difficult to form a consensus.

        No wonder they are hard to peg in a draft, as people can’t even agree on ranking them when we have seen them in the NHL. We are talking about two defensemen who we can compare based on the effect they had by swapping them. So we even have comparables of their numbers, shot differentials, etc while each played with the same players and there is still no consensus. And I don’t just mean a consensus on this particular board, as I think I might be the only that sees this deal as a clear win for Nashville, but this trade has been one of the more debated trades I have seen. And opinions range from good hockey trade for both teams to lopsided in either direction.

        Anyway, I also appreciate your argument boils down to “I disagree, here is the way I see it, insert supporting argument” and not just saying “give your head a shake”, “are you blind” etc.

        Differing opinions and points of view is what makes something worth discussing, so I appreciate when someone takes the time to express no only their opinion, but their rationale and perspective.


      • Again just to be clear. I love Subban, how can’t you? 1 of the best offensive Dman of his era, not a train wreck defensively, in fact a proficient 2 way player, his offensive gambles are going to cost his team occasionally but I wouldn’t want it any other way, he’s also a very colorful personality & fits Laviolette’s puck possession skating system perfectly, as do Josi, Eklholm & Ellis. All are mobile, play a transitional game & are smart enough to tie players up, take away shooting lanes & play sound positional D.

        I just take Weber today & for the remainder of Subban’s contract the next 5 years. I hope Subban wins a cup. I love Nashville, Poille & numerous players on this team. I own & have been wearing my old Nashville blue 3rd jersey. The 1 with the ghosted checker board in the blue between the white stripes on the arms & lower portion of the jersey. 1 of my favorite jersey’s of all time.

    • Slam dunk deal for Nashville? really? this year Weber was the better player. R u saying Nashville is in the SCF because of PK? I suspect in the end but not next year PK will be better. As far as the deal goes Subban cap hit is $9m and Weber is $7.85 next season salary for Weber is $12m ,then drops to 4yrs at $6m, 1yr @3m and 3yr at 1m. Pk has $47m in 5yrs left and Weber has $42m left over 9yrs. Fun note in the potential lockout season PK has $6m in signing bonus whereas Weber does not. For those who get lost in the contract of the deal, when Weber is in his declining later years he won’t be a problem moving because he’ll have a nice cap fit with little salary, not hard to move. Put please spare me the dialogue that Nashville is in the finals because of PK who couldn’t help Montreal get to the playoffs last year. As previously said he a part but the main reason is Rinne.

      • Plus no NTC nor NMC so Montreal can move him out when ever the urge or desire to do so arises. Teams developing young Dman will pay a solid return for Weber when he’s only making a mil per for his final 4 years regardless of his cap hit. I don’t see that happening until he’s well into his 30’s, 37+ if even then.

      • As I mentioned, it really should have been that Poile felt it was a slam dunk deal in order to move Weber. He wouldn’t do it just for the sake of doing it, or shopped him hard, or discussed at length needing to dump his contract. He was offered something he couldn’t pass up, which was more than point that Weber v. Subban.

        I never said anything about Nashville’s success being all on Subban. It isnt’, Rinne is playing excellent and that is the biggest difference from last year. I do think Subban fits better, and makes Nashville much faster as a unit, which has helped, but it isn’t as if they were a terrible team and Subban makes them great.

        I think Nashville will get more value from Subban than Montreal from Weber. Subban does as good a job at slowing down the other teams best players as Webber does, he just does it differently. Webber used to do this better than he does now, which is why I see him as being in decline. I also value Subban’s ability to help his teams offense. All in all, Weber makes up a lot of value from being excellent on special teams, but I value 5 on 5 more than special teams, so I value Subban’s contributions more right now than Webbers, and I think Webber will likely decline a little more each year, overall making the trade a win.

        Long term I think this deal is a win for Nashville, and a Loss for Montreal because of the GMs ability to identify their teams situation as well. I think Poile rightly identified that Subban’s speed would be a good fit with their top 4. I think this does look to be the case. Even if Subban and Weber are equal, just different in the long run, I think Poille did a better job identifying what would work for his team better than Bergevin did.

        Bergevin incorrectly identified lack of leadership and grit as being Montreal’s biggest problem. Bergevin went into last summer thinking his team would be better if he traded Subban, and he seemed intent on doing it. Anything Weber could add was quickly negated because I don’t think Bergevin address the holes the move created on his back end.

    • I’m not certain Anh can afford Drouin’s future contract demands. They would have to get very creative to do so. Carrying to much top end salary & with an extension coming to Fowler, new contracts in the near term for Theodore, Montour, Ritchie, Manson & Gibson plus a multitude of UFA’s to replace I see other teams as better trade options for Anh in moving a Dman.

      TB has better fits potentially for a Dman not the least of which maybe Carolina with Faulk.

      Nor do I see Anh moving 2 Dman, just Vatanen. Biksa waives; or is bought out, Anh protects Fowler, Lindholm & Manson for the expansion draft.

      Moving Perry isn’t impossible but they might have to take a bad contract back, eat some salary or get creatavive. This is just an dexample of getting creative. Perry & Vatanen for Landeskog, ? & a 2nd round pick. Essentially paying Colorado to take Perry’s contract buy giving them something they seriously need any help at D they can get. 13.5 in salary going out 5,571,429 coming back.

      Anh gets a LW something missing from this team for some time now, free’s up 8 mill in cap space & banks a pick. Nominally less salary savings once the other asset is factored in.

      • I don’t think moving Perry is impossible if they made that the entire goal, my rationale is that GMs often don’t put iconic players through that, and I don’t think a deal happens for that reason.

        The deal you listed is very good in terms of value, but because it’s complicated something like that would probably take a lot of discussion to make happen, and discussion leads to chatter and rumors, which probably is a road that doesn’t happen. I don’t think Murray moves Perry unless someone comes to him with an offer he views as great (which is the way I should have positioned my original post, since that was the point I was making, not Subban v Weber) and it can happen quickly.

        I just don’t think Murray starts asking GMs to take Perry off his hands, and I don’t think GMs come offering players one-for-one for Perry, and those are the scenarios I think it takes to move him.

        I could easily be wrong, I just don’t see the trade happening because of the way I think it would need to happen.

      • Nor do I Dan.

        Simply on topic & tried to show creative ways it could be done. That said Perry’s contract is becoming problematic for Anh. They can’t afford to have their highest paid player hitting the cap at 8.625 declining as rapidly as he appears to having 4 years to run. They may have to pay someone to remove this cap burden down the road. That said it could be several years down the road.

        Perhaps Perry bounces back but others are starting to bite into his quality & quantity of ice time, Silfverberg, Rackell & soon to be Ritchie, not so much next season for Ritchie but certainly the season following & others are coming; Jones, Steel, not the least of which will be the player they acquire in trade when a Dman is moved pre expansion draft.

  2. Of those young Ducks I thought Sami Vatanen didn’t have a very good playoff in his own end. That beibg said Josh manson has less upside and did.
    Brandon Montour can really move well and I wouldn’t let him go or Shea Theodore.
    But the speculation that some tem will eat Perry’s 8 plus deal without includung one of there defenders is rose-colored…

    • I don’t think Anaheim will move Perry because there are too many moving parts.

      Anaheim is a competitive team, and I think they will just move forward with this group. They outplayed Nashville badly last night but didn’t get great goaltending from Bernier and lost for that reason only.

      Anaheim’s D is so deep that they would likely have been trading one this summer anyway to address some holes. The expansion throws a wrinkle in things as they now need to trade a D that would otherwise be exposed, and given they won’t be the only team shopping a D, they might not be able to just name their price as easily as if there were no expansion draft, but they will still get very good value given the need for D-men that exists.

      Their core is actually strong enough that they will hardly miss a beat after a trade (depending on who they move), and the team may actually come away improved overall. So I don’t think management will be doing anything drastic.

  3. Can’t see Rangers resigning Smith, especially for money Brooks talking about. Unless they move Staal thru trade or buyout. Smith was 1 of 5 left handed d men in playoffs. 3 out of 4 top d prospects are also left handed. No way you give 4.5 to an average, older guy

    • Older? He’s 28? lol

      • Yeah, older. Staal is 30. If you give Smith 4 years at 4.5, we’re basically looking at Another Staal situation. He’s not that good. We need young puck moving right handed d

    • I could live with 3 years at 3.5 for Smith, anymore move on.

      Girardi & Staal have to much term to be bought out this summer. You need to wait until each only has 1 year remaining.

      Yes NYR needs a better option to play with McDonaugh but Smith isn’t that player nor do I think they are going to lose Holden in the expansion draft unless they make several trades. Fast or Lindholm are lost 1st leaving, McDonaugh, Staal, Girardi, Skjei & Holden as their top 5 for at least 1 more season.

      Take what ever money you might give Smith & go trade for a Dman like Vatanen or 1 of the either RH Dman 1 of the teams is going to lose. Send Miller & a pick.

      • I think 1st move of Rangers off season is buying out Staal and Girardi. The later years are minimal cap hits and the savings up front are big. Remember too at back end we will be done with Lundquist . Need to overhaul defense. Stepan is best option as trade chip and I think Trouba or Dumba would be best target. Both would be half the cap hit next season and are rfa’s year after. 2 good young players that could be here for years. We can use cap space to maybe bring back Boyle to center 4th line. Type of player we could’ve used in those late game situations in playoffs. The hole at right D is much bigger than the hole that Stepan will leave. And in playoffs Zibinejad showed he was #1c. I don’t think we should spend $ on Smith. Definitely not Shattenkirk

      • Also maybe look to sign Hanzal to replace Stepan?

  4. Anyone know if there is any compensation if Vegas takes a player and they retire or refuse to report and go to Europe/khl?

    • That’s a good question, I haven’t heard anything on it. I would have assumed that there would be nothing, and it will be on Vegas to assume that risk, also that taking a player would mean they get that players rights for however long in the event of a return, as if they owned that player all along.

      I wonder if it is something that will be addressed, or if the situation actually plays out if the NHL will address it after the fact.

    • No. They are governed under the same rules as everyone else no special exemptions if a player refuses to report or retire nor do I perceive this as an issue.

      Vegas will be speaking to agents before selecting players. They do have this weird window where they can speak to RFA’s & UFA’s not on teams protected lists & if signed before they submit their protected lists will count as players selected from that team.

      Nor do I see this being an issue. Example & this is just hypothetical to create an example. Lets say a team like NYR convinces Nash to waive his NMC; again just hypothetical, McPhee would speak to his agent to be sure he would report before considering selecting him.

  5. I can’t help but feel bad for Bernier, even though as a Leafs fan I was not devastated to see him leave. The shot clock in this game his ugly to look at; however, Nashville scored on some nice looking plays. That third Sissons goal was a beauty, not sure how he gets that one. But when the other goalie stands on his head like Rinne did you have to come up with some saves. If Rinne is not the front runner for a Conn Smythe in Nashville then I am not sure who is. The Predators were severely outplayed last night. But an ugly win is still a win. I don’t Pittsburgh has enough left in the tank to beat Nashville. If they need two more games than Nashville as a favorite, in my opinion, becomes even stronger.

  6. You know something guys, we can talk all day about Subban/ Weber and Hall/ Larsson for that matter. The fact remains that Subban and Larsson are not the sole reason for Nashville and Edmonton improvement; no more than Hall and Weber are to shoulder the blame for New Jersey and Montreal failures. I will agree though that Weber’s contract moving forward is an albatross that Montreal will regret. They gambled, and quite frankly, it didn’t work. When Nashville wins the Cup, which I think they will, it makes it that much worse. But take a step back and ask yourself does Montreal with Subban this year? Absolutely not. And this is why; Montreal has nowhere near the defence Nashville has. Yes, Nashville was poorly outplayed last night but on a regular basis, the top four of Jossi, Ellis, Subban, and Ekholm severely outclasses Montreal’s overall defence of Weber, Markov, Petry, and Emelin.

    • Well said Steven.. Not mention you get a Carey Price “esque” performance from Pekka Rinne. Rinne looks unbeatable, outside of the one game this series.

      Nashville is very well rounded and has a hot goaltender which is usually the receipe for a Stanley Cup. They didn’t get there with one trade. Kudos to Nashville and David Poille.

    • I don’t buy the Weber’s contract is an albatross argument. Weber; 54 million over 10 years, is owed less actual salary than Subban; 58 mil over 6 years, over the remaining terms of their respective deals at points of trade.

      These are 2 stud dman, Subban more of a transitional offensive Dman & Weber a bruising 2 way Dman. A great trade for both teams. I don’t judge them based on who advanced & who didn’t to the cup. I’m happy for Subban & especially Nashville & David Poille. No team better manages the cap than Poille.

      His business model is a thing of beauty. No over paid players on this squad other than the 1 he traded for in Subban but when you can get Ellis, Josi, Jarnkrok, etc. to sign for peanuts he can afford the odd luxury.

      I prefer Weber to Subban as this type of asset is far more difficult to acquire but that doesn’t mean I don’t like Subban, I just like Weber better & Montreal’s playoff failure & Nashville’s success has far more to do than with just these 2 players. Weber certainly wasn’t the issue in with Montreal’s playoff loss he played great.

      • Thanks, Striker and Caper for showing the evidence to refute my claim that Weber’s contract is an albatross. When I see the numbers I have to agree with you; however, number aside I still think Montreal’s first round exit and Nashville’s Cup final appearance is not caused solely by this trade. I am not implying you think it is either. It’s the optics of the deal that makes it worse as let’s face it Subban was dearly loved in Montreal.

      • Who doesn’t love Subban. What’s not to love?

  7. IF I am Vegas I ask ANA if they really wish to “rid” themselves of Perry. He still is viable option and surely will be one of their top scorers giving what teams may leave exposed. He can potentially be their captain.

    • That’s a solid potential option especially if any enticement is provided to do so. Cap space is an asset & being in a position to take on salary can be very fortuitous.

      It may take a season or 2 though before Vegas is appealing to a player like Perry. they may want to see Vegas play for a year to gauge who good or how quickly they might become good.

      Anaheim is still a serious cup contender. Has been for several years just can’t get out of the west. As I stated yesterday any team with Getzlaf, Kesler, Silfverberg, Rackell & that D is a contender.

      Gibson let them down yet again & although he is only 24 this July he may get over the hump but I have had concerns for years. Can’t stay healthy, can b play world class for solid stretches but then be bad for stretches at just the wrong time. Mental issue? Simply part of developing as a young goalie?

      As I stated when Anh traded Andersen, they traded the wrong goalie for me & had Gibson not started last seasons playoffs for Anaheim but Andersen this may have played out differently.

  8. Seabrook to the Rangers for Stepan.

  9. I have been reading some comments on here and think there are some good points. I know I am going to sound crazy when you read this here. In the media, people are saying that Washington should trade Ovechkin cause he cant win. I think it would be a huge mistake if that happened. And on here, I read that Perry should be traded. What if the Ducks traded Perry, Vatanen and a mid round pick for Ovechkin, a prospect and maybe a low pick.

    I know that sounds crazy, and would never happen. But gets both a change of scenery and Washington gets help on the back end where they need it. Especially on the right side. He is young and can help on the PP. I know I will get hammered for this one, but hey, worth the chatter.

    • Not at all Ducksfan93.

      Weigh in roll the dice join the conversion. People may disagree, agree, some forcefully, some may even jab you but all in good fun.

      I don’t see Ovechkin moving but anytime you add in what could be a top pairing D even a solid 2nd pairing option anything is possible.

      People can talk about C being harder to fill but only at the very top end, the Stars of the game, a true #1 Dman is by far the hardest position to fill, there may really only be 8 to 12 even in the game today, there are still way more scoring C’s than any other position & numerous C’s play the wing as there are simply not enough C spots available & these are usually the best players coming thru development leagues the reason they are playing C.

      A #1 Dman even a solid 2nd & 3rd are almost impossible to acquire baring unusual circumstances. How many players would anyone take over Doughty; 27, or Karlsson; 26, today? Would you take McDavid over either of these players? I don’t think I would. Given a choice of retaining Karlsson & resigning Turris or having McDavid I think I stand pat. I don’t move Karlsson for McDavid nor even Doughty. I can find a #1 C or play the position by committee like most teams do with several solid C’s.

      I can find a C that plays well enough to help me win but I can’t get either of these types of Dman unless I draft & develop them. They don’t move in trade & flipping Subban for Weber doesn’t count as #1 Dmen were moved for each other. These are both to of those 8 to 12.

  10. If Stephan is available, the Blues are interested—what would it take?? Probably Parayko…..??

  11. If I’m the Ducks I would try to package Bieska with Manson or Montadour to a team which solves the expansion draft and future cap issues. The price should not be that bad because of taking Bieska who would be a good role model for young Dmen. Of course I would prefer they go to TO because that is my team. In this case I would offer them a choice of two or three of Lepseic, Rychell, Braaco, Pinnich, Soshnikov, Leivo and JVR. If they take three including JVR then the Ducks give the Leafs their second or third. Ducks are reportedly looking for scoring, prospects and picks so Leafs might have to throw a pick in instead of a player.

  12. Or TO could send their first and a couple of the guys from the list for Manson, Montadour or Larsson and Bieska then buy out Bieska for them? That fixes most of the Ducks issues regarding expansion, cap and lack of draft picks issues. It also fixes the Leafs roster issues. The Ducks have a few more young dmen coming.

  13. As a Bruin fan I would go crazy if we had Weber P.K not so much.Not because he was a Hab but I can’t stand his flipping and flopping all over the ice he embarrasses his teammates. My opinion Hans had to move him his mates couldn’t stand him.