Latest on the Oilers and Capitals – May 12, 2017

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Could the Edmonton Oilers part ways with Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Benoit Pouliot and Jordan Eberle this summer?

A look at possible offseason moves for the Edmonton Oilers and Washington Capitals in your NHL rumor mill. 

SPORTSNET: Luke Fox suggests Edmonton Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli should lock up captain Connor McDavid to an eight-year deal this summer. He’s a restricted free agent next summer and the Oilers can open contract talks this July. Fox believes a $12.5 million annual cap hit for McDavid isn’t out of the question.

Fox also imagines it could cost $7 million annually to re-sign RFA forward Leon Draisaitl. Given the $6 million annual cap hits of forwards Jordan Eberle and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, it could take creativity to ship one or both to teams in need of scoring depth, such as Carolina, Vegas and New Jersey, that must reach the salary-cap floor for next season. 

Fox also thinks the Oilers should try to re-sign shot-blocking defenseman Kris Russell but that’ll depend upon what he seeks in his next contract. Fellow UFAs David Desharnais and Matt Hendricks probably won’t be back. He wonders if the Oilers will get aggressive and try to peddle winger Benoit Pouliot in a package deal to the Vegas Golden Knights and if they can trust Laurent Brossoit as Cam Talbot’s backup next season. 

ESPN.COM: Craig Custance also believes the Oilers should get McDavid’s contract extension done this summer, re-sign pending Russell and try to find a way to convince the Golden Knights to take Pouliot and his $4 million annual cap hit off their hands. The Oilers have extra picks in the third and fifth round of this year’s draft but Custance isn’t sure packaging them with Pouliot would be enough to tempt the Golden Knights. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples cites Sportsnet’s Drew Remenda offering his opinion that the Oilers could try to move “one, two or maybe three” of Jordan Eberle, Benoit Pouliot and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins this summer.” He also cites TSN’s Darren Dreger saying the Oilers must free up salary-cap space to re-sign McDavid and Draisaitl. Dreger wouldn’t be surprised if Eberle’s played his final game with the Oilers but believes they still value Nugent-Hopkins.

Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman suggested St. Louis, the New York Islanders, Vancouver and Los Angeles as possible trade destinations for Eberle. Staples has no issues with the Oilers trying to shed Eberle or Pouliot but believes trading Nugent-Hopkins could be a mistake, considering it unfair that he’s lumped in with the other two as an underachiever. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It could cost potentially up to $20 million combined to re-sign McDavid and Draisaitl. Rest assure, they’re going to get paid big bucks. The problem, of course, is freeing up the cap space for those two and still have enough left for other potential signings over the next couple of years and to make other additions as required.

Moving Eberle and/or Pouliot are the obvious choices but it won’t be easy. The combination of their hefty cap hits and declining production makes them a tough sell, meaning Chiarelli must toss in some sweeteners to move their full salaries from the Oilers books. It’s not impossible, but it will be costly. 

THE WASHINGTON POST/SPORTSNET: Scott Allen reports’s Barry Melrose and NBC Sports Network’s Mike Milbury suggest it’s time for the Washington Capitals to consider the possibility of trading team captain Alex Ovechkin. CSN Network’s Joe Beninati, however, doubts the Caps will completely overhaul their roster, including Ovechkin and center Nicklas Backstrom.  Luke Fox, meanwhile, examines the pros and cons of trading the Capitals captain. He concludes that Ovechkin will likely finish the remaining four years of his contract with the Capitals. 

THE WASHINGTON POST: Isabelle Khurshudyan believes change is coming to the Capitals this summer. With their salary-cap constraints, she speculates they could be unable to re-sign pending UFAs Kevin Shattenkirk, T.J. Oshie, Justin Williams, Daniel Winnik and Karl Alzner.

She anticipates restricted free agent Evgeny Kuznetsov could receive a long-term extension while Andre Burakovsky will get a shorter bridge deal for less money. Dmitry Orlov and Nate Schmidt also need raises while Brett Connolly’s future is uncertain after he was a healthy scratch in the playoffs. Schmidt or goalie Philipp Grubauer could be selected by Vegas in the expansion draft.

Khurshudyan also wonders if the Capitals will attempt to reacquire some draft picks to restock for the future, though that could cost them valuable roster players or prospects. She also expects some younger players, such as Jakub Vrana, Riley Barber, Travis Boyd.Madison Bowey and Christian Djoos could be ready to make the jump into the roster full time next season. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ovechkin and Backstrom aren’t going anywhere. Most of their UFAs are likely goners, though I can see them trying to retain Oshie. They’ll lock up their key RFAs and likely try to shop Connolly this summer. As Khurshudyan suggests, one or more of those younger players could be ready to join the lineup next season. 



  1. $12.5 mil for McDavid? Whoo. The kid is the real deal for sure – but if he and Draisaitl (just as much the real deal) combine for $20 mil in a cap world that isn’t going up appreciably in the foreseeable future, and they’re still paying $6 mil to each of Eberle (2 more years), Lucic (6 more years) and Nugent-Hopkins (4 moire years), Sekera ($5.5 for 4 more years), Klefbom $4,167,000 for 6 more years), Larsson ($4,166,667 for 4 more years), Pouliot ($4 mil for 2 more years) and Talbot ($4,166,667 for 2 more years) – that’s $60 mil off the cap for 10 players.

    In that instance they’d better be able to find 10 more pretty decent guys named Joe willing to sign on for a tad over $1 mil each.

    It’s fine to say free up cap space by dealing Eberle and Pouliot. But deal them where and for what? There aren’t that many teams out there that can afford to take on Eberle even if they thought he’s worth $6 mil – and quite frankly Pouliot is NOT worth $4 mil.

    And you have to laugh at all the pundits in those cities who seem to think the team they’re covering can solve their cap issues by using Las Vegas as a dumping ground. From what I’ve read so far, if it all worked out the way many wishful-thinkers are postulating, McPhee would have a roster of some 40 players and a cap hit of close to the max.

    • 12.5 is insane to think of..but I just wonder what Mcdavid’s mindset is on resigning long term so quickly. I AM NOT saying he has any intention of leaving- but not sure why he would be in a rush to sign so quickly – even for big money- history tells us there is a always a higher annual salary down the road..
      Draisatl is an interesting case…he had a great playoff and great year- is he worth 7 million? really right now? How did all those pre emptive 6 mill deals work out of the oilers before? Hall Eberle RNH- ? use the system to your advantage- bridge deal first Leon.

      • A GM these days also has to have an economist background to try and read what the economy is going to be like 5,6,7 or 8 years down the road when forking over some of those long-term high-cost deals. And with the uncertainty prevailing in Washington right now, the asinine proposed carbon taxes in Canada, and NAFTA-Soft Wood problems not going away any time soon, who knows where the Canadian $ is going to be 8 months from now let alone 5, 6, 7 or 8 years down the road?

      • George the NHL & teams all have just that especially the Canadian teams who pay all players salaries in US dollars. The NHL warned teams in 2013 that the Canadian dollar was going to decline significantly & it’s effects on the cap. Some listened, some didn’t.

        Most Canadian teams parent company’s are holding significant sums in US dollars & were smart enough to buy them years ago & I’m talking in the 100’s of millions.

        With the elimination of US dollar limits in RRSP’s in Canada I hold any & all share positions in stocks in the US dollar version where possible as opposed to the Canadian, why wouldn’t you. Some what off topic but not, as teams are as well. Money & finance are part of being a serious NHL fan today unfortunately.

        Who ever though what US politician was elected would have such a serious impact on the state of the NHL’s finances & not just that but player movement, immigration, a player traded from a Canadian team to a US based team, country of origin impacts how quickly the player gets to his new team, & even daily travel to & from Canada to the US is totally different today, everyone clears customs.

        The NHL is big business & simply part of the global economy we live in.

    • Scott Cullen at TSN has done a nice job on the Golden Knights off-season game plan and, to your point George, expects Las Vegas to focus on younger, less expensive selections for the expansion draft. The name he mentions for the Senators is an interesting one – Jean-Gabriel Pageau. Can’t see Ottawa exposing Pageau myself.

      • Dorion wouldn’t do that. Boucher loves him because he does so many things well and can fit in on any line.

      • If Methot is on the board I see no way Vegas passes on that selection. Way easier to find a Pageau than a Methot.

      • I don’t see Ottawa exposing Pageau. My selection from Ottawa was Methot as well. I see Ottawa choosing the 7-3-1 plan:

        Phaneuf (NMC)/Karlsson/Ceci

      • I see Dorion having worked out a deal with McPhee whereby the latter chooses Dzingel – not McPhee – with Smith (who’s too versatile to lose) protected in place of Dzingel. Part of the deal may be the movement of someone like Wideman along with a pick.

      • Smith over Dzingel. But other than making trades prior that’s how I have it to.

      • I guess that makes sense seeing as Smith is currently signed long term but what if you can sign Dzingel to a team friendly deal over similar term? Regardless, I don’t know how Vegas could pass on Methot for either of those forwards without some sort of protection trade in place

    • Yeah, I think what is more realistic is that Vegas has one or two players who are good, just slighly overpaid in deals where they can extract some value, but they won’t be a league dumping ground, and if a bunch of teams think they are, they will likely drive the price up.

      The thing Vegas does have going for it is, that before the expansion draft they kind of have the market cornered on cap deals. Teams that may consider taking on the hit probably won’t be willing if it means any negative effect on their protection strategy.

      I still don’t think Vegas will go with a big payroll in it’s first year, maybe a spot or two where they squeeze some value, but it won’t be a full on cap dump, more likely just someone slightly overpaid.

      That being said, Eberle is probably a reasonable target, as he has enough upside, Edmonton has enough need, and he represents the type of asset Vegas will probably have the hardest time acquiring through many other means.

      • I think McPhee is going to do what is ever best for Vegas both in the short & long term. If that means taking a player with salary that can be traded down the road & extract better long term value he will take that salary. If Edm at some point has to pay a team to take Eberle I see Vegas having no issues doing so if provided the Right enticement.

        Vegas has buckets of money. An owner with deep pockets. If Vegas feels it will help, salary won’t even enter the equation. No matter what they do it will be almost impossible to get any where near the ceiling in the 1st 2 to 3 years, even if active in the UFA market.

        There only taking a high salary player if a good player or serious enticement is provided, there not taking a player like say Orpik just because.

      • I do think Vegas will use cap space to it’s advantage, however I don’t think will just use it all up at once. They will take the best deals they can get, but cap space is a commodity and they will likely want to ensure they don’t sell it too cheap. It will take longer term strategy to build a winner, so retaining some space for future deals will likely be part of the plan.

        I think (and I believe you have said the same thing previously) that Vegas will be looking at maximizing total value. So while they will look at younger players in some cases, they will also look at older guys if they feel they can flip them for a better return later than the current alternative.

        I don’t think they will be the dumping some writers feel they will, I think they will focus on maximizing value first, and it puts them in a great position to drive up the price to alleviate another team’s cap issues.

    • I agree George! McDavid is the real deal; however 12.5 million is too steep!

    • I agree George. The Canadian dollar is projected to be 67 cents by the end of 2018. What does that mean for the cap?

      No single NHL player should be making 10 mil per season in this cap world, not even McDavid. Crosby’s contract should be the threshold. He’s been the best player in the NHL for over a decade & McDavid may or may not be better today. Coin toss. Crosby’s concussions have hindered his dominance yet he’s still either #1 or 2 & still has 8 years remaining at 8.7 per, the max # of years a contract can be signed for today.

      If any player comes to me demanding more than Crosby I say, Crosby makes 8.7 for the nxt 8 years. You want more than Crosby? Why, what have you won? I also bridge everyone. Give McDavid 2 years at 7.5 mil, then sign at 8.7 for 8 years.

    • I thought it would be more around 11… more than kane and toews, still highest player in the league. seems like a lot for leon as well… maybe bridge him until BP and eberle off the books?

  2. 12.5 for McDavid but 7 for Draisaitl? Oh comon now. More like 8.5 for Draisaitl and 10 for McDavid.

    It’s not about how good you are, it’s about the cap and comparasion. Kane and Toews make 10M after winning 3 cups!
    I loooove Mcdavid but no way he gets near 12.5

    • Totally agree! McDavid and Draistl wouldn’t even get that as UFAs and they are still 7 years away from UFA. You’d be buying 1 or 2 years of UFA at best. Neither McDavid nor Draistl have any leverage at this point.

      McDavid will sign for 8-8.5 max on an 8 year deal! Probably less money than that. Draistl may get 7 by 8 years if he’s lucky. Ecblad got 7.5 times 8, no way Draistl gets more than that!

      • I think McDavid gets more than 8, could even push to 10 or so. $10 now is roughly the same as Crosby took on his last contract in terms of cap%, so it isn’t completely nuts.

        I would try using Schiefle as a comparable for Draistl. He has been very good, so he will earn some money, but they should be targeting somewhere between 6-7.

      • Both are 5 years from UFA eligibility. Had Edm been stupid enough to let Draisaitl play 6 more games in his rookie year he would only be 4 years away.

        7 years to UFA status if signed & playing as an 18 year old. 43 games constants a year played for the purposes of UFA eligibility.

      • McDavid has huge leverage. Draisaitl has plenty of leverage.
        While I agree that it would be best for the team to sign a bridge deal, it is a no-brainer. But, I will go on record and predict that neither of these guys will sign a bridge deal.
        This is not a Trouba situation.
        They will both sign long term deals and while I agree with the “he should never get more than Crosby” comments and also agree that no team should ever spend $10.5M on a single player with the cap what it is today and what they project for the future; he will sign for at least $10M. Again, I disagree that anyone should make that, but, he will get that.
        McDavid 8 x $10.5.
        Draisaitl – 8 x $7.5

      • The leverage is a offer sheet… think someone wouldn’t pay 4 1sts for mcdavid? if they don’t lock him up to a huge deal someone else WILL set the terms for the oil to match or not. and they both would easily get those numbers in UFA

      • That, while an option still available thanks to the last agreement, is NEVER going to be used by any GM who does not want to be ostracized by his confrères.

      • The leverage is simply that McDavid is the 2nd best player in the world at 20 years old. Will likely win the Hart this year, so you could reasonably argue he is the best already. Almost every player improves at that age so if not now he will be soon. He isn’t even fully developed physically yet.
        There is no way in hell the Oilers get into a standoff with McDavid. They want him for as long as they can keep him, a big part of that is McDavid wanting to be in Edmonton. They will not mess with that. Period.
        Sure they will start with $8.5M, it won’t finish there.

      • George. Any gm would happy accept that to get mcdavid. Any gm that could afford to offer mcdavid and didn’t should be canned. There is a reason these players get signed to long term deals so quickly when the time comes and it’s to keep the roster out da hen house

  3. McDavid at 12.5? For eight years? Foolish on both sides….and given the performance in the playoffs, are we really all that sold on the Golden One being the Golden one? Sure, he has all-world talent, but is it located in speed and little else? What are his other skills? Will he learn to play both ways,. a 200 foot game or is he going to be a speedier Patrick Laine? I don’t know the answers but I would ask if I were paying 12.5 for eight!!
    As for Caps, if they don’t make some major decisions about the kind of team they want versus what they have, they will continue to be disappointing to their fans-solid seasons followed by playoff losses.They were not ready to play on Wednesday a the level they needed to, so who is at fault for that?

    • While I wouldn’t want to pay him 12.5 he indeed does have all the skills and not just speed. He can stickhandle with Patrick Kane and pass like joe Thornton. The only thing that I cNt really comment on is his shot.

      But the kid is unreal. Not just blazing my fast

    • Regarding McDavid’s playoff performance – except for the odd guy here and there (Lucic for example – who also did little) hardly anyone on the Oilers had ever gone through the playoff grinder before. That’s part of the learning curve – i.e., to learn that fancy dick-around moves in seasonal games that produced eye-opening results don’t always work in t hat smothering atmosphere. He’ll learn. But I agree – $12.5 for 8 years now is nuts.

    • Really? 30 goals & 100 points as a sophomore. Everyone & anyone has him as a can’t miss. If he’s not the best forward in the world today he’s 1B to Crosby.

      Regardless of what he is, I’m not paying anyone more than Crosby. Chi & LA made terrible judgments especially LA signing Kane, Toews 10.5 & Kopitar to 10 mil per deals. At least LA had the befeit of knowing the Canadian dollar had declined significantly & was still declining. Chicago should have but choose to ignore it.

  4. SOOOO… Eberle and their 1st round pick to NJ for Kovalchuk? Could be win win for both teams.

    • no way EDM packages their 1st pick for a 34 year old, one year away from being a UFA, who has been out of the league for several years

      • Not that I’m supporting this trade scenario in anyway but I think Kovy will sign at least a 2 year deal in NJ & then be moved. I also feel the odds are better than 50/50 he signs a 3 year deal & then gets traded to 1 of the teams he chooses to play for. What ever scenario plays out I just hope it’s not to any of the teams i like. Never been a Kovy fan.

    • not a bad deal… shed eberles salary and get a solid player back… not bad..

    • If I’m Edmonton I do what I can to sign TJ Oshie and lose Ebs and RNH for whatever I can get.

  5. $12.5 for McDavid could be real as he is 19 with likely a Hart Trophy and his first Art Ross in his first full season, but it just seems kind of crazy.

    What is it really based on? I think $10M is roughly putting him at roughly the same as Crosby signed on his last deal in terms of % of the current cap, you give him $10.75M he’s the highest paid player in the league, considering an RFA gets the biggest contract in the league that puts him to a point where it should be easy to justify to his agent that he got full value, given there is no one with a comparable hit or salary. Just my thoughts, wondering if writers actually spend much time thinking about those numbers or just pull them out of the air.

    Just a side thought, I wonder how often a writer or two just pulls out a weird number, a few people repeat it, then you get to the point where even more credible personalities start saying “the number I keep hearing is”. I mean at this point, I don’t imagine there has been much actual negotiation, so the number is not likely based on any inside insight.

    • Danny you’re talking alternative facts – very popular these days. Used to be called lying but, with the internet, things have changed.

      • I’m a bit confused – Are you saying I used “alternative facts” or lies in my first point about what I think is more reasonable? or just adding to what I said about hockey writers pulling numbers out of the air?

        If it’s about writers in general, I agree. More and more you are seeing people just repeat made up things often enough that someone eventually believes it, or mentions they have heard it, and that somehow makes it real. That’s how there are such big populations of Anti-vaccing, anti-climate change, flat earthers in the world today. There is no consenus, and everything is considered an opinion and therefore can be valid as long as you believe it. Makes sense that it would seep into sports coverage.

  6. McDavid elc isn’t up until after next season, why rush it a year early and potentially lose him a year early as an ufa, unless the new deal doesn’t kick in until 2018. I would want to max his stay as long as possible. First I would see if a two year bridge deal would work, then an 8yr deal. That would give the team 13yrs. 3 elc, 2 bridge and then 8.

    • Even if a new deal is signed this summer, it wouldn’t start until next year.

      The Bridge deal is great in a lot of circumstances, but I don’t think it’s always the way to go. For exceptional players, the control is an extremely minor risk. Stamkos, Crosby, Malkin, Kane, Toews, and Kopitar all could have been UFAs but didn’t. Most Superstar players never hit the open market.

      Also, the idea that you can just tell McDavid to sign for 2 years, but then accept an 8 year deal the next time goes against the idea of a negotiation. McDavid is the best forward in the game right now, so we know what he is. If he sticks to his gun on 8 years now, but you manage to beat him into accepting 2, what if he will only sign for 4 next time when he has arbitration rights? No more gain of 2 years.

      My final thought on it is that I would rather negotiate his UFA deal at 26-27 than at 28-29. The ask from UFAs at the younger age is about the same. They all want full value, full term. So I would rather give that to a players whose deal is going to expire at 33-35 than a player that would be signed until 35-37. Makes it easier to move them if their play declines and maximize the total value you got from the player.

      McDavid has no reason to take a Bridge deal, yeah he could think about maybe maximizing the long term money he would receive, but best case scenario a bridge earns him an extra $5-6M over his career if all goes well? Maybe? Signing an 8 year deal now gives him maximum financial security if the worst happens to him too early. With all that he has accomplished so quickly, why would he be willing to take that risk? Why would the Oilers take a kid that is the face of their franchise who openly says I am willing to commit as long as I am allowed to right now, and try and negotiate away from that for such a small amount of control, when we know it hasn’t really given teams as much control as it sounds like on paper.

      • 2nd best forward in the game, number 1 is Crosby. McDavid was completely shutdown by Kesler in the playoffs. He’ll need to figure that out. Every case is it own case with Crosby or Stamko has done has no bearing on what McDavid will do. The whole idea is to lock the player up as long as possible and by signing him earlier may mean he walks earlier. The team heading south, not getting along with the coach, doesn’t like the direction of the team, etc. None of these issues may come into play and he may not take a bridge deal but its prudent on PC part to do what’s best for the team. But then again Edmonton better hope that PC learned about is cap management from the mess he left behind in Boston.

      • Yep agreed.
        McDavid will be the best player in the league 4 years form now, right now its Crosby who stands alone.

      • Yes, Crosby may be the better player, but it’s too close to declare outright in either case. I think it’s more fair to say that McDavid is the game’s most valuable asset. Either way, it doesn’t’ change much.

        While this case is one of it’s own, since the future can’t be predicted, we only have past data to use to try and dictate a course of action, but let’s just throw that part of the equation out.

        There are two scenarios we are considering. First scenario sign McDavid to a Bridge deal for two years. At the expiry of which McDavid will have two RFA years left and be arbitration eligible. You have no guarantee after that he re-signs for 8 years, but it’s an option and at least his next negotiation is as an RFA which retains value.

        Scenario two, sign McDavid to 8 years now at whatever rate is negotiated. You may have to negotiate with him again in 8 years as a UFA, but he will be a younger UFA which can be a perceived advantage.

        In the end, my point is that getting McDavid to sign a Bridge deal isn’t an automatic win for either side. We don’t have many examples of a team winning out and getting a bridge deal on a superstar other than maybe Subban, and that deal would have been a lot better had Subban been signed for the $6.5M that he wanted instead of getting the bridge then $9M.

        What you have is similar to a Nash equilibrium. In reality, PC will have to consider McDavid’s choice of how he wants to proceed in negotiations before choosing a tactic of his own.

      • These aren’t all truly comparable. Crosby, Malkin, Kane & Toews all resigned with a year remaining on their deals. Crosby before the 8 year restriction of 8 years. Kopitar was facing UFA status in less than 3 months & that leverage played into his getting 10 mil per.

        I don’t believe players coming out of their ELC’s are allowed to resign during the term. I could easily be wrong. For some reason with this back injury I’m having a brain block. Either that or the multitude of concussions coming into play as I approach 55.

      • The other issue for me Danny as I mentioned the other day is I don’t want a player as a UFA at 26 to 28, the range a player would be at if they start their NHL career having just turned 18 wanting a huge money deal for 8 more years taking them into their mid to late 30’s, like so many we have seen since this latest CBA was signed & is about to happen with a whole range of players that just came out of their ELC’s & signed 4 to 6 year deals.

        3 year elc, 2 or 3 year bridge, 8 year deal if worthy. Now they are coming out of those years in their late 20’s to early 30’s & I’m not resigning any of them to 8 year deals. Nor will most be able to demand them being such ages.

      • Yes, every situation is different, and the rules are probably going to be different later anyway as an 8 year deal would bring McDavid to the next CBA. The past comparisons are more to speak to the risk of a player bolting in free agency. It doesn’t happen often to players who have already played over a decade with a team, so I don’t know if taking a hard line tactic on getting a player to sign a bridge brings as much benefit as it could do harm, since it’s not automatic that it works out better.

        I don’t think any of that really matters in this scenario, as I don’t think that McDavid will openly accept (or should accept) a bridge deal, and I think the risk/reward of trying to draw a hard line in the sand is more risk than reward. I think PC’s strategy will likely have to incorporate the fact that McDavid is going to want 8 years, so it should be more focused on getting the $’s where he thinks they should be.

      • Chiarelli played the hand his success in Boston dealt him. By mess are you saying his building a cup winner in 4 years making 2 cup appearances?

        I love what Sweeney has accomplished but I think Chiarelli was unjustly terminated as I do Tim Murray in Buffalo. Chiarelli lost a power struggle between himself & Neely, a fight he couldn’t win but these are very strong willed individuals.

        I think Chiarelli has landed on his feet fine. Been defending his moves in Edm since arriving there 2 years ago as well. Was a great hire by Nichols & his hiring of McLellan & repositioning of Edm has been a thing of beauty. The only blunder so far was trading for Reinhart.

        Lou left NJ is a mess, a total 1 yet few slag him. I do when ever possible. He just about sucked the excitement out of the game & the NHL implemented rules to right the damage his idea of hockey caused the NHL. No person is more responsible for the dead puck era. Mid 90’s to 2000’s.

        Thankfully he’s simply there to mentor Hunter & Dubas & is just 1 voice out of a great group of hockey minds assembled by Shanahan who loves Lou. The real power & final say lies with Shanahan. Numerous organizations have moved to this structure. The GM is a huge part & usually the 1st line of communication for trade inquires but real power lies with the President.

      • Striker,

        I think you and I differ on that main piece. I would prefer have a guy become a UFA at 25-27 if possible, as there doesn’t seem to be a difference in what they get on the open market to that of 28-29 year old. I do this on the basis that if I don’t want to re-sign either i would move on and recoup assets via trade about 1-2 years out, it just makes a potential UFA deal easier to swallow if it’s for a player who is a little younger. There are some scenarios where I think avoiding the bridge would have been a big benefit (Subban, Giroux)

        I would prefer using the bridge more when you really aren’t sure what a players is and there
        is no way to bridge what he is asking and you are willing to pay. For instance, the Islanders should know and act this summer on Tavares since 8 years at some dollar amount is a given. It would still be a given if he were older, but he will be 27 when he signs that deal, and chances are it will only be over valued by any real amount for a couple years at the end. He will retain trade value as it will likely be a very good but over paid veteran with a couple years remaining.

        All that isn’t to say I don’t prefer bridge deals in a lot of cases, I think the only places I don’t like them is where you were probably never going to get one signed anyway, or with some good players you can get signed that could be a steal later. (Kingberg is a good example of that).

        I think there are a ton of examples where the bridge deal was ideal, and worked out great. Kadri for Toronto, Trouba for Winnipeg, especially if the plan is to move him before it expires, Wayne Simmonds is an excellent example and I think Granlund in Minnesota will be a very good use of it.

        I also think it should have been used with guys like Eberle & RNH in Edmonton.

        I think there is room for both kinds of deals, and in some cases (such as McDavid) I don’t think there will really be much choice. I still think there are enough instances where teams get very good players signed for very good cap hits for a long time by going straight to a long term deal (not always 8 years).

        There are some insanely good contracts out there where teams correctly evaluated a player 3 years in and now have a player producing way more than their earnings would normally dictate.

      • Danny we are essentially on the same page. I don’t mean you low ball the bridge deal, give him 7 to 8 mil per for 3 or 3 years, just trying to buy years & better manage his contract demands later coming out of his long term deal.

        Subban’s last 2 contracts amortized over 10 years are 7.775 mil per. Had Geoff Molson not interfered with those negotiations Subban should have to market value comoing out of that bridge deal, 7 to 7.5 on that long term deal. Regardless you could argue he was being refunded for monies he got screwed out of on his bridge & locking him up for 10 years instead of 8 is way smarter to me.

        He’ll be 32 coming out of that deal like Burns. Here’s hoping sanity reigns & Nashville nor no 1 else sign him to an 8 year deal taking him to 40.

      • @striker, disagree with you on PC, he was justifiably fired. Thanks for the cup; but the biggest reason Boston won the cup was Tim Thomas and that was O’Connell last move before being fired was giving Tm a new deal, which he was raked over the coals for. PC badly mismanaged the cap in Boston and left the kiddy cupboard bare. The main reason he’s having success in Edmonton is C Mac, that’s a pick even Jim Benning would’ve made ( I think). Lucic term is too long, lets see if Maroon can score 20 again and he’ll probably give Kassian 3yr at $9m. So I’ll have to wait and see what PC does before I change my opinion on him, but glad he’s gone from Boston.

  7. I don’t understand why scribes in this case Fox but numerous others keep regurgitating this BS. No team has ever had an issue hitting the cap floor. Vegas doesn’t even need to hit the cap floor they have their own cap floor in year 1 at slightly more than 43 mil. They will be over comfortably.

    Carolina is right on the cusp of greatness. Scoring won’t be an issue next season. They finished 20th this season essentially average, the median average, 15th, dead center, was 223.

    Teams in serious need of scoring are Colorado, NJ & Vancouver. 2 of those 3; Colorado & Vancouver, are in rebuilds so Eberle & RNH will have no appeal. I have no idea what NJ is doing.

    • Wondering why they let Lamoriello get away???

      • Ha-ha!

  8. McD should sign a “bridge” 2-3y, 8M per deal… then he can talk monster contract…

    Eberle’s market value is ridiculously low. He’s worth a 2nd and a 4th at this time, if that. He’s seen as a player who has high skill but no intensity. Friedman’s list is about right… the other guy mentioned NJ. Not a chance: NJ’s full on fringed second liners unless Edmonton is interested in Joseph Blandisi and Beau Bennett.

    RNH is still worth something, so he’s the most likely guy that’s coming out of Edmonton for actual roster pieces or a one for one swap. Carolina bound, maybe… or Columbus bound (another trade which would, at first, piss off Oiler fans because they’ll be thinking they’re trading a first overall pick rather than a 2nd line center who’s soft on the puck).

  9. I’m not trying to be prejudice but does it takes a women’s point of view to express logic & sanity. Isabelle Khurshudyan well done.

    Just with lost UFA’s Was is facing a ton of change. Oshie & Alzner are gone for sure. Both will be in high demand & to expensive for Was to try & retain. As will Shattenkirk but he was a rental regardless. They could probably afford to resign Williams but if not they are losing a top pairing Dman, Alzner, played with Carlsson on the #1 pairing just not against Pit after returning from injury in the playoffs! They are also losing their top 2 RW’s.

    That’s a ton of change. Just because they can’t get over the hump & lost to Pitts isn’t a reason to tear it apart. This is a really good hockey team, a serious cup contender 1 of the best teams in the NHL as constructed. Losing sucks but someone has to & this stupid bracket system has to go. Having the 1st place team in the league play the 2nd place team in the league in the 2nd round is beyond stupidity.

    Was looks locked into the 7, 3 & 1 formula for expansion. Ovy, Backstrom, Johansson, Kuznetsov & Burakovski are being protected, who the other 2 forwards are I don’t know. Carlsson, Niskannen & Alzner at D & Holtby in net. If Grubauer isn’t traded pre expansion he’s selected if he is traded I see Schultz being selected. At 26 with 200 NHL regular season games played he has started to progress rapidly & looks to be a lock as at least a #4 in the very near future. What’s interesting is he was a scoring Dman his last 2 years in University. Given more responsibility he might surprise.

  10. Pardon me Orlov not Alzner

  11. For a variety of reasons, the Oilers need to dump RNH and Eberle if they ever want to win.

    Don’t worry about what you get back.

    • I’m sure they wouldn’t IF they could find takers at that cap hit for average players.

    • MG, they need to dump Eberle and Pouliot(good luck). RNH has value. Overpaid, yes, but a good player. He is an OK 2C, not a great one. The reason is it gives them the flexibility to keep Draisaitl with McDavid next year, and free both of those guys from playing a checking role. RNH was forced to play against the others teams best players since he was 19, which some pundits around here think stunted his offensive growth at the NHL level. Having lived here that whole time through those bad years, I tend to agree with them.
      They can do better for a 2C (Draisaitl) but who plays with McDavid to optimize both of their offence? Priority is Eberle as that is possible, Pouliot? Nobody touches that.

      • As usual I agree. RNH is really a very high end #3 2 or low #2 his only issue now is his contract not his abilities. At this point we all accept he is who he is. I made the same assessment over the last few days. Edm only moves RNH at this time if they are ready to move Draisaitl to #2 C spot if not they wait, no rush.

        RNH should tie into some of the bridge contracts some of the Edm will have to sign eventually expiring. Maybe not McDavid but Draisaitl & Nurse may have no choice due to cap issues & a few of the lesser lights Benning, Caggiula, Slepyshev, etc. as well by that point RNH’s term will be far more palatable in trade.

        I guess nothing is impossible but getting someone to take Pouliot even if enticed to will be difficult this summer. Next summer with 1 year remaining a buy out or trade with enticement would work.

      • Ya Striker, they have time with Nuge. Eberle has to be worth something right? I have no idea what. The extra cap space could be important for D Depth and a veteran winger who has some offence and some jam. Justin Williams type until the big Fin is ready. And some quality depth on the blue line as I am not sure they keep Russell if he wants $$ and term, which I am guessing he will get now vs last year. Methinks they lose Reinhart in expansion. He was starting to come around in Bakersfield.
        Hard to figure Pouliot, you watch the guy live and wonder how the hell he isn’t a better player. Big, has some skill and can absolutely fly. And accomplishes nothing other than bad penalties. Weird.

  12. Bishop 6 years 29.5 million

    • Going to be interesting to see how a goalie change plays out in Dallas & what if anything Nill does to improve Dallas’s defense which isn’t good.

      Hitchcock won’t maintain the run & gun offensive system that was implemented in Dallas several years ago, he will implement his system which has essentially been the same at every stop he’s made in the NHL with minor variances & that will help the goals against the question is at what expense to the offense?

      I really enjoyed watching Dallas play these last 2 years & far prefer that style of hockey, Dallas just had to resign & retain Goligski & Demers or at least brought someone into replace them. No slight to Hamhuis he might be a Demers but certainly not a Goligoski & Klingberg really missed Goligoski. He was Klingberg’s saftey net.

      Dallas went from +37 in 2015-16 to -39 in 2016-17 in goal differential. Ouch & that was with the same 2 goalies, allowing 32 more goals against this year than the year prior.

  13. Chiarelli can’t manage a salary cap….he’ll screw this team up!!

    • Did you have EDM making the playoffs this year?

  14. BTW Was Eberle a healthy scratch in Game 7?
    Do not remember seeing him

    • He had 19 shifts and 12:10 playing time with 14 seconds of PP time. Overall he had 1 shot on goal.

    • As I said to Striker a couple of days ago, its unbelievable how Eberle literally disappears from a game. The guy needs out of Edmonton, he may or may not be a better player elsewhere but he is sinking fast in Edmonton.

    • I think Edm only dressed 5 forwards for that game. Ha-ha! They triple shifted McDavid, & double shifted, Lucic, Maroon & Draisaitl, Caggiula, Letestu & RNH saw some icetime everyone else warmed the bench at forward.

  15. Looking at NHL salaries charts, the highest salary for a player on a Stanley Cup winner in recent history has been $9.5M for Malkin, then $8.7M for Crosby. Most of todays highest paid past SC winners were on decent contracts at the time, playing way above their AAV’s like Byfuglien, Toews, Kane, Perry, Kopitar, Getzlaf and so on. Until someone comes and proves that you can win SC with players above $9.5M, I say you won’t. I suggest keeping McDavid’s salary somewhat in check, because there are no factors driving up the cap ceiling in the near future. I suggest $9.5M AAV at the most but probably around Crosby salary would be preferable for the GM. Draisaitl shouldn’t get more than max $7M AAV for a lentghy contract, since being RFA.

  16. Of course the team would like to keep it in check, but McDavid has the power here. He doesn’t strike me as the type, but what if he demanded 8 years @ 15m? He’s in position to demand the most lucrative contract in NHL history, it’s really in his court. The NHL underpays it’s true super stars, and he could change. He may even be under some pressure to do so.

    • McDavid is a RFA, just like Draisaitl. Oilers won’t be buying that many UFA years on a 8 year contract. The team has leverage while the RFA period lasts. There are comparables, even for a leading point getter. A salary of $15M with a stagnant cap is not in the stars. Look at the salaries of all the players in the top 10 of the leaderboard. It’s not that hard to imagine a ballpark number and it won’t be anywhere near $15M.

      • I’m not saying this is likely…McDavid just doesn’t seem like the type. He does have more leverage than normal because he’d be the exception that would draw offer sheets. He’d draw offers that would eclipse the rumors of Stamkos offers. The Oiler’s would match 7×15, and someone would offer it, so it is imaginable. What would the Oiler’s not match is a more interesting question. 7×20?

        The longer he waits, the more leverage he’ll gain. The real questions here are: does he want what he’s worth, and does he want to stay in Edmonton long term?

  17. I’ve said it over and over Edmonton should call Montreal …
    Edmonton will need a shut down 3rd line centre and they need a 3rd pairing Dman both have to be expiring contracts so they could remove off the books by next year when it’s time to sign Mcdavid …. So Montreal best choice they have Pleckanec on a 6 million last year deal and Emelin on a last year deal and he hits hard perfect 3rd pairing dman …. combined they come in as 10.6 million … Edmonton sends RNH since Montreal needs a centre and Edmonton doesn’t need him since they have Mcdavid and Dris
    And they also put Eberle there which both come in at 12 million .. Edmonton saves 1.4 million and next year the 10.6 million comes off the books … also keeps Edmonton competing for the cup….. Montreal will be happy even with the decline in each player they receive more offensive weapons …