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Speculation persists over Evander Kane’s future with the Buffalo Sabres.

The Evander Kane trade speculation returns, another look at possible moves by the Anaheim Ducks and some speculation on the New York Islanders in your NHL rumor mill.

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites TSN insider Darren Dreger’s appearance yesterday on WGR 550 and was asked if whoever the Buffalo Sabres hire as their new head coach will want a say in left wing Evander Kane’s future with the club.

Dreger believes that would make sense. As for what kind of return new Sabres general manager Jason Botterill could seek if he decides to shop Kane, Dreger suggests perhaps the asking price could be upwards of a second-round draft pick and perhaps a player, though he cautions that’s just his broad speculation.

He also said he hasn’t heard of the Sabres receiving a package offer for Kane since he joined Buffalo. Nichols notes the Vancouver Canucks were linked to Kane in previous trade chatter.

Nichols also cites Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman discussing Kane yesterday on Edmonton’s 630 CHED, noting Botterill wouldn’t discuss the winger specifically when Friedman recently spoke with the new Sabres GM. From speaking with some other teams, however, Friedman gets the sense the Sabre must make a decision on Kane’s future.The winger is a year away from unrestricted free agent status. The Sabres must either re-sign him or shop him.

Friedman also acknowledged the previous rumors linking the Canucks to Kane, suggesting they’re a possibility but he doesn’t know specific teams at this time with interest in him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: When Kane is focused and staying out of trouble away from the rink, he’s a worthwhile winger. The problem, of course, is his previous off-ice issues and his $5.25 million cap hit. Interested parties could try to squeeze the Sabres into picking up part of that cap hit. The Canucks need scoring and could have interest in the Vancouver native, but they appear more interested in rebuilding with younger players this summer. 

Nichols also cited Friedman appearance Tuesday on the NHL Network discussing possible offseason moves by the Anaheim Ducks. He believes if the Ducks can re-sign defenseman Cam Fowler this summer to a long-term extension it will affect their expansion draft protection plans. Fowler’s eligible next summer for unrestricted free agency and a couple of GMs tell Friedman if the blueliner hits the open market he could command a $56-million contract.

Given the Ducks’ depth on defense they risk losing a blueliner in the expansion draft. Friedman speculates on the possibility rival clubs could have interest in Sami Vatanen. “And hey, if you were Dallas and Anaheim, would you do Vatanen for the third overall pick?”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Re-signing Fowler will be expensive for the Ducks but I believe they’ll get it done this summer. He’s become indispensable to their defense corps.

Vatanen appears to be the guy most often appearing in Ducks trade rumors. If Anaheim seeks a return that won’t adversely affect their expansion draft protection list, perhaps the third-overall pick could tempt them. 

NEWSDAY: In a recent mailbag segment, Arthur Staple fielded questions from New York Islanders fans regarding possible offseason moves. He believes the Isles will protect defenseman Ryan Pulock in next month’s expansion draft, though he doesn’t rule out the possibility he could be included in a trade if management tries to bolster the depth at forward. He suspects Toronto’s James van Riemsyk and Minnesota’s Eric Staal have the Isles on their “do-not-disturb” list. 

Staple doesn’t see the Isles moving John Tavares (provided he re-signs a contract extension), Nick Leddy, Thomas Greiss, Mathew Barzal and Josh Ho-Sang.He also thinks they’ll have interest in winger Ilya Kovalchuk if the cost of acquiring him from the New Jersey Devils is minor.

Staple suggests it could be difficult to get Johnny Boychuk and Andrew Ladd to waive their no-movement clauses to allow themselves to be exposed in the expansion draft. He speculates the Isles could opt to protect four defensemen and four forwards in the expansion draft. He points out the Isles cannot buy out Mikhail Grabovski this summer because he won’t be medically cleared by then. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Tavares re-signs the Isles must find him a reliable scoring winger. Kovalchuk could fill that need, provided his new contract and the Devils asking price isn’t expensive. If Tavares won’t commit to a new deal this summer, they could be forced to entertain offers for him. It’s unlikely the Vegas Golden Knights would select Boychuk or Ladd in the expansion draft but they could still be unwilling to waive their NMCs. 



  1. Re Kovalchuk – it has to come down somewhere between “what the Devils are asking” and what they’re actually offered, and I have a feeling their best offer won’t be anywhere near what they might be thinking they can get.

    • All depends on how many teams kovy will agree to sign and trade to. If there is more than one with interest cap space etc the bidding war will make him have decent value If kovy limits himself then jersey could be limited.

      • a 2nd round pick & a prospect. Kovy’s going to want at least 3 years at 5.5 mil per. If I’m any team I pass on that term & salary. I should state I’m bias as there are few players I like less than Kovy. I accept his skill set but don’t like him regardless let him be someone else’s problem. He’s won nothing nor made any team he played for better putting up solid offense or not.

      • If I’m kovy I sign a one year deal to play for just about anyone jersey trades me to. Could get 6 a year that way. Then ufa next year to a team of my choosing that doesn’t have to give up assets for me . He could cost more than that striker if more teams bidding than one or two. Hard to get a bonafide first line star for cheap. He aught to be good for 25-30 goals if he has a remotely talented center. Love to see him on pens. Maybe to make salary work pens could ship hags and a pick and a decent prospect. Doubt they trade sprong so that might be a deal breaker and with Mackenzie doubt they would want jarry.

      • That’s a great scenario although the return NJ gets may determine if they even accommodate him returning this year or making him wait until he’s a UFA next summer. Mutually agreeing to terminate his contract & his voluntary retirement will end up costing NJ 4 million over 12 years. They have already paid a mil over the 1st 4 seasons.

        They simply may not be willing to help Kovy or someone else unless enough enticement is done to do so.

      • Could be but for a talented good teammate like kovy I think teams will pay a good price.

  2. More and more articles are simply restating what the top “insiders” have said recently. At least they’re giving credit to their source. But really, why bother reading an article if it’s simply about Friedman (most often) or someone else? I already follow them. At least this particular column adds in extra info or individual thought. So many don’t. It becomes simply redundant.

  3. Kovalchuk WAS an elite goal scorer. Time away from the NHL and age have to be consideration. He is not worth a $100 million contract anymore but will more than likely get you 25 goals with the right situation….. Vatanen for the 3rd overall is plausible. I was against all the chatter last year of Fowler being the one to move. He is a true #1 and will not be moved. Pay him !

    • Not me. I had debated this issue endlessly & after Vatanen signed I still maintained he would be the 1 to go, his contract even makes it easier & increases his trade value, it’s a very cap friendly deal.

      Fowler is Anh’s #1 Dman & has been for the last 4 seasons, he also played as their #2 the 2 years prior & stepped into the NHL as a rookie as their #3. He is & has always been a stud, in the making till the end of last season. He just passed his 400 NHL regular season games played threshold the season before last & is now fully developed at the NHL level & what you see is what your going to get for the next decade.

      He will garner a better return than Dallas’s 3rd. He will return a solid young player either on his ELC, coming out of his ELC, on a bridge deal or having signed a very cap friendly contract that will still have him as an RFA when it expires. They will get a mid to late 1st or high 2nd & depending upon that pick also a solid prospect. That’s way better than Dallas’s 3rd in a draft where the difference between picking 3rd & 15th is a coin toss.

      Might they move him in a package for Drouin? Or what about a player like Connor Brown another prospect & picks or Spooner, prospects & a bushel of picks etc. Tons of scenario’s better than simply taking Dallas’s 3rd overall. Anh has room for at least 1 forward protector if not 2 as they are locked into the 7F, 3D & 1G scenario. Due to the fact their not breaking up their top 5 unless they can find a trade for Perry. Getzlaf, Kelser, Perry, all of who have NMC’s, Rackell & Silfverberg.

      • I agree with your assessment of this years 3rd overall. I think the idea of a 3rd overall being up for grabs seems like a lot of value, but in this particular draft I don’t think it holds as much weight as in most others.

        If I am the ducks I would rather the package you mentioned, as the way I look at it, if I were the Leafs I would not part with brown to move from 16th to 3rd, so I think the return of brown & 16th + is worth more than the 3rd in this draft.

        Going through some rosters, I am having a hard time seeing who would be the best bidders for Vatanen if that is the way the ducks go. I am not implying they aren’t there, simply not familiar enough with some of their depth and prospects to figure out what makes the most sense for certain teams.

        I think with the expansion draft the teams interested before expansion will mainly be teams without many expansion issues of their own on the back end. Also, given that Vatanen is 3 years from UFA, will teams like Colorado or Arizona feel they are close enough to offer up as big a package as teams like Boston, Toronto or Tampa?

        I don’t think Vatanen gets you the very top of the prospect/ELC depth chart for a lot of the teams, so just curious what you think most teams are structuring an offer around?

        These are the starting points it looked like for some of the teams, but I am likely missing some options for teams I am less familiar with. Also, keep in mind I am not listing the package, just pieces I believe the conversation would start at to build a package for different teams.

        Toronto- Brown, JVR+Kapanen

        Tampa – Drouin?, Johnson? (or would the contract demands be too much for Anaheim’s cap situation?), Point

        Boston – Spooner, Debrusk

        Dallas – 3rd overall

        Carolina – Teravainen, Lindholm

        I had a harder time with other teams, not because they don’t have the assets, just not sure how big a package they can offer around them if they feel they aren’t in the right place in their build, or for Buffalo’s case I had a harder time figuring out where they start their bidding. Is Reinhart someone they are willing to part with for Vatanen? If not do they have someone worth enough to get very deep in the bidding who is below that tier of prospect? Will new management make that big a statement that quickly? The will definitely be interested, but I think in some ways they could be a bit of a wildcard.

      • 11 teams can accommodate a Dman pre expansion draft, again Carolina 2. The lost asset to accommodate 1 pre expansion draft more than out weighs the new player required to be exposed. These types of Dman rarely move so these 11 teams had best start bidding well there is even a potential window to do so.

        Arz, Bos, Buf, Car, Col, Dal, Det, NJ, NYR, TB & Tor. 2 would need to convince players to waive their NMC’s Col; Beauchemin, NYR; Girardi; or buy them out to accommodate doing so.

      • In most cases most of the teams moving these Dman don’t have room to take back a player required to be protected, Anh & Car being the lone exception, Anh can take back a protectable forward & Carolina has room for 2 Dman & at least 1 forward if not 2.

        That means these teams need to be moving prospects & picks & almost all have both except for NJ. NJ doesn’t have any tradable prospects they can afford to move? Other than Zacha & McLeod the prospect kitty is virtually bare & they aren’t moving either of those 2. Santini, is he even a decent prospect? They do a bunch of picks though.

        This team is a mess & devoid of young talent & prospects, there is some but not much. Shero is working on it but has only been in place for a little over 2 years & unraveling this mess will take years. Shero has a ton of picks & cap space so I assume he will parlay both very well just no real players he can afford to ship out currently that just doesn’t create another hole.

  4. The Devils aren’t in a position of strength in regards to trading Kovalchuk. He’s now 34 and doesn’t want to be there. They are only signing him to trade him anyway. Trading partners will be aware of this; however, the one advantage they do have is if the number of suitors is true to what people are anticipating. If there are a high number of suitors for his services then I can see the Devils doing well here.

  5. Kane is a talented physical player no doubt but his attitude towards team play;on and off the ice, needs work.

    • I take Kane on Boston, he is the LW they need and if its only a 2nd rnd pick and a player depending on the player) I make that deal and hopefully sign him to a 4yr extension. I know a lot of bruin fans don’t feel the same way, but he’s talented. Wonder if Buff and Boston could make a trade.

      • Me to Caper, although I would prefer a cheaper option. I would love Boston to make a deal as you know with Minnesota for Brodin & Zucker. Brodin is signed for 4 more years at a great cap hit, $4,166,667 & a perfect replacement for Chara when he moves on in the next few years.

        Zucker is ready to explode. He just needs to be given some power play time, something he has never received in Minnesota. He barely see’s 2nd lin minutes in TOI/GP at forward & no PP time. I have him scoring 25 to 30 goals next season & 55 to 60 points even if he stays in Minnesota but in Boston or else where deployed in a 2nd line role with 2nd line PP time he could be even better. He has 248 NHL regular season games under his belt & all that is missing now is quantity & quality of icetime, it’s coming some where next season even in Minny.

        I would look to extend Zucker on July 1st at Rackell, Rask type monies; 4 mil per, on a 4 to 6 year term.

        My trade scenario to facilitate this trade is this. 1 of the D prospects not Carlo or McAvoy, up to 2 1st round picks & then ship them Spooner following the expansion draft to complete the compensation paid. Minnesota doesn’t have room to protect Spooner, Boston does even with Spooner on their protected roster.

        This is my favorite trade scenario for Boston, made up in my head so unlikely we can be so lucky.

      • Striker – Are you drunk? The Perfect replacement for Chara is MaCavoy and/or Carlo. Zucker is good player so is Brodin, but not worth what you are trying to sell. This is the Seguin deal all over again.

      • My Apologies, I read that wrong striker. Makes more sense it NOT being one of those D-men. With the way Sweeney has drafted, I would like to see him hang on to his picks. I have seen too much promise from the likes of Gabrielle, Debrusk, Senyshyn, Heinen, Bjork(?) and even Vatrano to take a risk on Zucker. I think the same could be said for Vatrano if he got the playing time; problem is, like Zucker when the playoffs come around, they kind of disappear. I’d rather them try to sign Marleau, Williams or Sharp for ONE year until those guys develop/insurance, or Oshie, but he will get a mega deal and his age, style of play and injury history would make me nervous. Especially with Backes in the same boat. Bruins need to stay the course and wait for development. They really have drafted pretty well. He wouldn’t get too much PP time on the Bruins either as Cassidy seems like he will more than likely have a primary PP unit that gets most of the time. He is not moving Marchand or Pastrnak out of those slots.

      • Brodin is a stud in the making & has a great contract. A future #2 who played as Minnesota’s #4 this year. 4 full seasons under his belt. 1 more year & will be fully developed. Tons of untapped offensive potential as he hasn’t had that role much in his career as yet.

        To get these quality of Dman you have to over pay & there will be almost a dozen teams bidding. If you want to reduce the compensation I’m all in.

        Zucker scored 22 goals & 47 points with no PP time, had 1PPG in 0:14 PP TOI/GP. He is about to blossom or break thru if you prefer significantly. His 46 ES points rank him tied for 26th with the likes of Tavares, Forsberg, Pastrnak, ahead of Gaudreau, Pavelski, etc. His 21 ES goals tied him with Carter, Pavelski, Turris, Trochek & ahead of guys like Tavares, Ehlers, Wheeler, etc. With even 2nd line PP time he adds 5 to 7 goals & 10 to 15 points.

  6. More talk on Evander Kane? The problem is obvious as stated by Lyle himself. If this guy could avoid the negative aura that surrounds him, and focus on hockey then yes he is definitely worth a look. BIG IF though!

    • @Steven: ya well like it or not, as it pertains to Kane, he’s talented and physical and an enigma and that makes him controversial and that means more Kane talk.get used to it.Cheers

      • @Joey. Believe me, I am used to it! He certainly generates a lot of discussion; however, I wish the majority of it would be regarding his play. That change is up to him. I honestly believe that he is capable of playing at a point per game clip given the right situation. There is no doubting his talent. That’s the frustrating part. Outside of that, there’s just nothing left to say. When he gets traded, which he might, maybe we should talk about him then?

      • Steven I like Kane warts & all but your living in the old NHL. 8 players produced at a point per game clip last season, Getzlaf fell 1 point short of doing so. The year prior 6, the year before that 7 unless you want to count odd scenarios where a player played 2 games & had more than 2 points, etc.

        In today’s lower scoring NHL with more & more teams icing 3 scoring lines & their 4th line even seeing over 10 to 12 mins a game. A point per game player now is a superstar, not even stars are scoring at a point per game clip anymore & Kane isn’t even a Star. Best case scenario if everything falls perfectly he’s .75 & that’s a stretch.

        At this point 25 to 30 goals & 55 points is his top end if he can stay healthy & play at least 75 games. If he gets injured & has to play hurt or recover for extended periods of time like last season he’s a .5 points per game player like he has been for essentially the last 3 seasons.

        Again he can play for my team anytime just not at over 4.5 per year or I want a cheaper option with out his injury concerns, his life style choices don’t concern me.

    • I certainly don’t condone Kane’s actions & lack of maturity but I know from personal experience I didn’t turn the corner till my parents sat me down at 25 I threatened to disown me! Then I muddled my way thru for a couple of years trying to change my stripes before finally growing up at about 27 & becoming an semi functional adult. My wife still thinks I act like a 12 year old. Ha-ha! Although I didn’t even have people giving me millions of dollars a serious distraction for many young NHL players.

      That said on the ice Kane is a force, a great skater, he plays with wreckless abandonment the reason he struggles to stay healthy but a solid goal scorer partly due to the serious # of rockets he lets fly. I have maintained & still maintain Kane isn’t going any where. He is Buffalo’s #1 LW even though he barely see’s icetime with O’Reilly or Eichel at even strength although injures forced his deployment there by Bylsma often this season.

      Should Buffalo not be able to get Kane extended before next seasons trade deadline he will be moved in trade & if Nylander is ready for a top 6 role he could be moved far sooner but he won’t be given away nor will Buffalo be eating salary. 20 to 30 goal scorers don’t grow on tree’s & at 25 soon to be 26 don’t come cheap.

  7. Their are 11 teams in need of a Dman to protect for expansion & now is the best time to acquire 1 as 5 teams, Anh, Clb, Min, NYI & Ott, are confronted with losing 1 for nothing; not specifically nothing as losing a Dman means they don’t lose a different asset but I still assume these 5 teams will all trade 1 prior to the expansion draft to minimize the loss, & there are 2 others that could move 1, Nas & Win if they choose to & 1 of 11 teams in need Carolina needs 2 protectors at D.

  8. How can Staples truly think NYI will protect Pulock? There isn’t a hope in hell baring at least 2 trades by NYI prior to the expansion draft moving out at least 1 D & 1 forward.

    They have Boychuk, Leddy, Hamonic & De Haan & all 4 of these Dman are significantly better than Pulock. De Haan is still at least 1 full season from being fully developed & getting better & better every year.

    Protecting 8 skaters is seriously problematic for NYI. If they do & plan to protect Pulock as Staples is suggesting they are losing De Haan at D baring a trade & even if they move De Haan to protect Pulock they would then lose a quality forward baring several trades.

    Tavares & Ladd have NMC’s, Lee, Bailey, Strome, Nelson, Clutterbuck & Cizikas are all solid NHL players. Strome’s had a rocky career but there are some world class skills there that haven’t been realized at the NHL level & may or may not be but way to young to give up on & Nelson is a force in the making like De Haan still 1 full season away from being fully developed.

    Snow certainly has his work cut out for him to get NYI ready for the expansion draft. Few teams are as poorly positioned for expansion as NYI & I’m not certain Snow is up to the task.

    I consider Staples take to be irresponsible reporting. Given a choice of losing Pulock or De Haan I lose Pulock. I’m not sure I want to lose any of the forwards over Pulock as well & if the 8th forward under the 7F, 3D & 1G scenario were 1 of Clutterbuck or Ciziskas with Pulock I still think if Vegas I select 1 of the forwards.

    These are very interesting times.

    • Staple’s take isn’t “irresponsible reporting”, Striker. He’s merely offering up his opinion of the players he believes the Isles will protect in the draft. Just because you disagree doesn’t make his take “irresponsible.”

      • Thank You Lyle. To call Staple’s opinion irresponsible reporting is completely unfair. Staple is one of the better beat reporters in the league as many of his reports are spot on. I would expect that his opinion is backed by his knowledge of the inner workings of the Islander organization and Garth Snow. It would certainly hold more water than someone like yourself who has no knowledge of that. Actually I would suggest Striker that it is you being irresponsible as it is ok to disagree but certainly not disparage Staple for his opinion. Additionally, after reading your “take”, I think your opinions of some of these Islander players is from someone who does NOT watch them on a nightly basis. Staple certainly does that.

      • He should then extrapolate his thought process as to why & who’s being exposed to accommodate him at the very least to himself before reporting such BS.

        Do you see NYI losing De Haan, Nelson, Clutterbuck, Cisikas or Strome so NYI can protect Poluck? I certainly don’t. If Snow does he deserves to be terminated, he’s next on the block in NYI.

      • Except he was not reporting anything, he was merely stating his opinion. That is something you should certainly know all about, although his opinion is based on his knowledge of the organization. And while I agree that Snow is most certainly on the hot seat, you have proven by your statements that you do not know anything about the Islanders. If you did you would know that while they love both Cizikas and Clutterbuck, there is no way they will be protected over Pulock. As for Nelson and Strome they have both been disappointing and could be involved in any number of moves, expansion or otherwise. The larger problem has become de Haan, who is coming off his best year as a pro. Right now the Isles have 5 defensemen to protect, hence the 8 skaters rather than 7-3-1. Unfortunately that would also leave Bailey off the protected list. Expect a deal with Las Vegas as nobody knows the Isles better than their former VP, George McPhee. Rumors have persisted that Cizikas and Hickey are headed west in order to protect the rest of the group. I guess we will see on June 17th

      • The 8 skaters won’t help NY here. They can’t protect 5 d-men. It’s 7-3-1 or 4-4-1.

      • Striker has never been responsible for irresponsible reporting. His opinions would have to have the backing of major organization for that. It’s a big fish (?) in a small pond kinda thing. Or in the parlance of sp. he be jellin

    • He suggested the Isles protect, barring no trades, Tavares, Ladd, Lee, Leddy, Boychuk, Hamonic, deHaan and Pulock. It really isn’t all that far fetched. They would stand to lose either Nelson or Strome.

  9. So all things being equal -would you rather have Evander Kane or Kovalchuk. Ultimately they will cost the same. My answer the latter- at least he has matured in life. Evander Kane is a hockey write-off. How many teams have to try to untap a players potential before he is deemed – to be a write off.. Kid doesn’t get it- and I wouldn’t want him near my other young talent period.

  10. On Toronto and Anaheim-Brown, JVR and Kapanen for Fowler or any one d-man is ludicrous and would be a really dumb move back to the old days for the Leafs. JVR, 17th pick and prospect, perhaps?

    If I were Isles, I would trade Tavares now. One, he would bring a lot back, two, you can begin a new season with a clear path forward. Yes, JT is a top ten, maybe top six player, but he is not going to be surrounded by a good cast that might make him think he could compete for a cup. If I were JT, I would want either Toronto, to play with those young guns, or Pittsburgh> stay away from the west, and stay out of New York Rangers. Montreal, maybe but Quebec fans can be hard work for Ontario players. And let’s all try to keep a balanced view of the Anaheim d-men……aside from Fowler and Lindholm, all the rest are a gamble……..and the east is not the west!

    • The Islanders got off to a horrible start, aggravated by injuries to key personnel. On Jan 1, 2017 they wewre 15 – 15 – 6 for 36 pts after 36 gp 0 2 pts out of 28th overall. After they fired Capuano on Jan 17, at which point they were 17 – 17 – 8 after 42 gp and sitting 23rd overall, and Doug Weight took over, they went 24 – 12 – 4 under him and when the season ended they had 94 points – 1 back of Toronto and Boston and just 4 back of Ottawa – who are going into game 7 of the Conference finals. Sorry, I don’t see as bad as team as you make them out to be, and I’m betting Tavares re-ups there in the near future.

    • I am not sure what comment you are replying to, but if it was mine where I listed Brown, JVR+Kapenen as pieces the Leafs could offer up and Anaheim could be enticed by, I wasn’t suggesting a trade for Fowler, and I wasn’t suggesting all of the assets.

      The suggestion was that a package with Brown as the main piece, or one with JVR & Kapenen as the centerpiece. Anaheim will want to take on no more than 1 forward they need to protect, so all 3 makes no sense no matter how you look at it.

      I paired JVR & Kapanen as JVR has a lot less value than brown given his UFA status. Kapanen gives long term value and is draft exampt. Anaheim could take the risk and treat JVR as 1 year rental. If I am the Leafs I would prefer parting with Brown, even if he is likely to have the most value of the 3. The reason being it weakens your line up less next season, and the Leafs might get more value if they can get JVR on a somewhat discounted deal or move him at the deadline, plus keep a draft exempt Kapanen.

      Also, I don’t really think you can view Anaheim’s defenders as a gamble. Their defense was one of their strongest aspects this year, and it goes much deeper than 2 guys. While it may be a gamble if you expect anyone they trade to be a bonafide #1, they are good defenders and anyone they trade is pretty much a known quantity.

  11. XM91 just reported that
    Murray has just stated that Lindholm & Vatanen both need major shoulder surgery. Lindholm will be out 4 to 5 months, Vatenan longer.

    That’s a new wrinkly to Anaheim’s expansion plans. Will take some time for me to wrap my head around those implications.

  12. Evander Kane was one of the best even strength goal scorers in the league last year, Buffalo was terrible at even scoring, makes no sense to trade him. Might as well keep him and move him after next season if we find a replacement.

  13. The Ducks apparently want picks and prospects. TO can ante up a combination of Braaco, Leipsic, Rychell, Kapenin, Pinnich, and picks. If I am TO I want Manson because Reilly and Gardner already occupy the top two left side positions. Besides between the two Swedes and prospects in the AHL they should be able to find one third-pair left D? After that it becomes a focus of seeing if any of the top six could be upgraded at a reasonable cost. For example could Carrick and assets be turned into Dumba. Getting one guy is going to be difficult enough