NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – May 18, 2017

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Derick Brassard scores one of the Ottawa Senators’ five goals against the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 3 of the 2017 Eastern Conference Final.

Senators crush Penguins in Game 3 of Eastern Conference Final plus updates on Filip Forsberg, Brandon Montour & more in your NHL morning coffee headlines. 

NHL.COM: A four-goal first period carried the Ottawa Senators to a 5-1 beat down of the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 3 of the 2017 Eastern Conference Final to take a 2-1 lead in the series.  

Mike Hoffman, Marc Methot, Derick Brassard and Zack Smith tallied for the Sens, driving Marc-Andre Fleury from the Penguins net in favor of Matt Murray. Kyle Turris scored their fifth goal in the second period. Sidney Crosby tallied the Penguins’ only goal.

It was a costly win for the Sens, as veteran forward Alex Burrows left the game with a left-leg injury. The club is hopeful he’ll be able to play in Game 4 on Friday. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Senators picked apart the Penguins’ injury-ravaged blueline in the first period, but they also did another good job smothering Pittsburgh’s scoring game. Their vaunted offense has been held to just one goal per game in this series. If this trend continues, the Penguins can forget about a return trip to the Stanley Cup Final. 

Fleury’s poor showing in this game is sparking speculation that Murray could get the call for Game 4, but I expect Fleury will return to the net. He got them this far and one bad game doesn’t justify replacing him in Game 4.

THE TENNESSEAN: Winger Filip Forsberg has emerged as the Nashville Predators’ clutch player in the 2017 playoffs. 

THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Brandon Montour has emerged as a key member of the Anaheim Ducks’ defense corps. 

THE MERCURY NEWS:  San Jose Sharks assistant coach Bob Boughner feels he’s ready to become a head coach. He’ll be speaking with the Florida Panthers and could be a candidate for the vacant coaching job with the Buffalo Sabres. 

THE NEWS & OBSERVER: The Carolina Hurricanes’ fifth annual Hurricanes Summerfest is slated for June 26 to July 1. 



  1. Man, was that ever a “boring” game. Couldn’t watch – went outside and weeded the front lawn.

    • Full Credit to Ottawa. I haven’t seen a team make it this far that has received as much criticism as Ottawa has. They wear the underdog label well, maybe it’s time to retire the Senator logo and just go all in as the Ottawa Underdogs.

      I would like to see Ottawa win this round at least, if for no other reason than crowning a surprising champion. Although this year felt very wide open, so it should almost be no surprise that we are now likely to get a surprise champ. We went into the playoffs with only 3 real consensus contenders. Wash, Pitt and Chicago. Since at least one of them had to be out in the 2nd round, the current scenario was relatively likely.

      The NHL is tighter than it has been in a very long time, and it isn’t just 3 point games and loser points that is creating it.

      • If it hadn’t have been for Colorado, Arizona and, to some degree, Vancouver, the league has never been closer to total parity from game to game than it was this past season – at least in the 30-team era.

    • Couldn`t agree more George, embarrassment to the league I say. I ended up watching the paint dry. Wish the league would do something about them Penquins. I wonder if some one will take the time and explain just what happened last night. Ott does have to avoid taking some of those stupid penalties, cost them the shutout

      • Yeah – you don’t ever want to give a team with Crosby, Malkin and Kessel a sniff of a rebound no matter what the score. That wasn’t Stone’s job to stand up for Stalberg and to make matters worse, HE could have been injured in the ensuing scuffle. I still can’t figure out what Malkin did that earned him a game misconduct.

      • I think what many forget is that, as recently as 2014-15 Ottawa had 5 20-goal scorers (Karlsson (21), Stone (26), Turris (24), Hoffman (27), Zibanejad (20) with Ryan (18) and MacArthur (16) just missing due to injuries, and as a team their 238 goals ranked them in the Top 10.

        The problem was, they paid little attention to the D side of things, but since then the experience gained by Ceci, the addition of Phaneuf, and the improved steady play of their 5/6 combination (Borowiecki, Wideman, Claesson), not to mention a coach who understands how to fit the talent at hand into a cohesive system has made them, if nothing else, a tough out.

      • Of interesting note. In 2014-15 Ottawa allowed 2 goals against less than they did this season. 208 to 210. Yet still finished in the top 10; 9th, for goals scored.

      • George I was talking about where Stone tripped Malden. Yes for all the people who ripped Dion, he’s been a great addition for Ottawa. Just shows how much people really know about hockey and what their opinions are worth

    • First one, of the playoffs. OK then. Tell that to the Ottawa fans who said it to boring and won’t pay to watch.

      • Those aren’t Ottawa “fans” – they’re implanted Leafs and Habs fans expressing their bitterness and jealousy at the early exits of their teams.

      • George O, for me I don’t like the neutral zone trap or the 1 3 1, most time its more like 1 4. I didn’t like the NJ Devils style. My fear is other teams will copy this style of play because of the success the Senators are having. Yes they have some talented players and one of the best defenseman in The league and Anderson having a great playoff run. So you still got to have talent to succeed and it is a team game; but I certainly hope Ottawa doesn’t win the cup, because no way in heck I want to see other teams following that style of play. Still picking Pitts to win the series.
        Last night was the first time I chose not to watch a hockey game and it was directly related to the style of game the senators play. I will watch game 4.

      • George, there are no Leafs or Montreal fans trying to infiltrate sens nation. What kind of comment is that?

        I live in Ottawa, have a large group of friends and can tell you that many of them couldn’t care less about the sens generally, they pretty much don’t know anything about the other teams, roster players etc etc. Geez, I have a very close friend, last week she said that she doesn’t understand how Karlsson gets paid more than Anderson.

        Nature of the beast George. Everyone is a die hard during a cup run.
        There are some real great sens fans in the Ottawa – Belleville channel but don’t be shocked when the seats are empty again next year.

      • Careful George not all the Leaf fans are bitter. I for one would be happy to see Ottawa win and Caper the traps been around probably longer than you have. Ottawa just doing what any team in the playoffs should be doing, trying everything to win

    • Boooooorrrrrreiiiiinnnnngggggg!


      • It’s only boring to those whose team can manage just a goal a game after being allowed to roam free for the most part during a long season. Teams play a style that fits the talent at hand. But I suppose, in the interest of the oooh- and-aahh crowd, they should just play it wide open to allow heads down free-wheeling players to thrill the crowd and to hell with winning. Yeah, right. Pittsburgh fans won’t agree but I was thrilled by those open ice clean body checks delivered by Phaneuf who grew up in the “keep your head up” style of the game.

      • Oh, I won’t be shocked taz – but that has more to do with the arena location than it does local interest. If and when Melnyk gets the go-ahead with that downtown arena it will make it a whole lot easier for fans on the Quebec side of the Ottawa river and the eastern and southern districts to get there, especially with the light rail availability.

      • Agreed George. If that thing ever gets built….they are blowing through that budget at the moment, but thats a discussion for some other forum.
        Will definitely make it easier for us folks out in orleans

      • I for one have no issues with how the sens are playing.
        “It doesn’t matter if you win or lose as long as you had fun” total BS. Sports is about winning by playing with honor and dignity.
        As a society we need to move away from these stupid participation medals – do what you are good at, if you suck at something, find another passion

      • George. What age does sarcasm become unrecognizable? 60? 70? Your to much man.

      • In George’s defense, not that he needs any; sarcasm is almost impossible to pick up in text where no real context is provided.
        I’m 33 and I didn’t pick up on it either

      • Gee, and here I thought sarcasm was a required entry here. Silly me. And don’t get too hung up on the age thing Chrisms – it happens to the best of us. Even you. As Victor Hugo once observed “Forty is the old age of youth; fifty the youth of old age.”

      • eh… age seemed to be a good digging point… I certainly aint got nothing to use from the series. and I appreciate the compliment! I sure hope I get to the be ancient… many aren’t so lucky.

      • Taz… and everyone…

        Duh is my sarcasm notification.


      • Yogi you be wrong on that. NJ brought in the trap and it’s boring hockey. If it’s your cup of tea, then good for you but it isn’t mine and like any hockey fan we have an option to watch or not to watch.

  2. Lots of clutch guys in Nashville in these playoffs
    Neal, RyJo, Ekholm, Ellis, Josi, RINNE and of course Flip. Each of their stars have played at the top of their game which is why they are where they are.

    • Both Nashville and Edmonton have made the Ducks defenceman look weak, the turnovers Wow. If it wasn’t for Gibson and Getzlaf they would’ve lost to the Oilers

      • And we might have been looking ahead to an all-Canadian final.

      • Wouldn`t that have been nice hey George, good possibility next year. Ott should be tough for a least a couple more yrs., then you got Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg in the west. Plus don`t forget Toronto`s coming up fast. I like Clarke and Dion, so I hope Ott can pull it off this year. This way you won`t feel so bad when Toronto whips ya

      • I think you need to start watching and not commenting.

  3. The Pens got thoroughly outplayed in this game and while Fleury was less than stellar, his teammates did little to help him either so it was truly a bad Penguins showing all round.