NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – May 27, 2017

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The 2017 Stanley Cup Final opens on May 29.

Notable Stanley Cup Final storylines, Dmitry Orlov talking to KHL team & more in your NHL morning coffee headlines. 

NHL.com: The Pittsburgh Penguins’ push to repeat as Stanley Cup champions and the Nashville Predators’ first-ever push for a championship tops Dan Rosen’s list of his top-10 story lines for the upcoming Stanley Cup Final.

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: “For the first time, two American coaches — the Penguins’ Mike Sullivan and Nashville’s Peter Laviolette — will coach against each other for hockey’s ultimate prize.”

THE TENNESSEAN: The city of Nashville awaits its first national championship. 

CSN MID-ATLANTIC:  Washington Capitals defenseman Dmitry Orlov is reportedly in talks with KHL team CSKA Moscow, but J.J. Regan is doubtful the restricted free agent will return to Russia. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I concur with Regan’s take that Orlov is using this as a bargaining chip in his contract negotiations with the Capitals. Given the KHL’s financial woes, the Capitals can offer him far more financial security. 

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports the Colorado Avalanche’s window of opportunity to sign Toronto Maple Leafs assistant general manager Kyle Dubas appears to be closed now. 

WGR 550: The Buffalo Sabres “relieved Dan Lambert of his duties as head coach of the Rochester Americans (AHL).”



  1. Wow. Seems there’s no limits to how far the Pegulas reach is felt in the Sabres system. Either that or Jason Botterill decided that was a good spot to make his first mark after just 14 days on the job.

  2. The Kyle Dubas story is a bit of mystery. Dubas has done a fine job working alongside Hunter; if the Marlies and the prospect pool are any indication. While advancement opportunities do sometimes present themselves, what seems confusing to me, at least as reported, is the permission granted/permission denied sequence. Just seems like a very odd turn of events.

    • The confusion seems to be who`s going to running the Leafs in a year. Kinda sounds like Lou`s gonna take a step back next year and everybody thinks it will be between Hunter and Dubas. But, one rumour now has Holland getting the job. His contract with Detroit ends in a year and there`s question marks whether Det. will offer him a new deal. Toronto pulling the plug on Dubas talking to Col. may have a lot to do with that.

      • IF.. and I say if cause I dont know exactly what transpired, IF the leafs are blockiung dubas from a promotion in the rest of the league that is an embarrassing move by them… completely bush. unless they promote dubas next year he should be allowed to seek the big chair with someone else.

      • Why, he`s under contract to Toronto. It`s not like they fired him and they`re stopping him. I`d say every team in the NHL has done this at one time or another including Pitts. The only thing that`s embarrassing is you making the statement without knowing what the norm is. Fl blocked the NYI`s from talking to Tallon, before Toronto hired Lou, L.A. blocked them from talking to Michael Futa and Rob Blake. The list is endless of teams blocking other teams from trying to steal employees from them. Also Dubas may have been the one that shut the door. Last year Toronto gave Arizona permission to talk to Dubas and Dubas walked away from Arizona. You made one correct statement and that`s you don`t know

      • And you don’t know either yogi! Dubas didn’t walk away from Arizona they walked away from him

      • Ah the troll is out again and of course you offer absolutely no proof of your statement. Whereas Dubas on more than one occasion has said that he turned down the ARIZONA POSITION BECA– USE HE FELT HE WASN`T READY FOR IT. Dubas also went on to say he had so much more to learn and he felt staying where he was the best thing for him at that time. Bobby Mac also reported that the job was offered to Dubas. But hey let`s hear where you get your info from

      • Even Pitts? Whose Assistant GM was just hired, in the middle of the playoffs non-the-less? Try again… classless move IF it was the leafs and not Dubas. It’s classless in all professions. If it was a lateral move… fine… but to stand in the way of a mans career is embarrassing… and even the jewel of the north takes a rep hit among the league and its administrative talent if it comes out this is the case.

        pens lost many good people this way but overall its what makes them a destination team for these positions. lost hynsey, fitzgerald, botterill… and yet who is in the finals? Leafs have it right to groom multiple people for the job. but if they stopped dubas shame on them. I’m amazed you would defend that champ.

      • Another leaf fan trolling something they don’t know again! Keep it up yogi

      • @chrisms Does Dallas Eakins come to mind, usually if a team denies access to some one it has to do with the timing of the request. Such as prior to the draft, teams guard their draft lists tightly. A lot going on right know and nobody seems to even know what position Dubas was being offered. If Toronto wanted to block access to Dubas, they just would `ve said no and you would never have known. Toronto gave the okee dokee and then something happened to change everything. I can`t see Shanahan jerking Dubas around, so we`ll probably never really know what happened and you might notice total silence out of Sakic and Colorado. Actually if you read a couple of articles in the Denver Post and an interview with Tim Army (former assistant coach) it clears some things up. One thing it says Dubas told whomever it was that talked to him, that he was fully entrenched in Toronto and very unlikely to leave. From that statement you`d have to say the position wasn`t the GM`s and Dubas was the one that shut the door.

      • its all just speculation. I made it clear it was an if. hard to imagine an assistant gm passing up a gm position for any team, let alone teams like col and arizona where you essentially have the green light to scrap the whole thing and start from the beginning. hell Ariz is stacked with young and upcoming talent. so maybe the position was never the gm job. the draft list thing is essentially irrelevant. shanahan is a notorious jerk so I could see him jerking plenty of men.

        its smart that the leafs are grooming dubas and hunter… hopefully for dubas he plays his cards right and doesnt miss out. these cagey ol guys (lou, rutherford) dont want to step aside so he would be waiting for awhile.

        and bigbad… yogi’s response was a bit defensive and snarky but you didnt add anything of substance either. far less. only troll in this conversation is you.

      • He started with the troll comments and you added with them! Duh!

  3. The Capitals have their off-season work cut out for them with just 11 players signed for next season at a cap hit of $50,188,462 – or an average hit of $4,562,587 each. With a projected $76 mil cap that leaves them with $25,811,538 to sign 11.

    Their crop of 5 UFAs – Williams (3.050,000), Winnik (2,250,000), Oshie (4,175,000), Alzner (2,800,000) and Shattenkirk (4,250,000) have an expiring combined cap hit of $16,435,000 while their 6 RFAs – Connolly (1,025,000), Burakovsky (894,166), Kuznetsov (3,000,000), Schmidt (812,000), Grubauer (750,000) and Orlov (2,000, 000) cost them a combined $8,481,166.

    In the best possible world, if their combined cap of $24,906,166 remained the same, they’d be left with just under a million wiggle room. But of course, that isn’t about to happen. Shattenkirk is as good as gone as is probably Williams and Alzner so their combined $10 mil will go towards settling with Oshie, Winnik and whatever RFAs they intend to keep (or don’t lose in the draft).

    Even so, the departures of Williams, Shattenkirk and Alzner and their experience won’t be easily made up from within, so whjat will it cost to replace them with more seasoned players?