NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – May 8, 2017

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The Nashville Predators are heading to the Western Conference Finals for the first time in franchise history.

Predators eliminate Blues, Oilers stay alive against Ducks & more in your NHL morning coffee headlines. 

NHL.COM: For the first time in franchise history, the Nashville Predators are going to the Western Conference Finals. The Predators defeated the St. Louis Blue 3-1 to win their second-round series in six games. Ryan Johansen netted the winning goal while defenseman Roman Josi scored the game-tying tally and assisted on Calle Jarnkrok’s insurance goal. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Predators’ fan base is among the most enthusiastic in the league and they rocked the Bridgestone Arena in this historic game for their franchise. The Preds and their fans now await the winner of the Anaheim Ducks-Edmonton Oilers series.

As for the Blues, they simply couldn’t generate enough offense (especially on the power play) in this series. One reason was Blues forward Alex Steen played with a broken foot suffered during the opening game of their first-round series against the Minnesota Wild. 

Leon Draisaitl scored his first career NHL hat trick and added two assists to lead the Edmonton Oilers to a 7-1 beatdown of the Anaheim Ducks in Game 6 of their second-round series. The seventh and deciding game will be played in Anaheim on Wednesday. Mark Letestu also scored two goals and collected two assists for the Oilers, who played without sidelined blueliners Oscar Klefbom and Andrej Sekera

SPECTOR’S NOTE: About the only thing the Ducks did right in this game was keeping Oilers captain Connor McDavid off the score sheet. Not that it matter, as the Oilers bolted from the gate and had a 5-0 lead by the end of the first period. Klefbom might return for Game 7 but Sekera is out for the remainder of this series. 

THE WASHINGTON POST/PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Capitals forward Evgeny Kuznetsov has emerged as his club’s brightest star in this year’s postseason. Meanwhile, a possible undisclosed injury could knock Penguins defenseman Trevor Daley out of the lineup for Game 6 tonight in Pittsburgh. Mark Streit or Chad Ruhwedel could be Daley’s replacement if he’s unable to play. The Penguins lead the series 3-2. 

OTTAWA SUN/NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: The Ottawa Senators need a better effort at Madison Square Garden tonight in Game 6 if they hope to eliminate the New York Rangers. The Senators lost their last two outings there by identical 4-1 scores. As for the Rangers, they’ll need a better effort from their veterans in Game 6 than the average one they had in their previous game if they’re to extend this series to a seventh and deciding game. 

PHILLY.COM: Flyers forward Pierre-Edouard Bellemare helped France to an upset win over Finland yesterday at the IIHF World Championships, then declined to accept the player of the game award. He instead handed it to his teammate, goaltender Florian Hardy.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A truly selfless and classy move by Bellemare. 

NBC SPORTS: Speaking of the IIHF, president Rene Fasel is keeping the door open on NHL participation in the 2018 Winter Olympics. 



  1. Daley was probably injured when he was smoked from behind by the worthless tom Wilson. Wilson was assessed with a charging call and was quite incredulous he was penalized even though it was blatant and with little regard for Daley. And team with Wilson in their lineup does not deserve to make it out of the second round.

    • It was a bad call shouldn’t have been a penalty, the refs have been helping the pens the whole series

      • Every teams got em. Malkin and Crosby ain’t angels. and I totally get anyone from Boston hating on pens for dirtiness… neely savard etc. but pens have genuinely made an effort to be spokesmen for removal of the junk. Sitting out Cooke… trading Neal for his bologna… still a long way to go but at least they are talking the talk

  2. Amazing, isn’t it, how you see EVERY Pens injury as a conspiracy – but remain silent when a Pen is the perpetrator.

    • it is amazing, isn’t it.

      • I’m not going to argue that Tom Wilson’s plays are consistently in the gray area of hockey, which is slowly drying up in the NHL. Teams that have this style as part of their arsenal rarely make it past the 2nd round.

    • As much as I like Nashville, the media makes me sick! I’m now cheering against them. If I hear another story of how PK is the reason behind their success, I’m going to reach thru my media device and give that clown a good shake. I don’t dislike PK, its more of hate the media not the player. Pk is playing well and fits into their system and style of play. But to put all these allocates onto Subban is an insult to the rest of the team and what they are doing and the coaching job being done by PL. Ryan Ellis leads the team in scoring with 4g and 5a for 9pts, PK is 5th with 1g and 6a for 7pts and third in defencemen behind Ellis and Josi who has 4g and 4a for 8pts. No one on Nashville is a point a game with 9 games played. Now I wonder if Pekka Rinne has anything to do with their success, with a .951 sv% and a 1.37 GAA, after I watched Bouwmester go around PK like a pylon yesterday. Yes PK Subban plays for Nashville and is a contributing factor in their success so far, however, he isn’t the driving force around the success of the team and to say he otherwise; is an insult to the rest of the players on Nashville and the successful system that Peter Laviolette has put in place.

      • Well said.

      • Hockey is hard to sell. PK is more of a known commodity than Ellis who is one of the reasons Weber could be moved for PK. PK is also a good interview.

      • Yah I’m sure we wouldn’t be hearing much about Weber if things were reversed. lol

    • Condemning Wilson isn’t necessarily a show of partiality. I think there are more people who would call him an unscrupulous bully than there are who would say he is a tough but clean player, no matter which team they root for. His hit on Daley just corroborates that impression.

      • While you’re very likely bang on (I think that type of player should no longer be in the game), it was more a question of the source of the original comment for whom EVERY hard hit on a Penguin is a “goon play” regardless and, from the lack of comment the other way when the shoe is on the other foot, definitely a “homer” of the type who can see no wrong in his own team.

      • How do you get off of that horse when you are done ridding it George? Where do you find a latter so high? So I a supposed to hate my team sometimes or I’m not supposed to care when something happens to them? Which is it? I don’t remember defending any play that was borderline but I’m also not going to trash them. Every other fan base does that for me. After 30 years of being a fan of this team I can count on 2 hands the number of dirty players they have employed and I have never defended them. But during, questionable, tough times, no matter how fleeting, occur you’re damn right you won’t hear my voice joining the cacaphony. That’s called being a fan.

    • Conspiracy?? Who said anything about a conspiracy? He got a penalty on the play he just though he didn’t deserve it. Are you talking about Crosby and Methot? What am I supposed to say? After over a decade Crosby has been the target of more dirty plays than anyone else in the NHL. So he does it once and we’re supposed to turn on him?

      • I guess that hand you’re using to count isn’t old enough to remember, in no particular order, Georges Laraque, Matt Cooke, Eric Godard, Ulf Samuelsson, Steve Durbano, Matthew Barnaby, Arron Asham, Paul Baxter or Bugsy Watson – but surely you remember Tom Sestito.

        EVERY team has had its share of goons whose “contributions” had less to do with hockey than mayhem. But a true hockey “fan” will recognize that questionable quality in their own team’s roster as well as that of others. There’s the difference.

      • Deee try using spell check. My God what a mess. Grade 3 level spelling.

      • yes, listen to the rocket, he just graduated from grammar and spelling police academy…

        Solid examples George, you put that argument to bed. You expect these sorts of incidents to happen, Wilson has always played with an edge and is bound to make a mistake like this from time to time.

        I have always been of the view that if a clear act of negligence or indifference causes an injured then the person committing the infraction should be out the same duration as the injured player and in addition the team/coach should be fined.

        You have to understand that Pittsburgh fans (rightfully so) are ticked off because of what happened to Crosby earlier, not to mention the history of the Capitals (intentionally or not) hitting Crosby on the head. I remember a few years ago when cook ‘stepped’ on Karlsson, everyone in Ottawa considered cook to be guilty. Hell, you are still mad about the slash to Methot’s hand, I can’t imagine what your judgement was back then.

      • If it had been anyone other than Cooke … but his reputation for deliberate goonery was already well-established.

        As for the Methot thing, my only objection was no call on the play – not so much for the fact Crosby didn’t receive a penalty but for the sheer stupidity of officials actually sitting down at some point and deciding that a similar slash lower on the stick – and breaking it – is an automatic infraction, but that the same slash higher up breaking a hand (Gaudreau) or a finger (Methot) is OK. I mean, they would have had to consider both possibilities when finalizing the rule wouldn’t they.

        As for the aftermath from “fans” it seemed to be the general consensus that, after all, look at all the abuse Crosby has taken – as if that alone justified the slash.

      • Yeah I agree George. The slash to the hands should be called, especially one that vicious.
        Bur for some reason it just isn’t, definitely a rule to be looked into.
        On an unrelated note, we also need a clear understanding of goalie interference, I thought I knew what it was until the Oilers/Ducks series.

        Glad to see Mat Cooke out of the NHL either way; still can’t believe Karlsson came back before the end of the season that year.

      • As an old-time Habs fan I recall during the 1957-58 season that the Rocket missed most of the season due to a severed achilles, and that was towards the end of his career. Many pundits – and anti-Habs fans – were saying this had to be the end for him, but the night he came back in the spring of ’58 we were all at a party with the game on and some in the crowd were crowing that he should have retired. He scored 2 goals in the win that night over Boston and went on to be part of 3 more Cup wins in a string of 5 straight.

        Unfortunately, Karlsson has yet to win one. And very likely won’t this year either.

      • Yeah you named 10 players which, unless you are deformed, is 2 hands. And you forgot Kasparitis. And other than I have big hands and I miss letters on my little phone sometimes what words did I spell wrong there rocket? Speaking of third grade, little worthless comments like that from the peanut gallery is right where that comes from. Stay classy there grammar troll. And you missed my point entirely why am I obligated to comment in a negative way towards my team? I’ve never seen you bashing the Senators but I could if you want.

      • So right deeeeeeee. Just the other day I climbed a latter to change the bulb outside my porch. And much more than 2 hands and feet to list pens dirt bags.

      • This is udder nonesents