NHL Rumor Mill – May 1, 2017

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Could the Montreal Canadiens target Tampa Bay Lightning winger Jonathan Drouin with an offer sheet?

Latest on Jonathan Drouin and Troy Brouwer plus an update on the Colorado Avalanche’s efforts to re-sign top prospect Will Butcher.

LE JOURNAL DE MONTREAL: Yvon Pedneault recently wondered if Montreal Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin attempts to make a bold move this summer by signing a restricted free agent such as Tampa Bay Lightning left wing Jonathan Drouin to an offer sheet this summer.

Pedneault cites the Lightning’s salary-cap issues this summer as a reason why they could be vulnerable to an offer sheet. If Bergevin were to successfully sign away Drouin with a long-term deal worth $7 million annually, it would cost the Habs a first-, second- and third-round picks as compensation to the Lightning. Still, Pedneault suggests that move could prove worthwhile to improve the Canadiens’ offense.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In his season-ending press conference, Bergevin said he would consider all options to improve the Canadiens this summer. An offer sheet cannot be ruled out, but it’s also unlikely that the Habs GM will go that route.

The last player to be successfully signed away by an offer sheet was Dustin Penner 10 years ago, when the Anaheim Ducks opted not to match an offer from the Edmonton Oilers. The last time an offer sheet was made was in 2013, when the Calgary Flames signed Ryan O’Reilly but the offer was matched by the Colorado Avalanche.

I believe Bergevin will go the traditional route of trades or signing unrestricted free agents to bolster his roster.

CALGARY SUN: Eric Francis recently speculated Flames winger Troy Brouwer could be exposed in June’s expansion draft. The acquisition of Curtis Lazar as a reclamation project could make the 31-year-old Brouwer expendable only a year after he signed with the Flames as an unrestricted free agent. He has three years left on his contract worth $4.5 million annually. Francis suggested the Vegas Golden Knights could pass on Brouwer, but being exposed in the draft could hurt the winger’s relationship with Flames management.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think Brouwer is mature enough to understand the situation.

BSN NETWORK: Adrian Dater reports the Colorado Avalanche’s efforts to sign 2017 Hobey Baker Award-winning defenseman Will Butcher appears to be fading. Butcher can become eligible for unrestricted free agent on August 15. Dater speculates the young blueliner might not be Avalanche property much longer. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If it appears Butcher is unwilling to sign with the Avs, they could shop his rights in June. 



  1. That Colorado dilemma with Butcher is quite revealing of the sad state of affairs of that franchise. I mean, one look at that D corps and if there ever was a situation whereby a college D could step right into the NHL it’s that one. The fact he’s hesitant to sign may be a signal that he and his agent are aware of just how deep the rot goes.

    At the draft lottery where he dropped to 4th, Sakic – as Lyle pointed out the other day – looked as though he had just swallowed that s*^t sundae.

    • George just on topic. Not directed at you.

      How the NHL didn’t get this University UFA eligibility issue addressed in the last CBA was a mistake. Players opting for University shouldn’t become eligible to become UFA status until 2 years following the completion of University or opting out early. That would eliminate this issue.

      Colorado won’t even get compensation for losing this player as it’s only paid on players selected in the 1st round. Butcher went in the 5th.

      I assume the NHL will shut this down in the next CBA in 2022. I don’t see either the NHL or NHLPA opting for the 2019 reopening of the CBA as another lock out is coming unfortunately & the further off the better for all.

  2. Some years ago, the Flyers signed Lightning Chris Gratton to an offer sheet. Didn’t work out well. Still, it seems odd to me that there is so much speculation about Drouin, who, it appears, 30 teams want and the Lightning are willing to give up. Supposedly, the reason is that he would bring back an asset the Lightning need. But when specific deals are proposed, usually it is Drouin for something less. I think much of this talk is a residue of Drouin’s troubles two years ago, and the notion that all is not well between him, the others players and the management. Maybe. But there is little public evidence of this. Offer sheets are are, because, odds are, they damage everyone involved. They put special pressure on the player, and on members of his new team who wonder how management values them relative to this new, highly valued stud. The fan base expects a saviour, and at least some of the other general managers will not wish to reward a poacher. This tatic has a bad history for a reason. While the Lightning need to remake their defensive core, it is probably roles other than #1(hedman) and #2(Strahlman) that are immediate needs. A trade of Drouin for a #3 or “future” only happens if the troubles between he and his current team are real. The level of interest suggests that the eye test of a top six wing with much upside is real. He is a gifted passer on a team with two snipers. Now, McKensie has been right a lot, so maybe there is motion here, but I don’t think it will be for less than true value. Stevie Y has been proven to be pretty good at this GM stuff.

    • Years back Brian Burke told Peter Chiarelli he could either trade him Phil Kessel or he was going to sign him to an offer sheet. The trade was made 2 1st (Tyler Seguin and Dougie Hamilton) and a 2nd (Jared Knight). Which wasn’t a bad deal. I guess there could be pressure but on Stevie Y to make a deal or risk the offer sheet and maybe 2 first and a 2nd gets it done. I think if you were to make that deal, you would like to make it with a team that you project to be a lottery team and not a playoff contender.

      • I think this was an incredible deal for Boston & I’m not certain Burke’s threats had anything to do with Boston trading him. Today such comments would be tampering & the fine significant, 6 figures & potentially a lost draft pic or picks.

      • I think the threat was more implied by the Leafs re-acquiring their own 2nd in a trade which gave them the necessary picks to be eligible to sing the offer at that time. This particular case is different also, as Kessel was almost traded to the Leafs earlier but there was a miscommunication. The deal was something that was revisited after the Leafs got their 2nd back, but I imagine there were ongoing negotiations.

        Striker, I am not sure if there is tampering unless there is public statements made that are deemed inappropriate as they are before action can take place. I think acknowledging to a manager that you may contact their player to sign them to an offer sheet, if you are eligible to do so, is well within the norm. I am not sure, but based on Burke’s insistence that his problem with offer sheets is being blindsided with them, I feel like it must be somewhat standard practice to at least make it known privately that you may do it.

      • If done privately then it’s hearsay, rumor & for me not factual. If that was the case then we don’t really know if Burke ever even did so.

        Or at least that’s my personal perception of such.

    • Offer sheets always seem to involve a swing for the fence type of deal, however where they could prove most valuable are on solid, but unspectacular players on teams tight to the cap.

      For instance, the tier up to 3.7M is a 2nd, and the tier up to 5.6M is a 1st and 3rd.

      If a team like Anaheim who has 3 good RFA defensmen up for new contracts in 2018 (Manson, Montour, and Theadore) .

      If you offered the most valuable of the 3 say $5M, and the next most valuable $3.7, you may force Anaheim to retain one and let the other go if they are tight to the cap. You can offer both sets at once since they require completely separate picks. I read this idea somewhere before, so it isn’t mine, but I think it is a more interesting way to use the current system than what has been done in the past.

      • Sorry posted to wrong thread.

        If done privately then it’s gossip for me. If that was the case then we don’t really know if Burke ever actually made such statements.

        Or at least that’s my personal perception of such. Gossip is usually BS. We’ll have to wait for the biographies to see if any of these people clarify the truth.

      • Circumstances aren’t really that different at all. Boston couldn’t get Kessel to sign he was an rfa and the Bruins wouldn’t be able to or wanted to match and offer sheet, by actually negotiating the Bruins got a better deal then what they would’ve if signed to an offer sheet. Drouin hasn’t had the best relationship in TB and his negotiating could prove difficult as he may still harbor in feeling towards Stevie Y. With that said he name isn’t just showing up by the insider for fun, there is absolutely something going on there. Could be a draft day deal.

      • I agree Caper. It is being reported by multiple reputable sources.

        Don’t want to miss the remaining 2.5 rounds of the playoffs but far more interested in this summers, expansion & how it’s going to impact & play out. I agree with Lebrun this may be the most active summer for trades & personal moves ever seen in the NHL in 1 summer.

  3. The offer sheet may be seen as greasy but what if two managers were in agreement that the player being signed was worth in trade what the penalty is? Maybe Yzerman likes where Montreal sits in terms of draft picks and is open to let Drouin go for this price? I suppose there are restrictions regarding two managers having such a conversation. The question I guess I am asking is do the Lightning expect to get more than that for Drouin? And as stated earlier it would also depend on who was making the offer and what their draft order looked like. For example, would Tampa view an offer from NJ, Philadelphia, or Dallas as fair compensation for Drouin? I would think the managers had some say in devising the offer sheet as part of negotiations? So why view it as so greasy?

    • I guess I overlooked the point that the player’s current has to match the offer don’t they? And if it doesn’t fit into their cap structure and they don’t like the other team’s draft order it could become a difficult situation. So I guess on that level it could be a little greasy. But again, weren’t the owners and managers part of putting the current structure in place?

  4. Drouin for Manson and a draft pick (s) -Not Vatanen ….
    1-2-3 picks in Montreal would also work.

    • I think it’s far more likely Anh moves Vatanen than Manson. Theodore or Montour can replace Vatanen, Anh doesn’t really have another Dman in the system with Manson’s particular skill set. Larsson appears to be closer to Manson in skill set but doesn’t have Manson’s physical edge. He is an elite hitter, great penalty killer & solid defensive Dman.

      • The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with Manson, just haven’t seen him snap like his dad did on occasion.

      • Yeah… and he doesn’t have anything carved in his forehead

  5. I figured people would be all over that Drouin through an offer sheet to Montreal rumor! Guess not.

    • Waste of breath talking about offer sheets. With each CBA the NHL has made them less & less appealing & far more prohibitive.

      • Never thought of that Striker. But it wouldn’t it be fun to see that drama unfold if it did happen?

      • Absolutely. Offer sheets are interesting & if nothing else I would like to see teams make them just to screw up others teams cap issues. I was advocating teams offer sheet Orlov last summer.

      • Exactly why teams don’t do it Striker. Deliberately driving up a players salary to hamper a competitor is a great way to make other teams do it to you, as every team has the same issues signing their RFA’s.

      • That’s certainly part of the dynamic, Raybark.

      • Huge reason the Trouba offer sheet rumor by the Bruins was completely dumbfounded. The fear of someone slapping an offer sheet on Pastrnak this season as reciprocation. Yes, it’s a business but all of these GM’s know the deal

  6. Drouin does not change the Habs issues down the middle

    • Nor their need for size.

      • Starting the season teams top 3 in weight. Col buf la.
        Tallest. Cal peg dal la. Size wins better draft position I guess

      • Shrugs. Seems I’m not the only one who thinks lack of size up front is at the root of the Habs problems when it comes to playoff style hockey.

    • I know that Joe Thorton is getting up there but provided he is willing the habs should be looking into his availability. One year at $5.5/$6 or 2 years at $4/$4.5 sounds about right there.
      I don’t see how the habs don’t improve with Joe down the middle, he will easily be a 2nd line C on most teams and on the habs he would be a stop gap 1C.

      Plan A should be an inquiry into Tavares but I HIGHLY doubt that happens, Plan B but more like Plan AA should be Duchene and Jumbo can be the last option.

      • This makes a lot of sense to me, Taz. It requires Thornton to be interested, but I think it could definitely happen.

      • I think Thornton even at 38 in July, coming off minor ACL; not completely torn, & MCL surgery is still a solid option for any team in need of C help. His game was never built on speed & no reason he can’t put up 50 to 60 points for several more years if deployed as a 2nd line C with 1st line PP time.

        I assume he will return to SJ. He & Pavelski form a dynamic due, 1 in of the best forward pairings in the NHL.

  7. Does management need to tell players who is being left unprotected? To me it makes a lot more sense to keep the protected list confidential.

    • I believe the NHL has decided to make the protection lists public & add it to the awards ceremony.

      • You’d have to guess that was a media stunt. As a team & player I would much rather have that info under wraps. I don’t see anyone benefiting from this than the media.
        Personally I’m not a fan of this arrangement

      • I like it. This info will become relevant in arbitration proceedings & may motivate some players to be better. Just because you get exposed isn’t specifically an issue with you as a player but the teams protection, cap issues & it’s expansion & teams have to conform to the rules & expose players. I think the players get it as much as anyone.

        This is pro sports, these players are being incredibly well paid & can’t be compared to those of us in the real world. Even the lowest paid NHL player makes more than the average Canadian in 1 season than than the average Canadian makes in a decade.

        If your so soft of character that this offends you, become a Walmart greeter for minimum wage, problem solved.

  8. Baring a trade pre expansion draft I see Calgary protecting 7F, 3D & 1G. Forwards. Monahan, Gaudreau, Backlund, Frolik, Brouwer, Bennett & Lazar. D. Giardano, Hamilton, Brodie. G. ? Trading for 1.

    Should Calgary decide to protect Ferland over Lazar losing either isn’t significant but I would be shocked if Brouwer is exposed. His 4.5 per for 3 more years for his package of skills is reasonable & he is far more valuable than either Lazar or Ferland.

    • The talk in Calgary is that they would rather protect Ferland over Brouwer as the feeling is he was a bad signing

  9. The Wheeler/Schultz/Vesey/Butcher NCAA loophole is absurd and needs to be fixed or else it negates the point of the draft.

  10. If MB signed Drouin to $7 million annually, and it cost the Habs a first, second and third round pick, I would become a Vegas fan real quick.

    That’s insane.

    • I think that’s actually a cheap return to give up for Drouin. 7 mill might be a little much now but likely expected in a couple of years. The habs would be lucky to get that. But don’t worry bud. It’s not happening

      • Drouin really hasn’t done much except show a bad attitude don’t think he will garner that much

      • I beg to differ. I think you know my feelings about Drouin as a young immature adult but from a hockey perspective he’s accomplished a great deal at every level he’s played at. Jr, WJC’s, even the NHL with only 2 full seasons, could have been 3 if not for his terrible choices.

        In his 1st full playoff run in the NHL he posted 5 goals & 14 points in 17 games, his age 21 season, 21 goals & 53 points. That puts him in elite company, right there with many other 3rd overall picks. He is a stud offensive player in the making. Should hit 30 goals & 70 points in a walk next season if healthy enough to play 75 games.

        If he’s shopped a ton of teams will bid & the return substantial if moved. He is a future offensive Superstar. He’s already shown us several glimpses of his world class offensive abilities.

      • He’s also the type of player who would choose to sit a season if he didn’t like what Tampa was offering to become a UFA. Someone on the open market will offer him 6 mil or more per season no matter what the average fan thinks he should be worth worth. He definitely played well enough this season and last season’s playoff to deserve the same 6 mil for 6 years that all the other young stars averaging .7 points per game are getting. So bad attitude or not there is a team out there that would rather over pay him than see another team get him for less. it’s just the way it goes. Don’t think anyone will offer sheet him though.

  11. Drouin for Carlo. Hockey trade. Bruins get their LW, TBL gets their young top-4 defenseman. I like Carlo and think he is part of their future. I’d be extremely hesitant to let him go but the talent pool looks pretty deep on D in Boston and slim pickings on the wings. The only way you will get your monies worth out of Krejci is to have a pure scorer like Drouin on his wing. Until then, you’re sinking money

    • Carlo isn’t getting drouin not happening he is a third Dan tops

      • At this stage how can you have any idea what Carlo is? He played as Boston’s #3 as a rookie in TOI/GP. Played with Chara on the #1 pairing & PK playing aginst the leagues best every night.

        Your saying Carlo peaked & is fully developed at 20 with 82 games of NHL experience? I doubt that. I assume Carlo will continue to develop & get better for 4 to 5 more years or 320 some odd NHL regular season games just like 80%, or if you prefer the vast majority of other NHL Dman do.

    • No thank you. I’ll keep Carlo over Drouin. Few Dman have stepped into the NHL as a rookie & played 1st pairing minutes in a shut down role & #1 PK. Normally if a Dman does it’s in an offensive role not a shut down role.

      Factor in the cost control Carlo carries for the next 2 seasons, $789,167 per & not a chance in hell.

      This is meant to slight Drouin’s offensive abilities. They have never been in question for me & he may improve his sense of self worth as he ages but why take on the headache & contract demands.

      • With you on that Striker. Also Boston has the potential to be very deep on the blue line, but the top 4 is far from a sure thing.
        Chara is 40, so maybe another top 4 year for him? 2 max?
        So in 2 years that leaves you Krug, Carlo, McAvoy (assuming he progresses) and some maybe’s in C Miller and prospect Zboril. Then big maybe’s in prospects Lauzon and Lindgren.
        Mcquaid and K Miller are solid D-men but not ideal if they are playing in your top 4 every game. LW’s are easier to find than top 4 D.

      • I agree, which is why I prefaced it by saying I’d be extremely hesitant to deal Carlo. The way I see it, the only way you will get a top-6 foward would be dealing a player with Carlo’s potential upside or overpaying in FA

        Of the FA’s this offseason, who would you feel comfortable paying to slide onto Krejci’s wing? Oshie? Sharp? There isn’t much out there this offseason and if you don’t get one you are wasting another $7M in sunk costs on Krejci’s contract. As we’ve seen since Horton and Lucic have left, there’s been a revolving door on that line and Krejci is a shell of himself without that added presence. I would like to see DeBrusk get a chance on that line to start the year, but as a 20-21 year old I don’t think you’ll be able to count on him through 82. Plus, you need to have the flexibility to break up Marchand and Pastrnak. Everyone complaining about how their postseasons were forgettable, that’s what happens when a team only needs to worry about shutting down one line

        Not sure if this has been mentioned in the past since I’m just getting back on this board after some time away, but man did that Seidenberg buyout come one year too early

      • I agree. I think Chara continues as Boston’s defacto #1 really only logging defensive minutes moving forward, for at least next season maybe even the season following. I wouldn’t give him more than 1 more year after this contract unless he’s willing to accept a far lesser role after that. Having him play with these young Dman coming is like having a coach out with them every shift. Helps settle them down & develop faster.

        It wouldn’t surprise me to see Boston bid on 1 of the Dman potentially available from the 5 teams confronted with losing 1 & protect them in place of C. Miller as their #3 keeper at D. The question is giving up what to facilitate such a trade? Spooner, 1 of the D prospects not Carlo or McAvoy & a 1st possible even a 2nd in 2017 or 18 depending upon which Dman it might be.

        Perhaps C. Miller goes in that trade as well. The team acquiring him in those scenario’s can’t protect him either necessarily but in the case of a team like Columbus or Minnesota I don’t think it would matter, I think they would each lose another player as currently constructed before C. Miller. Or he’s moved to a team with room to protect him like Carolina who only has Faulk as a keeper currently with Slavin, Pesce & Hanafin all exempt.

        I assume 1 of K. Miller, McQuad or C. Miller if left exposed would be selected by Vegas but if that landed Boston a Vatanen, Savard, or Brodin I could stomach losing C. Miller, especially if that means we get to retain both K. Miller & McQuad or some combination there of.

      • SH21, nice summary of the Bruins decisions this off season, well said. And they are actually set up pretty good for expansion.
        I agree that Debrusk gets every opportunity to make this team next year, as he should. Also agree that you can’t count on him to produce at the rate you need if you want to contend. I might take a flyer on Sharp, depending on the cost and term. A 1 year deal? My understanding is that he was hurt much of the year. Can still skate and keep up.
        Sweeney says he is committed to bringing in the youth and letting them play, so a big investment like Oshie seems unlikely to me.

      • SH21.

        What about Senyshyn, JFK or Cehlarik as a #2 LW, promoting Vatrano to #2 LW, trading for a player from a team confronted with losing a good young forward in expansion like Columbus, Minnesota or Winnipeg or taking on a cap casualty from a team confronted with having to cutsalary?

        I see Boston using the 7F, 3D & 1G option for the expansion draft. I see 6 keepers at forward worth protecting now, baring trades prior. Krejci, Bergeon, Marchand, Backes, Pastrnak & Spooner. That leaves room for 1. Who cares if Boston exposes Belesky or Hayes. No other player of consequence is expansion eligible unless I missed someone.

        I don’t want Boston to dip into the UFA market unless cheap. No Oshie’s. I wouldn’t have an issue with Stafford coming back on a cheap 1 year deal, 1.5 to 2 mil to buy time for 1 of the 3 prospects listed above or Vatrano.

        Boston is entering year 3 of a rebuild on the fly stay the course promote youth.

      • That’s an interesting concept Striker. Including C Miller kind of makes sense. Haven’t thought of that.
        I think if you throw in Zboril, it happens. I think most scouts believe he will be an NHL player, and likely top 4 guy.
        Personally I don’t like the thought of him as part of the deal.
        Still think he could be a really good all around D Man. Has the size, skills, is physical. Just the mental part.
        A 1st, C Miller and Lauzon get it done?

      • Ya, Striker they have options. I liked Cehrilek when he was up. I would prefer to see JFK & Senyshyn spend some time in Providence. JFK playing center. Kind of old school that way.
        They can move guys around too and they don’t have to be married to 3’s.
        Keep Marchand and Bergeron together, Krecji and Pastrnak together. Interchange the rest as required and earned.
        Stafford is a good PP guy, so that works too.

      • Striker, absolutely agree that the depth is there in their young guys that you mentioned however I don’t see any of them producing at the level you will need on that second scoring line. Vatrano would make the most sense, that shot with Krejci’s playmaking could be scary but he only showed flashes and then disappeared often. Senyshyn is what I’m really hoping on but I think he will be given the AHL treatment first. I’d rather JFK as a 3rd line center to replace Spooner than play out of natural position on the 2nd line. What I’d really like to see them do is try to swing a trade with Columbus for Atkinson. I’ve been saying this for a while now, highly doubt it happens after the year he’s had

  12. Drouin for Carlo. Hockey trade. Boston gets their LW, TBL gets their young top-4 dman. I like Carlo and think he will be a huge part of the Bruins future on the blue line. I’d be extremely hesitant to let him go but unless you are plugging a pure scorer on that Krejci line you are just sinking money into a C that can’t perform on his own

  13. Perhaps Butcher, if he becomes a UFA, might consider the Maple Leafs as an option where he’d part of what appears to be a team on the rise.

    • They’re certainly rising a lot faster than Colorado – but they aren’t the only on on the rise that could use D depth.

    • Toronto is signing Calle Rosen, a 23 yr old defenceman out of Sweden. Same sort of game as Butcher, both lefties. So Toronto probably won’t have a big interest in Butcher

      • Not sure if Rosen is ready to step up to the big club as yet.
        Also, his concussion history will be a question mark.
        If Baker has any interest in joining then the Leafs should pursue. Not often you get a player with potential for free. The other 29 clubs know that too so its anyone’s guess where he goes

      • They figure Rosen will start the year with the Marlies, let him get used to the smaller ice. It doesn`t seem to matter whether you have a history anymore, the question seems to be whether you got a chance to heal properly before you were allowed back. I`m sure Toronto will give him a chance before they go out and sign another similar type player. Don`t think Buthcher`s close to NHL ready either

  14. Its not in the Rumour section-But how about the Draft Lottery. In a draft that has a definite top 2. This Flyer fan is celebrating. I am thing Nolan Patrick will be the pick

    • Just don’t expect either Patrick or whoever goes first to step into the NHL next season – none of these kids is a Matthews, Eichel, Laine and certainly not a McDavid – not even close.

      • Ya George, good players but not gonna alter the fortunes of a franchise like Mathews or McDavid. Patrick plays a 200′ game and has 3 years of Jr so maybe he takes the next step? I have only seen him live once and that was last year.
        Has the size too. Likely the 9 game cup of coffee then back down but I could see him making it too.
        Ideal would likely be AHL, but that ain’t an option.

      • Hischier and Patrick are projected to be NHL ready. NJ will do well for themselves to keep their pick in the minors with a certain swede eligible for the 2018 draft.
        I expect the philly pick to make the roster.

      • I agree with you on the comparison George no franchise players potentially available like those selections but either of the top 2 may be able to step into the NHL next season. That’s what Bobby Mac was saying the other day but will depend who drafts them. NJ has room for either Patrick or Hischier, Philly not necessarily but with expansion looming quite possibly.

        For me the winner in the lottery was Philly. NJ moving up 3 spots was great for them but not shocking. Philly moving up 11 spots was shocking. Philly’s odds of picking 1st were essentially 2.2, then jumped to a whopping 2.4 in the 2nd lottery ball drop.

    • I have seen him live 6 times. Very good skater for someone with his size. Definitely not MacDavitt or Matthews. But a better pick than they would of got at #13.
      Suspect Patrick will be back in Junior. Hischier is eligible for both the AHL and Junior next year.

  15. Habs should go for Drouin and Duchene. It will cost them at least one of the two good defense prospects drafted in the last few years, this years first and second, McCarron, Beauileau (spelling?), possibly Galchenyuk, and probably player or two off the roster. How the assets are divided up depends on the trade discussions?

    If Traveres then becomes available then they have to try for him and that could create some more shuffling of the roster.

    Personally I think the Habs should do whatever is possible because after this year Bergeron might not have a job? I am a Leaf fan but still want the Habs do well.

    Even if they sign Rosen Leafs still should go after Manson, Gudbranson, Dumba, Brodin, Pulleson(spelling?, or Montadour (or Larson). That gives them a defense of Reilly-???, Gardner-Zaitsev, Rosen-Carrick with Pollack brought back for insurance. After that either let a young guy play, or Marincin or Marchenko as the sixth guy.

    • According to the report out of Sweden it`s done, Rosen picked Toronto over Chicago. A 2 yr. elc contract that will be announced after the world cup

  16. Butcher might sign with NYR like Vesey. Rangers need mobile D depth and who can skate in this modern NHL. NY can leave Klein/Holden exposed and work to trade Staal.