NHL Rumor Mill – May 11, 2017

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Could Washington Capitals defenseman John Carlson become a trade candidate this summer?

Latest on the Washington Capitals and New York Rangers plus a look at possible destinations for Ilya Kovalchuk in your NHL rumor mill. 

ESPN.COM: In the wake of yet another disappointing playoff exit, Craig Custance advises against blowing up the roster simply for the sake of doing so.He believes the Washington Capitals must re-sign restricted free agent forward Evgeny Kuznetsov to a contract extension, let forwards Justin Williams and T.J. Oshie depart via free agency and retool their blueline. 

With raises coming for Kuznetsov and Andre Burakovsky, Custance feels they can’t afford to re-sign Williams and Oshie. He believes they must re-sign speedy defenseman Nate Schmidt but expects Karl Alzner is a goner via the UFA market. John Carlson has a year left on his contract and is eligible next summer for unrestricted free agency. If the Capitals want to shake up their defense, Carlson could be a trade candidate, depending upon his contract talks. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I expect we’ll see considerable speculation in the coming days pondering possible moves by the Capitals. Given nearly a decade of playoff futility, changes are likely coming and everything could be on the table for consideration. That includes Alex Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom, the longest-serving members of the current core. 

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS:  Justin Tasch wonders if the New York Rangers will consider breaking up their core of Henrik  Lundqvist, Dan Girardi, Marc Staal, Derek Stepan, Ryan McDonagh, Chris Kreider, Rick Nash and Mats Zuccarello. They need to upgrade their defense, which could mean a buyout of Girardi or Staal. If they hope to add Washington Capitals UFA defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk this summer, they’ll have to free up significant salary-cap space. 

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks wonders if the New York Rangers might approach goaltender Henrik Lundqvist about waiving his no-movement clause. Putting aside lifestyle and family considerations, Brooks suggests it would have to be a team that fancies itself an elite goalie away from a Stanley Cup title with the cap space to afford Lundqvist’s $8.5 million cap hit through 2020-21. Brooks doesn’t see that type of team out there. 

Brooks doubts the Rangers will pursue Shattenkirk as all indications suggests he’s not a top-pairing blueliner who can enhance Ryan McDonagh’s game. He feels GM Jeff Gorton must turn his focus to the trade market, suggesting Carolina’s Justin Faulk and Winnipeg’s Jacob Trouba as possible trade targets, though each would be expensive to acquire. Anaheim’s Sami Vatanen and Minnesota’s Jonas Brodin are other options. He also believes the Blueshirts should re-sign pending UFA rearguard Brendan Smith. Dan Girardi or Marc Staal could be buyout candidates. Brooks thinks Derek Stepan could be a trade candidate if they can land a top right-handed defenseman. He also doubts the Rangers shop aging Rick Nash but could be open to offers. 

Brooks’ colleague Brett Cyrgalis likewise wonders about Stepan’s future with the Rangers but doubts they’ll get a commensurate return for him. He also believes Girardi or Staal could be bought out, thinks the Rangers need to get deeper at center, suggests they could listen to offers for Chris Kreider, J.T. Miller and Kevin Hayes and speculates Nash could become a rental player at next season’s trade deadline. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Some changes are undoubtedly coming to the Rangers this summer. Lundqvist isn’t going anywhere and I think they’ll buy out Girardi to free up more cap space. They will lose a good player in the expansion draft, be it goalie Antti Raanta or a forward such as Michael Grabner or Oscar Lindberg.

I agree with Brooks that  the Rangers should pass on Shattenkirk and instead look toward the trade market for a quality defenseman. They could shop Stepan but I doubt he lands that quality defenseman they’re seeking. The Rangers possess depth in wingers to dangle one of them (Kreider? Miller?) as trade bait. They won’t shop their first-round pick in this year’s draft. as they don’t have any in the second and third rounds.

Nash could get peddled at the trade deadline but that depends where the Rangers are in the standings by then. He’ll be in the final year of his contract by then. 

SPORTSNET: Luke Fox lists the Montreal Canadiens, Dallas Stars, Minnesota Wild, Los Angeles Kings, Edmonton Oilers, Carolina Hurricanes, Florida Panthers and Vegas Golden Knights as possible sign-and-trade destinations for winger Ilya Kovalchuk. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of the clubs suggested by Fox, I believe the Hurricanes, Panthers and Golden Knights stand the best chance of landing Kovalchuk. They need scoring depth and possess the cap room to sign him to a one- or two-year deal worth between $5 – $6 million annually.

The Canadiens need a top center and Kovalchuk doesn’t address that issue. The Stars will put their focus on re-signing goaltender Ben Bishop.The Wild must re-sign Mikael Granlund and Nino Niederreiter plus find a reliable backup for starting goalie Devan Dubnyk.

The Kings need scoring but they won’t have much cap room after re-signing Tyler Toffoli, They also need to get younger and faster. The Oilers must bolster their defensive depth if they’re to build upon this season’s breakout performance. 



  1. The only way I’d be shopping any of Kreider, Miller or Hayes is in part of a package for a guy like Trouba, or part of a package for a top center.

    Maybe deal two of them in seperate deals if one is included in a deal for Trouba, and the other is part of a sweetener to take on Girardi.

    Nash, I’d keep. Unless they completely fall out. And then I’d consider bringing him back on a much better deal when the time comes.

    They have plenty of options in the trade market with expansion looming.

    It will be an interesting summer for NY. Last year everyone thought “big changes were coming” and other than the Brassard trade they didn’t do much. And it was pretty well known that one of Brassard or Stepan was out the door anyway.

    • I think NYR will run with Zibanejad, Stepan & Hayes as their top 3 centers. I think Zibanejad & especially Hayes still have significant upside not yet realized, Hayes is still quite a ways off for me, probably 2 years from being fully developed.

      Zibanejad’s development was stunted his 1st 2 full seasons in the league. Partly of his own making but he has matured significantly & just turned 24. If not for injury this year, perhaps this would have been his breakthrough season. I will be drafting in the 65 point range next season.

      There aren’t enough top end #1 C’s to go around. Here is the scoring for the top 30; 30 NHL teams, so 30 #1’s sort of, some teams have 2, C’s. McDavid 100, Crosby 89, Backstrom 86, Scheifele 82, Getzlaf 73, Malkin 72, Seguin 72, Matthews 69, Zetterberg 68, Carter 66, Tavares 66, E. Staal 65, Kadri 61, Johansen 61, Kuznetsov 59 Wenneberg 59, Monahan 58, Kesler 58, Toews 58, Koivu 58, Giroux 58, Eichel 57, Turris 55, O’Reilly 55, Bozak 55, Stepan 55; tied for 23rd, Trochek 54, Krejci 54, Backlund 53, Bergeron & McKinnon 53.

      Few teams role 4 lines as consistently as NYR does, a few do & this effects all their C’s offensive production. They also role 2 set PP units, again some teams do but most don’t, again this effects their point production.

      • Look at the steady progression of PPG for Zib over the past 4 seasons. It’s insane. He was projecting around 0.8 ppg this year if it wasn’t for the injury. I firmly believe that he should be the Rangers #1 center going forward and that Stepan is an overpaid second line center who is making first line money because of the lack of quality at the position when he signed the contract.

        the question for me is in my fantasy league. Do I keep Giroux or Zib? What do you guys think?

      • 1st line money? Like Crosby, Malkin, Toews, Stamkos, Giroux, Getzlaf, etc? Lol. Imagine what a guy like Tavares is going to get? 8.5-10? 6.5 isn’t 1st line money. You’re not getting 1st line centers (outside of elc deals, or even Giroux type 8.25 per for a million year deals that aren’t allowed today) for less than 6-7 per.

      • I said first line money, not elite money. The players you’re listing are great first line players who are in the top 20 in the league. Paying Stepan 6 per is about 1.5-1m of an over-payment. I really don’t think there’s anybody who can argue against that. I think Zib is a far better offensive player with much more upside.

      • Toews had 3 more points this year than Stepan…. for 4 million more? Giroux 3 more points for 2 million more? Krejci 1 point less for 1 million more, Oreilly same points for 1 million more….. there are exceptions, E Staal, Bozak etc. but for the most part guys like Stepan make Stepan or better money.

      • I would protect Giroux.

      • NYR4life.

        Your talking about superstar 1st line centers. Like stud 2 way Dman there might only be 8 to 12 in the NHL today either fully devloped or coming, that leaves 1/2 to 2/3rd’s of teams in the NHL to make the best of what they do have or can acquire. Everyone else has to accept they don’t have 1 & ice their teams have to adapt for such. Spreading it around over a greater # of players.

        Such as NYR. Stepan is a very good center. No he isn’t any of those people but he signed for 6.5 for 6 years. That’s almost 4 million per season less than Toews. Nor am I implying Stepan is Toews but is Toews worth 3.9 more? Stepan was the 23rd best C in the league last year in points. Toews had 3 more points than Stepan last season. 5 the season before that.

        Stepan plays in all situations as does Zibanejad & Hayes. Many of the # 1’s being discussed don’t kill penalties & solely drive offense.

      • That was exactly the point I was trying to make. I’m not saying Stepan is an ideal #1 by any stretch. But is Toews worth 4 per year more? Kessler was / is playing 3rd line center? Isn’t he? Is his 3 more points worth another million? Especially at his age and term.

        Is Stepan a superstar Crosby, Stamkos, etc? Hell no! But he isn’t paid like one either! After O’reilly signed for 7.5 , I was more than happy to see Stepan land at 6.5.

      • I don’t know why people keep saying Kesler & his line are the 3rd line. They are the 2nd line. Have been since Kesler got there & will be for several more years. Vermette’s line is the 3rd line.

        Again pigeon holing lines in today’s NHL doesn’t really work but if you have to it is the 2nd. Kesler was #1 by TOI/GP, Silfverberg 3rd this season for forwards in Anaheim. 2nd & 4th respectively in this seasons playoffs.

    • I my humble opinion Trouba is the real deal and if he isn’t going to be granted his request to play on the right side, he is worth handsome return offers

      • He has been playing the right side this year as promised. He’s leaving regardless just a matter of time nor more than 3 years & yes he is the real deal. He has been held back in Winnipeg as they had the luxury to do so.

    • nyr4life..if you really think Crosby is a dirty player your hockey IQ is zero dude. the slew foot thing that’s not good but he has matured and he certainly doesn’t launch himself at players or cross check them when they are down and vulnerable..or as Beagle of the capitals says that’s playoff hockey..

      Cooke was not great and i never really liked him in a penguins jersey…the rangers have had some real winners how about that cheap shot dubsh*****sky he terrorized Crosby for years…still trying to now in Columbus…funny thing he is starting to realize he is a good player and maybe the gooning has stopped.who was that dope you had that used to screen Broduer with his stick facing the goalie trying to mirror him..thats a great ranger.

      I just don’t like the Capitals team overall they are dirty and cheap…i don’t feel that way about the rangers..

      I respect the capitals as a league power they are just dirty when things don’t go well…did you see the Blackhawks cheap shotting Nashville in the 1st round when they got swept…no you didn’t

      • Lol! You act as if the Pittsburgh organization doesn’t have a history! Crosby matured? Didn’t he try to slice off Methots finger?

        Raise your hand if you remember Kasparitis head hunting Lindros….. and raise your hand again if you remember Kasparitis going back to the bench smiling and receiving hi-fives, helmet taps by a VERY happy Pittsburgh team!!!!! All that while Lindros was still sprawled out on the ice!!!!! Classy! Mature,!!!!

        Probably the grossest act I’ve seen in all of sports…. other than the Bertuzzi / Moore incident can you think of another? Targeting a star player! Way beyond Pittsburgh? Lmao

      • Agreed NYR4life.

        All teams have their demons some worse than others. Emotions run wild in the NHL especially come playoff time & a ton of players cross the line on all teams.

      • Some worse than others? who pray tell is that? (pens not innocent… f. they employed dennis bonvie)

      • Lol, Dubinsky “terrorized Crosby ” by what hitting him and dropping the gloves! Lmao

        Omg black and gold…. someone hits Crosby clean and it’s a conspiracy?

        Sorry, the 1st time around I gave up on that nonsense with he “matured ” classic stuff here … classic!

      • Sorry I missed the whole “Dubinsky terrorized Crosby” I kinda gave up after the whole mature thing! Lol

        Are u kidding? “Terrorize ” lmao he hit him and dropped his gloves! Lmao

        And seriously with the crapitals and d—-binsky …. grow up…. “mature”

        If you were any more homer you’d be married to Marge!

  2. A repeated theme in the rumour mill is the need by this or that team to land a “top pairing D” – usually followed by opinions that guys like Stepan or Van Riemsdyk won’t be enough. And it goes on endlessly but never with the theory that. just maybe, no team will be willing to give up such an animal simply because they are so hard to find, and that teams may have no other option than drafting junior/college D with that potential and be patient while they develop.

    • Maybe, maybe not. Do you honestly think Trouba will retire a Jet? I’m not seeing it. Also there are these teams ( Wild, Anaheim, Nashville etc. that have an abundance of good D they can’t protect. Maybe they will part ways with a 3-4 with potential to be a #1. Or maybe they give up a #1 because they see a #3-4 as their own inexpensive replacement?

      I don’t think people don’t realize #1s are hard to come by. But it’s not like solid guys with potential don’t get dealt either. Jones, Boychuk, Leddy, Larsson etc. It happens.

      • For sure. But these were guys with potential. Trouba overflows with potential. But he still has flaws that will need to be erased from his game. Karlsson wasn’t always a Norris candidate.

      • Were the Rangers a ‘Trouba’ away from winning the Ottawa series?

      • Here are the approx #’s on top 4 D. (Sportsnet a couple months ago so the exact % has left my memory)
        Almost 50% of the top 4 D-Men in the NHL play for teams they were not drafted by. The 3-4 is greater than 50%. 2’s less than 50. #1’s are significantly less than 50%.
        So basically #2-4 D men can be had, usually traded for when they are a prospect or young NHL’r.
        #1, other than exceptions like being swapped for each other like Weber/Subban or UFA’s Chara. You draft and develop them.

      • There is no way Winnipeg trade Trouba for a forward. Winnipeg are set at forward but not as deep on D. The jets are not in a rush to move him, they have time on their side 3 years. At this point in time if there isn’t a solid defenseman coming back to Winnipeg then the deal isn’t happening. Unless it’s outrageous like McDavid for Trouba.

      • I don’t see Nashville moving a D but protecting 8 skaters exposing Neal, Wilson & Smith.

      • And nobody is saying Trouba for a forward. “Part of a package” say Kreider and Skjei ( no way would I go that extreme) for Trouba and a throw in etc. If Winnipeg is shutting their ears to deals like that, that may be a part of their storied success.

        People are talking about NY needing change, and they’ve had some success. But Winnipeg is alright as is?

      • George. All players have flaws. Trouba having just turned 23 with 271 NHL regular season games played is still 2 years away from being fully developed at the NHL level. He is a solid 2 way #2 Dman now & a can’t miss #1. He will be just that when he’s traded. He would be in Winnpeg now but Buffy gets all the quality offensive minutes.

        No 2 players are exactly the same, there are similarities & some closer to 1 & other than others but each has different strengths, weaknesses, skills or physical make up.

      • @NYR4Life, Winnipeg is a draft and develop team and have no choice but to be that way. So no quick trades and a previously noted they are the #1 team that shows up on a no trade list. With this process it takes a little longer to get there. This season Chevy made a calculate risk with their goaltending that fail and if he doesn’t do something about it this season the same thing may happen. The jets have a ton of forward that are very good and some bright prospect at the forward position. The same thing cannot be said about their d. Trouba was their best defenseman last year, they drafted him and develop. We all know the Trouba situation but Chevy is hoping that he is true to his word in which case Trouba got everything he wanted and now signs on the dotted line, but without that, unless Chevy moves a forward for another solid d and then flips Trouba for a forward then yes maybe. But there is enough teams out there with solid d. Maybe Carolina could be a good fit for a trade involving Trouba. On the fun side a reporter here in Winnipeg propose a trade of Nik Ehlers to NJ for Schneider.

      • A little longer? They’re nearing their 20th anniversary and have nothing to show for it. 2 playoff appearances since 1999? This make Edmontons rebuild look fast.

        And as I said to George earlier, do you really believe Trouba is staying long term? Maybe it’s time to part with some of those current forwards and future forwards? Their current strategy of draft and developing , I think we can all agree has been pretty brutal, and has gotten them nowhere.

        I could be wrong, but I don’t see them contender bound in the near future.

      • Nashville won’t be losing a D come expansion. They will protect 8 skaters – Forsberg, Johansen, Neal, Arvidsson, Subban, Josi, Ekholm, Ellis. They are in good shape

        Minnesota – probably will lose one of Brodin/Scandella if not traded before expansion. I see them protecting Suter (NMC)/Spurgeon/Dumba along with forwards Parise/Koivu/Pominville (all NMC) and Coyle/Granlund/Neiderreiter?/Granlund

        Anaheim – again, if they don’t make a trade probably Despres/Manson. I see them protecting Lindholm/Vatanen/Fowler/Bieksa (NMC). There will be more depth on defense available with the expansion draft than forwards so my guess is ANA will probably lose Silfverberg before one of those D. Perry/Getzlaf/Kessler (all NMC) and Rakell getting protected

        Minnesota is the team to attack. They have the most to lose come expansion. Zucker/Brodin stick out immediately

      • Caper.

        As you know we disagree on this matter. Hellebuyck will benefit greatly from this years experience. Just like any NHL player. There is a development curve & sooner or later teams need to put faith in their young stud prospect in net. Doing so with a 23 year old goalie is incredibly rare. Hellebuyck will turn 24 in 8 days. Most don’t become starters till 26.

        Winnipeg had a pretty good season. Look at all the injures. Specifically to Little & Myers coupled with Trouba’s hold out. I’m shocked they played as well as they did considering these 3 issues. How many other NHL teams could overcome such man games lost to their #1 2 way C, #2 Dman & stud young #3/4 Dman who due to Myers injury ended up playing in the #2 slot.

        Based on what we know today I don’t see Winnipeg making the playoffs next season either. They might, they’ll be in the hunt but they are young but I don’t see any help coming in net. Hellebuyck & Hutchinson will be back to man the crease again next season. Best case scenario a veteran is brought into to mentor Hellbuyck. He is a future stud goalie.

        Winnipeg needs time for Ehler’s, Laine, Scheifele, Armia, Cano, Copp, Lowry, Morrisey etc to get more developed before a see a guaranteed playoff team. None of LA, Dallas or Arizona are going to be worse next season & who out of the top 8 & those 3 teams is Winnipeg beating out to sneak into the playoffs next season?

        1 of those forwards will be lost in expansion or Perreault that doesn’t help.

      • *Staal the last forward. Sorry, listed Granlund twice

      • SH21.

        I think Nashville will protect Jarnkrok over Neal. He just signed a 6 year 2 mil per year deal last summer & that’s incredible value & term. He may play as their #2 C next season if Fisher isn’t resigned, certainly their #3. He sits 6th in TOI/GP for Nashville in these playoffs & during the regualr season after Roberio was sent down at forward.

        Nashville is thrifty & with only 1 year left at 5 mil till UFA status Nashville may risk losing Neal although if I’m McPhee I take Wilson. Younger, cheaper & has 2 years remaining.

      • Striker, you’re absolutely right. I can’t believe I overlooked him. I agree, Wilson will be the goner from the Preds. Isn’t a huge loss from them. They set themselves up pretty nice for expansion compared to those other teams listed above

    • What about the 5 teams faced with losing 1 in expansion? Might Anh, Clb, Min, Ott or NYI not look to trade 1 before the expansion draft. What about Trouba who is potentially 3 years from UFA status & not a chance he’s staying a day longer than that in Winnipeg?

      For the most part I agree with you George. If I have this asset I’m very unlikely to trade them but these are 1 of the extenuating circumstances I often reference when such an asset does move.

      With expansion looming there is going to be a ton of player movement this summer & a significant # of quality Dman will be moving as well. Usually there are virtually none as you state.

    • Look I am a big Penguins fan and I am super glad the Crapitals got knocked out again by Pittsburgh…. Guys like Wilson and Beagle oh the playoffs are supposed to be nasty…referring to Niskanen cheap shot check to Crosby…Hockey karma catches you boys..you got what you deserved. Ovechkin (i have always hated) but he has grown on me a bit the last couple years…in the Socchi olympic games when Russia lost to Canada..he and Malkin were the only ones who stayed on the ice for team Russia during the Canadian national anthem the rest left..

      just a thought here wouldn’t Alex Ovechkin look good in Los Angeles playing for the Kings? he needs a change of scenery Jake Muzzin and a couple picks to Washington for Ovie… Thoughts

      • The L. A. kings are a big scorer away and they play a structured big physical type game…i think he would look good on Kopitar’s or Jeff Carters wing. Move D-man Muzzin, some picks, buy out Gaborik sign a cheap back up to Quick so money comes off the books.

        clear cap space for him…. Washington needs a young physical skating dman,,, because Alzner and Shattenkirk will be gone.

      • Crapitals? Really? Being a Pittsburgh fan, you may want to be careful on your play of words…. especially when it comes to potty talk! Pittsburgh is easily transformed into s–ttsburgh. Have an ounce of grace in the series win they almost blew.

      • you are really trollin the pburgh people tonight ny. doesnt reflect well. i mean New York could be transformed into lotts stuff… none of which are appropriate for this board.

      • I’m trolling Pitts fans? Really? Ny lost to Ottawa and I congratulated the fans….. 10 minutes later. “Crapitals” isn’t trolling? Get your glasses off and your pjs on! Go to bed!

  3. The Rangers will need to lose one of Kreider, Hayes or Miller to secure this sacred D. Miller and Kreider space out and dont show up. Hayes is soft and does not like to go to the tough areas. Stepan is streaky and not an offensive juggernaut.

    With the goalie pulled which 6 Rangers need to be on the ice? Zuc, Mcdonagh……. mika… and a bunch of guys that wont shoot the puck

    • IF (and note please the emphasis on IF) what you say is true, don’t you think opposing GMs know too that “Miller and Kreider space out and don’t show up,” and that “Hayes is soft and does not like to go to the tough areas …” In what world will they then bring in that “sacred D?”

      • Kreider has that speed and size-and when he shows up…we all drool. Miller can dominate downlow,drop the gloves and produce. Hayes can thread the needle and is 6’5″.
        All three have massive upside.
        Every GM knows both sides. Who do you roll the dice on? I can see Miller on the Jets

      • DS.

        I agree. Nor do I feel NYR needs that Dman. Sure who wouldn’t love to have 1 but the cost to acquire 1 in trade & to sign long term is extreme. Skjei will be a stud. Looks great now. I wish Vigneault had advanced him quicker but his development & deployment have been well thought out & he has had to earn his chances they haven’t just been handed to him on a silver platter like many.

        Being stuck with Staal & Girardi for several years, McDonaugh & Skjei in place, hopefully Smith resigned & Holden signed for 1 more season NYR’s top 6 is fine. Not Anh good, no 1’s is a few others very close but still better than 1/2 the leagues easy. If Smith can’t be resigned sign a similiar UFA D asset.

        What I do know is NYR isn’t in a position to bid for 1 in trade prexpansion that’s available unless Giradi or Staal agree to waive their NMC’s as no room to protect them.

    • Nyr4life…that team has always played dirty against Pittsburgh always wake up dude..it used to be Ovechkin clobbering Malkin or Crosby Ovechkin has settled down ..now its guys like Wilson, Beagle, Niskanan..(shock used to be a Penguin)

      At least when the Rangers and Penguins play its solid hockey they don’t goon each…you would be saying the same thing if those guys on the crapitals gooned your best players every year.every game

      I’m not saying the Crapitals are a bad team..to the contrary they are a highly skilled really good team that doesnt have to resort to gooning and cheap shotting crap (hence the name) that they do when they are down.

      really good team with a few bad eggs..love their coach too.

      • Cmon! I still remember Crosby slew footing Callahan…. Matt Cooke ring a bell? Playoff hockey is ugly.

  4. If the Rangers won’t pay 7 million for Shattenkirk who will? A lot of teams are tight to the cap and those that aren’t also aren’t contenders or a good fit for Shattenkirk.

    Anyone want to guess his most likely landing spots?

    • My thought exactly while reading this column.
      I would like to hear from the different fans here if they would want Shattenkirk on their team.
      I’m a Leafs fan and I wouldn’t want to touch him at anything of over 5 million and/or over 5 years, and our D is terrible.

      I would be surprised if Backstrom moves. He is quietly one of the absolute best centers in the league and how is not a Selke Candidate this year is beyond me. He should be the clear winner of that award.
      I put him on the level just below Crosby, McD and malkin. Right next to Tavares and Stamkos.

      • Agree on Backstrom, try a different adjective about the Leafs’ defence – average? improving?

      • How about our D needs a lot of work before we become contenders.

      • Can’t see Caps trading Backstrom. The opposite is true, he is the player they have to keep.
        Ovie got bumped to the third line after game 4. What does that tell you about the faith that his coach had in him when their backs were against the wall?
        The last coach that had the next best success in Washington after Trotz during the Ovie era? Hunter. He cut Ovie’s ice time in the playoffs.
        Who made lazy soft plays last night on both of Pit’s goals? Ovie. Was he banged up?
        Not that this will ever happen, or if they could if they want to. But if you want to win in the playoffs?
        I move Ovie.

      • What would it take to get Backstrom out of Washington?

      • A player like Backstrom.

      • Anton Stralman mentioned here several times, drafted by the Leafs, traded away at age 22, hopefully the current management has a better understanding of draft and develop. Point being, some defensive prospects deserve a look with the big club.

    • Las Vegas. LOL

    • NJ is a sneaky candidate

    • He won’t get 7 million. 6.5 tops, Yandle 2.0, 16 months younger at signing. If rumors are true & he wants to be in the East, North East apparently having potentially rejected a trade to TB, then Buffalo, Carolina; Faulk later traded, or NJ seem like the only logical fits with the cap space to take him on.

      • Probably right Striker. I wouldn’t sign either for that $$. Would you? $5 to 5.5 for me.
        Maybe this is the year GM’s finally get it and stop throwing stupid $$ around on July 1 on players like this?
        Oh yeah, I said that last year. And the year before.

      • I agree Raybark, no I wouldn’t but I assume some 1 will. Restraint slowly appears to be percolating to some teams. More do to what choice do they have in this cap world.

        Some teams also have to overpay to get UFA’s signed. If I’m going to NJ it’s costing an extra mil min if I’m Shattenkirk over what I might take to go else where.

    • Shattenkirk is not a top 4 is easily exposed as he was in the Pittsburgh series…$ 5 million tops he is a second pairing power play specialist.

      $ 7 million is what you give to dman like Burns, Doughty, Weber, Letang, Jossi (soon) and Keith.


      • Maybe , you know like Pittsburgh overpaid a walking cast like Letang?

      • nyr4life …your comparing Shattenkirk to Letang…your hockey IQ is zero isn’t it..

      • Burns just got 8 at 32 years of age for 8 years. Ouch. Weber was matched at 14 years in July of 2012 at $7,857,143. Doughty at 7 for 8 years in Sept of 2011. These aren’t comparables. Different cap worlds completely different Dman. What do you think Doughty is getting in 2 years when this contract is up?

        Shattenkirk should get a contract almost identical to Yandles. These are virtually clones of 1 & other except Shattenkirk is 16 months younger.

        Go manipulate these stats.


        As Shattenkirk is a UFA testing the market his salary will be inflated some what because of such. Since entering the NHL 7 years ago Shattenkirk sits 10th in scoring for Dman with 298 points in 490 games, Yandle in that time frame 4th with 325 points in 542 games.

        I wouldn’t give him the money but someone will.

      • Black and gold, would you rather have Letang playing every other game or Shattenkirk? Cmon! Crosby is a head shot away from drooling, Letang is a guy that gets broke fluffing his pillow!!!

        Let’s talk about Letangs strong d game?

  5. i could see a Kreider for Trouba or Falk trade happening at the draft

    • Can’t see that one. Winnipeg does not need forward help. They’ll want another defender and picks for Trouba.

    • Falk yes, Faulk no.
      Also, you’d have to add a lot to Kreider to land Trouba – not saying kreider is any less of a player but his value to Winnipeg isn’t that high. Kreider isn’t the missing piece for Winnipeg – They need a better coach and a better system with a solid experienced goalie.

      • With 2 playoff appearances in franchise history and no rounds won, they should be listening to any and all possibilities!

      • They should be listening, sure. I dont think Kreider is the piece they want though. They are stacked on forward and have a ton of prospects up front as well.
        I’m sure they’ll listen if it is Skjei + Kreider. All i’m saying is that the Rangers won’t get full value for Kreider from a team like Winnipeg, Kreider lands you a lot better return from Minny or Anaheim.

      • Kreider has gotten better every year in the NHL. He has a great contract for a player who scored 28 goals & 53 points this year. 4.625 for 3 more seasons. He looked to be breaking thru this season before he was felled to injury. Still had a great year.

        6’3″, 228 lbs & has 323 NHL regular season games played, he just turned 26 on April 30th. My breakthrough for this player is 400 NHL regular season games played. I draft for 66 points next season if he plays at least 75 games.

        The questions with Kredier aren’t his abilities or skills but his mental game. With age & experience comes a smarter game.

        I don’t see NYR trading Kreider nor do they need to move Hayes or Miller either. NYR is a very good team with a ton of developing NHL players playing in the NHL. Could they use help at D? Yes who couldn’t but at what cost?

    • Ducks could lose an important piece at the Expansion draft. Would a Kreider or Miller make sense to balance a declining Perry?

      • No.

    • And why would Winnipeg be interested in Kreider? They don’t need more wingers/centers they need LD and Goaltending. Doubt that Cheveldayoff has any interest in a Kreider for Trouba deal.

      • I like numerous teams for Trouba in trade but Carolina is well positioned to give Winnipeg exactly what they want. A young future stud left handed Dman even if only defensively & futures, picks & prospects that are expansion draft exempt.

        H. Fleury, draft picks & a prospect. As stated numerous times. Carolina only has 1 protector at D for expansion, Faulk. Slavin, Pesce & Hanafin are all expansion draft exempt.

        They also have room for 2 forwards. Winnipeg can afford to send them 1 of those as well, Copp, Armia or Dano they can’t protect any of them as currently constructed. Unless Enstrom agree’s to waive his NMC or is bought out baring a trade of Myers or Trouba Winnipeg is looking at protecting 4D under the 8 skater option. The forwards being Wheeler, Scheifele, Little & Lowry, the D, Buffy; NMC, Enstrom; NMC, Myers & Trouba.

        Carolina then trades Faulk post expansion draft in some form of package with TB for Drouin. Other assets would have to move for both teams to make this balance out. Given a choice of Faulk or Drouin as always I lean to the Dman but Carolina can afford to lose Faulk even if they didn’t acquire Trouba but again Carolina needs protectors & I assume they will add at least 2 Dman & 1 forward pre expansion. Maybe not the quality of Trouba but they could if they wanted to & certainly have everything to accomplish it if so inclined.

    • Do people have literally no understanding of the Jets ask for Trouba? Comparable young D man. Period. It’s a like for like trade which is why it won’t happen any time soon. He’s still under contract for one more year and then he’s back to RFA and under the Jets control for a while longer. Think they’re in a rush here? lol

      • And how has that ask worked out? About the same as the islanders ask for Hamonic. When he was in the block “Hey I have a great deal for ya, I’ll give you two nickels for a dime?” Lol

        Most teams with a talented young d-man aren’t looking to move him for a talent young d-man. They have plenty of time to sit and wait, but they shouldn’t hold their breath for that kind of deal.

        You know what they say, you can wish in one hand and poop in the other, see which hand fills up first.

      • Exactly which is why the Jets will keep Trouba until exactly the last second they can. Maybe they trade him during the trade deadline the season he’s set to go UFA. They still have him for like 4 more seasons if that’s the case.

      • 3 more… tick tick , tick tock. The point remains…. they’re not getting a dime for 2 nickels. And then they’re pressed to trade him? Again, I’m not saying any specific player. I don’t really do the trade proposal thing. Above was an example and used the words ” a guy like Trouba” not Trouba himself.

        But let’s be realistic, Winnipeg is in no position to not at least consider changing things up. Or fielding offers. What’s the possible worst thing that happens? They make the playoffs? Maybe win a round?

      • Actually Brock Trouba can be a UFA come July 1st of 2020 if he so desires. Upon completion of the remaining year of this deal he declines all overtures from Winnipeg & elects arbitration. He refuses to sign any deal with Winnipeg prior. He elects a 2 year arbitration award & upon completion he becomes a UFA.

        At the trade deadline in 2020 he refuses to resign with any team trying to acquire him in trade. He chooses to auction himself off to the highest bidder come July 1st that summer. How much will he be worth at that trade deadline if that scenario plays out? As a rental he doesn’t return much more than a 1st & a prospect.

        Winnipeg would be far better served to move him long before that scenario plays out. That means between now & next seasons trade deadline.

        Also what about Winnipeg’s protection issues for expansion coming up no later than June 17th? They are not well positioned for expansion. They aren’t the worst but they are top 3. Minnesota is #1, Columbus #2. few other teams have issues like these 3 teams.

      • The expansion draft isn’t a big issue. Best case Enstrom waives his no move. If not, then they risk losing Lowry or Perreault, which sucks but isn’t going to destroy a team with Petan, Dano, Copp, Connor and Roslovic all looking for bigger roles.

        As for Trouba: sure they’re better moving him earlier (assuming he truly has no intention of ever signing long term) but at the same time they’re not going to do it if it means the D takes a giant hit. If anything, the window is next season up to 2020-2021. They have 5 top line players right now, 2 of which are on entry deals. Once the piggy bank opens up, it’s hard to stay competitive. You need great, if not elite, talent on cheap rookie deals and a reasonably priced core around that. Buff, Wheeler, and Little aren’t getting any younger, so the next couple seasons are going to need to be competitive for them or bust.

      • Your still off by a year. Trouba could be a UFA following the 2019-20 season if he so desires. He controls that fate no 1 else. He doesn’t want to be there. The sooner Winnipeg addresses this the better for everyone as he could be resigned this July 1st by the team he’s traded to.

        He’s not resigning in Winnipeg & if push comes to shove he’s going to arbitration next summer taking his 2 year award & Winnipeg will have zero leverage & have to accept a bad trade from which ever team he demands they move him to. No 1’s giving up full compensation for Trouba unless they know they can get him resigned long term. He has marketing aspirations for himself & they don’t exist in Winnipeg.

        Losing Lowry would be a significant loss. This is a monster of a man at C. Something every team covets, he can skate well & in 3 years will be a dominate #2 C behind Scheifele. I don’t see Winnipeg letting this asset go. He will be protected regardless & even then I’m not sure Perreault is the player selected. Armia is far more appealing to me.

      • “He has marketing aspirations for himself & they don’t exist”

        Just made a small edit for you.

        Perreault is way more of a sure bet than Armia but either way it won’t be a huge loss with the forward depth they have. Either they lose a guy like Perreault who has a fairly high salary and often gets injured or they lose Armia who has a high ceiling but hasn’t come close to it yet. Don’t want to lose either guy, but thems the breaks with the expansion draft.

    • You would need more than Kreider to get Trouba but more than that, Winnipeg will want a young defenseman back. Kreider for say, Ryan Murray or an older Jack Johnson? By my assumption, Jack Johnson will be the odd defenseman exposed although a better forward will be selected by Vegas; Karlsson/Calvert/Wennberg if they can’t get Hartnell to waive his NMC

    • nyr4life..your delusional Letang has gotten better in his own zone..i was a big critic he early in his career he was a beast in the Penguins Stanley cup run last year and better than any dman you got period.

  6. In my opinion Oshie is a must for Washington. To be honest both he and Williams had as just as much if not more impact than the players everybody suggests they should keep. I realize that long term the Burakovskys, Backstroms, and Kuznetsovs within their lineup are crucial; however, both of these guys should at least be asked if they are interested in signing again. I thought Oshie showed more balance in his game beyond just offensive output this time around. He’s a keeper!

  7. I see NYR doing very little. I assume Klein will be bought out freeing up almost 2 mil in cap space. NYR will look to trade Fast, Lindberg or both if a market exists pre expansion draft if not 1 will be lost.

    Neither Staal nor Girardi will be bought out to much term remaining. The only problem with either is salary & cap hit but signed in a different cap world. NYR is stuck with both. Most teams rarely buy out a player with more than 1 year remaining except on a few rare occasions or the NHL grants a buyout window like coming out of the last CBA, that’s not happening any time soon.

    NYR will try to resign Smith post expansion draft but before July 1st. What you see in NYR will essentially be the same time in NYR next season. This is a good young team & cup contender as currently constructed.

    • Still does not address their inability to hold late leads and get consistent play from top forwards.
      and Hank let some softones in…

      • Can happen to anyone. We have seen it many times both in the regular season & playoffs. Just off the top of my head in recent playoffs. Toronto against Boston. Boston against Chicago, Edmonton against Anaheim. I could go on & on.

        As I said yesterday. I blame Vigneault. Basically benching Smith & Skjei in the 6-5 OT loss from the 3rd period on was his fault, Vigneault’s no 1 else’s. For me thast cost NYR this series. They outplayed Ottawa in almost every period of every game but lost regardless.

        Unfortunate but no reason to tear it apart. NYR is a young team, lets ee what next season holds for this group. I have them better as all those young players at forward & Skjei will be better. My concern is Lundqvist but he’s bot 2 or 3 good seasons, sufficient seasons in him.

    • Cup contender? NYR? Not sure about that one. But with their blend of veterans and youth they are definitely competitive. I think they are a team needing a re- tool certainly not a rebuild. If they can land a top tier up and coming D man to replace one of the aging people are talking about then yes their contention status improves. And I know I probably shouldn’t say this, but they need to look at the goalie position moving forward as well. Lundqvist was not consistently sharp in my opinion these playoffs. And after all these comments….. you know something the League is so close today that most teams should view themselves as at least building toward contention. Look at Nashville! I hope they hammer the Ducks!

      • Pittsburgh’s D isn’t anything to write home about nor was it last season.

        NYR finshed 5th in the East, 9th in the entire NHL this season. I see them better not worse next season. Not necessarily in standings if that makes any sense, the NHL is getting far more competitive & rankings can swing quite wildly & the difference between 5th in the East & 8th or 9th in the NHL & 12th or 13th could come down to a point or 2.

        As I mentioned yesterday few teams in the NHL have NYR’s playoff success over the last 6 years nor regular season success for that matter. They are retooling on the fly, in a very short period of time they have added, Kredier, Miller, Hayes, Vesey, Buchnevich, Fast, Lindberg, Puempel, Zibanejad & Skjei. None of those players are fully developed yet nor shown their top end at the NHL. Several are very close some are still years away. How much more retooling would you like them to do? That’s 1/2 the team.

      • Jeff Gorton was a great hire by Sather. He did great fop the Bruins during his interim gig. His draft was great that year, so were his other moves. Not sure why they didn’t give him the job full time?
        Doing it again in NY.

  8. All three of the teams Lyle thinks will land Kovalchuk need him to sell tickets. See a pattern here?

    • Bringing in top line talent to non traditional markets helps grow the game increase fans and revenue and creates new breeding pools for NHL talent? I see it too!

    • Winning sells tickets. No 1 wants to watch a loser, stud or not. Kovy is a semi washed up former premadona. I avoid at all costs unless you have no choice. Kovy’s won nothing, nor helped anyone else do so.

      • He is not that at all. Man went home for family reasons. Why do you hate family values? and players rights to sell their services to the people that will give them the best life possible? I would love to see the people who hold these individuals to this ridiculous standard held to same in their life.

      • Sorry I believe in honoring contracts & if you want out of it that carries a penalty something all NHL contracts should carry not just being suspended with out pay or being able to wiggle your way out of them but wanting back following.

        I wasn’t aware Kovy had family issues. I know Datsyuk did. His 13 year old daughter from a previous marriage wouldn’t come to NA & she needed a fathers guidance, or so the story goes.

        I don’t like Kovy, never have, never will. I grant you his skill, 1 of the best pure offensive players to play in the NHL just not my type of player. Not a Russian thing, Datsyuk will go down as 1 of my favorite players of all time & I wish he had completed his final season. Would have made sure to see him at least 1 more time live.

        May have been the best 2 way player to ever play the game. Sublime.

  9. A little off topic here as it relates to yesterday’s rumor and todays news section.
    – Ben Bishop probably signs in Dallas
    – hard to imagine Niemi or Lehtonen being taken by LV

    Should Dallas look at moving Niemi + their 3rd overall for another team’s first with no clear order for picks 3-15?
    For example, the Leafs need a back up goalie and have the cap for Niemi (just my homer dream).
    Possibly the Canucks, sabres, or Vegas as well.

    • That’s an interesting one. I could see something like that going on but I think it wouldn’t be Niemi going, It would be Lehtonen going. He holds the more expensive contract. For the leafs to upgrade from 17 to 3 It would likely be something like Lepsic + 17 for Lehtonen + 3

      • I firmly believe that the Leafs are drafting a defenseman this year.

        You have to wonder if the Leafs would do the following deals

        Liljgren + Lehtonen for Valimaki/Foote + leipsic.

        I don’t know if the gap between those Defenders is large enough for the Leafs to move a LW prospect. LW is the Leafs’ weakest position both roster and prospects.

        On a related note, Almost certain the Leafs would take Foote at 17, they seem to be going all out on former players’ sons. Here’s hoping they can also snag Erickson Ek in round 2

      • Taz you may be on to something. If not Dallas Minny really needs to dump a contract say Pominville and Dman for picks and/or prospects

      • BigBoss is dan39 give it a rest dan

    • The cheaper of the 2 would be the more appealing in cap hit. Significant incentive would need to be added to get someone to take either. A significant swap of picks as you suggested or just including a pick, prospect & or eating some of the cap hit.

      Niemi’s cap hit & salary are 4.5, essentially a 3 mil buy out spread over 2 years.

      Lehtonen’s cap hit 5.9 but actual salary 5, very little difference from Niemi’s buyout, essentially 3.3 mil spread over 2 years.

      It may serve Dallas best to buy out both following the expansion draft as neither is being selected unless Dallas entices Vegas to do so but I assume they will select 1 of Johns, Olelsiak or Nemeth. Dallas is losing 1 of these young Dman not enough room to protect all of them but very little value in trade pre expansion.

      What’s Bishop going to cost to sign? Rumors were Calgary pulled out last summer as he wanted a Lundqvist type contract!

      I’ll go on record today. If Bishop signs in Dallas & Dallas doesn’t make a significant upgrade at D, a solid #2 or a #3 very close to being a solid #2, even with run & gone hockey gone in Dallas & Hitchcock bringing in his attack the puck everywhere defense. Bishops #’s aren’t going to be good. Nominally better than what Dallas has done in net the last 2 years but not even above average for SV% by goalies that have appeared in at least 41 games.

      As I have always maintained what ails Dallas’s goalies has more to do with style of hockey & personal than just the goalies. Hitchcock’s D system will help but not enough quality D nor checking buy the forwards to keep the quality scoring chances they give up in check.

  10. I still believe we should have traded Lundqvist and kept Talbot.

    • Hindsight I agree-But no one could say if Talbot was not successful thanks to the Rangers system.

      Biggest regret is letting Stralman walk-Tampa does not beat the Rangers in Conf finals without Stralman

    • Lundqvist signed his deal on Dec 4 2013. The only problem with the signing was the monies. No goalie should be paid that much money. At the point of that signing Talbot was in his rookie year & had played a total of 7 NHL games in his entire career?

      Over that time frame Lunqvist went to the Stanley cup Finals against LA, the conference finals against TB, lost to Pittsburgh in eventual cup Champions in the 1st round last season, due to the NHL going to this stupid bracket structure & this year lost in the 2nd round to Ottawa.

      Regular season performance over that time frame. 5th in the East, 12th in the entire NHL, 1st in the East & NHL, 4th in the East & 9th in the NHL & 5th in the East & 9th in the NHL.

      They kept the right goalie, they just should have refused to pay him more than 7 mil per, ideally 6.5 for no more than 6 years. The going rate for his peers at that point of signing but again in Dec of 2013 we lived in a run away cap world. The Canadian dollar started it’s decent the summer of 2014 & the cap hit the wall the falling summer in 2015.

  11. My two hot candidates for Kovy are Montreal (if they retain Radulov) and NY Islanders.

    Some secondary candidates are the following: Anaheim, Columbus, Carolina, Nashville, Minnesota, Washington, and TB. The expansion stuff will shuffle the league and might open up good salary scenarios for these teams.

    The other ones mentioned, esp. the Panthers and the Golden Knights do not have assets to offer that would be worth it, especially the GKs (they gonna give NJ next year’s first? Not a chance). Panthers assets are either too valuable or not nearly valuable enough for a deal to make sense.

  12. As much as I’d like the Caps to blow it up and rebuild, they’d be much better off looking at the 2016 Sharks and Pens as inspiration.

    The Sharks opted to retool instead of rebuild and get a new captain.

    The Caps should keep Trotz (unless they can hire Darryl Sutter) and take the C from Ovie. Make him a player on the team, not the focal point of everything on the team.

    They should resign Oshie and Williams and trade Kuznetsov. He’s not a winner. Maybe trade Burakovsky, too.

    Buyout Orpik and replace Shattenkirk with a guy who’s not invisible and over rated.

    Then, look to the way the Pens used AHL guys (Rust, Sheary, Kuhnhackel, etc.) to fill in the rest. If they don’t have good young cheap player in their own system, get them in the trades for Kuznetsov and Burakovsky.

    They need less Euro skill and a bit more grit.

    Use Ovie for what he is, a power play specialist who can make some big hits.

    Get a winger with some jam (think Kreider type) to play with Backstrom and Oshie.

    Free advice. I hope they don’t take it and blow it all up instead, but…my two cents.

    • $10 MILLION a year for the next 4 years is a tad steep for a “PP specialist” and “banger.” Maybe it’s time they see what deals can be made for his final 4 years because, not being able to get beyond the 2nd round in his time there – despite strengthening soft spots here and there along the way – has to be grating on him. A change of scenery for him and whatever players come the other way may be just what the doctored ordered for both teams.

      • Okay, so what does it take to get an Ovie trade done?

      • That would the ultimate definition of a blockbuster involving a team that has enough depth to see Ovie as the ingredient to put them over the hump and prepared to give up a couple of players whose combined cap hits equal or at least come close to the Ovie hit AND which Washington sees as good acquisitions, Extremely unlikely it transpires – but who knows until you explore. One thing is for certain, the pressure on him now in Trump-land will be unbearable moving forward. And all I know is, if I’m the coach of the Caps my $10 mil guy is NOT playing 3rd line minutes.

      • I will take a stab at it and throw one out there.
        Ovie to Ducks.
        Corey Perry and Vatanen to Wash
        Ducks retain some $$ on Perry to make it work.
        Wash gets a D to address loss of Alzner, Ana gets a scorer they need and addresses loss of D in expansion

    • Agreed man like what you said… so glad the Crapitals are out the hockey gods caught up to cheap shots like Beagle Niskanan and Wilson…they play cheap and dirty…

      i think Ovechkin would look great on Kopitar’s or Carters wings in Los Angeles.

      yes i’m a huge Penguins fan…but Ovie needs a change..

      poor capitals..i love Barry Trotz he is a classy ass coach he is not the problem….

      • i hate the capitals team they are cheap, dirty and push limits…i do like Barry trotz he is a good coach….

      • Go away with the juvenile jingoisms – Crapitals, Laffs, Senaturds, Pissburgh – that sort of crap belongs in a schoolyard.

      • Ok King George O how about you go away…. works for me…..

    • Washigton like NYR but not as significantly outplayed Pitts for significant stretches just couldn’t score. Bad luck, bad bounces, great saves by MAF when need & a few questionable coaching decisions. I also think bringing in Shattenkirk was a mistake & may have lingering effects on Carlson’s relationship with the organization, he’s a year from UFA status. This series was a coin toss the better team won.

      Change is coming in Washington. Alzner & Oshie are goners for sure. Simply can’t afford them & numerous teams will pay handsomely for both pricing them out of Was reach. They can probably afford Williams if they choose to bring him back this summer. That’s a #1 pairing Dman lost & probably Washington’s top 2 RW’s that need to be replaced. Nor will Shattenkirk be back. That’s a ton of change in it’s self.

      I agree on Orpik but they probably wait until the following summer. Few teams commit to buying a player out with more than 1 season remaining & I assume Schmidt will be lost in expansion. Was look slocked into the 7, 3 & 1 formula. I assume Grubauer will be traded pre expansion draft. If not he will be lost & Was can retain Schmidt.

  13. I don’t see Kovalchuk as a fit in Carolina.

    Carolina trading Faulk, Slavin, Hanifin, or Pesce for offensive help would go against everything Ron Francis has said since he became GM. It’s a safe bet that he will trade prospects, draft picks and possibly a forward to improve the offense and if that doesn’t work he will go into next year with the team he has before trading his top 4 D.

    Carolina historically doesn’t pursue the top UFA’s but I would not be surprised if they make TJ Oshie an offer.

    I would like to see Carolina make an pre expansion draft deal with Las Vegas that allows them to trade for an additional goaltender (Grubauer or MAF) and follow that up by drafting a goaltender with one of their second round picks.

  14. nyr4life..i agree Letang is brittle as a potatoe chip agreed and maybe a bit overpaid your right but when he is right he is a beast and better than any d-man the rangers have..he has two championship rings how many do the Rangers have? that’s what i thought.

    talk about over pay the Rangers most certainly will over pay Shattenkirk just wait they will give him too much money like they did Rick Nash…

    • Actually they traded for Nash, didn’t sign him! And would I rather have a one dimensional brittle ltir guy like Letang sitting in street clothes watching or Mcdonagh?…….. hmmmmmmm let me think about that?

      Side note, pretty much no matter who they lose in expansion, they won’t have the 7 million to overpay Shattenkirk….. but I’m sure you already knew that like you knew NY didn’t sign Nash! Lmao!

      By some stroke of miracle they lose Girardi (if he waives) or trade him and overpay Shattenkirk, win win!

      You really have to take off those glasses!

      • He may get his 3rd ring this year!!!! Watching from home! Mike Rupp has a championship ring…. I guess he’s better than Ovechkin!

      • yeah how did that trade for rick nash workout?

    • NYR has 4 Stanley Cups.

  15. Lyle or anyone.

    Does anyone know if playoff games count towards the games played requirement for forwards & D in the expansion draft. Teams are to expose 1 Dman & 2 forwards that have played at least 40 games last season or 70 in the 2 prior combined.

    I know playoff games don’t count towards arbitration eligibility, games played for determining years to UFA status etc. but the NHL hasn’t provided much clarity on any of these issues.

  16. If a Karl Alzner is a goner?!?!

    Are the Leafs a target for his services?

    • Ken I doubt it, if you listen to Babcocks interview with Dreger. Babcock hints that the Leafs are going with Euro free agents. Philip Holm and Calle Rosen and a couple of others that Babcock wouldn`t divulge. The 2 Swedish signings are supposed to be announced at the conclusion of the worlds

  17. Hmmm..

    Interesting Yogi !


    Hopefully a shutdown defenseman an appear …
    I will research your mentioned names !

    • nyr4life 1994 was a long time ago…and you had to get an Oiler legend in messier to help you do it…

      oh those memories of 1994…last time the rangers were relevant..

      who was their goalie Bill Clinton?