NHL Rumor Mill – May 18, 2017

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Could the Detroit Red Wings revisit their rumored interest in Anaheim Ducks defenseman Cam Fowler this summer?

Latest on the Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs plus an update on Kevin Shattenkirk in your NHL rumor mill.

DETROIT FREE PRESS: In two recent mailbag segments, Helene St. James replied to readers’ questions over possible offseason moves by the Detroit Red Wings. She believes it’ll cost more than the Wings’ first-round selection (ninth overall) to pry defenseman Cam Fowler out of the Anaheim Ducks.

The Wings are looking to upgrade on defense and must decide what they’ll pay to land one, which could cost up to a high-end prospect or young player. If former Red Wings blueliner Brendan Smith hits the open market on July 1, she suspects they could try to bring him back to Detroit. She also wouldn’t be shocked if Steve Ott returns, though that’ll depend upon who they lose via the expansion draft. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Wings were linked to Fowler in last summer’s trade rumors, but I think we can rule out the possibility that he’ll  be on the trade block this year. He’s eligible for unrestricted free agency next July but they appear keen to re-sign him.

Still, I think the Wings could target the Ducks or the Minnesota Wild to address their blueline needs. Both clubs risk losing a blueliner in the expansion draft. Perhaps they’ll also speak with the Carolina Hurricanes and Nashville Predators. Upgrading their blueline, however, will be costly, as the asking price could be their first-round pick in this year’s draft plus one of their promising forwards. 

THE WASHINGTON POST: Isabelle Khurshudyan recently reported it seems unlikely the Washington Capitals can afford to re-sign defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk, who’s eligible for unrestricted free agency in July. The Capitals have 11 players eligible for free agency (six restricted free agents) and have limited cap space. Shattenkirk skated on the Capitals third-pairing but seeks a top-pairing role. Free-agent speculation links him to the New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils. The expansion Vegas Golden Knights could provide him that role as well as a desirable amount of money.

 SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t see the Capitals re-signing Shattenkirk. The Rangers could pursue him but they could also explore the trade market first. The Golden Knights could certainly give Shattenkirk the money and role he wants but he could prefer playing in the Eastern Conference. 

THE ATHLETIC: James Mirtle believes the Toronto Maple Leafs could have sufficient salary-cap space (around $15 million) once everyone is signed to pull off a big move in an offseason where some teams could be desperate to shed salary. He believes the Leafs need a high-end right-shot defenseman, a fourth-line center if Brian Boyle departs via free agency, a backup goalie if they don’t re-sign Curtis McElhinney, depth on defense and a possible long-term left winger.

Mirtle suggests perhaps going after a right wing via free agency (such as Alex Radulov, T.J. Oshie or Justin Williams) in order to shift William Nylander to center. Or perhaps adding Patrick Eaves to bolster the left wing. Or adding Martin Hanzal or Sam Gagner to replace Boyle. Whoever they add, Mirtle advocates bringing them in on short-term deals.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Mirtle observes, the Leafs are sitting in a good spot this summer, as that cap space gives them some interesting options to consider. I expect they’ll make a significant move this summer to improve their blueline depth. They must ensure, however, that they don’t burn up too much long-term cap room. They’ll need that to re-sign Nylander, Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner to new contracts over the next couple of years. 



  1. Detroit kind of reminds me of LA. They maintained a false sense of competition by being loyal to players that ended up handcuffing the team and ultimately led to their fall from grace. As long as those expensive long-term contracts are in place a full rebuild can’t happen.

    As for the Leafs, I don’t think moving Nylander to center is the best idea. The team already has three centers who each earned 50+ points (Bozak, Matthews, Kadri) and neither of those play the wing. Re-signing Boyle would be great.

    • I agree, Detroit tried to hang on to long.

      Nylander will eventually move to C. I assume as soon as Bozak moves on which may be very close at hand. He is a UFA the following summer & no need to bring him back nor will Toronto be able to afford to do so at that time.

      Isn’t the #4 slot the best way to move Gauthier into the NHL full time? In his brief NHL career he has been good in the faceoff circle & saw decent minutes on the penalty kill. His leg injury is untimely but he should be ready & fit to play by sometime in Nov. I’d just bring in a cheap stop gap depth player to buy time till Gauthier can start his NHL career.

    • Absolutely right. The problem with Detroit is that they were too mediocre for too long. While the streak was amazing to watch, in this league during the cap era it’s almost impossible to get by without one of those top picks in the draft. By consistently making the playoffs (and a lot of times, just barely) you are guaranteeing middle to late first rounders. Add that into the contracts that were handed out to some of the veteran guys and it’s a recipe for disaster. It sucks, but in order to get ahead you need to tank. Look at Edmonton, after years of dwelling at the bottom and receiving multiple #1 picks, one finally landed and instantly they are a playoff team that looks like they will be a deep western contender for years to come

  2. If the Leafs move Nylander to center then they could move Bozak to the fourth line for a year until Gauthier’s ready and they wouldn’t need to bring in a Ganger or anyone else. At right wing they already have Marner, Brown, Kapanen and Shoshnikov.

    I think the Leafs should spend big on Shattenkirk and either trade or let JVR go after next year. Shattenkirk has almost exactly the same pts/game over the past 3 years as JVR and he also fills a top four D role. JVR will cost 6+ million to resign and another top 4 D will at least cost 4. Shattenkirk fills both roles for only 7 mil. Plus there would be no need to give up player assets to get Shattenkirk.

    If the prospect pool is used efficiently and other expensive aging assets are let go or traded there’s no reason why they can’t fit Shattenkirk in and resign Marner, Matthews and Nylander to long term deals.

    • Shattenkirk helps the power play but doesn’t really play much d. Don’t think he’s what the Leafs really need. Plus he has not expressed very much interest in going to Toronto. Looks like he wants NYR or BOS. Not a great fit for TO.

      • Agreed Brettzky……if anyone pays more than $5 million a year For Shattenkirk that’s a bad investment Kevin is barley a top 4 d-man in this league but he is a great power play guy…but

      • Toronto had the 2nd best PP in the regular season. It struggled in the playoffs but they did play Washington who’s PK is 1 of the best in the league at least before Alzner got injured in the playoffs & with all that youth nerves had to play a role.

        & I sure hope Shattenkirk doesn’t end up in Bos. Not needed, Bos already has Krug & he’s getting better defensively every year & still 1 year away from being fully developed at the NHL level having only played 322 NHL regular season games. He was semi late getting to the NHL coming out of 3 years of University & undrafted & signing as a UFA.

        I have my fingers crossed Boston gets Brodin. My 1st choice factoring in all variables. Age contract status, salary, development, etc. but they will have to outbid about 6 to 8 other teams pre expansion draft to do so.

    • The Leafs need to stay far away form Shattenkirk. We need a solid defensive defenseman not someone as porous as Shattenkirk.
      I’d rather have JVR and figure out during the year. There is a possibility he signs for 5M/year IMO, he hasn’t shown himself to be a 6M or 7M guy yet.

      Secondly, Gauthier should be given 4th line duties for now, no need to sign a UFA who are generally overpriced.
      Eaves would be a good addition.

      • JvR has very similiar production to Marchand. He is a year younger. JvR has played 528 NHL regular season games scoring 164 goals & 339 point. Marchand 534 games played, 192 goals & 374 points. JVR for me takes a longer development curve due to his massive frame 6’3″ 215 lbs to Marchand’s 5’9″ 180 lbs, simple physics for me. It takes longer to grow into your body & develop physically. This was the 1st time in Marchand’s career he has ever been deployed on the #1 PP in Boston, he fought to even get 2nd line PP time under Julian as he was so effective defensively & penalty killing.

        JvR should get very close to 6 mil per give or take long term. If I’m TO I gladly do so. This is 1 of the best offensive LW’s in the game today & he has great size as well. He finished 7th in scoring at LW this year. He doesn’t bring many other attributes, he doesn’t hit or block shots is some what soft defensively but 25 to 30 goals scores that can put up 55 to 60 points don’t grow on tree’s & this position is a weakness in Toronto’s system.

      • Ben Smith was just resigned to have 1 of the 2 forwards required to be exposed in the expansion draft, Fehr being the other. At D Marchenko or Marincin meet the requirement. Smithe just hit 40 games last season & he or Fehr can stop gap until Gauthier is ready to return & take on the 4th line C role.

        Neither Fehr or Smith are being selected.

        Few teams are as well positioned for the expansion draft as Toronto. They protect 7F, 3D & 1G. I assume TO will add a Dman prior to the expansion draft from 1 of the teams with to many exposing Carrick as well as only Reilly & Gardner are protectors from the remaining group. Zaitsev being exempt.

      • @Taz you`re right about Shattenkirk, Gauthier was injured in the playoffs, so he`ll be with the marlies when he gets back sometime in Nov. If JVR, who says he really wants to stay, asks for 6 or more they`ll trade him to Minny, (Dumba, Pomminville +)

    • First I’ve heard that the Leafs might bring in a “Ganger”.
      Wondering which club they will get that “Ganger” from. Maybe from the Bloods or Crips? Perhaps MS-13?

    • The Leafs should absolutely not get Shattenkirk. Don’t get me wrong as a frequent fantasy league GM I like drafting him because he is reliable in terms of stat categories, but he has not shown himself to be a #1 franchise player and that is how he is expecting to be paid, thanks in part to an overall underwhelming UFA pool. The Leafs need to maintain cap flexibility because the big three rookies will earn considerably more within a few years. Plus the team needs to look for defensive minded defensemen, not offensive ones. Reilly, Gardiner, and Zaitsev give us good production from the point.

    • Then who plays LW in Tor if JvR is moved?

      If I’m Toronto I avoid Shattenkirk. Gardner & Zaitsev played solid PP minutes for Tor & Reilly could if ever given the chance. Toronto needs a Dman like Alzner in the UFA market or in trade a Dman that has a solid 2 way game like a Brodin, Savard, etc. Even Vatanen although not big plays a fairly sound 2 way game but leans to driving offense & plays a transitional game that would help Toronto’s fast young forwards greatly. Like most European Dman he’s never going to punish anyone but he’ll block his lanes & tie players up.

      I see Anaheim & Toronto going back to the well. They have what each other needs pre expansion draft. Anaheim a Dman to spare & Toronto futures, Anaheim can afford to take back 1 protectable forward but has to have a low cap hit; Brown?, & futures, picks or prospects.

      • Striker, why do you think european players respectively dmen hit or push less than the north american players?
        According to TSN about 75% of the nhl players are north americans and about 25% are european (including Russia).
        21 players in the top 100 in hitting and 24 in the top 100 blocked shots this regular season are europeans.
        And as a Bruin fan you should know which two european dmen played a significant role with their hitting and shot blocking winning the cup for your Big Bad Bruins 😉

    • Shattenkirk was a disaster for the Caps. No way you sign that guy. Leafs don’t need more offense. They need people to keep the puck out of the next.

      • Yes he is & his deployment originally with Orpik was a disaster. Orpik didn’t have the foot speed to cover for all the chances Shattenkrk takes when deployed with a safety net he is 1 of the leagues best offensive Dman & numerous teams are in need of his skill set just ideally non of the teams I like. Shockingly including TO now. Ha-ha!

        What’s not to like in TO. The future looks incredibly bright. What Shanahan & co have accomplished is amazing. Hired a little over 3 years ago going into his 4th draft. A thing of beauty.

  3. The leafs need a couple of bangers on defence. Gardner is afraid to get dirty but he is a so so stick checker.you have to have stay at home defence men that are willing to clear the front of the net and resist the temptation of puck watching.shattenkirk is a WUS,forget him.

    • I think Alzner is the type of player you are talking about. I could not agree more.

    • I agree, Alzner would be a great fit but would require a ton of money to play that role; 5+ long term, not sure that’s the best use of monies for Toronto.

      Resign Polak post expansion draft & Zaitsev has showed a willingness to play that role as well as drive offense. He was 2nd to Polak for hits with 176; 13th in the entire NHL for Dman, & lead the team in blocked shots with 136; 42nd. He finished 3rd in rookie D scoring in the NHL & tied for 39th over all & people didn’t like his contract why?

      Toronto needs help at D but another solid 2 way Dman that leans slightly more to a transitional; Vatanen good contract & term as well, game may serve their needs best. Reilly & Zaitsev are signed long term but Gardner only has 2 years left to UFA status & will be seeing a substantial raise in 2 years. Just coming into his peak years having just played 407 NHL regular season games & turning 27 in July. The best is still yet to come it starts next year. 12 to 15 goals & 50 to 55 points putting him comfortably in the top 10 for D scoring in the NHL. May even break into the top 5, he will be very close & his defensive game has taken leaps & bounds as he’s developed.

  4. Based on the fact they’ve gone so deep in the playoffs this year, the Sens might well be in the mix along with Toronto and Detroit for either available UFAs or possible trades on D. Right now they have $64,978,333 committed to 19 players leaving them with 8,021,667 to spend AND, if Methot is drafted by Las Vegas – as some are suggesting – that frees up another $4,900,000 giving them 12,921,667 and a big Top 2 hole to fill. Two RFAs will eat into that with Pageau and Dzingel upping their cap hits from $900,000 and $750,000 respectively – and considerably so in Pageau’s case. Another RFA – Jokipaka – likely won’t even be tendered a qualifying offer based upon their depth on D with the emergence of Harpur and the arrival of Chabot added to Wideman, Borowiecki and Claesson. Among the UFAs, they will likely bring back Stalberg ($1.5 mil) and Pyatt ($800,000) both of whom will receive marginal increases. Wingels $1,732,550), Neil ($1,500,000) and Kellyt ($900,000) won’t be back.

    It all depends on who LV actually drafts – but if I were McPhee I’d grab Claeson after seeing the way he’s performed in the playoffs. He’s just 24 with decent size (6′ and 205 lbs) and skating ability and could be a rock on their D for years to come. Methot won’t.

    • I just wonder if Ottawa protects 8 skaters and leaves B. Ryan unprotected. With a $7.25 mill cap hit until 2022 I really don’t know if the Knights pick him. Also if by chance the Knights do pick him, would Ottawa really be that upset loosing that bad contract?

      • If that plays out & I’m McPhee I take Ryan happily salary or not.

    • Wishful thinking George. Methot has a ton of value in trade over the next 2 years & would help anchor what will be a solid D especially depth wise. Vegas will be looking to parlay that depth in the future; years, as those players approach UFA status. Vegas is going to have a ton of very tradable Dman coming out of expansion. No studs but a ton of 5/6 guys solid NHL Dman; the McQuads Methot’s, & K. Miller’s of the world, & bunch with top 4 potential as many will be in the 23 to 24 range like Cleasson, that other teams will willingly trade for. The 1 area of this expansion that never existed prior & going to be fascinating to see how this plays out.

      If Methot’s; not traded prior, on the board, unless Ottawa pays Vegas to select Claesson & the return would have to be substantial as getting a solid 1st round pick & prospect for Methot in the next year is easily achievable in trade, especially post expansion when team will have holes to fill & at D that need never goes away simply not enough to go around.

      Cleason is playing under 14 mins a night as a #6 Dman playing 2 out of every 3 games. Solid work for a 24 year old rookie Dman but he isn’t getting selected over Methot, see above. Drafting a team in expansion is all about asset management & when approaching teams not all things are equal. Taking A Lindbohm from say a StL makes sense long term but it boils down to assets available today. To me that is StL best asset available but the fact he fits Vegas’s long term needs is secondary. Claesson isn’t nor is he even the 2nd best asset Ottawa may have on the board, that would be Dzingel.

      • Oh I admit it’s wishful-thinking. But Dorion has pulled a few rabbits out of the hat recently and there’s no reason to think he hasn’t – or can’t – work out a pre-draft deal

      • It’s certainly possible George all a question of cost. It wouldn’t be cheap. Would you let them select Dzingel, add in Cleasson & a 1st this year to retain Methot? That 1st is going to be no better than 26th.

  5. Babcock already said that Nylander will continue playing RW next year.
    & with Babcock recently in Nashville to watch Nashville take a 2-1 lead in the series, I’m hoping that D man Manson caught his eye. I’d love to see the Leafs swing a deal to acquire Manson; he’s young, a RH shot, big, fast & can hit. He is their best D man option.
    For the 100’th time, no to Shattenkirk.

    • “For the 100th time, no to Shattenkirk”, I couldn’t agree more!Good call Greg.

      • I agree with both of you, no to Shattenkirk in TO. I see Anaheim protecting Manson for expansion as 1 of 3 Dman protected. No other Dman like them on the team or in the system.

        It will require Bieksa agreeing to waive his NMC or being bought out should he decline & trading Vatanen pre expansion draft or except losing him to Vegas. I assume trading prior to the expansion draft will be easy & the return substantial.

      • Only the dumbest GM would sign Shattenkirk. He was supposed to be the missing piece for the Caps Stanley Cup aspirations. Instead he ended up being their Achilles heel. He was exposed by the Leafs and Pens as being completely useless defensively.

      • Yes he was but his offensive accumen will have appeal to numerous teams happily willing to pay him. Not the least of which is Buf & NJ & apparently even TB. Sure glad that deal didn’t go down.

        It’s not that I don’t want a Shattenkirk depending upon which team I am. If Yzerman can get him signed as a UFA for 5 years in or around 5 mil per all good. Any more monies or term & no thank you, similiar situation in NYR. If I’m Shattenkirk I would go to NJ but I would want 8 years at 7 no 1 willingly chooses NJ unless over paid significantly. Buffalo if Shattenkirk I might take 6 at 6 a solid up & coming team & so on.

    • @Greg Nylander before the end of next season will be playing centre, Babcock had him taking some of the draws at the end of yr. and in the playoffs. So he`ll be playing centre sooner than you think. If you`ve been watching Anaheim in the playoffs, you`ll see he`s a 3rd pairing guy on a good team. Unless you get him dirt cheap, I sure wouldn`t trade JVR for him, not after watching him in the playoffs. Rosen plays the right side, I`d be giving him a look see first before Manson. Dumba a way better investment, younger and a lot more room for growth. If you just want some muscle then resign Polak, but definitely no Shattenkirk, even at 5 mill/yr

      • It would take nylander to get Manson quit making the dumb overrated leafs trades up

  6. This is exactly what I wanted the Leafs to do! Sign more defencemen without making a ton of trades to do so! Borgman; rookie of the year in the Swedish Elite League! Great signing; another boy amongst men being groomed by Babcock! Love it!

    • I like the Borgman signing as well. 2 years in the AHL to adjust to NA & the NHL game & TO should have a solid D prospect coming down the road who plays a sound defensive game, only 6’0″ tall but a solid frame at 205 lbs.

      Numerous European Dman sneak thru with out being drafted due to the odd development program in place. They play for so many different teams in this structure which must be challenging. Teammates are in constant flux. Playing on 3 to 5 differently constructed teams a year is common place as they play in a bunch of tournament formats & the Europeans us a 3 to 1 practice to games played development system so they play far less games than in Canada’s JR program even nominally less then the US’s USHL program.

  7. Leafs are likely talking to the Ducks, the Wild and Canes about a Dman. The Wild are in a bind so there’s potential there. Radulov and Oshie are likely both looking for $5.5-6 per season with term. Don’t see the Leafs wanting to pay that for either of them

    • I just don’t see how Oshie or Williams fit in… they are both really good players and the leafs would be lucky to get them but there is a log jam at RW, Nylander, Marner, Brown, Soshnikov, Kapanen, Komarov can play RW, Hyman is a natural RW converted to LW polus they have Bracco and Lindberg in the system.
      They should be looking at an affordable LW, unfortunately not much out there this year. Old hands like Vanek, Sharp and Marleau come to mind but I dont see the last two wanting to sign in Toronto (or be affordable for that matter).

      • @Taz..I wasn’t suggesting Oshie or Radulov as potential signings. I like both of them too but not sure if either are on the Leafs radar or not. There biggest need is on defense. Alzner as a UFA, along with a trade with either the Ducks or the Wild has potential. Shattenkirk? Pass..Let somebody else overpay

      • Right on Joey.
        It’s definitely going to be an exciting few weeks, as a fan I would be bitterly disappointed if the Leafs do not come out of this with at least one impact D being traded for.
        I hope they hang on to their first round pick and select Foote unless it is absolutely necessary to move.

      • @ Taz. Callan Foote would be a great choice for the Leafs if he’s still available when they select and he’s on Mark Hunters radar

  8. I think the Leafs should go after a Gagne or Hanzal. Not saying it will happen but odds are that at least one of their rookies this past season will have a sophomore slump this upcoming season.
    Also 2 others that the Leafs should go after, if they can afford them, is Alzner and Shattenkirk. Although from what I have heard is that Alzner is asking way to much for what he does. I think I read somewhere that he is asking for Brent Burns type money. I could be wrong on that though.

    • Alzner, definitely. Shattenkirk, hell no.

      If the Sens lose Methot to expansion (agree with George that it could be Claeson), They could strongly pursue Alzner as a replacement. With Chabot coming, that would be one of the best defense cores in the league.

      • Good call Van. Alzner would be a great fit in Ottawa. Methot played exceptionally well last night.

      • I understand not wanting Shattenkirk. One has to wonder why St. Louis turned things around after they traded Shattenkirk at the deadline. Also I have heard that a number of GM’s have the opinion that Shattenkirk is over rated by the media and is a second pairing defence man, not a number one pairing guy.

      • Shattenkirk has always been weak in his own end but had the opportunity to play within a system that had some excellent defenders.
        Most of his time was spent playing with one of the more underrated shut down d-men, Gunnarson.

        There is no doubt about his playing ability but he is someone who needs a solid defenseman playing along side him, he would thrive with a solid 1st line partner like a Suter, Keith, McDonough or Vlasic. Some of his downfall has to be credited to the mid season swap in systems from st.Louis to Washington. He had only two targets in St. Louis, Senko or the net, too many options in Washington.

      • StL turned it around almost a month prior to Shattenkirk being traded. It started the day Hitchcock was fired & the changes subtle but Allen’s adjustment to the new system a revelation. They want from a man to man D system; attack the puck everywhere, to a zone coverage system; contain a player to the outside. It worked wonders.

        It also allowed Edmundson a far greater role. His ice time & role increased significantly & apparently he’s going to be a solid future top 4 Dman & he will now be their #3 protector at D, Parayko being exempt.

        Edmundson was drafted & developed perfectly. Selected 46th in 2011. StL maxed out his Major Jr eligibility then he played 2 full season in the AHL before becoming an NHL regular in sheltered minutes finally moving into a top 4 role when Shatty was traded.

        Their are a ton of Dman just like this in numerous systems in the NHL some that haven’t yet even had their real NHL chance & these are the players Vegas will be grabbing where able; able beinmg if teams don’t have a better asset available. StL has another in Lindbohm drafted 176th in 2012 a year later than Edmundson but right on the cusp of becoming an NHL regular under the same devlopment curve, I take him before Gunnarson as he’s 7 years younger.

      • Almost 6 years after being drafted by StL; Edmundson that is. This is a very common development path for NHL Dman, the vast majority actually & the reason we can’t fully write of a Dman like Pouliot although his inability to be getting sheltered minutes in the NHL drafted a year after a player Like Edmundson as yet is a significant concern. Well that & the fact Edmundson can play defense & Pouliot can’t seem to figure out his defensive responsibilities.

      • Shattenkirk has been overrated by the media for the last two years now. The reason for that is every team realizes the need for a top-pairing defenseman, preferably one that can move the puck/score but also lock down the opponents top line. All the guys that can do that are locked down – there is no one left and no one available that is that guy. Shattenkirk got the blessing of not being extended by his team and hitting FA when there just isn’t any of that guy on the market so the media is painting him as “that” guy simply since he’s the best available. He’s a second pairing, top PP unit player

    • Leafs need Alzner more than Shattenkirk, the latter did not impress me at all in the playoffs. They already have puck moving defenders. Alzner is a good shut down guy and can move the puck when needed. Who here is as impressed as I am with the play of Ryan Ellis? Wow, he is effective!

    • No but he will want Orpik, Petry, Sekera, Dekeyser type money, 5+ per long term. That’s a ton of money to tie up in this type of Dman. Is he worth twice as much as what Boston paid K. Miller? A contract most here hated! He’s better but 3 mil per better? Resign Polak for 2 million & be happy, spend those monies on JVR.

    • @Kevjam just resign Boyle if you want a centre. Definitely disagree on Hanzel and Shattenkirk, neither is needed and Alzner would be a good choice, but the term and salary will be to long and too high for Toronto

  9. Yep Detroit had better get Ott signed July 1st before someone else scoops him up, they should look to bring back D. Miller, & Cleary, lock them up 2 before it’s to late, it was to late about 5 years ago. Where would Detroit be with out these players. Ha-ha! I like Holland but time for a fresh perspective in Detroit. The game has passed him by & his current player personal decisions are tarnishing a great career.

    Step aside. No more Abdlekader 7 year 4.25, Helm 5 year 3.85, Nielsen 6 year 5.25, etc. Time to pass the torch, you are painting Detroit into a brutal corner that will take years to unravel.

  10. What happened to “ken Holland is a genius” ??? Didn’t the “genius” dole out those deals? Much like his disciple hamstrung TB with those deals to Callahan, Garrison and Coburn.

    • Holland was a genius & if he hangs them up soon he can retain that praise but no team was positioned worse for the 2012-13 lock out & the ramifications of signings prior to the implementation of that CBA & it’s new rules.

      Factor in the losses of Lidstrom, Rafalski & Stuart in the blink of an eye with nothing in place to replace them & what you see is what you get. Holland’s loyalty is admirable but is antiquated. Signing Abdelkader, Helm & Neilsen considering their ages & abilities for those monies & terms are mistakes.

      Holland needs to let go, the game is passing him by & he’s not adapting or accepting the realities of today’s game. Move into another role with Detroit not in hockey operations & his legacy is secure. A future Hall of Famer.

      Things change George, we all get old & our abilities decline, it’s accepting that which is hard.

      • Holland a great “No Cap” GM… Terrible Salary Cap GM.

      • Agree it’s time for Holland to move on. Ton of respect though, as we should.
        In many ways a victim of his success. If you are drafting late for 25+ years, it has to catch up to you. It catches up to everybody in that position, just usually sooner. He had a little luck along the way, but he is responsible for developing a European scouting structure that is now copied by the entire NHL, which is how they found the elite talent late before the rest of the league caught on.
        By all accounts a class act as well.

      • He did fine from the 2004-05 lock out to the 2012-13 even won a cup in 2007-08 but the rules got really tight & he refused to adapt showing far to much loyalty to the players that carried Detroit to many of those glory years.

        Losing Rafalski after 2010-11 & Lidstrom & Stuart in 2011-12 was devastating. His accommodating Stuart’s request to move to the west coast was admirable. Not sure anyone could overcome those loses that quickly. I would have started the tear down & rebuild following Lidstrom’s retirement.

  11. After reading an article on tsn.ca about the Wild it got me thinking about the whole goalie situation. Would it be realistic if the Wild trade Dubnik, who has a M-NTC (lists 19 team he can be traded to) for at least a first round pick (they do not have a pick in the first 2 rounds of this years draft) then turn around and trade a d-man for say Fluery? The Wild need to do something and I am thinking that they just may need to bring in a proven playoff performing goaltender. This also helps them in the expansion draft. Any thoughts?

    • No. Dubnyk isn’t what ailed Minny in these playoffs. Due to this stupid bracket formula they drew a StL team that was 1 of the best in the NHL after the coaching change in almost any catagory you look at. They should have played Calgary in the 1st round not StL. 2 plays 7.

      Dubnyk had a .925 SV%, Minnesota just couldn’t score.

      Trade a Dman for futures, players & picks that are expansion draft exempt, keep Dubnyk. Nor can Pittsburgh protect another Dman, they are locked into 8 skaters now with Letang, Schultz, Dumoulin & Maatta. I assume the 4th keeper at forward is Hornqvist if not then Rust. Crosby, Malkin & Kessel are locks.

      • Yeah, I didn’t mean to sound like I was blaming Dubnyk for the Wilds first round exit. I was just thinking that they need a shake up, trade a d-man for the expansion draft, and get a first or second round pick for this year.

      • I’m not a proponent of tearing it apart as you lost in the 1st round or came up short. Change is coming in Minnesota regardless. No team is more poorly positioned for expansion. That said Minnesota can afford the lose a player as painful as that might be.

        Pominville gets bought out. His NMC is problematic & no 1’s taking those final 2 years at a cap hit of 5.6 per. The buy out is 2/3rd’s of 10 mil spread over 4 years, approx 1.6 per freeing up 4 mil in cap space & a protector spot for expansion.

        Minnesota moves Brodin in trade pre expansion draft taking back expansion draft exempt assets. Numerous teams will pay huge pre expansion to secure Brodin. They then protect 7F, 3D & 1G. Exposing Scandella & potential pay Vegas to pass on him. Adding a sweetener or trading him as well. Failing that losing Scandella is unfortunate but not earth shattering.

        Minnesota has a ton of young players playing in the NHL now, Coyle, Zucker, Niederreiter, Granlund & Dumba. All can be protected in the above scenario. They also have the best prospect system in the NHL today according to the Hockey News Future watch by players not yet in the NHL. Eriksson Ek; 5th, Kaprisov; 13th, Kunin; 16th, Greenway; 36th, & Tuch; 45th. All in the top 45 & they have others, Reilly, Olafsson; if I’m Vegas I take him over Scandella but I get Minny to pay a premium on passing on Scandella to do so, etc.

  12. Vegas will want to make a statement right away. Shattenkirk won’t be able to turn down the biggest contract of his life.

    That being sad, he will be the most overpaid d-man that they could ever sign. If McPhee has the brains, he’ll build the team without any ridiculous contracts until it finds its core.

    • They won’t be making that statement.

      Shattenkirk’s best landing spot if he wants to be in the North East are NJ or Buffalo. I don’t buy any of these NYR rumors at least not from NYR’s perspective. If Shattenkirk is dead set on signing in NYR the he will have to take come form of discount like Hamhuis took in his prime to go to Vancouver. He left 1.5 on the table in Phlly to sign in Vancouver.

      5 years at 5 & NYR would be happy to have him. 5.5 & they might be able to make it work, any more than 6 & it’s a non starter.

      • Agreed Striker N.J Buffalo good spots for Shattenkirk..

    • If I’m Vegas & wish to make a statement there will be several other ways to achieve it than over paying for an offensive Dman like Shattenkirk. I due so in the UFA market; a big name UFA like say an Oshie, or in the expansion draft; a player like Ryan if exposed by Ott, or in trade following the expansion draft with a team looking to solve serious cap issues.

      Vegas can ride the novelty of being new for 2 to 3 years. They are also unique in that there is a huge transit population being the entertainment & trade show capital of America & people like me will attend games when in Vegas as opposed to other show options. Like some I don’t go to gamble but for weather, golf & the night life.

      • Love Vegas for all those reasons. Food is pretty dam amazing there as well.

      • I go to people watch as much as anything. Great place to spend 3 nights, in on a Thursday out on a Sunday, air fair is cheap & most of the casino’s resorts will pay your air fair & accommodation under specific scenario’s. I pay as I don’t really gamble so I don’t meet the criteria but my friends do.

  13. I believe the Wings will try hard to get that top pair defenseman that they seek. Fowlwer/Vaatinenm, Trouba, Brodin, or even Faulk from Carolina.

    The Jets could use a left side stay at home defensman and a goalie to work with their future starter. I could see a starting discussion with Howard, Ericcson, and Sheehan in a deal for Trouba and the other goalie. I do believe there will be other prospects/picks going to Winnipeg in the offer.

    With Anaheim or Carolina the talks would start with Nyquist or Tatar plus in a deal for a defenseman.

    I am not sure what Minny would need for one of their defensemen.

    Calgary could also be a good fit for Howard. If Calgary resigns Elliot cheap enough, meaning, no raise, he could work quite well with Howard. In this one, I am not sure there would be anything more than picks/prospects going to Detroit.

    I don’t see Detroit trading their #1 draft pick unless….it is in a deal for a super stud defenseman or in a package that moves them up in the draft.

    • As George would say, that’s like a Leafs’ fan’s proposal……Here is our garbage and this massive contract for this Stud dman, plus some unnamed picks/prospects….but you can’t have our #1 pick. Terrible, terrible trade for the jets.

      Nyquist’s value couldnt be any lower right now, Tater too was worth a lot more this time last year.

      • As a Detroit fan I would love that deal… It’s not happening. Fowler is not the answer for Detroit. I think Fowler has had a brutal playoff. He looks nothing like a #1 dman. My thoughts only.
        Detroit needs to unload Neilsen, Ericsson, Howard. They would need to eat salary or entice another team to take on those deals by adding picks etc. The rebuild is here, commit to it!

      • You need not worry. Fowler isn’t available. Yeah 7 points in 10 games returning early from a knee injury; Giordano should have been suspended for that knee on knee hit, playing almost 5 min more a night than any other Dman in Anh against the others team best players taking the hardest assignments.

        Not only is he a Anaheim’s #1 he has been for years, he’s 1 of the best in the NHL & what’s truly amazing is he just turned 25 in December, meaning he’s just now entering his prime being fully developed; 494 NHL regular season games, by NHL standards & will play for another decade + at this level.

        No he doesn’t hit people but he willingly blocks shots, ties up his checks & plays a very smart game positionally. His similarities to Lidstrom & Bourque & how they played are almost identical he even looks like them on the ice. He will have a very similar career.

        Anaheim has been a serious cup contender almost his entire time in Anaheim & he’s a huge reason logging more minutes than any player on that team almost that entire time.

    • I like Carolina as a fit for Trouba. Right on the cusp of greatness. Picks, prospects & cap space galore. Fleury, a 1st & 2nd & they can pick 1 solid prospect from a solid group not Roy or Gauthier. Hell add another 1st or 2nd round pick if required as well.

      I’d ask for 1 of the forwards back as well that Winnipeg can’t protect. Armia, Copp or Dano. Carolina is 1 protector short at forward; their 7th is currently Di Giuseppe & he’s not a protector, & 2 protectors short at D. The only protector Carolina currently has at D under the 7F, 3D & 1G scenario is Faulk unless Murphy is a protector, he’s not for me. Slavin, Hanafin & Pesce are all expansion draft exempt.

      Once I have secured Trouba from Winnipeg in trade, I trade Faulk in a package to TB for Drouin.

  14. I know this relates to one of yesterday’s topics, but better chance it’ll be seen here than yesterday’s page.

    Friedman’s comments about Fleury’s value are based on his assessment of Pittsburgh’s asking price. The suggestion by one commenter that he must not follow the sport he writes about falls on deaf ears when you realize that Friedman does write about hockey, professionally, with contacts inside the game, and that commenter, with all of his access to information, is writing in the comments section on this site.

    To the point: Pittsburgh may not be in as tight a situation as people may think. McPhee will be interested in stockpiling draft picks, and Pittsburgh should have the ability to trade a few UFAs to some teams needing players to expose. Say Streit or Hainsey is traded to such a team. Chances are they won’t be selected anyway, so signing a contract with the new team isn’t necessarily a ticket to Vegas. What it would do is fill an expansion draft exposure need for some team, as well as provide some blueline depth if/when that player is not selected.

    The return for such players should be low draft picks, but in any case, Pittsburgh could tag on one or more of those picks to a 2nd rounder going to Vegas in exchange for not selecting Murray. After that, Pittsburgh can get to work seeking a better offer for Fleury.

    • UFA’s do not meet the exposure requirement. All skaters must be under contract for the following year. So there is no value in acquiring a player like streit

      • You miss my point. If Pitt trades those D UFAs to a team needing to expose a D man, the team trading, say, a 5th or 6th rounder for him can sign him to a one year deal and expose him.

    • Pittsburgh isn’t signing either of those players pre expansion. Hainsey will be well sought after come July 1st. 2 or 3 years at 4 to 4.5. Even at 36 he’s incredible effective due to his sound mental game. Streit is done. Pitt isn’t getting any draft picks for either.

      Anyone that doesn’t accept Freidman as a qualified source has a loose screw. Ha-ha! I may not always agree with him but he is a reputable & viable source. 1 of the top 10 main stream media commentators/journalists.

  15. Leafs and Anaheim Vatanen for picks and prospects, and thinking theyll sign M stone or B smith,and possibly a bottom pairing guy, pollack?