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Should the New York Rangers try to acquire a good young defenseman such as Winnipeg’s Jacob Trouba?

Latest on the New York Rangers, Buffalo Sabres and Toronto Maple Leafs in your NHL rumor mill. 

CBS NEW YORK: Pursuing a top right-handed defenseman tops Sean Hartnett’s five-point plan for improving the New York Rangers this summer. Kevin Shattenkirk is the best blueliner potentially available in this summer’s unrestricted free agent market but the cost of signing him could prove expensive. Shattenkirk could command seven-year offers worth up to or over $6.5 million annually.

They could go the trade route to acquiring a younger blueliner. If they wish to pursue someone like Winnipeg’s Jacob Trouba, however, they’ll have to give up an impressive package to get him. If goalie Antti Raanta goes unclaimed in the expansion draft, Hartnett wonders if he could be included in a deal to tempt the Jets, who need to land a legitimate starting goaltender. 

Hartnett also advocates getting younger on the blueline, perhaps by buying out Dan Girardi or Marc Staal, sticking with center Derek Stepan, ride out the final season of winger Rick Nash’s contract and allow young winger Pavel Buchnevich to grow into a top-six role. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Shattenkirk hasn’t proven he can be a reliable top-pairing defenseman. Signing him could be a risky gamble that could prove costly down the road. You’ve got to give to get, and it could cost them one or two good assets to land a good young defenseman.

The Rangers could target the Anaheim Ducks or Minnesota Wild before the expansion draft, as those clubs risk losing a good blueliner to the Vegas Golden Knights. They could also touch base with the Carolina Hurricanes, who are deep in young defenseman and in need of scoring punch. However, the Canes could be unwilling to deal with a division rival. 

WGR 550: If the Buffalo Sabres decide to trade left wing Evander Kane this summer, Andrew Peters suggests bringing back former Sabre Thomas Vanek via free agency as a replacement. Peters argues the 33-year-old winger still has some game left in the tank and he would be an affordable option.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: You can never say never, I suppose, but I don’t see Sabres GM Jason Botterill bringing back Vanek if he trades Kane this summer. He’s older and slower and that doesn’t make him a good fit on a club that’s building around youth and speed. 

THE ATHLETIC: James Mirtle recently suggested the Toronto Maple Leafs should spend more this summer to bring in a better backup goaltender who can play around 25 games per season. He wonders if they can get in on goalies who could be exposed in the upcoming expansion draft, such as Washington’s Philipp Grubauer, Colorado’s Calvin Pickard, the Rangers’ Antti Raanta and Detroit’s Jared Coreau. The Vegas Golden Knights can draft up to three goalies but Mirtle notes they really only need two. Landing one from the Golden Knights, however, could cost the Leafs an asset. 

Mirtle suggests the free-agent market might be the better way to go. Possible options include Philadelphia’s Steve Mason, Calgary’s Brian Elliott, Tampa Bay’s Peter Budaj, Vancouver’s Ryan Miller or Winnipeg’s Ondrej Pavelec. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Mirtle also points out Mason could prefer being a starter somewhere, Elliott’s been inconsistent and Miller probably prefers staying on the west coast. Still, if they can land someone like Budaj on a short-term deal it could be worthwhile.




  1. After passing on signing Yandle last offseason, I find it highly unlikely that Gorton signs Shattenkirk. Trouba will be a RFA again after next season and Jets could be looking at same issues they had last season. Stepan seems to be top trade chip. Would Winnipeg take a left d prospect like Bereglazov or Graves, packaged with Stepan and Raanta? How about Stepan for Dumba straight up? Koivu has one year left on contract and they’re losing Hanzal.

    • My guess is that if Dumba is traded at all, it would be before the exansion draft. If it’s before the expansion draft, it would have to be for draft exempt assets.

      Once the draft has passed, Minnesota will have had to lose a minimum of 1 good defensemen, possibly two, so I doubt they trade another one after that. They are in a tough spot, with no easy way out.

      • Basing this deal on fact that they can’t protect all d men. Also would allow Rangers to protect another forward. Not sure about Minnesota plan on protecting forward but assume Stepan would be a top 6 guy and they’d protect him

      • stepan would be way down on minny’s list of protectors. he had a bad season even for him and is making 6.5 mil. he might have some trade value to teams with plenty of cap space like ariz, jersey, etc. but the value of the rangers holding on to him and hoping he plays more to his salary is greater than the value he will get on the market selling low.

      • Ughhhhh. Stepan 2013-14 82 games 17 goals, 40 assists 57 points.

        68 games played 16 goals , 39 assists. 55 points

        72 games 22 goals 31 assists . 53 points.


        81 games , 17 goals, 37 assists, 55 points.

        Stepan had a bad year? Doesn’t look like it, it looks exactly like a picture of consistency of Production.

        Bad playoffs. Yes. But that list is long this year in NY.

      • I agree Minnesota has a lot of good forwards to protect and is going to want draft picks or exempt forwards in return.

        You make an interesting point about the market for defensemen after the expansion draft.

      • actually though he had some better years than that ny… consistently underperforming per his contract… especially when looking at the fancy stats show he is mediocre at best defensively. I stand by my value assessment earlier.

      • Slick,

        Stepan might be a forward they are willing to protect, however the issue would be the return.

        If they take Stepan for Dumba, then lose another good forward it’s like Dumba+ for Stepan. Where as if they were to trade Dumba for a package of equal value but exempt, they could protect an extra forward, and potentially use that package to find a center later this summer, and would not have given up on a good forward as well.

      • I agree NYR4life.

        Stepan was essentially the same player & only a very select few teams can roll 4 lines like NYR does & NYR roles to balanced PP units. This effects Stepan’s ability to generate points like teams that role 2 scoring lines loaded up & 1 PP unit.

        People seem unwillingly to accept that gaol scoring has essentially been stagnant for 12 years. What little scoring being generated iun todays NHL is being spread over a far greater # of players as the game is faster & all teams roll 4 lines now a few like NYR have the luxury of rolling 4.

        Stepan finished tied for 21st in scoring at C & if your going to try & compare players & salaries you need to balance the scale based on age, arbitration eligibility, waiver rights, # of years to UFA status & how many years your buying into such. Stepan was 2 years from UFA status when he signed his current deal, that gave him leverage. He was coming out of a 2 year bridge deal under paid.

        This isn’t pre 2003-04. We are 2 CBA’s in with a salary cap & greater player rights for UFA; they have dropped 5 years in 2 CBA’s, status etc. Stepan got fair market value considering all factors which you have to account for in today’s NHL. He is also a solid defensive C & penalty killer. Something we would never confuse with say a player like Giroux with who had 3 more points significantly better quality icetime & almost makes 2 mil more per.

      • Sorry should read all teams roll 3 lines now not 4

      • Consistently performing under his contract? He made a little over 3 million before this year! Lol. Every time you even bring him up, you show how little you know about the actual player, bad year, overpaid, consistently underperforming….

        As striker points out he was tied for 21st in scoring among centers! So he’s either an over achieving 2nd line center, or an on par 1st line center.

        Also take into consideration his deployment, quality of competition, pk time etc. Your obvious bias aside, you’re not getting a guy like Stepan for much less than he’s getting.

      • Striker, don’t go pointing out the obvious. He not Crosby, he’s not Malkin…. He ran over Chrism’s cat. He doesn’t wear a pens Jersey…. he’s worthless…. no idea why, no explanation, not even an understanding of the actual player what so ever…. but he’s “grossly overpaid ” and one of the only “bad contracts ”
        Stuck in that head! I mean….. not too long ago he was saying Dave Bolland was a better value center…. and he wasn’t even playing in the NHL at the time!

      • not sure where the stats are coming from but Stepan finished 32nd in Center scoring and 46th in ppg this year. Couple that with a bad playoff performance and $6.5M is too much

        Kesler $6.85
        Bergeron $6.85
        E. Stall $3.5

        if you talk of scoring = goals, he’s no where near 21st either

      • @NYR & Striker

        I agree on Stepan. A lot gets made of any player who is maybe making a little more than some would like.

        I would place Stepan in a group of players that include Krejci, O’Reilly, Kadri, Kesler, Trocheck, Hopkins, Carter, and Little. All guys who can play a top C role and be capable, but you would probably prefer play a 2nd C shutdown role. Stepan’s salary is not way outside the norm here. Moreover, contracts like Little’s, Trocheck’s, and Kadri’s have been often referred to as excellent value. So I don’t see a salary that is $2M or less over those ranges as a massive overpayment. Especially since Trocheck’s was signed out of an ELC and Little’s will expire next year, so they aren’t great comparables.

      • Curious how Minnesota risks losing 2 defensemen? Once you lose a player to Vegas they can’t take another one.

      • Jeff,

        It’s not so much they will lose two for nothing, but since they have 5 decent defensemen, but want to protect 7 forwards, they will likely only protect two. They will most likely trade a minimum of 1 before expansion, and then still potentially lose another in the draft.

        The point is, there is a good chance when all is said and done, they will only have 2 of Dumba, Brodin, Sturgeon and Scandella to go along with Suter, which makes it very ulikely they will be trading away anyone from the remaining group afterward.

      • When I said protect two, I meant protect two additional, aside from Suter as he has a NMC and must be protected.

      • Taz, striker and I were counting ties. That aside, he is in a tie 55 points with Turris, Bozak, Schenn, , Orielly. So basically tied at 28th.

        And again, still on par with lots of other 1st line guys. Especially considering how, and where he is deployed. As long as he’s used the way he is, he’s a mid 50s point guy. And look at toi for Stepan, Zbad and Hayes …… very little difference.

        Stepan 14:42
        Zbad 13:58
        Hayes 13:40

        Hayes 1:26
        Stepan 1:22
        Zbad: :43

        Stepan 2:32
        Zbad 2:23
        Hayes 1:28

      • Taz.

        Where are you getting your stats from? As most don’t position players correctly even NHL.com where I pull mine from.

        NHL.com shows Draisaitl as a C he played almost exclusively as a RW, Granlund as a C he played RW as well this season, Pavelski, Nylander, Marner, Coyle; did play a reasonable amount of C as injures dictated but not much, Koivu, Staal & Haula were Minny’s top 3, Schenn; played some, especially when Couturier was injured but far more LW. All these players are shown as C & a few did log some but most none but all finished higher which is why you are incorrect. the only player on NHL.com that isn’t shown as a C but played the position is Zetterberg.

        Don’t trust what you read as few sites care what position a player is shown at. You would think the NHL does but they don’t care about a ton of sh–!

      • You can’t just compare players & say player X makes this & player Y makes that. We live in a cap world, there are a multitude of other factors in play. Again, age, arbitration rights, years to UFA status, team need, asset management, these all create different types of leverage & salry requirements.

        Trochek had ZERO leverage, I can’t tell you why Kadri signed that deal, I’d fire my agent, or even a player like Jarnkrok. That contract is ridiculous, 6 years at 2 mil per? He’s about to blossom into a 50 to 55 point player as soon as Fisher eventually retires who is a solid checker. There are exceptions to everything in life.

        Stepan is a top 30 C in the NHL by points so a soft #1 & is a solid 2 way C who can handle a heavy load & play against the other teams best players responsibly putting up points at the same time.

        Trying to say he only puts up this many PP points is ridiculous. This isn’t PIt, SJ or Was that loads up a single PP unit with them taking almost all the quality PP minutes, NYR like many teams spreads them out evenly like Toronto does now over 2 units.

      • Sorry Jeff. I should have been clearer. I meant they trade 1 pre expansion to minimize the impact then lose 1 in the expansion draft. If not for the fact the NHL is expanding these teams would barely consider moving any of these Dman of this quality especially a team like Minnesota but they are confronted with hard difficult choices & would be crazy to potentially lose a player of this quality with out trying to maximize his value in trade before the expansion draft.

      • True Striker, lets say that we only factor in players playing C only then Stepan is in fact 21st or 22nd. That doesn’t mean the others are less valuable because they can play multiple positions.
        It still puts him outside of the top 30 of players who can (and do) play center.

        I don’t think he is outrageously overpaid, but in the cap system his hit/cap is too high for my liking. Sure it’s not as bad as RNH but its not much better.

        This is just my opinion, to me he isn’t a 6.5M player. I could very well be wrong here but that’s how I see it

      • I don’t disagree with you Taz but that wasn’t the debate or discussion started. I would argue almost all players in the NHL today played C for most of their development even right into major JR if forwards but they didn’t play C this year or not enough to justify them as such.

        Trying to compare players by position is hard enough as no 2 players are identical. Apples to oranges, team structure, systems, depth, # of PP units, we have to accept variables & ranges.

        Is Stepan slight over paid in today’s cap world sure, but he provided NYR with great value on his bridge deal & he forced some of that money to be returned in his current deal. I have no issues with that & I consider that fair & admire NYR for doing so. He earned it had he not then I wouldn’t have signed him at his current deal.

        I also like the fact he current deal wasn’t onerous & expires well he’s 30 still essentially in his prime not 36 or later like many of these older UFA signings. Few teams have had NYR’s playoff success in the last 5 years & few teams generate NYR’s revenue’s not just the club but also the parent company MSG Sports & Entertainment. The only 1 close is Tor.

      • Ny I was giving my opinion to another poster on the topic as we won’t ever see eye to eye with our opinions of the subject. I really don’t know why you feel the need to protect the man like he was your kid being bullied on social media… it’s a little odd. But at least don’t feel the need to make stuff up while you do it.

      • Chrisms
        Who is Minnesotas 1c? Koivu? He had 3 points more than Stepan and only 2 in 5 playoff games. I’ve heard Stepan played most of playoffs with broken toe koivu makes more $$$ What are you going to do after next season when he’s a 35 year old UFA? You’d be lucky to get Stepan now if he’s available. There will be a lot of interest if they’re really willing to deal him.

      • we’ll see slick. its gonna be very particular interest an rangers are gonna be very underwhelmed by the return.

        bad example by the way… minny would be more than happy to rid themselves of koivu’s contract as well.

    • That’s a solid point. If they let Yandle a Shattenkirk clone walk as a UFA why would they now sign Shattenkirk? I agree nor is he the answer.

      I find this R or L hand D issue some what over blown, in an ideal world sure but not essential. I don’t want anyone biting into Skjei’s deployment, he is ready for 2nd line PP duties which Vigneault started giving him late in the season & playoffs & NYR like to run a 4 forward, 1 D formation on both PP units with Miller, Zuccarello & Nash all being deployed on the points often this season.

      • Agree Stiker. My only thought process here is that Shattenkirk is two years younger. Personally, I would’ve resigned Yandle last offseason and let Shattenkirk walk this offseason. As you stated, one is essentially a clone of the other. The main difference – you know how Yandle handles playing on Broadway

      • Yandle’s problem in NYR was Vigneault. He didn’t get 1st line PP time which made little sense to me.

        2 years 4 months to be precise; Ha-ha!, but only 1 year 4 months at the point each will have signed their latest contracts & with each passing day this cap world is bring salaries down.

      • Gentlemen. I wouldn’t even put Stepan name out there only that he is a valuable 1c or 2c on most teams. I think the need for Rangers is so great on D that he could fetch a top right, 1st pair. We are deep on offense and Lindbergh is turning into a top 9 guy. Zib is easily a 1c. Don’t judge Step so much on playoffs, pretty sure he was playing with a broken toe.

      • Gentlemen. I think the need for Rangers is so great on D that he could fetch a top right, 1st pair. We are deep on offense and Lindbergh is turning into a top 9 guy. Zib is easily a 1c. Don’t judge Step so much on playoffs, pretty sure he was playing with a broken toe. Who is Minnys 1c and how does he compare to Stepan?

  2. Bring in Vanek? You have to be kidding me. Resign Evander long term and that’s it.

    • It’s a clear indication that some of these professional pundits have trouble discerning their butt from their elbow.

    • Agreed, all a question of salary expectations.

  3. I think McElhinney depending on price of course is a good enough option as a backup. .917 sv% 2.77 GAA the Leafs got close to the same numbers from him as Andersen .918 2.67 GAA no need to waste cap space on guys who will be looking for close to starter type money, there is more pressing needs than a backup.

    • @Shticky: I agree about McElhinney as he is/was, well liked by his teammates and did a decent job incl. stealing a few games for them.

      • The league is littered with quality backup goalies, not hard to find

  4. Mirtle’s comment regarding the Leafs getting Grubauer, Pickard, Raanta or Coreau makes no sense whatsoever. Toronto is currently looking at losing a guy like Fehr in the expansion draft. They’re obviously keeping Andersen in net, so if they traded for any of those goalies, they would lose them to expansion. Washington, Colorado (if they crazily keep Varlamov as reported yesterday), New York and maybe Detroit (bet they’d lose a forward based on current roster) are faced with that problem now.

    • I think he was referring getting one of those goalies after they are selected by Vegas, as vegas may select 3 goalies and trade use the 3rd as a trade chip. I still don’t think it makes a lot of sense for the Leafs, as I think they can sign a reasonable back up instead, but it isn’t as bad as trading them before expansion.

      • One thing is for sure they need more then 2 goalies in their system. I don’t think an explanation is needed, right?

      • Vegas has to select a minimum of 3 goalies, they have 4 wildcards selections which they can use on players at any position so they may select more than 3 goalies if they consider them the best assets potentially available the way they structure their selection list.

        They are required to select 14 skaters, 9 D, 3G & 4 wildcards.

    • I doubt LV takes a soon-to-be 32 y/o journeyman like Fehr. I’m betting it’s Josh Leivo they take from the Leafs

    • Vegas won’t be selecting Fehr under any scenario even if numerous trades are made by Toronto, simply far better options available unless Toronto provides some significant incentive to Vegas to do so.

      Which players are being exposed by Toronto as part of their 7F keepers? JvR, Bozak, Kadri, Komorov, Shisnikov, Brown, Lievo, Gauthier, Rychel, Leipsic, Johnasson & Martin?

      That’s 12 forwards that would be selected before Fehr.

      • The Leafs have too many younger forwards who will get exposed not to lose one, and if they trade for a D to protect, they will be exposing Carrick as well. Toronto won’t be doing a ton of maneuvering other than making sure they protect players in a way that they don’t lose anyone that is super valuable or only have one of.

        Fehr gets mentioned a lot because the Leafs acquired him to expose, however it was simply because he meets the criteria for exposure, so the Leafs can have more flexibility in their list. Really, Vegas taking him would be a pretty terrible mistake. If still on the roster during the 2nd buyout period, there is a very good chance the Leafs buy him out, and Vegas could sign him. He is the type of player that could likely be scrounging for a job, so if bought out, Vegas wouldn’t have too hard a time obtaining him if they wanted him.

        They can easily expose Leipsic, Lievo, Rychel, Johnasson and Soshnikov and just let vegas make a decision. Their value is similar and you can only lose one.

        Vegas may weigh out where a player is and plays as well. Leipsic, Johanasson & Rychel are still waiver exempt, so that could be appealing. Soshnikov and Lievo have more NHL experience and would likely be ready to play more minutes somewhere.

        The Leafs could decide to expose Martin and protect another from that group if they feel there is one that is more valuable than the others, chances are Vegas still picks the younger player. Personally I think that’s a worthwhile gamble for them.

      • Neither Rychel nor Liepsic are waiver exempt any longer.

        I think Toronto will make a splash acquiring 1 of the D available. It may not be a ton but it will be significant & the cost extreme.

        Toronto isn’t losing a single player of consequence in the expansion draft. Few teams are as well positioned for expansion & to trade for 1 of the dman prior as Toronto.

        It pains me to say it but this is a well oiled machine & I love everything Shanahan has done since being hired with the possible exception of hiring Lou.

      • Soshnikov, Kapanen & Johnsson are all exempt.
        The Leafs will protect Kadri, JVR, Bozak, Brown and Komarov. Leipsic for sure and jury is out on the 7th. Some would say Martin should be protected but he’s not a player I’m worried about losing. I think the last spot probably goes to leivo or Rychel

      • Sorry Taz you are correct. I keep forgetting Capfriendly has already rolled their site over to the 2017-18 season. I wish they would wait until the NHL does so on July 1st.

      • in your defense 50% of my expansion draft knowledge is learnt from your posts on this site. So you are allowed a slip up here or there 🙂

      • I sometimes identify when I’m right but that means you need to except & say when your wrong. George may feel I’m a narcissist & I have some of the 8 qualities but not all of them. I usually post to needle those that slagged me when discussing & debating. Ha-ha!

        I wish the NHL was more forthcoming about the rules. We have only gotten a Coles notes version.

        I have spent long hours on every team since it was formalized & what little we know made public. I am writing some blogs for each which I was posting in the daily ramblings on Dobbers site, he has copied & posted into the forum. He had asked me to write them last summer & pay for them but couldn’t make time. With my current back injury I’m in lock down at home & bored stiff nor do I care about the nominal return or noteriety. I have posted Anh, Arz & Buf, Bos’s done just haven’t posted yet. I will do all 30 teams if time allows.

        All just 1 persons opinion.

  5. The leafs already have a capable back up goalie at the right price. They need young, stay at home defence men that are not afraid to mix it up and clear the front of the net and not be caught puck watching.

    • Well them & about 29 other NHL teams & there in lies the rub. Not an easy thing to accomplish & the cost to do so extreme but no better opportunity than pre expansion draft to acquire such an asset, expansion has made at least 5 available. It will cost Tor having to expose Carrick at D but so be it.

      The question is what are they giving up to accomplish it as they will be bidding against 10 to 12 other teams on 5 Dman possible 6?

      • I think it will come down to price. I feel like the Leafs are well positioned to make offers on all D, both in terms of where they are in their re-build, and the assets they have for offer. With some of the 10-12 teams, I feel like they are going to be more interested in only some of the D available for different reasons. For instance if Tampa is making the trade based on trading away a forward that needs protection, I don’t know there is a good trade to be had with Minnesota. Other teams may not be as invested in acquiring certain guys, for instance I don’t think Colorado will feel it is close enough to contending to take on Vantanen, and they have protection concerns of their own.

        Also, Toronto’s strength is at forward. They need to acquire someone who can help the team defensively and play minutes against high level competition. While the idea it needs to be a bruising defensemen prevails, it really doesn’t need to be. Nashville doesn’t have a real Bruiser, it doesn’t hurt them. While the Leafs defense will never be what Nashville’s is, the idea that 4 good skating defensemen who aren’t terrible in their own end can be effective is valid, especially for a team who’s biggest goal is to move the puck to it’s extremely strong forward group.

      • Minny and the ducks are in the drivers seat if trading one of their young dmen, the returns will be great! The hall larsson deal has set the market for the next couple of yrs until a good draft yr of dmen comes around to bring it down

      • I don’t see Nashville moving a Dman, at least not 1 of the top 4.

        I think any Dman will appeal to Colorado they could potentially even take 2 if Duchene is moved out in some form of deal to acquire 1 of them.

        What protection problems does Colorado have for expansion? The only 1 I see, Beauchemin, is easily rectifiable with a buyout full cap hit or not if he refuses to waive for the purposes of the expansion draft.

        TB doesn’t need to move protectable assets to bid on 1 of the D that these 5 teams face losing. The have several solid prospects that aren’t needed, this is a very young team & they can move out this years 1st & 2nds; 1 being TO’s, as well as next years if so inclined.

        Toronto is in a great position to bid. It’s just a question of can they outbid the other 10 to 12 teams with out Nylander in the deal? I believe they can but not necessarily for their 1st few choices & it will seriously increase the other assets moving if not Nylander. I assume it’s Brown or Kapanen then, possibly both with a pick or picks depending upon which Dman coming back. Trouba potentially being the most expensive; although his future contract demands are a concern, although several of the other options due to such favorable contracts, Brodin, Vatanen, Hamonic, Savard, etc, all have cap space value as well as skills.

      • Striker,

        I wasn’t implying that Nashville would move anyone, just using them as an example of how a Defense doesn’t need a bruising punishing defender to be an elite and extremely effective defense. While the Leafs are not going to have a top 4 like that, I think there is value in noting that a good skating top 4 that can effectively keep the forwards in play at the other end can be very effective, and play to the leafs strenghts, which is much what Pittsburgh has and the reason they can weather the loss of Letang.

        I am not suggesting Tampa can’t put together a package that is made up of draft exempt assets, however they do need to move a forward before expansion, and if they plan to move Drouin it might as well be compelted before. That doesn’t mean the deals can’t be done separately, but Tampa is likely to get calls from a team that can afford to take on Drouin, and it is an example of a situation where Tampa may narrow their focus a bit. There is also a narrow window to get things done, so complicated trade scenarios might not come together. My point is more that I think rather than thinking all 10-12 teams are in on all 5-6 D available, you will see teams place more focus in such a short time, and you may see some teams with 5-7 real bids for one of the available D. The price will still be good, but I see situations where teams don’t bid as seriously.

        I think some things will be more clear as Vegas starts announcing trades (which is apparently going to be next week).


        I still disagree about the Hall-Larsson trade setting the price. There is no evidence that it has, and unless our valuations of those players is very different (which could be the case), I don’t think we are going to see a deal that has a similar make up or value.

        The reason is, I think all of the rumored D available are superior to Larsson, and I don’t think any team is moving an asset as valuable as Hall. The way I see it, Larsson is an acceptable D to have in your top 4 who doesn’t do anything at a very high level. Hall is one of the most productive left wingers over the past 4 years. I don’t think we will see another trade with that sort of disparity in value.

        The other reason it didn’t set the market is that there was no market for Larsson. Edmonton did not outbid anyone to get him. The trade is a one off that has no bearing on what anyone else does. The trade is more of an example of either the price to get an asset that was never for sale, or maybe an argument for how seldom defensmen are available. This summer, defensemen will be available, and there will be bids, and they will get great value, but is Dallas going to trade Jamie Benn for Vatanen? or is Boston going to trade Pastranak for Brodin? I really don’t think so. I also don’t think you will see a package that would get that type of winger either.

      • I don’t see the value of Dman dropping in value for decades. Simply not enough to go around & as the depth improves so does the bar for what each 1 is.

        There is a wave of US players coming, it’s started but we are just scratching the surface. For me it’s simply relative, some will end up with more of the better quality & what is a #4, 5 or 6 guy today won’t even get a sniff at the NHL as the influx of players developing all over the world enter the NHL but especially in the US keeps growing.

        Again it just pushes the bar up but the same problem exists so have more of the better than others.

      • I agree on the Larsson-Hall trade as not a price setter, we have to move on from that.

        Chia is in his own little world where the going price doesn’t matter.
        Is Loui Eriksson and prospects the price for a number 1 center? If so where does the rest of the league sign up??

        Just like the Seguin trade was made due to intangibles so was the Hall/Larsson trade. If that is the expectation now then people can sit back and keep dreaming. (For example the bruins aren’t trading pasternak for Sami Vatanen)

      • Taz and Danny, disagree on the Hall Larsson trade. I don’t believe that the current D-men available such as Dumba or Dumba is more valuable than Larsson. I think the opposite is true. And it was not about intangibles, although Larsson is a leader, has an incredible work ethic on ice, in practice, off ice. His value is tangible – he is big, physical, battles hard (borderline dirty), move well, good first pass, very good defender while playing against the toughest competition and ending the season 2nd in +/- behind McDavid. How is that not tangible? Not in the box score, but great value.
        The Oilers improvement was due to many factors other than just McDavid. 1 – They now keep the puck out of there net. 2 – They don’t go into the fetal position when playing the big teams out west like they used to. They beat San Jose and gave ANA all they could handle.
        Larsson played a huge role in that. Led the way for the D core.
        I would make that trade again if I was PC.

      • I agree ray none of the dmen available are gonna be as good people obviously didn’t watch much of larsson in nj, he is a top 2 defender right now and is only 25? The leafs aren’t getting any of the good young guys without nylander in the mix just too many teams will be in play on these dmen. As much as ppl don’t want to acknowledge it hall larsson trade will weigh in for awhile

  6. Raanta to the Jets as part of a deal with the Rangers to trade Trouba seems like a possibility. But not on this site! Popular wisdom here has Helleybuck as the man in Winnipeg regardless if it continues to be part of the reason this team never makes the playoffs.

    Shattenkirk, in my opinion, didn’t exactly demonstrate the skills of number one guy. He will get a big contract; however, he may end up like many other players who become billed as something they aren’t (Phaneuf, for example). Although I would argue he is a step beyond Phaneuf.

  7. “Philadelphia’s Steve Mason, Calgary’s Brian Elliott, Tampa Bay’s Peter Budaj, Vancouver’s Ryan Miller or Winnipeg’s Ondrej Pavelec”, as a backup for Toronto. No thanks! None of these guys provide an upgrade from McIlhenney. Why not promote from within and let Sparks or Bibeau fight for the backup spot during training camp.

    • Other than Budaj & Pavelic & to a lesser extent Elliott neither Miller nor Manson are taking what I would consider back up monies. Manson & Miller will get shared #1 monies, Miller most likely in Van for 1 or 2 years at 4 to 4.5 & Manson 3.5 to 4. Miller as Markstrom’s safety net still seeing more starts & Manson some where else.

  8. Lyle.

    Or anyone. I saw on Twitter yesterday that the NHL & NHLPA have agreed to extend the window for Vegas to negotiate with teams from 48 hours to 72. Does that mean Vegas won’t be handing in it’s selection list now until the 20th as opposed to the 19th & if so, will we still get the selection announcements on the 21st?

  9. Not Sure what Winnipeg would want for Trouba , how about Lundqvist and Klein for him .

  10. TO has a deal with LV over taking Fehr and I would bet it is some prospects so the Leafs can get under the 50 contract threshold or take some unsigned draft choices. Remember the deal for Grabner. The Leafs gave them about five prospects including two that have played a bit in the NHL.

    They will also get a right-handed Dman as part of the expansion maneuvers. I am guessing it is between Dumba, Manson, Pullock or Gudbranson?

    I also would not be surprised to see them sending prospects and picks to the Wings for Sheehan?

    In all this they may have to take someone back to help the other team’s cap. Someone like Bieska or Gravoski? They have two years of cap flexibility then it is time to get serious about the roster and being a cup contender not just a play-off team.

    I also believe they draft the best Dman or Centre available with the picks that they have left after all the trades.

    I just wonder why they aren’t in on Jan Rutta? A nice big right-handed Dman.

  11. sabres have the slowest team in the league, the last thing they need is Vanek a slow lazy player. Keep Kane and play him with Eichel all year, pad his stats then trade or sign him. Vanek is not a player I ever liked.

  12. Toronto I think will get Manson for non protection players /picks brown or kappy and a 1st plus Neilson and or toronto takes a contract back stoner?