NHL Rumor Mill – May 31, 2017

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New Jersey Devils GM Ray Shero not actively shopping goaltender Cory Schneider.

Latest on the New Jersey Devils, Vegas Golden Knights and Ottawa Senators in your NHL rumor mill. 

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites New Jersey Devils general manager Ray Shero telling TSN’s Pierre LeBrun that he isn’t actively shopping goaltender Cory Schneider. While Schneider has a no-trade clause, Shero said no one’s untradeable on his club.

That being said, Shero’s told the goalie he’d love to have him bounce back next season. Regarding trade speculation about Schneider, the Devils GM said he hasn’t called other clubs to inquire about moving the netminder. 

Shero also told LeBrun he’s already received some calls about the first overall pick in the 2017 NHL draft. The Devils won that selection during the draft lottery back in April. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Shero didn’t say if he’s getting calls about Schneider, but he doesn’t sound as though he’s looking into moving him. Despite Schneider’s age (31), Shero appears intent to stick with him as his starter. He really doesn’t have anyone in his system to step in and replace Schneider as a reliable starter, nor is there anyone available via free agency or in this summer’s trade market. 

As for that draft pick, if Shero could get a good young defenseman or scoring forward as part of the return, I think he might consider it. However, the last time a first-overall pick was traded at the draft was in 2003, when the Florida Panthers shipped the first overall selection to the PIttsburgh Penguins in exchange for the third overall pick. I wouldn’t hold my breath expecting Shero to move that pick. 

TSN: Vegas Golden Knights GM George McPhee expects to acquire more draft picks in the 2017 NHL draft. He said he hopes to start announcing trades by next week.

McPhee’s also hoping to use his club’s window for signing free agents to get a better player than one that a team might otherwise expose in the expansion draft. A free agent signing would count as Vegas’ selection from the player’s previous team.

He also said he’d be open to signing an unrestricted free agent and then trading them for draft picks, though each move like that would leave his club with one less pick in the expansion draft. He could also move some players within days of selecting them in the expansion draft.  Though the Golden Knights can select 30 players in the expansion draft, McPhee acknowledged he can’t keep all of them “because we can’t get six or seven players through waivers if we wanted to, most of them are not waiver exempt.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It appears McPhee will be quite busy throughout June attempting to wheel and deal in hopes of stockpiling assets and trying to add better players to his inaugural roster. It’ll be interesting to see what trades he makes and which players he signs in the coming weeks. 

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators GM Pierre Dorion intends to renew contract discussions with pending UFA goalie Mike Condon. He admits the two sides aren’t close to a deal, though Condon on Saturday told reporters he hopes to return. Dorion even threw out the possibility of Andrew Hammond returning as their backup next season if unable to re-sign Condon. Hammond has a year remaining on his contract. Garrioch speculates the Sens could pass on Condon if he seeks north of $2 million annually on his next contract. 



  1. Interesting that after all the gifts NHL gives Vegas they don’t give them a waiver window so they could draft without that concern.

    • Yes these expansion rules are less restrictive than in past expansion drafts but for 1/2 a billion US; that’s quite the gift, they are still very favorable to the existing NHL teams & only a few teams face losing a really good quality player willingly, some may choose to use the expansion draft to dump some salary; Killorn?.

      There is not a single star moving in expansion & there may not even be a future star in play, although I’m sure a few of the young selections Vegas makes in goal or at D in 3 to 5 years may possibly become such especially in net, Graubauer, Saros, etc. or a Dman like Olofsson from Minnesota could have a very bright future as a solid top 4 Dman possibly higher. Even a player like Lindberg could really surprise in 2 more years but a star?

      At forward not really a 1st line player to be found unless say a Ryan gets exposed & most aren’t even really 2nd line players with a few minor exceptions from the few teams who choose to protect 4 Dman. That makes the odd 2nd line player available.

      I can’t wait for the ball to get Rolling. McPhee said they may start announcing trades next week. It’s going to be exciting.

      I think that Vegas should have been given a waiver exemption for their 1st year in the league. I just don’t see these things the NHL has provided Vegas as gifts. Ha-ha!

      • maybe gifts was wrong word.. as people have pointed out 1/2 bil, it’s more like purchased services. but its surprising that after all the rules set up to ensure vegas is at least palatable they didn’t consider the waivers issue.

        even more it points to what I feel should be their draft philosophy. Get picks! Don’t make teams feel they have to trade players to get their lists paired down… tell ana “don’t worry about moving a d. Give us a decent pick this year and another next year and we will take someone else… same goes for peg, minny, isles, etc. they could end up with like 20 picks in two years fromf that alone. plus the picks they get at the deadline. pick younger players to grow along with those picks and have a fine collection of youth in 3-4 years. I doubt they get many firsts for doing this though I could maybe see very late firsts like ana, pitt etc. if they ask for 1sts I could see many teams saying screw it we’ll trade the problem away for futures instead of giving up more futures.

      • Ha-ha! It’s all good I was just rousting you as I’m sure gifts are supposed to be free. The quality of talent Vegas gets to potentially draft from it’s partners certainly doesn’t justify the 1/2 a billion US dollars the NHL has demanded but obviously a very astute businessman see’s a significant return on that investment some where down the line. Even Quebec was willing to write the check even with the rate of exchange putting the cost in Canadian dollars at close to 700 million Canadian.

        I like the fact the NHL has chosen to add 1 team at a time & as McLellan said in his 40 minute interview yesterday this gives McPhee & Vegas a ton of leverage & in his opinion McPhee the hammer get manipulate this round of expansion to Vegas’s benefit like no other round of expansion.

        There are existing franchises in the NHL today not valued at 1/2 a billion by several of the sources that have tried to value these assets. Company’s like Forbes.

      • I think they will get a ton of picks but for me you take the best asset, age, salary etc. being secondary at best, it’s what is that asset worth to me today or what can I turn it into now or later well still my property. My brain struggles with the actually value of picks. More gives you a better chance of success but the rates of players making the NHL based by when they were selected is pretty clear. Most 1st rounders do but not all, most top 3 picks become superstars most top 10 picks stars with some serious whoops now & again. Ha-ha! But there appears to be more hits as the league has grown than misses.

        2nd rounders about a 3rd do but only a small # of those in any significant offensive roll some others become solid depth players or solid defensive Dman. There are home runs in any round but they are the exception to the rule. Again a greater # of kicks at the can a better chance you hit the jackpot but why roll the dice on hope when you can have a bird in the hand?

        I’m just not a gambler. Give me a player today that is an NHL player locked up as at least an RFA for the next 3 years & I can flip him for picks in later as he approaches UFA eligability & extend that pick pipeline out some what.

        I think Vegas will do a combination of all these things as each team has it’s specific issues & the way it’s structured Vegas needs to flip some of these selections or potentially facing losing some in waivers come the 23 man roster deadline the day before the season starts. It’s sure fascinating & exciting.

      • I agree they should take the best player but if the teams feel they have to move a player to maximize their protection list and trade with another team vegas doesn’t benefit at all from that. Negotiate with those teams prior to them being pressured to trade with another team to get the assets yourself.

      • Agreed.

      • The NHLPA would never sign off on waiver exemptions. The waiver system protects the rights of experienced players to play in the NHL rather than being “stored” in the minors.

  2. I love that my Devils are actually getting some play lately on the page! With that said, the Devils actually have 2 pretty solid goalie prospects, Scott Wedgewood looked good 2 seasons ago when called upon to play in the NHL, but an injury did steal this past season from him. We also have Mackenzie Blackwood who is young but looks very good as well and is pretty highly thought of. And while I don’t think Shero will deal Schneids​, all that could change with a phone call and he does have 2 viable prospects in the pipeline that are almost ready.

    • I agree Blackwood has all the makings of a NHL starter but I don’t think Schneider gets moved unless it’s an over the top deal

      • I think the jets will give helleybuck one more yr and try to play a bit more team defence and see how it goes

      • The last one should have replied to caper

    • I wonder if Schneider would consider waiving his nmc and go to Winnipeg, where he once played for the Manitoba Moose? and if so what would the cost be? That what was on the radio in the Peg and the name suggested by Lawless was Nic Ehlers. Interesting but I think Corey age of 31 is a concern with the core of Winnipeg being so young.

      • Gary Lawless is an ignorant fool and the City of Winnipeg is extremely excited he is moving to Vegas. No way the Jets give up a dynamite player like Ehlers for Schneider. Just look at the goalie market and the prices. That would be an insane over-payment. Maybe a 1st or a decentish prospect. Not a guy who can score 30+ next season.

  3. Chrisms,

    This Vegas thing is very annoying! Agreed?

    • Steven, I know you directed it at Chrisms, but I’m curious why do you find the Vegas thing annoying? For me with all of its layer its very interesting and see how McPhee maps out his team. Now with his comment of can’t get 7 players thru the waiver wire. There will be some wheeling in dealing going on. Never before have we seen such a time in the NHL and lets not forget the heavy fee Vegas paid to become part of the NHL.

      • For us rumor fans this is possibly the best summer yet.
        The amount of movement is pretty exciting

      • They paid 500 million compared to Columbus and Minnesota paying 80 million in 2000. An expansion fee that was higher in value than half the teams at the time it was established. For that they will probably draft a team with no top line players on offense or top pairing defense and someones second best goalie. I think they paid for everything they are getting and more.

    • Steven… annoying isn’t the word I would use. I find it overall interesting but some things do grind my gears. Why does it seem like half the rules are being created whillynilly? Why weren’t teams given more time and notice with things like nmc? Why isn’t it more open? I’m glad the team isn’t forced to start an ahl team (though I’m of the opinion they should and go for a butt load of picks in 17-18).

      • Teams have had the rules for almost a year. The NHL hasn’t been as forthcoming with the public we get the Coles notes version. Isn’t a year long enough to address a players NMC issue?

        These rules were posted by the NHL on June 22nd last season.


        The NHL & NHLPA settled the NTC & NMC shortly there after. Some of these rules have changed as they became to problematic specifically the monies teams need to expose & the monies Vegas had to draft.

        Each team is being paid almost 15 mil US, money they don’t have to share with players as it’s not part of hockey related revenue in the current CBA it will be in the next 1 but by then the NHL will have 32 teams & won’t be expanding past that for well over a decade. 15 million seems pretty reasonable compensation for the inconvenience of losing 1 player.

        There are a numerous teams in the NHL that are in serious need of that 15 million, they are bleeding red ink even under the current CBA. Flo & Car, 1 other that although they have stemmed the bleeding are still losing substantial sums, Arz & another 8 that are either losing money or barely breaking even.


        Expansion also helps teams shed salary allowing them more cap flexibility moving forward, opens up a ton more NHL jobs & helps the NHL’s long term US television plans. I love expansion & can’t wait for the next round coming very soon. A 32 team league before the next CBA lock out.

      • striker… it does seem that they have to adjust some rules on the fly… such as the 48-72 hour change. I call that willy-nilly. NHL suspected expansion for years so why wasn’t nmc/ntc thing cemented previous prior to many of the players receiving those clauses? 1 year isn’t enough… it’s only enough if teams knew this wrinkle prior to offering the contracts. Much of this wont be an issue with the next team because teams now know the score. NMC clauses are going to go only to the best of the best and not many teams will have more than 1 or 2. I also love the idea of expansion as there is too much talent not in the league (for several reasons… bad CHL contract, league emphasizing thuggery over skill, etc) but it will allow for more young talent to play and earn their place. I also like the long game of hockey growth… Nashville being a prime example (how I wish the pens didn’t have to beat them).

    • Why?

      • Sorry that was directed at Steven. Why is this Vegas thing annoying?

  4. Why would New Jersey trade Corey Schneider?

    • Because they aren’t a true contender right now, especially in the Metro, so there is no point to have one of the top goalies in the league on their roster. Use him as a trade chip to land a young defenseman or an elite scorer that you can build the future around

      • No rebuilding team wants bad goaltending. It’s demoralizing. The reason Toronto went out & acquired last seasons best goalie available in Andersen.

        Shero’s comments surprise me. Schneider having a bounce back year next year? Schneider played great, NJ was just terrible, their D beyond that, the 2nd worst in the league on paper & even a team dedicated to the trap couldn’t prop his #’s up.

        Put an average or young goalie in net in NJ & they will be the 2nd worst; Vegas will be the worst, team in the league but dropping from 27th to 30th isn’t a profound drop it can’t get much worse but with out Schneider it does.

        You build a championship team, a strong team from the net out. All really good teams with a few minor exceptions start in net but they must have a solid top 4 D. Ottawa’s acquiring Phaneuf solidified their top 4. That moved the needle for them to being a playoff contender. Boucher’s system, a sound defensive, hard working squad accomplished the remainder but with out above average goaltending Ottawa doesn’t have the year they have.

        I may not like the system but love the results & as I have stated numerous times I don’t begrudge Ottawa for choosing to play it & play it very well, I just choose not to watch it but I do respect it & admire the players buying into it at their own personal accomplishments offensively.

        NJ is in a similar position. 1 or 2 solid acquisitions at forward or D this summer & things could change quickly as this team isn’t structured to tear it completely apart & has some great pieces in play but with out Schneider all bets are off. He is 1 of the 10 best goalies in the league today smack dab in the middle of his prime for stud goalies.

        Moving Schneider is a non starter for me unless an offer is so good you can’t pass it up but it would need to be significant & wjhat team needs Schneider that badly that they would pay that price? Even when Vancouver moved him 9th overall was cheap but simple supply & demand. Far to many decent goalies available that will suffice to over pay to acquire Schneider.

      • Striker, they aren’t a championship team nor or they even a strong team when you look at who they have to go against nightly in the Metro. Toronto was and is a lot closer than NJ to being competitive which is why they went out and got their goalie last offseason. There are teams out there today that think they can compete for the cup next year if they have a bonafide starter in net. Schneider can be that guy for them. Owners and especially fans don’t like their team to play for next season but sometimes that is how you get ahead in a league built like today’s NHL (Edmonton, Toronto)

        If you have a goalie who is thought of as one of the best in the game in his prime (don’t know why everyone saying 31 like it is old for a goalie) why not look to move him if you are getting top dollar in return? Sign yourself a cheap goalie to be the starter next year and let your prospects get additional reps sprinkled throughout the year. You already have this year’s #1 – give yourself a chance at next year’s as well. NJ is quietly building a pretty solid core but they aren’t a destination that brings in top-notch FA’s that they need to compete as quickly as next season and if you’re not competing why have a top-10 goalie when you can get the assets you need to compete quicker. There are more than enough competent goalies to go around and if you build a solid defense corps around them these goalies look much more than competent

      • I brought up Schneider here a couple of months ago. To me he is primed to be moved.
        The top destination for me would be for them to move him to Winnipeg for Amria/Lemiuex + a conditional 2nd for 2018 (which becomes a first for 2018 or 2019 if the jets win a playoff series)

        I agree with SH, there are goalies out there who can handle the workload. Elliott may not be resigned, Budaj performed well when Quick was out, NJ can sign both.
        Niemi is getting bought out.
        MAF is available but NJ has little reason to make that move.
        Bernier would be an option as well, he should come cheap.
        Other trade targets are Raanta and Grubauer.

        New Jersey has a golden opportunity to rebuild quickly here by drafting the first overall and trading Schneider.
        I also like the suggestion below of a trade with Calgary but they dont have the pieces to offer that winnipeg does

      • I’d agree Taz if the market was good for goalies… your offer was fair’ish but not worth moving Schneider for… that’s the rub. rebooting with the number 1 overall, a gazzilion picks, and maybe a expansion cheapened trade could help. Moving Schneider and getting one of the many serviceable goalies available (maf, condon, grueber, mason, etc) for cheap or free would be smart… but only if the return justifies and I doubt it does with such a flooded market.

      • SH21.

        Did you or have Toronto finishing higher in the standings than NJ last season when the season started? I had NJ finishing 12th in the east when the season started. I took flack for that from many here most had NJ as a playoff team. Toronto finished last in the East last season but I had them beating NJ. I had Toronto as a dark horse to make the playoffs but not actually make it. I didn’t expect Florida, TB or NYI missing on my final list. TB & NYI missed by 1 point, Florida by a mile.

    • Don’t think they will. There is nobody behind Schneider to take over the number 1 spot. Also one of the most important positions to fill in a rebuild is a number 1 goalie. So when you have one you don’t trade them away, no matter how old they are. Also 31 is not old for a goalie.

  5. Condon would be my choice for Canucks to sign. Perfect partner to fight for icetime with Markstrom.
    2 yrs @ 2.5/

    Gives Demko more time to home his skills in Utica

    • I believe Miller will be resigned in Vancouver shortly after the expansion draft on a 1 or 2 year deal in or around 4 mil. He wants to be close to his wife in California & isn’t ready for a back up role but 1B at best. Other than Vancouver the only other possible team that would keep him close to home in that potential role would be Vegas. Which is possible I guess come July 1st if not signed in Vancouver prior.

  6. If Ottawa doesn’t resign Condon, somebody else likely will

  7. McPhee likes to wheel but not always a good deal….NJD will hold on to that first unless Vegas trades up to get Patrick due to the McCrimmon connection with Brandon. They probably want him real bad.

    • If I’m N.J. I’d trade that pick to Vegas,on the condition that Vegas trades their next year’s 1st! So if Vegas wanted Patrick so bad it would be their 1st this year and next! N.J might add a couple of 2nd’s or prospects? But with Dahlin coming next year and having two shots at him?I would think about that!

  8. If Condon can’t get $2 million from the Sens he should be able to get it elsewhere. With Anderson’s age, the Sens should really consider ponying up.

    • $2 mil is a bit steep for a back-up, especially when you consider that several sites have 6′ 5″ 210-lb Swedish goalie Marcus Hogberg (78th overall – 3rd round – 2013) as their # 4 Top prospect behind only Chabot, Brown and White – saying: “Hogberg is the Sens fastest rising prospect and goalie of the future. With the Craig Anderson situation and injuries to other goalies, the Sens have had a good look at their other goalie prospects in the system, and they seem to be trending in the opposite direction.

      Hogberg is posting some very impressive stats in the SHL a Swedish men’s pro league with a GAA of 1.88 and a .932 save percentage, with a 16-12 record and four shutouts. Look for Hogberg to come to North America next year and spend some time adjusting to the North American game in Belleville.”

      Nor have they given up on 6′ 5″ 205 lb goalie Matt O’Connor (Boston U)

      • Having said that, I can see Condon settling for a 2-year deal with Ottawa at around $1.6 or 1.7 mil. However, if someone wants to fork over $2 mil for a back-up in a stagnant cap era – well then fill their boots. It’s not as if back-ups aren’t in plentiful supply, including a few who might yet be bought out of their expensive deals and would be only too happy to continue their careers in a reduced back-up role.

    • Why pay a back up goalie 2 mil per season? That’s a waste of 500K to a million. More than enough decent goalies on the market to back up Anderson for 1/2 that money & if 1 of Ottawa’s existing young goalies isn’t ready when Anderson is done the UFA market has a starter or 2 available every year & trading for 1 isn’t all that onerous. A late 1st round pick or less in recent years. Jones, Lehner, etc. Hell even Schneider moved for the 9th overall in what may be an average draft year. Only 4 years have passed since Horvat was taken in 2013 so to early to tell.

      • True enough. And the thing is with minor league goalies, those who have to endure a year or two playing on a crappy AHL team are probably reaping the biggest dividends in terms of valuable “experience” as opposed to those who, say, tend goal on AHL powerhouses where their workload is minimal.

  9. Schneider to Calgary for Sam Bennett+ a 2nd rounder.

    • I think Treveling would say yes before the words were even finished coming out of the devils gm’s mouth.

      • I don’t think they would, nor would I even consider it straight up never mind the pick. Calgary isn’t giving up on the 20 year old Bennett with only 2 full seasons & 159 NHL regular season of experience. Yes he experienced the sophomore slump, very common with players entering the NHL at 19 years of age.

        There is a reason he was selected 4th overall & when he is finished developing at the NHL level will settle in as a 25 to 30 goal scorer who puts up 60 points give or take 5 & in a really good year will flirt with 70. Will be the #2 C or LW by the 2018-19 season. He will play again next season in a 3rd line roll & best his rookie #’s by about 10 points give or take 2 or 3 & hit 20 goals comfortably.

        Why pay this type of player/asset to get a goalie when you can sign 1 as a UFA for free, trade for 1 at next to no cost. If MAF moves for more than a 2nd round pick & a B grade prospect I would be shocked. He seems like the logical destination for MAF if Pittsburgh is reasonable about the return & willing to go to Calgary. His 2 years fits perfectly with Gillies potentially being NHL ready. MAF resigns on to shelter him when his current deal expires or Calgary brings in another vet at that time to do so.

        Failing that tons of goalie options available especially pre expansion draft that will suffice are far cheaper & don’t cost Bennett.

      • They could always give NJ Lazar!

      • Ha-ha! Well done George, very sharp humor.

    • a struggling former first round pick and a second round pick is not nearly enough for a proven number 1 goalie. Now with that said I don’t see NJ moving Schneider with no one behind him to take over the number 1 spot.

      • Bennett is going to be a solid NHL player. a 1st or 2nd line C or LW when he approaches 25.

        Calgary isn’t giving up this type of asset for a goalie. He’ll be 21 on June 20th. Most of his draft class isn’t even in the NHL yet & he has 2 full season of development already.

        Lets revisit this discussion in the middle of the 2020-21 season & hear your thoughts on Bennett then.

      • I agree with Striker here, Bennett plays an impressive game. He is ready to break out anytime, he is big, hits, good skater and has great hands. I would be shocked if he is not a premier 2nd line C in 2-3 years
        That being said you have to give quality to get quality.
        I can see this trade happening but a 1 to 1 swap is as generous as Calgary will be.

      • Yeah Ekblad, Reinhart & draisaitl.

    • Calgary is very high on Bennett. Plus I believe Schneider is worth more than Bennett. I’m a flamer and Bennett has shown them very little in the way of improvement over the last season. For a guy who was supposed to potentially go first overall in his draft class he certainly hasn’t wowed the fans. He takes way too many penalties. I believe he was brought in too soon to the big team. Tkachuk on the other hand fit right in…had a great season once he got going but failed miserably in the playoffs. he was a ghost. There is an awful lot of chatter regarding Calgary resigning Elliot and why not. He started slow got them back to the playoffs and had 3 really good games but lost it all himself in the final game and that’s all the fans and media remember. He got the team back on track after a slow start. he was actually phenomenal in the last half. did nothing but play great for St.Louis. Fans and media have short memories. The word is Calgary is looking to resign Elliott at the right price and term. They definitely won’t be taking Fleury off of pittsburgs hands. Why would they help them out after pittsburg upped the price on them last season. Pittsburg deserves to be stuck with that dilemma.

  10. Striker, did u see Scott Cullen write up on the Bruins on TSN, we has Boston resigning Stafford and signing Brian Boyle and losing Mcquaid in the expansion draft. The Mcquaid part is the only part I agree with. I don’t see Stafford or Boyle in any of the bruins plans.

    • I find Cullen’s roster predictions odd. He will guess at trades and signings, but he always guesses very small and uninteresting, and very particular, so they are just as wrong as big swings.

      For his approach I think it would be more interesting in leave blanks and illustrating if he thinks that hole will be filled more likely be signing or trade, and giving lists. For an article about having a game plan, that is is designed more for people that like to analyze the numbers, poolies, and just dying for hockey topics to discuss I think it would be more interesting.

    • I sent Scott an email telling him I thought the whole way he’s writing his off season game plans is a joke. He responded in kind. Ha-ha! Why project a bunch of trades, 99% of which will never happen & project them onto next seasons anticipated roster, what a waste of time. I stopped reading them, just like I deleted Hockeybuzz after EK’s rediculous playoff prediction calculator. Lost any respect I had for him, so all you can do is stop.

      Sure talk about needs, show a question mark on the depth chart or better yet plug in 1 of the numerous prospects & or a player acquired in trade. Guessing is futile.

      Bringing back Stafford would work for me on a 1 year deal at no more than 2.5, not sure he will sign any where that low otherwise give that ice time to a younger player or better yet a player acquired in trade. Like you pining for a goalie change in Winnipeg I want Zucker as a Bruin.

      If Boston doesn’t acquire a Dman in trade pre expansion draft 1 of of McQuad or K. Miller is gone. If the do, C. Miller will be exposed & in that scenario I think C. Miller goes.

      That said it’s very murky currently. The 2 dynamics in play that make it such primarily are I assume 5 teams are moving a Dman out pre expansion draft. Anh, Clb, Min, NYI & Ott; they might protect 4, I don’t see Phaneuf agreeing to waive but he could, but which of the 9 teams who could take them on, Arz, Bos, Buf, Car, Col, Dal, Det, NJ, & TB will those 5 move to, 4 teams aren’t getting 1 & what teams are going to pay Vegas to pass on players & select a specific player taking additional compensation. That’s unpredictable as are most trades.

      Teams with to many assets will trade some to teams with 2 few but trying to actual predict these exact trades is pure guessing really, we know trades are coming but from which team to which is pure folly.

      • I agree. I like the way they start, but they are a lot of build up and no actual game plan.

        It seems he spends hours evaluating the players, assets, results, etc. Then he spends a few lines on what teams should do, and very odd trade predictions and signings simply by inserting them into a line up without any justification.

        I beleive with Boston he removed Spooner from the roster, but didn’t add back a traded asset.

        I think we read an article called “off-season game plan” to see speculation on what teams should target, who could be available based on he said might be a trade bait for another team, etc. Then see some lists, justifications, etc for those moves.

        Instead we get lots of analysis on what happened, then virtually nothing in terms of an actual plan.

  11. At least the NHL allows the expansion teams a bit of a chance. I remember when the Raptors came into the league and the NBA only allowed them 2/3 s of a payroll and still not have a chance at a top 5 draft pick. The Knights make the playoffs in 5 years

  12. First time I’ve ever seen it this slow haha.

    I can’t see the Devils trading Schnider. They wouldn’t get the return for the quality of goalie he is. In the event that they did, they would be selling when Schnider is coming off a career worst.

    On a side note; what big names do you guys feel will be left unprotected as an attempt to rid a team of a bad contract?

  13. Looks like Vegas is close to making it’s first deal.

    It looks almost like a reverse of a protection deal. Chicago basically offered to not change it’s current protection plan in exchange for Vegas taking a contract. It’s pretty interesting. To be honest, I hadn’t thought too much of this type of deal.

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if Vegas was the biggest player for some teams protection problems.

    Vegas might round up some assets from minor protection issues on teams, then in turn offer a team like Minnesota or Anaheim a package of protection exempt assets to just let them select a certain D.

    Could be pretty interesting in cases where they might be faced with a tough situation. Anaheim could trade Vatanen for decent value and not have to buy out Bieksa, or Minnesota could just come to the realization there are losing a good defender and make a deal to offer up Brodin for picks or assets from Vegas in order to not have to trade a D and still possibly lose another.

    Should be pretty interesting.

    • An FYI Bieksa can not be bought out as he is on the injured list

  14. Does anyone know if Vegas is allowed to trade assets gained as part of a protection or selection based trade prior to the expansion draft.

    For instance, are they able to trade Trevor Van Reimsdyk to another team as part of another protection trade? Would they be able to if technically he was the traded player and Kruger was the selection? Can they simply not trade anything in those types of deals because they aren’t officially their assets until the draft?

    • Depends on how the trade is reported to the NHL. If TvR is Vegas property then they can trade him.

      Lets say TvR gets traded to Vegas next week for futures. He’s now Vegas property to do with as they choose. The futures are Vegas selecting Kruger in the expansion draft. As odd as that sounds. Ha-ha!

  15. What reasonable offer can Calgary make to NJ to grab Schneider?

    to NJ: Jankowski, Lazar, Brouwer and this years 2nd
    to CGY: Schneider and Greene

    ? Does this work ?

    NJ can keep Kinkaid and Wedgewood as their goalie tandem. NJ gets more forward depth
    CGY gets 2nd pairing Dman for Brodie and a stud goalie in his prime for the young guns in CGY


    • I think that N.J.would take a pass!they gave up horvat for him and those players are not as good!I’m sure a 1st and prospect or Hamilton? Or a 2nd and A+prospect? Not sure if their a fit,from N.J.side but calgary getting Schneider would make total sense to them!