Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – May 21, 2017

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Re-signing Leon Draisaitl and Connor McDavid will be very expensive for the Edmonton Oilers.

The cost of re-signing Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl, guessing who Mike Babcock is scouting & much more in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.

EDMONTON SUN: The cost of re-signing Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl topped Jim Matheson’s list of burning offseason questions. McDavid has a year remaining on his entry-level contract but the Oilers can open contract extension talks this July. Draisaitl has completed his entry-level deal and is a restricted free agent this summer.

Matheson suggests an eight-year, $97-million deal ($12.125 million per season) would be “a nice idea” for McDavid but he wonders if the young superstar might accept a little less (around $11 million annually) to give the Oilers some cap space to build up the supporting cast. As for Draisaitl, Matheson wonders if he’ll accept $50 million over eight years.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I realize this isn’t a trade or unrestricted free agent rumor but it does make for interesting speculation over the final weeks of the playoffs.

Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman wondered if McDavid might agree to a five-year deal, as they could give him the opportunity for an even larger contract by age 25. “Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane and Steven Stamkos all took five years on their second contract before going big with the third one,” he said.

Friedman’s colleague Nick Kypreos doubts we’ll see a huge disparity between McDavid’s and Draisaitl’s contracts. “There’s a lot of talk about McDavid possibly getting $12, $13 million, or even the max. That’s not gonna happen, because you will not see Draisaitl signing a contract that pays him probably four or five million dollars less than McDavid.”  He believes there will be a difference of between half-a-million to a million annually, but not a scenario where one gets $14 million annually and the other gets $7 million.

McDavid accepting a five-year deal could be the best way that scenario works. He accepts, say, five years at $8 million per while Draisaitl gets $7 million annually for five-to-seven years. Of course, that depends on McDavid’s willingness to accept that type of deal, rather than going for the max in dollars and term. Both will be re-signed this summer and it’ll be interesting to see what their new deals look like. 

Matheson also pondered right wing Jordan Eberle’s future with the Oilers, if they’ll pursue a faceoff man this summer, if they can convince the Vegas Golden Knights to take Benoit Pouliot and his $4 million cap hit off their hands in the expansion draft, if forward Mark Letestu will be exposed in that draft, if they’ll listen to trade offers for center Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and how much it could cost to re-sign UFA defenseman Kris Russell.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Most of this was previously analyzed, discussed or debate by other pundits in recent weeks.  Because McDavid and Draisaitl will be getting significant pay raises, it’s expected the Oilers could move a high-salaried player such as Eberle ($6 million annually), Nugent-Hopkins (also $6 million) or Pouliot this summer to free up some cap space. 

SPORTSNET: Luke Fox recently took note of Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Mike Babcock taking in Game 3 of the Anaheim Ducks-Nashville Predators Western Conference Final. Noting the Leafs need a right-shot defenseman and the Ducks’ blueline depth makes them a perfect trade partner, Fox suggests Anaheim’s Sami Vatanen as a perfect fit for Babcock’s defense corps. Brandon Montour and Josh Manson would be cheaper, less-experienced options.

Fox also wondered if perhaps Babcock was scouting Predators center Mike Fisher as a possible free-agent replacement if Brian Boyle departs via the UFA market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I daresay Babcock was scouting the Ducks and the Predators for possible defense options. Both clubs have considerable blueline depth. Of the two, the Ducks could be more likely to deal as they risk losing a good young blueliner for nothing in the expansion draft.

Babcock might think highly of Mike Fisher, but he’s too entrenched in Nashville to leave. Indeed, I can see the Preds inking their captain, who turns 37 on June 5, to a one-year, bonus-laden contract. And if he retires, he’ll likely get a front-office job with the club. 

Elliotte Friedman reports Dallas Stars GM Jim Nill is willing to consider moving his first-round pick (third-overall) in the 2017 NHL draft. To no one’s surprise, the asking price is an established defenseman who could make a difference on their blueline, suggesting clubs such as Anaheim and Minnesota “could probably do it.” 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I realize this year’s draft isn’t a deep one, but a third-overall pick is still an enticing trade chip. A club in danger of losing a good blueliner in the expansion draft, such as Anaheim or Minnesota, could be tempted, especially if the Stars are willing to toss in a good prospect or a decent young player. 



  1. Holy over valuation! If McDavid makes 12.5 mill after his elc then the Oilers should trade him! Even though he’s the best player in the world, in a salary cap era anyone making that is a liability to his team.

    If the Oilers pay 20 mil for those 2 players they’ll never make the playoffs again.

    • I know for certain the owners are very interested in attempting to hold the line very interested in trying to set up a Cap connected percentage-related limit that only allows teams to pay their top guy(s) say 11% of what the Cap is at that juncture. This is going to be their line in the sand. So, it might be in McDavid’s interest to get that large number now. I agree that it is going to be difficult to have McDavid,the best of the youngsters who already is established as a top three NHL player agree to a smaller number.
      The idea that Leon Draisaitl deserves an equal number is
      a curious thought similar to the way the Blackhawks linked Toews & Kane and avoid ego issues…
      but I am sure their GM will see that as a dangerous proposal unless McDavid DOES sign that shorter deal but the current agreement ends 2021-22, which would mean after three years of a new deal, McDavid enters into a new agreement that might just be a bone of contention and part of a player give-back similar to the last time the top NHL stars shouldered getting the agreement done by getting pay cuts. If I am his presentation, I go after the biggest longest and fattest contract I can, and I negotiate the strike year salary as one that will be one where there likely will be a work stoppage.

    • I don’t do anything that rash but no 1 gets more than Crosby for me. McDavid may be better, may be the same, is certainly younger & eventually as Crosby declines will be the preeminent NHL player but so far he’s won nothing has played 2 years in the NHL losing 1/2 of 1 of those years to injury.

      Crosby signed his 12 year deal 4 seasons ago. It still has 8 years remaining the maximum contract length today at 8.7 per. Toews, Kane & Kopitar should never have gotten matching 10.5 & 10 mil per deals respectively. Those contracts are cap killers. Chicago is riding the benefit of Keith’s & Hossa’s contracts signed under different rules having allowed Chicago great cap flexibility thru their reign of supremacy but that’s fading fast & those contracts with each passing year, Toews & Kane’s has Chicago handcuffed as is LA & other teams giving far to much money to so few players.

      I’ll take Nashville’s model.

      I bridge all players for 2, ideally 3 years & I don’t short change them salary wise I just buy years so I can lock them up longer. Give McDavid 3 years at 7.5, then look to sign for 8 years when we have a better idea of where the cap is going. Draisaitl 2 or 3 years at 5 or 6. Then long term.

      • I don’t think McDavid gets a shorter term bridge deal, but I agree on the point that you cannot just hand him the biggest contract in the NHL after basically a year and a half. He is an RFA, if he wants term now, there should be a trade off that works for the team.

        Deals like Schiefle, Monahan, Lindholm, Jones, Forsberg, Gaudreau, Barkov and MachKinnon are examples of this type of deal done well. These are all relatively recently signed, yet none of these players carry a top 30 cap hit, and most of them fall less that the top 50 players or so. They were all signed for good cap hits for players who do what they already proved they were capable of at the time of signing, and could be slam dunks if they continue to develop.

        I don’t think you make McDavid take a bridge deal, but that doesn’t mean you don’t negotiate off of that. Essentially skipping a bridge deal is a concession, so if McDavid wants long term out of the gate (which he likely will), Edmonton has to get something for that. If that something is McDavid at $8M, then it can be a worthwhile deal. If he ends up getting north of $9M on his first contract, something has gone wrong.

      • I wouldn’t have any issues with 8 at 8 or even the 8.7 Crosby makes.

      • Me either, and I hope that’s what they try and accomplish.

        I don’t mind skipping the bridge deal, but it has to get you something for doing so. If that something is 8 years of a reasonable cap hit for a guy capable of leading the league in scoring regularly, then so be it, but if you are going to jump to just making him the highest paid player in the league, then what concession has he made?

      • It would be fun to be McDavid’s agent. 5 years @ 8m? 3 years @ 7.5m? No, I’d ask 4 @ 14m or we’ll talk next Summer. There’s no way I’d consider signing before the likes of Draistl and Eichel.

        The NHL underpays superstars and over pays average, relative to other leagues. If Connor signs for less than max, it’s an act of kindness on his part.

  2. & Draisaitl is worth more money than Scheifele; 6.125, 8 years, MacKinnon; 6.3, 7 years, or Monahan; 6.375, 7 years, because?

    • I am having trouble understanding if Mackinnon is worth that after his inability to make the players around him better.
      I totally agree that even if Draisaitl feeling get hurt, you negotiate with his camp first lock him in, and then you agree to whatever you have to to sign McDavid for whatever you have to!
      In Toews / Kane’s case, they had the same agent. Anybody know if these Oilers do to?

      • What players is he supposed to make better? Colorado’s roster has been devoid of talent, still is but help is coming slowly. Pretty easy to check a team that can’t even ice 2 scoring lines & has easily 1 of the 3 worst D’s in the NHL.

      • He looks pretty good playing with some talent in Cologne.

      • Andrighetto became McKinnon’s scoring winger. How’s that for making a player better?

      • I agree Craig.

        I also believe that being given the opportunity in quantity & quality of minutes has helped Andrighetto. He has skills but has never been given 1st or 2nd line minutes consistently or the quality of power play time he saw after arriving in Colorado & even there it just wasn’t handed to him, he had to earn it & to think this player was waived & passed on by 29 other teams earlier in the year.

        Colorado was a mess but it’s no further along in it’s rebuild than Toronto & didn’t have the luxury of just tanking it to rebuild. Help is coming but the worst thing to happen to them was the success they had coming out of the lock out season. The 3 year dual headed monster was an unmitigated disaster, their coach & director of player personal abandoning them at the last minute in a tissy fit as he couldn’t get his way didn’t help either. Good bye & good riddance.

    • Would you compare Draisaitl to Pastrnak? I’m thinking Pastrnak will get between $6 and $6.5, but Draisaitl picked it up in the playoffs so maybe $7 for Draisaitl

      • I think that will be close Pasternak has more offensive right now but Leon’s all around game is better

      • How do you pay Pastrnak more than Marchand or Bergeron? This everyone needs 7 mil with a pulse needs to stop. 7 mil + should be superstar monies not star monies. A superstar for me is a top 10 player at his position that can crack the top 5 occassionally.

      • Striker there you go again…not reading. No one said $7m for Pastrnak but we will get paid. If its a bridge it will be 3 or 4yrs at 5 or 5.5 but if longer it will be 6m plus. I would say he’s going to get a bridge deal, with a promise of a bigger pay day.

      • Caper there you go not reading. I said how do you pay pastrnak more than m or B. Then went on to talk about players in general. Ha-ha! All good. Hard to decipher text often.

      • It’s not the way it reads Striker, you implied Pastrnak at $7 but thanks for clarifying your point.

  3. The leafs are going to trade with Anaheim for Manson and to get him they are going to take bieksa,s contract to give the ducks cap relief and connor carrick,kapinen and a prospect.

    • Aren’t Carrick & Kapanen prospects?

      Unlikely Anh moves Manson. I would say Vatanen is the player to go have been saying so for over a year mind you.

      Anaheim has virtually it’s entire roster signed for next season, 22 players currently with $2,315,000 in cap space at last seasons cap hit of 73 mil. Bettman at the last BOG meeting is projecting 76 for next season. It may fall nominally short of that. That’s 5.315 mil in space to sign 1 player. Thompson; UFA.

      I assume Stoner will be bought out, freeing up another 2.2 million. That gives Anh 7.5, Despres LTIR potentially another 3.7 & Anah will lose at least 1 player in expansion freeing up more cap space.

      When Anh trades Vatanen for a forward, doesn’t have to be expansion draft exempt as Anh has room for a 7th forward to protect. That’s another 4.875 shipped out taking back a player making less with a pick & or prospects.

      What cap problems?

      • If the leafs want Manson it will start with nylander plus, a lot of teams will be going after dmen. Kapenan and carrick wouldn’t land much of a NHL ready dman

      • I don’t know much about Manson, but certainly enjoy watching him in these playoffs. Anaheim just have a gluten of defensemen.

      • He has looked really good these playoffs can’t see the ducks getting rid of him

      • Anaheim won’t have any cap problems. They will trade a defensmen, which is why Babcock and Lou are watching, but it would have been weirder if they didn’t take in any Anaheim games. I mean, what other games are there for them to scout? They need a D, Anaheim is likely trading a D, they seem to have a good transnational relationship with Anaheim, it only makes sense that they will at some point talk, and therefore the Leafs brass should watch some of the only defensive playing hockey they could realistically have a shot at landing.

        Carrick has little value to Anaheim since they can’t protect him and are deep on D, including several exempt D.

        I do think Anaheim should be protecting Manson, but given the amount of hockey analysts, insiders, journalists who have him potentially getting exposed or traded, to say it’s a certainty will depend on how Anaheim values it’s players. It wouldn’t shock me if he is the guy they move, I am not saying I think they should, just that GMs valuing their players incorrectly doesn’t shock me.

        That all being said, it will come down to whoever Anaheim prefers to trade since Vatanen or Manson would be massive improvements to just about any D needing an upgrade.

        In the Leafs case, Manson is probably ideal, as you are getting exactly what you are missing without taking a poor fit. He adds size, ability to play well against top lines, but still skates and moves the puck out of his zone well. This is important for the Leafs, as getting a more traditional stay at home defender who isn’t as good a skater or neutral zone defender might not mesh as well as people think with the Leafs forward heavy line up. This is the reason Vatanten would be a great fit as well, since he is good defensively, and his skill set still plays into the Leafs strength, as getting the puck to the forwards is something he excels at.

    • Not happening. Based on these playoffs, Vatanen is a better player than Manson. I could see Bieksa as an add-on but I don’t see Carrick and Kapanen going to the Ducks. I think Anaheim will keep Vatanen though. Minnesota could be the team that trades with the Leafs.

      • Apples & oranges. Other than both being Dman the similarities end there. Although the same age essentially Vatanen his 4 full NHL seasons of development Manson 2 & neither are even fully developed yet. Vatanen needs 2 more years, Manson 4.

        Both are solid Dman who can log significant minutes & play 1st pairing minutes if required. No team has Anaheim’s D depth & never mind Theodore & Montour they have more coming. They & Nashville’s ability to identify & develop Dman is way ahead of all other teams.

      • Guys. This won’t be your typical hockey trade(player, prospect and draft choice) Ana will end up losing a dman to Vegas in the expansion draft. So might as well get something then nothing trade…

      • I don’t think anaheim will lose a Dman & the supply & demanddynamics have at least 8 teams that need a dman of this quality as their #3 keeper at D isn’t even in the same ball park.

        The cost to buy any of these dman will be extreme regardless & this is the best chance ever to potentially secure 1. Dman of this quality rarely move & the fact they may even be had today should be jumped on by any & all now.

        I certainly condone boston over paying to get Brodin & exposing c. Miller due to this aquisition. I’d gladly give up 2 wsts & something to facilitate this trade.

        Easy for me to say I’m just a fan. Ha-ha!

      • Sorry 2 1st & something

    • Your discussion of pending big$$$ payable to McDavid & Draisaitl highlights how imperative it is for The Leafs ‘to go for it’ within the next 2 years.IMO, takeaways from the recent IIHF tourney include: the importance of Mitch being on a ‘top line’ with big forwards (i.e.IMO, The Leafs should make best efforts to retain JVR and Tyler B); and, how much more production Wm Nylander could achieve if their 3rd linemate was ‘stronger’ (i.e. replace Hyman with Leivo, or maybe Adam Brooks or, ideally, structure some deal with TB for Nikita Gusev for a 2 year deal similar to Shipachyov deal with Vegas Gldn Knights.) Imagine a legend Leafs line with: best Swede (WN); best Yank(AM),and ‘best’ Russkie (Gusev). Needless to say, the Leafs need serious work on their D … and recent signing of Swedes is great move in that direction. IMO, The Leafs should seek to structure a trade of Reilly + Leafs prospect(s) for some deal targeting either Tanev/Manson/Montour (all of whom ‘should’ be better than Reilly in 2yrs time?) … and seek a promising D in the upcoming ’17 Draft (i.e. Valimaki, Hague, or even a’trade up’ for Liljegren or Foote?).. with hopes that whomever they choose in draft can fit into a bottom pairing in 2years. This would create on ‘OK’ blueline comprised of: Gardiner, Zaitsev, Tanev (Manson or Montour) plus 3 from: Borgman, Rosen, 2017 draft pick, + Carrick?Holl?Marchenko? – whomever is not claimed in expansion draft. IMO, the only Leaf prospects on the Marlies who appear to be near term ready to move to NHL are Leivo, Kapanen, maybe Grundstrom and Holl. After watching 3 games of Marlies vs Syracuse, the rest are expendable and should be ‘sacrificed’ to accomplish The Leafs near term objective of winning a Stanley Cup…within next 2 years before The Leafs organization are faced with paying out big$$$ to Auston, Wm Nylander & to Mitch. Just Saying. ?

  4. Babcock on a scouting assignment for a Dman in Nashville makes a lot of sense but I think Fisher leaving the Nashville area is just wishful thinking

  5. Don’t discount the Canucks moving Chris Tanev to Dallas for that #3 pick. Van has needs for both a centre & a quarterback defenseman. Picking 3rd & 5th could give them one of each. A less likely option would be Edler if he agrees to waive. There are a lot of teams who would line up to get Tanev.

    • Aren’t Hutton, Stetcher & Juolevi all able to log PP point spots fully eventually. All have posted offensive abilities in their past stages of development before reaching the NHL & both posted solud offensive 3’s in their rookie seasons.

      Add in Subban who if he has a future in the NHL it will be as an offensive Dman & Brisebois

      The Canucks have severall Dman with the very abilities you say they need. Draft 1 of the C’s at 5 move on & be happy.

  6. JVR for Manson + ; JVR would be a big point producer on ANA top line for years to come. It helps both teams.

    • Jvr only has one year left than he will want big money as a ufa nobody will give up a lot for him unless it’s a sign and trade

    • I think it would be more JVR+ for Manson if that is the deal, but I do think this year we will see D move for more reasonable prices.

      I know many people will say that Larrsson-Hall trade set the price, but it really didn’t. That price had nothing to do with a premium on D, it had to do with the fact there were none available, so you had to pay extra to pry and asset that was never meant to be available.

      This year, there is a situation where D will be made available, and the prices will likely reflect that.

      So the deals will be more Johanssen-Jones type than Larrsson-Hall.

      • As much as you don’t think it set the price it really did, Larson type dmen are at a minimum right now and will be very expensive. A lot of leaf fans think they will solve their defensive problems by trading low tier players such as kapenan,carrick or a soon to be ufa like jvr but neither wild or ducks will move those young cost controlled dmen for anything other than the same but as a forward

      • That is my point though.

        Hall is a far better left winger than Larsson is a defensemen. That deal didn’t set a price, it was a product of a dry point in the market, but Chiarelli deciding he was going to force a trade. That is why we never heard anything on Larsson being available before it happened, because he wasn’t.

        Moving a young forward who is about the same age and value as a defensemen is exactly what the Johannsen-Jones deal was.

        The only difference is that Anaheim is losing a defensemen this year. As well as a few other teams. So they are going to take the best value they can get. I am not saying it will be cheap, but because defensemen are available again, the prices will be more normalized, and a considerable overpayment won’t have to be made.

      • no matter what way you spin it, it set the price dmen are more valuable than any other position. For the leafs to get Manson it will be nylander plus

      • Manson will only be moved if Anaheim undervalues him. Anaheim will move a D but will not likely get anywhere near a Nylander + type of return. There is no incentive for a team to overpay that much. Anaheim is likely moving the defensmen they have internally ranked as their 4/5th most valuable D. They won’t be getting a top tier prospect with two years of ELC left.

      • Leafs need defense bad, nylander is very one dimensional to say top tier is a little much

      • Well I think it may be your undervaluing Nylander maybe more than overvaluing Manson/Vatanen?

        Either way, the Leafs won’t be moving Nylander to Anaheim, nor will any team move a package of that tier of asset or more. For instance, Boston wouldn’t move Pastranak, Colorado won’t be moving Rantanen, Arizona won’t be moving Domi and Carolina won’t be moving Aho for whoever Anaheim decides to trade.

        I agree that Manson should be the one protected by Anaheim, but it wouldn’t shock me if they made the mistake of trading him instead.

        There will be several teams looking to get value for a D rather than loosing them, and a number of teams looking to add them. However the situation will be that there are only a handful of additional buyers than sellers as lots of teams that would love to add the players that will be available won’t be able to because it would give them expansion concerns. Also, not all of the teams looking to add have the assets certain teams are looking for, or are in a situation to give up those assets. So all in all, I see prices regulating somewhat.

        It doesn’t mean the prices won’t be fair to high, they just won’t be astronomically one sided as in the Hall deal.

        Some of the teams don’t have an asset at all that is a direct comparable to the D being offered, as it is hard to value.

        For instance I don’t think there is a 1-1 trade for Vatanen that makes sense with any of the teams looking. Vatanen is a UFA in 3 years. That value will be difficult to get in a 1-1 trade. Again, the players mentioned are too valuable to trade for that, but you aren’t getting him for expiring contracts or a 2nd tier type prospect either. So Vatanten is likely going for a package deal, just based on what is available.

        In any case, we are going to see some interesting trades, valuations and likely mistakes made because of the situation as it will unfold.

    • I don’t move Manson never mind more for JvR. Manson is cost & salary controlled for years.

      & can eaily be the defensive presence for an offensive dman for a player like Theodore for the next decade.

      • I agree with your assessment of Manson. It would be interesting to see him move because to me that would mean Anaheim would have to undervalue him. He is intriguing to discuss because his value seems to vary wildly depending on who you talk to or what you read. I have read people put a wide range of values on him from just letting him get selected in expansion to top tier defender.

        I think the best comparable to him that comes to mind is Vlasic. I think he is the type of defensemen that is very rare, in that he is a top tier 5 on 5 and PK defensemen who actually moves the puck and skates pretty well, but get virtually no PP time. So he basically does most of the job of a #1 defensemen, and does so exceedingly well no matter which point of view you try and look at his defensive game, but will never have the cost associated with a top tier #1. This is extremely valuable to teams who maybe already have a PP specialist or good PP, but are missing a true #1 (Boston, Toronto, Buffalo, Colorado), as it would allow you to build a D core without needing that all situation stud.

        This is the reason I find him interesting to discuss. I believe his value is way too high for Anaheim to consider trading him, but at the same time my valuation of him isn’t consistently held, so it is possible Anaheim makes the same sort of assessment and decides to move him.

        This is the reason I don’t think he would get traded for a massive value. Either he is valued as highly by Anaheim as you and I value him, and therefore is not moved, or they drastically undervalue him, and somebody gets very lucky.

        Anyway, it may never happen, and should never happen, but part of me wants to see it happen because lopsided trades are often the most interesting to discuss.

      • To many teams looking for dmen for the ducks not to recieve a great return

      • Leafs should not move either of Kapanen or Nylander….JVR and Carrick for Manson, Montour or Vatanen is a good both ways deal! Maybe throw in the 17th pick plus JVR/Carrick for Vatanen or Manson but not for Montour…….and maybe nothing materializes because Babs finds Swedish gem which negates need for trade??

  7. Seems crazy to me all this chatter of one player landing 14 million a year? I thought there was a cap around 10 with the last collective bargaining agreement . Anyhow, I’m and AVS fan and would love to watch both Mcdavid/Draisaitl as a top 2 scoring punch. But at what cost ? You can’t go one 12 million then the other gets 11 million. Say goodbye to any D in Oiler land all over again. I’m okay with someone like Crosby getting a max payout of term and 10 million. Cracks me up we the fans should just stop going to games for a year or so and stop buying merchandise . Do these players and grease ball agents think this $ just flows from the sports fairies ? It would be awesome on another note if Mackinnon plays this well for the Avs next season. I would love to see the Avs try to lure Drouin to pair with him if possible .

  8. Benoit Pouliot and his $4 million cap hit. This just one of a long line error examples made by GM’s. The GM’s then scream that the Salary Cap hurts. However it is the player who ultimates get hurt. Now before you scream at me.

    If you were offered more than what you should be paid any person would jump at it. The problem is if the player does not live up to expectations. 90% don’t. Then their careers are cut short and/or the buried in the minors. Yes are they still getting paid yes…But not the direction of the career one would want. If these GM’s did not always go to the extreme both the teams and players would be in better shape.

    Who would think that the Oiler’s now have a small window with their upcoming contracts.

    Both the Team and Player need to be realistic. And they care about the future they will find a way for both to be strong for a long time.

    • GMs were using cap space like it would continuously rise when signing UFA players, assuming the rising cap would mean they would only be overpaying a little for the first year or so.

      Then there were GMs like Nonis who openly said when signing Clarkson “I’m not worried about years 6-7, I am just worried about year 1, and in year 1 I think we will have a good player” He was wrong, but that statement alone should get him fired as that mentality means you aren’t trying to build a sustainable and are almost openly stating you just want to do well enough to get an extension, then who cares.

      Anyway, GMs do seem to be learning. There are examples of big time UFAs having to wait and take a show me deal, or simply signing for less than what they were offered. There are fewer big mistakes made, and more quality signings made each of the last two years.

      The UFA market has become a place to round out your roster, or even find a hidden Gem or two. There will always be mistakes made, but it’s been getting better.

  9. Will someone who really knows the Oilers explain the problem with Eberle and Nugent-Hopkins. Their stats look ok, but lots of negative comments.

    • Both are a bit overpaid, and there is a lot of negativity surrounding them for simply being part of a Core that didn’t work.

      People want to see them gone for those reasons. Both players should hold value, but it seems trading them would be moving them at a low. The Oilers need to be careful, and not over estimate how close they are to being on the cusp and end up moving two decent players for a weak return, as they could weaken their team, and also just spend the last of their assets they could use to improve.

      The Oilers still have holes on D and up front, and rushing to move on from RNH and Eberle just for the sake of doing so could be very costly. Especially given that they use Draistl as a winger often since they don’t have anyone else, which means moving both RNH and Eberle would create massive holes in their line up.

  10. Not boring.