Canadiens Acquire Drouin From Lightning

by | Jun 15, 2017 | News, NHL, Rumors | 19 comments

Montreal Canadiens acquire left wing Jonathan Drouin from the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The Montreal Canadiens acquired left wing Jonathan Drouin and a conditional sixth-round pick in 2018 from the Tampa Bay Lightning in exchange for defenseman Mikhail Sergachev and a conditional second-round selection in 2018.

If Sergachev plays more than 40 regular-season games next season for the Lightning, no picks will be exchanged. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: For the second straight year, Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin pulls off a significant deal in June. Drouin should certainly bolster the Canadiens’ offense.

The 22-year-old is a skilled playmaker with considerable upside, enjoying a breakthrough 53-point performance in 2016-17. He’s a restricted free agent coming off an entry-level contract and could receive a five-year deal worth between $5 million to $6 million annually. 

Much of the Drouin trade speculation had him being peddled for a top-four defenseman. Sergachev, who turns 19 on June 25, certainly has the potential but hasn’t reached that level yet in the NHL. He’s  exempt from the expansion draft, allowing the Bolts to protect another player. However, they could remain in the market for an experienced rearguard this summer. 

Bergevin probably isn’t done dealing. The Canadiens still need scoring depth at center. After moving Sergachev, they’ll also need skilled blueline depth down the road. 

Most of the speculation leading up to this deal had Drouin being swapped for Alex Galchenyuk. While Galchenyuk remains a Hab there are reports claiming he’s being actively shopped.  He’s been linked to Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene in the trade-rumor mill. 

The Drouin trade also casts some doubt over Alexander Radulov’s future in Montreal. He’s an unrestricted free agent in July. While both sides were reportedly keen on getting a deal done, re-signing the young Drouin takes priority. If Radulov departs, the Habs will also need scoring depth on right wing. 




  1. Very nice deal for a team I love to hate:)

    • Good deal for both as long as sergachev turns out be what they are thinking he will b. I went to a couple of memorial cup games and sergachev looked like a man amongst boys, but like any prospect until he plays in the big show you never know

  2. Galchenyuk was an offensive disappointment and Drouin is a savior. They scored at almost exactly the same pace last year with Drouin playing more minutes per game, most of which came on the PP.

    • They are both good players but drouin has more upside going forward

    • The contract is great but the means of acquisition is just a big head scratcher. Bring in Drouin to help with scoring makes sense… getting rid of chucky just put them in the same boat. Only now they don’t have their top d prospect and it is very unlikely they get anything close for Chucky. If I’m a GM I’m holding the “you’re giving up on your prospect, so why should I give up my very promising dman for someone you lost faith in?” Card close to chest. It really feels like a step sideways followed by a step back.

  3. As per TSN, Drouin signed a 6 year $33 million dollar extension to that signing. It does help address scoring for the Habs.

  4. Tampa’s forward depth let them roll the dice with a possiblypicale top pairing D and the Habs got the prototypical Habs talented offensive player.
    Win for both

  5. Chelios for Savard
    Desjardins for Recchi
    McDonagh for Gomez
    It’ll take a but to sell me on this deal

  6. Precursor to Galchenyuk to NYR for Stepan?? Gives them the center they want and Rangers get cap space.

    • Could be? But all the talk right now is galchenyuk to the wild for dumba or brodin with other pieces going either way, even bobby mac is talking about it so something’s up

    • Stepan is not quite the big game #1 center he is paid to be. He lacks speed and an edge

      Rangers need top 4 D. Stepan for a young right hander and I have a feeling Shattenkirk is signed, a move I do not agree with. Sure the powerplay might be improved but AV had no idea what to do with Yandle or Dan Boyle…

  7. I think this was a good hockey deal for the most part. I like that Tampa rolled the dice a little, and I think they got great value. Sergechev is further along than a raw pick, so the gamble is less than that of a high first, they also get a 2nd, and they take on little salary and an exempt asset.

    For Montreal it addresses offense. Odd to see them part with Sergechev, but better for Drouin than Duchene. I think a hiccup could be if they push Galchenyuk out. Drouin will get more praise and be more popular and flashy, but Galchenyuk could be as effective and likely get him signed cheaply. Also, if your club needs offense, moving Drouin in and Galchenyuk out does very little overall.

    My fear with dealing Gally could be selling a player at a low. He won’t be too expensive to sign, so it isn’t a case of addition by subtraction, and in a so called down year, he was paced for a pretty solid season.

    Part of me isn’t as sold on Drouin, and I don’t like many deals where a GM gives up a top ranked D prospect many deem capable of being a true top pairing stud. I could also be biased as many of my friends who are habs fans really hyped Sergechev, so I may be overvaluing him, but it sounds like he was up there with McAvoy, Montour and Chabot in terms of drafted NHL D prospects.

    • Danny weren’t you the one saying dmen value isn’t high? Well that is another trade where a lot of ppl think it was an overpayment to land young dman! Hall and drouin had very similar numbers last year, just imagine what a dumba,brodin,vatenan or Manson will get! A lot of teams will be bidding for those young dmen and they will land a big return

    • Danny how can you not be sold on drouin when every respected hockey guy says he’s an offensive dynamo yet say sergachev having only played 4 NHL games looks like he is gonna be a top pairing dman? That really doesn’t make any sense

      • I should Clarify when I say I am not sold on Drouin. I don’t doubt he is a very good offensive player, my issue is more the internal evaluation of players.

        Galchenyuk is considered expendable and disappointing because he a 23 year old winger scoring at just under a 60 point rate two years in a row who hasn’t been as good at center as they would have hoped.

        Drouin is a superstar commodity because he is a 22 year old winger socring at just under a 60 point rate who might even be able to play center, but if not he is exciting. And he’s French!

        So my issue isn’t with Drouin or the trade as it is with MB’s evaluation of his team, and more concerned with where things go from here. If Galchenyuk is traded out, and Radulov doesn’t come back, Drouin doesn’t increase Montreal’s offense.

        Also, it comes down to my familiarity with Sergechev. I didn’t say I think he is a potential top pairing D, I said he has been held out can’t miss prospect amoung the best D outside the NHL. Marc Bergevin held this belief firmly. For me those players hold a lot more value than any of the D offered. Maybe that isn’t what Sergechev is, as I haven’t seen him play a ton, my point is if that is exactly the asset he is, he is worth far more than any of the D available this summer given his draft exempt status, contract situation, age and ceiling.

        I have never said D won’t be expensive, but Hall for Larsson wasn’t expensive, it was absurd. Larsson is no more valuable than the D available this summer, and less versatile overall. Hall is an elite winger now, he is what people hope Drouin can be. His season this year was an off year. Comparing his year to Drouin’s needs to consider two things. Hall plays with a much weaker offensive team, and no powerplay D. Hall also produces almost a full shot on goal per game more, but unfortunately had a bad year in terms of shooting percentage (over 2% lower than it was typically). If he keeps getting the same shots, and his shot % upticks, he is likely 25+ goals plus again, despite New Jersey’s lack of offense.

  8. I really like Sergachev’s game and he gets to start his NHL career as a second pairing/ second PP guy. He is going to flourish under those conditions. He flat out has superior talent and at defense that is a premium. When it’s all said and done I think this trade is going to go down in history as fair and making both teams better.

  9. For the Canadiens, whose weakness is down the middle and on the back end, how does the Drouin trade make this a contending team? Yes, Drouin can score but somebody has to get him the puck.

    Could it be that they are moving on from Radulov because of term and salary? If so, than this it is at best a sideways move (while giving up your best trade chip and defensive prospect).

  10. If I’m TB, there is no way Sergachev gets to play 40 regular season games, no matter how good he is.

    • Don’t be so sure. The Lightning blueline is woeful apart from Hedman and Stralman. Tampa still needs an established defenseman in order to justify its 12-1 preseason SC odds. Barring injury, Sergachev will play at least 40 games.