Latest on the Blackhawks & Golden Knights – June 1, 2017

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The Chicago Blackhawks and Vegas Golden Knights are reportedly working on a deal that could involve Trevor van Riemsdyk (left) and Marcus Kruger.

A deal between the Chicago Blackhawks and Vegas Golden Knights could be close, plus a look at four expensive players the Golden Knights should consider selecting in the expansion draft.

TSN: Frank Seravalli yesterday reported the Vegas Golden Knights and Chicago Blackhawks could be working out a trade ahead of the  June 21 expansion draft. The deal would see the Golden Knights select defenseman Trevor van Riemsdyk in the draft on the condition Vegas acquire center Marcus Kruger via trade. Seravalli claims the deal isn’t 100 percent done yet but appears likely. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Vegas general manager George McPhee recently said his club’s first trade could come as early as next week. Perhaps this is the deal he’s referring to.

With three defensemen (Duncan Keith, Brent Seabrook and Niklas Hjalmarsson) and four forwards (Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Marian Hossa and Artem Anisimov) carrying no-movement clauses, the Blackhawks are limited in how many players they can protect.

Depending on the return to the Blackhawks, this would be a straightforward salary dump on their part. They currently have over $77 million invested in 22 players for next season.  They would shed nearly $4 million in cap space by moving Kruger ($3.083 million annually) and van Riemsdyk ($825K). 

Seravalli’s colleague Pierre LeBrun replied that he’s also heard the Golden Knights could receive a first-round pick from a team if they take on a bad contract. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: LeBrun didn’t say which club could be making that pitch, but there are several that could be keen to make that move. The Detroit Red Wings, Los Angeles Kings, New York Rangers and St. Louis Blues are among several teams with limited cap room for 2017-18 in need of shedding some salary, especially if the cap ceiling fails to significantly increase. Speaking of which….

SPORTSNET: Jonathan Willis lists the Buffalo Sabres defenseman Zach Bogosian, Edmonton Oilers winger Benoit Pouliot, Calgary Flames center Matt Stajan and Colorado Avalanche goaltender Semyon Varlamov as four expensive players the Golden Knights should consider selecting in the expansion draft. He believes they would address Vegas’ need for versatile players capable of playing many minutes and in multiple situations who could be long-term fits or have trade potential in the next two seasons. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of the four on this list, Bogosian would be the best bet. That being said, he last played over 70 games back in 2010-11 and hasn’t developed into the top-pairing blueliner he was projected to become. At over $5.1 million for the next three seasons, the Golden Knights are unlikely to get full value for their money. The Avs are believed intent on protecting Varlamov in the draft. Unless they’ve had a significant change of heart, we can probably rule him out.

Pouliot’s a versatile forward but his inconsistent play and $4 million annual cap hit isn’t likely to make him a worthwhile addition for Vegas. Stajan’s a decent depth center and has only one season remaining on his contract at an affordable $3.125 million, but he turns 34 in December and his best seasons are well behind him now. 



  1. You have to chuckle at all the suggestions for McPhee emanating from fan-boy media types. Why in hell would McPhee do any favours for Chicago – unless the returns were overwhelming – and I don’t see a Krueger plus Chicago’s 1st pick in a so-so draft as anywhere near overwhelming.

    • The trade is interesting. It’s almost as if the trade was completed so Vegas could protect themselves from another team grabbing an asset.

      Chicago would likely have rather moved TVR elsewhere for a something rather than losing him for nothing. Instead Vegas seems to have leveraged the fact that Chicago wasn’t going into next season with him under any realistic scenario so why not let Vegas sweeten the pot in a less complicated deal.

      • It’s not that simple. You have to realize that you cant just simply move van Riemsdyk for better assets. The team he gets traded to will have to protect him otherwise it is pointless to give up assets for Vegas to turn around and pick him off the new team. Is van Riemsdyk worth being top 3 DMan protected by another team? Chicago is in a tough spot.

      • There are several teams that could have given assets to Chicago and protected TVR. Maybe they don’t get much but none of Carolina, Dallas, New Jersey or Philadelphia would have much trouble protecting him so they likely could have paid some return. Some teams have so few protection problems they could go with 8 skaters if they felt TVR was an updgrade over the best forward they would lose in that scenario, such as Phoenix, Buffalo, Detroit could consider this.

        Also, despite their being an expansion draft, a team looking to upgrade their depth on D still does so by adding a D even if they could lose them, if they are already exposing one of similar value. You can only lose one asset to Vegas, so if a team like Toronto decided to get a guy like TVR, it wouldn’t be a bad gamble. If he’s an updgrade over Carrick, then it was still worth something if it cost Carrick. If they add a more established D and expose both, that’s ok too, as now worse case scenario they retain one of the two for their depth. Even if TVR is then selected, you save whatever it was you would have lost otherwise. So it wouldn’t even be bad as an insurance policy if the price wasn’t prohibitive.

        All in all, I think Vegas made a pretty good deal here.

      • TVR isn’t someone I be trading for to protect and leave someone unprotected. Would mean my teams has lack of depth on D is TVR is some one I must trade for and protect.

      • Caper,

        If your team has a lack of depth on D, then trading for a 25 year old defensemen while the price is good is exactly the type of deal that those teams team should be making if you have no one else to protect.

        For a team like Carolina, who is extremely deep on D, but most of them are exempt, they could add TVR and still aren’t exposing anyone they weren’t already.

        Depending on the price, I just don’t see it as a bad option for several teams. If TVR is better than the weakest player you are protecting, it’s like updgrading that player a bit for a pick, and if your defense is that weak, you take the upgrades when you can get them since D upgrades are hard to trade for. If you have a player you are exposing that is already better than TVR, then his value now is the same to you as it is post expansion, since he won’t be selected, getting him while he is available might be a good bet to replenish your line up a bit.

      • Danny is clearly a Blackhawks fan. Not sure about New Jersey but the other three have no interest in TVR. Carolina is loaded on the blueline so there is no interest there. Dallas has 2 RD and wants a top line LD so he would come over and be exposed. Philly has three already better than TVR so once again exposed. Also GM’s are no dumb. You don’t trade assets away and then risk losing the player you just got. Chicago has made a mess of their cap and other teams are not interested in bailing them out to help out Chicago. Chicago will have to throw in more than Kreuger.

      • Danny.

        The only team on that list that may have considered TvR would be Carolina as they currently only have 1 protector at D unless you consider Murphy a protector but their not helping Chicago again by taking on Kruger with TvR to fill that hole, far better options available. TvR isn’t a significant enough upgrade for NJ again with haviung to take Kruger to take him on & not a chance he bumps the #3 in Dal or Phi.

        Nor do Buf or Det have room to make that deal, Arz does but like above aren’t making that deal for those 2 assets, simply doesn’t justify the players they would have to expose to take on TvR.

        I believe TvR has a bright future & has shown he may have top 4 abilities, he has played that role occasionally in his brief career in Chicago but he’s simply not that valuable as yet for most of the scenario’s your suggesting.

      • Dead on Danny

      • there might be a spot for tvr on another team for maybe a 5th round pick in this yrs draft, but highly doubt its on philly or carolina. flyers have 4 or 5 dmen potentially ready to move up. carolina almost the same. don’t see either team giving up a spot for tvr.

      • I am not a Hawks fan at all. I am not suggesting that other teams would have offered more value for TVR as I see taking on Kruger’s cap hit as worth no more than a 2nd or 3rd rd pick.

        That is a low price for TVR overall IMO. My point is that if Chicago wanted to trade him they could have gotten similar value or maybe a little less quite easily from a handful of teams. Moving him would not have been difficult. So Vegas steps in, offers up something of value so they don’t lose out. That item (taking Kruger’s contract) is probably worth a little more to Chicago than it’s equivalent value to some other teams, and is less of a hindrance for Vegas than it would be for most other teams, as Kruger is overpaid, not useless.

        I think there were enough teams that would have taken TVR for something that Chicago wouldn’t have had to expose him for nothing. The deal with Vegas is probably their best case scenario.

        I also think that if teams completely passed on getting a 25 year old D on a cheap contract who is a very good bottom pairing guy who can capably move up the to a 2nd pairing role during injuries because of the expansion draft, then they are making a mistake.

        The Leafs would be a prime example of a team that could justify the gamble. This is based on thinking TVR is an upgrade over Carrick, which I do, but feel free to disagree. These are the scenarios if they did this.

        1) They do nothing else and Carrick gets selected. They essentially paid a price to upgrade Carrick to TVR, but also that means they retain one of their forwards. All in all, that’s more than worth it if you think TVR is an upgrade.

        2) Vegas picks the forward they probably would intend to as of now, and Toronto gets a little deeper at D. Not the massive upgrade they would hope for, but for a weak D it’s still a big help.

        3) They also pick up a more marquee name somewhere along the way, expose Carrick and TVR. If Carrick gets picked, see #1. If a forwards till gets picked see #2. If TVR get’s picked you gambled a pick to protect losing any forward. Essentially losing a 2nd or 3rd round pick in expansion rather than any current prospect or player. Still really not a bad play, considering you are not allowed to offer Vegas a 3rd to just not pick from your roster.

    • I agree George and trading for Bagosian, Stajan, Varlamov, and Pouliot doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense either. Vegas may well need to make some of these deals to get to the ceiling cap wise, but why go out of your way to be rotten! MacPhee needs to be concerned about this team catching on in Vegas; therefore, using this one time opportunity to build for the future and being competetive from the start is crucial.

      • Vegas only needs to reach 43.8 to be cap compliant in year 1. They will be comfortably above their cap by the time the season starts. That’s 23 players with an average salary of 1.9 mil & change.

        Having already signed Shipachyov at 4.5, that’s only 1.786 per for 22 more players. Does anyone think that’s going to be hard to achieve? I wager Vegas cap hit for year 1 to start the season is well, above 60 million.

      • Danny my point is simple is you feel the need to trade an asset and to pick up TVR to protect him, then your team has more issues that should be more concerning. TVR salary itself isn’t an issue, he is supposinly the throw in for taking Kruger. If I’m Vegas that isn’t enough of a throw in. As mentioned the only team in that position is Carolina and why would they want Kruger, I think there is potentially much better option for Carolina for example Minnesota and Anaheim.

      • Caper,

        I think you are misunderstanding my point. I don’t think all of the teams listed would take on Kruger or give the value for TVR, but that Chicago could have moved TVR for something in order to get a little something for a good young defender rather than lose him for nothing (with Chicago, the next best asset to take is actually hard to pick because there really isn’t much of value).

        Carolina can protect TVR, normally I think he would be worth a little more, but if Carolina could pick him up for a 3rd or 4th, they have absolutely no protection issues and doesn’t effect who they expose at all. So, if they feel like they picked up an asset on the cheap, even one they could trade later, maybe they would.

        I also see it being a worthwhile play for a team with limited depth, pick up TVR now for less than he would be worth after expansion to replenish your line up early. Vegas can only choose one player. If you are already losing a better D, then TVR doesn’t need protection. If TVR is selected, that means another player wasn’t and you essentially just lost the pick.

        My point is simply that Chicago has some leverage, in that they can just move TVR for soemthing. Vegas has some leverage as they don’t have to do any favours and just let Chicago squirm. This is why I think the deal was fair and good for both. I think Kruger’s contract moving is worth a little extra to Chicago than teams without cap problems would pay, and taking him doesn’t hurt Vegas since he can play and is only a little overpaid for a couple years.

    • TvR and Kruger gives Las vegas two player who can play right now, in all situations. The hawks throwing their frst while they host the draft? Unlikely…and I bet they have Las vegas get the them a back-up goalie if the rumors about Notre dame’s Peterson wanting to play for Chicago are incorrect…

    • This misconception on the part of many people “vegas doing favors” is so off. Vegas isn’t doing favors they are building their team. Taking advantage of a teams cap issues isn’t doing the favors. Let’s say Vegas doesn’t agree to work with Chicago. They risk Chicago solving their issue by dealing with another team prior to expansion draft. Now Vegas loses out on an asset because they didn’t play ball. If they had to choose I’m sure vegas will go for win win over loses lose

    • Spot on George! And Chicago is holding the draft,so no further round? That should go over well with fans!

  2. I feel like there is more to this deal. If Chicago is protecting three D-men Duncan Keith, Brent Seabrook and Niklas Hjalmarsson than van Riemsdyk will be exposed. So why take just Krueger back when you can just take van Riemsdyk? I would make Chicago give more. People have to realize that when your team is up against the wall Vegas hold all the power. They are not taking players to help out other teams. They want to win a cup as well.

    • It would not have been hard to move TVR elsewhere for an asset. In this case Vegas made a pretty solid deal to get the asset they wanted, and I don’t think they paid much extra to get it. Also, Chicago values cap relief as much as just about anything else. For them, I think they realized they aren’t keeping TVR no matter what, so now they lose him, but they get back something that likely would have cost them as 2nd or 3rd or something similar.

      They could have moved TVR for the same or more, but they would then lose something else as well. So I think the way they look at it the value was just as good by trading with Vegas. If Vegas gets a 2nd on top of it, they just flip TVR to another team instead.

      In this case, because TVR can’t nix any deal, he has a small salary, and the cost to acquire wouldn’t be massive, even for a defensemen, I don’t think Vegas has as much leverage as they will in other deals.

      • The idea that all these teams are going to “move assets” instead of losing them don’t take into consideration the the TEAM TRADING for them them is in the same position-they must protect them. Las Vegas is going to get shopping lists from many NHL teams and trade more than one of the players they draft, because besides attempting to put some decent players on their club, their main emphasis will be on long term development and stocking half that chicago wolves farm team…

    • Wrong about Vegas. The other teams hold all the power until the draft. Chi wants to protect 3 and expose Tvr? Move him to a team for a mid round pick and not lose him for nothing. Vegas loses in that situation. It makes far more sense for Vegas to control all the expansion nessesary deals and get assets. Every trade made necessary by expansion that Vegas isn’t in on is a bad move by them. And a missed opportunity

      • You are missing one fact in just moving players. The new team has to protect the player they just got. Most teams don’t have space to add more players unless the incoming player is better than what they have and TVR for most teams is not better. It’s not so simple to just move players for picks.

      • Tvr is movable though. So Carolina trades, say, a 4th rounder for him. Protects him. Then trades him after expansion for a third or something else. Teams out there that can do that. If Vegas allows these teams to do this this they lose an asset that they could have got if they were flexible similar to the deal that sparked this whole debate. Vegas has some power if they work with teams… only the left overs if they don’t. It’s a fact very few seem to recognize. Here’s an example: ducks want to hold their top 4. They can’t and risk losing a forward… also not appealing. So they trade with say devils and get an ok return for say vatanen. If that happens vegas holds no more leverage over ducks and only get whatever player they select. Far better for Vegas to call ducks and say “what’s it worth for you to not worry about protecting 4 d? We will not touch your top 4 for a 2nd and prospect… plus so and so we will select in the draft. Vegas doesn’t do that and ducks trade with devils then they on theory lose an extra 2nd and prospect. Vegas has to play ball to maximize their draft

    • Chicago could easily protect 8 skaters, 1 of which is TVR at D. Forwards Kane, Toews, Anisimov & Hossa.

      That would leave Kruger & Panik available. If this deal goes down Chicago is paying Vegas TvR to select Kruger & get his contract off the books. That’s sufficient enticement for me. Tvr is almost a #4 now & will get better, he only has 158 NHL regular season games under his belt & is playing almost 20 mins a night now. He still has 3 to 4 years of NHL development ahead of him & Kruger can play as a soft #3 or solid #4 C.

      This is a good deal for Vegas. They get 2 solid NHL players instead of 1.

      • Chicago gets cap space and the ability to bring in a player they wont have to protect.

      • he has had the luxury of playing with some pretty good teams in Chicago. if he gets a larger role on a lesser team he gets exposed a bit.

        At the end of the day, Vegas goes not need to take on a bad salary just to gain a decent dman.

        Trading resources away from Chicago does not hurt Vegas. It’s just shuffling deck chairs around. Someone else will have to either expose him or leave another dman exposed.

      • I completely agree.

        In the end Chicago had leverage to not have to give up TVR, which was my convoluted point from above. They at the very least had a threat about not making him available. Personally I don’t think doing 8 skaters would be ideal as they would likely lose Hartman in that scenario, which makes me think they were willing to lose TVR as long as they got something. Vegas ends up getting their preferred asset, Chicago clears some space and probably maximized what they could get for losing TVR based on their organizational needs.

      • It’s not just shuffling deck chair around.

        Vegas has to select exactly 1 asset from each team. Say team A and team B currently have one asset of value they would need to expose, after that it’s all pretty much someone you could get on waivers. Well, if Vegas won’t give up a little something, Team A goes to Team B and says I’ll give you our asset for a pick or prospect that is exempt, but for a lesser price than normal cause I don’t want to lose him for nothing.

        Team A gets something instead of nothing. Team B still loses an asset, but they just replaced that asset cheaply, or they lose the new asset, which essentially acts as buying protection for the previous asset cheaply.

        Vegas gets 1 good asset and then nothing.

        Every scenario is different, in a few choice places where teams have a little less leverage, Vegas may squeeze a little more value to pass or to get the asset they want, but there are lots of spots where teams can ignore protection issues because they can only lose one asset.

        So in this instance, Vegas did very well. They got an asset, but they didn’t pay for it really. Taking on Kruger won’t be a negative because of the small term left, and he is only overpaid by about $1M or just over. Not a concern for a team that won’t be at the ceiling. Deals like this are much better way to fill out to the cap floor than just selecting Pouliot as was suggested by Willis.

      • Kruger moving to LV from Chicago means he will get a better opportunity to take on a greater offensive role. The scouting report on him was high end skill, it just hasn’t happened yet. Will it? He has a shot now if this happens.
        I can see LV keeping TVR and trading Kruger at next years trade deadline if he does put up points. If he does not the year after. His name is on a cup, he has plenty of playoff experience and is a responsible player. Just overpaid for his production, which would likely go up in LV, he may even get PP time.
        This deal makes sense for LV.

      • Wouldn’t they lose Panarin? Or is he exempt?

      • Exempt. Only has 2 years of NHL/AHL/ECHL contractual experience.

      • Thank you!
        Also I read below that Edm would lose Reinhart – who do they protect in your opinion?

      • Baring any trades prior.

        Forwards. Draisaitl, RNH, Lucic, Eberle, Maroon, Letestu & Kassian.

        Defensemen. Klefbom, Sekera & Larsson.

        Goal. Talbot.

      • Ok, it might be right but I don’t know if protecting Eberle is a given due to his season and cap hit. Don’t think LV pick him.
        I’m unsure aswell on the exempt part but Nurse and Davidson might be good picks.

  3. I wonder if, in the real world away from big name players and fanbase fantasies, Las Vegas wants to win. I think that “forbearance trades” where you give up that 10nth best player for a quality farmhand could provide Vegas with an instant farm team of top-flight prospects. The players you get will be an expansion team — 90 % gone in three years no matter what. If you want to be competitive you have to construct the result of three or four years of good drafting so you need about 45 players under contract, including an AHL team and a few juniors in the first year of their pro contracts. Who you put in the system is more important that who you put on the ice. You probably can get a better texture with players as opposed to draft choices….and depending on the team, you can gain assets for either not taking a certain player, or taking one, or both. You probably end up with 60 assets overall, including a haf dozen veterans fully expendable when an established team has a training camp catastrophic injury. Las Vegas might be VERY good in three years…The lightning and Senators entered the league with a far worse deal and were competitive in three years.

  4. I think it would be interesting if the terms of the deal come out that TVR was traded and Kruger selected. The reasoning is that it would mean it could signify that Vegas wants to have the option to flip TVR. (Kudos to Striker for clarifying this for me).

    If Vegas acquires a few assets this way they could become very interesting bidders for some of the more sought after assets pre-expansion, especially if deals with Vegas feel less disruptive to teams rosters than trading away assets just to de-value the list of exposed players. Maybe Vegas becomes a darkhorse bidder for Drouin, or one of the more talented D available. A deal with Vegas could be appealing, you get assets, but automatically fix up any protection issues in the negotiation.

  5. TVR and Krueger are the exact kind of players Vegas should go after. Lower salary,winning clubs and play off experience…If they can amass some extra picks along the way all the better as 30 players is not going to cut it for an organization. They will need at least 20 more.

    • They need to be careful though, as there won’t be a lot of waiver exempt players available in the expansion draft. They want picks in this years draft, prospects under contract that would have been draft exempt, as well as players who can play to stock the organizational cupboard.

      • With the exception of Blandisi all are goalies who are waiver elligable but aren’t exempt.

        Ullmark, Altshuller, Korpisalo, Dansk, Blandisi, Driedger, Stolarz; I assume he is Philly protector, Bibeau & Copley.

  6. On another topic, and no this not a Leafs comment, isn’t interesting to see how the current Stanley Cup champion, and may very well be champs again, can appear so vulnerable at times? I am not even sure they are the best team in the League, roster wise, and yet they are on the verge of becoming repeat champs! I bring this up because there is so much discussion here regarding top six forwards, top 4 D and goaltending and justifiably so. But, conventional wisdom had Washington as the best team in this regard. I make this point simply because it seems like a lot of people think that signing a particular player or trading a particular player, in this case Ovechkin, somehow guarantees success. This is what makes the offseason so interesting. So many expected Fleury, myself included, to be gone before the playoffs. Rutherford certainly looks smart now for keeping the two. Does Pittsburgh get to the Final if they did not have a reliable option in net until Murray was healthy? Bring on the offseason!

    • Ironically Fleury is the reason they beat Washington. The capitals were the better team in this series, easily.
      Washington was built to win and its a pity for their fans that they didn’t get there.
      Washington in my opinion was the best team in this playoffs and in the NHL this year

      • Maybe best in the regular season, but not the playoffs imo. The best team in the playoffs to this point was is Nashville and Pittsburgh. Nashville beat Chi, St.L and Ana to get to the finals and Pitts beat CLB, Wash and Ott to get here no easy feat for either team. Of them two I would say Nashville was/is playing the best but if a goaltender doesn’t play up to par and doesn’t matter what your system is your going to lose.
        Nashville goes home thinking they should be up 2-0 or split at worst. Pittsburgh saying we haven’t been good but we’re up 2-0.

      • They were the best team before the playoffs started.

        Their best players are rarely their best playoff players. That’s a prob.

  7. I find this summer to be exciting and fascinating because of how this expansion draft changes so much. The trade involving Chicago and Las Vegas makes sense for both clubs.

  8. I would imagine LA would love to dumb Dustin Brown contract, but seriously I don’t know if a 1st rnd pick be enough to take that contract on. Maybe a 1st and LA retains $1m per season plus a prospect.

  9. Buf will be protecting Bogosian, I assume Ferland will be lost by Calgary but if Lazar is exposed he may be instead possibly, Edm should lose Reinhart; what a waste of 2 solid draft picks to acquire, & If I’m Col I protect Pickard, not because I want to lose Varlamov but I don’t think Vegas would select him although depending upon what Colorado does with Beauchemin his NMC is problematic as Johnson, Barrie & Zadarov are 3 protectors at D, if they end up having to protect him then baring trades they lose the young Grigorenko & it’s still far to early to give up on this player especially for a team with very little depth any where.

    • Lazar should be exposed to the KHL!

      • Ha-ha! The KHL is apparently losing 3 franchises this summer, only a select few are making full payroll payments the reason we are seeing so many eastern Europeans coming to the NHL.

    • LV definitely takes Reinhart if a deal previous can’t be had. He appears ready now. Story here in EDM is that he needed to get stronger below the waste and improve his skating. Sounds like he has put in the work.
      I think that is where the Pouliot story came from as a way for EDM to keep him. I just don’t know what EDM would have to throw in to make it happen other than picks. Pouliot is a frustrating player because he has the tools. Size, great speed, skill. Takes brain dead penalties though and never really took advantage of the opportunity he had in EDM.
      Worth a flier? Maybe. He is an NHL player with real talent.

      • Baring significant trades in Edm or paying Vegas to avoid Reinhart they are locked into 7, 3 & 1. I can’t see Pouliot in Vegas all though you can never say never but the enticement for Vegas to do so would need to be fairly significant as Reinhart would fit Vegas’s timeline well.

  10. Jonathan Willis would be the worst GM in NHL history. If you want to ask teams for high draft picks to take those awful contracts, that would be one argument. He wants them as players to keep and use.

    Expect lots of deals like this Vegas-Hawks deal. Both sides like certainty.

    I think a similar deal has been (or will be) made regarding Fleury. Essentially, the Pens agree to not trade him to Calgary or Buffalo and expose him to Vegas who will claim him. Then Vegas will take one of the many backup goalies available and trade him to the Pens for a Dominik Simon caliber prospect.

    • He’s not even a god reporter. Ha-ha!

      • But apparently a far better speller than I.

      • Well, now, don’t be too hasty – he may well THINK he’s a “god” reporter.

      • Hahahahaha. He thinks he’s something alright just not sure what that is. What ever it is I wish he would pursue it.

  11. Panik played for Tampa, TO and two years in Chicago so how can he be exempt?

    LV can select players on behalf of other teams then trade them for assets. They can only have a 23 player roster in the fall so unless they do get some waiver exempt players they run the risk of losing guys to waivers. The other opportunity for them to get players is players on waivers when other teams are trying to get down to 23 limit in the fall. It will be interesting.

    TVR may be an improvement over lots of guys because he is still developing. It would be interesting if him and Kruger were traded to TO for JVR. They have been interested in JVR in the past. Wouldn’t fix their cap numbers but would improve their team.