NHL Draft Trade Rumors (Day Two) – June 24, 2017

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Colorado Avalanche still setting a high asking price for Matt Duchene.

Latest on Matt Duchene, Travis Hamonic, Marco Scandella, Noah Hanifin and more in your NHL rumor mill. 

TSN: Darren Dreger reports Colorado Avalanche general manager Joe Sakic wants a significant return for center Matt Duchene and needs a good defenseman as part of it. So far, that hasn’t materialized.

He reports Duchene’s agent, Pat Brisson, had brief meetings yesterday with Sakic and Nashville Predators GM David Poile. It’s believed Poile has keen interest in Duchene as a replacement for the departed James Neal but they don’t want to part with a blueliner.

Pierre LeBrun followed up saying Sakic hasn’t received any offers to his liking yet and hasn’t ruled out keeping Duchene. He wonders if perhaps a third team might have to get involved to make a deal happen. 

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staple reports the New York Islanders had an offer of Travis Hamonic, their 2018 first-round pick and a prospect on the table for Duchene. However, Sakic wanted 20-year-old Isles center Matthew Barzal included in the deal. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Looks like Sakic hasn’t lowered his asking price for Duchene since the trade deadline back in March. And it appears no one is willing to pay up. If Sakic can’t find what he’s looking for and won’t slash the price tag for Duchene, he could very well end up keeping him.

This has to be tough for Duchene. He knows he’s a trade candidate, is probably expecting a trade call, and yet he’s stuck in limbo right now wondering where he’ll be playing next season. 

Dreger also believes it seems likely New York Islanders defenseman Travis Hamonic could be moved this weekend. The Calgary Flames and Toronto Maple Leafs were interested but not at the asking price of two first-round picks. 

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan notes there were reports including the Detroit Red Wings among several teams looking at Hamonic. 

TAMPA BAY TIMES: Joe Smith reports the Lightning were also reported in on Hamonic.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Isles GM Garth Snow obviously couldn’t find anyone willing to part with two first-round picks for Hamonic. He might have to change it to a first rounder in 2018 plus a prospect if he’s not seeking any salary in return. 

LeBrun reports the Vegas Golden Knights could flip defensemen Marc Methot and Alexei Emelin at some point. Methot is very much in demand by most Canadian teams but he’s only willing to waive his 10-team no-trade clause for his former club, the Ottawa Senators, and he can’t return to them (if they’re interested) until after January 1. 

SPORTSNET: Eric Engels reports Montreal Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin was unsuccessful in his efforts to convince Marc Methot to waive his no-trade clause. Bergevin also reportedly had interest in Minnesota Wild defenseman Marco Scandella and briefly chatted with Pittsburgh GM Jim Rutherford and Anaheim GM Bob Murray last night.

Contract talks with Alexander Radulov are on the back burner for now and things are quiet in contract discussions with Andrei Markov. Left wing Alex Galchenyuk remains the center of trade speculation, with recent reports claiming the New Jersey Devils had interest. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Again, I don’t see the Devils as a suitable trade partner for Galchenyuk. It’s rumored Bergevin wants a top-four defenseman as part of the return and the Devils don’t have any to spare. If reports of Radulov seeking $7 million per season for six years are true, it’s unsurprising Bergevin has put those discussions on hold for now. 

TWINCITIES.COM: Dane Mizutani reports there were rumors Minnesota Wild defenseman Marco Scandella could be on the move. However, GM Chuck Fletcher didn’t get any offers to his liking. 

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty reports the Boston Bruins were among several teams with interest in Scandella. The Montreal Canadiens are also believed interested in him. Haggerty also reports Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Noah Hanifin was among the names rumored to be available. The Hurricanes are in need of a scoring forward. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Fletcher will likely continue fielding offers for Scandella this weekend. Surprised to hear Hanifin’s name surface in the rumor mill. Most of the recent Hurricanes speculation suggests Justin Faulk as a possible trade candidate. 



  1. I’d move Hanifin over Faulk.

    Tough to feel overly bad for duschene… all those millions to buffer his frustration

    • Hanifin to Toronto all day long……JVR to play with TVR makes a lot of sense. I would even add a prospect and a pick to get this done. Will see if Babs gets his guy?

      • Whose “Babs?”

      • Carolina can wait until next July 1, 2018 to unite JVR and TVR.

      • Babcock

      • JVR for Hanifin? You’re joking right?

        Good ol’ TO fans over valuing their players again.

    • Francis is not trading his top 4 D to improve offense. He will go into next season with the team he has before trading top 4 D.

      • The only way maybe a JVR for Hanafin trade happens is if the leafs give a 1st round pick and a prospect defensmen. Remember $$$ is also an issue because of the salary cap. Good luck.

  2. That seemed a generous offer for Duchene. A D a 1rst rounder and prospect. Dont think sdkic is goibg to get anything better. To afraid to pull the trigger, i think.

    • At this point there has to be something else motivating Sakic. It seems he keeps throwing Duchene out there hoping to get blown away by a historical overpayment. For the trade with the Islanders, the prospect that’s offered is likely just a half step down from Barzal and would make the Avs better in the long run. So, it’s either that Sakic was never serious about trading Duchene or else he’s so drastically overpriced him that he’s starting to look like he’s not serious.

    • Sakic is operating under the delusion that’s he’s the second coming of Sam Pollock. Great player – incompetent GM. Come back to reality Joe.

      • I disagree. Not sure why we, not you & I but most people say it’s 5 years to rebuild a team & your judging Sakic on 2 years, 3 tops. Shouldn’t we at least wait to see if his draft picks are what he drafted them to be? Most forwards don’t play in the NHL for 2 or 3 years, D longer, before finally getting a cup of coffee & starting their development.

      • I’d like to see another year of Rantanen, Zadarov, Andrighetto, Grigorenko & the kids coming, Jost, Compher, Greer, Bigras, Mirinov, Lindholm, Meloche, Beaudin, etc. before passing judgement on Sakic.

        Now don’t get me wrong Col will be terrible next season, the only team they will be challenging for anything is Vegas for last overall & the best chance in the lottery but they will be better doing so if that makes any sense. Ha-ha! They won’t be getting 48 points next season but will finish 2nd to last.

    • Bungling Jimmy Benning in Vancouvwr wanted a 1st rounder and a prospect for Chris Tanev. By Dim Jims thinking Sakic is selling low. LOL

      • As would, I better yet no rush to move him at 27 with 3 more years at a respectable cap hit.

        I’m no Benning fan either but I don’t move my #2 Dman for less.

      • The Canucks don’t need to move Tanev. Good player, good contract, good fit with the team. No point in doing so if they can’t get an attractive return. If noone is willing to make an offer that makes the team better long-term, then Benning has another chance to see what he can get nearer the trade deadline.

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  4. I’d give up Krejci for Hanifin in a half heartbeat

    • Yes but Ron Francis wouldn’t

      • I don’t think anyone would. Ha-ha! Give up hanafin that is.

      • As a Leaf fan I would be fine with Nylander plus to get Hanafin.

    • Lol Krejci is 31. Hanifin has to be like 10 years younger than him. No way that trade happens.

  5. Talks about Galchenyuk could, as I’ve been saying for about a month, be for a big trade between NJ and Montreal. NJ has centers to spare and can take on bad contracts (Plekanec).

    Duchene can’t go for a D, Galchenyuk can’t go for a D… are people not figuring this out, yet? TB wanted a top 4 D for Drouin, they got a project.

    Eyes on Vegas over the coming week, though… they’re sitting on too many d… likely a trade coming today.

    • Sakic is asking way too much. I know Hamonic is overrated a little (like Duchene) but man… if he turned down that deal, that’s a lot.

      • Pure hearsay nor do I believe it. If that was offered Sakic would have taken it, prospect or not. Hamonic & a 2018 1st, done, never mind the prospect.

        As I have maintained through these Duchene trade rumors. Why? Stay the course continue the rebuild keep Duchene. Trading a player after a bad season isn’t a good idea.

        I will give Sakic 2 more years to see how his rebuild shapes up. It’s the start of year 3 for me but only 1 year in with out the 2 headed monster; Roy, who was responsible for player personal decisions as VP of Hockey operations.

        Colorado has some solid prospects coming, many next season & the acquisitions of Nieto, & Andrighetto provided some much needed offensive; Andrighetto, & defensive; Nieto, abilities to a roster barren of NHL talent.

        That said they will still be the 2nd worst team in the league baring significant help coming this summer.

      • Everyone gets themselves in a tizzy over high talent rumored to be on the move and their irritation starts from the second they haven’t yet moved and avidly increases as each second rolls by with their anticipation not met. After about two weeks of hanging on without results everyone changes from high praise and greedy wishes to carnal animals retaliating at all rumored parties involved aiming only at character assassination. Its always those with expectations that set themselves up with self-poisoning resentments.

        Having said that…

        They call him quoteless Joe for a reason. The man has no ego about himself. Everyone let’s themselves be taken away with these pundit’s rumor mill. Unless you get a direct quote from the GM,team spokesperson, or player’s involved it is merely opinionated speculation no matter how reputable the insider or how insightful they may be.

        I have seen Sakic’s actual quotes the past couple of days (BSN in Denver was the latest interview) and what he said was they want a good young defenseman as part of the return. He did not rattle off a must have wish list. Everybody and their hockey dog knows the Avs situation and knows Sakic has to make the most from a possible Matt Duchene trade, but no one in the Avs organization has stated that it absolutely has to be a hockey trade rape. The only thing you can actually bank on in this situation is, that by Sakic’s own words, they need to have a top young defenseman as the core piece coming back. Everything else is just speculation. And Sakic has stood firm, as he needs to. Duchene’s value is purely subjective to the individual, But all Sakic has done is set the value of Duchene to the Avalanche. And good for Sakic for sticking firm to that value. Duchene is simply worth more to the Avs organization than anything less than what he is asking for. In my opinion, I don’t think Joe Sakic is in this be greedy or to get one over on another GM. I also don’t believe that Sakic is over valuing his players. Everyone else is putting values in his mouth. The Avs organization just cannot afford to compromise on Duchene’s relative value to the organization. And I think everyone can see this as the Avs have had arguably the worst organizational depth since the 2006 lockout. Pierre Lacroix spent the cupboards dry before he stepped down and no one thought it fit to stock the kitty and build the organization back up, until Sakic. He began as soon as Roy bailed on his second organization. Patrick Roy wasn’t interested in stocking the cupboard either. A simple unbiased observation of the franchise, and especially the Sakic+Roy years leaves you with a pretty good idea that Joe is taking the fallout of 10-12 years of previous mismanagement and the handful of directionless GM’s and inept coaching staffs that preceded his hiring. And I cannot believe that anybody who knows Patrick Roy’s personality would hold Sakic under such scrutiny and let him accept all the heat for the past 3 years and let Roy skate clean.

        I will admit that Joe was not the GM I would have chose to dig the Avs out of the enormous dysfunction the organization is in, I also think he was too green for the position. But, any GM would have struggled. Between a care-less ownership and whatever poltergeist, imp, or demon has infected this once proud franchise the Avs have been allowed to decay and reap some of the worst luck.

        But Sakic it is. I am so happy he has found some fight-back. Or is at least finally finally growing weary of the unjust dogs nipping his feet. I can sense it in his tone lately.

        And, lastly, Joe hasn’t run Duchene through the mud. The ravenous hockey world has done that themselves. When accuasations of harmful behavior fly, no one ever looks at their part. I do believe Sakic is shopping Duchene, but only because he is the only player available on the team at an excess position that has the value to fill a greater need. I don’t believe for a minute that Joe wants to even lose Duchene. And I also believe that Duchene is not as estranged with the organization as some would pitty about. And I have to believe that Duchene knows he isn’t being pushed out the door and also knows he might not even be traded at all.

        Shame on the media for trying to make this situation uncomfortable and tragic. And shame on those of you who antagonize the situation by joining in on the ill feeding frenzy that is character assassination of good people.

        At this point I hope Duchene stays for a great career in Denver and makes everyone take a look at opportunity passing by.

        If you have to put blame to someone, blame Gary Bettman and the greedy owners for trying to sell a game that doesn’t need to be “sold” to anyone.

        It’s these group of people who have stopped the circulation of player movement that feeds the healthy beating heart of the NHL. No GM hardly dare gamble the goods they know for the goods they don’t. The risk to get better shudders in the more likely shadow of failure. It’s hard to locate your balls when one wrong move could potentially put your organization under an Avalanche of failure for the next 10+ years. And with no one willing to move players 10+ could easily be 20+, even with the best of GM’s.

        Post soon long…
        Maybe I should have released the pressure a little sooner and a lot more often. Hopefully the Avs climb to relevancy is much shorter than my soap box is tall.

        Good for you Joe! Show ’em you got a pair!! And teach them all that when your classy like Super Joe you don’t have to throw your “sack’ic” around until they ask for it.

    • Lol Sergachev is a project? Lol hahaha

      He’s a blue chip prospect bud

  6. Is Duchene worth more than Tyler Hall?

    • Taylor hall?

      Absolutely not.

      • No Way!!

    • Well that depends. Which Duchene are we talking about? Last seasons Duchene or the 1 in just about every season prior. The 25 to 30 goal, 55 to 60 point 1? Because if we are talking about the previous 1, he also plays C 1 of the most coveted positions in the NHL. This is a solid face off man he took 1098; which isn’t extreme good for 49th in the NHL, draws last season winning 62.6% of them leading the league for all players with 1000 or more.

      Duchene’s #’s relate as much to the mess that was Colorado last season as anything. Their D was brutal before Johnson missed 36 games, their forward depth worse than any NHL team in the league making checking them & shutting down their offensive simple.

    • Exactly. Hamonic and a 1st is a fair offer. If Sakic took the islanders office and then flipped hamonic to the flames. He would have got 2 first round picks and 2 second round ones also. He would have the islanders 1st rd 18. And the flames 1st rd. And two flames 2nd rounders. Plus the avalanche still have there 1st and 2nd rounded a which Most likely will be high. That would be 6 picks in the first 2 rounds. Longer you hold duchene the value goes down. Plus if u keep him, what do u think duchene is gonb do. More of the same duchene we seen last year. It’s clear he needs a change of scenery. It’s rebuilding time for the avs and why would a top player want to be part of a rebuild. MAke a trade Joe. Get it done. Ask the islanders for 2 first rounders and be done with it. You should have taken the hamonic and 1st round pick. !!

  7. I think Snow’s reputation of giving up a lot in trades has Sakic holding out for more,Snow should of been fired a long time ago.Watching other teams get better and Snow adding a player who couldn’t score in playoffs for six million a year,the madness continues!

    • Interesting. I like the trade for NYI; both teams actually, & he should fit perfectly with Tavares & Lee. 30 goals & 65 points should be enough to convince Tavares to resign as NYI bounces back to the team they were before last season & that team ended up only missing the playoffs by 1 point.

      Capuano doomed this team out of the gate last season & it was to much to make up. Weight almost got them there but a swoon from March 11th to month ended couldn’t be overcome.

  8. Bergevin had Methot, his name was Emelin. He had more hits, more blocked shits, played on Montreals #1 PK, Methot Ottawa’s #2 & had 1 year less of term than Methot making 800K less.

    Bergevin choose to protect Benn a boderline #6 NHL Dman. I have no idea what Bergevin is doing. He moved out Emelin their #4 last season who played under a minute less of TOI/GP than Markov their #3 on the 2nd pairing & Bealieau who played as Mtl’s #5, playing almost 20 mins a night & their stud D prospect in Sergechev. Bizarre.

    • Methot is leaps and bounds better than Emelin.

      • Using what metrics?

      • Our frikken eyes!

      • Did you watch Emelin play to George with those frikkin eyes, didn’t you just say the other day you couldn’t see sh-t? He played well & is a solid top 4 option. I watched both with my eyes as well George, it’s not like I never watch Ottawa play.

        The differences between these 2 players isn’t significant nor are they the same but both are solid top 4 Dman, Emelin plays a far more physical game but logs significant minutes in all defensive situations & on Mtl’s #1 PK unit. His loss is going to hurt & to now be trying to trade for Methot to replace him doesn’t make sense to me. They could have retained Emelin for free instead of Benn.

        Montreal won’t be a playoff team next season as now constructed. Their top 3 D is Weber, Petry; soft #3 solid #4, & Benn; borderline NHL Dman. Nor do they have the assets to secure enough help at D to fix the it having given 3 away.

      • And emalin still has all his fingers!

      • Striker no offense but that is a pretty dumb comment methot is way better than Emelin, it’s really not close

      • Montreal wins the division improves their defense with jerebak,schlmeko over Emelin,bealieu also added drouin but won’t be a playoff team? Did you start drinking early this morning?

      • As usual we’ll see soon enough but I disagree with all of you. Same situation happened in both Dallas & NJ last season. How did that work out for those teams. I argued with all of you then about both & will do so again now.

        Summers not over yet but if you think Benn & Schlemko are better than Emelin & Bealieau your delusional. If Montreal can’t find a solid #3 Dman they are in serious trouble & the market is almost fully dried up.

        Vatanen isn’t moving now. Hamonic has. What’s left? No guarantee Minnesota even moves a Dman now & if they are it’s most likley Scandella, he’s a not a solid #3, more a soft #3 solid #4.

        That leaves Methot, Emelin & ? Neither of these 2 Dman are heading to Montreal.

      • Agreed, Emelin can give highlight reel hits, but is very porous on D. Some nights he looks so lost I almost feel sorry for him. Plus his cap hit was about 2mil too high. If the Habs intention is to have more PMD on the roster then Benn over Emelin makes a lot of sense. Benn is strong defensively.
        As far as Beaulieu goes, he was a mistake machine last year, give aways, out of position, and looking for a raise. Lot’s of off ice issues as well.

      • Striker did you even watch Emelin? Sure he threw a few big hits but beyond that he brings nothing

      • Odd that he played on Mtl’s #1 PK unit if that bad defensively. Odder still that Mtl’s PK was in the top 1/2 of the league. The only Dman to start more shifts in the Dzone was Weber 14 more but he played almost 4 mins more TOI/GP.

      • He did not play on the first pk unit! Where do you come up with this stuff?

      • That proves you didn’t watch Emelin that much

    • I have a feeling Emelin may have been a problem in the locker room. Obviously there’s something more to the story because I feel like with Emelins on your team, you just win more games because he’s a pain in the hind side of opposition.

      Either way, I like his play… Vegas certainly couldn’t have done any better on Montreal.

      • I agree something was amiss as jettisoning him for Benn is very odd. Mtl better get Price locked up quickly as baring 2 significant acquisitions; 1 a solid #3, at D or 1 & resigning Markov but is in decline Price’s getting nailed in Sv% next season. Ask Schneider how things worked out with the loss of Larsson?

      • Your out to lunch! Just because you’re a bruins doesn’t mean you have to be biased against he Habs

      • I’m not biased against anyone. Not even the Habs.

      • Striker on participating in his first parade “did you see me Ma? I was the only one in step!”

    • Montreal is looking at pittsburgh who proved you can win a cup with a no name D corp.

      Tou are right striker. Emilin is qualiru top 4 D. Methot is quality top 2.

      The only metric we need to determine if one is bettee than the other is common sense.

      No sane man would trade methot away for emelin in a straight up deal.

      As for Beaulieu, i wish him all the best. He being an ex seadog and all. But the kid has only strruggled. Had lots of gype entering the league but lived up to non of it. Montreal is better replacing him.

      • Good comment jeff

  9. Not that a GM would be anything less than forthright nor honest but I heard Ron Francis on XM91 say that his top 7 D are set for next season now after acquiring TvR & any trade to acquire a veteran forward will be at the expensive of picks or prospects.

    Haggerty being Haggerty.

    • Francis is conservative and pretty straight forward. He has been saying he’s not trading his top 4D for a long time. Did he say who the top 7 are?

      • No but they appear pretty obvious & in no particular order. Faulk, Slavin, Hanafin, Pesce, TvR, Dahlbeck & murphy.

  10. I enjoyed watching Bettman read the Pittsburgh trade for Reaves before he announced it. Would have been even better with a shot of the look on Torts face when the trade was announced. I thought it was an over payment but Rutherford certainly backed up what he said.

    • A slide of 20 spots from 31 to 51! Who cares we had already seen teams make picks of players who’s rankings had that much of a spread on both NHL Central Scouting & ISS, even a few on Bobby Mac’s list. He got 27 of the 1st 31; very impressive.

      Sundqvist was drafted 5 years ago & has managed 28 NHL regular season games in his 1st 2 full seasons in NA. To young to write off having just turned 23 but not having to clear waivers will he stick in StL next season or need to be waived? & if he is will he be selected? I would assume so but as a 4th line winger at best. Perhaps he can beat out Jaskin for a 3rd line role.

      • Said it on the morning coffee and i’ll repeat myself. I love this trade for Pitts. It’s about time. Don’t care about the instigator rule. Just make sure opponents know there is a price to pay for cheap shots on our players.

      • False

      • Far from False. Best trade of the day! Three peat on its way!

      • That 4th liner who will do jack to prevent anything on Crosby or malkin… though he will take up a roster spot better used by an Aston Reese or other youngster. That move says three peat? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

      • Chrisms you are wrong if don’t think having Reaves on the bench and regardless if he’s on the line with Crosby or Malkin. When a cheap shot occurs he’ll be on the next shift that individual is on the ice. This protect the stars and will help prevent all the cheap shots. As I said great addition.

      • This has been proven time and again to be false. Ask tarasenko. Players don’t care no more. Unless…

        Actually let me revise my statement.

        If reaves pops out the next shift and slugs the ref who failed to call the game as it should be on our stars!!! That would make a difference!

  11. Galcenyuk + ? for Vatanen?…. has to be what’s being discussed.

    • I think with Eaves having been resigned I’m now leaning to Anh standing pat at D as they let Theodore go, also losing Stoner, to keep the remainder of their D intact.

      Other than a back up goalie & depth Dman at #7/8 Anh looks set & have freed up 6+ mil in cap space. Wouldn’t be surprised to just see Holzer resigned. Top 6 D are set. Fowler, Lindholm, Vatanen, Manson, Montour & Bieksa.

  12. According to E. Friedman, Hamonic is off to Calgary. Details to come

    • LeBrun says NYI`s get a 1st and 2 2nd rd picks and Calgary gets a 4th

      • NYI’s next call is Vegas.

      • For what? What does NYI need from Vegas?

        & the picks Snow sent out to keep the roster he wanted have been recovered. Well done Garth.

      • Striker, I was thinking Methot was a good fit with NYI. Cap hit may be a problem next year.

    • Right now Calgarys first pick in next years draft is in the fourth round. Isn’t next years draft supposed to be a deep draft?

  13. Analytics are interesting but don’t tell us the intangibles true scouting does like heart,hustle,courage and dedication to the sport and striving to better one’s self!Russell isn’t flashy but get’s the job done,Yamamoto might be small but tremendous heart and skill will lead to a bright future with the oilers!

    • For me it’s everything. Stats old & new are a factor but character & the eye test are just as important. It’s everything. With the move to a transitional game based on speed & skill as opposed to the dead puck era of clutch & grab there is a place in today’s game for players like this both at forward & D. If you are big, fast & skilled even better but players like Debrincat, Yamamoto, etc. have a future in the NHL.

      All you need to do is look at Gaudreau, Marschesseault, etc. This isn’t 1994 thru 2004; the dead puck era. We are seeing the return of the under 6′ NHL star, that existed prior. Ala Mike Rodgers; Ha-ha! Not a star but he did score 100+ points in the NHL in 1 season long ago. That was for you George.

      • Loved Mike Rogers during his brief Whaler time!

  14. Does Methot mistake himself for a grade A d-man? I respect the right of players to ask to go to certain places but this wholesale rejection of Canadian teams makes me laugh….Methot is at best a number 4 on a decent team and he won’t have EK to carry his sorry backside…….Asd for Hamonic, he is overpriced and Snow is fooling himself to think the teams lined up will give the Isles two number ones, especially those teams that will likely draft in the top 15 both those years…the next two drafts will be good……I know everyone wants great d-men, but there are reasons why Methot was unprotected!
    And as for the Habs…they really need a re-build and have to stop pretending that Price on his own is their answer. Yes, I know Montreal fans are tough but they are gong nowwhere with what they have and Drouin, good as he might be, won’t carry a club with Pacioretty and a handful of third liners to any playoff success…trade Carey, stat eh re-build around JD and one or two others…trade Pacioretty also, and Galchenyuk..they are not the road to Lord S.

    • Calgary just paid NYI what they paid Boston essentially to get Hamilton. A 1st & 2 2nds getting back a 4th based on futures, tied to making the playoffs. I don’t see how Calgary can miss the playoffs with the additions of Smith & Hamonic. That gives Calgary 1 of the top 4 D in the NHL & if they can get Stone resigned all the better.

      Their top 4 can just eat up almost all the minutes so the 3rd pairing barely needs to play like in Nashville.

    • Agreed, I am a Habs fan, and I hate the thought of signing Price for 8yrs-9.5mil. He is a good goalie and I am a fan, but he is not the greatest in the world as he seems to be referred to by everyone.
      Trade him to Vancouver for Tanev and Horvat.

      • Not happening. Horvat will be a Canuck for a long time.

    • Guy, Methot is easily a top four on almost every team in the NHL.

      A number four on a decent team? Lol ya that’s why he was a #2 on a team that made the East Finals.

  15. & just like that NYI has their roster essentially set & almost 10 mil in cap space. The cap concerns many kept expressing are or were? I assume 1 more Dman may still be moved as they still have 8 that need to clear waivers & non are really depth guys at 7 or 8, although 4 could rotate in & out if another trade isn’t found.

    Leddy, Boychuk, de Haan; RFA still needing to be signed, Hickey, Seidenberg, Pulock, Pelech & Mayfield.

    Nice problem to have.

    • Pelech also rfa
      Add DeHann that’s 5-6 mil
      4 mil left. Have to move $ to acquire a 6 mil F never mind a D if a kid is moved.

  16. The Dman we anticipated moving isn’t really going to happen. As always the cost is extreme & the price higher than most are willing to pay. The fact as many have moved after Vegas choose not to strip Min & NYI of 2 is all but dried up almost. The chances we see a stud Dman moved now slim to non existent as normal.

    My hopes of Brodin in a Bruins uniform dashed. Ha-ha!

    You can never say never but D market appears to have returned to normal now following the 1’s that have now moved. Might de Haan still be had?

  17. Duchene AND Barrie to the Isles now? would make sense but Isles would need to give up that newly acquired #1 plus a roster player

  18. I also assume Phaneuf will be moved at some point this summer. Hard to believe Ottawa would give up 2 of their top 4D but money is always a factor in Ottawa unfortunately. It’s to bad as solidifying their top 4 was a big reason Ottawa was as successful this season as they were.

    With their contract situation over the next 2 years being problematic something has to give. Nothing serious this summer, Pageau & Dzingel as RFA’s, Condon & Pyatt as UFA’s but next season they have Stone, Turris, Ceci, Cleasson & Anderson to address & the season following Brassard, White & Karlsson.

    The 3 studs will be worked in quickly, Chabot, Brown & White as Ottawa needs the cap space their ELC’s provide. This isn’t to disparage their skills but rushing players to the NHL isn’t always the best scenario.

    I should also state that the kids on D might work out & the D fine, I just am always skeptical of youth especially at D but it has worked else where. Car, Nas, Anh, even Tor last season, it’s rare but not impossible & they are going to be given every opportunity to do so & I hope it works.

    I like a ton of players in Ottawa. How can you not like Karlsson, Stone, Hoffman, Turris, Ceci, Pageau, Cleasson, hell I even like Brassard, Ryan, Phaneuf & Smith. I think Anderson is a great goalie & also hope MacArthur can play. Like many Ottawa fans, watching monies effect player personal decisions not related to maxing out the cap is frustrating.

    • I agree. I get the internal cap they have, but at this point they don’t really need to lose phaneuf too. It makes for a very young d. They may think due to his year last season that phaneuf trade bait is the highest it will ever likely to be and hence make it a good time to trade him. As you said, lots of guys coming up for new contracts and phaneufs contract is just a little too crazy

  19. Good to see Brian Burke hasn’t changed his philosophy of trading away high end draft picks.
    Trading away Leafs future for Kessel !

    Now … trading high end picks for Hamonic !

    Leafs desperately need a top 2, or at least a top 4.

    I really do not know where they are going to go to reach this goal….
    Any thoughts ?

    Dumba, Manson would be ideal in my opinion, 2 shutdown guys…

    • Lou`s not touching anything unless they take what Lou`s offering, which is JVR and/or cap space at this time. You might be desperate to trade for a defenceman, Lou doesn’t seem to be at all. Lou did try to buy one of the Minny defencemen, but supposedly Pomminville wouldn`t waive his ntc to accommodate the deal. Lou wouldn`t give up Brown for Vatenen, so let`s face it Lou is comfortable with the plan, whether you agree or not

      • Brown for vatenan??? That would be a quick hang up from Anaheim! Where do leaf fans come up with this crap? I’ll give you my third line throw away for a good young dman… please stop with leaf trolling

      • I could see either a smaller deal for a younger D with some potential or they could offer a guy like Alzner a contract…not sure it has to be as big a trade as Dumba or some of the others mentioned.

      • No the rumor was nylander and 1st for vatanen and Ana turned Toronto down. Can’t blame leafs for trying to use expansion to try to low ball Ana though.

      • Bigbadbruins on June 23, 2017 at 4:07 pm
        With girouxs contract I don’t think anything more than galchenyuk would have to be added

        Maybe Leaf fans are taking lessons from people like yourself biggie?

      • Actually the proposed trade came out of Anaheim, not Toronto. Dave Nonis was the one pushing the deal, Lou turned it down. But, ya I can see your point, a 23 yr. old who can play a 200 ft game already, blazing speed, kills penalties and can score 20+ goals a season not being worth anything. Habs at least 5 or 6 of them, but you notice Anaheim, for the expansion draft, chose to protect Jakob Silverburg over Vatenen. Silverburgs a similar type player to Brown, just older. Basically same value as Brown

      • @Shticky did you watch the Ryan Poehling interview from the draft. If you haven`t, look it up you`ll have good chuckle.

      • JVR has a ltc that’s apparently he biggest issue..

      • Shticky why would Montreal give up more for giroux when he has a contract like that? I forgot you think dion is worth 7million! Shticky on November 18, at 3:23 pm girouxs contract is a bit of an anchor going down the road. Shticky why do you even comment on here when all you do is make stuff up?

  20. And where are all the superstars that are being traded for D if Hall for Larsson is the market? Hamonic for Picks
    Hjalmarsson for a bag of pucks
    Shlemko for a 5th
    TVR for a 2nd
    Theodore for a fly by
    Mueller for a pick
    Beaulieu for a pick…
    Granted none of these guys are quite to the same level of Larsson but those returns are no where even close to Taylor Hall.

    • If you look at all the other deals for D so far this summer Chris if that Dicks Leafs rumour is true about a first and Nylander was turned down for a guy who might not play till December I’d be pissed if I was a Ducks fan and I’d be screaming fire Lou if it happened.

      • @shticky:I agree. Vatenan may never recover properly from this surgery. He may never return to form the way he was. I say let him heal, move on from him and lets see where things stand next year after he returns to the lineup.

  21. snow decided to not make hamonic wait any longer. With travis’ mom seriously Ill with MS Garth tried to be accommodating and move Hamonic closer to home, while also helping his team but with Sakic being indecisive, Snow finally realized he couldnt be unfair to a great team player any longer. and traded with calgary. As Hamonic told Chris Nichols on air today:

    Hamonic: “Garth is probably one of the most loyal, if not the most loyal, people I’ve met in my lifetime so far.” #Isles #Flames 960
    — Chris Nichols (@NicholsOnHockey) June 24, 2017

    • @bill before you canonize Garth Snow, Hamonic is at home right now, so not making him wait any longer really doesn`t wash at this time. Snow finally realized he wasn`t going to get a better offer for him, plain and simple. The teams that he thought needed that RHD weren`t going to give him 2 1st or an equivalent RHD. Personally I think Calgary still overpaid for Hamonic as it is. Snow made the move right now because Snow needed to, end of story. If Snow had lower his asking price a year ago to trade him then I could see you jumping on his band wagon. Hamonic asked to be traded to be closer to his family, one of the problems he faced was the bad flight connections between NY and family. That`s why he put Van, Cal, Ed and Winnipeg on his wish list. Colorado wasn`t on the list because the connections were almost as bad. So, is trading Hamonic to Colorado really doing him a favour. NO

      • Snow actually did Hamonic a favour by shipping him to Calgary. Ignoring that is dumb.

        He didn’t have to trade Hamonic at all. Hell his team probably would be better off with Hamonic in the lineup. Especially an offseason in which they have to resign Tavares.

      • @jes
        Ditto that