NHL Draft Trade Tracker – June 24, 2017

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New York Islanders ship blueliner Travis Hamonic to the Calgary Flames.

Check out my take on the notable trades on the second day of the 2017 NHL Draft . 

The New York Islanders trade defenseman Travis Hamonic and a conditional fourth-round pick in 2019 or 2020 to the Calgary Flames in exchange for a first-round pick in 2018, a second-round pick in 2018 and a conditional second-round pick in 2019 or 2020. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flames were in the market for a quality defenseman to round out their top-four defense. Hamonic, who turns 27 in August, should address that need. He has offensive skills and shutdown ability and can log big minutes. He also carries an affordable $3.8 million annual cap hit through 2019-20.

The Isles are cutting costs to free up long-term cap space to re-sign team captain John Tavares, better absorb the $6 million annual cap hit of recently-acquired winger Jordan Eberle and perhaps bring in another scoring forward. 



  1. I love this deal for Calgary but hate it as an Edmonton fan. With the decline in the West regarding to Power House teams Alberta is going to be a really difficult road trip for anyone. Late 1980’s again!

  2. wish the leafs could get a d man next

    • The Shanaplan! Remember, the Shanaplan. Implemented by Lou!

  3. If I am Tavares I don’t see how trading a true defenseman for picks demonstrates a win now philosophy! Eberle and another forward does not solve the Islanders situation. I suggest another big deal including a defenseman may be in the works for NYI. As things currently stand, and if I am Tavares, I walk in 2018. The Capitals should trade Ovechkin and pursue Tavares. Imagine Backstrom, Oshie, Burakovsky, Williams, Tavares et al up front with Alzner, Orpik, Schmidt, Orlov on the back end with Holtby in goal?

    • Tavares knows exactly why this trade was made and approves of it. he’s known it was coming for well over a year. theres more to the story

  4. Hamonic was traded because his mother is ill, he had requested a trade last year for that very reason, hamonic whose dad had died as a 10 year old, is very close to his family and has sposored children who have lost a parent throughout his career, he had rescinded the request last offseason at Garth Snows Request, but it surely affected Hamonic’s concentration and his overall play.

    Snow has refused to address this with the media in deference to the great respect he and Hamonic have for each othern but it was known in the locker room and the players families, it is with great Sadness that the Islanders say goodbye to their Heart and Soul teannate but as we all know family comes first

    • in fact as i was writing Chris Nichols posted the following from Hamonic:

      ” Hamonic: “Garth is probably one of the most loyal, if not the most loyal, people I’ve met in my lifetime so far.” #Isles #Flames 960
      — Chris Nichols (@NicholsOnHockey) June 24, 2017

      the details will surely come out now about his mothers debilitating illness but Travis has been nothing but a great son and teammate.otherwise he’d still be an Islander. they had been desperately tried to find a match with winnepeg but never could.

    • Umm traveling from New York to Winnpeg or Calgary to Winnipeg cant be that much of a difference. Csn it?

      • obviously there must be as there is no border crossing and passport issues and he was saying to me last year that it was within driving distance, that he could drive home from calgary within 15 hrs if need be so that if he had off days he could be there. according to him his mom didnt want to leave manitoba….its something the isles tried to accomodate wherever they could but travis is not the type to take advantage. for as long as he’s been part of the isles extended family he’s been very responsible, and not one to make excuses but to those of us who have been lucky enough to associate with the former players and current islanders, this is a very sad day. it had to happen though and we all wish his mom Lisa, the best.

        she certainly raised him right, that I can say. th heat travis tell it she was one strong woman back in the day and he feels a debt that he has to live up to

      • I suppose customs may slow yiu down. They like tou at the air poet sooner for i ternationsl flights too. But i guess i meant the diffetence in fkight times. Perhaps their is no direct route to winnipeg.

    • Very well said. Sad to see him go.

  5. Often there are deals that set up deals and one can’t be done before the other….. If Calgary signs Stone they will have the best defence in the league. Alberta battle will return- offence against defence.

    • Would be great if Calgary could get that deal done. Stone will probably be offered more money than Calgary is willing to spend though.

    • Just over 15mill in cap space available and still have to sign Bennett, Ferland, Chaison, Lazar, Versteeg, Stone, and a backup goalie. It’s going to be tough.

  6. As an Isles fan I’m really sad to see Hamonic go. Great player, great contract, even better person. Glad he went to the Flames where there seem to be a number of character guys for him to fit in with.

    Given how the Isles draft it’s a real crap shoot whether they’ll get anything good from this trade or not.

  7. Hey Lyle, I was looking at the draft pick conditions on the Flames Hamonic and Smith trades and have a question for you. In the trade with the Coyotes the 2018 3rd round conditional pick becomes a 2nd round pick if the Flames make the playoffs. But that same pick has been traded to the NYI to get Hamonic. How can that happen?

    • its not a specific pick. if need be they can trade for a 2nd. only offer sheets require your own specific pick

      thats why its called a conditional pick

      • Risky trading what you don’t have. Can’t see the NHL allowing that to happen.

      • It’s conditional moves to 2020 if they don’t have it in 2019

      • There is no conditions on the 2018 pick though. That is the question.

  8. In my opinion, right or wrong, the Flames paid top value for what they got.The got a good player..but they paid for it too.

    • no kev its simple, until the condition is met all arizona has a right to is the third, thats what they traded for.

      once the actual condition is met, then and only then do the flames owe a 2nd. at which point theyd need to acquire one to give to arizona.

      its why its called conditional….only with offersheets must you have the exact pick

      • Oh I understand the offer sheets must be your own draft picks. But trading for a 2nd round draft pick is not an easy thing to do. Especially in a deep draft which the 2018 draft year is supposed to be. Can you honestly see another team helping the Flames out seeing that they would need to get a 2nd round pick to honour a trade? I also expect the Flames to be in the playoffs in 2018.

    • that they did joey but all things being equal the flaqme will love hamonic i just hope his mom is ok.the worrying definitely affected his play. travis tried not to let it, trust me thats the type of kid he is. but he’s human and it bothered him,anyone whose ever met him knows it did…..i think flames fans are gonna truly love him. he’s a true heart and soul team player. He’s quiet and respectful and stand up for his brothers, which is how he refers to the guys he plays with. if you met him on the street and he saw you were hungry he’d buy you lunch. thats just the kind of guy he is…. you’ll see it when he hits calgary, my wife was a calgary girl who went to SAIT, so trust me youys will absolutely love him. because i know him a little im biased, i admit it, but he’s truly a special young Man, the isles were blessed to have him as long as we did….isles fans understand why this had to happen, but it doesnt mean we wish his mom couldnt have moved to NY, but sometimes life isnt that easy

      • its happened before kev and usually if the tean cant acquire onethey give then a higher round pick the following year

      • When has this happened before?

      • the Isles had it happen once a while ago im pretty sure it was with edmonton and we ended up getting a 2nd when the oilers realized they had already traded their 3rd

  9. Is the Flames’ 2018 first round draft pick lottery protected? If not, I think this is a huge overpay and risk given the parity in the league.