NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – June 21, 2017

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An equipment allergy could force Chicago Blackhawks winger Marian Hossa to retire.

Marian Hossa could face retirement, early NHL award winners & more in your NHL morning coffee headlines. 

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: cites a Sportsnet report claiming Blackhawks winger Marian Hossa could be forced to retire due to an allergy to his hockey equipment that he’s been battling for some time. A statement from Hossa or the Blackhawks on this situation could come as early as today.

The 38-year-old Hossa has four seasons remaining on his contract. If he retires, the Blackhawks would face salary-cap recapture penalties but they could avoid this by placing him on long-term injured reserve. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This could bring an end to a very prolific NHL career. Hossa has Hall of Fame worthy numbers (525 goals, 609 assists, 1,134 points) and helped the Blackhawks win three Stanley Cup titles in 2010, 2013 and 2015.

**UPDATE** Hossa and the Blackhawks announced this morning he will not play in 2017-18. He has not announced his retirement. This means the Blackhawks can place him on LTIR for the upcoming season. 

CBC.CA: Columbus Blue Jackets captain Nick Foligno received the King Clancy Memorial Trophy and the Mark Messier NHL Leadership Award. New York Islanders defenceman Travis Hamonic accepted the NHL Foundation Player Award.

NBC SPORTS: The NHL will honor Bryan Bickell at tonight’s awards show. Bickell’s career was cut short by multiple sclerosis. 

TRIBLIVE.COM: Pittsburgh Penguins goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury had what is expected to be his final farewell with Penguins fans yesterday during a personal appearance at a local sporting goods store. It’s believed Fleury will be selected by the Vegas Golden Knights in tonight’s NHL expansion draft. 

NBC SPORTS: Speaking of the Penguins, general manager Jim Rutherford told his pending unrestricted free agents to test the upcoming free-agent market. Once they determine their market value, they can come back and negotiate with the Penguins. Those free agents include Nick Bonino, Trevor Daley, Chris Kunitz and Ron Hainsey. 

THE BUFFALO NEWS:  The Sabres are not planning to bring back assistant coaches Terry Murray, Bob Woods and Tom Ward.

OTTAWA SUN: Tickets for the Montreal Canadiens-Ottawa Senators outdoor game on Dec. 16 at Landsdowne Park in Ottawa will be expensive. The prices could run from between $129-$499.00 (Cdn) each. 

YAHOO SPORTS: The NHL new Adidas-made jerseys were unveiled yesterday. 



  1. Wow. Sucks for Hossa. But what a stroke of Luck For Blackhawks cap issues.

    • Yeah, the ‘front’ of his front loaded contract is over and he’s set to make a piddly 1mil the next 4 years so his allergies are acting up. But whatever, that was the intent of the contract when he signed it. Is it me or is it incredibly easy to get out of contracts these days? What will they come up with next? Let’s keep an eye on Dustin Brown and see..

    • And doesn’t LTIR mean his cap hit doesn’t go away?

      • it goes away after the start of the season… so it would allow team to make moves once season starts is my understanding

      • Yes, you can bet Chicago is convincing him not to retire.

      • why would he… I’m sure he gets some money while on disability.

  2. Looks like Hossa is about to become a trade target for the Coyotes.

  3. Forced to retire due to allergies perhaps? Mold maybe? Wow..sad for Hossa and hockey in general.

  4. There have been various players who have had various conditions where they couldn’t get their mix of medication right for a while (Olli Maatta after his cancer comes to mind) but those players and teams usually kept trying to find the right mix so that the player could play.

    It’s odd that this happened right as the Hawks faced a nearly impossible cap crunch.

    Get well, Marian.

  5. Was Chicago aware of this when they made the deal with Vegas?

  6. How convenient. We discover Hossa has an allergy that has never ever been reported till yesterday. Right when his contract drops to a mil per, solving Chi cap issue.

    The optics of this look terrible. Almost as bad as Lupul claiming he’s fit to play following hernia surgery, a basic procedure, Tor claiming he’s unfit, not playing him all year then he’s miraculously cured just in time for the expansion draft.

    & we have cap rules why?

    • Why do you think you should ever have known about Hossa’s medical situation until you needed to know? Seems like a private matter to me.

      Only Hossa retiring would ever have helped the optics in this case. If it was his back, knees, head doesn’t matter people still would have gotten on board about it being suspect.

      With the cap having gone up to 75m and factoring in the supposed Kruger and TVR to LVK deal the Blackhawks could have easily found a way to be cap compliant without circumventing. And anyway, Hossa’s cap hit will only be LTIR once the season begins, meaning it still factors in to the 23 man roster (unless of course they can unload it in a trade).

    • Joffrey “Loophole” and Marian “Hose you”! Is that what you are thinking Striker? Does seem fishy, but if it’s within the rules it’s within the rules.

    • Because there is a cap??? if you want and are ok with the cap and the “pairity” you think it achieves then why whine about its rules?