NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – June 23, 2017

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The Arizona Coyotes mutually part ways with head coach Dave Tippett.

On the eve of the 2017 NHL Draft, the Arizona Coyotes part ways with Dave Tippett. Details and more notable news in your morning coffee headlines. 

 ARIZONA SPORTS: The Arizona Coyotes announced it has mutually parted ways with long-time head coach Dave Tippett regarding some philosophical differences over the running of the team.

Tippett reportedly wasn’t happy with trading away goaltender Mike Smith and how the club handled its decision not to re-sign captain Shane Doan. None of the other members of the coaching staff were let go. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s no coincidence these recent changes took place after Andrew Barroway became the Coyotes’ sole owner earlier this month. The timing of Tippett’s departure, however, could cause some difficulty for the Coyotes on the eve of the 2017 NHL Draft, as he had considerable input regarding player management decisions. 

NHL.COM: With the first overall selection in the 2017 NHL Draft, the New Jersey Devils could end up choosing either Nolan Patrick or Nico Hischier. Both are considered the top-two prospects in this year’s draft.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: The Chicago Blackhawks are expected to place winger Marian Hossa ($5.25 million annual cap hit) on long-term injury reserve for next season. Hossa will sit out the 2017-18 season because of a serious skin allergy related to his hockey equipment.

“A source said the most likely route the Hawks will take to replace Hossa is the “in-season” injured reserve approach. The means the Hawks will carry Hossa and his cap hit on the roster to start the season, then place him on injured reserve after the season begins.” That move would give the Blackhawks more flexibility with their roster during the season.

They could also attempt to trade Hossa’s rights to a club in need of reaching the $55.4 million salary cap minimum, but the Blackhawks could be reluctant to do that because it’s uncertain if his playing career is over. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Some consider the timing of Hossa’s decision to skip next season suspicious because it could provide the cap-strapped Blackhawks with salary-cap relief. However, I doubt there’s anything fishy about this. Hossa’s suffered with this rare skin condition for some time and the medication he was taking to address the problem carried potential long-term health concerns. It remains to be seen if this brings about the end of his long playing career.

THE PROVINCE: The Vancouver Canucks are considering a one-year, bonus-laden contract offer for goaltender Ryan Miller. 

SPORTSNET’s Chris Johnston reports the Edmonton Oilers will match any offer sheet for restricted free agent forward Leon Draisaitl. 

NBC SPORTS: The Vegas Golden Knights reportedly aren’t interested in trading defensemen Shea Theodore and Nate Schmidt.

MIAMI HERALD: The Florida Panthers hired Chris Pronger as an adviser to general manager Dale Tallon. 

TRIBLIVE.COM: The Pittsburgh Penguins re-signed  defenseman Chad Ruhwedel to a two-year contract worth $650K annually.

NHL.COM: The league released its schedule for 2017-18. The curtain rises on October 4, 2017. 



  1. Chads a good depth signing. A solid seven!

    • Yeah but what are their plans for him? Both the big club’s blueline and the one in Wilkes Barre are looking pretty crowded next year. Where does Ruhwedal fit into the pecking order? I guess it doesn’t matter since there’s always someone injured.

      • Chad is currently #4. After Dumo and Schultz sign, he’ll be #6. After Jimmy makes a trade, he’ll be #7.

        I love the signing.

      • He is a guy who demonstrated he could sit for stretches at a time and still jump in and play a solid bottom pairing role. Not everyone can do that. number 7 d man

      • Ruhwedel isn’t the #4, the top 4 in Pit in no particular order are Letang, Schultz, Dumoulin & Maatta. Ruhwedel is insurance. He won’t even play in the top 6 regularly unless injuries hit, another Dman needs a night off for what ever issue, sick, family emergency, coaches decision. All teams have a #7/8 guy who’s job it is to tag along playing only when really necessary.

      • “Chad is CURRENTLY #4. After Dumo and Schultz sign, he’ll be #6. After Jimmy makes a trade, he’ll be #7.”

  2. Pretty sure Barroway will have Coyotes in Seattle by next season
    He’s systematically cutting every tie they have to the Phoenix fans.

    • Last week, I read somewhere that Arizona had to (not wanted to, had to) pick up another phantom contract to make the cap floor because they can’t afford to pay out $53+ million.

      Then they trade their highest paid player for nothing.

      Now, they fired one of the highest paid coaches. If they replace him with an intern, we’ll know…

      Craig Morgan noted…on the eve of the draft, Yotes have no captain, no coach, no team prez, etc.

      So, by choice or by necessity, there may well be a reason Bettman gave a Seattle update.

      • Just get them the hell out of Arizona. That franchise has been an embarrassment to the league since they entered the NHL.

      • Smith wasn’t traded for nothing, he was traded for Brandon Hickey; drafted 65th overall in 2014 a solid prospect on D. who made the Canadian WJC team out of Boston College in 2016, no small feat, a 3rd round pick, which becomes a 2nd if Calgary makes the playoffs & Chad Johnson.

        Moving Smith’s 5.6 & change contract in this goalie market is no easy feat. They ate just under 1.5 to do so.

        You read the ghost info here, Lyle posted a TVA reference. It’s unfortunate these issues like the Tippet situation keep happening & the timing & optics are terrible but Arz isn’t moving, nor will they need a ghost contract to hit the cap floor. Just go do a little research & don’t buy into the BS being bandied about.

        Arz is on a serious rebuild & Dominique with some form of veteran back up will suffice for their expectations for this year.

      • Aww horses*^t. That franchise is, was and always will be a joke, your perpetual they’re loaded with “studs” Pollyanna views notwithstanding. (Jeezus – you even have me invoking the notwithstanding clause)

      • The only BS being bandied about is yours striker, your views aren’t the same or best as everyone else’s get over yourself

      • You are telling me that a 27 year old with no prior NHL experience is the man for the GM job? Arizona is a mess and this hiring made no sense.

      • Arizona doing some good things this year. I think the problem people really have is that a good ol American boy from a bettman growth town singlehandedly put the pride and joy franchise of the north on his back and led them back to the playoffs. Better be careful if you are a leafs fan about throwing stones. Auston Mathews is the poster boy for why this team needs to succeed… and they are currently making good strides in that direction by jettisoning all the old guard junk.

  3. The various owners of it have certainly been an embarrassment.

    • Smith was traded for an unsigned soon to be free agent Chad Johnson, an unsigned BC player and a 3rd round pick. Rumor is Johnson will be back in Calgary on July 1st, the BC player is supposed to stay in college this year. So, effectively Smith or afo3rd rounder. Trade was a massive salary dump by the new owner who is quickly removing anyone who has a mid to higher level salary. Not sure of his long term plans, since he will not speak to the media, but it does not look good.

      • One thing the NHL has in spades is owners like Barrow and, as a lifelong Leaf fan, I consider myself an expert on the subject.
        Now, if Dave Tippett appears behind the Coyotes bench wearing a paper bag, we’ll know that the spirit of Harold Ballard has been resurrected.
        Seattle hockey fans, you do not want this franchise in your city.

  4. I would say Rick Nash salary issue aside would fit in seamlessly in Hossa’s place. But imho he is too valuable for the Rangers to trade(and pickup salary) for what might be Henriks final chance

  5. Yes, I’m calling BS on Marian Hossa retiring. Even if his skin condition is legitimate, I have a problem with the timing.

    The New Jersey Devils lost a draft pick for playing games with contracts in order to side-step the cap. The Kings had to eat some of Mike Richards’ contract even though they had legitimate grounds to terminate it (though that was suspect too).

    If Hossa has had this “skin condition” for a long time, then this was obviously a planned event. Hopefully the league will step in and force them to take some recapture penalty. Hossa is obviously done at 38.

    • The NHL later overturned that penalty to NJ on the Kovalchuk contract.

      It certainly smells fishy to me & convenient for all involved.

      Why is this the 1st we have even heard of this issue with Hossa?

      • Because he’s always been a very private person and doesn’t want the world to know everything that’s going on with him, Striker.

    • While allowing that Hossa may well be/is likely dealing with a legit medical issue here, I agree with all of this.

      The Hawks might have only one Cup right now if not for Hossa’s (and Keith’s) bunk contract.

      When Olli Maatta was coming back from cancer, he couldn’t get his medications right. The team and it’s doctors kept TRYING.

      When Josh Harding fought MS, he periodically had to sit out because his medication wouldn’t allow it. The team and it’s doctors kept TRYING.

      The fact that they have ruled Hossa out for a supremely convenient time frame is the smoking gun. Why have the Hawks given up TRYING to get his medications right? Maybe he could be playing in five months? He will sit out a full season, but he’s not going to retire…

      Cap space might magically cure him next season.

    • the optics are terrible. This should be investigated by league but in a private and respectful manner.

      • Much like the Lupul and Robidas manoeuvers should have been looked at closely.