NHL Rumor Mill – June 12, 2017

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Arizona Coyotes goaltender Mike Smith is garnering attention in the NHL trade-rumor mill.

A look at TSN’s updated trade-bait board in your NHL rumor mill. 

TSN: Frank Seravalli recently updated his offseason NHL trade-bait board, adding Buffalo Sabres left wing Evander Kane and Arizona Coyotes goaltender Mike Smith among his top ten with Kane at No. 8 and Smith at No. 10.

Seravalli reports Sabres general manager Jason Botterill is listening to offers for Kane, who’s been linked to the Los Angeles Kings and Vancouver Canucks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Botterill must bolster his defense and it’s rumored his asking price could  be a top-four defenseman. Kane could be a good fit on the Kings but they’ll have a difficult time taking on his $5.25 million contract. They’ll have to shed salary or get the Sabres to pick up part of his cap hit. As for the Canucks, the interest in Kane supposedly died off midway through last season. If they’re truly committed to rebuilding with young player within their system, they won’t pursue Kane. 

He also believes the Coyotes want to get younger in goal and are leaning toward 24-year-old Louis Domingue. The Calgary Flames, Winnipeg Jets, Philadelphia Flyers and Vegas Golden Knights appear the only obvious vacancies for Smith. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Domingue isn’t ready yet to take on the starter’s job full time in Arizona. Moving Smith would be a big mistake unless they intend on finding a suitable replacement via trade or free agency. 

The Dallas Stars reportedly have interest in Canucks defenseman Chris Tanev. Moving him before the expansion draft would allow the Canucks to protect Luca Sbisa. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Maybe I’m missing something here, but why would the Canucks trade Tanev to ensure they can protect Sbisa? This doesn’t make sense to me. 

Chicago Blackhawks center Marcus Kruger (No. 11 on the list) and Los Angeles Kings winger Dustin Brown (No. 28) are also recent additions. Both clubs need to shed salary for next season. The Hawks have reportedly had multiple discussion with Vegas regarding Kruger. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kruger’s widely considered the Blackhawks most likely trade candidate. However, recent speculation out of Chicago suggests they could ship out a core player to clear cap space, perhaps Artem Anisimov or Brent Seabrook. Still, Kruger seems the easiest to move.

As for Brown, there was some talk suggesting the Kings package him with a first-round pick in an offer to the Vegas Golden Knights, but folks shouldn’t assume Vegas will be a dumping ground for teams looking to shed bad contracts. 



  1. When I read that the Canucks want to trade Tanev to protect Sbisa why!? was my reaction as well.

    • Hold the trade at least until Sbisa is gone. Even with an 8 team no trade list a Tanev deal can be made if desirable even for the same priced and term that Sbisa had. Considering the extra time needed to develop a D man I’m not sure 25 is old. Certainly we don’t want a team full of 22 year olds even with the legendary(?) Sedins running the show.

  2. Protection of Sbisa is a by product of the transaction a draft pick is the purpose

    • right so the deal becomes Sbisa and a high first for Tanev. I can see merit in that explanation.

      • Vegas, take Sbisa please, anyone, anyone, Buller, sorry I mean Sbisa!

        I would also prefer to retain Tanev than take Dallas’s 3rd overall pick, at least straight up. Top pairing shut down Dman just entering their prime don’t grow on tree’s & with 3 years left at a very respectable 4.45 per & a modified NTC that kicks in next season; after July 1st, he can list 8 teams he doesn’t want to be traded to, lots of time to maximize his value in trade sometime in the next 3 years & far better value returned than doing so now when far more Dman are actually available due to the expansion draft, stagnant cap issue & Vegas having several post expansion, solid depth options, post expansion draft.

      • I think a take my sbisa please joke woulda been better… take my sbisa please … I mean take her!

  3. Dustin Brown is still a good third line player, just overpaid. If the Kings throw in a Million a year and give Vegas the 11th choice in the first round it is a decent deal.

    • LA would have to eat far more than a million. 3rd line wingers make millions less than Brown’s 5.875. You can get a far cheaper option to perform the same role. With 5 years remaining even a 1st isn’t any where near enough to take on Brown. Even if LA ate 1/2 his cap hit & their 1st I’d pass. I don’t want Brown cluttering up the roster for possibly 5 years.

      • The Brown contract is a poster child for the term “franchise albatross” – good luck to L.A. trying to find a suck… err taker.

      • A buyout would cost $1,762,500 a year for ten years! Not bad money for doing nothing. If I was Brown, with 2 Cups by the way, I would be happy as a clam if LA did this! Play another 5 or 6 years somewhere else for a $1,000,000 per and then be done! What a great life these guys have.

      • Bobby Bonilla still making 1 mil a year for years for mets buyout

      • Agree with you Steven.

    • decent for LA maybe but horrible for Vegas. Will and should take way more than that for Vegas to take on LA’s problem.

  4. I’m surprised Hossa and Seabrook are not on the TSN trade list.

    • Hossa’s contract is almost as bad as Browns, plus he is 38 and has FOUR more years left on it!

      • Except that the real cost in dollars for the final 4 years of Hossa’s contract is only a million per season & Chicago is on the hook for any & all cap recapture penalties should Hossa decide to retire early.

        Should Hossa agree to waive his NMC to facilitate a trade to another team & provide enough incentive to that team to take of Hosss’s cap hit with prospects, picks what have you, several would be willing to do so I assume. Arz, Car, NJ would happily do so as they have done repeatedly if provided sufficient incentive to do so but there are others as well.

        Not really comparable to Brown’s contract or situation other than the cap hit is similiar.

      • Hossa would be a good fit in Carolina and they have the cap room to make it work. This team is going to compete quicker than most realize

      • SH21. I agree. As we sit today with nothing but darling addressed so far I have Carolina as a playoff team next season. Not sure yet at who’s expense if that makes any sense. I haven’t put much time into it as yet but Carolina is really close to stepping up significantly. Solid young roster especially at D but also tons of forwards ready to go off offensively. It’s hard to believe that a young D like that can be so effective although Nas has done so as well.

    • Because they both have unmovable contracts. That kind of money and term won’t be easy. Plus taking one of them off the Hawks hands makes it easier for them to re-tool for another cup run.

      • I don’t think Hossa’s contract is unmovable. Getting him to agree to being traded is the hard part & the cost to get a team to take the cap hit in additional compensation a concern for Chicago. At a mil per in real salary even for 4 more years potentially considering his level of contribution, he fits extremely well in several teams structure. Hell he’s 7 years younger than Jagr. Still a great defensive player, penalty killer & he can play against the other teams best just not for 20 mins a game any longer & his offensive contributions are in slow decline but he still scored 26 goals last season.

        If he retires early Chicago is on the hook for his cap recapture penalties & if you could convince him to retire & wanted to buy him out the cost of his salary on the buyout is virtually nothing, it’s the recapture penalties that stay with Chicago the problem.

        Hossa’s contract is now incredibly troublesome for Chicago. Both in cap hit & the potential penalties in cap hit should he not complete the final 4 seasons.

  5. Ok, lets put the Smith to Philly rumor to bed. If the Flyers trade for an aging Smith they would have to give up assets for a goalie who isn’t as good as Mason whom they could re-sign to a reasonable contract because of his up and down season this past year. Mason has the 4th best save percentage at even strength over the past 4 years (.931) while averaging 56 starts over that span, only Carey Price, Braden Holtby and Scott Darling who isn’t really a starter had better 5 vs 5 stats than Mason.
    Smith will not be a Flyer unless its for Andrew MacDonald and Valtteri Filppula.

    • If I was a goalie I would stay as far away from Philadelphia as I could!

      • Or as W.C. Fields allegedly suggested as the epitaph on his gravestone “All things considered, I’d rather be in Philadelphia”

  6. If the NHLPA only agrees to a nominal; 2%, or no increase under the escalator provision Chicago is in serious trouble. They sit $4,520,628 above today’s cap of 73 mil.

    If as Bob Mackenzie is reporting the cap raises by 1.4 moving Krugar & potentially losing TvR in expansion isn’t getting Chicago cap compliant. If those 2 players come off the books that’s $3,908,333 off today’s cap hit, that would leave Chicago $612,295 over today & if it rises by 1.4, that would leave Chicago $787,705 to add 3 players to meet the 23 man starting roster requirement.

    I think as was being reported over the weekend Chicago has no choice now but to move 1 of it’s core players & Krugar.

    • Kane for Kane? The latter can move home. That frees up $3,000,000 right there. I hope everybody realizes I am joking here.

    • The cap not rising is interesting, and will cause a few teams some issues. Will have an effect on the trade markets. I think Chicago can only realistically be able to move Hjarmlsson, to become compliant, maybe Anisimov. The rest of the group’s deals and cap hits make it too difficult.

      I wonder if a team would be willing to take Kruger and Hjarmlsson to lower the cost of acquiring Hjarmlsson and to allow Chicago to keep TVR ahead of expansion?

      The schedule really condenses a lot of things. If we find out today that Fleury waives his NMC, that means he had to be asked while in the finals, or asked the day after wining the cup. Also, can you imagine if he was going into game 7 knowing he was being exposed as well as it being public (if that were to happen).

      Teams have 3 days to fix up any protection issues, and don’t have a firm answer on where the cap is. Could be very interesting to see how teams approach things.

      • The NHLPA & NHL have said the new cap # for next season is probably 5 to 6 days away min so it’s potential impact, the unknowing, is another dynamic that works in Vegas’s favor.

        If as being reported the NHLPA isn’t agreeing to the usual 5% rise but some where between 0 to 2%, that has to have 1/2 a dozen teams swearing into their drinks, not the least of which is Chicago.

        Is this posturing by the NHLPA? We will know soon enough but not before teams are required to submit their protected lists on Friday most likley & quite possibly not before Vegas’s selections are announced.

  7. I don’t see Winnipeg trading for Smith. They may bring in a veteran UFA to help shelter Hellebuyck or even trade for a lesser veteran following the expansion draft but it won’t be Smith or MAF.

    Winnipeg may have tons of cap space but this team runs on a very tight budget & it doesn’t fit their needs. Now come trade deadline time next season if in a playoff position I could see them try the StL model of trading for a goalie facing UFA status that following summer in hopes of getting over the hump in the playoffs Ala Miller & Brodeur.

    Winnipeg has Ehlers, Trouba, Lowry, Armia, Petan, & Morrissey all due new contracts next summer & Copp, Hellebuyck & Dano this summer as RFA’s & Little; please get him extended July 1st, & Enstrom facing UFA status next summer. Winnipeg’s salary cap hit is going up next season & significantly the season following.

    Winnipeg will lose 1 of those younger forwards baring a trade as they are currently locked into 8 skaters. Might they ask Enstrom to waive his NMC today?

    • Just thought of this, could you see the Jets try and sign Elliott? Elliott does seem to do well when he is sharing the crease. Also he would be a good mentor to Hellebuyck.

      • His name was the 1st one that came to mind but their are others either as UFA’s or in trade depending upon what other assets may move around to make it worth Winnipeg potentially taking 1 from a team that doesn’t need what they have, NYI; Halak, Car; Ward, etc. There are tons of UFA goalie options available coming out of the expansion draft.

      • I can see Calgary signing both goalies back Elliott and Johnson as long as it’s for the term and price they are looking for. no more that 2 or 3 years on both.

  8. Congratulations to all our Pittsburgh fans. Great series & story lines in play. Happy for a ton of these players & the organization. A true Dynasty & to think Crosby, Kessel & Malkin will only be 30, 30 & 31 respectively next season. Ton’s of youth developing & Letang coming back means Pittsburgh as constructed could win several more cups before theses guys start to wind down their careers.

    Well done.

    • Thanks! I knew I could do it!

      • Ha-ha! Great time to be a Penguins fan.

    • Hopefully not

    • Agree with that 100% striker.

  9. Teams have until 5PM ET today to ask players to wive their NMC’s for the purpose of the expansion draft. Does anyone know if the NHL will make this list public? Or do we just have to rely of journalists, broadcasters & bloggers?

    • I’m not sure, I usually rely on you to find out these things lol.

      I’m also intrigued by LeBrun’s comment about Vegas wanting to keep their deals as handshake only until the lists have to be submitted. I get why Vegas would want that, and in some cases teams may not care, but if you were potentially leaving a big asset exposed on your list wouldn’t you want it registered. The trades being kept quiet only helps Vegas, and while it’s unlikely McPhee would go back on one and risk alienating himself, I could see teams want the info to get around simply because they want to know the prices teams are paying.

      • It takes both teams reporting a trade to NHL’s central registry to consumate a trade officially. If I’m Vegas it suits my purpose to wait.

    • Not a 100% sure but I would guess they are made public. If they weren’t I am sure the media would have raised a stink about it.

    • Yup, they are going public. Pierre Lebrun just reported that the Sens have asked Phaneuf to what his NMC.

      • Cool. Stage 1 of lets play chicken is under way.

      • Really very few are & apparently the NHL isn’t making public. What a pile of BS. Share the data with the public.

      • They announced on The Fan 960 today that Fleury was asked back in February to waive

  10. Pitts wins the cup without a legitimate #1 defenseman. Does this change the minds of GM who are trying to trade a Dman for there return value? Will we see another Larsson for Hall? Maybe if Edmonton didn’t make that trade they be better position, McDavid, Draisaitl, and Hall, does that equal Crosby, Malkin and Kessel? Does Klefbom, Sekera, Nurse and Benning equal or better then Pitts top 4 minus Letang?
    I find every year who ever wins the cup, the other teams look and they this is how we have to build our team. Pitts two years running no real team toughness, some high end talent, sprinkled with cheap speed and solid goaltending. No reason at the moment not to think Pitts won’t be back in the same spot next season.

    • What teams in the NHL can match up against Crosby & Malkin? Is their another team in the NHL that has 2 superstar centers? Not of this quality. It makes up for a ton of weaknesses as does having 2 quality goalies 1 a kid who is just a stud. Is this the 1st rookie goalie to win 2 Stanley Cups yet still an NHL rookie?

      I can’t apologize enough for my slagging of Rutherford when hired. What he has built can be a dynasty for years still. Yes he inherited a ton but his deals & signings both pkayers & coaches has built a team that may go unrivaled in NHL history. This team in this nHL cap world rivilies any & all & to think Pittsburgh almost lost this team.

      It always amazes me people slag Bettman when I look at situations like this. Bettman’s commitment to his plan is admirable & has benefitted both owners & players.

      • That is the difference Striker. Malkin and Crosby understand how the game needs to be played, and having 2 guys with the skill they have and the commitment to defense that they have, is unmatched. And they still put up points.
        Even Cherry was showing clips of Malkin in his own end.
        When those 2 do it, so does everybody else. They adapted to make up for the injuries on D.
        Impressive a team win as you will see, led by those 2.
        How the hell did Malkin get left out of the top 100 all time?

      • I think that may be Caper’s point. if we think about Connor & Draisaitl’s value over the next five years as compared to Malkin and Crosby it might be closer than it first appears. In that scenario is Hall the missing piece or is it larsson?
        With the emergence of the young blueliners I think Hall might be more beneficial but we’ll never know.

      • I guess, but Bettman can still kiss my ash!

      • Valid point Taz, I guess we will see as they are not there yet, meaning McDavid and Draisaitl. I think the Hall Kessel comparison is accurate today though.
        Tough call as last year you had Letang playing 30 minutes and a pivotal role, as did the previous winners Chicago, LA, Boston with a top D.
        I think this year might be an anomaly not a trend, due to how Crosby and Malkin had to adjust to accomplish what they did. Which I was trying to say, just not saying it very well.
        Time will tell.

      • Taz you are spot on.

      • Bettman pisses me off often to but his leadership & vision has the NHL set to prosper significantly both for players & owners as it has significantly already but the best is still yet to come.

      • Ray bark…Malkin should be just a skate blade behind Crosby on the top 100 list. It’s shameful that he is not on the list.

  11. The only 2 we know that have agreed to waive their NMC’s for the expansion draft so far are Phaneuf & MAF.

    If your Vegas do you work out a deal with Ott & Pit to pass on selecting them or do you take them? Obviously it depends on what each team is willing to pay you to pass but I lean to selecting both unless the compensation is significant & I’m not sure Ottawa can give me enough to pass on this type of asset even with a 7 mil per cap hit form 4 more years.

    I think both of these players would be great building blocks for Vegas & you look to trade them later, well into the season or up to 2018-19’s trade deadline for MAF or in Phaneuf’s case several years down the road.

    I guess Pit could still trade MAF before Fridays protection roster deadline. I assume his waiving his NMC for expansion would move with him if acquired in trade.