NHL Rumor Mill – June 14, 2017

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Trade rumors continue to dog Montreal Canadiens forward Alex Galchenyuk.

Updates on Alex Galchenyuk, Matt Duchene, Sami Vatanen, Dion Phaneuf and more in your NHL rumor mill. 

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites Darren Dreger’s appearance on Montreal’s TSN 690 discussing Alex Galchenyuk’s status with the Montreal Canadiens. Dreger notes the recent trade rumors about Galchenyuk stems from his “curious development” with the Canadiens, prompting the belief he could benefit from a change. Dreger said he hasn’t heard anything yet to indicate Galchenyuk’s in the trade market.

Dreger also said he hasn’t heard anything new regarding the Nathan Beaulieu trade speculation.  He dismisses the notion that Carey Price could be moved, but thinks the Habs should look at every piece (other than Price) and determine the value in the trade market.

He also notes rumors continue to link Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene to the Canadiens. He knows the Avs won’t trade defenseman Tyson Barrie unless they get a blueliner in return. “So that’s just wild speculation, but those are the conversations that are taking place.”

Regarding the possibility of the Chicago Blackhawks shopping a key player, Dreger doubts they’ll move Brent Seabrook as he remains very valuable to the club. He said Niklas Hjalmarsson’s name is “kind of out there”, but thinks there’s a connection involving the Vegas Golden Knights and Marcus Kruger and Trevor van Riemsdyk. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s widely assumed Galchenyuk and Beaulieu could be traded by the Canadiens this month. Some rumors suggest packaging the duo to Colorado for Duchene, though that could be simply wishful thinking by some Habs followers. I certainly don’t see the Avs agreeing to a swap of Duchene and Barrie for Galchenyuk and Beaulieu. Even if they did, the Habs would be taking on $10 million in combined salary, leaving little room to re-sign Alexander Radulov and to fill out the rest of the roster.

The Blackhawks will definitely be trading somebody. They could be forced to move more than Kruger and van Riemsdyk if the salary cap ceiling fails to significantly rise for next season. My guess is it could be Artem Anisimov ($4.5 million cap hit) if they’re unwilling to move Seabrook or Hjalmarsson. 

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports defenseman Marc Methot’s future with the Senators could be in doubt if Dion Phaneuf doesn’t waive his no-movement clause for the upcoming expansion draft. The Sens have indicated they’ll protect seven forwards, three defensemen and one goaltender.  Garrioch suggests they might have to consider protecting eight skaters and a goalie to protect Methot, Phaneuf, Erik Karlsson and Cody Ceci, though that means they risk losing a forward such as Zack Smith, Jean-Gabriel Pageau or Derick Brassard.

Senators GM Pierre Dorion could leave Methot exposed and offer up a draft pick to the Golden Knights to ensure they don’t select him. Otherwise, it might make more sense to trade Methot before the draft for an asset rather than lose him for nothing. They could leave Methot exposed and accept the possibility of losing him, or they could attempt to trade Phaneuf to one of the teams on his 10-team list of preferred destinations. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Phaneuf has until Friday to reach his decision, though it sounds as though he already has. I can see Dorion trying to swing a deal with Vegas to ensure Methot isn’t selected in the draft. I’ll be surprised if he trades Phaneuf, though we can’t full dismiss the possibility. 

NBC SPORTS: Jason Brough lists the New Jersey Devils, Tampa Bay Lightning and Toronto Maple Leafs as possible suitors for Anaheim Ducks defenseman Sami Vatanen before the expansion draft. Acquiring Vatanen could affect their respective player protection lists. The Devils could be forced to choose between Ben Lovejoy or John Moore, the Lightning between Andrej Sustr or Jason Garrison and the Leafs Connor Carrick or Martin Marincin. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Brough points out, landing Vatanen means losing one of those players to the expansion draft wouldn’t be a big deal.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples cites NHL insider Mark Spector suggesting the Toronto Maple Leafs, Calgary Flames or Vancouver Canucks could outbid the Oilers for pending UFA defenseman Kris Russell. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Russell’s free-agent value will be better than it was a year ago. Spector believes Russell, who skated on a one-year, $3.1 million deal, is a $4 million per season defenseman now. I daresay he won’t have to wait as long for a new contract as he did last year and could get a multi-year deal for over $4 million annually. Remains to be seen if the Leafs, Flames or Canucks pursue him. Depends upon how things shake out in the trade market over the next couple of weeks. 



  1. My buddy , a leafs fan floated the idea of Josi for nylander . Allows Nashville to go 7-3-1 and gives the leafs a stud growing into his own . I don’t like it from either side is my opinion . Nashville can’t be in any hurry to break up that top 4 and the leafs finally tore it down properly and nylander should be part of the solution . They need D terribly but for me not at the cost of the 3 rooks . Thoughts ?

    • Josi won’t go anywhere. He’s a #1 D on one of the top 5 defensive teams in the league. On top of it, he has one of the most cap friendly contracts in the league. Even if the Preds were willing to move Josi (which they aren’t) It would take more than Nylander. That’s coming from a Leaf fan who thinks that Nylander is awesome

      • I agree, my opinion is it would be nylander ++ if poile would even consider moving him , just doesn’t make sense from either side for me but interesting starting point thought the wall would offer a few different views . I don’t see poile moving any of those 4 myself , and I dont see jarnkrok and that gem of a contract being left unprotected or traded either

    • They need D, but you can’t typically pry top pairing D from any team without overpaying, and I don’t think overpaying ever makes sense. The Leafs did what they did this year built on the strength of their strong froward group. They should be looking to keep the most valuable pieces of that group together rather than creating a massive hole up front.

      Toronto would be much better served by trading for a more affordable D that might be available. Vatanen, Demers, Hamonic, De Haan, Dumba or someone like that. Don’t get me wrong, they will be expensive, but likely the type of expensive that costs a package centered around Brown and/or their 1st this year rather than Nylander+

      While there is probably some urgency amoung leafs fans to move things along quicker, or take the big plunge, the rebuild has gone well, and there is no need to deviate drastically. It’s fine to deal from depth, but not the top of a position unless a great deal presents itself.

      The Leafs could become a very formidable team in the East by simply adding a solid top 4, and adding a good 3rd pairing guy who can moved up and fill in when required.

      Gardiner – Demers/Vatanen/Hamonic etc.
      Rielly – Zaitsev
      Daley/Smith/etc. – Hunwick/Carrick/etc.

      This defense wouldn’t strike fear in the hearts of top teams, but it would move the Leafs from a bottom 6-7 defense in the league, to middle of the pack or so.

      The Leafs would then have an a top 5-7 type forward group, both in terms of high end and overall depth. An average to better than average goalie, and average to slighly better than average D core. That would give them no major holes, and they could keep a nice flow of young ELC players giving them value and wait for bigger opportunities to improve rather than trying to force a massive deal.

      • Agreed, very similar to my line of thinking , said way better

      • I agree about The Leaf’s adding a top 4 and a bottom 2 D-man. The Penguin’s D that just won a Cup wouldn’t strike fear in the hearts of any teams either…

        As for The Sens trading Phaneuf – I can’t see any other team aside from Vegas hanging that contract on their organization. Phaneuf is a great D-man for what Ottawa is using him for now but man, when you look at that contract price and term it just turns your stomach…

        I think in this day and age there are two huge aspects of a GM’s abilities. The first is obviously to be able to recognize talent at the amateur level, and second – to be able to recover from your financial mistakes without hand cuffing your organization. If you had told me 4 years ago that The Leafs would be able to move Kessel, Phaneuf and Clarkson’s contracts and only have to eat 1.25mil a year I’d have told you you’re crazy. Just getting rid of the contracts was wizardry, let alone getting the usable assets that The Leafs did…

      • And strangely enough, right now someone like Phaneuf is exactly what they need to bolster their D.

      • Remember, the Leafs got into the playoffs and gave Washington a good run for their money with the D the team currently has. Bring in a couple of smart D , say a solid top 4 and a better bottom pairing guy, and think of the difference that alone will make – no need to make a big splash. I’d say bring back Franson (bottom pairing guy who can step up if necessary) and someone like Demers, Pysyk, etc. I’d say even bring back Polak as a seventh D.

      • George – I was saying that to a friend while we were watching The Leaf’s – Caps series… What The Leafs need is an experienced 3-4 guy who can be a physical presence but be a nice big shot on a power play as well… hmmm – who does that sound like…lol. Again – the problem is Phaneuf’s contract. I’d like that guy at 5mil a year and 4 years younger…lol

      • unless the original post was from Craig Button, why are we discussing something 2 hockey outsiders came up with out of there ear wax?

      • Toronto ate way more money than that. The salary Tor took on the Phaneuf trade was 11.4 mil in that means with the salary shipped out Phaneuf is only costing Ott 4.6 per if you factor in those savings.

        The Horton for Clarkson swap in real dollars is significant as well. Horton’s contract isn’t insured so Tor is paying every dime of that contract. Clarkson’s is insured so Columbus only on the hook for 20% on it.

      • Striker – its not the amount of salary but the term, Phanuef’s contract length was the reason of the trade.

      • Taz.

        Not saying it wasn’t. What I was referencing is that Tor didn’t only eat 1.2, they have eaten close to 35 million in real dollars to facilitate those trades. They can afford to & Horton can be put on LTIR to remove the cap hit but not the actual full monies owed.

        Phaneuf just turned 32, he will be 36 when this contract expires nor is the term onerous. The actually salary paid this season is 7, then 6.5 for 2 & 5.5 for 1. A 36 year old Phaneauf isn’t going to be any different really than the Phaneuf you see today.

      • Striker, I disagree. How will a 36 year old Phaneuf NOT be much different than a 32 year old Phaneuf? Given his style of play – averaging 23 TOI, 100+ hits, 100+ blocked shots in a season… 4 years is a loooooong time

      • Striker – the you are partially right. Toronto did not take on any of Phaneuf’s contract like they did with Kessel. They did take on a few contracts of Michalek, Cowen and Greening – but those expired after 2015. They are free and clear of any of Phaneuf’s salary.

        Toronto makes lots of money – “real” money doesn’t matter – cap money is all I was talking about so Horton’s money doesn’t matter. In cap money – Toronto is only on the hook for 1.2 for the next 5 years – that’s it… considering the AAV from all 3 contracts that would have counted on the cap was around 19 million I’d say we Leaf fans witnessed a miracle…

      • With so many rookies impacting so heavily on their successful season the Leafs have to keep in mind that something as seemingly ambiguous as “the sophomore jinx” nevertheless has reared it head enough times over the years to make them cautious.

      • Pysyk could be a really good fit and the deal does make some degree of sense. However I ask if Florida is really gaining anything from this deal that will affect their team in the short term. The second rounder is a mid second in a weaker draft and Rychel struggles to crack an NHL roster (although he’s on the cusp). Pysyk is coming off a year that’s wasn’t his best but I feel like with a more stable structure and a team that doesn’t have an idiot making the decisions (Rowe) there will be much better results. The question is; would Florida do it?

        I don’t think you’ll see the Leafs focus on big defenders who will clear the front of the net and bang in the corners. I think you’ll see them bring in guys who are good puck movers and excellent at playing a fast transition game.

        The more time the Leafs have the puck on the sticks of their talented forward group, the better off they are.

      • Don’t forget Toronto has Rosen and Borgman coming. Both are almost NHL ready, it’s not going to be a big deal if they don’t make a trade.

      • Yogi.

        Neither are even remotely close to NHL ready. Neither played for Sweden in the U20 WJC’s, Borgman did as an U18 player.

        These 2 Dman if even NHL players are years from the NHL at least 2 baring a miracle. McDermott & Nielsen will be in the NHL sooner & if Greenway comes out of college after his sophomore year he probably beats these 2 to the NHL.

        Could they surprise? Sure anyone can they maybe the exception to the rule but I haven’t seen anything from these players to give me the impression their close.

      • Striker you travelled to Sweden how many times to watch them play?
        I thought so.
        I think I’ll go with the Chicago scouts on this one, never mind what the prospect report says or Leino one of the top Euro scouts had to say. Does Bobby Mac have to check in with you before he gives his opinion, he seems to think Rosen is pretty close

    • Nashville doesn’t need to go 7-3-1. The forward they are going to lose to expansion pales in comparison to what they would give up in trading Josi – a proven #1 with one of the best team friendly contracts in the league. If Nashville makes any move ahead of expansion it will be with Vegas for them to not select a player that will be exposed – Jarnkrok, Sissons, etc depending on what your expansion list looks like. This top 4 has at least 2 more full seasons together before the first one hits the market. They aren’t breaking that up

      • Jarnkrok won’t be exposed, he will be the 4th forward protector unless Nas works out a deal with Vegas prior. Baring trades or that deal Nas will expose Neal, Wilson & Smith.

      • Which is why I said depending on what you’re list looks like. I don’t believe they will expose Jarnkrok either, just listed forwards that could be on the outside. Regardless, the forward selected from Nashville will be a “good” forward. Josi is an “elite” defenseman. They are not making a trade to move out an elite defenseman to change their expansion list plans. That was my point all along

      • No their not. Having this quality of a top 4 D, 1 of the 3 best in the NHL for me covers for a ton of other deficiencies.

      • Exactly. It’s still mind-blowing to me that they had Seth Jones at one point too

    • As a Leafs fan this would be amazing! I would happily do Nylander plus a first for Josi, but Nashville is turning that down 100%
      Josi is going to be a top 10 defenseman in the league for another 6-7 years

    • Nas won’t be giving up Josi for Nylander. Nas won’t be giving up Josi to anyone. Perhaps as he approaches UFA status if he can’t be resigned in 3 years. 1 of the best Dman in the NHL with an even better contract. 3 more years at 4 mil per.

      Nas will protect 8 skaters & baring a deal or paying Vegas off will lose a good player at forward, Neal, Wilson or Smith.

  2. This isn’t really expansion draft related but since Price name was mentioned. It’s will be interesting to see how this unfold. Will Carey want the max at the max? 8yrs at 10m per? Will Montreal pony up? Maybe he takes a team friendly deal 5yr at $7.5, or does he look at Montreal and say without me you got nothing, show me your plan and how you expect to be a true cup contender over the next 5yrs?
    Montreal hasn’t won the cup with Carey can they win it without him? What would Carey Price bring back in a trade that would help Montreal set a foundation in place.
    After trading Pk I don’t see them trading Price.

    • They may have no choice if Price sees there is no chance to win when considering all the questions you put forward. I think the situation that players like Price and Tavares find themselves in is the byproduct of many factors two of which are 1) too many teams in the League vying for top notch talent like these two, and 2) the level of parity in the League, which is a good thing, but a byproduct of number one itself.

      There are only so many franchise guys around and they take too much off of the salary cap as alluded to in your 5yr & 7.5 million dollar suggestion for Price. This does not allow most teams to be perennial threats like Chicago, who have experienced the loss of many talented players, and Pittsburgh.

      To be honest I think there are too many players in the League like these guys floundering on teams that will never be true contenders. Just my opinion. If you consider making millions floudering.

    • I am a huge Habs fan and I love Price… but they should definitely be trying to trade him right now. It would be the smart move because he’s the only piece they have that can net you that elusive #1C they need. Plus, there are a variety of replacement options available right now (Fleury, Smith, etc.).

      I’d be calling Vancouver since Benning seems like he’d overpay substantially for Price and start the conversation to try and get Horvat & Boeser +

      • I’m starting the conversation differently. Horvat will never be a #1 center. from what I’ve seen, he’ll be a good 2nd liner. that isn’t what Montreal needs. If we listed a few options off, what about Dallas? They have Seguin. They need a goalie. A lot of people worry about getting a goalie back. Don’t forget about Zachary Fucale. very capable goalie to be.I had a lot of experience watching him live. This kids gonna be good. Not elite, but good.
        Winnipeg could be an alright starter. Price and Beaulieu, maybe a bit more, for Scheifele, Hellybuck/Comrie.No one gives Mark Scheifele is grossly underrated. top tier C, boost immediately. Gives you a chance to analyze Galchenyuk in a smaller role, maybe he does better against lower competition, breaks out? If not, then consider a trade.

      • I would 100% prefer Schiefele to Horvat but there is no chance Winnipeg trades that guy. None. Especially not Scheifele AND Hellybuck for Price/Beaulieu. He’s already a top 5 C in the entire league. Same with Seguin. That is just not going to happen. Horvat is attainable and has definite 65-75 point potential, especially on a line with Pacioretty and Radulov (assuming he’s resigned). Boeser looks like a legit top 6 RW.

        And Fucale isn’t even the top Habs goalie prospect. He’s third behind McNiven and Lindgren.

      • Price is awesome but as has been discussed on this site numerous times, goalies just don’t get you that value in a trade.
        Dallas has a goalie, Ben Bishop, who has a NMC.

        Winnipeg isn’t giving up Sheifele, Ehlers or Laine. These guys are gonna be making them competitive for the next 7 years

      • Having just turned 22 & wit only 3 years on NHL experience never having been deployed in a 1st line role nor PP unit how do you know what Horvat will be. His 52 points last year at least offensively have him as a soft #1 now & next season is his breakthrough year. His & his linemates icetime will be increasing in all offensive situations.

        25 to 30 goals & 65 points in a walk baring significant injury. Horvat isn’t going any where. Not every can have a superstar C. Not enough to stock 31 teams. Some have to live with lesser & have 1A’s & 1B’s. Like most teams in the NHL.

      • Horvat was 5th for forwards in Vancouver for TOI/GP. For PP TOI/GP for all players 10th. He played on their #1 penalty killing unit 2nd for forwards to only Sutter in SH TOI/GP. By ES TOI/GP for forwards he was 7th. That is changing next season. He lead the team in faceoffs taken with 1498; 14th in the league, winning 50.5%

        This is a solid 2 way #1A or B center being developed in Vancouver in the Bergeron, Little, O’Reilly, mold. Essentially a stud 2 way C with great size, not overly tall at 6’0″ but a solid bone mass at 225 lbs.

        He’s not going any where. He is Vancouver’s #1 C next season in any catagory you choose to use.

      • well said Striker!
        1) Vancouver is in full rebuild, why would they take on an aging premium goalie?
        2) Horvat is wearing the C after next season.

        If Van. can get #1pick (Tanev and #5?), they’ll be set with a 1a/1b situation (a la Krejci/Bergeron). A guy can dream at least.

    • Interesting question. If he wants anything more than 7.5 I trade him. What do you get for him for basically 1 year? I don’t know how many teams would be willing to pay Price a huge salary long term so if he wants a stupid contract the market may not be that large.
      MTL will be a really interesting team next year. If they struggle, and they might, then what.

      • I almost agree except that I’m not paying any goalie even Price that much. In today’s cap world you simply can’t tie that much money up in a goalie. I pass & fine someone else.

  3. Trading Galchenyuk for Duchene would be a horrible move for the Habs. I have zero faith in Bergevin at this point. They should be taking advantage of a “down” year by Galchenyuk and lock him up for a cheaper multi-year deal instead of trading him just as he’s entering into his prime years.

    Continuously horrible player development and asset management continues to be a staple of this general manager’s tenure.

    • @Wally West. I agree with you on Bergevin. I taught a Wally West many years ago. Around 2000 maybe.

  4. Carolina seems like the perfect trade partner for Chicago and they have the history. Would Carolina be interested in a guy like Anisimov?

    The guy in Chicago that isn’t being talked about as much is Panarin. I believe Schmaltz is going to be the real deal, and if that’s the case he will be the #2 C with Kane on his wing. That would make Panarin and his $6M disposable. Can Panarin land you a guy like Hanifin or Slavin from Carolina?

    Panarin + 26th overall for Hanifin + 12th overall

    • Ron Francis has repeatedly said he is building the team from the back end out. He finally has a legitimate top 4 D so I don’t see him trading any of his current top 4 D to improve offense. He has stated that he will trade prospects and draft picks to improve the offense.
      I think Carolina and Toronto should both stay the course and not give up a strength to fix something that is not that bad.

      • GP, that backend is built and will be one of the best groups in the league next season. If Tennyson gets resigned this offseason Carolina has SEVEN NHL ready defensemen – the oldest of which would be Tennyson at 27(!). This isn’t even counting guys like Jake Bean (18) and Haydn Fleury (20) that are in the system currently. There’s a surplus there and not enough ice time to go around

      • Dahlbeck, Murphy & Tennyson aren’t NHL quality Dman but depth Dman at best #6’s but ideally #7’s best suited to limited minutes & games. I don’t see Tennyson being resigned. Murphy is to young to write off & will get another chance but no 1 wanted him as he was being bandied about last season in trade rumors.

        Baring trades & they are coming for Carolina, Fleury will step into a semi regular role in the NHL next season in the #5/6 slot, he’s ready. Probably with Murphy or his partner in Charlotte McKeown, on the 3rd pairing, sharing time with Dahlbeck & Carolina has shown a willingness to play young players so Bean could step straight in as well.

        What a stable of riches at D. Never mind D they have them everywhere but in net.

      • The only team’s D that I would take over Carolina would be Nashville, maybe Anaheim. These kids in Carolina are good and they’re coming

    • Hossa for draft picks + Nestrasil would be a trade that could benefit Carolina and Chicago (Cap hit).

      • I said Hossa and Carolina were a good match on here a couple of days ago. Hossa is a short term fix – if Carolina were one forward away from a cup appearance next year that’s the move. Panarin would be the future with guys like Skinner, Rask, Lindholm, Aho

      • The missing piece for Carolina is a legit number one C. Rask and Lindholm are #2Cs on a contender. They should be making a pitch for Duchene.
        With other talent at forward like Aho, skinner and to a lesser degree Teravainen and Nordstrom, they are in pretty good shape to go along with their defence. Put a legit goalie and #1C in the mix and this is a really really good team for the next few years

      • Chicago will have to pay something to dump that cap hit. Carolina isn’t taking Hossa regardless of real salary or Chicago being on the hook for the cap recapture penalties should he retire early, unless motivated to do so. Cap space is a very precious commodity. With 4 years to go it would take at least a 1st or a 2nd & a solid prospect with an NHL future of some nature.

        If Chicago can convince Hossa to waive his NMC it would probably cost a player like Hartman at a bare minimum to get Carolina to take that cap hit for 4 years.

        Carolina needs to resign Teravainen this summer, he will be bridged I assume, but next summer you have Lindholm, Hanafin, Slavin & Pesce. What cap space Carolina has today will be gone by the time the 2018-19 season starts. The season following that AHO & Skinner will be a UFA so I assume he’s extended next summer. No cap space left to take Hossa’s hit they would have to convince him to waive again to go else where, that’s certainly possible. The less term the easier he is to trade.

        Florida paid NJ a 2nd last summer to take Savard & he only had 1 year remaining with a salary of 575K.

      • Aho an RFA comin g out of his ELC. This kid is a stud in the making. Will be an NHL superstar by the end of year 3 in the NHL.

      • Yup. Aho will be their #1 C in no time

      • Nordstrom is nothing more than a 3rd line checker. He may be a 4th line checker if Gauthier, Roy, Kukkanen, Saarela, or any of the other numerous forward prospects are ready. Waiver fodder

        I’m going to wait 1 more season reserving judgement as to whether Rask or Lindholm have 1st line abilities. Carolina’s future #1 C may be coming from their prospect pool or in trade. Moving Fleury with picks or prospect to get a solid C or LW makes sense to me. With Staal their #3 but #1 by TOI/GP & Rask & Lindholm their top 3 suffices. Lindholm going back to RW might make more sense if a center can be had to replace him.

  5. Habs need more offensive from backend, which Barrie could bring. I think Petry needs to go the other way as well. Helps Col and makes salary cap more reasonable.

    Galchenyuk, Petry, Beaulieu, 1st, 3rd

    Duchene, Barrie, 3rd

    I am not sure of Duchene or Galchenyuk trade value to be honest. How could Hans get both Duchene and Barrie out of Col?

    • Finally someobe mention Petry, i would trade him any time, but he woukd need to remove his ntc unfortunately

    • Gally Hab, Why would Colorado even consider a trade like that. It seems you are really over valuing your Habs.Galenchuck should improve but 2 good coaches have had issues with his hockey sense/lack of defensive commitment.Petry and Beaulieu are bottom pairing guys. Habs would have to include Sergatchiev to make that even close.

      • Two good coaches???? Therrien was not a good coach. He couldn’t adapt and would just plugin the blender if things weren’t going well. Julien had a short time to get to know Chucky. Give him a season with him and I bet he is a better two way player at the end of the season.

      • Randy, yes I may be off in value and overvaluing my Habs. Petry is decent top 4 dman but we need more offensive from back end. Calling him bottom pair guy is not accurate.

        Sergatchiev will not be traded imo. But willing to trade anyone not named Price or Weber to imprI’ve the team.

      • I actually say only one good coach. That’s Julien. I consider Therrien a bad coach, who won based on goaltending. He was fired from Pittsburgh in 2009. They won without him. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not.

      • how many 22 year olds score 30 goals in the NHL? not many. Galchenyk did.

      • That’s ridiculous. Petry isn’t a bottom pairing Dman. He’s a 2nd pairing Dman. Beaulieu is just cutting his teeth in the NHL still 2 years from being fully developed. I don’t trade this type of asset & if Montreal does they will come back to regret it.

  6. The Leafs are 2 solid players away from becoming a strong contender for the long term.
    A big two way top 4 D man to quarterback their D, & a big two way Centre man to fill their 3rd spot, behind Matthews & Nylander.
    This D man may have to come via trade; there is no such player in this years draft, not sure about next years draft?
    I cringe over the suggestion of them trading for Vatanen, who is small & offensively minded.They have too many D men in their system who are the same: smallish & offensively minded.

    • I agree Greg – Vatanen is another Gardiner/Reilly type – we need Manson but I don’t think Anaheim would let that happen… Anyone have a take on which between Brodin and Dumba would be better?

      • Do you guys watch Vatanen play. He kills penalties, plays a fabulous transition game, is sound defensively using his speed to take away lanes & he ties players up. He’s never going to punish anyone nor block shots, that’s not his game. Sign Polak again as a UFA to block shots, hit people & clear the net.

        There isn’t a Dman in Toronto today that has Vatanen’s transitional skills. His addition will help all the kids get the puck up ice quickly & effectively & he’s not a liability defensively, if he were he wouldn’t be playing over 2+ mins a game on the penalty kill in Anh.

        I assume you missed the memo. The NHL has moved to a faster transitional game, only a handful of teams still clinging to the past. Vatanen is Stralman just better & his contract is awesome.

    • The player that they have in their organization that could become this is Andrew Nielsen. The guy is a beast. Big, offensive, good vision. He was a steal in the third round. The guy needs some time though and while he could be a bottom pairing guy next year to shelter him, it will likely be best for long term development if he stays in the minors for another couple seasons.

      Dermott is basically a vatanen style player. not quite as good but roughly the same size and same potential style of play. Given the age gap between the two and potential for development, Dermott could see some time with the Leafs next season.

      They do need that mean bigger shut down guy but as I mentioned before, I wouldn’t be surprised if they double down on their strength and grab another good puck mover to enhance the high octane offence.

      As for Dumba or Brodin. I think Brodin offers more of a defensive end than Dumba. However Dumba offers better puck movement. Dumba is the better defender (I think) but Brodin is nothing to look past and could slot into the Leafs top 4

      • Brodin is a solid 2 way player that to this point in his career except in his rookie year has primarily played a defensive role. Bruce did give him some looks this year on the 2nd PP unit through the last 3rd of the season.

        This is my 1st choice of Dman for Boston. Still needs 1 more full season to complete his NHL development. 331 NHL regular season under his belt. 5 full NHL seasons although his rookie years was the lock out season. A future #2 NHL Dman, there was a reason he went 10th overall in 2011.

        Dumba has way more offensive upside & may be as good as Brodin is defensively just to early to tell. Brodin is the perfect partner for McAvoy & he slides into Chara’s spot when he retires as a solid 2 way force.

    • The defensemen for Toronto to attack in FA would be Karl Alzner or Michael Stone

      • Them and at least a dozen other teams. And if it becomes a bidding war either or both will wind up getting way more than they’re worth.

      • Which is what always happens in FA. I was just stating that those are the FA’s that they need to complete that corps, not a Vatanen or Dumba.

      • Stone should come pretty cheap. His play is inconsistent that the leafs will hope that Babcock can fix, plus he has an injury history.

        As far as centers go, we have one of the best #3C in Kadri, no need there.

        But if Nylander stays on the wing then they can explore a #3c once Bozak’s contract is over

      • Could Girardi work in Toronto as a bottom pairing guy?

        I look at him the same way as I looked at the Seidenberg buyout (which I thought was one year early, by the way). Seidenberg got himself healthy and had a bounce back year. Someone is going to get a competent NHL defenseman for relatively low value

      • If Stone isn’t signed by Vegas as an RFA in the 3 day window allowed to Vegas he will resign in Calgary well before July 1st. Local boy. I think for Vegas to even convince him to sign with them they need to offer a pretty solid contract, probably 4 or 5 years at 4 to 4.5, Calgary can’t pay him that much but other than Stone the other players available from Calgary not using this RFA/UFA window for players not protected are garbage.

        I agree with both of you, Alzner may be the most sought after UFA Dman available. If not him then Shatty. All about what a team needs, the term & money as complete opposites of 1 & other. The only thin being in common is both play D, it stops there. Ha-ha!

      • Striker. That assessment is bang on regarding Stone, The Flames and Vegas. Most have Vegas taking Shinkaruk.

  7. Am I the only one who doesn’t think losing Methot is that big of a deal? i just don’t feel as if he’s worth a whole lot. Sure, he’s good, but I don’t feel the concern.
    Regarding Galchenyuk for Duchene, I don’t touch that with a ten foot pole if I’m Montreal. To me, Duchene isn’t worth a younger, cheaper center who can’t bolt via free agency. Especially not adding Beaulieu. If it isn’t Mackinnion, then I’m keeping Galchenyuk, or moving him for a more secure option. Maybe
    Galchenyuk, Beaulieu/Petry, two firsts, and Juulsen for Mackinnion and maybe Soderberg for salary relief.

    • I agree Penschamps2017..method is good but not the end of the world if they lost him.our Penguins did it.

      question to you i think Oli Matta to the Tampa Bay Lightning for center Tyler Johnson would be a good deal for both teams..exchange of good young players.

      If Matt Cullen retires and Nick Bonino moves on we will need a center…. Tyler is young, good skater and has skills, and Oli Matta will fit in their top 4 d-man thoughts?

      • Just never lose sight of the undeniable fact that they got there by winning game 7 in a double-OT thanks to a screened shot. proving that hockey is indeed a game of inches. We could just as easily be discussing a first-time cup winner (modern era) had that shot been at the other end of the ice.

      • I’m Yzerman, done. I can’t report it the NHL Central Registry fast enough. A smurf injury prone #2 for a future #2 solid 2 way Dman. Sold & signed for 5 more years at 4 & change!

      • I’ll take the 22 year old injury prone Dman signed to a great contract before the 26 years old #2 C any day. As an RFA Johnson will get more salary than Maatta to boot. Significantly more.

        These trades don’t happen TB would need to pay far more than just Johnson to secure Maatta.

      • George why the hate you could say alot of could ofs would ofs should ofs it take breaks and bounces for sure but thats any sport…stop the hating…

        No one ever lost sight of anything dude the cup win was a grind….if i followed your theory i could say some of the series wouldn’t have been as close if Kris Letang didn’t miss the whole playoffs…stop the sour grapes..dude

    • Thoughts on my proposal Oli Matta to Tampa for center Tyler Johnson..especially if Cullen retires and Bonino leaves…

      • And Johnson will be playing as a 3rd line center? I don’t think Pittsburgh is in a position to trade away defense for a position that they already have 2 of the best in the game at. They will need to sign D this offseason, not trade a 22 year old D of the future away

      • Pittsburgh should be looking to sign a #3 C rather than spending too much to acquire one. Boyle, Deharnais, Weal and Ganger may be cheaper options if any of them value a chance to have a coveted spot where they won’t face the same pressure as they would elsewhere and value a chance to win.

      • Johnson will want 5Mil++, not the money you want to invest in a third line C. Much better off trading Maata for a good third line C and adding a high draft pick.

        Not saying its a bad proposition but it doesn’t work for the penguins at all.

        You could probably sign Hanzal at 3.5-4mil and not even give up Maata.

      • Pit isn’t trading Maatta.

      • I hate it. Maatta is going to be a good second pairing dman when he adds some size and takes some time to heal. Johnson is one of the more overrated players in the league. Dmen are in short supply. Especially 22 year old 2 time cup winning dmen. We have the resources already to replace both Bonino and Cullen. Oskar Sundqvist is a big defensive centre that learned quite the offensive side this year in the AHL. And Carter Rowney is actually better at centre than the wing. So I go into camp with those 2 in mind as my 3C and 4C. With the cap not going up and having to pay Shultz, Dumoulin, and Sheary substantial raises we need all the million or less contracts we can get. Jarry, Sprong, ZAR, Archibald, and one or Pouliot, Taylor, Bengsston, and Corado all are going to be necessities to keep the core intact. The only 3C outside the organization that would be an easy get that I would consider is Sam Gagner. And not because he is a distant relation.

      • What sour grapes? I was just stating a fact. The Pens were as close to losing the series as they were to winning it. That’s what happens when you’re in the 7th game in OT.

    • Methot’s role allows Karlsson to perform his. That is 1 of the best D pairings in the entire NHL. Klingberg is a shadow of his former self. Gogigoski allowed Klingberg to be a far better player, his loss has exposed Klingberg significantly defensively.

      • Sour grapes George…they earned it no letang, guys in and out more than any other team, they lost their starting goalie MUrray for the 1st two rounds against Columbus and Washington and MAF came up big….they play in the best division in hockey had to go through Two amazing teams just to get to Ottawa. Any series is like that a bounce here a bounce there. you earn your breaks and its called karma too tip you hat and move on George O…..The Penguins one three games in Washington Geez a little credit Crosby also missed three games due to Niskanan’s cheap shot. So for part of the Washington series they had no Crosby, No Letang, No Matt Murray are you kidding me how many teams can do that..

  8. to CHI: Galchenyuk, Beaulieu and a 1st
    to MTL: Anisimov or Kruger & Hjalmarsson

    Chi gets cap relief and Galchenyuk a change of scenery
    MTL gets a puck moving Dman younger than Markov among with another player the coaching staff feels can play Center.

    • How ya feeling now…..Sidney Crosby Conn Symthe winner and Champion….I’m feeling great…

      • Explain the difference between your version of “sour grapes” and your constant gloating. Give THAT a rest. Dude.

      • The other thing George O is the guy that has the I hate Crosby title I mean come on…so yeah i threw a little back at him because its a immature title… hatred a strong word…

        I hate playing against the Flyers they are the Penguins number one foe but i don’t hate their players.. just a natural fan rivarly its like my title being I hate Girioux i wouldnt do that too much respect

    • How does Chicago get cap relief? They will have to sign both of those players they receive back in trade both of which will probably cancel out the salaries of the players going the other way

      • If rumors are to be believed they get 3.8 & change off the books moving Kruger & Tvr. 1 more salary will still need to be jettisoned. I assume it will be 1 of Ansimov or Hossa & Chicago will need to pay someone to take either. Breaking up Panarin, Anisimov & Kane what may be the best line in the NHL doesn’t make sense to me.

        Paying someone to take Hossa makes the most sense. If TVR is lost not sure how Chicago could afford to lose Hjalmarsson, although perhaps they could get a younger cheaper slightly less quality Dman with a significantly better cap hit. I guess Crawford is a possibility but to who?

        Bowman has painted himself into a terrible corner giving Toews & Kane matching 10.5 mil per contracts.

      • No George you give it a rest i put it to bed…suggest you do the same… moving on

  9. I really hate the idea of trading Galchenyuk. Not everyone will agree but I see him being a star within the next year or two. Unless MB can make out like a bandit and rob someone blind, he should stay.
    No problem with trading Beaulieu and the 1st, I don’t even mind the idea of trading Price, the Habs problem next year will not be letting in another .25% more goals, but scoring another goal per game.

    Price, Beaulieu, and the 1st, what could we get in return?

    • Him being a star is optimistic but his value is much lower than what I expect his ceiling to be.
      Habs should look to get a fair deal between his current value and realistic ceiling. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out, this is probably one of those right guy wrong place (or vice versa) sort of things.

  10. Barrie and Shattenkirk are two of the most overrated defensemen in the NHL. They might put up points now and then but other than that they are liabilities. With regard to Duchene, his performance last year and at the world’s would make me wary

    • Right on man, I don’t get the hype around Barrie. He is bad defensively, if he had a mean streak I could see taking a flyer on it but he is softer than my puppy’s underbelly

    • Agreed 100% Bob. Shattenkirk is overvalued simply because he is the best available defenseman on the market at the time where at least half of the league is looking for top pairing guys

      Barrie on the other hand is only valued because he is the “best” defenseman on the worst team in the league. The buzzards are circling the Avs. Any team that gets Barrie will get fleeced

    • Barrie is a 1 dimensional offensive Dman & their is a spot in the game for such. He sits 14th in NHL D scoring over the last 4 seasons. My #1 bounce back candidate currently in points next season. 12 to 15 goals next season & 45 to 50 points in a walk if he plays at least 75 games. Even in Colorado.

  11. I like Matta but if I’m Pittsburgh I’m protecting Letang, Dumolin and Schultz. Pittsburgh won because of depth down the middle with Crosby Malkin, Cullen and Bonino….there is a good chance Bonino and Cullen may be gone…we did win the Cup even without Letang and he is back next year..you can resign hainsey you still have Cole, letang, Dumolin, Schultz Rudwhel can sign a d we won with a solid D not great matta is expendable

    • I see Cole potentially being selected ahead of Maata by vegas.
      Also Shultz is a UFA so its possible Vegas is already talking to him but I doubt he signs there. He must be loving life in the burgh

      • If Maata is exposed, it depends what Vegas’ plans are and this all hinges on the potential deal in place between Pittsburgh and Vegas regarding MAF

        Cole being an UFA next offseason would be a perfect selection by Vegas knowing they’ll be able to flip him to a contender at the deadline. Maata would be more of a long-term build our blueline around this guy type of selection

        Again, this could all be for naught if a deal is in place that says Vegas will select MAF

      • Hahahahaha. Sure you do. Maatta isn’t going any where. Hahahahahaha

        You just crack me up sorry.

      • I sure hope they dont lose Ian Cole he has been so terrific in PIttsburgh….

    • pens have zero d depth in the minors right now. Maatta cant be exposed and pitt gonna have go with 8 skaters. losing hags/horny is better than losing maatta. Now if maatta was traded for another d or a separate deal brought in a top 4 d then maybe. pens have plenty of offensive depth to replace whomever is lost… d not so much. and god no to bringing hainsey back.

      • Striker matta is solid but he is also slow and isnt the best fit for the up tempo speed the Penguins play…at times he looks good and at times he looks slow…go figure.

    • Who the Pens protect is pretty much irrelevant (though, for the record, it will Sid, Geno, Kessel, Rust, Letang, Dumoulin, Maatta and Schultz) because the player they will lose to Vegas is Fleury.

      After the expansion draft, the Pens need to resign Dumo and Schultz and then good offers to Bonino, Daley and Ruewedel.

      The UFA list is fugly.

      • No to bonino and Daley thanks but no thanks. Bonino priced himself out of third line center range and Daley is spotty. Tang maatta Schultz dumo Cole ruhwedal fa bottom pairing signing.

    • Pit will protect 8 skaters.

    • MAF is going to Vegas. You don’t have to worry about any of that. But yes Maatta is number 4 in the pecking order for me too.

      • still no confirmation marc would be picked by vegas. a smart vegas holds out on pens as a marc/murray tandom is way to expensive and says they will take him from the pens in a trade but also selcet a player from pens. not many teams looking for a goalie…

      • DEEEEEE i do like Matta sometimes he is so good and other times he looks slow…i realize he is only 22 and he will fill out…potential is there but like you i think he is # 4 on the pecking chart…and if we lose Bonino and Cullen we will need a center Rowney looks good for the number # 4 center next season… we will see i guess

    • Re-signing Hainsy is probably the worst idea I have read yet. My god did you watch the playoffs? He is a liability every time he steps on the ice. Ryan Wilson from hockeybuzz posted a video on his blog of Hainsy giving the puck away 4 times in one shift and all in the defensive end which lead to scoring chances for the Preds. I will personally go to Pittsburgh and assassinate Jim Rutherford if he gives that turnover machine one penny to come back next year.

      And Shultz is an RFA not a UFA.

      • don’t quote a blogger who isnt even a pens fan talking about the pens. you dont need copy and paste graphs to tell hainsey was bad.

      • yeah maybe …Hainsey was ok he logged a lot of ice time and did get exposed at times..but maybe a reduced salary as a bottom pairing for depth.. Agreed he shouldn’t have been the top pairing with Dumolin agreed

  12. Rangers are buying out Girardi, much like we all expected

    • And stepan on the trade market.
      I know a few guys here have debated his value so it will be interesting to see what he goes for

      • Stepan’s biggest issue is that cap hit, as it’s at the mid range for a legitmate 1C, he’s probably a weak 1 to a strong 2. With a flat cap, it will hurt his value, but he should be tradeable as C’s are still hard to come by.

        The real question is on NYRs intent. If they want to maximize value, they could hold back 750k or so, making him decently priced (not cheap but fair). If they are in a mini-rebuild this might be acceptable. On the other hand, they are paying quite a bit early on for the Girardi buyout, so it might not make holding any salary very appealing. It is interesting to note they basically have an open D slot to protect now. I can’t imagine they are really worried about protecting either of Holden or Klien if they can get a deal for a D in place.

      • Taz – here’s your Carolina center. I don’t see Stepan as a “legit #1” but Stepan, Rask, Lindholm down the middle puts these guys right in the mix. Carolina has the prospects and draft picks that NYR are missing

      • Danny – the Girardi buyout is not to protect Holden or Klein. They either have a deal in place to land one of these defensemen before the draft or they are clearing out cap for the Shattenkirk signing

      • Return unless significant money back to rangers or decent money held wouldn’t be worth it to rangers vs keeping stepan and hoping he plays closer to his cost

      • If even traded. 90% of the rumors we discuss never happen.

      • yet we continue to discuss them striker… isnt that the point?

    • That’s a significant buyout to bare.

      According to CapFriendly, Girardi’s buyout cap hit will be $2,611,111 in 2017-18, $3,611,111 in 2018-19 and 2019-20, as well as $1,111,111 through the 2022-23.

      I would have waited at least 1 more year.

      • You might have but also you are not an NHL GM. You just talk like you are :p

    • Klein is more than likely retiring, that broke yesterday. I think NY has a good idea that he is. If he does , that’s 2.6 off the books followed by Nash’s 7.8 next year. I’m pretty shocked they bought him out this early. And thought that Klein retiring meant Girardi was going nowhere.

      Great guy, great character. A warrior for Ny! Unfortunately his heroic play finally caught up to him the last 2 years! I hope he lands somewhere in a lesser role.

  13. Lookit all dees peoples! Must be Mid-June yes?

  14. Rangers announced they’re buying out Girardi could another d man be on the way before protective lists are submitted?

    • That’s my thought exactly. They either have a deal in place to land one of these defensemen ahead of expansion or they are simply clearing out salary for the Shattenkirk signing. More moves need to happen for that. Stepan is the name that seems to be gaining steam – of course, everyone is rumored this time of year

  15. Unfortunately the NHL has decided they prefer to deal with all the Vegas deals on the 21st. Had hoped we wouldn’t have to process these all at once but it is what it is. I assume Vegas may have felt it’s in their interests to have them all announced after the fact as it may provide them better leverage. I believe it would but had hoped we wouldn’t have to wait another week.

  16. Tanev and a 1st rd pick for Stepan and Staal? lol

    • No thank you.

  17. The Avs would be lucky to get an offer as good as Galchenyuk and Beaulieu for Duchene.

    I saw a highlight reel of Nolan Patrick and see why this is being called a bad draft…he looked like the next Travis Zajac.

    I wonder if Vegas will use all 30 picks on good NHL players (some speculated they would waste a few picks since they can’t keep 30) and then offer a package of them to another team.

    Example, they take legit NHL defenseman and trade them to Dallas for the 3rd overall pick. Or trade 4 good players plus the $6 pick to NJ for the #1 pick and Kovalchuk.

  18. Hey guys just reading comments from yesterday and for leaf fans check out Calle Rosen and Andres Borgman highlight videos it was mentioned that their not ready,which is a maybe? This year,but these guys are pretty franking good prospects! Borgman is in some great company that won rookie of the year in the shl,and plays a north American style game,and Rosen has elite!skating ability and both have a booming shot! scouts,gms,and even the swedes fans!lol rave about the two of them!just thought I’d share, and keep posting guys your all great to check in and read! Thanks and thankyou Mark