NHL Rumor Mill – June 15, 2017

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Could the Ottawa Senators attempt to trade Dion Phaneuf?

Latest on Dion Phaneuf, Alex Galchenyuk, Jonathan Drouin, Derek Stepan,  the Sedins & Nino Niederreiter in your NHL rumor mill.

TSN: Pierre LeBrun examines the Ottawa Senators options on defense for the upcoming expansion draft. They could attempt to trade Dion Phaneuf, who reportedly declined to waive his no-movement clause and carries a modified no-trade clause with 12 teams he’d accept being dealt to. They could also trade Marc Methot, who would be easier to move, while Cody Ceci is their least likely trade option. They could also just leave Methot exposed in the draft.

OTTAWA SUN: Don Brennan believes Phaneuf’s decision is forcing the Senators to trade him before the expansion draft. He speculates there has to be a couple of teams on the blueliner’s list of preferred trade destinations close to Stanley Cup contention that could benefit from Phaneuf’s experience.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Phaneuf’s age (32) and $7 million cap hit through 2020-21 could make him difficult to move. Not impossible, of course, as we saw when the Senators acquired him from the Toronto Maple Leafs last season. But finding a suitable trade partner will be tough to do. I daresay interested clubs will squeeze the Sens to pick up part of his cap hit or toss in a draft pick or prospect. 

LeBrun also reports the Montreal Canadiens are listening to offers for restricted free agent winger Alex Galchenyuk but it doesn’t mean they will move him. Given Galchenyuk’s inconsistent performance this season, LeBrun cautions against moving him when he has a lower value. If they do trade him they must ensure the return is right.



SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sportsnet’s Andrew Berkshire’s response speaks volumes:


My take: The Canadiens need a top-line center. The Lightning need a top-four defenseman. This rumor doesn’t address those needs. Sure, Galchenyuk could be traded this summer. So could Drouin. Maybe they could be dealt for each other, but I don’t see how this move helps either club. 

Regarding the Sedin twins, LeBrun doubts the Vancouver Canucks intend to approach them about a trade.

TSN: Bob McKenzie reports New York Rangers center Derek Stepan is on the trade market. He notes Stepan no-trade clause for the next two seasons kicks in on July 1. He has $26 million remaining on his contract over the next four years. Citing a rumor linking Stepan to Canadiens winger Alex Galchenyk, McKenzie said that talk doesn’t mean the trade will happen. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No word yet from the New York media regarding Stepan’s status. I daresay we could learn more soon. Stepan’s name came up earlier this season in the rumor mill linking him to the St. Louis Blues, but that rumored deal had Kevin Shattenkirk going the other way.

The Blues need depth at center. The Rangers need a top-four defenseman with a right-handed shot. Alex Pietrangelo and Colton Parayko fit that description but they’re not going anywhere. If Stepan is dealt, it probably won’t be to St. Louis.

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Michael Russo reports Minnesota Wild general manager Chuck Fletcher has discussed trades with the expansion Vegas Golden Knights but there’s no deal in the works. The Wild risk losing a good player in the upcoming expansion draft. Fletcher wouldn’t confirm if he’s asked winger Jason Pominville to waive his no-movement clause. Winger Nino Niederreiter has been mentioned in trade rumors. Niederreiter’s a restricted free agent but his agent said Wild management will wait until after the expansion draft to open contract discussions. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s widely assumed the Wild could lose a good young defenseman such as Jonas Brodin or Matt Dumba. They could attempt to trade one of them. Then again, perhaps they move a forward such as Niederreiter if they opt to go the eight-player protection route. We’ll find out soon enough what Fletcher has in mind. 



  1. Trading Phaneuf would be difficult at the best of times considering his age, cap hit and term – but it’s flat out impossible to even speculate without knowing which teams make up his list of 10.

    • Make that “list of 12.”

    • I still feel Phaneuf’s lack of foot speed is the killer for him as a player. I am still a big fan actually, but watching his last year in Toronto, I was happy for the team when they moved him out, only in the sense that it’s a speed game now. Still, enjoy looking back at his early career, honestly love the guy, but not a top 50 D man in today’s NHL. I would also avoid a Drouin/Galchenyuk trade if I am TB, way bigger upside and if you want to trade him, there are way better returns for TB needs from other teams. Ducks on the other hand, there is so much that works for both of those teams.

      • Except for the salary that Drouin is going to want and the internal cap that Anaheim puts on itself. Will be tough to fit in his contract without unloading more salary

      • What is a top 50 Dman, what criteria are you using? By points he was 52nd, TOI/GP 33rd, blocked shots 22nd. He played on the #1 PK unit in Ottawa this season & the #2 PP unit. I’d say he’s some where between 40 & 55. TOI/GP is the most important # for me in trying to compare players but there is no perfect scale. At 23+ minutes a game Phaneuf still plays a solid game, 32 or not & can play against the best players in the league.

    • Id protect 8 skaters



      Ryan’s cap wont be picked up by vegas
      Macarthur’s health hx wont be picked up either
      Dzingle was in and out of the line up in the playoffs. Not a huge lose
      Smith, though i like is replaceable. Hopefully white sucks uo any minutes lost through expansion if a forward is taken.

      Pageau is who id be concerned about losing yet the sens have centre depth to allow it.

      Cleassen is another guy i wouldnt want to lose. I may protect him over ceci. Yet exposing a guy like pageau may sae us from losing a quality D and opening up space for White.

      Yet a deal can be made with vegas to protect both pageau and cleassen or one of them. Protecting both in a deal would be costly.

      Ottawa should also shake up their forward group to add offense this summer. So exposing forwards to expansion may cause this and allow the Sens to bring in a free agent. Specially if Vegas gifts us by taking Ryan.

      Trading a guy like Pageau or cleassen would likely get a good return as well.

      • Phaneuf and Claesson or Harpur to Philly for Macdonald . Allows Ottawa to protect Karlsson, Methot , Ceci and go with 7 & 3 . Claesson / Harpur would sweeten the pot for taking on Phaneuf’s contract. Ottawa gets a dud contract in Macdonald and buys him out in 18/19.
        Jeff , no way I would expose Pageau he would get snagged in a heartbeat.

      • Claesson is a promising young player but too inexperienced to actually net you a good return. I can garantee you that in that scenario Pageau gets picked up. And if I’m being honest I’d rather lose methot than Pageau. There’s a bigger chance that claesson can be the next methot by mid season.

      • Really methot a top pairing D is let go for a 3rd line guy in Pageau. Granted i like pageau. Would hate to lose em but im not giving up top D for him. I would trade him for more scoring in some package if possible.

  2. If Montreal can swap Galchenyuk for Drouin they better get it done before Stevie Y wakes up.

    • I agree with you on that one Caper. Drouin must still have some lingering issues within the Tampa organization if his name is still out there in trade rumors. I was of the understanding that those issues were put to rest. Maybe not? Not sure why Tampa would make that deal.

      • Can’t see bergevin making deal both have been inconsistent but before the injury this yr galchenyuk was a point per game player and the second half of the yr before he was In the top 10 or scoring

      • If Drouin is moved & that’s a big if, it will be in some form of package for a stud Dman. TB doesn’t need Gelchenyuk.

      • As I said last week, Philly and Tampa have held discussions regarding Drouin, they were waiting to get Ghostisbehere under contract. The “Ghost” is a Florida boy who will be packaged with another defensive prospect possibly Hagg or Morin.

      • Funny – I was thinking what else TB would have to throw in with Drouin for Ghost

      • If you’re talking about Ghostisbehere you’re dreaming in technicolor if you think TB would have to throw ANYTHING in with Drouin to get him. At least until he proves that his first season was not a fluke and that he’s not more like the D who just finished a mediocre season.

      • Well, I guess the market just proved Drouin not worth what you thought.

  3. There has been chatter in Boston about interest in Brodin. I know its also been mentioned on here a package for Brodin and Zucker. Both fill needs for the Bruins. What would it take. Spooner + 1st + Zboril

    • Spooner, in my opinion, will be used by Boston to land something. He just never seems to catch on there long term. How many games did he play this year?

    • Caper, that seems realistic to me. In order to complete this trade it would have to be Zboril & 1st (18th overall) to Minnesota for Brodin and Zucker. Boston would then send Spooner after the expansion draft to complete the deal, with maybe a late Minnesota pick coming back the other way. Minnesota wouldn’t be able to protect Spooner – they really dug themselves into a hole

      Boston would protect:

      They would lose most likely Colin Miller, which I think we are all expecting anyway

      • Might have to, and I would, give up 2018’s 2nd in that deal as well

        Zboril, 2017 1st, 2018 2nd for Brodin, Zucker

        Spooner for 2017 5th

        Something like that

      • That’s my dream protected roster. C. Miller is only lost if Bos brings in a Dman before they put in their protected roster by 5PM ET tomorrow night.

        I very surprised no trades have happened yet between the teams that have to many protectors. Have all made deals with Vegas that aren’t being announced until the 21st?

        The clock is ticking.

      • SH21. Works for me.

      • Seriously doubt the Wild would have interest in that deal. They get almost nothing in return since this is a week draft the 18th OA has minimal value. Zboril is unproven and Spooner wouldn’t beat out Koivu, Staal, Haula or Eriksson-Ek.

      • Fletcher has said he wants to get his first round draft pick back. Boston’s will actually be better (18) than the pick he would have had (23). Haula plays the wing and he would beat out Eriksson as the 3C. Zboril is NHL ready and he is cost controlled at under $900k through the 19-20 season. If not moves are made for Boston he will fight for a spot on the NHL roster

      • Jeff.

        I assume if this deal went down & that’s a really big if, Spooner would be the #3 C, Haula the #4 & Eriksson-Ek would play the wing. Koivu is 1 year to UFA status Staal 2. There isn’t enough money to sign everybody.

    • First I have heard about Zucker being added.
      Have seen 2017 1st + Colin Miller for Brodin. Which seems low. I haven’t done the research, but how many team can or be willing to take on Brodin and not create a protection issue for themselves? Minny can’t take a similar player back and Miller will fill the hole as Minny has more attractive options for LV. Perhaps someone can fill me in.
      Tampa can, but Vatenan seems more likely.
      The bottom feeders likely won’t give up their 1st.
      I guess my point is, I would be careful about throwing in Zboril. I still think he has big upside and has above average NHL ready tools. Especially his feet and shot. He needs to learn the mental part of the game which I admit is a question mark, but if he does he will be a very good player with top pair potential.

      • 11 teams could easily accommodate a Dman like Brodin & protect him, the player lost due to it easily justifiable for this quality of D. Arz, Bos, Buf, Car, Col, Dal, Det, NJ, NYR; now since Girardi is being bought out, Tor, & TB.

        There are 5 teams that have 1 to many for expansion but apparently 1 of them, Anh has struck a side deal in trade with Vegas. Clb, Min, NYI & OTT being the other 4.

      • C.Miller wouldn’t be involved for the same reason Minny is looking at moving a d, can’t protect them all.

      • Yes but then Vegas needs to decide between C. Miller & Scandella or 1 of the quality forwards Min has to expose. I don’t think C. Miller would be Vegas’s selection.

        Similar situation in Boston. K. Miller & McQuad get exposed, we lose 1 but get to keep the other. Works well. Like Fletcher said today, thankfully we only have to lose 1 player.

    • I would love both but Brodin will do.

      • Boston doesn’t have enough to give up, they will be outbid like a writer on tsn said young dmen value is very high right now

      • It all comes down to who’s willing to pay the most as always. Time will tell.

      • Boston probably has a top 5 prospect pool – they have enough, it’s just a matter of what pieces management has deemed “untouchable” (Bergeron, Marchand, Pastrnak, McAvoy, Carlo – add what you want but those are my guys)

        Spooner/Zboril/2017 1st/2018 2nd for Brodin/Zucker/2017 5th should be enough

      • Sh21 that won’t be enough for brodin and zucker, spooners value is probably as low as it can get right now

      • I’m not writing Spooner off just yet & I think Boston shouldn’t be hasty in moving him certainly not at any form of discount. He is right at my breakthrough point for forwards. 214 regular NHL games played & he may need a little longer as his 1st 3 NHL seasons were cups of coffee in the NHL; 4 games, 23 games, 29 games. Until a player has 3 full seasons under their belt I’m waiting to judge who or what they may be. Spooner has 2 & you could argue that last season his 2nd full season in the NHL was his sophomore slump.

        I have Spooner with 15 to 20 goals & 55 to 60 points as a Bruin next season. Else where his points could rise nominally if he gets better ES minutes & linemates. His quality of PP can’t improve as he gets 1st line PP time in Boston & is part of the reason Bos has had the 7th best PP in the NHL last 2 seasons.

        Is he a liability defensively? Yes. Will he get better? Yes, but he will never be a solid checking C he is destined to be a 2nd line offensive C that see’s solid PP minutes. He is only 25.

      • Bigbear,

        You’re getting an NHL proven 3C coming off a bad year with the potential of 2C + PP1 (that Boston will protect for you), a high prospect with #2 D potential and 18th overall and a 2nd round pick next year

        What kind of offers do you expect Minnesota to get that will make them scoff at this one?

      • You will be surprised sh21 the hall larsson trade is still the measuring stick and will be for a couple more years

      • Bigbear, I’d love to hear what you’re thinking these offers will look like then if you’re going to use Hall/Larsson as a “measuring stick for years to come.” I, as well as a lot of others, view this trade as a one off. Look at the deals that have been made since that trade, especially Shattenkirk

        Shattenkirk for a 2017 1st, couple conditionals, couple prospects

        If Hall for Larsson is the measuring stick, why couldn’t St. Louis get say Kuznetsov?

      • Shttenkirk is a ufa?? Pretty poor example! If read my prior comment I said young dman, a ufa isn’t gonna garner near as much

      • Segachev for drouin is that high enough for you? Lol

      • Haaaaaaaaaaa how’s that for timing?

        Doesn’t change my thought process though – I think this deal could get done. Zboril is replacing a #2D that Minnesota can lose for nothing with a #2D in 2 years that they don’t need to worry about protecting

      • Lol perfect timing. Lots of talk about the habs and wild in a deal for dumba or brodin with galchenyuk

      • I think that supports SH21 position. Drouin just moved for a Dman prospect a good 1 selected 9th overall in 2016. Zboril was drafted a year prior at 13 & in his proposal he’s offering up another 1st 18th overall, Spooner & potentially even a 2nd next year.

      • How does Min protect another forward? They don’t have room to protect all the 1’s they have now & all of them are as good as Gelchenyuk or better.

      • Striker you were wrong about drouin moving in one of your posts earlier today, and zbroil isn’t close to the same potential as sergachev! Lebrun who has way more knowledge than you has reported the talks between the habs and wild. As far as needing to protect players the wild are allowed to make more than one trade

      • Bigbear can’t you read?

        “If Drouin is moved & that’s a big if, it will be in some form of package for a stud Dman. TB doesn’t need Gelchenyuk.”

        That’s my post. I think Sergechev qualifies & it was a package, futures were included.

      • What’s different about Zboril to Sergechev? Nor did SH21 just have Zboril moving but at least 2 other assets a 1st, Spooner & potentially a 2nd in 2018. I like Sergechev significantly better but I’m not sure if I’m TB I would have made that trade if not confronted with all those extenuating circumstances.

        Trading Drouin essentially allows TB to protect Namestnikov & having not back a protector in that trade 1 of their existing Dman. That factors in some how.

        Yes Minnesota will move a player most likely a Dman maybe even a Dman & a forward or make a side deal with Vegas. I don’t see Minnesota taking Gelchenyuk at least not in a trade before the expansion draft it doesn’t address any of their protection problems. Just transfers it from 1 position to the next.

      • You said a stud dman and while I think sergachev will be a good dman he is far from a stud dman already!! Multiple respected hockey ppl are now talking about galchenyuk to Minnesota after the drouin deal, sounds like a lot of talks happening. It might not happen but it’s pretty easy for the wild to make a trade with vegas to not touch a certain player or players! Trades will happen because of expansion but teams will get around losing a player they don’t want too just like reaching the cap floor or staying under the cap,

      • Hockey’s future has him ranked as the 9th best prospect, #2 Dman behind McAvoy, not playing in the NHL. These Dman aren’t cheap. Sergachev’s a stud for me.

        You could argue due to his potential time required to become that player; Sergachev, TB just paid more for Sergachev than Edm paid for Larsson. Apples & oranges though.

        Can Sergachev step straight into the NHL? Quite possibly. Is it in TB’s interest for him to do so? If it wins games yes but if they send him back to Jr & I belive he would have to return if he doesn’t stay in the NHL TB gets a 2nd & it’s ;less likely they will have to protect him when Quebec enters the league as an expansion team in 2 to 3 years.

      • Geez now you’re talking about next expansion?? Lol like I said it isn’t hard to say to the expansion team don’t touch this guy and I’ll give you this pick or prospect you make it out to be a huge deal

      • Drouin signed for $33 over 6 years. At $5.5 I don’t see how TB makes all the $$ work if they had signed Douin for that $$. Methinks they see how it goes and add a D at the deadline for this years playoffs. Sergachev has all the tools and is the kind of D you just don’t get once they establish themselves.
        Drouin will be an top end point producer, but Sergachev has high end ability that will likely become the stud Striker is speaking of. Good luck getting one when they are 24.
        Great trade that we can debate for years.

  4. So Saturday is a trade deadline of sorts?
    It doesn’t mean Vegas can’t make deals but for teams like Anaheim or Minny- they would have to have their extra D dealt by then to avoid exposure in expansion draft. They could still make a side deal with Vegas- but have to believe leverage is gone by that point.

    Saturday, June 17
    •The deadline for trading or signing players is 3 p.m. EST, except for Vegas.
    •All teams must submit their list of protected players for the expansion draft by 5 p.m. EST.

  5. Have to think Stepan rumors on same day they announce Girardi buyout is no coincidence. Rangers don’t have any dman other than Mac who they have to protect. Buying out Girardi wasn’t necessary before Saturday unless another D is coming to team

    • Staal has an NMC so he needs to be protected, that makes 2.

      • I know. That’s what I meant… Mac as the only guy without ntc

      • Girardi was the 3rd

      • copy that

  6. Stepan is an interesting player to be available. It seems so weird to me that NYR would consider exposing him as if dumping his contract is benefit enough in moving him and they feel as though Vegas would just pass based on salary.

    This contrasts oddly to the Eberle situation, as Edmonton won’t trade Eberle for nothing (and shouldn’t).

    Stepan’s salary may be a little more than Eberle’s, but it’s less of an overpayment than Eberle’s is given his production and position.

    If Stepan is available, I can’t imagine Vegas would pass. He is $6.5 against the cap for the next 4 years, but making an average of $5.75 pear year in real dollars. So for a non-cap team, this is closer to his real value.

    His career average is 20 goals 57 points, and he has hovered right in that range for 6 straight seasons. There aren’t many consistent offensive producers that will be available to Vegas in this draft, so why not take one. In his final 2 years of the deal he has M-NTC so he can be traded, and given his consistency, position, and all-round decent game, he can likely be moved with cap hit retained for a decent return.

    Given some teams tight situations ahead of the expansion draft, I get why he may not yield full value prior to, but I can’t imagine just letting him walk for nothing. Seems like poor asset management.

    • I’m genuinely asking, did I miss the part that said NYR are exposing Stepan? The rumor here is that he’s on the trade block, not that he’ll be exposed at the expansion draft unless I missed something

      The only way Vegas gets Stepan is if a side deal is worked out ahead of time – NYR will leave Stepan exposed for selection if Vegas flips a player from another team that NYR wants. Honestly, I don’t even know if that could happen due to the cut offs of when the expansion lists need to be submitted. NYR won’t leave Stepan exposed to selection just because they think “Player X” will be exposed and selected by Vegas to swap – if “Player X” isn’t exposed, Vegas can get Stepan for nothing unless a contingency is placed between the GM’s. I don’t think McPhee would want to play cutthroat so soon

      • There was mention of leaving him unprotected. I agree 100% there’s no way they do that. He has trade value. I say probably a dman with a comparable contract or close

    • No one has said he will be exposed but his name is circulating in rumors. Stepan that is.

      • There was a story by TSN hockey where they projected Stepan being left unprotected

      • The rumors where brought on by Bob McKenzie .. TSN. They referenced another story about Pumphel signing

      • I hadn’t seen that. Literally makes zero sense other than being strictly a salary dump with possible futures from Vegas coming back to them. There will be a market for Stepan out there, even with his salary

        First teams that jumped out would be Carolina, Arizona

  7. What would the Leafs want for Tyler Bozak?

    I was looking around at who the Pens could get if they lose Bonino (who they need to make a decent but not crazy attempt to keep) and there is nothing at center.

    Bozak would be a perfect 3rd line center, could reunite with Kessel and deepen the Pens scoring depth and while looking up his numbers, I saw that Bozak lists his favorite food as perogies. PERFECT fit.

    31 soon to be UFA so he shouldn’t cost a fortune, but also a key piece for the Leafs so they won’t give him away. What does he cost?

    • I think Bozak is hard to see moving as his value to the Leafs is as high as it would be to an acquiring team so the Leafs aren’t likely to get an offer that is sufficent to move him. This isn’t to say that he can’t be had or is insanely valuable, but he is a good 3rd line center who can move up the line up, play all situations, wins draws, and is able to put up 45-55 pts in that role. The Leafs also likely feel they can keep him without spending big. So they likely would like to keep him.

      On the flip side, he is 31 and has one year until UFA, so teams aren’t going to be lining up overpay for him either. Meaning the returns that are reasonable are going to likely fall flat, as the Leafs will try and figure out if they can use that return to replace him for a lesser cost.

      The only deals where Bozak’s value could be maximized would be teams with an overpaid center, who swap that center with Bozak in order to shed salary without weakening the team, and the Leafs gain a very good secondary piece in the deal.

      These would have to be deals like Plekanec, Statsny, Dubinsky or Neilson for Bozak, with the other team throwing in a nice piece. That way Toronto gets value for Bozak, plus cap relief, plus gets a servicable C for their depth. Not sure how bad any of those teams want to shed salary without really down grading, but a scenario like that seems more reasonable for a team giving up sufficient value for the Leafs to move Bozak to me.

      • There is no future for Bozak in Tor long term. I assume he will be moved by next seasons trade deadline.

        With all those young studs needing big paydays in the near future Bozak will be a luxury Tor can’t afford. Nylander will move to C eventually. If JvR is let go then maybe Bozak can be retained but if I’m Tor I get JvR resigned long term. He is their #1 LW & 1 of the best LW’s in the NHL. His 62 points last season ranked him 6th in scoring at LW last season.

    • Bozak won’t be going anywhere unless a center who can win faceoffs consistently and can put up 50 points comes back. The Leafs, though loaded with forward prospects on the farm have no center depth.
      A lot of fans think Nylander could replace Bozak at center, but like Babcock says, not this year he won’t be.

      • I don’t think the Leafs are following the Oilers blueprint of paying all their kids 6 million a year long term.. especially with Lamoriello. they will use bridge deals when they can- bc they can.. might not be case for Matthews but for Marner and Nylander they will- why lock in when you don’t have too

    • Oliver onion!

    • I hate Dubinsky but still would trade him for bosak straight up. Others were good examples

    • Depends on timing really.
      Start of the season the cost will be higher, as high as a top 4 D-man. Not saying thats what he’s worth but that’s what it will take to get him from the Leafs.
      If Toronto is out of the race come TDL then he can be had for Pitts’ first (i’m assuming it’ll be a low pick again), the cost may be as low as a second.
      If the Leafs are in the race at that point then he flat out won’t be available unless there is some funky cap situation that forces some GM’s hand.

    • The WBS Penguins had Jake Guentzel listed as a center, and he was near the top of the AHL in points before coming to the NHL I have never seen him ;play center. What do you think about that possibility? Better than Bozak?

      • no. jake is also a by product of crosby/malkin. maybe maybe is he centered kessel and another really good winger. but no.

  8. The Sedins will play out their current contracts and then perhaps each will resign on 1 year bonus laden contracts thereafter.

    • I agree, they might even get 2 years deals but that eliminates the deferable bonus option that a 1 year deal provides players over 35. Although the Canucks have no real cap issues moving forward & don’t have concerns about needing to defer any bonuses earned in 2019-20.

  9. Beauchemin is being bought out & if his agent is to be believed he wasn’t even asked to waive his NMC. Why wouldn’t Sakic have asked Beauchemin to waive? If he had agreed to great if not then buy him out to solve the expansion protected roster issue.

    This is brutal asset management. Colorado has 1 of the worst D’s in the NHL if not the worst. Beauchemin if he agreed to waive shouldn’t have been jettisoned even at 37 as they pay the full salary & cap hit now regardless.

    As you know I have defended Sakic here many times but this is a big strike against him, and for me a serious 1. Makes no sense to me. Perhaps I’m wrong about Sakic & he is the problem. These types of business decisions/asset management are bad, really bad.

    • Disregard that. Capfriendly shows Beauchemin’s contract as over 35 but has the buyout at 2/3’s 1.5 in each of the next 2 years. Over 35 contracts aren’t supposed to be at 2/3rd’s but full salary & cap hit. Now totally confused.

      I have sent an inquiry to Capfriendly.

      • Obviously only the the cap hit stays at full value but salary is 2/3rd’s spread over 2 years but cap hit happens at full value for 1 year only. Interesting. I didn’t know that.

  10. Thankfully only 51 hours to go until the trade freeze for all teams but Vegas kicks in. Surely some dominoes will start to fall soon.

    • Striker, are you Lyle?

      • No just another crazed NHL hockey & hockey pool fan from another mother.

    • Striker, when can we anticipate seeing some action? SATURDAY?

      • Hopefully soon so we have something concrete to discuss.

      • Hopefully soon. Would like to discuss what has happened as opposed to what might happen.

      • If that’s the case striker… how bout those pens? Eh?

        Seriously though. Isn’t a rumors site about discussing what might happen? If it happened it ain’t a rumor? I’m confused ?

      • We discuss way more than rumors here.

        Don’t you get tired of regurgitating the same crap over & over?

        I’m very happy for you Pens fans. Congratulations again.

      • No more tired of crappin like I’m preppin for a colonscopy than you Striker. And I am looking forward to the results of this crazy off season as much as the next person. but the journey is half the fun… otherwise you, me, all, wouldn’t be here until the various deadline days.

    • That’s exactly where my nickname came from. In the old days when we were 4X4ing that was my CB handle.

      • Lol. You seem to run this blog, that’s why I asked. With all that’s going on, I’ve been looking everywhere for rumors…I’m a Ranger fan and after last offseason, really hoping we learned our lesson. Defense needs a major overhaul. With teams not being able to protect players, I feel now is time to maybe do something.

      • Lol. You seem to run this blog, that’s why I asked. Rangers need some changes, and I come here hoping for some insider info.

  11. anyone seen schticky around? He was a staple of this board for about the last 5 years or so. Hope he’s ok.
    He was the striker of this forum before striker (albeit with a heavy Leafs bias)

    • I agree. I hope all is well with Shticky as well. Enjoyed his schtick or is that Shticky.

      • Yeah I’m good just extremely busy with work but all is good. I’ll be around more in the next couple weeks. Still read just less time to comment

      • Good to hear Shticky. Life comes into play for all of us. I’m the exact opposite currently, barely working due to an injury so have way to much time.

    • Maybe Striker is a clever rebranding. Have you ever seen the two of them in the same room together… ?

      • Ha-ha! We live on opposite coasts on islands. Lyle in PEI & I on Vancouver island.

        I don’t think Lyle will like the comparison. Ha-ha!

  12. Drouin for Sergachev and a 2nd. Guess it’s starting!

  13. Sergachev for drouin! Dmen are so high value right now

    • For me Montreal win this trade today. I really like Drouin. I know there is a lot of hype on Sergachev but until he proves it in the Nhl.

      • I think you have to extrapolate out what this does for TB with expansion looming. TB has cap issues, not impossible to over come but still tight regardless, especially if the NHLPA limits the cap increase.

        By moving the protector Drouin & not taking back a protector at D in trade, TB just made room for 2 protectors. 1 of Killorn if the cap space were needed or Namesntikov had to be exposed. As did Sustr, Coburn or Koekkoek, 1 can be kept now if Yzerman doesn’t make another trade prior to acquire some other Dman before the expansion draft.

        You could argue this was Sergachev, Namestnikov & Sustr/Coburn/Koekkoek; pick 1 for Drouin!

        Then there are the salary demand issues as well with Drouin. Perhaps he had no intentions of signing a bridge deal & wants McKinnon, Geaudreau, Monahan, etc. type monies? Perhaps Yzerman already knew this.

        I have Drouin as a future superstar offensive forward always have. Moving 1 for a stud D prospect is a gamble but a worthwhile 1 factoring all the other dynamics. I assume Segechev will be everything advertised eventually at which point this trade swings in TB’s favor.

        A good trade for both teams although for the life of me I can’t figure out what Bergevin is doing. What’s the future of Mtl’s D?

    • So who is going to play center for MTL?
      Both Julien and Bergevin said at the end of the year that Galchenyuk is not a center man and will play wing.
      Might just being trying to light a fire under him? Maybe, or he just can’t or won’t play in his own end.

      • No, I think bringing Drouin in means Galchenyuk is out. He’ll be moved in a deal to bring back a defenseman

      • I agree sh21 like I said earlier Lebrun says wild and habs are talking dumba or brodin and galchenyuk involved

      • He’s also mentioned Beaulieu’s name which makes no sense – this defense is not good and I don’t see how a trade involving Galchenyuk and possibly Beaulieu can fit into Minnesota’s plans. Neither player is better than what they’ll lose in expansion. If not for Price, I don’t see Habs even making the playoffs

      • Habs are definitely a playoff team solid d and good goaltending and drouin will definitely help.

      • I said “if not for Price.” Their future at D is bleak and Bergevin just sold off their one bright spot. Julien is not the coach for Drouin. This has trouble written all over it

      • I don’t think you follow the young guys very much to say there d is bleak maybe go check it out! As good or better than Bostons for potential. Drouin will have no problem with julien the only reason he had an issue in tb was he was playing on the third line, any players with that much offence should not be on the third line

      • Come on. You can’t honestly believe that. Your like a sensationalist journalist. Stoking the fires with outlandish comments.

        Boston has Carlo, McAvoy, Lindgren, Zboril, Lauzon & Grzelcyk all coming.

        Montreal has Juulsen, Mete & what? Not a Carlo or a McAvoy to be seen now that Sergachev has been traded.

      • Ok bruins fan! Lol

      • Bruins have better D prospects and it isn’t even close.
        The question is will they move one to try and win now, as it takes D a few years to play a prominent role effectively. Chara is 40 and still their best D as of today, Bergeron,Krecji, Backes, all in their 30’s.
        The Brodin deal makes a ton of sense for them.

      • Ray aren’t you also a bruins fan? Lol you should tune into bob Mackenzie he has been talking about galchenyuk for brodin and other pieces, Lebrun has also stated it when those 2 are Both talking usually something is happening

      • Not sure I understand what you are saying Bigbear?
        I said the Bruins have better D prospects than MTL, which they do. I also said that it makes perfect sense for Boston to trade some of that depth for Brodin, which it does.
        Mtl making a deal for Brodin has nothing to do with either statement.

      • He is saying you’re being biased, every fan is. Just listen to striker go on about backes being a good signing than say they are also rebuilding, they could have better prospects but you don’t follow the Habs prospects so you don’t really know. I follow prospects around the league and the Habs have solid d prospects coming up just different types than the bruins juulsen,mete,bourque, jerebek is a little older but he will be a NHL dman. Brett Lernout is the one nobody really talks about for the Habs this kid is gonna be a heck of a good dman

    • I maintain buying a D is always high. Extenuating circumstances being the exception.

      With Drouin there are numerous extenuating circumstances. His abandoning his club, his RFA status & contract demands, TB’s cap situation & the expansion draft. Moving Drouin means they can protect both Killorn & Namestnikov, they were confronted with losing 1 as well as 1 of the existing D, Sustr, Coburn or Koekkoek by not taking back a keeper at D.

      Just for the record I have Drouin being a far better offensive player very soon than Hall is. Probably as early as next season. He had 1 more goal & the same # of points this year not seeing any where near the quality of minutes Hall did nor does he have Hall’s injury concerns.

      • Pardon me not keeper but protector at D in trade.

  14. Sergachev looks like the real deal but i’m surprised I thought they’d hold out for a more established d-man but when you think about it – TB is setup to contend for the next few years – they’ve gotten younger in net and Stamkos is their vetaren and he’s still only 26…

    Maybe Drouin’s escapade two years ago was still lingering in Yzerman’s mind – if he and his agent are a pain in the ass to deal with as a rookie what’s it gonna be like as he gets more established… Good player for Montreal but doesn’t solve their lack of physicality… I know small and speedy is the way the league is moving but big and speedy is better…

    • I agree swiss – but be careful – the smurf-patrol will be on your case. LOL

      • And by the way, Callahan, Stralman, Garrison and Coburn are all older than Stamkos – and they’re stuck with them.

      • I don’t think TB is stuck with Garrison should they decide to move him. His actually salary is only 2.5 that will appeal to numerous teams with only 1 year to UFA status.

        Nor do they have an interest in losing Stralman or Coburn, although Coburn could potentially be their player lost in expansion. I assume baring another trade it’s Sustr who I assume they will protect or Coburn or Koekkoek.

        That’s some serious cap juggling by Yzerman since just before the trade deadline.

  15. Not sure how Yzerman finagled the 2nd for a 6th thing, Sergachev for Drouin is more than enough.

    • Proven vs unproven would be my guess

    • the picks only exchange if sergachev plays 39 games or less.

  16. That’s the 1st domino. Let the rest fall. Let’s get this party started.