NHL Rumor Mill – June 16, 2017

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Alex Galchenyuk’s days with the Montreal Canadiens appear numbered.

Updates on Alex Galchenyuk, Dion Phaneuf, Jordan Eberle and Jonas Brodin in your NHL Rumor Mill. 

TSN: In the aftermath of the Montreal Canadiens acquiring Jonathan Drouin yesterday from the Tampa Bay Lightning, Darren Dreger believes the Habs are now shopping forward Alex Galchenyuk.

Dreger points out they have a need on defense after shipping key prospect Mikhail Sergachev to the Lightning. He suggests they could shop Galchenyuk for one of the good young defensemen believed available in the trade market, such as Minnesota’s Jonas Brodin or the Islanders’ Travis Hamonic. 

SPORTSNET: Eric Engels reports multiple sources confirm Galchenyuk is in play in the trade market. He believes the 23-year-old could be on the move in the coming days. 

LE JOURNAL DE MONTREAL: Yvon Pedneault wonders what the Canadiens will do to address their ongoing need for a scoring center. He wonders if swapping Galchenyuk for Edmonton’s Ryan Nugent-Hopkins will work for both clubs.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t believe Bergevin is done dealing and expect Galchenyuk’s days with the Habs are numbered. Most of the media chatter indicates the 23-year-old winger could be dealt for an established young top-four defenseman. 

If Galchenyuk is swapped for a blueliner, their issues at center could dog the club next season unless Bergevin acquires one via trade or free agency. There’s some suggestion Drouin could skate at center but I think the preference is to get an established one. 

TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports there isn’t a huge market for Ottawa Senators defenseman Dion Phaneuf, but there is some interest. He believes the Sens will have to eat some of his $7 million annual cap hit to get a deal done or take back a bad contract. Phaneuf recently submitted a new 12-team list of preferred trade destinations to the Sens. 

Ian Mendes reports Senators GM Pierre Dorion said he’s getting interest in Phaneuf, Marc Methot and Cody Ceci. However, he cautions that doesn’t mean one of them will be dealt before the expansion draft. Phaneuf’s decision not to waive his no-movement clause for the purpose of the expansion draft means exposing Methot or Ceci. 

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports sources claim Dorion is trying to trade Phaneuf in order to protect Methot and Ceci in the expansion draft. ” League sources say Arizona, New Jersey, Tampa Bay, Colorado, Calgary, Edmonton, Buffalo and San Jose are looking for help on the back end and may have varying degrees of interest in Phaneuf.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Dorion’s willing to pick up a healthy chunk of Phaneuf’s cap hit or take back a toxic contract, I believe he could find a taker for Phaneuf. Of those clubs listed by Garrioch, it remains to be seen if any of them are on Phaneuf’s wish list or if he’ll agree to broaden his list.

I suspect Phaneuf will accept a trade to a playoff contender, which rules out Arizona, New Jersey, Colorado and Buffalo. He began his career in Calgary and maybe he’ll consider a return there. Then again, his preference could be sticking with Eastern Conference clubs. We’ll find out shortly. 

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Michael Russo reports the Minnesota Wild are getting quality trade offers for defensemen Jonas Brodin and Matt Dumba. The Wild risk losing one of those blueliners to the Vegas Golden Knights in the upcoming NHL expansion draft.  Sources say the Wild “showed great interest” in Montreal Canadiens winger Alex Galchenyuk, with TSN’s Bob McKenzie saying Brodin is the type of defenseman the Habs could target.

Galchenyuk’s a restricted free agent and could prove difficult to squeeze onto the Wild’s salary-cap payroll even if Brodin were dealt. Russo believes “it’s hard to see how the Wild makes it work financially unless it’s willing to trade Granlund, Niederreiter or Charlie Coyle at some point, or find a way out of Jason Pominville’s $5.6 million cap hit.”

BOSTON HERALD: Steve Conroy speculates the Bruins could target a young, left-shooting blueliner such as Brodin or the Islanders’ Travis Hamonic before the expansion draft. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: One gets the sense Brodin or Dumba will be dealt before the expansion draft roster freeze is implemented on Saturday at 3 pm ET. Perhaps one of them will be moving to Montreal. The Canadiens could try to pick up an additional salaried player from the Wild in the deal but that could complicate efforts to re-sign Alexander Radulov. They also don’t want to create possible difficulties with their own expansion draft protection list. 

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites Darren Dreger telling Edmonton’s TSN 1260 there are six or seven clubs with interest in Edmonton Oilers right wing Jordan Eberle. He believes the Colorado Avalanche and New York Islanders could be among the front runners. Dreger brings up Isles defenseman Travis Hamonic as a player of possible interest to the Oilers. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: In my opinion, Eberle’s $6 million annual salary through 2018-19 remains a sticking point. The Oilers might have to pick up part of it or take back an expensive contract to get a deal done. The Oilers were linked to Hamonic last season and could perhaps revisit their rumored interest. There’s also talk the Avs could move blueliner Tyson Barrie. 



  1. All this secrecy over cost to teams to pass on a player is interesting. It could help vegas in that they don’t have to “set” a market and can try to get the highest price possible out of each team… or it could hurt them if teams make moves prior to draft leaving Vegas sol.

  2. Its so weird that the Habs are now looking for a good young dman when they just traded one, who in a few years, will be one of the best young dmen in the league. Sergachevs ceiling is Erik Karlson. I know Drouin is a great player but they should be keeping Galchenyuk to play with him. They should sign Nail Yakupov to a show me deal too. Drouin, Yak, and Galchenyuk seems like a pretty good second line for them.

    • High draft pick Sergachev may well turn out to be a top D in the league – all signs certainly point to that – but sometimes signs can be wrong – 2 that pop to mind are Lars Johnson, taken 7th overall by Boston in 2000 and Cam Barker, taken 3rd overall in 2004 by Chicago.

      Just saying it’s kind of early to be putting him in the same sentence as Erik Karlsson.

      • Not to mention Beauchemin. Defence men are hard to evaluate.

      • @ Striker, I like your evaluation of this trade. If Sergechev does develop into a #3 d-man than I would say that this is a good trade for each team. The thing is d-men are really hard to evaluate. Zach Bogosian in his draft class was either at the top in his draft class or at for his position in each event in his combine. Eric Karlsson was at or near the bottom for d-man, in some cases the entire draft class, in each event in the same combine.
        I like what Montreal did here.

      • Sorry, I mean Zach Bogosian not Beauchemin.

      • I don’t disagree. This isn’t an exact science trying to determine what a 17 & 18 year old player might be from 22 to 30. There are exceptions to every rule, many extreme exceptions. I heard a great interview with Dan Boyle once, he went undrafted, his friends used to roust him coming Midget many who went onto the NHL, he never gave up taking a scholarship & I assume he will eventually make the hall of fame.

        As you know I have rules or systems for everything. The 80/20 rule plays out to almost everything in life. Give or take 5% for or against in any specific years. Like an Angus Reed poll, accurate 7 times out of 10. Ha-ha!

        I like Bogosian. A solid #3 Dman who if he could stay healthy might have had soft #2 potential but going to have a long career in the NHL about another 10 years just never going to be the player he was thought to be when drafted but still a solid 2nd pairing Dman who has shown if deployed offensively just like Hamonic can put up points just far better suited to a shut down role.

      • and brian fogarty, was called the next coming of bobby orr. was a heavy drinker played for 3 different teams and out of the league early and died in 2002. a shame ( real shame that kid was talented and had the world by the balls )

    • I thought it was just me…Deeeee
      I don’t like that Habs, get that out of the way – but am I the only guy that thinks this was a bad deal.. I get there is upside on Drouin still to be seen- but 53 points- gets you a long term deal worth that kind of cash. He was on a better team last year…I feel for this kid, he was already maligned and now comes the talk of Guy Lafleuer comparisons..haha after 53 points…he couldn’t crack the team until last year..Did you need another winger ? Pacioretty Radulov- lots of offense just didn’t show it in the playoff…but that is reflective of transition game – not them…and a blue chip D- geez what are you thinking…for a top centre I get it- but for a smallish winger? Big mistake

      • I have no concerns about what Drouin will be. A superstar offensive player but I don’t make this trade if Montreal. Sergechev will be at least a solid #3 upper tier offensive Dman & could easily become a #1.

        The way players train, are developed & due to the increase in quality & volume of players available the experts are rarely wrong about the majority of players. There are always mistakes & I’m not talking about teams scouting departments specifically but the sites & journalist that go to great lengths to rank all these players once drafted.

        The Hockey News Future watch has an incredible track record. They compile the data from a multitude of sources including scouts & GM’s. Sergechev is going to be a stud, it may not happen over night by but his 5th or 6th full season at the latest he will be a stud.

        Mtl will come back to regret this trade, they can’t win it long term at least not from my perception as you don’t move this type of Dman prospect or not for a forward unless extenuating circumstances & all of them are with Drouin not Sergechev.

      • Great trade by the habs drouin is exactly what they needed. I think sergachev will be good but you never know with prospects , also you just never know when a Russian might head home

      • Bigbear you must have missed the memo. The Russians are bolting for the NHL as the KHL is dying on the vine. Sergechev cam to North America just after turning 17 to play & develop here in hopes of improving his dream of becoming an NHL player. How many Russians have even headed home when the KHL actually could pay their players? Virtually none.

      • Striker, isn’t the KHL axing a couple teams and owes their players millions? Sounds like a place I want to bolt to

      • @ Striker, I like your evaluation of this trade. If Sergechev does develop into a #3 d-man than I would say that this is a good trade for each team. The thing is d-men are really hard to evaluate. Zach Bogosian in his draft class was either at the top in his draft class or at for his position in each event in his combine. Eric Karlsson was at or near the bottom for d-man, in some cases the entire draft class, in each event in the same combine.
        I like what Montreal did here.

      • Nicushkin just left? It’s not always about money family is a big factor too, right now the khl might be hurting but in a couple yrs it could be going strong again you never know

      • Bigbear again I agree. Nichushkin left as Nill low balled him & wouldn’t budge off his #. Still doesn’t make sense to me that they choose to low ball him & demand he accept his qualifying offer. Which was a 10% raise on his 925K ELC contract. Dallas now has to protect him for expansion & the ill will created may have Nichushkin refusing to return, especially in Dallas.

      • 53 points and Drouin is being touted as the Messiah?! And then, throw him that kind of money….for 6 years??? I’m sorry, but this was his first full season. He hasn’t proved anything yet. True……neither has Sergachev. However, he is projected, not as a 3rd Dman, but top pairing! Where are they going to get tgat now? And at what price? Galchenyuk and the 2017 1st round pick?! Chucky is at least as talented as Drouin. When he was injured last year, he was tearing things up as a 1st C!! Yes, he went into a tailspin after his injury. Understandable. Then Julien puts him on the 4th line! Talk about destroying what confidence he had left after Therrien got done jerking him around! Chucky was never really given a serious chance at C. Whenever he played 1st C, both Therrien and Julien were very quick to yank him out of there, on put him back on the wing. This organization makes me sick! They know nothing of player development, and now want to re-sign Lefebvre! Are they nuts?!?!

      • Drouin played 70 in his rookie year & if he had rehabbed his injury after being sent down & not sulked off he would have played 60 the year before last as well.

        This is a stud offensive player in the making. He will make the top 25 scorers in the league next season in a walk if he plays 75 games. By his 25th season he will essentially be Tarasenko leaning more to assists but still hitting 30 goals.

    • Deeeee, Comparing Sergachev to Karlsson is a huge stretch.
      Likewise Yakapov, that ship has sailed, I doubt he will be in the league this year

      • I think Yakupov has at least 2 more NHL lives left in him. He will sign some where before the season starts for about a mil per.

      • Never underestimate the pressure in Montreal to find and add a potentially high-quality Francophone to the team. That opportunity arose – and the cost was a potentially high-quality D. Hell, Ottawa has more Francophones than do the “Flying Frenchmen” – and it was bugging the hell out of local pundits – especially those appearing on Antichambre at RDS.

    • It’s one of those trades that will be about what they do next.

      Sergechev is a defensive prospect, and from all accounts seems like on of the very top ones outside of the NHL. That still has risk, but also has huge value. Drouin has big value too, a very good offensive winger, and he still has upside.

      The trade itself is good for both teams. Either team could turn out to be the winner with development, but both players have gamble involved. Given the expansion considerations, positions, and team needs I think it makes sense.

      However I do worry about what MB does next. If they trade Galchenyuk for one of the D available, they don’t really accomplish much. Galchyuk and Drouin had nearly idential paces last year. So if you gain Drouin and lose Gally, you don’t gain much offense.

      Sometimes what makes a trade good or bad isn’t just pure value, but how it fits in with a plan, and the evaluation of a team. So I think if MB adds Drouin, manages to sign Radulov for a good price, adds an effective but cost efficient D, and either Retains Gally or only moves him to gain a center, the vision is ok. If they go into next year with Drouin, but trade Gally for say Brodin, lose Bieulieu for nothing, and don’t add a center, I am not sure how that is much different than last year.

      • Dmen ar going for very high prices the hall larsson trade effect will be going for a couple yrs. if he trades for brodin he can still make another trade moving bealieu by all the talk with the hockey guys expect a lot more movement

      • To me it seems obvious that MTL is in win now mode. My issue with this trade is that if they don’t address their gaping hole at C, they won’t win now.
        Therrien then, Julien a Bergevin as recently as the end of the season, have said that Galy is not a C.
        If you are willing to move a player with the value of a Sergachev (Top pairing D are very hard to get) why not go after the next hardest position to fill – top center.
        Perhaps he gets that for Galy, or perhaps they were just trying to light a fire under him to improve his 200′ game and finally become what they hoped he would develop into. We will see.
        Great trade to debate, for years.

      • That’s basically what I said yesterday as well. Great trade for both teams but long term I have Montreal regretting the trade but that could be 6 years from now when Drouin bolts as a UFA & Sergechev is just entering his prime for Dman.

        This trade has some similarities to Jones for Johansen. Montreal has a serious need for a solid scoring winger. I would have preferred TB got a more established Dman but this does allow TB to protect an extra forward; 1 of Killorn or Namestnikov would have been lost, & if they don’t bring in another Dman before the expansion draft they get to protect 1 of Sustr, Coburn or Koekkoek as their #3 Dman.

        If not for the expansion draft this trade may not have appealed to TB but it is in play & Yzerman did a great job of addressing a multitude of issues in 12 simple trade. As I said yesterday this gives TB the ability to protect 2 extra assets taking an expansion draft exempt stud D prospect. Brilliant asset management.

      • Sorry should read 1 simple trade.

      • D-men do have good value, but if anything this trade goes against the idea that Larsson-Hall set a market.

        Drouin has less value than Hall did. Drouin and Hall had similar season, but Hall did so with less help and despite just having an off year in shooting percentage.

        Larsson is an ok one dimensional D to have in your top 4. The issue is he is no where near elite at that dimension, and requires a good partner to be effective and completely incapable of carrying a pairing. Personally I would value a top D prospect much ahead of Larsson as he is pretty much at his ceiling. I would personally value a top D prospect above any of the D available, as none of them are bonafide top pairing guys, and a chance of getting a guy who can be is worth a lot since they never move. Sergechev by all accounts should be a top 4 D, and has top pairing and even #1 upside from everything I have seen and read. He could bust, which is the reason this is a pretty fair deal. Both players have question marks.

        Sergechev could be a top 4 guy as early as next year, he could never be, he could be a stud.

        Drouin could expand on what he did last year, but if he doesn’t you basically have Eberle. This isn’t bad, but not worth giving up a top D prospect for.

        There is one aspect of this trade that favours Tampa. They are trading from an area that they have a massive surplus, and there was no way of affording both Drouin and Johnson. Throw in the fact that it immediately helps their cap and expansion situation and its a great fit.

        Montreal needed offense, so if this trade is a pure add where they don’t give up any offense, its a good deal. If they turn around and deplete the offense by close to the same value, then what did they really accomplish?

      • Bigbear. You are dead on though. This shows that the cost of Dman is & will always be extreme.

        TB just gave up a future top 10 scoring winger for a Dman that may not even start his NHL career for another full season & it’s to TB’s advantage to send Sergechev back to JR so as to garner Montreals’ 2nd & to push his ELC so as he is still exempt from selection in the next round of expansion.

        That said if he’s ready next season he probably plays but TB has a history of not rushing players. Drouin, Kucherov, Namestnikov, Point, Koekkoek, Joseph, etc. essentially all TB’s selections, just like in Detroit’s system, all maxed out their Jr eligibility. Even after that most spent time getting seasoned in the minors. Sergechev may be no different & TB has no rush to get him to the NHL.

      • Striker,

        I agree, this trade fits that Johansen-Jones mold to me. Fits the needs, and players at different positions with similar overall value. The forward in each trade was a little more of a known quality, and the defense more upside based, but I think that is the appropriate premium to pay for defense.

        Top Defenders are virtually never traded, so to get one you need to either draft them, or get them before they are known to be top defenders, which requires a gamble. But that price makes more sense than overpaying for a good defender who is at or near their ceiling.

        This deal ticks so many boxes for Tampa, that the risk is justified.

        I wonder what it would have cost Montreal to acquire Johnson instead?

      • Agree that Larsson is 1 dimensional, I also believe that Hall is as well though so I view as less of an overpay. Living in EDM I have watched both at length, and you really get an appreciation live and watching them away from the puck.
        Just opposite ends of the spectrum. Hall is all offence, Larsson all D. I really like Larsson because he battles so hard and is always physical. Never cheats or takes short cuts in games or practices. Oilers really needed that.
        Hall can drive offense on a line which is pretty rare for a winger. Pretty laissez faire attitude towards the rest of the game.
        Really like Larsson’s contract too.

      • Striker I agree with everything you said about the trade it’s a fair deal all around and the second is just a proven unproven throw in. Danny you keep saying larsson is one dimensional have you watched him that much? He is great in his own end with a great first pass and can handle himself in the offensive zone. Hall had way more opportunity and ice time than drouin did this yr and drouin is only 22 and only gonna get better

      • Big Bear, I watched Larsson play about 30 games this year, I am not knocking what he is, but what he is is a one-dimensional D man who is not amoung the best in his position at the dimension of the game. Hall is at the very least, elite when compared against other wingers.

        Hall didn’t come close to having the quality of teammates that Drouin had this year. That implication makes no sense. Drouin was in a far better situation to produce.

        The Larsson trade was a bad one. I like Edmonton, I have been following them for years. The issue is they were progressing defensively without Larsson, and would have accomplished a lot of what they did without him. He is a decent player, and he absolutely is an addition to the blueline, but Edmonton needs to be careful about creating holes up front. He is no better than a guy like Alzner, Methot, Gudas, Braun, Dumolin. These are all quite valuable, but you shouldn’t be giving up elite offensive talent for any of them. They can fit in the top 4 of just about any team, but on any good team you need a minimum of 2 guys who are far better to have them and have a good D core. The issue I have with these type of players isn’t that they don’t have value, but it’s that they get consistently overvalued, but don’t hold a candle to the elite Defensive D in the league. Also, when looking for that perfect shut down D, the misses are worse than gambling on an all-round guy.

        Also, there are often very solid defenders who are as good and in some cases better defenders who play more all around games that often get perceived as weaker defensively, when they are not. Demers, Petry, Gardiner, Goligoski, Sekera, Krug have at different points been undervalued, and have all been acquired at relatively low prices (comparatively) This is despite the fact that this group is every bit as good defensively as the supposed shut down group, but brings considerably more to the table. They aren’t elite, so the mistakes made are more glaring, but they seem to be easier to acquire a young version of, and less of a liability if they bust. Also, a player that fits this type of mold seems more likely to turn into a real top pairing D. Guys like Stralman, Leddy, Niskanen have all been acquired relatively cheaply, and I have heard a lot of negative over the amounts paid, but they have performed extremely well in top pairing roles both offensively and defensively, and were either signed or acquired for a pretty cheap price.

        If the prices are as high for guys like Vatanen and Brodin as has been suggested, than a team that acquires potentially exposed guys like maybe Pysyk, Biealieu, T. Van Riemsdyk, Dumolin, Cole, Pouliot, Carrick, and Scmidt are likely to get more value overall.

        Not all of these players will be exposed, but have appeared on different projections of exposed lists, and could either be traded, or selected by Vegas and traded again by them. All of these guys have some upside, but probably wouldn’t cost a fortune to acquire.

      • You must be kidding if you think those guys you listed are better than larsson? Geezus those guys aren’t even in the same level as larsson

      • Bigbear, it depends on which list you mean. The list of shutdown guys? Most of them are of similar value, the second list led by guys like Demers, yeah I absolutely think they are far better than Larrsson. There really isn’t much to it. I will take the guy that makes it harder for the other team to score and generates opportunities for the team as a whole over Larssson everyday of the week. Larrsson is solid defensively, but so is the 2nd list. Lot’s of people love to hate on mistakes made by more offensive D, but that doesn’t make them bad in their own end, and in fact they typically do a better job of limiting the other teams chances.

        Don’t get me wrong, there are guys who are defense first who are exceptional at it. There is no debating guys like Doughty, Giordano, Manson, Lindholm, Vlasic, Ekholm and probably a good number of others have a massive effect on the opposing teams ability to score. But in the game the way it is today, guys who are defense only are becoming rarer as skating ability, denying zone entries, breaking up breakout at the opposing blueline, and pinching effectively are becoming more important defensive tools than the typical shot blocking, good positioning, active stick and tough along the boards mantra of clutch and grab hockey.

      • I like Drouin long term far better than Hall primarily as we have seen what hall has become & the nature of his health. Drouin had 1 more goal & the same # of points last season as Hall & didn’t get the same quantity nor quality of icetime.

        Next season Drouin not only outscores Hall significantly but comes very close to matching Hall’s best season ever. He’ll easily surpass the 27 goals Hall has managed twice in his career, probably as early as next season again certainly by his 25th year.

      • Danny.

        I couldn’t disagree more. Larsson isn’t 1 dimensional he just chooses to play D 1st & that’s how Edm & NJ have essentially deployed him & asked him to play almost exclusively. He has shown some offensive abilities if given that opportunity but his shut down abilities & peripherals are elite.

        He was 4th in hits by Dman last season, 16th in blocked shots. His addition was just as important to Edm as that of all the added toughness brought in with Maroon, Kassian & Lucic as well as Edm’s stupid luck getting McDavid.

        Edm’s new top 4 D is as good as almost any in the league & incredible young & still developing as is Larsson, he has only played 353 NHL regular season games. The best is still yet to come not even in his prime for Dman yet at 24.

        Larsson has played 1st pairing minutes the last 2 seasons & 2nd pairing minutes the season before that in NJ. NJ added Hall, lost Larsson & not much else changed. Their goal differential went from minus 26 to minus 61 with out Larsson. Edm’s went from minus 42 to plus 35. Not all of this is Larsson but his contribution is as significant in Edm as any.

      • Totally agree striker! Danny you are very wrong about larsson

    • that line would drive coach Julien crazy!!!

    • Galchenyuk is done in Montreal, so is Beaulieu, Who were carrying 20K of drinking alcohol bills in the city of vice, we need a real center and surely don’t need another underachiever in Yakupov… I m pretty sure that Radulov won’t get what he wants, and Bergevin would be better off signing a player around 25 long term rather than signing a 32 year old who wants to rob the bank…

    • Sergachev in the same sentence as Karlson is blasphemy and I’m not even a Sens fan. Let’s just back up a bit and wonder why no other team has jumped at the chance to grab Yakupov. Stop, breath and think about what you are posting before hitting the infamous send/enter button

    • I wouldn’t call Drouin a great player. He’s a good player but far off great.

      In the end Tampa will win the trade.

  3. I wonder if Bergevin is looking at reuniting Nathan MacKinnon and Drouin? would Galchenyuk, Beaulieu and a 1st get it done ?

    • Not a chance.

    • Never thought of that one. If Colorado is in true rebuild it could work. Surely to God MacKinnon wants out of that place! But the 1st would have to be good and this year’s draft not looking so solid Montreal would have to add even more to get it done.

    • Colorado isn’t trading McKinnon. Sakic just came out & said they bought out Beauchemin to get younger & allow prospects to play. That means Zadarov’s role is increasing significantly, Bigras is moving to full time NHL player & 1 of Mironov, Lindholm, Meloche or Boikov just entered the coffee shop.

      This rebuild is in full force. Beauchemin may be old but on what is 1 of the worst D’s in the NHL he was a top 4. Not at least asking him to waive his NMC for the expansion draft causes me pause, not the end of the world but it doesn’t make sense, to save 1.5 mil in real dollars as his full cap hit stays, this makes no sense to me. Beauchemin is still an NHL Dman & will be in the NHL playing 16 to 18 mins a night some where.

      The NHL generally isn’t the best place for young Dman to learn to be NHL Dman, years of seasoning in the minors & slow integration is far more common than what teams like Nas & car have accomplished with youth at D.

      • I sure hope Will Butcher doesn’t bolt on Colorado but it’s certainly looks like it’s going to play out that way. The NHL needs to slam that loop hole shut in the next CBA. NHL teams should have 2 years from the time these players come out of University to sign them. At least 1 full NHL season.

      • Beauchemin could be in Montreal in September.

      • Sorry but Butcher has the right and should to “bolt” from the team and I hope he finds a good place to land. I hope they open this up to any players not playing professionally by the time they are 20. You like the guy enough to keep him? Make it worth their while otherwise they can spend their prime years playing for someone else that will… and actually use some of the youthful years to earn a living doing something most wont even be able to do for 15 years.

      • I completely agree. MacKinnon is the one guy staying put. I suspect he is the guy they want to build around.

    • Hum… Interesting thoughts, could be doable! Big rumors coming from the wild though,

    • Hum… Interesting thoughts, could be doable! Big rumors coming from the wild though,

    • Lol hahaha

      Sorry friend just thought it was fairly hilarious.

      Probably have to start with a package of Juulsen and McCarron.

  4. Playing Drouin at center would be a mistake. By having the added responsibility it would actually take away his playmaking ability off the wing

    Galchenyuk to the Wild, while it’s possible, makes no sense. Not only will they still face the same struggles with their expansion list and risk losing a player (at least as good as Galchenyuk, but most likely better) but how are they going to resign him?

    • I agree. Also Minnesota can’t afford to give up draft picks to make a deal with Vegas since they don’t draft until the 3rd round this year and gave up their 2nd round pick next year. Seems like Minnesota just needs to protect 7-3, lose a D and if Vegas by chance took a forward replace the forward by trading a D after the expansion draft. Has anyone heard if Pominville was asked to waive his NTC-NMC?

      • Sure they can. They have a ton of youth playing in the NHL now in Coyle, Zucker, Granlund, Niederrieter, Dumba & Brodin. They will lose 1 of these players in expansion baring trades or a side deal with Vegas.

        They also have the best prospect pipeline for players not playing in the NHL according to the Hockey News Future Watch. Eriksson-Ek; 5th, Kaprisov; 13th, Kunin; 16th, Greenway; 36th, Tuch; 45th, & that still leaves Reilly, Olofsson, Soucy & Sokolov. Minnesota could move out draft picks at least 3 years into the future or some of these stud prospects. There isn’t room for all of them. Folin also has a solid NHL future as a 4/5 Dman, been developed perfectly & slowly.

    • SH21- I agree paying that kind of price for a guy you “hope” can play the 1C is a big big mistake…
      and yes keep hearing Galchenjuk for a D- but it puts the recipient in the same predicament and still forced to try to sign Alex- all the D “available” are signed- except Fowler and I doubt he gets moved

    • Sh21 you realize that you are allowed to make more than one trade to get around losing a player you don’t want too? Lol

      • I had no clue, thanks for the solid input!

      • I know you want Boston to get brodin for throw aways but like I said yesterday it’s not gonna be enough

      • Has nothing to do with the Bruins – this deal makes no sense for Minnesota unless they have at least 2 preferably 3 more deals lined up down the road. That’s a lot to get down before the roster freeze

        Galchenyuk to Anaheim for Vatanen makes alot more sense especially if Anaheim does in fact have a deal in place that Manson won’t be selected. You can then change their expansion strategy to 7-3-1 protecting:

        Perry/Getzlaf/Kesler/Rakell/Silfverberg/Galchenyuk/Kerdiles (?)

        If a deal is in place for no Manson, what does that leave Vegas?

      • SH21,

        I find the idea of the Manson deal really interesting. If Vegas can get an asset to pass on one defensemen, but still place pressure on Anaheim, they could either put themsleves in a position to get even more, or just make it known that the price is pretty high and you can’t just protect 2-3 players with a pick, which is a great way to add pressure without having to potentially get nothing. It’s a great tactic if it happens that way.

        Myself and Chisms have had differing opinions on how Vegas needs to maximize value, mine being that you need to risk not making a deal to maximize the value from the deals you do make, and his being any deal not made is a lost opportunity. The scenario in Anaheim seems to make it seem like they can put on pressure while not completely giving up on an asset.

        I wonder if they will do something similar in Minnesota, given they could pay to protect one more defensemen but still be under pressure to either make a move or keep paying more to Vegas.

        How good a summer will McPhee have if he ends up getting a pick from Anaheim or Minny and still ends up selecting a guy like Vatanen or Brodin.

      • How can a solid D prospect, a 1st & 2nd round pick be throw aways? This draft isn’t as weak as people make it out to be. Yes it doesn’t have the stud pick like most seasons but by overall quality of depth it’s just as solid as any draft year if not better. We will know in about 7 years how this draft compares to others.

      • Agreed SH21. A trade with Anh moving Gelchenyuk makes far more sense depending upon his salary demands. Murray won’t want this player making more than 3.5 4 tops for the next 2 or 3 seasons.

        As Anh potentially has a deal in place with Vegas to need for them to rush anything, we may not see that trade until well after the expansion draft possibly not even before the draft but I assume Murray will stock pile picks as he does in most trades he makes & may want to spend them in this draft.

        Vatanen is moving. He always was & the time has come. I year to late for me but so be it. There is never a bad time to move a Dman of this quality but Anh just doesn’t need him, they have Theodore & Montour to replace him. Manson isn’t going any where.

      • I don’t mean the trade with Vegas but the trade of Vatanen. I assume Anh is paying Vegas to avoid both Manson & Vatanen. Nor do I think Vegas is getting Brodin as well as getting paid to avoid another Dman.

        If Anh as is being reported & potentially Minnesota are paying the price to get Vegas to pass on specific assets it will be to avoid those assets, including Manson, Vatanen Brodin & Dumba. None of these players are going to Vegas.

        Not sure what Anh is paying Vegas we haven’t even heard a peep of what the compensation is not even a rumor.

        Thankfully only 28 hours till the trade freeze with every 1 but Vegas & who they trade with, although we don’t get those trades until the 21st. Brutal. Ha-ha! Others should start falling soon. Again unless Minnesota pays Vegas off Brodin or Dumba is moving, I assume Brodin. I just hope Boston steps up to the plate & outbids the other 11 teams potentially bidding.

      • Danny I agree and disagree with you… I agree if vegas is making the deal public to set a tone and play teams off against each other. I disagree because it appears they can do it behind closed doors. which means that they should be able to really feel what each teams upper limit is for passing on guys and work it out team by team. if it’s kept quiet then vegas should be open to dealing with everyone..

      • The report was for the Anaheim deal that they made a deal so they wouldn’t need to buy out Bieksa, and that they were not going to let Manson go under any circumstances. It was then suggested that this would still require they move another defensemen or expose Vatanen. So my guess is that Vegas made a deal based on the assumption that Anaheim is really trading to avoid buying out Bieksa. So they offer a deal to say they pass on Manson, without having to buy out Bieksa. Anaheim was never going to expose Manson, so getting this asset is basically about the price to not buy out Bieksa more than anything. All that being said, if Vegas has an asset for that, Vatanen could still be available. Anaheim may have traded Vatanen anyway, so Vegas may not have been able to extract much there. But now it keeps pressure on Anaheim rather than letting them bypass the process.

        As for making it public, it doesn’t need to be leaked. Teams know that Bieksa has not been bought out, so they know there is a deal. They would also know if Vatanen is available, and during those discussions if they brought up another D and it was a hard no, they probably can figure out roughly what happened. The price is the only unknown. It still gives off the perception that Vegas took an asset to pass on 1 defender, but didn’t agree to pass on the next.

        I just think the interesting thing would be if Vegas can make deals with teams, but those teams are still having to trade or lose other assets, rather than just it being an automatic that if a team pays something, that they basically get to select who Vegas takes.

  5. Dorion is going to find that he’s going to have to overpay or burden the team in one capacity or another to shed himself of Dion’s contract. Lou & Shanny are probably chuckling right now at Dorion’s dilemna.

    • No, they are not as petty as some among general fandom. And like it or not, Phaneuf was instrumental in getting them to the Conference finals AND coming within a goal in double OT of game 7 from going to the finals.

      • @George: I didn’t imply they were petty. You took it literally. In a professional competitive manner, they are happy to not have that contract on their books or any impending decisions that have to be made regarding Phaneuf. Nothing petty about that.

      • how long you clingin to that double overtime thing there George.

      • When it suits the situation. Especially since it involved the eventual cup winners. They didn’t get hammered nor did they lose in regulation by a goal or two. It went down to a fortunate screened shot.

    • I have defended Phaneuf for years, & will continue to do so for many more. Tor took on huge salary at point of trade to get Phaneuf off the books. After the monies balance out Ottawa’s actually cost for Phaneuf is 4.6 per for the remainder of the term factoring in the cash savings shipped out in all those contracts to Tor.

      If not for expansion we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. Ottawa would love to keep all of their top 4D. No team is making the playoffs with out a solid top 4 & even Pittsburgh’s D is solid. Not elite but still way above average & the late additions provided great depth across the top 6.

      Ottawa might be better served to protect 4 D & risk losing a decent forward. The D is far harder to acquire or develop than the forward of the quality they would lose doing so. Phaneuf has more value than Brassard, Smith etc. Unfortunately even though Ottawa shipped out a ton of salary they are cheap & Phaneuf is being paid whether a huge portion of salary was shipped out at point of trade. The Brassard deal was the same thing, a short term gain in $ & not having to meet Zibanejad’s future salary costs. A trade Ott can’t win just on players never mind the pick they shipped out.

      Better yet just pay Vegas off. Not sure with what as what few prospects Ott has they won’t want to part with.

      What about convincing them to take Ryan, with Cleasson & a solid pick? Would Vegas be willing to do so?

      • I’d be happy with that – i.e., the Ryan proposal. But I’d still hate to lose Claesson. The 4-4 idea is sounding more and more plausible because they indeed can afford to lose a F more than one of their Top 4 D.

        Right now they have 65,062,500 committed to 18 players leaving them just under $8 mil to sign 5 – with RFAs Dzingel and Pageau to sign, along with possibly UFAs Pyatt, Condon and maybe Stalberg – if not someone off the other UFAs.

        Losing the Ryan contract to Las Vegas would not only keep their Top 4 D intact but give them a LOT more cap flexibility. But a 4-4 scenario without a pre-arranged deal with McPhee would likely cost them Claesson as they’d protect Stone, Hoffman, Turis and Pageau up front and I can’t see McPhee taking Brassard. He MIGHT take Smith however.

        What I can’t figure is why in hell Garrioch thinks they’d protect Burrows in a 7-3-1 scenario and not Dzingel! (see Zeisburger’s projected Canadian franchise protected lists in this morning’s Toronto Sun)

      • There is a rumor floating Eberle for Phaneuf

      • Ryan with Claesson…that is absolutely ridiculous! Why would you give up two quality players when claesson on his own would be enough. It’s either going to be Methot or Claesson to be selected most likely. No need to add Ryan in the mix.

      • If there’s any rumour floating about an Eberle for Phaneuf trade, it has to have originated within the Edmonton Oilers Fan Club. How would that help Ottawa in the expansion draft? They don’t want to get rid of Phaneuf – as Dorion explained, as his was the only NMC contract they had to worry about he simply floated the idea to Dion on the basis that McPhee likely wouldn’t take him in the draft – but completely understands Dion’s reluctance to take that chance. And since he won’t be going anywhere at the draft why would they then deal him for a savings of a million?

      • It doesn’t make sense for EDM either George, so I can’t see it happening. EDM is fine against the cap this year, but next year with McDavid and Daisaitl getting huge raises they will have a problem and adding salary against the cap isn’t the answer.
        If money was not an issue then of course you want Phaneuf over Eberle, but it isn’t reality. Unless of course they move RNH as well for cap relief.
        I think Edm is just on Dion’s list now of approved teams and the theories start.

      • Owen.

        The idea was Ottawa protects 8 skaters, 4 being Dman then pays Vegas to avoid selecting Brassard, Smith, etc. taking Ryan’s contract & the enticement for all of that is Cleasson.

  6. Why not try for package deal of brodin and staal for galchenyuk, N.B, + possible pick/ prospect

    • Because Beaulieu cost the Sabres all but a 3rd rounder.

  7. Did Garrioch even look at Calgary’s roster before making this BS up?

    If Calgary were to take on Phaneuf pre expansion draft they would have to protect 8 skaters as opposed to the 7, 3, & 1 scenario. Calgary already has Giordano, Hamilton & Brodie as their 3 D keepers. They have 6 quality forwards, Geaudreau, Monahan, Backlund, Brower, Frolik & Bennett, 7th Ferland, Lazar or Stajan?

    Calgary isn’t interested in Phaneuf at least not pre expansion draft so that doesn’t help Ottawa in anyway nor Calgary.

    • These Gelchenyuk to Minny rumors don’t make sense to me unless Minny maybe making 2 deal to move 2 Dman. We haven’t heard if Pominville has agreed to waive his NMC or will be bought out & his NMC is problematic, I assume 1 of the 2 id happening.

      They have 5 protectors at D. Suter, Spurgeon, Dumba, Brodin & Scandella. At forward they have Parise, Koivu & Pominville all with NMC’s, Staal, Coyle, Zucker, Granlund & Niederreiter. That’s 8 protectors now at forward, 7 if Pominville is eliminated from the dynamic.

      How does Gelchenyuk fit into that picture pre expansion draft? Who is he protected over? There are far better options than Gelchenyuk on the table I’m sure.

      • Exactly Striker. Minny doesn’t solve their pre-expansion problem unless they take a return that doesn’t need to be protected.
        That is why teams like Boston (sill most likely in my mind)make the most sense.

      • Lol you 2 are nuts why would minny not want galchenyuk? As I said yesterday Boston will have to move Pasternak if they want brodin! And again you are allowed to make more than one trade to get around losing a player you don’t want too

      • Gelchenyuk to Anaheim makes more sense than Minnesota.

      • Bigbear, because they don’t have room to protect him & if they do, it costs them a better player than Galchenyuk. Then they would have to make not only 1 but 3 trades potentially. They have 27.5 hours top find a suitable solution. I think it’s on the table now, Fletcher is just milking it for everything it’s worth & will do so right down to the wire.

        This isn’t a trade Boston has to make, but they have the assets to do so, are at a good point in their rebuild to do so & are extremely well set up to do so pre expansion draft as they have the room to protect both a D & forward at little cost to them in the player lost by doing so. C. Miller.

        As are 11 other teams who I assume are all bidding as well. What Minnesota needs in return are futures, picks, prospects or players that don’t need to be protected & or players shipped to them following the expansion draft. Those 11 teams factoring in all those dynamics drops slightly but not Boston. They will have to outbid everyone else & the price will be extreme but it won’t be Pastrnak & if Minnesota takes a player that isn’t expansion draft exempt again it will be coming following the expansion draft.

        What ever happens will be interesting. Someone is getting a solid #2 2 way Dman in Brodin or potentially better in Dumba. Minnesota would be better served just to pay Vegas off. Zucker, Scandella & a pick/Olofsson to let them keep everyone else.

      • Simple throw at the wall and see if it sticks criteria.
        Minny has to worry about signing better players like Granlund before they commit to Galchenyuk

      • Sums it up good Striker. Yes I a B’s fan Bigbear, but their timeline for going for it is now with their core at the age it is at.
        They have the assets Minny needs and the motive to pay. Just how much will Sweeney pay. How much will the others?
        The waiting game is still on and can Sweeney wait it out? Hell Minny could just wait and give up Brodin or Dumba and move on. A few trades have to happen to pull off not losing a very good asset.
        Would luv to be sitting in Fletcher’s office today and hearing all the possible scenario’s at play.

      • I just wish we got soemthing. Barely even rumors flaoting around & only 1 trade Drouin with less than 24 hours till the trade freeze. This isn’t how I expected this to play out.

        That said I didn’t see the NHL putting a moratorium on Vegas trades till the 21st.

        I assumed we would see about 5 to 7 other trades between teams long ago but with Anh, Chi & Clb apparently haven struck side deals that kills 3 till the 21st.

      • If I was to guess I would say teams are low balling Minny and Fletcher is waiting. I am paraphrasing but he said; I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about expansion, and then I realise I can only lose one player and go back to sleep.
        Doesn’t sound like he wants to blow up his team and trade multiple players unless the return is worth it. I don’t think it is worth it. Yet. IE he trades Brodin for prospects, even good ones. Then he loses Dumba too. His D core looks like a shadow of what it was.

  8. Terrible deal for Habs, great for TB: Drouin never really recovered his rep after the earlier debacle the year prior. Habs need, more than anything, the d-man that they just traded! Getting Drouin means they now have to replace the guy they lost, and send a potentially gifted player in Galchenyuk out of town…this is a move that only makes sense if you factor in the French Canadian aspect. And, to be blunt, that is an old fashioned stance that does not help the Habs! I think the Habs have no strong plan to build this team..Markov old and slow, their other D are mediocre other than Weber, who will also slow down rapidly in a speed oriented league.

  9. Yesterday’s deal for Drouin was a big one by Bergevin. I personally suspect that he will more likely go free agent market for the defender he needs, maybe Karl Alzner. The RNH for deal Galchenyuk seems reasonable as that keeps Drouin on the wing. Remember they still have Radulov and I think he wants to stay in Montreal. His ask, thus far merely reflects the essence of negotiation. Duchene could be a good fit here too. And lastly, maybe Galchenyuk goes to Anaheim for one of their prized defenders. Bergevin certainly makes the offseason entertaining. You have to give him that much!

  10. I want more deals!!! Give me more deals!

  11. I see this as a huge gamble for the Habs. Forget the picks but Drouin as talented as he is has had 3 serious concussions and is what 22/23. He is also a real defensive liability -21 on a team better than Mtl.To say he can play ctr is crazy.I wonder what Julian thinks of his GM trying to save his job at the expense of their only top prospect. Big gamble but Sergachev had a lousy first half last year and maybe Habs had concerns there.It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    • I don’t believe Drouin’s injury’s in TB were concussions. Drouin is just a kid, he will eventually be a 40 goal scorer & 75 point player comfortably. It might be as soon as next season certainly by the season following. Regardless I still don’t make this deal if I’m Montreal.

      • Galchenyuk is just a kid as well. I view these two as equals, with Drouin being a little more on the pure talent scale. Now Bergevin will be shipping out a similar player he just received for a similar player he just gave up? All seems like lateral moves to me – I don’t think MTL is better than they were yesterday without seeing anymore of the potential moves to come

      • Gelchenyuk will never be the player Drouin will be offensively. Not even in the same class. The only similarity is both went 3rd overall. Galchenyuk has played 338 & Drouin 164 NHL regular season games. Galchenyuk can put up slightly less goals than Drouin 5 to 10 maybe but Drouin has elite offensive skills. He could easily be a top 5 scoring forward in the NHL; think Tarasenko good, certainly top 10 by no later than the 2019-20 season, his 25th year.

    • the habs got a player they needed offense and tb needed defense! The only difference is drouin is proven and sergachev is along way from being a stud dman. I think he will be good but you never know

      • I agree each team got what they needed in terms of MTL needed more offense and TB needed a cost controlled Dman.
        The issue I see is that MTL used a valuable asset on a winger and not a center. MTL is very weak down the middle. They don’t have a true #1 center and I would argue they don’t have a #2 as well. Though Drouin will help them offensively they still have a massive hole in their center depth.

      • Bigbear I agree. I just don’t think this particular deal happens if not for the expansion draft. I love this deal for TB long term & for Mtl for at least the next 6 years. Both get what they needed. Not sure how Mtl addresses their D needs long term but they have time to do so.

        I also like the fact TB freed up cap space & potentially made room to protect 2 more players, 1 forward & 1 D that they wouldn’t have in a different trade for a stud Dman even if just a future 1. I have no doubts about what Sergechev will be at a min; top end #3 but as a max; future stud #1, who knows yet.

        Tb also got rid on what for me was a cancer. He’s young & may mature, perhaps he has already but tainted for ever for me.

  12. Love the deals, keep em going.

  13. With Kelly MCrimmon as LV assistant GM and pass gm and owner of the Brandon Wheat Kings, I wonder if there is a deal to be made between LV and NJ for that #1 pick. If anybody knows Patrick Nolan it certainly would be Kelly Mccrimmon.

    • Who’s Patrick Nolan?

      • George where I come from we put the last name first. Lol

  14. I notice above that someone mentioned that MB might go after Mackinnon to reunite NM and Drouin.
    I think the more likely version of this is to move Drouin to Colorado with Duchene coming back.
    I don’t think that happens, montreal got a pretty good deal on Drouin’s contract

  15. Not sure how anyone can say the price was extremely high. TB got an highly rated dman prospect and potentially a second round pick. Still don’t know the ceiling on Drouin or how he works out in CJ system. So no MTL didn’t get a steal of a deal.

    • This is an even trade considering all intangibles. Lightening get a high end defensive prospect and have enough depth in forward to make up for it plus get to protect Killorn. Killorn + Sergachev for Drouin – not bad, given the history of potential bad blood there.
      The habs get insurance is Radulov doesn’t sign, plus this might drive his demands down. Galchenyuk becomes totally expendable and can be peddled for a top 4 defenseman today. If they can’t get radulov to commit then Gally serves as a 2nd line winger.

      How it actually plays out is anyone’s guess but with the information we have today, its a pretty good deal for both.
      #expantrade (maybe it’ll be a thing)

  16. I wouldn’t be surprised if Montreal inquires about Couturier. Fills that need for a C and is French Canadian. Philly can absorb the loss at C. Galchenyuk for Couturier!

  17. ….McCarron, Beaulieu and 1st rounder for Duchene.

    • Angelo, are you and fergy22 charter members of the Montreal fan club – or have you both taken lessons from some Leafs fans who, in the past, wildly over-valued their team’s roster? No WAY a one-dimensional quasi goon like McCarron, a 5-6 D like Bealieu and a 1st rounder in a so-so draft beyond the first 8 or 10 gets you Duchene.

      • We are talking about Joe Sakic here 🙂 I think the philly deal is plausible through.

      • I think you’re right, though, that Philly at least would take on Galchenyuk for Couturier in a blink. Why wouldn’t they? Although a big C at 6′ 3″ 211 lbs, Couturier (born in Phoenix by the way) hasn’t nearly lived up to his junior promise in the Q after being taken 8th overall in 2011. His best in terms of goals was 15 in 4 full seasons, and over the past 2 seasons has missed 35 games due to injury.

        Why would the Habs want him at that price?

    • McCarron’s value is virtually non existent. Not a good enough skater to play in the NHL yet & may never be.

      I like Beaulieu & think Mtl will regret moving him if they do in 3 years but not certain Mtl’s 1st & Beaulieu will get Duchene. Mtl has devalued this asset by how they have handled & treated him. Dressing Benn ahead of him in the playoffs when the game mattered the most? Nice message, not me.

      • I agree! Totally mishandled. He will thrive on a new team and the habs will definitely regret it. Isn’t that the Habs for you… let’s drive assets out of town instead of maximizing their trade value.

      • It’s like the way Boston has mishandled spooner his value has dropped below ground level. I wonder how much Sweeney thinks man o man I wish I didn’t sign backes, that is now our new anchor

  18. Dear lord please don’t let the Isles trade anything good for Eberle. That contract is horrible for a guy that can’t put up consistent points with talent he already has around him. A no show in the playoffs. If the Isles are going to trade Hamonic or DeHaan I’d much rather see them pursue Galchenyuk or Duchene.

    How about a swap between Montreal and Vancouver? Galchenyuk for Tanev?

    • I think Montreal should keep galchenyuk and pick up and by offering some other package that includes a 1st rounder that nets them a d man. Some of these teams that are looking to unload a d man such as Minnie cant necessarily absorb the salary of a galchenyuk so they be looking for picks or players on elc contracts. Montreal can dip into the FA market for a d man. Btw, I am not touching eberle as well. NYI will not trade harmonic for eberle, i agree.

    • Styx, I am far from an Eberle supporter, and yes he disappeared in the playoffs. Coach had him playing only 14 minutes for a reason. Disagree with the not a consistent scorer comment though. He got 20 last year, which is low for him. Over the last 3 years he has been a top 25 goal scorer even with last year included. They don’t grow on trees. Even though if he isn’t scoring he isn’t accomplishing anything he will generate interest from other teams.
      The reason Edmonton is trading him is because they need cap relief in 2 years and are looking for a more rounded player for less money at RW. That player will likely not produce at Eberle pace, but they have plenty of scoring. If not this summer then next.

  19. He is a big C with scoring ability and is sound defensively. His numbers don’t reflect his offensive ability as he was thrust into a checking role with philly. He showed some offensive promise last year. Julien will love that he is sound defensively and if u put him on a scoring line he will produce. I think Montreal would take this deal.

  20. Ranger talk about trading Stepan….
    Would Ranger fans prefer move Stepan or Hayes.? would Hayes fetch the younger RHD easiser..

    • No. And honestly I don’t think they should trade either at this point. I’d look to Miller rather than Stepan or Hayes. I don’t like Zbad Hayes as #1-2 and Lindberg could be lost to expansion. Pirri is as good as gone,That happened as soon as they got healthy. So trading either leaves a gaping hole @ the #3-4 spots.

      Untouchables… imo. Mcdonagh, Skjei, Stepan, Kreider, Hayes, Zbad and if he can’t fetch a worth while return…. Miller.

      • I am a Miller homer but I do think he would do better away from AV. Stepan is slow and Hayes is soft.

      • I don’t move any of them & I’m a big Zibby fan. Just ready to pop. Looked to be happening last season before he was felled by injury.

      • Almost anyone will do better with out AV. Never been a big fan, just rubs me the wrong way. Old school. Not a big fan of kids, veterans really have to be bad to get a consequence yet a young player wham.

      • I am also not a fan of AV – totally mishandling buchnevich, who is a star in the making. He had incredible chemistry with zinanejad and Kreider and then injuries hit buch and zib and then when they returned buch ends up on the 4 th line and being scratched more often than not. Vigneault needs to Let the creative players be creative and stop stiffling them!

      • I suppose there was a specific reason Vigneault was fired by the Habs and then the Canucks – and maybe his handling – or mishandling – of the younger players was it in both locations.

  21. So not sure what San Jose s plans are with Thornton and Marleau but would Jumbo Joe be a temporary fit for the habs?! Maybe a two year deal to “try” and get there?! Get a center that they need/want and move Galchenyuk for a D?

    • If I was to guess Jumbo stays Marleau goes.
      Marleau can still score, somebody will pick him up. Hello Boston. Hello Edmonton if they trade Eberle.

  22. Hey Spector….

    I’ve kinda been away from hockey… well NHL for a couple years… watching my nephew play and now my niece as well…. loving it actually… but kinda getting interesting here with this expansion draft stuff…. but i’m outta the loop with a lot… I know the Oilers are looking to trade Eberle… he’s always been a fave of mine.. would they be willing to take back a minor league player and a dead contract for him? would the Leafs have a minor leaguer they’d be interested in and send Lupal’s contract back to balance the books… his contract is up this year.. which clears it for them for next year… and we get another good forward…… yes ?? no??? just curious if it would work…. like I said… been out of this for a good couple years…

    • To my knowledge, the Oilers don’t want to take back that type of return. They want value back for Eberle. Perhaps a first- or second-round pick. Maybe a pick and a prospect or a promising young player. That’s just my guess, but reports indicate they don’t intend to just give him away.