NHL Rumor Mill – June 17, 2017

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The New York Rangers have reportedly set a high asking price for center Derek Stepan.

Updates on Derek Stepan, Alex Galchenyuk, Jordan Eberle, Travis Hamonic and more in your NHL rumor mill. 

NOTE: The NHL expansion draft roster freeze is 3 pm ET today. 

TSN: cites the New York Post’s Larry Brooks reporting the New York Rangers seek a “no doubt first-pair right defenceman” in return for center Derek Stepan, who is reportedly on the trade market. “Stepan has four years and $26 million left on his contract with annual cap hit of $6.5 million.” His full no-trade clause kicks in on July 1. 

ARIZONA SPORTS: cites TSN’s Bob McKenzie reporting the Arizona Coyotes are among “multiple teams” interested in Stepan. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If we go by Brooks’ reports, the asking price from the Coyotes for Stepan could be Oliver Ekman-Larsson. Quite frankly, I’ll be shocked if the Coyotes agreed to that deal. 

EDMONTON SUN: Jim Matheson wonders if the Edmonton Oilers and Montreal Canadiens might do a Ryan Nugent-Hopkins for Alex Galchenyuk swap. He believes the Canadiens would love it but Galchenyuk wouldn’t address the Oilers need for scoring depth at right wing. As a center, he isn’t strong in the faceoff circle and is not a natural playmaker. Galchenyuk has largely played at left wing in his NHL career, but the Oilers already have Milan Lucic and Patrick Maroon on the left side. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Like Matheson, I don’t think Galchenyuk’s a fit with the Oilers. Nugent-Hopkins is a good second-line center but wouldn’t fill the Habs top-line needs. 

Matheson speculates there’s a better chance of the Oilers trading right wing Jordan Eberle, perhaps to the New York Islanders following the expansion draft “for any combination of winger Ryan Strome and defenceman Calvin De Haan.” He also reports the Dallas Stars have interest in Eberle and suggests the Oilers could get center Cody Eakin in return. The Colorado Avalanche are also sniffing around Eberle. Matheson feels the Oilers would want defenseman Tyson Barrie. 

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staple reports there’s plenty of trade chatter of late involving the Islanders. “Various reports have the Isles shopping defensemen Travis Hamonic or Calvin de Haan and the Isles have been linked to Oilers wing Jordan Eberle, who appears on the move from Edmonton. The Isles have long been interested in Avalanche center Matt Duchene but that would be a taller task to pull off.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Eberle’s attracting considerable interest, but his $6 million annual salary through 2018-19 remains a significant stumbling block. The Oilers might have to absorb part of his cap hit, take back a toxic contract or sweeten the return by adding a high draft pick, a top prospect or a promising young player. 

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Michael Russo reports sources say Minnesota Wild defenseman Jonas Brodin is attracting lots of interest in the trade market. “As of late Friday, sources said (Wild GM Chuck) Fletcher was in trade talks with several teams, including Vegas, and had a few interesting options that were making him think.” It’s believed the Montreal Canadiens, Tampa Bay Lightning, Dallas Stars and Toronto Maple Leafs are among the suitors.

The Wild also had trade talks with the Canadiens regarding Alex Galchenyuk, but a source close to the Habs is starting to doubt they can acquire Brodin or Montreal native Marco Scandella. The main reason is adding another forward the Wild would have to protect complicates their expansion draft protection list. Moving Scandella also means the Wild are still at risk of losing Brodin or Matt Dumba in the expansion draft. 

TAMPA BAY TIMES: Joe Smith reports the Tampa Bay Lightning aren’t done shopping for a defenseman after acquiring prospect Mikhail Sergachev from the Canadiens in the Jonathan Drouin trade. He cites Lightning GM Steve Yzerman saying he’d look at it if he can find an available defenseman that can improve his club. Smith lists Brodin and Dumba of the Wild, Anaheim’s Sami Vatanen and the Islanders’ Travis Hamonic and Calvin de Haan as possible trade targets. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Ducks and Islanders will likely want a scoring winger for those blueliners. The Wild want something that won’t screw up their protection list so I’m guessing a first-round pick, top prospect or a good young draft-exempt forward is their possible ask for Brodin, Dumba or Scandella. 



  1. OEL for Stepan is a Ranger pipe dream.

    • And one they’ve been smoking! If you go down the list of all the Top 2 RD around the league, except for teams like Colorado, Detroit, Vancouver and NJ, it’s hard to find one that that team would give up for Stepan. Good luck with that.

      • 1st of all we must consider the source. Brooks isn’t very bright nor reliable, he also uses sensationalism to generate a following. How he still has a job is odd I don’t read follow or believe anything he writes.

        Not sure why you choose Vancouver who’s D is quite solid & very young. Tanev is Vancouver’s #1 right handed Dman, their # 2 behind Edler although they play on different pairings each carrying a young developing Dman. Might they consider moving him for Stepan? I doubt it at least today perhaps after the Sedins retire. Horvat, Sedin & Sutter being Van’s top 3 now. Nor would I give Tanev straight up for Stepan.

        Vancouvers D is Edler, Tanev, Horvat, Stecher, Gubranson & Sbisa. Not superstars but a solid young developing 6. Edler being the oldest at 31, Tanev 27 , Gubranson 25 etc. I assume Sbisa; 27, will be lost in expansion. The only player of any value the Canucks are exposing.

        It also gets confusing as to what such a statement may mean. Methot is Ott’s 1st pairing LH Dman as an example. If NYR were looking for a 1st pairing LHD would NYR take him for Stepan?

      • When did they move Horvat from C to D?

      • Thank you George. Hutton not Horvat. Fingers working better than the brain.

      • As always Striker you forgot Tryamkin who may end up being the most valuable of all of them if he uses his size like Chara does, well did.

      • Except Deeeeee he signed a 2 year deal in the KHL so out of the pucture for at least 2 years. Didn’t like the Canucks contract offer nor how He was treated by Desjardins nor Benning.

        He was omitted by choice not as always.

      • Actually did not know that. I guess we don’t get much Vancouver news here. So much for MAF to the Flames. Good deal for Calgary:

      • All good & unfortunate. Trymakin played well & is a monster of a man but they retain his rights for 5 more years.

        Given a choice of Smith even at a cost of 4.25 per for 2 more years, Arz having retained 25%, I would prefer MAF.

        I like the combo of MAF & potentially Grubauer in Vegas if that’s how it plays out.

    • So is Eberle for Eaken, well a stars pipe dream I mean.

    • Lol fat chance that Stepan alone would net you Oliver Ekman-Larsson what else are you going to offer Arizona for OEL because it would take a lot more then just Stepan to net OEL.

  2. A top pairing d man for a Stepan!?!?!


    NY did pull off RMc for Gomez… I guess it’s possible to take someone to the cleaners.

    • Yeah. But at the time McDonagh hadn’t yet played a game in the NHL. I don’t think a similar prospect deal is what the Rangers are seeking now. But as you say, you never know.

      • Granted but he was a 12th overall pick with a solid pedigree, having played 2 seasons in Wisconsin playing on all the best US development teams both the WJC 18’s & 20’s, Gomez was washed up making 7 mil per. The trade stunk just as bad in the summer of 09.

    • That pretty much ended Bob Gainey’s career as an NHL general manager. The pressures of his personal life to much to bare to think logically.

      • I don’t think anybody could have predicted Gomer falling off as bad as he did. Anybody who says they knew is telling stories.

      • At point of trade Gomez was 30 coming off a 58 point season in NYR. Mtl took on 4 years at an actual salary of 8, 8, 7.5 & 5.5.

        I can assure my exact comment at point of trade was what the f—! Gainey needs to be fired now.

      • It wasn’t so much that Gomez had started falling off the map for me it was a salary issue for what Mtl was getting. I din’t really like Gomez when he was scoring 70 to 80 point player in NJ.

  3. So… do we think MAF is selected by vegas or do they insist on a trade for him so they can select another player off pens?

    • Pierre Lebrun is reporting Vegas already has 3 first Rd picks and more to come before Wednesday

      • which two teams gave them up? any guesses? ANA and CBUS are mine.

      • The only 1 being rumored to be spent is Clb. To avoid selecting Korpisalo, Andersson or 1 of 2 Dman Savard or Johnson. It may include Murray & posibly it includes Vegas taking Clarkson & his cap hit. Vegas would recover 80% of his salary thru insurance.

        We assume Anh is the other as it has been reported a side deal has been rreached & that makes sense as Bieksa’s situation wasn’t addressed. If spo it’s Anh’s 1st in 2018 as Dallas got 2017’s with Anh making the conference final in the Eaves trade. Better for Vegas to get some of these picks spread out over several years.

    • Everything i saw and read is MAF is going to stay in Vegas.

      • So MAF happened in Vegas?

      • That may well be the 3rd 1st round pick. Take MAF avoid everyone else & we will give you our 1st? If it is those are solid deals for Vegas, at least the Columbus & Pittsburgh scenario’s. Who know’s what Anaheim has arranged. All are just speculation trying to put the pieces together based on what little/real info might be out there.

      • Think of it like a salary dump with Pit is paying Vegas to take MAF’s contract & not Cole. The cost being their 1st this year or next.

      • MAF is going to Vegas. Vegas is more than happy to get him. Pittsburgh is OK with losing him to protect the others.

        Zero chance they are trading MAF and a 1st to protect Ian Cole (who I love, but…yeah).

        The other pick could be Nashville to protect James Neal. Neal could be kept by Vegas and flipped for a 1st at the deadline next year, so I doubt McPhee settles for anything less than a first.

      • MG.

        So you feel it will simply be MAF selected by Vegas no additional compensation?

        You may well be right but I would certainly leverage Pit. They have significant cap issues if Vegas doesn’t select him. In That scenario I think I would pass on MAF & take Cole.

      • There’s no way the Penguins gave their first round pick with MAF. He’s an actual name they can promote to get people interested. “And now, starring 3 time Stanley Cup champion Marc Andre Fleury, here are your Las…….Vegas…….Ggggggggggolden Knights!!!!” There is no other player they are going to get in the expansion draft that has marketable value. Raanta, McKnab, Silferberg? The Pens gave them someone they can sell. There is no way they give up a first too.

      • Vegas doesn’t need to sell anybody. The novelty itself will suffice & the ticket sales were achieved before Vegas was even granted a franchise.

        We will know soon enough Deeeeee. You may be right, you may be wrong. I like MAF have defended him endlessly. Think he’s a great option, he & Grubauer will make a great tandem.

        I just think Vegas may have leveraged more. It may not be the 1st. We were just speculating based on the rumor Vegas has 3 1sts in their back pocket. Who’s 1sts, Clb & ?

      • Good chance Pens gave up 1st Round pick for Vegas to take MAF salary. If Vegas took another player, Pens still dealing with Cap issues post expansion draft.

      • I’d say the Ducks and the Wild. Both to save the dman they were supposed to have to trade. Those 3 make the most sense. And Vegas does have to sell itself to the LV area. This is a new sport they are introducing to this area(for the most part) and they need recognizable faces to go with the logo. They need to humanize the team.

      • Vegas will never have a large local following (see AZ, FL, Car, etc) but will sell out due to vacationing northern folks. Another Bettman screwed up dream of expanding the fan base.

      • I agree with Striker. Poor asset management if Vegas doesnt try to leverage Pitt… MAF as a marketable item? I’m a huge fan and I know thats stretchier than armstrong. With Cal out as a destination for Marc, it leaves few options left to trade Marc (and thats without knowing who he has on his NTC). If pens go into next season with MAF and Murray its not the end of the world.. but it will cost the pens a player elsewhere. So I would use that on GMJR if I was Mcphee. is the 1st a bit steep? yes. But I would try for some additional asset.

      • The leverage was in February.

        Without two things happening…

        1) Marc agreeing to his NTC for Vegas.
        2) McPhee agreeing to take Fleury

        …Marc would have been dealt at the deadline.

        McPhee agreed because if not, he loses out on his franchise goalie and face of franchise (which MAF will be) and the Pens trade him for very little to get him off the roster.

        The Pens could have then traded Cole or Maatta after the season and gone with a 7-3-1 protection scheme leaving Vegas with a Scott Wilson or a Tom Kuhnhackel instead of Marc.

        Faced with the choice of a franchise goalie or a 4th line winger, McPhee made the easy and correct choice.

        Faced with the choice of being shipped to CGY or DAL for a 7th round pick in early March, Marc stayed and won a Cup. Also the correct choice.

        If I’m wrong, we’ll know soon enough, but I predicted this outcome a long time ago. It’s logical for all parties. Rutherford is too smart to allow this to chance.

      • Why in the world would McPhee agree to that in feb? Can’t imagine he’s totally out to lunch. What if Marc’s hurt or plays like poop down the stretch? No… McPhee did not agree to this in feb. and the Stanley cup back up isn’t exactly the face of any franchise. Rutherford may have a deal in place now with McPhee but vegas foolish not to try to get something out of pens besides maf as starting next season with maf and Murray would be far from ideal and there are few teams looking for a starter making 5.9 mil

      • MG.

        MAF didn’t waive his NTC in Feb to go to Vegas. He waived his NMC to be exposed in the expansion draft & that doesn’t mean he will be Vegas’s selection, it just means Pitt can expose him & protect Murray. I would assume he is Vegas’s selection but again at what cost if any?

        With the # of quality Dman that haven’t moved pre trade freeze no reason for Vegas to even look at Cole so MAF seems obvious as their selection; will it contain something else?, unless Clb, Min, NYI or Ott pay Vegas a significant sum to avoid their extra D they can select a really good Dman from all 4 of these teams unless Ott decides to protect 8 skaters.

        As it sits right now 35 mins into the trade freeze they could come out of the expansion draft with 1 of the best D’s in the entire NHL or leverage them for a ton of other assets.

        I’m shocked this is potentially playing out this way.

        Brodin/Dumba, De Haan & Methot, Johsnon/Murray/Savard, is a really good starting point for any D in NHL & this doesn’t even count all the solid #5/6 guys available. Talk about tradable assets.

      • I can’t believe striker that those teams don’t have deals in place with Vegas… otherwise they would have traded to not lose a valuable commodity for nothing. Only question is what do the deals look like

      • No I want MAF to go to a playoff caliber team…since Calgary scooped up the aging MIke Smith as their goalie (can’t figure that one out) Winipeg would be the next best choice…not Las vegas uuuggghhhh

    • As we discussed the cost to pass on players was going to be much higher than 2nd round picks this time round.

      Who knows what will happen. The lid on solid rumors has been essentially zero.

      What’s going on in Calgary, who’s there protector in net for expansion?

      • The cost so far isnt outrageous. per speculation. if it is ana and pitts 1st they are upper 20’s and 31st. if the deal with clbs involves clarkson then its a salary dump AND avoiding players. teams getting their moneys worth outta vegas if any of this is true.. AND vegas is maxing out on assets. win win. I haven’t heard any rumors involving over-payments yet… week is still young!

      • Or that’s what I would say to Rutherford anyway. pay me something to select MAF or I’m taking Cole.

      • When I suggested it would cost 1sts in most cases you were opposed & debated endlessly it would be cheaper. Anyway all good & time will tell. Insurance plays in on almost all NHL players on LTIR; 80%, the only 1 I am aware of that isn’t insured is Horton, no underwriter would touch his deal he signed in Clb with his back issue. If it’s Clarkson, Murray & a 1st going to Vegas that’s significant. Vegas has tons of cap space & only needs to hit 45 mil if we get a 75 mil cap, or was thei min set on last years cap?

      • Columbus sounds like they paid quite a bit. Their first, a prospect, and sounds like Vegas will still select Ryan Murray or Karlsson.

        That sounds like quite a bit. Mainly because Clarkson’s contract being mostly insured and only causing issues up until the 1st day of the season seems like it should not have been very costly to move, and it sounds like Vegas is only letting Columbus protecting an extra asset or two.

        IMO Columbus is making a mistake exposing Murray over Johnson. I would take the chance on Murray, and their D is very strong with a trio starting with Jones, Werenski and Savard.

        Bielieu is the first of the value D to be shipped. Got to figure Montreal plans on adding first? I am not saying Bielieu, or the guys like him that might/will get moved are better than the bigger ones available, but I think that the team that ends up being happiest overall with the deal they make is going to be a team that gets unexpected upside from a guy like Bielieu, Pysyk, TVR etc. in the long run.

      • I argued it would likely be cheap than 1sts for teams that have options to trade their players elsewhere… cbus isnt really in that pack. plus if the deal involves clarkson is a deal to take an expiring contract AND avoid selecting players. I certainly didnt see that coming so in this case I guess I was wrong. I just can’t imagine the cost of a 1st or a 1st plus as many were expressing would outdo the value of that player (vatanan, brodin, de haan, methot, etc) on the trade market.

  4. Vegas is going to be a better team than the Coyotes, Canes, Islanders, Devils, Canucks…

    I still believe Ovie in Vegas makes sense

    • Vegas won’t be better than any of those teams. The only 2 even in consideration would be NJ & Van in that order. The Canes & NYI are playoff contenders. The only team Vegas might beat next season is Colorado & I would need significant odds to even consider that bet.

      Nor does Ovy make any sense. Ovy makes sense in Was. They are still a serious cup contender as constructed & Ovy’s a huge part of that.

      • Two questions for ds – who knocked out Washington this year? and how did that team do?
        The Capitals are so close and they need Ovechkin.

      • Caps need some change. Vegas could market Ovie.
        That is why I say it makes sense. I would keep Ovie but if there was a time and place to move him Vegas would be it.

        Striker : you have more faith on the Isles than I do.

        Vegas will finish 4-5th from last imho.

      • Washington isn’t at the blow it up stage, and should stay with the core for a couple more runs. They really had tough luck two years in a row now having been knocked out by the eventual cup winners. I think the first time Pitt won the cup they were the team that knocked out the caps in 7 as well. This year in particular was harsh, as they really played very well against Pittsburgh, but Fleury really held Pitt in it.

      • Vegas doesn’t need to market to sell out. Opposing teams fans will vacation in coordination with schedule. Vegas will be the worst team in NHL next year.

      • Also, I think a good chunk of the season tickets will get bought up by casino’s, clubs and hotels as comps. It’s a very transient city that is entirely built on entertainment. I am already planning to go next year around whatever dates look the best to see some Canadian teams down there.

        I think there will a lot of people thinking the same thing.

    • Better than the Islanders??? Who missed the playoffs by 1 point? And Carolina??? In your dreams. Hell, they won’t even be better than Vancouver and Arizona. Maybe Colorado – but we don’t know yet how the Duchene thing is going to break down and LV won’t get anyone near as good as McKinnon or Landeskog.

      • We are in full agreement here which isn’t unattainable just very rare. Ha-ha!

  5. Would like to see a bunch of trades not involving vegas but after all expansion is only losing one player

  6. Sounds like clb gave a 1st and a prospect to stay away from the players they can’t protect

    • If rumors are to be believed it’s Murray not really a prospect but a young injury prone #4 Dman, a #1 & it may or may not include Clarkson.

      • If that’s true that’s a solid deal for Vegas & 2 great building blocks.

        This isn’t your old NHL expansion draft. Many teams lose nothing but those not well positioned are going to pay handsomely to solve their roster problems.

      • The way I read it was that it was the 1st, a prospect, taking Clarkson’s salary to pick between Murray and Calvert.

        If that’s the case Vegas gets quite a haul, as Murray is still a decent gamble, or even a trade chip to get a little value out of a team who would be interested in gambling on him.

  7. Seems like alotta team’s are over valuing their available players. If these rumors are correct.

    • I agree, but I guess if the majority of the picks are this year the clubs could be saying its a weak class, better to give the pick then lose what we already know.

      • I am surprised if true. I didn’t think vegas would be able to hold teams to more than very late firsts. more in the range of 2nd rounders or decent but not great prospects. CBUS if one has extra forwards and those are harder to trade to other teams than d men. and to avoid multiple players almost makes it a trade to select someone as opposed to not select someone as there wouldnt be much left to select from that are legit picks.

        Not having to disclose the trades publicly is a big advantage for vegas.

      • I told you Chrisms you were out to lunch. We debated it endlessly. It simply costs what it would cost to acquire the player in trade almost. Seemed pretty obvious to me what the cost would be.

      • Out to lunch? Pshaw. I’m only out to lunch when we see what the teams with options, like ana, minny, isles, ott do. CBUS dumping clarkson in conjunction with protecting young players, in a situation where they had extra forwards to protect, isnt surprising at all.

        I will be very interested to see what those teams with extra top 4 d men do. If they don’t trade, either with vegas or another team looking for d then it shows vegas has a set value to pass on a player and teams dont think its worth it to just let the player walk. It also shows other teams didnt offer enough for those players to make it worth the teams while. If those teams dont trade prior to draft and vegas picks those players vegas nailed it. if those teams do trade prior to draft because vegas asked too much then vegas screwed up by asking for too much. its a big old game of poker.

  8. Lyle.

    Is RNH a good 2nd line C? At best he’s a below average 1. In his 2 best seasons ever he has managed 56 points playing as Edm’s #1 C. Last season he played as Edm’s #2 & managed 43 points. He has broke 20 goals once in his career. His faceoff skills are brutal, winning 43.8% last season, 43.2% career.

    • He is an ok 2nd C. He finished 60th in center scoring last year, and a good chunk of the names ahead of him are listed as C, but really are wingers.

      He could probably be a little better than ok with an improvement on his wings, and he’s decent defensively, but I think the issue is he is a little too middling in a lot of ways, and a little over paid. I think usage will always hold back his value. He isn’t good enough offensively to use against the weaker match ups like you would want a lot of 2C’s to exploit, and even though he is solid defensively, I don’t think he would be a dominant match up center on that alone, and he doesn’t bring edge, peskiness or even good defensive zone draws to the table in that role.

      He can be valued to a team in a situation where they really need an upgrade at C, but in Edmonton they are likely going to be better off upgrading their wings, and moving Draisatl to C more permanently to spread their attack around.

      I have said it, but I think with the value at C, and not as many knocks on him right now, RNH might be a better trade value than Eberle, and Eberle seems like a buy low candidate, so why not keep him and hope for a what could be a rebound year if you can’t get a good return.

      • By my count going thru NHL.com stats & determining whom is or isn’t a C as even their positions aren’t fully accurate he finished in a tie 49th in scoring at C & in a tie at 126th for all forwards. That doesn’t account for players injured say like a Stamkos, Stastny, Point, Zibanejad, Couturier, etc. A soft #2 C at best with no face off abilities. I’ll pass at 4 mil per never mind 6.

      • I agree, there is nothing great about what he does, and he makes too much to be a solid guy on a good contract.

        This, coupled with teams wanting to upgrade at C, and an odd perception that Eberle was an albatross this year while RNH did what he was supposed to for the same money, is why I would try and take advantage of that situation if I were Chiarelli.

        If you can get more for RNH than Eberle, and I could be wrong about this, but there seems to be a solid perception that RNH is much better, I would move RNH and keep Eberle as I think he makes an excellent rebound candidate next season.

      • The 1 thing RNH does to his credit is take the hard assignments playing against the other teams best players. He’s actually fairly solid considering the quality of his competition just not at 6 mil per & he’s had 6 years to learn to win draws in the NHL & he hasn’t. That’s also concerning. Your top 2 C’s have to be at least 50% ideally your #2 would be even better than that.

        In today’s puck possession game giving up the puck right off the draw doesn’t bode well.

      • The cap world really changes the way we look at players. RNH’s biggest issue isn’t anything that’s extremely deficient in his game, he simply makes too much to not do something at an elite level.

        If he was making $4M he would be so much more valuable as a guy who can fill in as a 2C, but isn’t making too much if he slots in at 3.

  9. Mtl isn’t giving up Gelchenyuk for RNH, nor is NYI trading Strome & De Haan for Eberle I wouldn’t move either of those players for Eberle never mind both & Col isn’t giving up Barrie for Eberle. I think it’s time for Mattheson to retire, he’s embarrassing himself. He wrote an article the other day saying the Cauncks should draft Mazar at #5. No slight to Mazar but the Canucks are dying for a C & 6 of them are ranked higher than Mazar on both NHL central scouting & ISS.

    With Stecher, Hutton, Juolevi, Subban, Brisebois all just kids & Gubranson just 25 why would they possibly pass on a C to take a D? Signing Gubranson for 1 year seems odd to by the way he will be a UFA following. That doesn’t seem like very wise asset management considering they gave up McCann a 2nd & a 4th last summer.

    • Who is “Mazar”? Is he a better prospect at 5 than “Makar”?

      • Sorry, thank you. No I don’t think he is. Ha-ha! in the NHL’s poll of GM’s 1 had Makar #1. I just hope that wasn’t Benning. No slight to Makar 1 of the best D prospects available but Vancouver needs a C. The Sedin’s have 2, 3 years left tops but declining fast & other than Horvat the cupboard is bare. Grandlund may have to move to C if a solution isn’t found before the Sedins retire.

        There has been talk Gaudette may be a diamond in the rough, fingers crossed for the Canucks.

    • Stepan for OEL is the funniest one I have heard

      • I don’t even find it funny. Just mind boggling anyone would imply such, makes me shake my head & say what a Fu—– maroon? Is that wrong? Ha-ha! That makes me laugh.

      • A lot of delusional NYR, TOR, WIN, EDM fans out there – seem to think they are getting top talent for scraps their team no longer want.

      • I think Lyle was just using his OEL’s name as an example of what New York was asking for. I think he made his point!

  10. Its been reported that LV has 3 1st rnd picks and can be more by Wednesday. How many of these picks will the flip to NJ for the 1st overall and select Nolan Patrick.

    • Depends on where the picks are. 3 in the top 10 and you think about it. 3 in the top 30 and it’s a no. Nolan Patrick is going to be a good one even though he got less fanfare than others because of injuries.

  11. Trade proposal:Conner Brown + a pick For Travis Hamonic. Islanders get a 20 goal scorer who’s an RFA,23 yo and draft exempt,gives them immediate cap relief and Leafs get a Dman signed for 3 years for under $4 million per season.

    • counter proposal. nylander for hamonic and a pick.


      conner brown and leafs 1st is not getting a top 4 d man unless it has something to do with expansion.

      • @chrisms: Ha Ha..I know..I wouldn’t do either of those trades but both our proposal are less crazy than Stepan for OEL for example..but it is intriguing nonetheless

    • Brown isn’t exempt. He has 3 years of NHL/AHL contractual experience.

      I had Brown & other assets going to Anh for Vatanen but Anh working out a side deal with Vegas to avoid selecting specific players may mean Vatanen is going some where after the expansion draft to a different tea but who knows we aren’t getting even a whisper of what they are paying Vegas.

      • @Sriker: I forgot about that year in the AHL. Geez, I wish stuff would soon start happening.

      • You & me both. At least we get protected rosters in the morning tomorrow. That’s something concrete to evaluate.

      • The whole reason Vatanen was being rumored to being traded was because of the expansion draft. Why would Anaheim move him after the draft?

      • Because they need a 1st or 2nd line LW, Theodore & Montour are both NHL ready, Larsson is banging on the door & there is no room at the inn. Anh also could use the cap space trading him provides. Although with Despres bought out & Stoner up next for a buyout after the expansion draft at some point, not as pressing.

        Theodore & Montour still have waiver rights so you may well be right & they don’t trade him.

  12. Looking forward to seeing what Edmonton does this offseason. Oilers should not trade Eberle for Eakins. Eakins is solid but the Oil are set at top 3 C if they have Cagguila as the #3. Vatanen would be a nice get but wouldn’t the Ducks rather move him for JVR if possible? The Oilers can’t get Dumba or Brodin as the Wild won’t want to protect Eberle, at least i doubt they will. I don’t really know how good De Haan is. can Anybody enlighten me? Hamonic is solid so maybe thats who the Oilers end up getting for Eberle but Snow didn’t want that deal last offseason. The Oilers are weak at RW so at this point they almost need to trade for a RW in return for Eberle so why even bother? does it make more sense to move RNH now? i vote for trading RNH and a prospect to Colorado for Tyson Barrie.

    • De Haan just turned 26. He has played 271 NHL regular season games so still almost 2 years from being fully developed. He has been developed very well, progressively, getting better & better every year. Played as NYI’s #4 last season, less than a minute of TOI/GP than Boychuk; #2, & Hamonic; #3, is a solid 2nd pairing 2 way Dman that may have 1st pairing potential. Lead NYI in SH TOI/GP at D, a willing hitter, finished 4th in the NHL for Dman in blocked shots with 190.

      A solid pedigree having been selected 12th overall in 2009 & has played for Canada on all National teams coming up WJC’s U18, & 2 WJC’s U20 teams. Was a point producing Dman in the OHL but never been deployed in that role in the NHL. Has untapped offensive abilities scoring 5 goals & 25 points last season. He was sent back to Jr twice after being drafted, then 1 full season in the AHL followed by a season split between both the AHL & NHL. The standard development curve for most NHL Dman which has him flying under the radar for most but not all. Would be a great addition for any team.

      Just came out of a 3 year bridge deal so hard choices need to be made now as 1 year from UFA status giving him significant leverage. Should play about another 10 years in the NHL at a very high level. Should get a 6+ deal at 4 to 4.5 in todays cap world & that contract in 2 years will seem cheap.

  13. Stepan is overpaid, plain and simple. Rangers realize that and are trying to unload him. I hope no GM is stupid enough to offer a legit top pairing d man for him. Eberle, Stepan, RNH, etc…they don’t warrant the price tag. Let these teams suffer the consequences of their foolish signings.

    • The Stepan you see is as good as he will ever get – you bet he’s overpaid.

      • Just hasn’t been able to put it all together for some reason. Making his contract a mil to mil 5 to much in this cap world.

      • It could be worse he could be making 10.5 mil per.

  14. Sometimes in today’s cap NHL just dumping a salary with no return is the best option. Oilers should just move Eberle for a prospect or draft pick, nonsense in trying to pick up some floater from another team, they need cap space to sign McDavid to league high salary soon. Nugent-Hopkins no way I’d trade him for that Russian floater on Montreal.

    • Galchenyuk may sound eastern European but born in the heart of America, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

    • If that Habs would consider moving Galchenyuk for RNH, I think they should be taking it. Galchenyuk was no where near as disappointing last year as media would make it sound. He outscored RNH in 21 fewer games. Edmonton won’t care too much if he is a winger or center when he gets there, and Galchenyuk probably won’t care if he is a winger if it gets him a chance to play with McDavid.

      I think with all the negativity around him too you get him signed to a contract that is far cheaper than RNH’s so it saves cap space as well.

      Personally I don’t see anyway that Montreal goes for this deal, but I would guess Edmonton says yes right away.

      • At the minimum it would have to be rnh and a 1st, even than I think galchenyuk will be used for a dman

      • They being Edm obviously? It’s kind of confusing in your 1st sentence, that reads Mtl but the you swing the other way.

        If I were Edm this deal would already be done if on the table.

      • Haha, yea, I meant Edmonton would say yes right away.

        Failing Engrish.. Thats umpossible

  15. Maybe one of the 1st is from Minny stay away from our d and take Zucker and a 1st.

    • That could be interesting. Sounds like Vegas could be able to cobble together a pretty interesting group of D, but 20 goal forwards with potential could be rare, so getting another 1st with one has to be pretty appealing.

      Prices seem higher than I expected based on the rumours. It’s getting pretty interesting, sounds like Mcphee is handling this extremely well so far.

    • That would be an awesome deal from Minnesota, maybe they even through in Olofsson or Scandella to avoid Dumba or Brodin. If I’m McPhee I’m putting the screws to anyone I can, you give me this or I’m taking this. Example. You want to buy out MAF all the power to you we will select Cole then. Chrisms hated this argument.

      • I agree. Its the truth tho. He may secretly want MAF. But mcphees and the league’s goal is to make vegas competitive. So putting the screws to every team is the way its going to happen. I dont agree with but thats life.

      • For 500 million US you should get something for your money. It would be cheaper to buy almost a 3rd of the existing teams in the NHL & a few would have come with a building deal.

      • For sure. If i was vegas i woulda made sure i could have a good team from day one. I wouldn’t want to be like minny or cbj was. I think u could count on one hand how many times combined those 2 have made the playoffs.

      • Nor will they be. This isn’t you old NHL expansion draft. Going to be curious to see how this all plays out. They could potentially surprise as they are going to get some solid assets, & will have the ability to flip some G’s & D’s for other solid assets following the expansion draft.

        They should be in a great situation to leverage picks in trade before & at the draft.

        It’s all very exciting.

      • grrrr…..

        I am confused… are you going back to prior to knowing Marc waived his NMC for vegas in this Striker? If so buying out Marc and losing cole is easily worth keeping Murray in this situation.


        Arn’t you the guy that was scoffing at people from Pittsburgh proclaiming Cole played himself into protection level this season?

      • As I am Chrisms. Confused that is.

        MAF waived his NMC, apparently in February.

        I’m saying Vegas leverages Pit to help with their cap issues by threatening to select Cole & not MAF & this may have been prearranged in February.

        Cole is a #5 Dman at best for me, a solid penalty killer & I don’t value him higher than Letang, Schultz, Maatta or Dumuolin.

        If Pittsburgh called my bluff I would take MAF not Cole but I would tell Rutherford the opposite & try to squeeze more out of him & I will be surprised if something else isn’t included. It may not be a 1st, it may but if not something.

        I think it’s safe to assume they spoke but did they agree to something? No idea really. Just hypothesizing on the 3 1sts apparently in Vegas’s back pocket.

      • As I said above I agree . I’m not sure it takes a 1st but I’d ask for something from pens to ensure maf the pick. Not many trading partners out there for Marc and paying 10 mil for goalies isn’t the best use of cap space. But it’s not the end of the world either. I’d ask for a prospect or pick and see how high I could get gmjr to go

  16. Honestly believe that Trouba is target for Rangers. Stepan to Arizona will be to gain assets to be included in deal with Jets. We’ve heard Jets want Raanta, maybe Arizona has something that interests Jets?

    • NYR may well be interested in Trouba, who wouldn’t be. As always Hellbuyck is Winnipeg’s #1 goalie. I assume a veteran, not Raanta will be brought into to help shelter & mentor him next season at some point this summer. A relatively cheap option as Winnipeg runs on a tight cash flow & has numerous salary increases coming over the next 2 years.

      If Trouba is moving some solid Dman even if just a stud prospect D is coming back to Winnipeg as part of that trade. NYR doesn’t have that asset to give up. The only 1 they have is Skjei & he’s staying put. Stud in the making.

      • Bereglazov? Day? Pionk?

      • With Enstrom waiving ntc dampens my hope of getting Trouba.

      • With Enstrom waiving ntc dampens my hopes.

      • Well you need not fear, he will be traded eventually, as I would be shocked if Trouba stays in Winnipeg any longer than absolutely necessary which is 3 more years tops at which point he would become a UFA if he plays it that way. He’s 1 2 year arbitration award after next season from UFA status.

        I could be easily be wrong & time will tell.

      • Looking at how Tampa moved Drouin, have to think there was still some bad blood there. Hoping same is true in Wpg. Rangers must get a 1st AND 2nd pair RH D-men if they are going to compete.

  17. After we won the CUP!! This is the best time of year!!

    LET’S GO PEN’S!!

    • Hahahhaaha. Well done. Don’t stop you have bragging rights for a year, enjoy.

    • Right colors wrong team for me but happy for you & them.

    • 2017 Cup showed the secret formula!

      7 2nd pair defensemen
      2 #1 goalies
      2 future HOF centers


    • Yep it is back to back…and without Kris Letang…no one gave us a chance

  18. Less than 2.5 hours to the trade deadline for teams to trade with everyone. This is not how I expected this to all go down. Talk about walking a tight rope for 6 to 10 teams, less the 3 that potentially have bought there way out of expansion hell.

    Teams will have 3 more days to try & pay Vegas off but after that bell at 3PM eastern today Vegas’s leverage increases even more, at least prior to teams have more than 1 team to try & address their roster issues with.

  19. With the lack of movement, starting to look like LV must’ve made a ton of deals. I keep checking my twitter feed and nothing. Just a little over 2 hrs to go.

    • Or many teams will accept the cost of losing the 1 player. I assume it’s a combination of all it depends on each teams issues & that’s what sets the cost. In a worse position it costs more to buy Vegas off or lose the player. Only a handful of teams are in a terrible position. Maybe 6 remaining. Flo, Min, Nas, NYI, Ott & Was assuming Anh, Clb & Pit have bought solutions.

    • I think we could see teams gambling they can make a deal after the fact with Vegas. Will be interesting, as you will see teams bidding on assets from other lists with Vegas.

  20. I keep reading about tomorrow and the phone calls LV will be getting to select a player for a trade. The only issue with that most of them players LV would have a deal already in place not to select.

  21. Tobias Enstrom has waived his NMC for Wpg, reported by Elliotte Freidman. This is big for the jets.

    • Huge. It gets them to 7, 3 & 1 but still going to lose a solid player either Enstrom or Dano now I assume.

      • Don’t think the jets will be upset at losing enstrom 🙂 but i would have to think the knights go for Dano.

      • Or do they expose Armia?

  22. I think they would expose dano over armia. Armia is a big body with skill.

    • Agreed

  23. If I am Nashville and it comes down to Neal or jarnkrok. I try and trade Neal or expose him if I can’t trade him barring any side deal with vegas. fiala is capable of filling in for Neal. Jarnkrok is signed to a great deal and serves the team well. The cap savings for Neal need to be allocated to johansen.

    • That’s my thought process as well.

  24. Sounds like smith is on his way to the flames and Brodie might be involved

    • Well that Brodie tweet was way off lol

  25. Bealieu to sabres for 3rd pick, sounds like they are getting one of the young dmen available

  26. Start the Bergevin lynching now. Beaulieu to Buf for a 3rd. Following 2 more years of development Beaulieu will be playing as a #3 Dman that leans more to offense. Great deal for Buf & essentially free?

    • You must not watch bealieu very much? His hockey iq is virtually non existent

      • What ever you say. Played almost 20 mins a night putting up 4 goals & 28 points. Needs 2 more years to fully develop at the NHL level he will score 5 to 10 goals & 35 to 40 points in Buffalo next season as a 2nd pairing 2nd PP Dman.

        Caper. What was the % chance of a 3rd ever even making the NHL? About 5%!

      • And a healthy scratch in the playoffs? Lol

      • I agree a 3rd is basically a giveaway. But it does indicate how the league values beaulieu

      • That’s right Scott to trade within the division says a lot about his value

      • I bitched then as well. Benn looked awesome out there in his stead. But being a Bruins fan we have watched Julien make those odd choices on numerous occasions for years.

    • Stupid trade by Bergevin! Good on botterill- seize the moment.

  27. Just read a schenn/galchenyuk trade is being discussed. Gives the Habs a centre they need

    • So apparently Nashville has no protection deal in place but will submit their list.

      I know they can still make a deal, but if they couldn’t agree to the price before the freeze, you would figure the price will sky rocket once Vegas has all the leverage.

    • Stupid trade by Bergevin! Good on botterill- seize the moment.

  28. I was caught up in the Pen’s run so I haven’t followed the expansion stuff as much, but now that the lists are coming out tomorrow, this is one of the most exciting offseasons I can remember.

    I get their reasoning to try to prevent leaks so people tune in to the awards (I wouldn’t be watching if not for the expansion draft) but it would have been so interesting to follow the wheeling and dealing the next few days.

    Almost every team in the league is going to see a name on the list of exposed players they didn’t expect and try to see what he’d cost in trade.

    I hope the Pens scan those lists for a 3rd line center or a Dman to replace Hainsey’s spot. Marcus Kruger is reportedly going to Vegas, he’d be a decent replacement for Bonino, for example.

  29. A year plus of blind speculation, crazy trade talk and this is the result? TURD! What a waste of good, horrible and in between trade proposals, and internet space! Lmao!

    • almost every one of your posts ends with lmao or lol or something like it. You are one happy guy!

      • It’s usually because Im responding to some ill informed hilarious garbage you just posted…. LOL… LMAO!

        Want to go on with your “FIRST to post” comments? , maybe belt out a few tunes again with Shticky?

      • 121st!

        ?it was the heat of the moment?

      • Where is that ” every player on the leafs is the greatest ” shticky? Lol he was always trolling and being paranoid saying everyone was using different names!

  30. WOW. Not a lot of trades. Teams must have been playing hardball with the teams stuck prior to expansion and lowballing them with trade offers. Vegas being able to keep deals secret is really gonna work in their favor now. Course it looks like teams would rather deal with Vegas than except low ball offers for their guys so Vegas must be making it palatable (compared to the alternative). This is exactly what vegas should have done. As I said, any deal not done with vegas is a loss for vegas. The golden knights seemed to have done just that. How many trades were there? Smith, Nate bolognau, Nick Cousins? Vegas played their advantage wonderfully, it appears, and now teams have to deal with them. Is every team sending them a first that needed to protect players? That would be Isles, Ott, Minny, ANA, Cbus, possibly Pitt, Peg, Nash… Is vegas gonna pick every third player in the draft? I’d be shocked if that was the cost to all these teams. draft will be an interesting expose into NHL economics.

  31. Not how I expected it to play out. Anticlimactic as most trade deadlines, etc. are. Shocked really. Vegas can’t use an unlimited # of picks even if spread over many years, some sure but having like 6 1st round picks in 1 year doesn’t make sense to me.

    If I’m Vegas I’m taking several of these players now available & not passing unless the return is insane. If a Minnesota or NYI want to buy me off to avoid Brodin/Dumba or a DeHaan unless to good to refuse I select them. Given a choice of a 2018 1st from Minny & Zucker I take Brodin. Same scenario with NYI. Brodin & De Haan would make solid acquisitions & lay the foundation for Vegas’s D for the next decade.

    It’s been anticlimactic to this point but I assume they excitement has just been pushed to June 21st. Now we get to keep discussing what if’s. Arghhhhhhh

    • What if….

      I can’t imagine the deals arnt already done striker and that’s why so little movement.

      Otherwise lose good value for nothing.

  32. Congrats to Shero on getting Mueller from SJ. Solid acquisition & he will help down the road.

    There are a bunch of these types of assets out there that are still not quite NHL ready following a far more conventional development curve but potentially lost for nothing in expansion & SJ will at least have something to show for moving him.

  33. Utterly amazing that Detroit has yet to do anything, still sitting with 2 expensive goalies and a half dozen immensely expensive contracts… funny that most other GM’s are able to pull the trigger on trades but yet Holland has Zero clue.. He road Devalano and Jim Nill’s coat tails and now has completely made Detroit irrelevant… sad for a Long Term fan, looking at years of pain again with this moron at the ” Helm”

  34. LV has 2 choices, buy the cup with overpaid FA or build for future. 1 good player today could equal a pick and prospect if dealt, or more. One bad contract could equal two prospects or future year picks, etc. They can outbid in FA market this year but best bet is to stockpile future assets to build a foundation especially in the cap world.
    If I were GM I would take MAF and anyone like him and trade away for picks next couple seasons as his value will fall for sure since any goalie there will have horrible numbers.