NHL Rumor Mill – June 19, 2017

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Vegas Golden Knights GM George McPhee could be wheeling and dealing this week.

A look at several teams that could talk trade leading up to the expansion draft with the Vegas Golden Knights in your NHL rumor mill.

THE ATHLETIC: James Mirtle reports Vegas Golden Knights general manager George McPhee will attempt to use his salary-cap space to his advantage in his dealings with other NHL clubs. Some teams with limited salary-cap space could ask McPhee to take a bad contract off their hands by also including another asset. Mirtle hears the Tampa Bay Lightning could be contemplating this, perhaps by offering up defenseman Jason Garrison.

McPhee’s also stockpiling first-round draft picks and prospects in exchange for not selecting certain players left unprotected in the upcoming expansion draft. Mirtle speculates McPhee could load up on goaltenders thus setting the trade market for some of the better ones.

THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Eric Stephens reports the Anaheim Ducks left defensemen Sami Vatanen and Josh Manson unprotected in the upcoming expansion draft. “Ducks general manager Bob Murray is believed to have worked out a deal with the Golden Knights so that neither will be selected by them.” Stephens believes Murray could be forced to part with “possibly a good, young defensive prospect and a high-round draft pick.”

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staple reports there’s talk the New York Islanders “have already agreed to send Vegas their first-round pick, 15th overall, in this weekend’s NHL Draft” to steer the Golden Knights away from unprotected Isles such as “Brock Nelson, Ryan Strome and Calvin de Haan,” among perhaps others.


THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Aaron Portzline reports the Blue Jackets “have reached a trade agreement to keep Vegas from poaching its defense or from nabbing two of its brightest young talents, right wing Josh Anderson and backup goaltender Joonas Korpisalo.” The Golden Knights have also reportedly agreed not to select defenseman Jack Johnson.  it’s believed the Jackets will part with their first-round pick (No. 24 overall) in this year’s NHL Draft “along with a prospect (not forwards Sonny Milano or Pierre-Luc Dubois).”

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: The Blackhawks left center Marcus Kruger and defenseman Trevor van Riemsdyk unprotected in the expansion draft. TSN reported last month that “the Hawks and Knights might have a deal in place for the Knights to take both Kruger and van Riemsdyk in the expansion draft. League sources have said such a deal remains a possibility.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Thanks to the expansion draft roster freeze, McPhee has the trade market solely to himself until 8 am ET on June 22. He’s going to work this to his advantage.

The Blackhawks, Blue Jackets, Islanders and Ducks are four clubs reportedly with deals in place with the Golden Knights. As Mirtle noted in his piece, the Lightning could join them. As we’ll see below, others could be keen to talk trade with McPhee.

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Michael Russo reports the Minnesota Wild “will continue trade talks with the Golden Knights to perhaps steer them off a specific unprotected player or get them to select an exposed player from another team and trade him to Minnesota.”  Defensemen Matt Dumba and Marco Scandella and center Eric Staal were left unprotected by the Wild in the upcoming expansion draft.

TORONTO STAR: Kevin McGran speculates Toronto Maple Leafs winger Joffrey Lupul might be headed to Vegas. Lupul missed all last season to injury but was eligible to be exposed in the expansion draft. McGran suggests either Lupul is healthy enough to play next season or Leafs GM Lou Lamoriello has a deal with the Golden Knights in which they take the winger and his $5.25 million cap hit off the Leafs books and stay away from a high-end prospect, such as Brendan Leipsic or Kerby Rychel.

THE NEWS & OBSERVER: Chip Alexander reports it’s possible the Carolina Hurricanes could offer the Golden Knights a draft pick to select a goaltender, perhaps Eddie Lack, in the upcoming expansion draft. The Hurricanes left Lack and Cam Ward unprotected.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Golden Knights also have a window to discuss contracts with pending unrestricted free agents. As we see below, there’s a couple they could be looking at talking to. 





  1. I wonder if the NHL is going to be just as generous with the next expansion draft as they are with the Golden Knights. I remember past expansion drafts had nowhere near the same perks being given to Las Vegas. I’m curious if this is a “Las Vegas” thing or the way of the new world thing.

    • As long as they’re charging half a BILLION (and probably up 3 or 4 years down the road) to get in I think it’s only fair to continue to be “generous.”

    • The new order. I assume Quebec will be added before the next CBA expires, same rules as current but they might clean up the timelines if able.

      • Quebec City – IF it gets a franchise – will be a transfer of one of the existing eastern teams having problems at the box office. The next expansion teal could very well be Seattle 3 or 4 years down the road.

      • You could easily be right George.

        I think Carolina will move to Seattle coming out of the 2021-22 lock out. Quebec will write the check for 500 mil US, they were willing to in this round but got passed over. No 1 else stepped up to do so. Might another? I would prefer to buy Carolina & pay the relocation fee than pay 500 Mil US to start from scratch.

        Carolina can’t get out of their existing lease for at least 4 more years, to punitive to do so. I think NHl owners will want Quebec’s money long before that.

      • Carolina is going to be competitive next season and that will spark ticket sales. They could be becoming competitive at the perfect time to avoid relocation

      • It’s certainly possible Chrisms. I really like what Francis has built & is building. They are a playoff contender for me.

        This team has a great group of young players, prospects & picks. Only ? is G depth. I ssume they are losing Altschuller who is waiver exemt to Vegas.

        Why aren’t peoiple coming out to watch them now?

    • I totally concur, when Tampa Bay entered the NHL in 1992 they were loaded up with has been and rejects it’s first year.

      • So were the Senators that same year. And they had to split the crap.

      • Totally disagree Carolina will move to a city that’s smaller that has lost a team before and from one of the fastest growing markets in the US with a new interest in a probably a playoff team this season also with the best arena deals in the NHL…NO! and @ Striker do you the owners are dumb enough to pass on a expansion fee for a new team? LOL NO! there NOT giving that kind of cash up! Seattle will get a new team or the Coyotes will move there either way the East is settled per Gary G anyway.

      • George O i agree what about Kanas City close in proximity and they have that new sprint arena…..

    • I think rules will be essentially the same… but the next team will be at more of a disadvantage as teams know the score and likely suspect 32nd team is coming relatively soon. NMC will be almost impossible to get off teams in new contract talks unless its a slam dunk player (like mcdavid).

    • Yuts a 500 million dollar perk. This time around.

  2. If I’m McPhee that would have to be one helluva deal in place to take Lupoul!

  3. Wonder what the asking price from McPhee would be to take Lupul’s last year off the Maple Leafs books and not select Rychel or Liepsic.

    • I wouldn’t mind losing Rychel or Leipsic, preferably Rychel, simply because we have so many good young wingers we don’t have room for them all, nor will we in the near future (unless van Riemsdyk actually gets traded or leaves as a UFA). I think I’d rather lose one of them then forfeit a 1st round pick, even with this year’s weaker then normal draft.

      • @Thirsty Deer: Lupul being on that expansion list sure is interesting. IR indefinite status, NTC clause of 14 acceptable trade destinations yet still qualifies for this draft. Maybe he get drafted, then flipped to one of those 14 teams? I don’t know

    • I don’t think it makes a lot of sense to see that deal happen. Lupul has a year left, and the Leafs aren’t in any cap difficulty, if anything, the Leafs are one of the teams that should consider taking on a year or so of a bad contract for an asset. I can’t see why they would value moving that contract enough to entice Vegas.

      The Coyotes are also going to be in the market to take on salary, but TSN mentioned Horton and Clarkson as appealing.

      Clarkson makes sense, costs very little in dollars, with a good cap hit, and Columbus will pay more to move on from it. Horton makes no sense, as he isn’t insured and costs his full salary. The Leafs aren’t likely in enough salary cap trouble anytime soon to pay what it takes for Phoenix to take on dead money. Dead cap, sure, but Phoenix is looking for situations where they can get to the floor with deals that don’t cost them as many real dollars as it costs cap dollars.

      • Agreed Danny, but maybe they have a couple deals in the works regarding defensemen where freeing up some space might help?

      • It’s possible, but the amount they would need to spend for next season in order to need that money freed up should scare Leafs fans long term. They are almost better off leaving some dead money as place holders for some of their rookies.

        It’s possible they value the Rychel and Leipsic enough that they offered something to Vegas, Vegas countered with something a little more, and Toronto said Deal if you take on Lupul… that maybe makes some sense into how it could come about, but if Toronto ends up paying a 1st to protect wingers and move Lupul when they need D, it’s a waste of an asset. Toronto needs to start drafting D, or use picks mainly as currency to get D or D prospects in the pipeline.

        For the record, I am not debating that it could happen, or your rationale of why the Leafs would do it under the assumption the rumor/thought were true. More or less I would be questioning Lou’s logic if he made that sort of move.

      • @Danny..I agree about Lupul as well unless Lou has been told he can’t bury him anymore on Robidas Island by the league so play him or trade him kind of thing. The article did mention these decisions are a case by case basis. Hard to say here.

      • Arz isn’t taking on Horton’s contract, it’s not insured, the reason Clb dumped it on Tor for Clarkson.

      • If Toronto couldn’t send Lupel to the island, they’d just buy him out. Giving up an asset for that wouldn’t be worth it

  4. If I was MacPhee I would take the best player available from every team unless they had a possibility of getting a high round pick like the 15th or 24th pick in the first round being offered up by the Islanders and Blue Jackets respectively. They also have the 6th overall pick so you could get some great young players to develop into long term assets for your team. Or you could flip the 15th and 24th picks to other teams for proven roster players and assets. There are some pretty decent players available on the unprotected list. I would just go for it and take the best ones available! But then again you should see me in a candy store; not a pretty sight!

    • Haha.. good analogy.

      It’s like going to the grocery store when you are hungry, and buying too many things that don’t keep or freeze well. You need to get the things that you will use soon, but the majority should be things you can stock and use later. This way you aren’t throwing away too much food… or players.

      • Hey Danny,

        It may be funny but really is like that isn’t it? The competitive side in me would find it very difficult to not pounce on proven assets straight out of the gate. Like your grocery store scenario!

      • Absolutely. When you look at it, I think there are teams that would rather wipe their roster and start where Vegas is.

        They can actually ice a playoff competitive team right out of the gate, or stockpile huge assets. Chances are it’s somewhere in between.

    • gotta remember that these lists were put out with deals with vegas already in place for teams. The lists would have looked a lot different had teams not had deals in place already with vegas. So price was agreed upon prior to lists being posted.

      • Good point Chrisms! Not everything on the shelve at the candy store is really available, but it sure does look good.

  5. A lot of first round deals. 5 or 6 ? ( I doubt it) … We are going to get tired of Vegas congratulating the city of Pittsburgh and the Penguins when they make their selections 🙂 …I believe the Knights will bundle and try and move up to get Patrick. Maybe their 6th and like a 24th. as example

  6. regarding Lupul’s contract and the Leafs. Maybe I am missing something, the Star today mentioned how it was going to interfere with their salary cap. He doesn’t have a NMC, and the Leafs are flush with cash, if he is eligible to play (no longer injured) wouldn’t they just bury him in the AHL a la Laich, Michalek, and Greening ? thus not counting towards the salary cap at all ?

    • forgot to add, that they would do that rather than have to lose assets, especially draft picks.

    • That doesn’t free up Lupul’s full cap hit just 950K of it.

      How Tor has gotten away burying Lupul’s & Robidas’s contracts is odd, both felt they were fit to play. Neither the NHLPA or other teams pushed these issues, they just happened & rarely even discussed.

      How is this not cap circumvention?

      • ahh, good point, that does make a difference, they would only get full cap relief under a Long term injury scenario. As for Robidas and Lupul feeling they were ready to play….who knows what was whispered in their ears…In both cases I am sure that team doctors never cleared them to play, so I guess even if they felt ready to play, they would have had to get outside dr. opinions and the NHLPA to challenge the team dr. I don’t know what the protocol there is. But whatever it is, something was whispered in their ears that it wasn’t a good thing to do, lol.

      • I think Toronto has actually avoided having any grievance filed as I don’t believe either player was actually placed on LTIR this year or last.

        This means the players are technically only giving Toronto the ability to have a 23 man roster without them. They likely haven’t fought it because if they did, they would just be re-assigned to the Marlies to create space on the roster, since the team didn’t really need the cap space.

        I could be wrong, but I think they almost got bullied into the situation because getting declared healthy doesn’t do much except likely get them assigned to the Marlies.

        I feel like Lupul will likely be the one to go on the record about the situation after he is no longer under contract, and we will hear more about what was likely a pretty nasty internal situation.

      • Neither Lupul or Robidas had their salaries buried. Their salaries were included as part of the Leafs CAP. They were able to do this because they were sufficiently below the upper CAP limit.
        That is why it is not cap circumvention.

      • My issue isn’t with the impact of the monies but how Tor can claim their unfit to play when they & their doctors feel they aren’t. Tor didn’t circumvent the cap in cap hit or actual salaries but whether they were or weren’t fit to play. I’m surprised this wasn’t addressed by the NHLPA in mediation or arbitration or another team complaining to the NHL about it didn’t force something. None did anything it just never even became an issue but now Tor isn’t burying him on LTIR has exposed him as if he’s now fit to play.

        It just stinks to me but really how cares. I assume he’ll just be unfit to play again next season & Tor will bury him again on LTIR.

      • If it’s Loophole Lou we’re talking about here then there should be no surprise. I always thought he had to have had something on Bettman with the things he got away with.

      • @striker-I was responding to your question. “How is this not CAP circumvention”?
        Its not.

      • We are spinning are wheels. Are they or aren’t they fit to play? They say yes, Tor says no. Shouldn’t someone else then be required to decide. The NHL & NHLPSA must have rules for this situation.

        Teams can’t just bury healthy players & take the LTIR savings, the players actually need to be unfit to play to qualify.

      • @Striker. I think the issue is that Toronto declared them unfit to play, but didn’t bury them with LTIR, so nobody is complaining because they are in the same boat as if they were fit to play but just not playing.

        Lupul and Robidas haven’t really fought it, they are getting no cap edge right now, and nothing is really any different than if they just assigned them to the Marlies, which they would have done if Lupul and Robidas had insisted on playing and filed a grievance.

        I am not saying, there is nothing weird here, but it’s a weird technicality. If Lupul complains, best case scenario he get’s re-instated and sent to the minors. Other teams aren’t complaining because Toronto isn’t using LTIR, and technically Toronto would be in a better cap situation if they were buried in the minors.

        There is something weird about it though. Both players have been virtually invisible and silent. Lupul has stopped tweeting and nobody has heard from him. I have a feeling when his contract is up, we will hear more about what is really going down.

      • @Danny you are 100% correct. Toronto never put Lupal on LTIR.
        Therefore they received no financial or CAP relief.

      • Lupul was put on LTIR At the exact same time as Horton & Robidas at least according to Capfriendly

    • I think burying Lupul only saves $925,000. on the cap. They’d be better off buying him out. Its way cheaper. 1,750,000.00 over 2 years I think.

      • That would take care of most of this year’s cap increase of $2 mil anyway.

  7. Wouldn’t you like to be sitting in Mcphee office. What an interesting time for them. He could have multiple offers for different players on the same team. He could and has made deals with teams to stay away from certain players, then turnaround and make a deal with another team to select a certain player off that same team; netting LV prospects and picks for not taking and then getting prospects and picks for taking and all for the price of one player.
    What’s the over/under for the number of picks and prospect LV obtains from the expansion draft? How many 1st?

    • If I was using an example, it’s been Reported that NYI gave LV a 1st rnd pick not to select any forwards. The Islanders left Dman Calvin De Haan exposed, I would think for example Boston would be willing to give LV their 1st and a prospect for them to select and trade De Haan to them them. 2 first and a prospect not a bad haul.

      • Caper be careful. Islanders fans have been scratching their heads about de Haan for a few years now. He had a good couple of months to end the season but that was actually magnified by the poor year that Hamonic had. I know its easy to say Garth Snow doesn’t know what he’s doing but if reports are correct and the forwards are covered then it seems that he has protected everyone he needed to. The fact that Pelech was protected over de Haan tells you everything you needed to know and something that Islander fans have known for awhile. Pelech is a big, young physical player with some upside. de Haan is what you see and not going much higher. He’s just an ok defenseman. He will typically get overmatched by larger or faster forwards and will be no more than a third pairing defenseman on a good team. Plus he is an RFA looking to cash in on his last few months. This player is not worth a 1st and a prospect. He has clearly become overrated during this expansion process. As an Islander fan it reminds me of when they gave up Andrew McDonald and people thought the sky was falling. The Flyers have been looking to get out of that contract since the day after it was signed.

      • I din’t like MacDonald as an Islander. Even less as a Flyer & their mistake giving him that contract was bizarre.

        Nor do I agree with you assessment of de Haan. He played as NYI’s #4 last season, logging less than a min of TOI/GP than Boychuk or Hamonic at #2 & 3. Nor is he even fully developed at the NHL level as yet having only played 271 NHL regular season games. His +15 was the 2nd best for NYI’s Dman. Not a great stat but provides some reflection with in the team.

        His 5 goals & 25 points was good for 2nd among NYI Dman in scoring & he see’s virtually no PP time. His 190 blocked shots ranked him 4th for all NHL Dman last season, his 139 hits good for 34th.

        This is a solid #3 stay at home Dman that can generate some offense, more if ever deployed as such. He was an offensive Dman in the OHL & had 5 assists in 6 games in his last WJC’s appearance just never been deployed as such at the NHL level.

        He has 2 more years of development before we will fully know what de Haan is at the NHL level. What he is now is pretty impressive, a solid 2nd pairing option who plays a very safe responsible game who can be signed for reasonable money but with only 1 year to UFA status his leverage may demand a decent contract.

        I hope Vegas takes this player & what ever other compensation NYI throws at them.

      • Time will tell. Stats are stats but I probably watched at least 250 of those 271 games and I will tell you this is a player who does not seem to have the upside you speak about. As I said he is an ok defenseman who makes a lot of mistakes but had a good few months. The fact that McPhee was an Islander consultant the last two seasons is interesting because if he’s that good McPhee will grab him and keep him. If he does not choose him or chooses him and trades him than McPhee is not enamored with him either. I personally think Hickey has been a better player for the Isles over the past three seasons and would not be surprised if McPhee shocks you all and takes him instead.

      • Yes it will.

      • @Brettzky thanks for sharing your input, its always good to hear from a fan of the actual team in question who watches the on ice product.
        I believe my opinion about De Haan has been influenced by your post and is lower than it was before.

      • Thanks Taz. Should be fun few days

      • Islander beat writer Staple just reported deal that NYI deal with Las Vegas includes kulemin (4.187m) and another piece (possibly grabovski 5m) designed to free up cap space with another deal for a top end offensive talent (Duchene, Eberle,Galchenyk) coming and a defenseman (Hamonic?) going.

    • There had better be NHL Network cameras in the Vegas offices for the next few days to produce a special documenting it.

      • That is a franking great idea! Just like the winter classic games,having the cameras in Georges office and scouting department board room and where ever story takes them!Different gms,players reactions being claimed?And nhl head quarters and their perspective!

  8. I have no idea how McPhee will sleep before Thursday. The possibilities are almost endless.

    Look at a team like Dallas. Veteran team with Ken Hitchcock as coach. That’s a win now situation. What if Vegas offers up, say, Jason Demers and Brayden McNabb and a 2nd round pick for the #3?

    But I still maintain that Vegas needs to be a good team before the Raiders hit town. It’s one thing to do a Leafs style rebuild in a hungry hockey market…why would you start out on that path in a novice market? It makes no sense. So you can get in line behind the other 10 teams using the exact same plan?

    They can build a really good team now. One that could have a decent chance to make noise in a very weak Western conference.

    So, I’d build a bit more of a win now/can still be sold at the deadline type of team while extracting some extras to avoid players I’m not actually going to take. Ex. I’d actually want Bobby Ryan from OTT but I’d still try to get a pick for not taking Methot. Same with MIN. Dumba and Brodin are probably the two best skaters available in terms of asset value, but Eric Staal is the only number one center available. I’d get what I could to leave the Wild’s D intact and then “settle” for Staal.

    The team I built last night…this assumes a few side deals…so Stoner from Ducks and Fehr from Leafs instead of better players, for example.

    Ryan Staal Neal
    Perron Shipachev Strome
    Raffl Eakin Stempniak
    Dano Karlsson Chaisson
    Richardson Fehr Smith-Pelley
    B. Gaunce H. Samuelsson

    Martin Demers
    Stoner Bogosian
    McNabb Dotchin
    Davidson TVR
    C. Miller Oullett


    So, they could trade off some excess from the F and D groups and move two goalies for future assets while still having a team that could compete for playoff spot this year.

  9. If Vegas doesn’t come away with 2 of Dumba or Scandella, Manson or Vatanen they should be looking for a new GM.

    The cost to not select Dumba should be a 1st plus Scandella.

    There is no way Vegas should come away from this expansion draft without a solid top 6 + a very good starting goalie.

    • There is likely a deal in place for Manson to be protected, and likely Vatanen. Dreger mentioned it could be a D prospect going for the pair to be protected, would they trade Montour to protect both? I would have figured they would rather make a deal where they expose Vatanen to protect Manson rather than make then necessary moves to protect Manson and trade away Vatanen.

      If it’s true that they can get a 1st from NYI and still select De Haan, along with the exposure of guys like Demers, Dumba, Methot they could either corner the market on available D, create a solid D core, or a bit of both.

      I think Dumba is the most intriguing, as he would should be the most coveted by all, including Vegas based on his age and potential upside. If I were Vegas I would need a very substantial return to even consider passing, despite both Staal and Scandella being available as good secondary options.

      • What kind of deal could ANA make for Vegas to leave 2 young D? Vatanen, especially, has the potential to anchor your D core for years to come. You’d think the prospect and pick from ANA would have to be elite…and the ducks don’t have their 1st rounder, and they want two young D protected? If I was McPhee I would be claiming Vatanen for sure.

      • I think it could possibly be that Anaheim has agreed to just let Vatanen go rather than paid a price to protect both. But, I think the price paid would have to start with a D prospect like Montour.

        I pegged them as a team that could move on from Vatanen regarless of expansion, which is why I think it’s at least a possibility that the deal is similar to the Chicago deal where Vegas made it enticing to let Vatanen go.

      • I can see the deal more or less being what player between Manson and Vatanen to select.

        And from all accounts there is no deal in place with Minny. I don’t see how they do not draft Dumba considering how hard these young D-man are to get.

    • Vegas’s gm should get an award for making deals with those teams prior to draft list day to ensure they deal with vegas and not trade those d away in the days leading up to list posting day because they would lose them for nothing.

      • Sounds like even Vegas was surprised at the lack of deals before the deadline. Some of the GM’s will be as disappointed as we are when they find out not all of the players listed as available are actually available.

      • The way I see it and I would have worked it if I was Mcphee is,

        If you use Ana as an example, they were either were going to lose Bieksa (Buyout) and still have to trade Vatanen in order to protect Manson. And they couldn’t take anyone back that needed to be protected.

        Instead they make a deal with Vegas to select Vatanen (Who they were going to trade for picks/exempt prospects) they don’t need to protect anymore Manson and keep Bieksa(NMC). So in some weird way its basically like Ana trading Vatanen for Bieksa and Manson.

      • If rumors are to be believed it’s a 1st & prospect Dman to pass on Manson & Vatanen. Or at least that’s my understanding of what I have read or listened to. Obviously a 2018 1st as Anaheim doesn’t own this years any longer, which is good for Vegas, they don’t want all these potential picks in 2017.

        What will be interesting to see is does Anh move out a Dman this summer to get help at LW?

        Lebrun had tweeted earlier today Vegas has at least 7 deals in place with teams.

    • They have a deal in place!extra year’s 1st going to Vegas! If teams want to keep their current rosters in tact the cost is a 1st! Vegas will still be selecting a player from all teams of course! But in Anaheim won’t be losing Vatanen or Manson! Same as Minnesota their losing their 1st next year!

  10. I think the NHL deciding to keep all dealings closed till June 21st is a mistake. Dumping all this data in 1 day as well as with the awards ceremony seems like a bad decision to me & will take away from they awards ceremony.

    Not to mention we have to go 3 more days of this BS.

    • Striker, it’s actually a great marketing move. They’ve generated a ton of interest and compiled it into one event, after the Stanley Cup. A mistake they made was not having it be promoted more during the Finals, suggesting how interesting it will be June 21 when the new team the Vegas Knights come into the NHL.

      • To much all at 1 time for me. Now I don’t care about the awards ceremony in the slightest. Just give me all the expansion info.

        I would have been using these days leading up to it to market the NHL. No basketball, no hockey, baseball not even at the 1/2 way point.

        I would have completed the expansion draft prior to the awards ceremony. Ideally at least 2 days prior & had Vegas roll out stand alone marketing. I get the time lines are tight. I just would have preferred all this stuff spread out more.

        It is what it is. 3 more days then boom it’s draft time & UFA time. Great time to be this type of hockey fan. A freak. Ha-ha!

    • This is a great marketing move… look how many hits Lyle is getting as an example as compared to an average day.

  11. If I were McPhee I would be collecting draft picks for 2018 & 2019 as well instead of loading up everything for this years draft which is unusually weak. Teams still keep players they want too and the GK gets picks to use or trade away in future much deeper drafts.

  12. Looking at the list of exposed players don’t understand why Vegas has to worry about stockpiling draft picks.
    To be honest they could probably create a playoff caliber team from the list of exposed players

    • Taz.

      I agree. After I ran thru it yesterday I was shocked at what this team could look like & I leaned to youth as much as possible. If they took Ryan; incentive to do so passing on Methot, Cleasson?, & Neal instead of Methot & Aberg+ in my assumptions, I think they could make the playoffs.

      Marchesseault, Shipachyov, Ryan.
      Perron, Lindberg, Neal.
      McGinn, Eakin, Brouwer.
      Raffle, Kruger, Dano.
      Spares Clifford, Rychel.

      de Haan, Dumba.
      Emelin, Dotchin.
      Dhillon, C. Miller.
      Sbisa, TvR.
      Reinhart, Cleasson.

      MAF, Grubauer, Ullmark, Altshuller; waiver expempt, missed him in list above, Pickard.

      That doesn’t count Ang or Clb assets nor any other possible trades.

      Brettsky. Pure speculation but I believe that is what we do on this rumor site.

      • I think you’re on the right track with your pure speculation. lol. I think Vegas goes with 3 or 4 big names, a couple of vets to hit the cap floor and then surprises a lot of people with young kids up and down the board. I think they’re gonna pass on a lot of big names unless someone wants to trade for them.

      • I didn’t have Ryan or Neal on my 1st kick at the can yesterday, not factoring in any trades or several teams that I assume must have side deals, was just tweaking it to agree with Taz’s take as Neal & Ryan would make them better than the assets I felt would provide a better long term return.

        Lebrun is reporting Vegas has 7 side deals in place of some nature now. Assuming who they are is some what obvious based on who’s exposed but what they may actually be; players or compensation, who knows.

      • They can’t take both Ryan and Claesson and there’s NO way Dorion throws the latter in to avoid losing Methot.

        If there is such a deal in place it will involve whoever else McPhee wants off the list plus a prospect like C Filip Chlapik. Since Lowes was a chief scout with the Sens before taking his new job with Vegas, he’s well aware of Chlapik’s upside.

        If, however, he intends to take Ryan – well, as I said before, goodbye and good luck.

      • The only way Vegas passes on Methot & takes Ryan’s cap hit is if enticed to do so as Methot has way better trade value. Is Chlapik enough? Not for me, I’ll take Methot instead thank you. Good thing I’m not picking. Ha-ha!

      • & to think we have to spend 3 more days in pure speculation mode. Thankfully we are almost there. It’s not quite Xmas eve & being 12 but there are some similarities, certainly anticipation, just no sleepless nights. ha-ha!

      • Washington will be an interesting one, should they be taking grubauer or Schmidt?
        Xavier Ouellette is another D i see them picking up

      • Tough choice, but I would take Grubauer. Grubauer is a top 2 or 3 goalie choice (Fleury and maybe Raanta ahead) while Schmidt is further down the surprisingly strong defenseman list.

  13. If I were Dorion, I would dangle this year’s first and Wideman for them not to pick Methot. Any other deal and I would sut it down. Sens are deep enough on D to lose Methot, even though it would suck.

    • I wouldn’t pass on methot for Wideman & their 1st.

      • Why not? Methot probably gets traded at the deadline this year or next for a first and prospect anyway, this is a decent deal.

        Additionally, Ryan and a first would be a no brainer IMO

      • Because I don’t like Wideman. He Final got to the NHL after being drafted in 09, that’s 8 years ago maxed out University, 4 years, spent 3 full years in the minors & final has 2 semi full NHL seasons under his belt at 27; January. Even now he can’t stay in the line up every day, most days as Ott couldn’t afford any other depth Dman we were discussing all summer. Sat 4 games in this years playoffs so others could dress.

        Again I’ll take Methot & see what his value is sometime over the next 2 years but Ideally I keep him & play him in my top 4 sheltering 1 of the younger Dman.

      • striker… haven’t I seen you on multiple occasions talk about d men entering their prime in their late 20’s?

  14. If Vatanen does go to Vegas though, it sounds like it’s contingent on the Knights selecting Clayton Stoner in the draft.

  15. Yes usually right at Wideman’s current age but having played 400+ NHL games under the belt & 5 or 6 full NHL seasons played. Wideman only has 140 NHL regular seasons under is belt. He needs 260 more, 3+ years at which point he’s 30 or 31! His TOI/GP was 13:57 2 years in a row, 13:00 in this years playoffs.

    With Cleasson destined for full time employment, the mammoth Harpur ready to start splitting time between the AHL & NHL as injuries warrant, still waiver eligible & Chabot & Jaros coming his future isn’t secure. To little, to late, even expansion won’t prolong his career for much longer. He & Brennan can tear up the AHL for several more years. Ha-ha!

    He fit Ottawa’s needs perfectly, still does for at least 1 more year, works for little to nothing 800K annually & if he sits when something better is available who cares.

    • Wideman turned pro in 2012-13 with Binghamton and in his first 3 years played 208 AHL games scoring 30 goals and 100 assists while accruing an aggregate + 22. In that stretch he never got a taste of the NHL under Maclean and Cameron since ahead of him in the pecking order were Karlsson, Methot, Phillips, Gonchar & Benoit (the first year only), Gryba, Wiercioch, and Cowen. Popping in in 2014-15 was Ceci and Borowiecki, and the year he finally got a shot (2015-16) they added Phaneuf late with Claesson also getting ice time. In his 2 yrears with the team he’s played 141 games scoring 11 goals and adding 19 assists with a cumulative +11 – all while playing 5/6 pairing minutes. What the hell else can the kid do?

  16. Reports say Kulemin, possibly Grabovski and 15th pick to Vegas in the expansion draft. Islanders would free up over 9 million and protect all their key players. Big trade coming for offensive player? If this is true then no more ripping on Garth Snow guys…

    • Are Strome and Nelson included in the deal?

    • if Vegas takes grabovski and kulemin McPhee should be fired on the spot.

  17. I would be taking Reilly Smith from Florida