NHL Rumor Mill – June 20, 2017

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New York Islanders could use defenseman Travis Hamonic as trade bait for a scoring forward.

Latest on the Islanders, Rangers, Bruins and Sharks in your NHL rumor mill. 

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites Darren Dreger telling Toronto’s TSN 1050 he expects the New York Islanders are going to make a major move to acquire a top-six forward in the next week. He suspects it’ll cost them defenseman Travis Hamonic “and something else” in return. 

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staple reports Islanders general manager Garth Snow is working the phones to land a high-end offensive talent. Possibilities includes Colorado’s Matt Duchene, Edmonton’s Jordan Eberle and Montreal’s Alex Galchenyuk. All three clubs seek to bolster their defense and Snow is believed willing to part with Hamonic.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Snow already reportedly swung a deal with the Vegas Golden Knights, shipping his first-round pick (15th overall) and Mikhail Grabovski to Vegas, who in turn will select Nikolay Kulemin in the expansion draft.

There’s currently a roster freeze in place for all but the Golden Knights but GMs such as Snow can continue discussing trades with other clubs. If Snow secures a deal to his liking, it could be revealed soon after the roster freeze is lifted at 8 am ET on June 22. It certainly appears Hamonic’s days with the Islanders are numbered. 

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports Rangers center Derek Stepan has considerable value in the trade market. He envisioned several scenarios involving Stepan, such as dealing him to the Carolina Hurricanes for Justin Faulk or shipping him to the Arizona Coyotes for assets that could be flipped to Winnipeg for Jets blueliner Jacob Trouba. However, unless the Rangers can deal Stepan for “a no-doubt, first-pair right defenseman,” Brooks believes they’re better off keeping him. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I concur with Brooks’ take. The Rangers won’t do the deal if it doesn’t suitably address their blueline needs.

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty believes the Boston Bruins should avoid getting into the bidding New Jersey Devils wayward winger Ilya Kovalchuk. Instead, they should consider investing in younger, longer-term assets such as Colorado Avalanche forwards Gabriel Landeskog or Matt Duchene. Possible short-term options via unrestricted free agency could include Dallas’ Patrick Sharp or San Jose’s Patrick Marleau. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Bruins were linked to Landeskog last season but the Avs’ reported asking price involved a promising young defenseman such as Brandon Carlo or Charlie McAvoy. If the Bruins aren’t willing to part with one of those youngsters in the trade market, they could be forced to consider lesser options to bring in a scoring winger.

CSN BAY AREA: Kevin Kurz recently reported San Jose Sharks GM Doug Wilson’s had some contract dialogue with pending UFAs Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau but declined to elaborate. Wilson’s priority is re-signing defenseman Marc-Edouard Vlasic and goaltender Martin Jones. He said he’s making progress in those negotiations. Sources say Thornton seeks a three-year deal worth $5 million annually, while a source said Marleau also hopes to land a three-year deal. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ll be very surprised if the Sharks re-sign those 37-year-olds to three-year contracts. At this stage in their respective careers, they’ll be lucky to get two-year deals. I can see Wilson offering Thornton a two-year deal for $5 million annually and Marleau getting a one-year offer for $4 million. 



  1. Brooks… snicker.

    If snow got rid of both those albatross contracts for one 1st he deserves a medal.

    Three years way to long for those geezers. Two years would be an appropriate risk for teams.

    • Hey … what’s wrong with geezers?

    • He’s not getting back a first. He’s giving up a first and Grabovski to Vegas in turn Vegas will choose Kulemin. Basically He lost a first rounder Grab and Kulemin. Gets nothing in return except cap space.

      • And not losing De Haan, Hickey, Bailey, Strome, Nelson etc

        This will really come down to what Snow is able to do with that cap space on the 22nd. Essentially he’s given up Grabovski, Kulemin & 1st. Plus it’s looking like Hamonic among others to bring in Duchene/Galchenyuk/Eberle

      • to lose a 1st only, get rid of those contracts and protect forwards like Nelson etc – yeah the medal would be well deserved.

      • giving up a first to lose those contracts is amazing if that’s the deal

    • If that is the deal, Snow should get GM of the year this year, Ha-ha! This season isn’t officially over till June 30th although awards have long since been voted on.

      I sure hope that rumors not true.

      • Striker, the deal was reported and then backed away from, probably because of the NHL edict of no leaks but it seems the Islanders will protect everyone they needed to and free up almost 10 million in cap space for their first round pick. A great move by a suspect GM? Why do you hope its not true?

      • Probably hopes it’s not true from McPhee’s point of view. The Islanders left a number of players, De Haan/Nelson/Strome, that are more valuable than a 1st round pick (15th overall) exposed. McPhee taking on useless parts for the 15th overall is awful

      • Grabovsky, Kulemin & a 1st to not take anyone else? Snow should get an award if pulled that off.

        Flo paid NJ a 2nd last season to take Savard. If I’m taking those 2 contracts & only 80% of Grabovsky’s is recoverable with insurance. I want NYI’s 1st just to take those 2 contracts.

        Then I’m electing 1 of the players exposed. I’,m not passing on de Haan, Nelson, Strome, Bailey, etc. for solely a 1st never mind those to contracts.

    • um… nothing George… yins geezers are the bee’s knees.

      • Bee’s knees??? Hell, I ain’t THAT old.

      • geezers is swell?

  2. How is stepan worth alone worth a 1st line d? I have a hard time seeing duchene going anywhere soon, as good as I think he is, just doesnt really fit in a lot of teams giving up the assets avs want. maybe vegas? Dont take pickard/anyone else they want to keep and NYI 15th plus a dman? seems like a great fit for both teams.

    • Stepan is overpaid and overrated in NY. No way they get a top Def for him.

    • totally agree don’t really see the value for Stepan. Way overrated in terms of performance for salary/

    • Stepan is worth no more than a 3rd rounder. Over rated by NY media. Much like Vancouver is doing with Tanev. Neither are worth more than a 3rd except in the city they play in.

      • If Stepan made 4million he would of been dealt already. He is a great 2nd line center on most teams but not consistent enough offensively.

      • Sure. Not.

        Stepan’s not getting a that type of Dman but a 3rd? Really, give your head a shake. A player with a pulse moves for more than a 3rd.

      • He tied for 24th in scoring for C’s by my math on NHL.com. That makes him a soft #1. The only issue with Stepan is he’s making a mil to a mil 5 to much in cap hit. He should be about a 5 mil per C.

      • BTW Stepan is a DEAL for the Rangers compared to the old Holik contract

      • Stepan is an excellent player and would be a solid #2 center on a championship team. Problem is he is not a #1 center on a championship level team and is not going to bring a top pairing defenseman in trade which puts the Rangers in a bit of a bind. But he’s worth a helluva lot more than a 3rd round pick. He could play on my team anytime.

      • yes ds… 4 mil for him would be great… and he wouldn’t be on the market.

        a third? that’s bubkiss. If NY ate some of the salary or took back money stepan would get a good return. just not straight up

      • Tanev only worth a 3rd? LOL. What an ignorant comment.
        What’s the most telling stat for a shut defenceman? Shot Suppression. And I believe Tanev was top in the NHL in that statistic.
        So it’s not overvaluing by Canucks’ fans. Most insiders say that its a deal that makes sense for both teams when asked about a possible Tanev for Dallas’s 3rd overall.

  3. Hamonic for Duchene, Eberle, or Galchenyuk is a net loss for the Islanders. Something else better be coming the other way for the Islanders to sell this deal to their fans. Any of these guys may very well compliment Tavares; however, Good D is hard to find.

    • After looking for a winger to play with Tavares for several years one might say so is finding that commodity. According to some the Devils gave up the best thing since sliced bread to land Hall so I guess proven scoring wingers are not cheap either.

      • Larsson is a lot more valuable to edm than hall is to the devils

      • I think both are difficult commodities to find unless drafted. I said the day of the trade when EDM fans were howling how bad the Larsson hall trade was that they were grossly underestimated Adam Larsson. Now they have all come around. I also think Hall is going to be a big piece for NJ moving forward but he needs the right Center for him to really perform at the top level. I think the Devil’s will have that center next year in either Zacha or McLeod

      • Ralph.

        You have allot more faith in Zacha & McLeod in the short term than I. I love both long term but neither are ready for 1st line duties. Henrique & Zajac will be the top 2 C’s in NJ for several years yet.

        Zacha will continue his development & see nominally more responsibility, not sure how McLeod slots in yet. NJ has few wingers that can score & Zacha may well play the wing for now as he’s not suited to a 3rd line checking role. NJ can’t stock 2 scoring lines never mind 3.

    • Hey Steven, I agree on Eberle and Galchenyuck but less so on Duchene. Not sure I give up much more than Clutterbuck and a 2nd for Eberle given his contract and production. I’m sure as hell not moving a top 4 d on a good contract for him. The Edmonton Journal appears to agree. Their take was that the best the Oil would get for Eberle was a lesser forward at a lower cap hit.

      Galchenyuk has promise but has been inconsistent. Not totally sold on him being the answer.

  4. If McPhee did that deal with the Isles, he’s an utter moron. I know 15th overall sounds good, but 15th overall isn’t as good as the players he could have looted off of that team (Strome, Bailey, de Haan). It doesn’t sound right… although Kulemin is rumoured to be going, there’s something seriously wrong here if that’s the deal. I personally think the Islanders gave them a protected player (Hamonic) to get someone from another team AND to protect his other players (Take Kulemin).

    • Who that could be is anyone’s guess… Matt Dumba? Anti Raanta? Jonathan Marchessault? Sami Vatanen/Josh Manson?

      We’ll see… it’s hard to imagine that other teams wouldn’t be looking for the opportunity to plunder someone, especially if it’s from a division rival that refuses to wheel and deal.

      • I agree with you MJR with respect to the Islanders deal with Vegas. Obviously, the Islanders are keen to keep players and give up the 15th so they must see what you see. If I was Vegas I would be asking for more than Kulemin and the 15th to stay away from me of the dandies the Islanders couldn’t protect. Vegas has an opportunity to pick up some great assets in the expansion draft. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    • EK65 was selected 15th

      • Datsyuk; 1 of the greatest 2 way players of all time, was selected in the 6th round, 171st! It’s not the player picked that sets the value of the pick but the pick itself & what it’s value is. Drafting is as much about luck as anything else. Trying to determine what a 17 or 18 year old player is going to be 5 to 10 years down the road is far from an exact science.

        Caper what were those odds of a 1st, 2nd & 3rd round pick even making the NHL again?

    • I agree fully. If McPhee made this deal he must have been drunk. I accept GM’s make mistakes, just like the rest of us, this is to lopsided to make sense & if true will taint McPhee’s reputation permanently.

      • “Trying to determine what a 17 or 18 year old player is going to be 5 to 10 years down the road is far from an exact science.”

        Especially D-men – like Wideman and Claesson in Ottawa

      • As I have stated repeatedly George I like Cleasson.

        I don’t like Wideman. It is 5 to 10 years down the road for him. He was drafted 8 years ago this weekend. He has 2 semi full seasons under his belt & has never broken 14 mins of TOI/GP in a season or playoffs. He sat as a healthy scratch 4 times in this seasons playoff run. I’m not buying Wideman has a future, is he just going to finally discover it at 30?

        As like Harpur potentially as well, just further down the road. If Ottawa hasn’t paid Cleasson in some sort of side deal to Vegas to avoid Methot or to select Ryan & his contract both these Dman will play ahead of Wideman very soon.

        Cleasson this season & Harpur when in the line due to injury this year & next year moving forward. A player waiver elligibilty for these types of developing Dman come into play. Where is Chabot next season? Because if he’s in the NHL he’s playing ahead of Wideman as well.

        I get that your a homer & that’s all good but this is a business & Wideman is a place holder on a small salary. When these other Damn pass him & that’s happening before the end of next season he will become UFA fodder down the road. I could be wrong but that’s may take on what we have seen so far.

      • A homer? Hardly. No one has been more critical of their home ton team than me over the past several seasons. I do NOT look for silver linings in s&^t-filled clouds. But for someone who says – repeatedly – that he “does not follow the Senators closely” your take on Wideman smacks of blowing wind out your ass. I don’t look at statistical tables to decide whether or not I “like” a player. I use my eyes – and from what I have seen from this kid in the minutes they’ve given him he’s become a solid 5/6 pairing D with the capability of moving up to 3/4 minutes.

      • Oh, and what exactly were they supposed to do to increase his ice-time? Move one of Methot, Karlsson, Phaneuf or Ceci down to the 5/6 pairing? Jaysus – take your TOI-GP and shove it where your proctologist earns his or her living.

      • As always George thank you for your kind words. Not sure how they have anything to do with hockey but par for the course. When frustrated or angry & can’t stay on subject you resort to personal barbs & insults. All good I expect no less.

        When Wideman’s contract is up after next season & he is facing UFA status lets revisit this discussion. If Ottawa signs him prior to July 1st, the UFA market opening it would shock me. They will ask him to go test the waters & circle back after. If resigned it will be for virtually nothing & as a depth Dman not even a #5 or 6 but like a Clendening, Holzer, Dahlbeck, type deal. Cheap insurance in case a better 1 is lost. Unless he signs that cheap extension between now & then. No more than a mil per & no more than 3 years with no NTC or NMC so they can dump him as soon as a better option is in place.

        You can be a homer 1 minute & incredible down on them in another. You certainly like to live in the now. I don’t watch them play as often as you do as I watch everyone play as much as able but I have my favorites I prefer watching & watch more but I make sure I watch everyone regularly at least every 3 weeks & I watch the highlights & low lights.

        TOI/GP relates to a players value to his team. Wideman was 6th for regulars last season at D in Ott. His 13:57 of TOI/GP doesn’t match well with the #6’s on almost any team in the NHL. Only teams that don’t have legitimate NHL Dman play Dman this low in TOI/GP even rookies getting spotted play more, significantly so.
        Here are the #6’s for all NHL teams.

        Arz Chychurn 16:40. Anh Theodore & Montour shared the role 17:18 & 17:22 respectively. Bos C. Miller 15:48. Buf Georges 18:27. Cal Engelland 18:19. Carolina, Dahlbeck & Tennyson shared the role 13:53 & 13:17 respectively. Chi Kempny 14:57. Col Wiercioch 16:39. Clb Nutivarra 13:12. Dal shared between Olesiak & Nemeth 16:12 & 15:46 respectively. Det Jensen 17:45. Edm Benning 16:46.

        I see no point continuing as it paints a pretty clear picture. Few Dman that played in the NHL as even remotely as regulars played any where near as low of TOI/GP as Wideman. You may not like stats but a players salary is determined by such, who many minutes they play, when, in what roles & what they do with those minutes based on stats sets their salary range. The NHL is all about comparables & comparables are stats. The reason Wideman gets paid 800K a year. Like his peers & quality of players he relates to, those being borderline NHL players. He isn’t even being paid the league average!

      • I’m sorry but not sure how to respond to such moronic statements but with facts, stats if you will.

        Really I should just let them go but not who I am. If your going to be a prick I will respond in kind but with information relevant to the argument as opposed to the personal barbs & insults.

    • We don’t know the atmosphere prior to list day. The deal might have been made to prevent isles from shipping their d men out to teams where they would be an upgrade for whatever assets they could get leaving vegas short the opportunity to take the 15th overall pick off them. There is so much more depth to this that looking at the unprotected list and compensation to take/avoid players on an island…

  5. Justin Faulk for…. Derek Stepan??? Get serious. Larry Brooks is on crack.

    • Stepan is a #2 center who is paid like a #1.

      They might be able to get a #3 defenseman and a pick for him.

      • He finished in a tie for 24th in scoring for C’s with Turris, O’Reilly & Bozak. He had more points than Trochek, Krejci, Bergeron, McKinnon, Couture, etc.

  6. Leaf fans, start up the van Riemsdyk to NYI for Hamonic rumors. It’s not a far fetched trade but there are more moving parts to that due to JVR’s contract status, but he is a consistent 25-30 goal scorer, 50-60 point producer and hounds the net. He’d be a good winger for Tavares. I wouldn’t mind see that happening, and then either promote Brown into his slot, or give Kapanen, Leipsic, Rychel, Leivo a chance there (probably Kapanen).

    • I never linked Hamonic to vanReimsdyk before, but as pure hockey trade, it addresses the needs of both teams. One needs D the other needs a player to click with Tavares.

      • That’s Lee’s spot. They need a second center or a top line RW. JVR isn’t the right fit there. Personally, I think Barzal is the answer at center.

      • Islanders don’t want a 1 yr rental like jvr that’s why that trade won’t fly.

      • Joe.

        Don’t you like Nelson as a #2 C? He just needs to buy 2 more years for Barzal. Big body & in my system they take longer to develop, same as Dman for me in or around 400 NHL reg season games, he has played 316. I have him still 1 season from his breakthru but he has had 3 20 goal seasons 20, 26 & 20.

        I prefer him as a LW with Tavares but he has struggled to win draws.

    • With JvR gone the Leafs have no 1st line LW.
      You need to consider that JvR’s value to the Leafs is actually a LOT higher than his trade value, so no, JvR is not moving.

      Brown and Kapanen are RW
      Leipsic, Leivo and Rychel are all non nhl regulars or pure rookies at the moment plus we lose one to expansion.

      I’d rather have a 1st line LW than a #3/#4 defenseman, this trade is valid on paper but terrible for the Leafs.

      • Trading JVR leaves a hole.

      • Me to Taz. JvR was the 7th highest scoring LW in the league last year. Why would Tor trade him? They don’t have a replacement for him.

        If he can’t be resigned come July 1st for reasonable monies then they should maximize his value but he should get nominally less than Marchand on a 6+ year deal. 5.75 to 6 per.

    • Ideally NYI needs a RW biut a LW would do. Not sure how NYI would manage JvR’s future cap hit.

      • The ONLY way the Leafs trade Van Riemsdyk for something truly solid on D is if the team prepared to take JVR gets permission to talk to him and his agent first and what it’s going to take to get him to agree to a longer-term extension. If that doesn’t happen there isn’t a GM dumb enough to buy a pig-in-a-poke who could bolt in a year.

      • I agree George & have said the same thing many times.

  7. I would target Reilly Smith from Florida….. Take 4 goalies- MAF, Pickard, Raanta, and Subban for the minors…. Also add Rychel ,Gaunce ,Carr and Reinhardt for the farm. Sheahan and Eakin would be a good 3/4 line players.

    • I’d rather Marchessault. Fraction of the price and more natural talent

    • What about these goalies waiver rights? Every player you list would need to clear waivers to be sent to the AHL & none would but Subban.

      I draft Altshuller from Carolina & Ullmark from Buffalo as both can be sent down, both are waiver exempt. MAF, Grubauer & Pickard are my other goalies selected, possibly Mrazek, but I would then look to trade both Picard & Mrazek.

      I have Vegas selecting C. Miller from Bos, Marchesseault from Flo, although Smith is a consideration, signed long term but 5 mil per seems high.

      • Striker, I heard Pierre McGuire mention that McPhee’s plan isn’t necessarily to go with all skill but to build a solid foundation of leadership and grit on the backend. It’s possible VGK blesses the Bruins with selecting McQuaid over C. Miller

      • Hextall has to be contacting LV on a goalie option. If not it looks like Mason or Brian Elliot as UFA’s

      • Marchessault, pickard, McGinn and Ullmark are locks to be selected in my opinion.
        Unless vegas takes a gamble on Mrazek, i see them selecting Ouelette.
        Crazy how far Mrazek has fallen compared to Jan/feb 2016

      • SH21.

        Me D selections not accounting for Anh, Clb & Nas in my picks as I couldn’t decide what to do or 2 Anh & Clb have all but been confirmed as side deals. Apparently 8 are in place now but who knows?

        My D selections & Vegas needs to select 9 based on what we know today not any side deals are.

        C. Miller, TvR, Reinhart, Dumba, Lovejoy, de Haan, Methot, Dhillon, Dotchin, & Sbisa.

        I see a ton of leadership & grit in those selections both in veterans, Methot & Lovejoy but also in players like Sbisa, Dhillon, Dotchin & de Haan. These are all winning hitters & shot blockers.

  8. If this reported Islanders deal is a window into Vegas’ thinking…yikes.

    Vegas can build a team that can legitimately compete for a playoff spot now and still have a bright future. INSTEAD they seem intent on beginning with a rebuild and being a run of the mill expansion team.

    They are in the entertainment capital of the world with almost ZERO hockey history and they are going to try to sell the game with a team full of Nikolai Kulemins?

    Good luck with that.

    All to get in line behind the other dozen teams using the exact same draft and develop plan that they intend to use?

    Makes no sense.

    They have a chance to build a team as good as almost any in a weak Western conference and still have a brighter future than most.

    The time to sell the game there is right now.

    • No way Vegas can compete for the playoffs. Good young players are there but not that good. They may might be able to get a legit second line on the ice. But no playoff chances. They will have to take some bad contracts just to reach the Cap floor, and I would rather chance 6-7 first round picks then taking players with a year or 2 on their contract and they walk and you have nothing.
      Outside of the good young D that could be picked the forwards are a little weak.

      And as for trading the players, why not take the assets now, rather than have to hope for something near the deadline.

      • Chad.

        Just for discussion purposes not my selections specifically. Could this roster not compete for a playoff spot?

        Marchesseault, Shipachyov, Ryan.
        Perron, Nelson, Neal.
        Raffl, Eakin, Brouwer.
        Clifford, Kruger, McGinn.
        Spares Rychel, Dano, Lindberg; 2 to many.

        Methot, Dumba.
        Emelin, Dotchin.
        Dhillon, C. Miller.
        Reinhart, TvR.
        Sbisa. 1 to many.

        MAF, Grubauer.

        This doesn’t account for any assets from Anh or Clb nor flipping any other selections like Picard or the numerous extra NHL quality Dman or forwards not needed for other assets.

        This rosters cap hit is well over 60 million & certainly appears to me that it could be competitive for a playoff spot. It might not make it but it’s certainly has incredible overall depth & can role 4 forward lines 7 3+ D pairings. This D would be in the top 3rd of NHL D’s for over all depth. Few teams have 6 NHL quality Dman.

      • Las Vegas will play in the Pacific Division – will they be better than Anaheim? – no; Edmonton? – no; San Jose? – no; Nashville? – no; Calgary? – no; LA – no. That leaves Arizona and Vancouver and since they aren’t going to have any forwards better than the top F on bot, can anyone really see them finishing ahead of either? And even if they do, neither cam close to the playoffs.

      • Ryan Staal Neal
        Perron Shipachev Brouwer
        Raffl Eakin Stempniak
        Dano Karlsson Kulemin

        Richardson Fehr Smith-Pelley
        B. Gaunce H. Samuelsson

        Martin Demers
        Stoner Bogosian
        McNabb TVR
        Davidson C. Miller
        Oullett (TB pick)


        Ryan Staal Neal would be as good as any top line in the West that isn’t centered by Connor McDavid. There is scoring depth on all 4 lines.

        Fleury and Grubauer is a near ideal tandem and as good as any in the West.

        The Pens proved you can win with a bunch of #3 Dmen.

        The West is weak. They could make the playoffs this year*. (*Assuming Gallant can assimilate that many players from different systems into a coherent group. A tall task, certainly).

        And that roster assumes most of the reported side deals (and Fehr, too) so this includes them picking up lots of picks on top of it.

        They can do both.

        I see no reason to intentionally become the 1993 Lightning when they’d still be behind the rebuilds that TOR, ARI and CAR (just to name a few) have already started.

      • All I can Say is that is a weak forward group.
        When guys start to compare to the Pens as stuff. that’s too much. Geno and Sid can make up far a lot of bad D.
        I don’t think Neal and Ryan will be scoring much more then 20 and to think Marchesseault repeats is a long shot. These guys are not left exposed because their 1st liners. The west may be weak, but not that weak. You want to start listing good players on teams start with Emd a few years ago. Better then the team Vegas will have and still not even close to the playoffs. even if they take all the good young D. they will not have any protection like they did on their current teams. And another factor for the playoffs. Who’s filling in when players get sidelined??? That deep prospect pool they have….

      • Nashville plays in the Central & the team I constructed I think can hold it’s own with Cal & LA. Can they beat them out when all is said & done? I don’t think know but they could compete as I constructed for arguments sake. That said I don’t think Vegas is going to be constructed as such so really moot, it was just related to a discussion & I said as much.

        I don’t like LA, that team is a mess & has serious cap issues & can’t stock 2 scoring lines currently, 2 wingers short, the only scoring wingers they have are Pearson & Tiffoli. Calgary is going to roll the dice on another goalie, I don’t like that trade either, bigger issues in Cal than just in net. I don’t have either making the playoffs next season in the west based on what we now today. I have Winnipeg bumping out Cal currently.

        Much will change before I make my final selections in mid October. These are just assumptions based on rosters today.

      • The Kings might be in the worst spot of any team in the NHL. If they went a decade without making the playoffs I wouldn’t be shocked.

        Old and tired and slow. Unmovable contracts. And they will probably try another run before even starting the rebuild, which means they’ll have maybe 3-4 players left with any value by that point.

        SJ LA AHN are all old. CGY is a bubble team on it’s best day. Vegas could absolutely make the playoffs this year if they build the right team.

      • The kings are in a tough spot which is why it isn’t shocking that Doughty pretty much said that he might be looking to test free agency….I can’t even imagine what he’ll be worth as a UFA. He might be the biggest UFA we have seen in a very long time.
        The kings better hope that Toffolli is as good as they think he is and that Person can take a few steps forward. They are struggling for youth in their system.

    • I totally agree. Unless they are staggering these supposed 1st round picks over the next few years from the 6-7 different teams why would you trade guys who are bonafide NHLers for the unknown?

      Another thing that is annoying me is how many articles outline how Staal is available and how Minny has such great D-men to pick from. I’m pretty sure Vegas can only take one player from each team…

  9. Jordan Eberle a high end scorer? Since when? Jr hockey? Pee wee? Atom?

    6 million bucks is a lot of loot for a bum.

    • yeah, crazy that the words ‘high end’ offensive talents and Galchenyuk/eberle is being used in the same sentence.
      If anything I take gally ahead eberle, at least he has a clear weapon which is the one timer

      • Galchenyuk has only one 50+ point season. Eberle has a down season of 51 points and you would take Galchenyuk before Eberle?

      • I have a personal agenda against eberle; I have not seen a coaster be so highly ranked as him.
        Its not all about points all the time, he is invisible most shifts, loses puck battles, easy bumped off, doesn’t get to the dirty areas.

      • You forget the hardest thing to do in the NHL. Scoring goals.

      • Well he’s not alone in these traits. The NHL is littered with this type of player it’s even more noticeable on D with guys like Shattenkirk, Yandle, Barrie, Schultz, etc, essentially totally 1 dimensional with their respective teams blessings in most cases.

        You can teach a player to be a good defensive player you can’t teach most of these offensive abilities, these players were born with them & they developed natural with skill development.

        Many offensive Dman have developed solid defensive abilities as they age & wind down their careers they only way they could retain their NHL jobs.

        20 goal scorers in today’s NHL don’t grow on trees warts & all. 1’s that can do so essentially every year of their career even rarer still.

        I may not like Eberle either but he will be moved, numerous teams will be happy to have him & pay fair market value to do so. Edm won’t have to eat salary nor take a bad contract back. The cap hiut & term only 2 years remaining will temper his value in trade some what due to the tight cap world we live in.

        Could an Eberle + get a Hamonic or other similiar Dman? It depends what the other is but it would need to include some other.

    • When a 20 goal 51 point season is a down season than yeah that would make a player a high end scorer.

    • Did someone get up on the wrong side of the bed today?

      Eberle has essentially been a 20 goal score his entire NHL career. In his 7 years in the NHL he didn’t achieve this twice. His rookie year, scoring 18 goals in 69 games & the lock out year scoring 16 in 48. In those 7 years played in the NHL he ranks 24th in the NHL for goal scoring 30th for points!

      Eberle dropped from 3rd in PP TOI/GP in 2015-16 to 6th last season for all player in Edm, his TOI/GP dropped from 17:51 to 16:46.

      The only real issue with Eberle is his cap hit & term; only 2 years remaining. The cap world has changed significantly since he signed this deal on Aug 30th 2012. On that date the Canadian dollar was 1.01 against the US & few saw the dollars drop coming. Why people can’t accept this dynamic fact boggles my mind.

  10. possible trade ? Montreal sends Galchenyuk and Lindgren to Minnesota for Staal and Brodin.

    the Wild are deep down the middle especially with Ericksson Ek coming on board, Galchenyuk fits in on LW. Lindgren comes in to backup Dubynk now and would be the number one 2-3 years down the road. The Wild gain some immediate cap space to sign Grandlund and Niederreiter plus depth players

    Montreal gets the coveted center and dman. Montreal signs Price to a six year $9 million per contract which is one of the reasons they can cut Lindgren loose

    • Nice deal for Montreal.

  11. If that’s the deal Vegas made with NYI Snow fleeced McPhee. Nelson or de Haan are worth more than a 1st round pick never mind taking on a player destined for LTIR in Grabovsky & an overpaid 3rd line winger in Kulemin.

    • If true its one of the 2 best (or only 2?) moves he’s ever made as a gm. Reinhart for Barzal and Beauvillier being the other.

      • That trade by Chiarelli was brutal. 16 & 33; Snow parlayed this pick with the 72nd to trade up to 28 to select Beaulivier, for Reinhart. The wrong Reinhart. Grasping at straws as he was desperate for D help. When Barzal & Beaulivier are solid NHL scorers, 1st or 2nd line players, we will be questioning Chiarelli’s sanity & praising Snows acumen.

        Even good GM’s have brain farts occasionally.

      • Brettzky.

        I may question Snow’s decisions in trade. Why he let specific players walk as UFA’s, signing others nor did I like the Capuano hiring & felt he should have been sent packing years ago but his draft record has been solid & we won’t even really know how good for years.

        I would like to see him stay with the organization but a person brought in above him. Make him director of player development, director of hockey operations, let him run scouting & be part of the management team a big part but not have the final say.

  12. I wouldnt put it pass mcphee to get fleeced. Didnt he trade Forsberg for Erat?

    • Yes he did. It was a brutal deal even before Forsberg had played a game. Erat was already in serious decline. Poille fleeced him in that deal.

      • In the Washington, DC sports arena, the McPhee trading Forsberb is rated as the worst trade any of the DC professional teams has ever made.

      • Agreed.

  13. Snow already reportedly swung a deal with the Vegas Golden Knights, shipping his first-round pick (15th overall) and Mikhail Grabovski to Vegas, who in turn will select Nikolay Kulemin in the expansion draft.

    My oh my if this is true I have absolutely no idea how he is still GM.

    Well maybe removing that amount from your cap is worth it, not to my mind though, not when you are the one that put yourself in that position which once again = a bad GM.

    • And you thing Garth Snow made a bad move here?

      • I assume he means McPhee not Snow. If Snow pulled this off I’m with you. Brilliant. I will really depend what was truly paid what is the real deal not just the rumor.

  14. I would accept a 1st to eat Grabovsky & Kulemin’s contracts outside of the expansion draft in a separate trade but then I’m still selecting Nelson or de Haan as my expansion draft selection.

    • Exactly. I’ll take your bad contracts and you’re first overall but I still get to select a player that’s exposed. Snow got the better of McPhee here if there are no other parts to this deal

  15. When Kulemin and Grabovski Were Signed The Islanders Were A Bottom 5 team Looking To Be Competitive And It Worked Much Like Edmonton Trading Hall For Larsson. So Thats Then, Things Are Different Now
    theyre in a Different Competitive Place now then they were then.

    On Eberle, Hes soft one dimensional and has played with great offensive players. Let’s see him do it without Hall, McDavid, Draisaitl, etc

    • This bashing of snow doesn’t consider why things were done or when they Were. Many Here Bashed the hall-larsson deal too When it was made but Chiarelli snookered you All, admit it. Some of you only use 20-20 hindsight…like all the time

    • He won’t be playing with lesser players. He’s a top 6 scoring forward not a 3rd line checker. Where ever he goes he will be a 1st or 2nd line RW getting 1st unit PP time.

      If going to possibly NYI he gets Tavares. That might actually work out very well don’t you think? NYI needs to do something as Tavares won’t be staying if they keep saddling him with no RW that can score like last season.

    • Or maybe it was Eberle who made Hall? Considering Hall had his second worst ppg this past season away from Eberle. Halls worst ppg season was his injury plagued 2014/15 season when he only played 53 games and it was only .02 worse.

      • Team issue. Easy to check what few scorers NJ can ice, same situation in Colorado this season. If you can’t ice 3 scoring lines or 2 solid scoring lines & a seriously above average checking line your not having a very good season.

      • NJ couldn’t do either of the 2. What’s worse is their depth at D was beyond brutal making Schneider look very average.

      • True, but Hall was brought into NJ to score. Also proves that even one of the best forwards in their position, which Hall was considered one of the NHL’s top LW’ers at the time, needs other offensive players to be effective.

  16. Weren’t the reports on Kessel much the same as Eberle’s are now one dimensional only scores goals doesn’t try hard enough. Maybe Eberle much like Kessel would blossum under less pressure. Both were on failing canadian teams. Maybe Eberle goes to the Island and performs to expectations.

    • JAG, maybe, but If doubt it he’s never played defense ever and that’s why Edmonton wants him home now that they are trying to actually win something. It’s one thing doing that for a bottom feeder but it’s a different story doing that when you’re trying to win

      Kessel plays with Crosby and Malkin so they don’t care all that much about defense in those lines. Teams aren’t worried about scoring when they’re on ice. They’re focus is on containing Crosby and Malkin. So Kessel gets a break because of that

      Put Kessel on a team without 2 generational talents and he’d be expected to learn defensive responsibility too

  17. McPhee should be fired if he eats both Grabovski & Kulemin’s contract…a 1st is not worth eating cap space. There are plenty of exposed players making $$$ to get to the floor if they wanted to. They can always flip those assets to other teams for picks/players after the expansion draft and before the nhl draft. If i was the owner I’d take it out of McPhee’s salary for wasting all that money. Over 9 million combined for a year…sheesh….

    I’d asked for a 1st to not select any 2 players i.e. Nelson/Hamonic or Strome/Nelson. Then I’d ask for a 2nd rd pick for any other player they do not want me to draft.

    • I hate crosby,you forget one thing, without a deal Dehaan is likely protected so at best Mcphee only gets Nelson. It appears from various reports that Mcphee has acquired as many a 4 additional 1sts. He obviously prefers building with players he drafts, not other teams exposed players. Personally I think it’s the right move. He has a grace period, Might As Well Use It.

      • I agree..all valid points….just with Foley forking over 500 million I guess “what’s another 9 mill” idea makes sense…just to me I rather grab someone else and think of flipping it for picks and prospects rather than having grabs and kulemin just sitting doing nothing eating 9 million of space….

        but I understand what you are saying.

      • I’d take Nelson happily before the fodder being rumored. 6’3″ 210 lb C’s with 20, 26 & 20 goals in his last 3 seasons, 1st 4 full seasons in the league don’t grow on tree’s either.

        Or I would select the Dman dropped to protect de Haan, Pulock or Pelech. Again I’m not taking the fodder that is Grabovsky & Kulemin just a 1st & passing on numerous NYI players exposed. Happy to have Strome or Bailey as well.

    • McPhee supposedly likes that deal because Kulemin and Grabo only have one year on their deals left and he will hit the floor this year but keeps his flexibility for next. Other albatross contracts linger for 4 or 5 years (Brown,Gaborik, etc.). Also, his plan is to build through the draft so he gets the 15th pick. Also there are rumors that Halak could be involved in some way whether to LV or elsewhere. Meanwhile, How about some kudos for Garth Snow? Did anyone think he could pull off something like this?

      • Well lets wait & see what is actually being paid before we give Kudo’s but yes I agree with you. If this is infact the deal I said above Snow should get this years GM of the year award & McPhee Ideally sent packing.

        This years 15th may never become the player 6 of the players NYI is exposing are now & most don’t have onerous contracts. de Haan is 25 & an RFA, Nelson 25 with 1 year remining at 2.5 then an RFA, Strome 23 1 year left at 2.5 & an RFA. These players will play in the NHL for another decade. A bird in the hand for me.

      • Agreed. Interestingly, de Haan, Nelson and Strome, as well as Hamonic are the names being thrown around in the trade rumors involving Duchene, Eberle, Galchenyk, JVR and James Neal. Heard that Hamonic would not be included in a deal for Eberle but would be available in a deal for Duchene. Also rumors floated that some of the teams involved prefer Pulock due to upside and cap hits.

  18. Marc Stone, Ottawa’s First and second rounders this year to NYI for Hamonic.

    Tweak if you want.
    Needs are addressed.

    Especially as the Sens will lose a starting D.

    • Bobby Ryan to NYI for Hamonic & Kulemin

    • The Sens have plenty of young D ready to step up a notch, including “the best D not in the NHL” – Thomas Chabot. Stone and 2 picks for Hamonic? In someone’s dreams.

    • Wow, there is literally no chance Ottawa even considers this.

      One thing a lot of posters forget is the market value for a player like Hamonic and the value to Ottawa.

  19. Rumor has it that TB also has a side deal protecting Dotchin and Koekkoek.

    Makes sense. Dotchin was an obvious pick.

    • I don’t mind any side deals as long as the compensation is at least equal in value to the player passed on. Dotchin played great last year in a brief appearance. He stepped straight into the NHL playing as Hedman’s partner for 35 games on TB’s #1 pairing & looked incredible doing so. Very similar situation to Forbert in LA with Doughty although he had to earn that role.

      • While my underestimation of the offers teams would get for their potential losses in expansion had me underestimate the value it would cost teams to deal with vegas (per reports and rumors) it’s not going to be a straight up value like it was a trade. teams had deals in place prior to list posting based on what they would give vegas to stay away… those teams had to compare that to the loss of that player in trade but the assets in return. so these deals were made with teams still holding some leverage. Vegas will have had to give something back to the teams in terms of trade value to keep them from dumping players in place of losing them for nothing. I’m guessing ANA couldnt get a verbal from bieska to waive and thus had 2 d to lose… thus forcing them into a deal with vegas as opposed to miving vatanan for assets.

  20. Remember McPherson needs to stock an AHL team too, what better way to do that than with 5 1st rounders?

    Plus he doesn’t want to win now he’d prefer his 2018 1st be as high a possible to draft his franchise player. The future face of the franchise…..why build a pseudo playoff squad now that will slide back in years 3 and 4 when the newness wears off.

    The idea is to build a team and acquiring draft choices and high selections in the next few years is a wise course.

    McPherson has been in this situation before he understands not to be seduced by false expectations. Build a solid foundation, not be like the 3 little piggies

    • McPhee. Damn autocorrect.

    • I think you can do both & some of the players you select now you will be flipping in trades, some as we approach the trade deadlines in further years, maximizing their short & long term value.

      This roster isn’t old. In fact it’s littered with youth, all players at forward but Neal & Perron have term or are RFA’s for several years so lots of time to look at trading them for future assets.

      Marchesseault, Shipachyov, Ryan; select Methot instead, better yet leverage Ott taking Ryan +.
      Perron, Nelson; or take de Haan, Neal; Sub Aberg & take other assets.
      Raffl, Eakin, Brouwer.
      Clifford, Kruger, McGinn.
      Spares Rychel, Dano, Lindberg; 2 to many but all young & the best asset available from said teams.

      Methot, Dumba.
      Emelin, Dotchin.
      Dhillon, C. Miller.
      Reinhart, TvR.
      Sbisa. 1 to many.

      MAF, Grubauer.

      The D is littered with youth. Not as easy to do at forward as the quality available is far less but flipping these extra Dman for young players & picks should be easy to do. There aren’t enough NHL quality Dman to stock 31 teams but Vegas gets to draft at least 9 of them & can simply flip them for all the things you say they need now & moving forward.

  21. Striker you’re assuming McPhee can’t evaluate long term. It’s not just this season. He wants to be bad this year to get a franchise player why get a false pseudo playoff team now and get the 10th pick in 2018 when it’s far better to stock up on premium picks and get a top 3 next year too…. Your way is short sighted and frankly stupid

    • That appears to be the strategy in play. Again I’m all good with that if that’s the choice made but again I only pass on an asset if the compensation paid is better than the player available. You can turn around & flip the player for assets as well at any point before they become a UFA.

      Finding a team to give you a 1st round pick for Nelson or de Haan + is better than what is potentially being reported, if it is fact true that is.

  22. His way likely gets him a franchise player to market around. You’re way doesn’t do that Striker. Hes thinking Long Term Youre Not.

    • The roster I posted was hypothetical supporting Taz’s argument. Go back & read my post on the 18th. I had McPhee doing all those things.

      I take Aberg + to pass on Neal, Wilson, Scissions with Nas, same in Anh & Clb & in numerous other scenario’s. I want assets that I can turn into other assets & not all today, I need to be semi competitive to have a solid learning environment for those young players coming. No Edm models please.

      I don’t like the deal Vegas & NYI have possibly struck. That isn’t a good deal for Vegas it’s crap if happening as reported.

    • Did you watch this year’s lottery? You might lose and lose and still only get middling prospects.

      His way might well doom the franchise to being the Panthers 2.0.

      Vegas isn’t exactly hurting for things to do.

      • MG.

        I fully agree. As I have said many times when the NHL gradually reduced the odds off picking 1st with only an 18.7% chance now is fools play. I wager that the odds of it happening again soon in the next 5 years after Tor did so at slightly higher odds are slim to non existent. It might happen 1 out every 5 times, might be closer to 7. Curious to see what happens with those odds over the next decade.

        Securing a top 3 pick going in dead last might be surprising & slip out of the top 3 & finding that future franchise player becomes far more challenging.

      • Arizona reportedly HAS to take on a phantom contract (like Pronger, Savard, etc.) because they cannot afford to actually pay to the salary floor because their revenues are so low.

        That’s in a market much larger than Vegas with a 20 year head start in pro hockey.

        I don’t understand why they think they have the luxury of a Leafs style rebuild. They need to make fans now.

        What would it do for that market to make the playoffs in it’s first year? It could be the difference between it being the next Nashville or San Jose instead of being the next Miami or Phoenix instead.

    • With 30 picks and 22 roster spots, thats 8 side deals to be made plus their own picks from this year.

      Why look to have anymore than 8 deals? They’ll trade a few of these assets at next year’s trade deadline too. Not a bad place to be in.
      For example Methot gets you a first and a prospect. If they hold 1 or 2 mil of salary they get even more.

      My point is that you can ice a decent team with a nice mix of youth and leadership and still build the farm system.

      • Bobby Mc is reporting via twitter 6 trades assuming them to be Anh, Cbj, Chi, NYI, Pit & TB but who really knows. The NHL & teams have done a great job of keeping a lid on these deals with a few other discussions dragging on for a few reasons. Tor being 1 as Lou had travel issues apparently. Seems odd as it’s called a cell phone. Perhaps Lou is so old school he doesn’t believe in cell phones. Ha-ha!

  23. The awards ceremony starts at 8PM et tomorrow night. Anyone know who gets top billing? The Vegas stuff or the awards?

    As I could careless about the awards now.

    • McDavids winnings get top billing followed closely by the Vegas stuff. 😉

      • So I should tune in about 11PM ET? As I don’t give a rats ass how wins any awards. rarely agree with most selections regardless & why are we voting on award winners before the playpoffs even start.

        You would think in today’s world we don’t need 3 months to get everything organized.

      • Yeah, I have no clue. I will just go to tsn.ca to catch who wins which award and who Vegas picked, and all of the other transactions. I just said that because, if you hadn’t noticed, I’m an Oiler fan.

    • I think the rumor was that Vegas would revealing a handful of picks in between each award – my guess to keep viewers entertained. They should just have PK host it if that’s what they want! haha

  24. Based on the fact that Snow hired McPherson after he was hired and have the Vegas owners a strong recommendation to hire George it only makes sense that Snow would help McPherson by aiding him to build a team the right way through the draft. Having all these picks and not wanting to be too good too fast, to assure a high first next year to draft his franchise player. Is the proper course, grabovski and Kulemin merely assure cap compliance for the first year so that McPherson isn’t forced to take onerous contracts to meet the cap floor. It truly is a win win move for BOTH McPherson and Snow.

    Some people just don’t like that their competitors weren’t emasculated as they’d hoped. The deal makes sense both ways.

    • Vegas doesn’t need to reach the cap floor in their first year which means they don’t need to take on large contracts to make sure that happens. There is no reason to help out other GM’s with their cap issues just because you have an unlimited amount to work with right now – they are your competition. They can play at 60% of the cap which we now know is $75M which means VGK can ice a team with a cap hit of $45M which is $10.4M below the cap floor

      If you’re looking toward the future, how are you expecting to sign any big free agents next offseason with a team full of prospects and draft picks? Even if you made a couple side deals, you still have the opportunity to have a competitive team with a ton of cap space that would be more attractive for say a John Tavares next offseason to sign with

      • Vegas must “select” players with an aggregate Expansion Draft value that is between 60-100% of the prior season’s upper limit for the salary cap.

        That’s a 43.8 mill roster tomorrow.

        My understanding is they still have to meet the cap floor at the start of the season. Which Vegas said wont be a problem on 6/18.

  25. you dont need to be a rocket scientist to figure that when Garth Hired his friend McPhee to give him a job after he was fired in washington that they worked behind the scenes to get mcphee hired in vegas. by giving him a job to scout the league while on Islanders Payroll

    it helps both teams and they are friends, why would McPhee screw over his friend? relationships matter, McPhee obviously wants to build a tean for the future and not the present and Snow knows this and they had all year to discuss scenarios

    this was just the end result of those discussions….

  26. McKenzie is saying there is “considerable speculation MIN has or will have deal with VGK to lay off Scandella/Dumba in exchange for a prospect.”

    My question – what the heck is McPhee doing? Is his strategy to tank next season? No wonder why there were no trades ahead of the roster freeze when two well established defensemen can get protected for just a prospect. And here we all were crafting all these elaborate trade rumors to get some of these guys that were going to be left exposed

  27. Seems to me that LV can pick a very competitive team and have extras to use as trade assets. They do need to be entertaining so signing Davidov, and Radulov then claiming Ryan, Marchesseault, Neal, Peron, and Eakin to go along with Shipachyov would provide some offense.

    Snow made a good deal if he protects everyone else and ships Kulemin and Grabovski to LV. The other point is that these are good hard working veterans that can serve a role models if healthy.

    If TO is going to move JVR it has to be for a good young Dman. Even if the expansion draft passes and some teams do not lose their young guys there are still salary cap issues in Minny, Anahiem, and maybe Nashville. If the Leafs can pick up Manson or Dumba it would be worth their first pick and prospects so the team does not have to take JVR’s cap hit. JVR would be replaced by Leivo. He is much more physical but less finesse would go better on Matthew’s left wing. Even though he does the mucking Hyman can not finish good enough to be on the first line. Then Hyman could move down the line-up or become the fourth line center.

    • Hes already said several times what he’s doing people just dont listen. he said he’d draft players with destinations already chosen, that means he wants either draft picks or young prospects in return. he’s NOT TRYING to build a playoff team right off the bat, why should he? thats silly? why do that and get middle of the round draft choices early and hurt his teams development? he wants to be able to use the expansion draft to stockpile assets for development…

      just because fans of other teams have other priorities doesnt mean he does. he’s doing what he think is best fir his team long term. he’d be a fool to do it any differently

      • But some of these reported deals he’s passing up proven players that are worth more than the pick or prospect he’ll be getting in return. That’s what most here are questioning. How would he be a fool to select Dumba instead of a prospect (as reported)? How would he be a fool to select de Haan instead of the 15th overall, Grabovski & Kulemin (as reported)? Those two players alone are young players you can build a solid team around in its infancy, worth more than the return you’re getting

        One thing that the NHL fans have enjoyed since the lockout is the parity of the league. By giving Vegas these opportunities to build a solid team out of the gate, it was continuing that trend. Some of these reports are making it seem like Vegas will just be a dumping ground for cap space that other GM’s got themselves into for a slew of picks and prospects that may or may not pan out

  28. When do all of these trades get announced? Will it be during the awards ceremony along with the picks or after the freeze is lifted on the 22nd?

    • sh, other teams already have a development system on place, other teams have their marners and mathews, sanheims Sergachevs and pronorovs etc etc

      what good does getting pretty good established players do for vegas in the long term? all it does is mean they’ll draft too late to get their own future stars y the time their ready to win scandella will be old and toronto wouldnt gove up a marner or a nylander for him anyway. even if they did,

      the purpose of the expansion draft is not to help other teams get what they need. the purpose is to give vegas leverage to get assets they can use to build their own prospect base. if Toronto was offering a nylander and a marner for it im sure vegas would let you pick 3 or 4 of the guys they pick to trade to toronto, but toronto isnt offering that are they?

      stop thinking about how vegas might help your team, and think how vegas is trying to help build their own, then maybe youll start to get a clue

      • How does anything I’ve said have to do with Vegas making my team better? And who mentioned Nylander or Marner?

        All I’ve said is that you can still stockpile assets and ice a competitive team, one that will be intriguing to future FA’s to want to play for. You can’t build that with only picks and prospects that might pan out. When taking these trade offers, you need to see if what you’re getting outweighs what your passing on. Is taking the 15th pick in a weak draft class along with other spare parts worth it for passing up on a natural scorer like Nelson or Strome? What about passing on a defenseman that is just reaching his potential in Dumba or Scandella, a position that everybody on this board has agreed is of the utmost desire of all times and the hardest to obtain, for a prospect? When else can you obtain that player for literally nothing? VGK can come in dead last this season and still miss out on the #1 pick. There is some real talent sitting out there waiting for them for nothing more than a plane ticket to Vegas

  29. If LV gets half a dozen first round picks, a pile of prospects, a bunch of other picks, a decent roster, plus extras that can be turned in assets either immediately or at the trade deadline they already have a base of veterans to work from. Some of the picks can be used to trade up with. It will take a few years for the young talent to mature but they will be as competitive as anyone and may even be looking at a playoff spot. Can not see a down side for LV or the NHL.