NHL Rumor Mill – June 22, 2017

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Could Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene get dealt to the New York Islanders by this weekend?

Latest on Matt Duchene, Jordan Eberle, Alex Galchenyuk, Marco Scandella & more in your NHL rumor mill.

TSN: Darren Dreger reports the New York Islanders are in search of a top-six forward and “perhaps more.”  Colorado Avalanche center Matt Duchene could be among their targets. The Avs want to move him and are in need of blueline help and Dreger notes the Isles have a couple of defensemen in Calvin de Haan and Travis Hamonic that could be considered trade bait.

Edmonton Oilers right wing Jordan Eberle and Montreal Canadiens forward Alex Galchenyuk could also be of interest to the Isles.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s widely assumed the Islanders will make a big move or two very soon. It could come today or during the upcoming NHL Draft weekend. Duchene, Eberle or Galchenyuk could be joining the Isles with Hamonic possibly heading out. 

Pierre LeBrun speculates the Dallas Stars are shopping their first-round pick (third overall) in this year’s draft. They’re in win now mode and prefer a young NHL defenseman as part of a package. He thinks it’s a long shot for the Vegas Golden Knights to tempt the Stars by offering up left-shot defenseman Marc Methot. He believes it’ll have to take a big deal for the Stars to move their pick.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Vegas is loading up on draft picks and the Hurricanes have three second-round picks. They could dangle one of them to the Golden Knights for van Riemsdyk. 

STARTRIBUNE.COM: Michael Russo reports Minnesota Wild GM Chuck Fletcher said last night he could “absolutely” trade a defenseman before next week. “Teams looking for a top-four blue-liner include Tampa Bay, Toronto, Montreal, Buffalo, Calgary and Dallas. Fletcher said he’s open to making a trade for an immediate player or picks and prospects that allow him the flexibility to pursue free agents.”

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Pat Hickey reports the Canadiens are actively shopping for a top-four defenseman. He notes they unsuccessfully attempted to acquire blueliner Marco Scandella from the Wild prior to the expansion draft roster freeze on Saturday. The roster freeze is lifted at 8 am ET today.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Looks like Scandella is the likely trade candidate. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Canadiens revisit their interest in him, perhaps by dangling Galchenyuk as trade bait. 

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Mark Lazerus reports center Marcus Kruger remains with the Blackhawks but it remains to be seen for how long. Despite rumors in recent weeks sending him to the Vegas Golden Knights, it appears Marian Hossa’s decision not to play next season due to a skin allergy may have made the Hawks less desperate to move Kruger. The Blackhawks lost defenseman Trevor van Riemsdyk to the Golden Knights in the expansion draft.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sounds like van Riemsdyk (as noted above) could be heading to Carolina. While Hossa’s $5.25 million cap hit could come off their books via LTIR, that won’t occur until the second day of the 2017-18 season. The Hawks could be forced to get creative to keep Kruger and his $3.083 million cap hit. 

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan reports the Detroit Red Wings decision to leave goaltender Petr Mrazek unprotected in the expansion draft indicates their preference for Jimmy Howard and Jared Coreau as their goalies for next season. “Now, they will continue trying to trade Mrazek. Few teams are in the market for a starting goalie — Arizona and Philadelphia are perhaps among the select group.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given the lack of limited goaltending options in the trade and UFA market, the Wings might be able to find a taker for Mrazek. His inconsistency, however, could make it difficult to move him.




  1. Well. I feel pretty pretty good bout my feel for this process. Had this draft stuff pegged pretty close to home.

    Good job on McPhee to monopolize the market pre list day to maximize his returns. Decent team so far and building for the future. Has a handle on waiver situation.. still can make trades now and deadline for futures and fa still coming up.

    • With the exception of Carolina, Buffalo & Minnesota; didn’t pay near enough to keep Dumba, who paid little to keep the players they wanted I felt teams paid far greater draft pick compensation than you were implying would be paid.

      That said you were dead on with your thoughts about youth & picking for the future. I had them taking a few more established players & flipping them as they approached the trade deadline over the next 2 years but primarily this season.

      Based on what we see today this VGK’s team won’t compete for a playoff spot nor are they even trying to. The only team they might compete with is Colorado & that’s for the best odds of wining the lottery but as they stated they want to win a cup 6 years out. A reasonable goal. No different than most teams rebuild plans which we always here about the 5 year plan.

      • Vegas chose 14 D and only 2 have contracts beyond next season.

      • I disagree… the high compensation was generally to both take a player AND avoid a player… which I didn’t see coming notably. Pens, 2020 2nd rounder.. a 6th from Buff, a 5th from car… lightning b prospect and a 4th, a 1st round swap and a third rounder to take thorburn… if anything I was low on my estimation of either very late 1st, 2nds and even thirds, or b prospects. Man do I have a good grasp on nhl economics 😉

      • Ha-ha!

        It was some what anticlimactic. Lets hope the excitement picks up moving thru the weekends draft.

        Chrisms, your insight is solid, you did very well, the VGK’s are far closer to what you expected than I did. Even though I went 20 for 30 those 10 misses seriously effect the make up & competitiveness of the VGK’s in the short term, the next 2 to 3 years. I still didn’t draft significantly older I just didn’t take players I don’t think have a decent NHL future or any real trade value.

      • the only one that I can’t figure out is engellend. I actually liked Derek on the pens… but as a 4th line rw. I always loved having that 4th liner who In the case of injury could drop back to play d. like good ol Ian Moran. he played well in front of the net… I would take him as a 12-13th forward on any team… for the right price. but to not get an asset out of Cal, even to flip for a mid round pick then try to sign UFA D.E.? don’t get it.

      • Being reported that Engelland relates to selling the city, he & his family actual residents, his wife year round him in the off season. He & MAF will help try & help sell Vegas to UFA’s & players with NMC’s to accept Vegas as a desirable location.

      • Sorry meant to include NTC’s as well

      • still seems odd as if he was all about hometown vegas he could have just signed there in a couple weeks? and signed to a team with another asset from cal. head scratcher.

      • I agree fully. Makes no sense to me either.

  2. TVR to the Canes rumor must mean that the Canes are looking to ship one of their other D out, no? Seems like there is a logjam at the NHL level already – could it be Faulk for Stepan?

    • The rumors here in CAR are that Lack and D prospect (Murphy, one can hope…) are headed the other way with a 2nd rounder. If true, it’s partial salary dump by CAR, and a decided upgrade of the third pairing which was a bit of a horror show at times last year.

      • It’s good to have hopes & dreams but if they wanted Murphy they could have just taken him. To soon to write Murphy off but more a suspect now than a prospect. Carolina couldn’t give him away last season & as he had waiver rights he perished on the bench watching others play.

      • TVR can’t go to Carolina. Who will sign Hainsey if they do? Put your hand down Jim.

    • …though I have to admit I have no idea what LV would want with Lack. Maybe there’s another piece.

      • Interesting. I mean, they only selected 3 goalies last night – one of which isn’t even signed so I can see that being the case. Vegas is already up against the cap though without making any other deals so we’ll have to see what else shakes out. Thanks for the insight from down there

      • Nice to have a canes fan on the board. Appreciate your input. Always nice to get some local scuttlebut & views.

    • Not necessarily. They only have 4 NHL quality Dman, granted great young 1’s, several that are or will be studs but they can afford better players why not add them, they are very close to stepping up significantly.

      Non of Dahlbeck a #6 at best or Murphy; is he an NHL Dman? or Tennyson are really ideal. Carolina has the cap space, prospects & picks to get significantly better should they wish to do so & sacrificing 1 of their Dman isn’t really necessary but they could afford to down grade with Fleury, Bean & McKeown all coming in the near future.

    • At the end of the season Ron Francis stated the Canes will probably add a 5-6D. I assumed it was a physical defenseman since they really don’t have one. The Canes are big on matching up right and left handed shots on Defense. Dalhbeck, Bean, Fleury, and Carrick are all left handed shots that will be competing for the 5-6 pairing. Murphy and Tennyson both right handed shots don’t appear to be in the plans moving forward. TVR would be an upgrade from Murphy and Tennyson but would not fulfill the need for a physical defenseman.

      • Solid input. Emelin would make far more sense & could anchor a 3rd unit. He plays a solid defensive game, kills penalties & being the 4th leading hitter in the NHL for Dman has some serious snarl to his game. Would give Carolina 3 solid pairings to rotate fairly evenly if they could find a better #6 option on the right side.

        Slavin, Faulk.
        Hanfin, Pesce.
        Emelin, ?
        Spares Dahlbeck, Murphy.

      • Although a 3rd pairing of Fleury with TvR would be solid as well.

      • Striker, I liked your Emelin idea much better than Carolina’s TVR deal.

        I’m not sold on Ron Francis off season moves so far. Darling is an improvement but has to prove he is a starter. I like the move but can the Canes be sure he solved their biggest need.

        TVR doesn’t fix the soft D issue but Francis can check the box for a 5-6 D and he has the right hand shot.

        After the goaltender his second priority was a top 6 forward. I hope he is not trading Faulk.

        The Islanders just got better, Philadelphia has the second pick and so far Carolina has not closed the gap on the 100pt Metro teams.

      • GP.

        Francis has said his top 7 D are set for next season. Will use prospects & picks to address acquiring an established forward. He has both in spades & will probaluy take another teams cap casualty as well.

        I’m not sold on Darling either but he’s going to get every chance to succeed if able. I wouldn’t have given him so much money; 4.15, & term, 4 years, with out knowing for sure but as a pending UFA Darling had leverage. I would have chosen a different goalie but I hope it works.

        This may be 1 of the best D’s in the NHL & incredibly young.

        Hanafin, Faulk.
        Slavin, Pesce.
        Dhalbeck, TvR.
        ?, Murphy.

      • I like the forward group to. Several holes to fill but they have the assets & or prospects coming to address several.

        Skinner, Rask, Teravainen.
        Aho, Lindholm, ?
        Nordstrom, Staal, Stempniak.
        McGinn, ?, ?/

        All kind of flexibility here. Aho can play either wing & may be a C in the near future. Lindholm has played RW, Teraivanen has played all 3 forward positions.

        Carolina has a few stud prospects, Gauthier a monster RW, Roy; C, Kuokkanen; C, & numerous other lesser lights that could be traded with picks to secure help for the top 3 lines or surprise coming out of camp.

        This could very easily be next seasons Tor in the East.

  3. Unless there is more than currently reported in the LV/Minnesota trade, not taking Dumba makes zero sense. I don’t know if I’d take Haula, Tuch and a 2018 1st (much better draft) for Dumba, a potential 1D, let alone only Haula and Tuch. Am I missing something?

    • Apparently the talent observation of dumba at NHL level disagrees with your potential ceiling for him. Minny couldn’t get a return prior to expansion from teams that need d to be convinced to move him to avoid dealing with vegas. And they didn’t have to break the bank to work with Vegas.

    • I agree.

  4. I thought McPhee could have done so much better. I thought he did well with the islanders trade. The isles overpaid! The Anaheim deal was excellent. Getting Theodore was a great move. I prefer him over Manson and Vatanen. Laying off dumba or brodin and picking up Tuch is interesting…time will tell on that one, but I would have picked up brodin and traded him away. The return from other teams would have been greater than tuch. In the end, some good deals, some perplexing moves…we’ll see how this plays out.

    • I think Brodin was protected by minny….

      • He was protected. JUSS76

    • He should’ve gotten way more for taking MAF and his big salary of Pens hands too.

      • yeah because goalies with 375 wins, 3 cups and are all but hall of fame locks by 32 years old are so easy to come by.

      • Definitely should have gotten more from PIT to take that contract.

      • he is lucky to get the 2nd. MAF has only two years left on his deal

      • Jimmy agreed to that on March 1st (per LeBrun) when Marc’s numbers were ugly.

        Hard to care about a 2020 pick, but they shouldn’t have had to sweeten in any way.

        Marc is the face of their franchise.

      • You get more with MAF than just his salary. He was the most marketable player available. Did you hear the ovation he got when he walked out? Mario, Sid and Haggey did. Sad to see him go on one level but I have wanted him gone for awhile on another.

      • MAF deserves to be a starter, to proud to stay in Pit & back up Murray nor a luxury Pit could afford. I wish him nothing but the best. I like MAF & have defended him endlessly hear at all times. He was a stud & is still a very good goalie just not elite any longer but in the 2nd grouping between 10 & 15.

        I assume VGK’s G roster is set, they will try to sneak Berube thru waivers early in camp in hopes he isn’t selected or perhaps a trade is happening with Picard to make room for Berube to be the back up. I assume the former.

        A tandem of MAF & Picard is solid. Still surprised Sakic choose this course of action. I have defended Varlamov also but I would have exposed him as I don’t think he would have been selected & Col could have retained Picard. A solid young up & coming goalie.

      • Yeah but only on the ice for one of the clinching games and he had those games named Crosby and Malkin helping just a little bit. If Vegas took Cole or Rust or somebody else the Pens would be struggling to get someone to take MAF off their hands without retaining salary.

    • I think the jury is out on the Isles, but it won’t be an over payment if Snow lands one or possibly 2 dangerous forwards. Plus if successful then he gets JT to extend, team improves more season tix sales which gets new owners to push through on their own building (Barclays is HORRIBLE), if this happens, then he fixed the 3 headed goalie debacle from last year for the loss of a 15th pick in a draft where many experts say the top 3 might not see the NHL for 2 years, and a 2 two years down the road is anything but over paying.

      • The Islanders overpaid because they didn’t need to have such a bad protection list. Also, if they spend a 1st and 2nd to protect assets then turn around and spend those assets because they no longer have picks to get those upgrades, it’s a pretty bad deal.

        My issue would be they could easily have gotten a 1st or even a 1st and 2nd/prospect for De Haan. If that is the type of player they might move after, why not do it before. Even if you can’t get the forward you want ahead of expansion, get picks and exempt prospects, and use those as currency after the fact.

      • NYI bought their current roster & prospects, they ended up paying a fairly high price to do so what looks to be the highest price paid by any team. Far from what was being reported. I like Bischoof, he really blossomed in his senior year in University & had a nice cup of coffee in Bridgeport. Solid D prospect.

        NYI can afford to move picks as the prospect kitty is solid, the majority of their roster with the exception of Tavares is young & locked in.

        They aren’t done. They can now move a Damn possibly even 2; the 2nd in the next year & a 1/2 max, to address their needs else where.

      • That’s what I don’t like. They paid a big price so they could use an odd structure for protection and protect assets they are just as likely to move.

        Seems counter-intuitive to pay to protect assets you want to move rather than moving them before paying for protection. I get moving them later might maximize return, but will it increase the return by the amount paid?

        They did just make a good pick up in Eberle for Strome, I will be skeptical of their decision to protect 5 D, then paying huge for protection, if they end up moving D. Why not fix things up before hand and go 7-3-1?

      • Now that they got Eberle to play with Tavares the only move NYI probably makes is sending 1 Dman out for something else, possibly even just for futures but certainly a waiver exempt asset at best. de Haan, Hamonic, or other?

        They have their entire roster signed essentially except for de Haan & Pelech with 5.5 in cap space to do so.

        I assume it will be Hamonic or de Haan moved, it will all depend on who wants a RH or LH Dman respectively & I assume anything coming back is waiver exempt with a ton of picks to replenish those just given away. Way more teams are able to bid now than before expansion. I like what Snow did & has done already this summer.

        NYI as currently constructed bounces right back next season. They had already done so. As soon as Halak got sent down on Dec 30th, just before Capuano was terminated; 18 days later, NYI went on a solid winning stretch.

        As I have stated previously, Capuano cost NYI a playoff spot. His pigheadedness not playing Lee with Tavares & trying to balance what little scoring they were getting over 4 lines was brutal.

  5. I thought McPhee overall did pretty well in his selections – there were some questionable picks but I think those are going to shake out in the coming days with more moves involving them and the players they selected

    According to CapFriendly however, they are already up against the cap. Granted, there will be some trades sending some of their selections out, but McPhee could have iced a better team for much cheaper saving himself room for a big signing in FA this offseason or next. Vegas had the fortune of only having to ice a team at 60% of last year’s salary cap ($43.8 M) – they could have left themselves a nice nest egg to throw at high end talent to incentivize them coming. Am I missing something here?

    • Not a ton of high end talent this as compared to next. Much salary will be flipped soon or by deadline.

      • Ha I didn’t know that. Gotta love the mid-process rule change

      • Nor I. There were several minor modifications. Like all NHL teams I never saw nor see a problem with all 31 teams being above the cap, ghost/dead contracts or not.

      • I don’t think think the rules were changed. There was just a lot of confusion with the requirement of Vegas meeting 60% of last years cap after the expansion draft.

      • There still is confusion. The NHL could be far more forth coming with info.

        The 1st buyout window closes on June 30th, a 2nd opens up to any team who has a player headed to arbitration whether settled in arbitration or not. Only criteria is team or player need to file for such.

        How does this effect Vegas? It may be moot as Vegas selected 3 players which may well file for arbitration, Lindberg, Pulkinen & Schultz that have arbitration rights opening a 2nd window for them if they wish to potentially buyout a player.

    • They are listed as against the cap but look at the number of contracts and players. Far too many on the roster. Ya don’t have 30+ players on your roster so they have guys going to minors, getting bought out or released, getting traded etc. Cap won’t be an issue for them.

      • I agree. When all is said & done they will be cap compliant easily. Trades are coming, they have 13 Dman & only 2 have waiver rights, Theodore & Bischoff. That means at a bare minimum 3 are being traded. Most teams carry 8.

        Some of these selections will also be waived & some going un selected. Pulkinen moved on waivers 3 times last season. Does Brickley have an NHL future? Then of course Grabovsky & Clarkson will eventually be put on LTIR.

      • Those were my thoughts as well – I guess I’m just confused still by some of the talent available they passed on and in some cases for nothing in return. Like I said, it should definitely make more sense after this weekend’s trade flurry

      • I assumed there would be a few head scratchers & there were but who really knows what other deals are structured that effected the VGK’s selections yet to come.

        Although I don’t completely agree nor was I going to, I like what McPhee has chosen to do. It will serve them better long term & they made their plan clear last night. They want to contend for the cup in 6 years.

        I would have liked to see a bit more grit at forward. Clifford & Brouwer as opposed to McNabb & Engelland. Brouwer would have made a nice 3rd line RW that could move up as injury’s warranted, a solid net front presence on a PP unit & can kill penalties. Clifford can take a regular shift & is 1 tough customer.

        I would have liked the 2 young goalies, Ultshuller & Ullmark as both were waiver exempt & could have been their AHL goalies & 1 ready to replace MAF when gone over the next 2 years, nor would I have passed on either for what was paid.

        The only other head scratchers for me were Pulkinen from Arizona but they had little to choose from, I was grasping at straws when trying to determine who they might lose. I preferred Lovejoy to Merril as well but I get it, younger, maybe a fresh start will resurrect what once looked like a promising NHL career, far to young to write off but inline with how Vegas drafted leaning to youth over experience in these choices. I felt Lovejoy would have provided decent trade value at of near the trade deadline this year or next.

  6. I was way off on my predictions. I only had
    MAF. Pickard
    TVR Reinhart Mcnabb
    Neal Eakin &- R Smith in a trade
    I like Theodore and Tuch deals and both are good young talent they better keep !
    Knights are probably going to get worse after the draft when they move some of their selections ……Mcphee should send a D and a First and a second to move up and get Patrick or Buffalo’s pick at #8………….I am going to get tired of the saying “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. Reporters and Newspapers just don’t

  7. Deryk Engelland was an UFA who is from LV and whose wife and children spend most of the year in Nevada according to Eric Francis. So there was a really good chance he would’ve signed with LV on July 1st. Why didn’t LV select another player from Calgary and then sign Engelland on July 1st.

    • We musn’t forget that McPhee is the guy who once dealt Filip Forsberg to Nashville for Martin Erat and Michael Latta. Erat wound up giving him 2 goals and 25 assists over 62 gp while Latta chipped in with 4 goals and 13 assists in 103 gp. Meanwhile, Forsberg has logged 91 goals and 100 assists for Nashville.

      • And McPhee is forever damned in DC by Caps fan for that stupid trade to save his job.

      • Nice one, George, one of those trades for the ages.

    • My theory on this is that Engelland will be a part of the UFA process the next ten days, he will be working with GM and selling fellow hockey players on Vegas.
      He has lived there for a long time and will be the best person for potential UFA signings to talk to about life in Vegas.
      I wouldn’t be shocked if vegas flips a few selected players and then makes a play for Alzner or other UFAs

      • Vegas appears to have a longer term vision & although they may sign a few UFA’s I don’t see an of the studs signing in Vegas especially Alzner who will have his pick of spots nor do the VGK’s need him.

        They drafted several Dman just like him. Methot, Emelin, & far lesser lights that play a very similiar style of game in McCabb, Sbisa, Engelland & Stoner; waiver fodder.

  8. Toronto is interested in Colin Miller. I think that would be a solid pickup for Toronto. However I don’t see why LV would trade him. Excellent skater, hard shot, good first pass, 24 and coming off a $1m annual contract. Keep him like Boston should’ve

    • What am I missing with Colin Miller? Did the Bruins just have three better right hand D options?
      From the games I have seen he looked to move the puck well and cover his own end. Solid 2nd pairing D.

      • DS, what I’ve read is Carlo and MacAvoy have passed Colin on the right side and Chara and Krug are on the left side. Also have K.Miller and Macquaid right hand shot. Some one needs to play the left side. Personally I would’ve protected Colin, I see a lot of upside and he could’ve played the left side.

      • I would’ve kept Colin as well, even with Carlo and McAvoy passing him up. At the end of the day, I don’t think the Bruins lost much here. Kevan gets a lot of flak in Boston for some reason that I haven’t caught on yet. He’s a reliable player and is nails on the blue line. I think he just has the misfortune of getting lumped in with McQuaid as many see the two being interchangeable and Boston paying a combined $5M

        I still feel as though Sweeney is going to make a push for blue line help and possibly use one of McQuaid/K Miller in a package to land a FWD

      • Not as high on C Miller as you guys. Think he carries more value as an asset than other Miller and McQuaid though as he is still improving. Or should I say needs to improve.
        His playoff performance wasn’t great. He had too many off the glass an out’s, when he appeared to have time and pinching and joining the rush at the wrong time. These are the types of things that young D learn with experience and confidence. But not all of them. C Miller is the maybe with higher ceiling for the known commodity of K Miller.
        Also with Krug and McAvoy, they have 2 offensive/puck moving d-men better than C Miller will likely be. They don’t need 3 of them. Add that to the right shot problem and he became the obvious choice. I don’t think his ceiling is all that high. Great shot, can skate. Hockey IQ?

    • I’d love to see The Leafs move to get Miller and Schmidt. Move a 2019 and 2020 pick to get them – Vegas is looking that far ahead…

    • I would have protected C. Miller over K. Miller. Perhaps Sweeney just filled out the paper work incorrectly, Ha-ha! To late now.

      Losing 1 of K.Miller or McQuad made more sense to me than losing C. Miller.

  9. Stick tap to Capfriendly, they have everything updated on LV really nice job.

    • Dominique has been all over it. Great guy very efficient.

  10. Considering Chuck Fletcher’s comments regarding Matt Dumba I wonder if the Leafs offer up a younger forward prospect? Maybe they go this route rather than giving up JvR as many speculate regarding a possible trade with Anaheim. If Chuck Fletcher wants cap space to acquire players then this is who I would be calling if I were Lou. I would prefer Dumba over Methot at this point as he is much younger and can grow with the rest of the team.

    • Unless Methot agrees to adjust his list of 10 “no-go” destinations (and all indications are that he won’t) he won’t be going to Toronto anyway. I think he’ll start the year in Vegas and be a possible candidate to move next March at the trade deadline.

      • I think Methot would look real good in Dallas and from what I hear this is close to happening. I’m assuming Vegas is asking for the third overall and negotiations are ongoing.
        I don’t see Methot on the Leafs at all. He is a LD and the Leafs don’t have openings there. As George said, Methot probably has no interest in being a Leaf either. I wouldn’t be surprised if he signs in Ottawa as a UFA in two years.

      • Vegas has 15 dmen. They have to trade at least 8 of them. I’m sure the first 8 they get offers for that they like those guys will be gone. Imagine if Methot went to Pittsburgh? That would be irony of the highest type.

      • Why do they have to move 8? They need to stock an AHL team too

      • Is this the new math Deeeeee? They had 13 after last night, 2 are waiver exempt so they can be sent to the minors, Theodore & Bischoff. Unlikely that’s where Theodore is heading but Bischoff will be & have already traded 2 of them & more will be moved.

        That leaves them with 11, 10 with Bishcoff in the minors so really only 2 more need to be traded. That said all 8 are potential NHL Dman so I agree with you more are moving for younger waiver exempt assets & picks. Stoner isn’t guaranteed to even be on the roster come the start of the season, he may be destined for the minors or a buyout although I don’t know how those rules effect Vegas.

      • SH21.

        They aren’t getting any of these extra Dman thru waivers to get them to the AHL. Well Stoner sure, Engelland maybe but no ‘t waiver exempt.

  11. TSN1260 is saying 3 teams have acceptable offers on the table for Eberle. NYI is one of those team. I am thinking Minny and Carolina are the other 2 teams.

    • Carolina has enough highly skilled but not physical forwards. They need a top 6 forward that plays with some grit and drives the net.

      • Yes, this. Probably two. There are a couple in the pipeline, but nobody currently that can park in front of the net and worry the opponent.

      • Does Gauthier step straight into the NHL as at 6’5″ 225 lbs that’s a serious net front presence. What about Roy, 6’4″ 210 lbs? Size, skill & speed are coming fast. These are 2 stud prospects that have played extremely well on the world stage with the best players in the world in their age groups.

  12. Best expansion team ever? Sure. Kind of a low bar. Not sure they cleared it by all that much.

    Let’s see what he gets for the 4-5 defensemen he’s trading. Left a lot on the table for questionable return so far.

    I’ve long thought they could target Dallas’ #3 pick, if they get that, I’ll be a lot more impressed with their efforts.

    • I think that #3 pick and Methot are the centerpieces of a potential trade between the two organizations.

    • I agree. The only team the VGK’s are challenging this season is Colorado for dead last.

      • By choice which is probably the smarter choice.

  13. I went 20 for 30, 66.6% & 2 of those were side deals, in at least 1 case Buffalo; Ullmark, to pass on the player I had selected, Carolina may have been as well but they didn’t say who VGK’s passed on to take Brickley; no NHL future.

    Had a few wild 1’s Nosek, Lindberg & Emelin that deviated from most.

    Still don’t get several. A 6th round pick wouldn’t have stopped me from taking Ullmark nor a 5th Altshuller both great young goalie prospects & waiver exempt so they could have been sent down to Chicago in the AHL.

    I didn’t like the Pulkinen; Arz had no 1 worth selecting total crap shoot I had McGinn, Engelland; Brouwer, Merrill; Lovejoy simply for trade value, McNabb; Clifford great contract & can take a reg 4th line disturber role, Bellemare; coin toss for me between him & Raffl, choose Raffle as he was younger, Schlemko; Dhilloin & Schultz; Had Grubauer being selected for sure.

    I assumed they would build a slightly more competitive team in the short term picking players with solid trade value today & over the next 2 years max for the most part. They choose a far younger overall group than I expected.

    • Who are you again?

      • the great Krescan, Ha-ha!

        I won my expansion draft pool by 3 selections. Who knew people would even create such.

      • You did striker… you did.

        And rocked it!

      • I didn’t create it, a fellow poolie did. 33 teams entered 100 bucks a head.

    • This reads like an answer to a question no one asked,

  14. And TVR is gone. Just like that……

    • Yup, off to Carolina. Nothing yet on what Vegas got back.

  15. Here is what I have so far at forward baring trades which are coming. I won’t even address the D yet as numerous trades coming here yet. the VGK’s appear to have a shortage of RW’s

    Marchesseault, Shipachyov, Neal.
    Nosek/Perron, Lindberg, Smith.
    Nosek/Leipsic, Karlsson, Perron/Eakin/?
    Bellemare, Haula, Eakin/Thorburn; if signed/?

    MAF, Picard.

    • Not a bad team, decent overall depth but I assume many will be moved out at the most opportune time for the best return possible, for many; those on 1 year deals facing UFA status, that will be at the trade deadline.

    • Bringing in RW Dadanov looks to make a ton of sense & as soon as the 2018-19 season he & Shipachyov could be reunited with Gusev. This was 1 of the best of not the best lines in the KHL last season. McPhee has positioned them to do just that having secured Gusev as part of the compensation to avoid other TB Dman.

      A very shrewd move. Another all Russian stud line. It’s been along time since we have seen such.

  16. A quote from Dregers Twitter count.
    “Hearing Eberle trade to the Islanders is close or has happened. Details to follow. Players being notified.”

    • Oilers just tweeted Ryan Strome for Jordan Eberle

  17. Boy did Strome’s value just go up. He finally gets out of purgatory. NYI did not like this player but with McDavid or Draisaitl as his C’s a 2nd chance to become the player he should be is at hand.

    I like this trade for both teams. Edm sheds salary, Strome gets a 2nd chance & NYI gets a RW for Tavares. Solid deal all round.

    • I like it as well, both teams buying low. Eberle has been better to this point, but a little overpaid. Edmonton does bring some offense and upside back, which was a concern of mine if they kept pushing guys out without getting upside in return.

  18. Eberle for Strome.

  19. A late 2nd for TvR, I like that for Carolina far more than Vegas. Boy do I like how Carolina is shaping up. Francis has them right on the cusp of becoming a solid playoff contender.

    This may be 1 of the best D’s in the entire NHL. TvR helps & he is a future top 4 Dman in 2 or 3 more years, in Carolina he just needs to be their #5.

    A solid acquisition for virtually nothing.

  20. I am thinking the Islanders maybe working on another deal to move Hamonic to Colorado for Duchene.

    • They have to do something. Both Pulock & Pelech the 2 D they protected over de Haan are no longer waiver eligible. They play in the NHL, get traded, someone else gets traded or they need to be waived to be sent back down. That isn’t happening considering Snow choose to protect them.

      They have 6 Dman signed, de Haan an RFA & the 2 prospects; Pulock & Pelech, that’s 9. All are NHL quality Dman. Seideneberg could be waived in push comes to shove.

  21. Haven’t heard this anywhere, but with Arizona shedding salary and the Sens losing Methot, I think there could be a play for Ottawa to get Ekman-Larsson without giving up Chabot. They have a ton of good young defenseman outside of Chabot (Englund, Harpur, Claesson, Jaros, Ceci), some interesting young forwards (White, Brown, Chlapik, Perron, Pageau) and their first pick this year that could be a major part of this trade. Some other salary would have to go too, but this could happen if Arizona decides to maximize Ekman-Larsson’s trade value. I can’t see Ekman-Larsson wanting to stay there long term with the eternal rebuild and could you imagine Karlsson and Ekman-Larsson as a top pair?

    The main concern from Ottawa’s side would be both Karlsson and Ekman-Larsson are UFA’s at the same time. Those are very expensive extensions. Would be unbelievable for the next two years though.


    • I think the way the Senators are ran they would prefer the cost certainty of Chabot for the next 3 years.

      Then again if you can get a player like OEL I think you jump on it.

      I don’t see Arizona being interested though, they would probably want Chabot + White + 1st/2nd draft pick if I had to guess.

    • Anytime you target a top player in the league in his position and start with “excluding this top prospect ” you pretty much know it’s not going to happen.

    • There’s no shot of getting Ekman-Larsson for any combination of the players you mentioned. That trade gets as much consideration as offering a 5th round pick for Crosby. That’s very much a homer trade.

    • Hahahahaha. It’s good to have dreams even if fantasy’s.

      Have you been to Pheonix?

      This team is about 1 more year from taking a serious step up & they played quite well in the 2nd 1/2 of last season. They will be significantly better this season, that’s relative though as that may not mean any move up in the standings but goal differential will improve & overall points as well. That said they won’t make the playoffs but they could challenge Dallas, Calgary & LA in the standings.

    • Trying to resign both Karlsson & OEL at the same time would be interesting. Where is Melnyk getting the stomach for those 2 contracts in 2 years? I’m curious to see where the money is coming from to pay their own RFA’s & UFA’s no more than 2 years out. It’s an extensive list.

      Pageau, Dzingel, Condon, Stone, Turris, Ceci, Cleasson, Brassard, White; they burned his 1st year & Karlsson. There won’t be enough money to sign all of those players never mind OEL.

    • Not sure if any of you saw the Future Watch, but the Senators have 3 very highly rated prospects (Chabot, White and Brown), not just one. Chabot is the best, but White and Brown were 10 and 12 league wide going into the draft. Only Hischer and Patrick would definitely be rated higher in the 2017 draft. Obviously, one of White or Brown would have to be in the package to get Ekman-Larsson, plus a first round pick plus more.

      Regarding the contract issue, I said that myself. To Striker’s point, some of those players would go to Phoenix anyway (likely Ceci or Pageau depending on the package). Cap wise, Turris and Stone are definitely going up, but it will be no more than $2M above their current salaries ($4M and $4.5M), which could work. Ottawa has plenty of useful players on rookie deals the next few years as well. I don’t think it is as far fetched as some think.

      Paying Karlsson and Ekman-Larsson ~$19M combined on the cap long term would be the major issue. Ottawa has a two year window to go for it while they have some very cost effective deals. Turris is the only player of significance they could lose for nothing next year via UFA. Even with this type of trade, Ottawa still would have some very good young players. Even if they only kept Ekman-Larsson for two years and let him walk, Chabot would project as a replacement afterwards. I wouldn’t bet on this trade happening, but it isn’t an impossibility.

      • Never leave home with out it. Best prospect publication available in hard copy & top 3 overall.

        I assume then you saw Keller #1, Strome #7, Fischer #54, Deangelo #67 & Domi, Dvorak, Perlini, Duclair, Chychurn & Crowse already having graduated to full time NHL status, barely, but by this publications odd criteria of what is or isn’t a prospect they aren’t considered prospects any longer. No consistency in games played as to who is a prospect or a very young NHL regular.

        The last thing Arizona needs is more prospects. Their’s are better than Ottawa’s now.

        Good to have hopes, dreams, aspirations & goals no pun intended but it doesn’t make sense to me. You can never say never. We saw in 22 minutes last summer Stamkos sign in TB for very reasonable monies & then Weber get flipped for Subban. Still leaves me speechless.

        Melnyk won’t pay everyone he already has, their cash flow won’t increase significantly until a new home is built. Ottawa’s internal budget isn’t increasing & fan discontent is bubbling over costing Melnyk revenue. This team is built to win but not really fun to watch doing it & that seems to be effecting the gate.

        Attendance has dropped 2 years in a row by well over a thousand last season & then there is the Conference final home game that wasn’t sold out. That’s a serious cause for concern as Ottawa didn’t get better losing Methot even with everyone coming.

      • & in no way is this meant to slight those 3 prospects or the young players Ottawa already has in the system. Those 3 players are studs.

        Just Arizona doesn’t need any more they have to many now. They need OEL he is their best player & 1 of the top Dman in the NHL.

        If Arizona can’t extend him next summer they may have to consider the unthinkable; trading him, but even then I think they would ride it out as long as possible even right up to the trade deadline of his final contractual season.

        They will open the fault to extend this player. Hedman type monies.

      • If you are a team trading your top player for futures it starts with the top prospect, particularly in the same position. Not the second and third prospect.

      • Ottawa seats close to 19,000 and even with 1,000 not sold that’s still significantly higher than Winnipeg gets 100% full and infinitely better than Florida, Carolina, Arizona, Colorado to name a few.

      • Sorry, I didn’t realize Pageau and Ceci were still prospects. Either would be a significant piece in a trade like this and both will get big raises in the next year. When did I say it would only be prospects? Arizona has one of the best prospect pools in the league, but they need some older players too. I just don’t see Ekman-Larsson staying there long term whether Ottawa or someone else makes the trade.

  22. Absolutely brutal one was forced to watch the ultra bring NHL awards to see the LV roster named. The band, the host and Tappen were about the worst display the league could have put on. Two hours of Crosby and McPussy ball washing was enough to make you puke then to have to listen to Kathyrn Tappen fumble her way through the roster announcements. Has she ever watched a hockey game? Completely painful tv, horrid, brutal a total yawnfest.

    Never again, never never never….

    • LMAO!!

    • Why didn’t you just tape it and watch the end for the final roster if it was so terrible for you.

      • @Hockey83 showing your age there by saying ‘tape’ Lol.
        @Ron I enjoyed the show to be honest, I was entertained, sure the host didn’t know much but she was decent eye candy. I thought the tribute for Bickell was nice and Anderson’s accepting his award was a triumph of human spirit as well.

      • I waited until it was over & went online after 9PM Pacific time.

  23. Schlemko to Canadiens for a 2019 5th

    • That’s just basically giving him to Montreal,

      • Yep, very odd, why not have selected Demelo or Dhillon, surely they would have had better trade value.

        Good news though. With Schlemko acquired Mtl’s D issues are solved. Ha-ha!

        Weber, Petry, Benn, Davidsson, Schlemko & ? Price must be sitting at home have migranes thinking about playing behind that D. I hope Bergevin has a plan to address this as it’s shaping up to not be very pretty. 3 of those D are #6’s at best on many teams in the NHL, Benn, Davidsson & Schlemko & don’t instill faith in this group getting Montreal back to the playoffs.

    • I was scratching my head at this one, too. Is LV saying that there was nobody on SJ’s unprotected list that was worth more than a 5th rounder? I don’t know enough about SJ’s depth to assess that, but I find it hard to believe no exposed player was worth more than that. Geez, at least fill an AHL slot with that pick. Seems to be just a wasted expansion pick.

  24. Um, Gorton, can you make a move already for crying out loud? Can we lose Staal? Perhaps get rid of Stepan? Do something for God Sake! Everyone else around us getting better, we stand pat. Brilliant.

    • Patience. Who’s gotten better? It’s just starting, we have had 3 trades so far today, 1 that isn’t part of the expansion draft. Strome for Eberle.

      NYR is a great team & they will be right back in the thick of it again next season challenging for a deep playoff run. Outplayed Ottawa & lost, it happens.

      Stepan is in play, Staal isn’t goiung any where unless they pay someone to take him or swallow & heavy long term buyout Ala Girardi. It didn’t open up much cap space for the next 3 years, 2.6+ cap hit this year 3.6+ for the next 2 before dropping to 1.1+ for 3 more years. I would have waited a season but what ever who really cares, seems like allot of money & years to be paying someone not to play for you & having to replace him on the roster with someone.

      The UFA market doesn’t even open for 8 days. Perhaps that’s where NYR is planning to spend?

  25. The islanders deal was not bad at all when you understand what they are doing. Many of you are overlooking the obvious. The 15th overall and 2nd is nothing to get Tavares to stay. Adding eberle and possibly duchene does that. They already have a deep prospect pool so a middling pick in a shallow draft and a 2nd 2 years off is nothing. Keeping Tavares is paramount for that franchise. I’m shocked most of you don’t see the obvious

    • I fully agree. If they can find away to get Duchene that works for me to, although better options may exist in contract term & cap hit. I like NYI but at least 1 Dman has to go & the return will be substantial. I liked them last season to. Had them finishing in the top 6 in the East to start the year. I’m still disparaging Capuano.

      Their coming up 1 point short of a playoff spot cost me a thousand dollars in cold hard cash. So close to making some significant coin on that Dec 30th wager, the night Halak was sent down. I saw Greiss doing a Hamburglar & he almost did but then the wheels fell off in mid march from the 11th thru to the end of the month.

      If they acquired Duchene then Nelson could go back to playing LW, I like him their better or Duchene could but do we really want NYI paying Ladd 5.5 to be a 3rd line LW? Or does NYI potential move Nelson to the #3 C spot?

      Cap wise Duchene isn’t a great fit even though salary will be heading back. Unless NYI could dump a contract on Colorado as well. Colorado appears to be functioning on some form of tight internal cap though.

    • Shocked, I tell you!
      Can you imagine a line of Tavares, Eberle and Duchene? Personally I would love to see them together. More fun to come…..

  26. I think Vegas takes a run at Philly’s 2nd overall for a shot at Patrick but what do you guys think of 9-10m/6y offer sheet to Leon Draisaitl. If you can’t draft a 1st line center… why not buy 1. At worse, Edmonton matches and puts themselves in world of hurt and maybe you get Nuge at a discount or you get your center and can concentrate on other areas.

    • I cant see LV having what Philly needs. Unless a 3 way with Colorado-Nathon Mcinnon?

    • They need their next 4 1sts. 2-3 could be lottery picks for better players.

    • All offer sheets are amortised over 5 years. A 7 year deal at 10 mil is 70 mil dived by 5 years, that’s 4 1st round draft picks & all must be your own.

      Who was the last player offer sheeted? Weber? Before the rules even became more onerous.

  27. For what his opinion is worth-Kyprios is saying their could be big moves in Philly.
    -Schenn to Mtl for Galchenyuk?
    -Package of Schenn or Vorachek to Colorado for one of their forwards? Duchene/Macinnon

    • Neuvirth didn’t get selected. Was that your post some time back or Steve’s? Who ever was adamant that deal was done.

      I prefer Schenn to Galchenyuk or Duchene.

      Hasn’t Sakic said McKinnon isn’t available?

      Moving Voracek’s contract will take super human abilities. Ha-ha!