NHL Rumor Mill – June 30, 2017

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Could the Buffalo Sabres or New Jersey Devils try to land free-agent defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk?

On the eve of free agency, here’s a look at the latest on the notable potential UFAs in your NHL rumor mill. 

NJ.COM: Chris Ryan cites TSN’s Pierre LeBrun speculating the New Jersey Devils could make the highest offer for UFA defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk. The Tampa Bay Lightning are also linked to Shattenkirk. The Leafs, Rangers, Sabres and Golden Knights could also be among his suitors. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Shattenkirk wants the big bucks, signing with rebuilding teams carrying lots of salary-cap space (Sabres, Devils) are his best bet. If he hopes to land with a playoff contender, however, I believe he’ll have to accept less money. 

CSN BAY AREA: Kevin Kurz reports forwards Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau haven’t closed the door on re-signing with the San Jose Sharks. However, there’s no indication the Sharks are close to a deal with either guy. The Los Angeles Kings are reportedly interested in Thornton, and he could also draw interest from “other teams like the Rangers, Blues, Predators, Penguins or Maple Leafs.” Marleau, meanwhile, was linked to “Ducks, Predators, Maple Leafs and Flames.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Thornton and Marleau could indeed move on, but I also think they’re using this situation as leverage in contract talks with the Sharks. Wouldn’t surprise me if they field the best offers and then return to the Sharks to see if they’ll match. Both obviously prefer finishing their careers in San Jose. If they move on, however, their preference could be signing with clubs as close to San Jose as possible. 

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports defenseman Trevor Daley may be close to signing with the Detroit Red Wings while Dan Girardi could have a deal in place with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Regarding this summer’s notable UFA goalies, he predicts Chad Johnson signs with the Buffalo Sabres, Brian Elliott head to the Philadelphia Flyers, Steve Mason joins the Winnipeg Jets, Ryan Miller heads to the Anaheim Ducks, Antti Niemi inks with the Pittsburgh Penguins and Anders Nilsson could land with the Vancouver Canucks. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Penguins are indeed in the market for a veteran backup goaltender. Maybe they sign Niemi if the price is right. He really struggled in Dallas but perhaps he can regain his form in Pittsburgh. 

TSN: Reports out of Russia indicate winger Ilya Kovalchuk is meeting with KHL team SKA St. Petersburg. Kovalchuk has expressed interest in returning to the NHL if a sign-and-trade deal can be worked out with the New Jersey Devils, who still own his NHL rights. Pierre LeBrun reports Kovalchuk is merely keeping his options open in both leagues. He must wait until July 1 to sign with the Devils in order to be traded to another NHL club. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think Kovalchuk will return to the NHL and he could be donning a Blue Jacket. Columbus team president John Davidson recently acknowledged his team’s interest in the veteran winger and they cleared some cap space yesterday with their buyout of left wing Scott Hartnell. 

Washington Capitals pending UFA winger Justin Williams is attracting considerable attention. TSN’s Darren Dreger reports up to 10 teams have spoken with him. He believes the Dallas Stars could be among the suitors. Newsday’s Arthur Staple said the New York Islanders could have interest. Chuck Gormley sees him signing with the Maple Leafs. The Philadelphia Flyers and Tampa Bay Lightning could also kick the tires on Williams. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Despite his age (35), Williams remains an effective second-line right wing. Given the lack of quality depth in this summer’s UFA market, he won’t have any problem landing with a new NHL team. I’d add the Montreal Canadiens to that list of destinations, especially if they lose Alexander Radulov to free agency. 

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Jason Mackey reports the Penguins could hit the trade market to find a replacement for center Nick Bonino if he departs tomorrow via free agency. As many as 10 teams (including the Columbus Blue Jackets) have reportedly expressed interest in Bonino. Mackey doubts the Penguins will overpay to add a free-agent center such as Joe Thornton, Martin Hanzal or David Desharnais. He notes a rumor linking the Penguins to Colorado’s Matt Duchene, but “if you’re not going to pay Bonino $4 million, how much sense does it make to pay Duchene $6 million?”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Mackey sees the Penguins make a low-key deal like the one they made two years ago when they acquired Bonino from the Vancouver Canucks. While I wouldn’t fully dismiss a possible dip into the UFA pool, I agree that the trade market is likely the better route to address Bonino’s potential departure. 

BOSTON HERALD: Steve Conroy reports trade speculation regarding Minnesota Wild defenseman Marco Scandella continues to bubble. The Bruins are among the clubs linked to Scandella, who has three years remaining on his contract worth $4 million annually. His addition, however, could thwart the development of young blueliners within the Bruins system. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I get the sense the Bruins want to add a veteran left-handed d-man to their blueline. They’ll have to balance that addition with the youngsters in their system. If they add a free agent it could be to an affordable short-term deal that can be easily moved if one or two kids play their away onto the roster. 



  1. I think Radulov is doing exactly the same thing as Jumbo Joe. Trying to get the best offer out there and coming back to the Habs to see if they will match. If that isnt the case, why wouldn’t Bergevin trade his rights for a 3 or 4th round choice?

    • I agree Louis I think he resigns with the Habs 3-4 yrs 6-6.5 per but if someone offers him 6 yrs you never know

    • Why would any team relinquish a 3rd or 4th round pick today for the right to talk with a a UFA who they can dicker with for nothing tomorrow? And if Radulov decides he and the Habs can’t come to an agreement, why would he bargain with one team today when he has potentially 30 others tomorrow?

    • Just part of negotiation Louis. I think you are 100% correct.

    • Radulov is going where the money is. Why else would he want a 6 year deal. Plus he wasn’t that great with Julien so he’s going elsewhere.

  2. I agree with Lyle’s assessment of Shattenkirk regarding getting bigger bucks with a rebuilding team. But here’s the issue with all of this; if he goes to a contender and gets less money should anybody feel bad for him? And another note; does McDavid think he can win a Cup on his own? $13,500,000 per season seems high for even a rebuilding team. What do you think Lyle?

    For the record I am not one of those types who gets all philosophical about how much athletes make. Their profession generates a great deal of revenue and owners wouldn’t pay it if they couldn’t. However, players need to be a little more cognizant of how their salary will affect the team. Exhibit A; Sidney Crosby!

    • Steven when Crosby signed it was the same percentage of the cap as what mcdavid is getting

    • Crosby left money on the table to ensure his team could remain competitive. Mcdavid maybe has other motives. nothing wrong with either choice. Don’t forget that the NHLPA will lean on Mcdavid to take every penny. Some people are strong enough to say go away, others are not.

      • Chris Crosby if Crosby left money on the table than isn’t mcdavi? The same percentage of cap

      • Crosby didn’t leave money on the table until his 3rd contract.

      • I believe the max cap hit was $10 million when he signed his second deal, so he left $1.3 M on the table.

        It was $12 million when he signed his second deal, so he left $3.3 M on the table then.

      • The Max for a player is 15 mil this year isn’t it?

      • I thunked it was around 14 mil. so he would be leaving .75 mil off table compared to Crosby when 1.3 mil was worth a bit more. honestly looking at it it isn’t that big a difference.

      • On Crosby’s first contract, he signed for a little over 15% of the cap. McDavid’s contract is for close to 17.5% of the cap. So McDavid’s contract is a little more, but the difference is the report that the Oilers are paying extra to get the 8 year deal as opposed to the 5 McDavid asked for (which is what Crosby did on his first deal)

        To me, Crosby’s deal was a little better for the team, as the cap was rising more liberally at the time, but this isn’t a knock on McDavid’s ask, since it has been reported that McDavid’s agent is charging a premium to go to 8. So if that is true, and say the Oilers would get McDavid for around $11M-$12M which would be in line with 14.5-15.5% of the cap, then McDavid isn’t really putting the oilers in any different a spot than Crosby offered. The real question is more if Chiarelli is making the correct gamble and decision for the long term benefit of his team. The thing he really needs to reel in, is Draisatl’s number. If he can get Draisatl for a deal that is appropriate for what he has done so far, which should be about $6.5M – $7.25M, then the decision on McDavid won’t make much of a difference. However, if this inflates Draisatl to $8.5M+ then you need to ask if paying that premium for those extra 3 years is worth setting that bar.

        Signing McDavid for 5 at $11.5M could make it easier for all other negotiations, and if that saves you $3M-$4M on the cap (by also saving some on Draistl) that is significant in trying to win a cup in the next 6 years.

    • Crosby signed in a different cap world. His deal was spread out over 12 years, not 8.

      I don’t care that it’s the same % of the cap hit Crosby’s was when he signed. That comparable doesn’t work for me. NHL teams have learned you can’t tie that much of your cap hit up in 1 player.

      How can McDavid 1 of the top 5 players in the world, Crosby, Price, Doughty, Karlsson, Burns, etc. demand 13.25 mil per. Is McDavid worth twice what Scheifele is making? There are 3 players in the NHL today with a cap hit over 10 mil per & those contracts are seriously problematic for those teams moving forward.

      No player should be paid more than Crosby’s 8.7 for 8 more years. I accept McDavid is a stud, the best player we have seen drafted in a long time but if he gets, 13.25 then everyone else that’s close will want similar monies.

      I really hope Chiarelli holds the line at no more than 10. What has McDavid won? 1 scoring title. Big deal. Edm sold out every game before McDavid got there & iced a terrible team.

      • exactly Striker, the fact that Crosby and the Penguins got away with it, was more good luck than good management. The theory was that good growth in the cap would make the percentage value of the contract less relevant over time. Well, the cap is not really in growth mode, and won’t be over the next several years. The McDavid contract will absolutely hamstring the Oilers in the future, they better win next year, cause the year after when the contract kicks in,….and the cap does not grow,…what do they do then ?

      • Would scheiffle be making as much as he is now when Crosby signed his contract? No it’s called cap inflation. Mcdavid is worth more than just on ice play to the oilers the guy sells tickets,jerseys etc,etc and yes mcdavid is worth twice as much as scheiffle he makes everyone on the ice better, nothing against scheiffle but he isn’t in the same level as Connor

      • players can and should go for the money. the talented and best at their game should attempt to get what they can. people can say leaving money on the table is admirable but usually its for the motivation of allowing the cap team to surround yourself with other components. saying Crosby’s contract, signed at a time with different rules/lower cap should be the benchmark is dumbfounding. Don’t think I will ever see eye to eye with people who want to treat players like property and not people.

      • I agree Chris Connor is 20 yrs old major injuries can happen at any time,make the money now and if you want a cup take a little less later

      • Players have a union… the union negotiates with the owner/league. Once in place the final result in the NHL is always SIGNIFICANTLY skewed to benefit the owners. entry level contracts, rfa with highly punitive costs for the open market, late twenties for UFA… as you said bbb, if they are lucky enough to make it to that age still paying well enough to utilize their leverage for 1st time. begrudging a player for going after the money, or signing as an UFA out of college, or retiring to play at home… that’s players using the rules and “advantages” they collectively bargained for.

      • I hear what you are saying Chrisms, the collective bargaining agreement essentially protects all the players, not just the elite ones, it also protects the owners. Imagine a world right now with no salary cap. What you would have is essentially a European style soccer league with probably 3 divisions, and probably less, a lot less then 31 teams. Try to imagine what the players on the second and third division teams will make….

      • You may not want to use Crosby’s current dollars as a guide, but it is not realistic. The percentage of the cap is a realistic way to look at it, like it or not.

        Also, for an apples to apples comparison, Crosby’s second deal isn’t what we should be looking it. It’s his first, which was 15.3% of the cap at the time. And, when looking at the cap at the time, it was actually in a slow growth period as well (actually the cap only went up $0.1M the year after signing the deal), and Crosby signed a 5 year deal then.

        So using that line of logic, McDavid’s contract on a 5 year deal of about $11.5M would be exactly in line with Crosby’s first deal out of ELC. It’s Chiarelli who is asking for 8 years, and paying a premium to get that. We don’t know for certain what McDavid’s ask would be on an 5 year deal, so it’s hard to judge, but from the sounds of things, I think McDavid and his agent’s approach is fair enough.

        To me, I would sign McDavid to the term he prefers if it grants cap savings. That gives the Oilers 6 years to create a contender, and create a place that McDavid wants to stay. Superstars seldom leave teams in the NHL, so I don’t know that the risk of him leaving 3 years sooner is worth paying additional cap dollars for. Every UFA is different, but the cap creates a situation where superstar UFAs (even star players) have a hard time getting significantly more on the open market from contending teams than their current team is willing to pay to retain them. The reason is, that a team hoping to retain, already had a team built around that player and the bulk of his asking price, while the team that needs him likely either has less room to add, or a hard time showing that they are a contender simply by adding that player.

      • Striker, also, when making the statment about what has McDavid won, Crosby had only that hardware to his name as well when Crosby signed his first extension.

        Their careers to this point have been so similar it’s almost scary. Crosby had 5 playoff games of experience to his name before signing that extension.

      • It’s about more than winning hockey games. Mcdavid is worth 13.25 million dollars in every one of the 31 markets. Easily.

      • Bigbadbruins.

        Mcdavid isn’t twice the player scheifele is.

        How does McDavid sell tickets? Edm sold out before he got there. Look at the other 29 teams attendence both before & after McDavids arrival? Where’s he helping sell tickets.

        If Edm pays McDavid 13.25 I will state today Edm can’t complete their roster sufficiently to contend for a cup but worse it’s going to drive up al futurcontracts significantly.

        I don’t care about about % of cap hits 4 to 9 years ago depending uupon if we are discussing Crosby’s 2nd contract or 3rd. What I care about is icing a cup winning roster & having enough cap space to pay everyone.

      • And mcdavid should worry about making his money now and being set for life! Who knows what’s gonna happen in the future as far as injuries, only an idiot wouldn’t cash in big time when he’s 20yrs old. So basically you would give up the best young player in the world to another team that will pay? You would not be a good gm

      • Edmonton does sell out every game, good or bad. What we are not addressing is the price of the seat & box. And they have lots of new expensive boxes in Rogers. They can and will charge more with McDavid. 100% profit gain. And it is significant. The Oiler’s brand is fantastic right now, and they charge for that everywhere on everything they touch.
        As a fan of the Oil (after Bruins) because I live here, I wish they got him for less. Do I understand why PC had to do it. Yep.
        Also there are numerous factors that effect the cap, including the cdn$ in a big way. Anybody who thinks they know what will happen with that in 3,4 or 8 years either doesn’t understand, or isn’t being honest with themselves.

      • That’s right I said seats but meant revenue in general, and like you said about the in 3,4-8 yrs it’s the same as the players health so for a 20yr old you go for the money

      • About the cap*

      • Haha, being set for life? 11m for ONE year sets you for life… he wants 100m, not like 90 or 80m because then you are not set for life?
        This contract will be an anchor for Oilers and might be for more teams in the league. I don’t care if he makes 100m/y if not for the cap – but i think he would do good financally in 3,5m/y over 8 years too….

      • How many sports players go broke adoe? A lot! You have to look out for number first and foremost, you can’t tell me you don’t try to get a raise

      • They should take care of them selfs, yes.
        I have a hard time feeling sorry for players going broke when they’ve earned 100m$ during their career, well maybe because they most likely doing that in that case due to brain damage.
        Yes, I’ll like a raise. I’m living in sweden so I don’t know if 45.000$/y is anywhere equal here as in the states – but it would be nice with more. However I’m not looking for 150.000$/y for what I’m doing. But even if I was – no team member of mine would get any less or get fired because I got 50.000$ for exemple. We as a company would not be a worse compedior againt rival companys in two years because of my paycheck.
        I’ve said it before – don’t care how much they get if it wasn’t for the capworld. This just shows it’s only for the money he play, he don’t care about no winning the cup, that’s for damn sure – because then you take a 8 year deal at 8,5m$/y and see if you manage to live of that while winning the cup. And it’s not like he is the smallest market name right now – he might be able to make more money outside of hockey as well.
        David Beckham many years ago made 5M$ play soccer, and another 10M$ in sponsers and underwere and such.
        Wow, I got on a rant, sorry for that 🙂
        Anyway, we will when it’s all said and done need to agree to disagree I’ll assume 🙂

    • Steven: Regarding Shattenkirk, he’ll obviously do what he thinks is best for him. Perhaps by joining a rebuilding team like the Sabres, he can help them toward contention more quickly.

      As for McDavid, why are you assuming he thinks he’s going to win a Cup on his own? If he seeks $13.5 mil a season and the Oilers are willing to pay it (which could be around 17 percent of the maximum for 2018-19, which is close to what Crosby’s percentage was in his first contract following his ELC in 2008-09), so be it. They obviously feel he’s worth it. And if he keeps playing like he did in 2016-17, he’ll be worth every penny for the Oilers.

      • You are right, he only thinks he is 17,5% of a team of 23 players. True team first kind of guy!
        I’m sorry, but I can’t defend this crazy contract in a cap world. And I’m a fan of his and I think he already is the best player in the league.

      • Well said Lyle

  3. Seems Kevin Kurz and Chuck Gormley are still on that old Leafs approach of bringing in aging veterans (Thornton – Williams) as the key to taking the next step. It never worked before – do they really think Shanahan is ready to abandon his revamped approach?

    • Oh George O.! I think the same as you. Unfortunately, the sicko need of Toronto centric world to envision every player in a Leafs jersey continues! Thank God our current management team sees things otherwise. The only advantage for Joe to come to Toronto is to see him land a deal with Gillette, or Bic or someone. That beard just has to go!

    • Shanahan in the past has taken on older veterans through trade and signings. The only difference is that Babcock gives the younger players the opportunity to challenge these veterans for playing time, so it is either produce or you are gone. Vets like Martin and Bozac are still here because they bring there A game.

    • Bringing in a couple of veterans on 2 year deals would be perfect. You have a huge opportunity right now before Matthews will get paid. So spend to win now, so long as you have cleared the cap space for the young superstars.

      • You could probably write a book on the “bring-=in-a-veteran” approach as applied by past Leafs teams – and – it – never – worked.

      • Do you mean like kovelov

      • Exactly. And if you think dredging up the name of that slug would get a rise out of me would work, you haven’t been paying attention. Besides, Boob, the subject I believe was the Leafs. We’ll talk about the Sens past gaffes when it becomes a topic.

      • Oops, sorry, meant “Bob.”

  4. Getting veterans can be quite beneficial to young players in order to show them the ropes of how to be a professional. A lot of young players are starting to take to hedonistic activities and taking a lax and comfortable approach to their careers; you’re not going to win much with those guys on your team… veterans can still play and still help your locker room.

    If Shatty joins the Devils on an albatross, even though they just got Nico, I’m done with them. I can’t cheer for a team that mismanages. I nearly lost my head when they signed Ryane Clowe to that ridiculous contract. You’re not going to win in the NHL if you sign #3 d for 7×7. Where (and how) will they get a #1 d when they’re spent to the cap wasting money on 2nd liners?

    Kovy could go for a couple of prospects and a 2nd or 3rd pick. I could see a Jack Johnson one for one or I could see Murray being in those conversations, but it probably circles back to prospects. We’ll see.

    • To be honest Kovy ain’t worth much.

  5. MJR I …good points..that is why i would like to see Philly pick up Williams (at a decent cap hit) a proven winner with a hard edge style of play and good work ethic. This will greatly help in preparing the younger players for the future, as well as to have his career come full circle and retire where he started.

    • I agree Frenchy, and unlike Marleau and Thornton he has done a whole lot of winning! Three Cups and a Conn Smythe! Gold medals on dream teams don’t impress me a bit. I am so happy the NHL is staying away from the Olympics!

  6. Someone said the other day Murray & Milano. I like that pair as trade fodder from Columbus. They have something in the works for sure….if you are giving up any draft pick to negotiate with an UFA it should have been last week or Monday/Tues this week at the latest. Today is a waste….Girardi will make a very nice #5 & PK defenceman on some team.

  7. My armchair GM version of the Pen’s retool…

    Plan A- Offer a first and a prospect to Vegas for BOTH Erik Haula and one of their D men…either Schmidt or Miller or Sbisa or Emelin if Vegas eats half their salaries. Plan A is not likely, but you have to at least test McPhee’s love of picks.

    Plan B- Kick tires on Tyler Bozak and Mark Letestu. Their teams are unlikely to part with them unless you overpay. OR maybe you could get them to take Carter Rowney as a cheaper version a la the Eberle deal.

    Plan C- Offer a 7th round pick to CHI for Marcus Kruger. He’s a great 4c, but he has played for extended stretches as a 2c in CHI and can be a decent to solid 3c. Offer Rowney if need be.

    Once the 3c is secured, sign Niemi cheap and be willing to spend an extra 200K to get Dominic Moore (assuming Cullen retires) as the 4c.

    Now you can see how much cap room is left to fill the 6D role. It might have to be filled by trade since no more than 1 or 2 years should be committed to this spot, but any FA worth anything (Stone, Del Zotto) will want more.

    I’d ask Shero what he’d want for Ben Lovejoy. If it’s reasonable, we know that group of six works. If not, might bring back Hainsey to platoon/compete with Ruhwedel.

    Sign a few younger UFA depth D men to 2 way deals like Joe Morrow, Jyrki Jokipakka and (if he intends to play) Simon Despres.

    Guentzel Crosby Sheary
    Rust Malkin Kessel
    Hagelin Kruger* Hornqvist
    Wilson Moore* Reaves
    Kuhnhackl Rowney

    Dumoulin Letang
    Cole Schultz
    Maatta Lovejoy*


    • I believe Kruger is for all intense & purposes already dealt to Vegas & it will be concluded shortly after his 2 mil signing bonus is paid on July 1st. Vegas saves 2 mil in cash but takes the full cap hit.

      I believe the original rumor was true. Very similiar situation to when Bernier moved to Anaheim last summer. It trailed the Anderson trade but happened right after his bonus was paid.

      • If he goes there, Vegas would have Kruger, Haula, Eakin and Karlsson as suitable third line center trade targets. It might make getting Haula more realistic.

    • JR’s first order of business should be locking up Dumoulin the way he did Justin Faulk.

    • Oh I’m so glad you have no say in the Pens roster. Those are all terrible ideas. Niemi is trash I don’t want any part of him. Did you watch Hainsy the useless turnover machine this year in the playoffs. The team won despite his best efforts to sabotage the team by just sucking. My least favourite Pen since Lovejoy. Moore is pretty much done as a player. Kruger is a 4C and an overpaid one. These moves cost a lot of cap and don’t make the team better one bit.

      • The player has to exist. Who do you think that is actually available would work better?

  8. Not bad ideas but id go with Haula and or McKenzie and remove lovejoy insert ruwedel pick up a cheap ufa dman and chad johnson as my backup. I dont see sully letting rowney get traded.

  9. Lyle, just wondering who you – and others – think will be the first more-or-less “prominent” UFA to be announced tomorrow AFTER the 11:00 am start-time by the various sports networks. I’d guess Alzner. Might be a good topic for a separate thread!

    • Tallon said he is jumping in the FA market early! But ya I would think alzner to the Habs will happen quick

    • George: Yeah, it could be Alzner. These things are difficult to nail down. Sometimes it takes a couple of hours for the the top guys to get signed, sometimes it’s done within 15 minutes of the opening of the UFA market.

  10. Girardi is signing in Tampa! If this deal has any term on it, Stevie Y learned zero from the Callahan trade! Another damaged player!

    • Trade/ awful contract they gave Callahan ****

  11. Scandella heading to buffalo from minny

    • Scandella pominville for ennis folingo and a pick

  12. Minnesota/Buffalo Trade

    Pomminville, Scandella & 4th for
    Foligno, Ennis & 3rd

    • Nj buying out cammy! I wonder where he ends up?

  13. Wow, this seems like a pretty lopsided deal for Buffalo. Minny likely saves about $3M-$3.5M in cap space over the next couple of years after signing Foligno, but they traded the two best players in the deal.

    Personally I think Ennis’ contract is as bad as Pominville’s for the next two seasons, as Pominville has been overpaid but at least useful. Ennis may have more chance to rebound given his age, but I don’t think that’s enough to account for swapping Scandella and Foligno.

    Apparently the picks are swapping a 3rd and 4th rounder, so that doesn’t add any value.

    All in all, I think Buffalo improves a lot in this trade, and I think Minny just gets a bit of cap space, but not really a ton all things considered.

    • Pominville is starting to ba an anchor of a contract moving him is a win for the wild

      • Ennis only makes $1M less, and has stayed healthy enough to play 74 games and collect 24 points over the last couple of years. They are both signed for 2 more years, so I don’t see that as much of a win. Ennis is younger, so a bounce back is a little more likely, but a Pominville Ennis swap on it’s own is barely a win, so for that swap to cost the loss in a swap from Foligno Scandella seems extreme.

        Overall what does this make Scandella’s value. A 2nd? At most?

      • Minny gain 5million off the cap that’s what they were looking for, they have young forwards and dmen that can fill the void

      • $5M? Only if they don’t re-sign Foligno, which is the only asset they got in the deal, so that isn’t happening. He is costing $1.5 to $2M. So now the savings more like $3M. Could have just traded Scandella for picks if they just wanted to free up $4M.

      • Sounds like folingo isn’t staying

  14. Did anyone see the buyout list so far for today. I can’t believe teams are able to do this. Im sure the nhlpa and players agreed upon it. But i think the owners should have to be penalised some how. Cammalleri set to make 10mil now only gets half over dbl the lenth left of the contract. So 5mil over 4 yrs. Idk how the owners get away with this.

  15. I mean whats a contract worth now. They should call it an agreement of performance. Where it states if you start to suck we dont have to pay you.

    • That’s essentially how they do it in the NFL. Perform or we cut you loose. Makes sense. In the private sector if you don’t do your job properly you’re sacked.

      Now all these guys – IF they can wangle a contract somewhere – can at least double-dip

      Jimmy Hayes – Boston
      Lance Bouma – Calgary
      Ryan Murphy – Calgary
      Jussi Jokinen – Florida
      Devante Smith-Pelly – NJ
      Mike Cammalleri – NJ
      Marc Stuart – Winnipeg

  16. Elliot to Philly is one of my favorite deals ever.

    I hate the Flyers and think Elliot sucks.

    P e r f e c t.

  17. Lyle, who do you think the Leafs should target to improve their defense and backup goaltending? Does Johnny Oduya and Brian Campbell make sense as a stopgap measure until defensemen in their own system develop?

    • Campbell, maybe. Oduya, no. Backup options are slim. Maybe Chad Johnson

      • Thanks.Love your column.Here’s a thought: Joe Thornton to Montreal on a 2 year deal.