NHL Rumor Mill – June 5, 2017

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Vegas Golden Knights general manager George McPhee will be a busy man this month.

The Vegas Golden Knights are open for business. Here’s the latest speculation on which UFAs they should pursue and more in your NHL rumor mill.

LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL: Steve Carp recently reported Vegas Golden Knights general manager George McPhee could acquire a veteran player with a huge contract in the expansion draft. McPhee said he’s had a lot of teams calling him looking to shed big contracts. He’s willing to do so if the teams include draft picks for this year and beyond.

McPhee also said he could make his first trade within the next few days and shot down a rumor suggesting he look into acquiring Washington Capitals superstar Alex Ovechkin.

SPORTSNET: Luke Fox recently listed Anaheim’s Patrick Eaves, Arizona’s Radim Vrbata, Boston’s Drew Stafford, Buffalo’s Dmitri Kulikov, Carolina’s Jay McClement, Florida’s Thomas Vanek, Minnesota’s Martin Hanzal, Ottawa’s Mike Condon, San Jose’s Patrick Marleau, Toronto’s Matt Hunwick, Vancouver’s Ryan Miller and Washington’s Kevin Shattenkirk as 12 unrestricted free agents the Golden Knights should target with his 72-hour exclusive negotiating window.

Fox also recently listed the Chicago Blackhawks, New York Islanders, Anaheim Ducks, Columbus Blue Jackets and St. Louis Blues as five cap-strapped clubs in need of shedding salary. He included the Golden Knights with the Winnipeg Jets, New Jersey Devils, Arizona Coyotes and Carolina Hurricanes among teams with the cap space to help out those clubs by taking on a toxic contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: McPhee will be a very busy general manager over the remainder of this month. He’s obviously not having any difficulty finding a general manager willing to talk trade.

TSN’s Frank Seravalli last week reported McPhee could be close to a deal whereby he select Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Trevor van Riemsdyk in the expansion draft on the condition he also acquire center Marcus Kruger via trade. Seravalli’s colleague Pierre LeBrun also reported a team was trying to tempt the Golden Knights GM into taking on a toxic contract by including a first-round pick in the deal.

Fox’s colleague Elliotte Friedman recently said the Columbus Blue Jackets were trying to get McPhee to take the contract of all-but-retired winger David Clarkson off their hands.

Of those free agents listed by Fox, Eaves, Kulikov, Vanek, Hanzal, Condon and Shattenkirk are the best of the bunch. I doubt McPhee will have much success wooing Shattenkirk, as the New Rochelle, New York native could prefer signing with an East Coast playoff contender.

Condon could be a good addition if the goalie market in the expansion draft proves thinner than expected. Hanzal, who spent most of his NHL career in Arizona, might consider Vegas as an option. If Kulikov has fully recovered from the back injury that hampered him last season, he could prove a worthwhile affordable signing. 



  1. While some of those FAs might be interesting adds to fill out the roster, I can’t see much time being devoted to the majority of that list unless it’s just to have a conversation ahead of July 1. Most of those teams will have more valuable assets available at the expansion draft, and signing any of those players before hand just lets those teams off the hook.

    Vegas may end up taking a deal to pass on someone from some of those teams but they should (and likely will) be using as much leverage as possible to maximize the value, not just signing a UFA early.

    • Sure Vegas could get younger cheaper players of of teams when they draft them. But there is a but! And it is a big one. The younger players have to have a contract for next year and since they have anywhere from one to three years until their contracts are up, will come relatively cheap, which isn’t bad unless you cannot make it to the cap floor.

      • My issue is more with the list of UFAs and the assertion they should be using their 72 hour window to try and sign them.

        There is no way you would sign Hanzal, Eaves, Marleau or Vanek before expansion and let Anaheim, Minnesota, San Jose, or Florida off the hook with their expansion lists at this point.

        Also, I believe there is better value available on Toronto and Ottawa’s expansion lists than Hunwick or Condon respectively, and since both play positions that will be easier to draft suitable replacements, I just don’t see the value in signing them pre-expansion.

        Guys like Kulikov, B.Smith, and an RFA like Nate Schmidt (who is unlikely to be protected) would be worth signing pre-expansion, but anyone else would be more or less only worth talking to before the draft to see if there will be interest on July 1.

      • Vegas’s cap floor in year 1 is 43.8 mil. I bet they spend 60 million comfortably next season. No team has ever had any trouble making the cap floor. Several have put themselves close but a non issue.

        UFA’s like those mentioned above cost far more to sign than RFA’s especially younger 1’s with no arbitration rights & UFA status still years away. Vegas isn’t going to be loaded with just young players. They are gpoing to take the best asset available regardless of contract who meets the best short & longer term needs primarily in trade value & McPhee will leverage everything he can out of every selection both today & at least 3 years into the future.

        Anyone that thinks Vegas will be good off the hop is dreaming. if they can make the playoffs in the 1st 3 years I would be shocked. If they can accomplish the feet with in 5 years pleasantly surprised. 4 to 5 years if managed well in today’s cap world with UFA status achieved as young as 27 that should be their goal.

        No team has much success with out at least 2 superstars, usually a C & a D at a min. It will take Vegas several years to acquire those specific assets & get them properly developed.

      • Danny.

        The 1 possible exception being unless those teams were to pay you significant compensation to do so. Sign 1 of their UFA’s that is.

      • I see your point striker. But here is vegas with a golden opportunity to pick two top 4 d-men from Anaheim and Minnesota.
        Plus Ryan or Methot from Ottawa. No way they should be signing those FA unless the compensation is significant

        The only moves that make sense are Schmidt (who impressed me in the playoffs), Shattenkirk or Kulikov

      • Striker,

        I could see something like that depending on the mechanics of it, but at the same time it could be a little complicated.

        Vegas would need to know whether or not they will sign the UFA first otherwise there is no deal to be had. If Vegas has a UFA this works for, but can’t negotiate a deal for this value a fair deal with the former team, then selects a player, only to sign that UFA later would there be any fallout?

        I honestly don’t know how it would work, maybe it would work fine, but I feel its got to be somewhat complicated, and probably won’t be happening in many cases.

        Although I hadn’t considered the type of deal that is rumored between Chicago and Vegas, so I could just be plain missing something there.

      • I don’t think Vegas will be getting 1 of Anaheim’s or Minnesota’s top D unless they outbid the other 9 teams in the fight to acquire them.

        It’s fascinating & going to be a ton of fun to watch it all play out, so many variables & possibilities that only a small portion can be assumed or has a chance of happening.

        The teams that have to many players will be trading somenone but to where & for what, who knows, total crap shoot, & or Vegas being paid off to avoid them if they agree to even do so & the cost far greater than what most are banding about here as compensation as many of these players are worth significantly more than the compensation that keeps getting tabled.

        Only 13 days until the NHL releases the protected lists I believe & McPhee did say he may have some trades to announce this week.

      • Vegas not getting any players with significant value in the draft. Those players will be either traded before hand or if McPhee is smart he will get picks prospects for avoiding those players. Either way vegas isn’t getting them

      • There might be a couple of really solid picks made in the expansion draft. Only a very small # of teams are in a position to take a forward on in trade before the expansion draft so those confronted with losing 1 pre expansion draft aren’t all going to find takers.

        Then there is the chance that a few surprises of players exposed due to cap constraints that all can’t be addressed with Vegas pre expansion draft. Names that come to mind as possibilities are Killorn, Wilson; Nas, Abdelkader, etc. Not saying these players will be exposed but numerous teams are going to be confronted with having to expose what may be a solid 2nd line winger.

    • I agree Danny, I don’t see any reason for Vegas to treat free agency any different than any other team. Not saying that you see it as exactly as I do either.

    • I can see LV taking a player like Brooks Orpik from Washington as long as they include a first round pick or maybe 2 seconds. That would leave the Caps with enough cash to replace him with Shattenkirk on a permanent basis and keep Nate Schmidt. Who wouldn’t trade Orpik plus a late first in this years draft for Shattenkirk and Schmidt? They keep Grubauer in this scenario as well and it’s mutually beneficial.

      • If I’m Vegas I don’t take on Orpik for Washington’s 1st; 2018, or 2 2nds. Washington has no picks in the 1st 3 rounds this season nor a 2nd in 2018.

        I take GruBauer or Schultz before I consider that. Both have better value than Washigton’s 1st in 2018, a pick that will be in the bottom 5 so some where between 26th to 31st.

        Now Orpik, Washington’s 1st in 2018 & Grubauer might work. Baring Grubauer not being traded to a team that protects him for expansion I see no way Vegas doesn’t come away from the expansion draft with him as their goalie of the future. Signing a UFA, drafting or trading for a veteran goalie to shelter his transition into that role.

      • The point of what was discussed above is LV being open to taking back toxic contracts in exchange for draft picks. Which is EXACTLY what I proposed and of course YOU have a problem with it. That is exactly what LV is apparently looking for. Does knowing it all every get to be a burden for you?

      • There is no Shultz on Washington so maybe you don’t.

  2. Why would Vegas NOT want Ovechkin?
    There is no player coming to them via the expansion draft with the same marketing potential. MAF in net(will cost) and Ovechkin as the ‘name’ player. #8 has 4 years left and seems a good gamble(no pun intended!) for a new team to get fans quickly.

    A first line of Killorn, Moulson,Stempniak is not as exciting as Killorn centering Ovechkin and Shipachyov.

    • I don’t think it’s suggesting that Vegas wouldn’t be interested, just stating that McPhee shot down a rumor that there was any sort of serious discussion about it.

      If Ovehckin was left unprotected, I thing Vegas would take him and run. The problem is that Ovehckin is still a big piece of the Caps, and they still have core pieces that will make them contenders. They need value back to consider moving Ovechkin, and that’s where it likely ends for the Knights. They don’t have any tangible value to give right back at this point, and make a deal work could be extremely complicated. I mean if they could put together the types of assets Washington wanted through other deals, are they going to be willing to give that right back?

      • Leaving Ovechkin unprotected is like leaving the door open to the chicken coop before you go to bed at night! If you live in the country near the trees and foxes and so on! Point being you wouldn’t do that unless you don’t value your chickens!

      • Only way I could really see it is if they flip two expansion picks for Ovie+ a 2018 draft pick

        I would do it

      • While I think Vegas would go for that, it’s unlikely that it works well enough for Washington to make that deal.

        Say we assume Washington’s price for Vegas would be a good Veteran top 6, a good young forward with upside, and Vegas’ pick in this draft.

        Vegas would need to home and get someone like James Neal made available to take (or maybe add a little something to get Nashville to make him available), and then still find a way to pry a pretty good young forward from another team. There won’t be a 22-24 year old forward who is currently capable of 20 goals and 40+ points who still has upside available, so it will cost assets to find one. I think their best bet would be Silverberg out of Anaheim. Maybe they could work out a deal to leave him exposed in order to bypass the D, and still likely have to provide an asset to Anaheim.

        So then you have Neal, Silfverberg and the 6th overall for Ovechkin.

        That is probably an OK return for Washington, still don’t know if they view it as enough, but it’s a start. However, this is a big cost to pay, and I think that 6th overall and Silfverberg (if he could be obtained) is probably too big a price to pay for a franchise that likely won’t be overly competitive for a few years.

        My point is I think it would be very difficult to make a deal that works for both teams.

      • Patrick Eaves had 13 PPG compared to Ovie 17. He is a UFA. Could he pop in 13-15PPG on the Caps playing with Backstrom and co?

        I personally love Ovie, the way he plays and plays up to the fans. Caps need change of scenery for all.
        Brett Hull won two Cups and he was not the main guy either time-Let Ovie go be that player

      • Patrick Eaves is 33 years old and had a very anomalous year to say the least. You can’t expect that production from him again.

  3. This article headline should read: The Vegas Golden Knights and Quebec Nordiques are open for business! The expansion draft would have been far more compelling with two teams going after players than one. But, oh well! On another note, I hope Nashville (a VERY successful Southern franchise knots things up tonight as it makes for a better series!)

    • The Penguins are 13-2 under Sullivan after a playoff loss and there is little chance they shut down Crosby AND Malkin again. Those are 2 of the proudest, most resourceful guys in the league. The one thing that is driving me crazy though is that Jauques Martin keeps trotting out Ron Hainsy and playing him so many minutes. It seems like he is directly responsible for just about every goal against. Streit and Ruhwedal are both far better options at this point. Hainsy has no purpose and he is dragging poor Brian Dumoulin down with him. Play Shultz and Dumoulin together for 30 minutes and put Cole and Daley together. Maatta and whichever of the other 3 as a true bottom pairing.

      • Deeeeee; or however many e’s there are, I certainly can see any scenario play out when watching the Penguins play. I have no problem with them winning it would be nice to see 7 weird and quirky games with these two teams in the Final rather than 5. You are absolutely correct regarding Crosby and Malkin. I cannot imagine that they do not register a shot again tonight.

    • I like the fact the NHL has chosen to give only 1 team an expansion franchise at a time. Makes it way better for the 1 expansion team; Vegas, & gives them far more leverage to secure better returns from almost all 30 teams.

      We will get to repeat this process with Quebec City. It also allows teams to wiggle out of cap issues & NHL to address logistical issues in a more progressive fashion. 1 more team will be added to the NHL before the current CBA expires. The NHL won’t want to share this revenue with the NHLPA, numerous teams need the revenue to help balance their books. 31 teams doesn’t make sense the NHL will be a 32 team league coming out of the next lock out.

      Carolina will end up in the Pacific Northwest eventually, as soon as their lease allows them a suitable buy out. I assume coming out of the next NHL lock out which neither the NHL nor NHLPA will want to terminate early. It will run it’s full course, it expires after the 2020-21 season & unfortunately we will be shut down yet again. Just the way collective bargaining works in the NHL. The players being forced to make their medicine.

    • It’s better they spread them out. Both for the expansion teams who won’t be competing with each other but also to give teams in the league time to let things settle

      • I agree fully. It all ties in very well with the NHL’s national TV contract as well. Their deal with NBC ends in 4 years as well & those rights will have value this time.

        The TV ratings in the last game played between Pit & Nas were exceptional. The long term benefits of expansion are baring significant fruits but just the tip of the iceberg coming into few.

        How people can be upset with Gary Bettman’s vision of the NHL shocks me. The NHL is about to explode on the world stage, we are about 10 years from it being 1 of the preeminent sports in the world. No other sport has the same sort of reach with the possible exception of soccer but it’s presence in NA is decades behind the NHL.

      • I see it the same way. Some owners may not want to see a league where there is further revenue sharing to teams that are barely sustainable, or maybe can make money some years, and other years lose money.

        The truth is though, the valuable teams tend to get more valuable the more places they can go and play, and the more teams they have to play against. If the league stayed smaller, the game would not have grown.

        I hate hearing Bettman talk about the game at times, but I do think he understands the product, and how to grow it. While some will want to fight for a bigger piece of the pie, Bettman has been doing a good job of just making a bigger pie.

      • Fully agree striker Danny. Long game working well. Disagree about the reach statement. Baseball has to be in there. Latin America Canada Asia big markets and it’s easy to afford to play. Boring as hell but a huge player globally

      • Danny.

        I have posted this before. Take the time to read it. Some of these teams barely making money or losing money have been in the NHL for a very long time, 50 years.


        LA Kings & StL Blues since 1967.
        NJ Devils; as KC Scouts in 1974.

        The last round of expansion was 98-99. Most teams have been in the NHL for over 25 years. If The NHL hadn’t expanded as it did the have teams wouldn’t be making anywhere near what they are. 1 strike & 2 lock outs later the financial landscape has improved significantly & with a couple more all teams should be profitable. You can’t right significant decades of mismanagement in barely over 10 years. The last 2 lock outs have helped NHL teams, especially the have teams but the 1st real correction to the business model wasn’t made until the 2004-05 lockout. That was only 12 years ago.

        In the next lockout players will yet again be giving back but better revenue sharing will be coming as well. You shouldn’t have to play 82 games & then potentially only be profitable if you can make the playoffs. Some great teams are barely turning a profit, they draw well & have had Stanley Cup success & can still barely turn a profit. LA, TB, Anh, StL, NYI etc.

  4. Blue Jackets are painted in a corner. Something has to happen there. All those free agents listed will be availble July 1 and in some cases much beyond. I predict that MAF or Howard will end up in Calgary.

    • Columbus is indeed in a bind. Agree there 100%. But putting Fleury and Howard in the same sentence as options for Calgary is like offering a choice between filet mignon and chicken necks. I wouldn’t touch Howard and his $5 mil+ cap hit with the proverbial 10-foot pole.

      • Mmmmm, chicken necks.

      • His .927 SV% this season for goalies that played 26 games or more the # Howard played is 2nd to only Bobrovsky. His play with a good team in the WC even better.

        I assume Howard isn’t going any where * as I’ve always maintained what ailed Howard was in juries & he’s still fighting them the reason you have to avoid him. With only 2 years remaining & a declining salary in real terms he may have value in a 1B mentorship role if Detroit were willing to take back some salary back in trade.

        Something similiar to what I recommended last summer. Wideman to Detroit, Howard to Calgary with Detroit eating 1.2 per over Howard’s final 2 years. Howard played great last season when not injured or being forced to split time with Mrazek.

        If Clarkson can be moved & teams will swap stud Dman like Weber & Subban, anything is possible.

      • hahaha @Cliff

      • Oh yeah – unfortunately though you need to kill about 100 chickens before a diet of necks fills you up! The analogy with Howard would continue with the need of a medical staff of about 100 to keep him healthy. This guy is ALWAYS hurt and for $5 mil plus I want a # 1A goalie that doesn’t force me into hiring a legitimate 1B who then needs to play about 30-40 games.

      • It wouldn’t be shocking to anyone in Calgary if they resigned both Elliott and Johnson or at least one of them. Preferably Elliott because once he worked his problems out last season he was pretty stellar on a very Jekell and Hyde team. The talk on sports radio here is They will try to do so if it’s for the right price and term. But paying Howard at 5.3 mil is taking a step backward to when they were over paying Hiller and Ramo and getting nowhere with them. Howard is nowhere worth that money and neither is Fleury. Fleury has been great on an extremely offensive team but I don’t think at this point in his career he’s good enough to handle a mediocre team like Calgary. Elliott would do just as good of a job for less money. Elliott at 4 mil over 3 or 4 years would get far more support from the fans than overpaying Fleury or Howard.

      • I like Fleury. I have always been a fan but in no way are Pittsburg in any position to demand anything for him. If the flames had any sort of intelligence at all they would do the deal having Pittsburg paying half of his remaining salary with the flames giving very little in return or do a deal with someone else or risk losing Murray. If Calgary and Vegas are the only teams interested in any sort of a deal for Fleury so they can save Murray why not take it to them…make them pay dearly. Because if they can’t get something done and Murray is left exposed Vegas is taking him. If it happens that they can’t get something done with Fleury the price for Vegas to not take Murray should be outrageous. They need to play hardball they paid 500 mil to not have to cater to these teams with bad contracts and protection problems.

    • If Hartnell waives his NMC then the Blue Jackets biggest loss would be Murray or Jack Johnson. If they think they can resign Johnson then Murray is probably traded. Seems like Columbus should make Hartnell part of any deal for a defenseman. Dallas and Columbus could be good trading partners.

      • GP.

        I have floated the same basic argument. Get Hartnell to waive or if he won’t buy him out & Columbus’s expansion issues decline significantly but are still a concern. Johnson with only 1 year left to UFA status limits his overall value to Vegas so I assume he would be exposed baring a trade.

        Columbus still has 8 forwards with out Hartnell, the 7 & 8 spots at forward being Anderson & Karlsson. 2 very solid young NHL players. Karlsson is going to be a solid 3rd line C when fully developed & Anderson might have future 2nd line abilities is a 3rd line RW now. They also have Forsberg & Korpisalo unprotectable & Korpisalo waiver exempt.

        Vegas is in a perfect position to leverage Columbus & help them with their cap issues. Might they be able to leverage 3 of these assets out of Columbus? They agree to select Korpisalo & take on some salary from Columbus taking Hartnell & another asset of same nature, Karlsson, Johnson, a pick or picks?

  5. If McPhee signs A UFA in the 72 hour window before putting in his selection list it won’t be from a team with a good player available that isn’t a UFA. The best example is Shattenkirk. Washington baring trades will be forced to expose Schultz & Grubauer. Why would McPhee sign Shattenkirk as a UFA in this window & forfeit selecting 1 of those players? He can sign Shattenkirk for nothing more than cash on July 1st or trade for his rights prior like Florida did with Yandle, or Arizona with Goligoski last summer or Dallas or Carolina did with Bishop & Darling just recently. The draft pick compensation paid was essentially nothing for all 4 of these players.

    That would be brutal asset management by McPhee. Some other reporter suggested the same late last week with Shattenkirk. From a team like Arizona that isn’t confronted with losing any player of substance signing a Vrbata potentially makes sense but almost none of the other teams makes any sense as the player available who’s not a UFA is as good or better & again the UFA’s can be acquired far cheaper in other ways.

    • The nice thing about the 72hr window is it gives LV a chance to sit an chat and inform any of the ufa that they maybe interested in of their plans. So when July 1st comes around you may want to sign here because you know our plans and where you potentially fit within them plans. Otherwise I agree with everyone else. no need for LV to sign any ufa’s before July 1st.

      • Absolutely. Vegas uses this window to potential make verbal agreements with UFA’s for July 1st. Making verbal agreements today is tampering. Ha-ha! What NHL GM wouldn’t do exactly that knowing there is only 1 way to get caught. That being if the player or team sings & I don’t see that happening. I assume if 1 or more of these UFA does sign in Vegas after July 1st we will read reports in the press about just that. It was 1 of the complaints from existing GM’s, they felt this window gives Vegas an unfair advantage.

        It does but I have no issues with that. For 500 million US, Vegas should be getting far more than what they are getting. It’s significantly better value to buy an existing team than an expansion team. Who ever buys Carolina & moves them for the start of the 2022-23, season even after paying the relocation fee, will have gotten a far better value for their money.

      • I would like to see this happen to some extent. I mean there are plenty of UFAs not signed right know, and you know it’s because of the expansion draft. So it would be kind of fair to see it go the other way a little. I don’t think Vegas should be signing any UFAs prior to the expansion draft.

      • Each teams situation facing expansion is some what unique a bunch with similarties but there are a few teams who have little to nothing available for selection. Trying to sign a player like Vrbata from Arz or maybe even a Stone from Calgary depending upon who Calgary’s 7 protectors are at forward may serve Vegas better than picking nothing from Arizona or a Ferland/Lazar; 1 of these 2 players gets exposed from Calgary.

        A bunch of these UFA’s, especially on D will be signed by their respective teams or their rights traded for mid to late picks, the Stone’s, Smith’s etc. of the world before July 1st & signed before hitting UFA status.

    • Why would McPhee sign ANY UFA in that brief window? No one else is signing any in that same period, so why not wait until the regular UFA window opens and offer contracts to any that interest them at that time? After all, if a UFA has ANY interest in going to Las Vegas why wouldn’t he and his agent wait until then and see how their offer compares to others?

  6. Most of the rumors I hear are the players in StL hated Hitchcock. Was Shattenkirk 1 of the exceptions? I doubt it. Unless Dallas pays a premium to sign him or his desire to play for a contender in the east isn’t on the table I don’t see him in Dallas. I sure hope neither NYR nor Bos entertain Shattenkirk, so in the east that really only leaves Buf & NJ & I wouldn’t call either cup contenders as presently constructed nor even playoff contenders with Shattenkirk, both these teams still have more needs than just 1 player to get them into the playoffs.

    • mcphee is just holding off on a few signings until the cup is hoisted.then you may have to take a day off just to catch up on everything that will happen in a short time.ovie won’t be going anywhere especially that he wants to go to the olympics and would probably have to retire…i think MAF ends up in calgary too if vegas doesn’t already have a deal in place.i won’t comment on the rfa’s and ufa’s because there are 10 million scenarios that could happen. big game for murray tonight as the pens realize they have to go for the juggler!

  7. It is always interesting to watch the speculators placing value on players. Goalies are particularly hard to judge. Some guys play way better with lots of shots but can not transfer that to a lower shot count. Think Cujo in Toronto and Detroit. Halak and Howard are both good tenders on the right team. Flames would be a good team for Howard for the right price. I can see some real surprises where guys end up. Last year TO signed Enroth. Who saw that coming but of course it didn’t work.

    Some of these teams with surplus defense better be careful because if the asking price is too steep they may end up losing them for nothing. I am watching Lou because he does not over spend on trades and TO is my team. Having said that getting a top four Dman could easily cost three pieces one of which would be a roster player and all would be expansion exempt. I like Dumba, Manson, Pullock, Gudbranson, and Harmonic for the Leafs. Anyone of those guys playing with Reilly looks good to me. I could also accept Polak back as the #7 guy once he gets healthy.

    • If Vancouver can even get back what they gave up for Gubranson I’ll be happy. The reason Florida traded him was he apparently rejected a long term deal at 5 mil per. Who wants to pay Gubranson 5 mil per season, never mind long term?

      Lou may not over pay in trade value but had little trouble overpaying in salary to get there signatures on a contract either trying to retain his own players or entice UFA’s to sign there.

  8. Read on some site NYR may send 1st rd #21 pick this year and Marc Staal to Vegas to sign Shatts.

    Staal (30 yrs old) has 4 yrs at 5.7
    Shatts (28 yrs old) is going to want 6 or 7 yrs at 6.5 plus

    How is that a good use of a first round when they still need cap room to make a reasonable offer to Smith and Stepan’s 6.5 kicks in this season.

    What am I missing here?

    • Well we all know how much the Rangers love trading draft picks…

    • You read it on hb. Don’t pretend otherwise!

  9. Lou has made good deals in TO. When in Jersey there were rumours that the owner got involved in the Kovalchuk deal and others?

    • lou also signed the worst contract this decade . Zaitsev for 7 years , 5 year buyout be ugly

      • In 2 years, $5M will be worth what players making $3M today. So meh!