NHL Rumor Mill – June 6, 2017

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Arizona Coyotes goaltender Mike Smith recently surfaced in the NHL trade-rumor mill.

In today’s rumor mill, the latest on Arizona Coyotes goalie Mike Smith, Buffalo Sabres left wing Evander Kane and former NHL star Ilya Kovalchuk.

ARIZONA SPORTS: Craig Morgan reports Coyotes general manager John Chayka denied recent speculation suggesting he’s shopping goaltender Mike Smith and trying to start a bidding war. 

“We’re taking calls on players every year. I don’t think anyone is untradeable but like we talked about last year with Oliver Ekman-Larsson, he’s up as high on that list as anyone,” said Chayka. He adds Smith’s value to the Coyotes is “extremely high but if someone wants to pay an even higher value for him, that’s the industry.” Morgan notes trading away Smith would leave the Coyotes without a proven starting goalie.

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites Elliotte Friedman’s appearance yesterday on NHL Network speculating the asking price for Smith could be expensive. If Smith is available, Friedman sees the Calgary Flames being among the suitors.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given Smith’s solid performance last season, several teams could be inquiring into his trade status. If he wants out of Arizona, that would certainly hasten a deal. But Chayka’s comments indicate that’s not the case, and I daresay his asking price would be more than most could comfortably afford.

Unless the Coyotes GM has a potential replacement for Smith already in place, the Coyotes have no reason to move him, especially if their goal is to become a playoff contender next season. Some might scoff at that notion, but in 2015-16 the Coyotes were in contention for most of the season. They’d hoped to build on that in 2016-17 but injuries to several key players scuttled those hopes. With a healthier roster and Smith at his best next season, they could challenge for a playoff berth. 

THE BUFFALO NEWS: Mike Harrington reports on the recent return of Sabres winger Evander Kane into the trade rumor mill, noting he’s been linked to the Los Angeles Kings and Vancouver Canucks. Kane is a year away from unrestricted free agency, leaving the Sabres’ new GM Jason Botterill to decide if he’ll re-sign the winger or trade him while his value is high right now.

The Sabres need defense and Harrington believes Vancouver’s Chris Tanev or Los Angeles’ Jake Muzzin or Alec Martinez could be intriguing. He also notes Sabres owners Terry and Kim Pegula were furious with Kane over an incident in a Buffalo bar last June. While Botterill could justify moving Kane, replacing his offense would be an issue.

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites Elliotte Friedman’s appearance on Calgary’s Sportsnet 960 yesterday discussing the Kane trade rumors. He believes the Kings have interest and said someone also mentioned the Anaheim Ducks to him. Friedman believes it comes down to the Sabres’ need for defense and thinks they’re interested in making a deal.

Bob McKenzie also spoke about the Kane trade chatter during his appearance Monday on Montreal’s TSN 690. He believes Kane is likely to be dealt and wouldn’t be surprised if goaltender Robin Lehner started popping up in the rumor mill.

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  Botterill could be dangling Kane in the trade market to determine his worth. If he can get a quality defenseman in return I think he makes that move. The Kings certainly need scoring so there could be a fit there, but they’re also carrying limited salary-cap space and must re-sign forward Tyler Toffoli this summer. They could ask the Sabres to pick up part of Kane’s $5.25 million cap hit for 2017-18. 

Knowing that he has to find a replacement for Kane’s offense, Botterill could also be looking around for a scoring winger, perhaps by targeting clubs that must either shed salary for next season or those that risk losing a scorer in the expansion draft. 

NEW YORK POST’s Larry Brooks reports the Columbus Blue Jackets are interested in former NHL winger Ilya Kovalchuk. 

TSN: On Sunday, Brooks included the Leafs in his list of teams reportedly with interest in Kovalchuk. However, Darren Dreger reports that’s not the case, as they haven’t reached out to the New Jersey Devils (who own Kovalchuk’s rights) or to the winger’s agent.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given the Leafs ongoing rebuild with youth, adding the 34-year-old Kovalchuk would’ve been a questionable move. As for the Jackets, they have over $70 million invested in next season’s payroll and must re-sign RFA forwards Alex Wennberg and Josh Anderson and perhaps UFA forward Sam Gagner. They’ll also need a backup goaltender. Unless they’re planning to ship out Wennberg and Anderson (highly unlikely) or shed considerable salary, they probably can’t afford Kovalchuk.  



  1. I would say Benning isn’t foolish enough to trade for Kane, but we know better. Please stick with trying to get 3rd overall from Dallas.

  2. I understand the concept why the Leafs supposedly are interested in Kovalchuk, which is to try and trade van Riemsdyk and put Kovalchuk in his place, but his salary, age, and questionable ethics make him a dangerous signing in my opinion. Also, maybe we should try promoting another of the youth instead of bringing in expensive external help, like bumping up Brown or Kapanen, or promoting Leipsic or Rychel. Kapanen sounds like a good fit on that line.

    • I don’t see Toronto moving JvR but looking to resign him. He’s a better player than Kovy & won’t cost much more to resign but is 6 years younger. Toronto should be locking JvR in as their #1 LW for the next 5 or 6 years.

      Brown played with Matthews & Hyman, bumped in favor of Nylander occasionally but that line played the majority of the season together so hard to bump Brown up to any where at ES, he’s already there. His only battle is trying to get quality power play time. He barely makes the top 10 nor will that change next season baring trades. He’s also a 2nd unit PK guy so that limits his PP opportunities as well.

      You need not worry Toronto won’t be trading for Kovy, stay the course with the rebuild. Add a Dman now before the expansion draft well they are numerous 1’s that can be had that if not for expansion wouldn’t even be in play.

    • questionable ethics?

      • I guess wanting to go home and play in his own country somehow calls his ethics into question. Imagine the nerve of the guy!

      • Yeah… moving your young family to your home country to raise them among extended family while still being able to make a living and support them… how dare he give up millions and millions to make that happen…. some people have their priorities in odd places.

      • I believe in honoring the contracts you sign & if you want out it costs you something in cash. That’s how my contracts work in the private sector & between most company’s or individuals. You don’t want to honor the terms, there is a predetermined formula of exactly what that cost in dollars to go out early.

        With these front loaded contracts being negotiated under these ridiculous CBA terms players potentially are benefiting if they retire early when the salary drops having earned most of the monies at the front end. The old 1’s under the previous CBA had a penalty added, in the new CBA they have to meet a specific criteria as to salary distribution over the life of the contract.

        Had the NHL just had salaries as paid in a given year we wouldn’t have this but NHL contracts if they are going to be guaranteed then they also need to have a pay back formula against the player should he choose not to honor it.

        No 1 forces players to sign long term deals they do so to benefit from them but you shouldn’t be allowed to have it both ways & in most situations in the real world you don’t.

        You like to compare players who’s contracts are governed by a collective bargained contract between 2 entities in this case the NHL & NHLPA like normal people, the majority of who don’t work in union environments to those that do. There is no comparison nor do most collectively bargained contracts protect it’s members like those terms the NHLPA has negotiated with the NHL that are being clawed back with each expiring CBA. 2 or 3 more & we should be perfect.

      • & for me it should be the same formula teams are required to pay should they choose to buy a player out early. For players over 25, 2/3rd’s of the remaining monies actually owed in salary paid over twice the remaining term. They have to return those monies from those they have already been paid, otherwise they honor the contract.

      • Choose to hold out like Drouin or bolt to the Olympics like Ovechkin is threatening to do & you shouldn’t just be suspended with out pay their should be a penalty paid in cash. Take the monies the player would have been paid over that time frame & double it. That’s the cash penalty.

        That’s what happens when you cross the border back into Canada & get caught not declaring something. It’s twice the cost of the actual purchase price as a penalty. Or simply negotiate a formula but it shouldn’t be allowed.

      • because the front loaded contracts only benefited the players. skirting the cap to benefit the owners getting the player they wanted didn’t have anything to do with it? Demonizing a player for doing what he could under the rules that benefited him and his family the most is something I can’t understand.

        If you are going to compare the nhl to other organizations you have to look at whole picture and not cherry pick. How many other companies can draft top talent, assign them to work in several different areas, have contracts worked out with entities (chl) to keep you from earning money you should in your prime earning years, may a mandatory minimum to you for so many years, own your rights for more years than that significantly altering your ability to market yourself based on your talents to the highest bidder, and only when you are around halfway through your career (if you are lucky and dont get injured in a sport that does little to protect their players) you get the opportunity to sell yourself to the highest bidder.

        After Kovy labored through his career under those rules he gets demonized for doing what he felt best for his family when he finally as a professional has the right to do so?

      • I certainly can’t argue it isn’t with in the rules as currently constructed. I just don’t like those rules but as expressed they are evolving with each lock out in favor of the teams.

        The real world doesn’t work significantly differently just most transactions aren’t in unionized environments but for many professions there are very similar systems. You don’t think the best lawyers coming out of the best schools, doctors, nurses, engineers, scientists, etc. aren’t courted & sign contracts.

        I signed a deal for 5 years, the terms significantly in the employers favor on that 1st contract & there was a roll over provision or an option to mutually agree to new terms as already accounted for. The market was soft coming out of that 1st contract & they didn’t wish to pay the agreed to compensation package to activate it nor would I budge off of it, I moved on essentially as a UFA but had they met those terms I was locked in for 3 more years & confronted with a similiar roll over after that. The reason for that contract was they paid me for all my educational costs. My 7 years of University, living expenses, student, loans, etc.

        We agree to disagree but you are more right than I currently as again it’s with in the rules of the current CBA, future 1’s? Guaranteed contracts will eventually be addressed probably 3 CBA’s out maybe 2.

      • I dont know striker… doubt ufa ever goes away… could be some more give by the players but what does the league give back. traditionally the players have sacrificed their young by giving more to the teams in favor of advantages up front for more advantages on the back end for the players… hence why I have no problem at all with what Kovy did. your argument that the best are courted out of school (or as rookies)only supports my argument as the nhl players have no such right… they are chosen in a draft with the best of the best being assigned to the worst or the worst. and at non-negotiable capped deals. the players paid dearly for the right to ufa and the right to negotiate a deal in their favor… after dealing with rookie contracts and rfa. Most everywhere people have to pay their dues and work their way up… but the barriers that exist in the nhl at the beginning are far more draconian than most anyone else faces.

      • Either the world championship or the Olympics back in the day, he convinced the Russian team to walk off the ice when they lost and not stay on the ice while the Canadian national anthem was played. That pretty much sums up what kind of person he is.

      • Kovy convinced an entire team to walk off?? After a glorified pick up game? Damn imagine the leadership skills!

      • I’m confused. Was he not a family man when he signed for 100 plus mill? So he wakes up one morning a yr later and decides he is now a family man and that justifies walking out on the Devils?

        Now that many khl owners can’t make the payroll he decides he wants to come back?

        Is he not a family man anymore?
        Is his family now all gone?
        Did they get carried off by a twister or something?

        100 mill pays for a ton of property in the pine barons.

        Family man?… That’s a riot.

    • The 3 teams supposedly “interested”in Kovy are folks Kovy’s very familiar with: Lou (Tor) Marty (St. Louis and Deboer (San Jose) I think he’s a viable replacement for Marleau? I understand he wants a legit shot a post season, but I’d love to have him in NJ. Hopefully the Devils will get back something of real value (roster player) 7 a pick of some kind.

      • He would be a great addition to jersey. If he and other moves don’t get them to playoff competition then imagine the trade deadline return. Otherwise he has done a favor to jersey coming back this year. For a top 6 winger they should get a decent return. Of course it could all be a ploy to get more money back at home… smart move as well

      • Hey Striker,I just wanted to correct you on your statement regarding Customs penalties.
        “That’s what happens when you cross the border back into Canada & get caught not declaring something. It’s twice the cost of the actual purchase price as a penalty.”
        The penalties or “Terms of Release” are actually a percentage of the undeclared value of the goods and range from 30-70% depending on what level the officer seizes the goods at. The level is dictated based on the level of deception an individual goes to in an attempt to hide the true value of the goods.

  3. Buffalo scored 199 goals last season. Kane 28 of them, almost 15% but only 3 on the PP as Buffalo loads up the #1 unit & Kane doesn’t play on it.

    Moving Kane doesn’t make sense unless he can’t be resigned at fair market value. His injury history needs to factor in there some how as he struggles to stay healthy. He’s averaged under 60 games a season over the last 4 seasons playing 70 last year but upon his return from injury it took him 12 to 15 games to get back up to speed & on track.

    Would he accept 5 years at 5 mil per or at 26 when next season starts will he want a 7 or 8 year deal? With only 1 year remaining I would entertain trading him as well if he can’t be resigned.

    • I don’t see Kane taking a pay cut. I don’t see Vancouver trading Tanev for a guy with one year left on his contract and who would they replace Tanev with. I don’t see any team giving up much for a guy with one year left and with his trouble passed. As mentioned several times Kane would look good on the left side in Boston; however, the only way I would like to see that happen is if its a trade and sign. Any team that isn’t considered a Stanley Cup contender shouldn’t give up assets for a player with one year left unless you know you can resign him. Otherwise just wait until he hits UFA status and do your bidding then.
      Kane did like a tweet when in Winnipeg that had him as a Flyer.

      • The cap although it has increased nominally each year doesn’t allow for Kane to get the same deal. I don’t sign at a dollar over 5 & ideally his pay would be tied to games played but not allowed for a player in this age range.

        A dollar over 5 for 5 & I let someone else have him. Nor do I want him as a Bruin. Not with his leverage. I’m pining for Zucker.

      • If Benning trades Tanev to Dallas for the ##3, look for Benning to package #5+cap hit for #8+Kane.

  4. What is all the rage about Tanev ? He is 27 and been around handful of years already. The only thing that jumps out at me in his career is his +- and injuries. Other than that , not all that. Not sure he is worth a 3 rd overall or anything substantial really…..replacing JVR with Kovalchuk makes no sense. Older and will probably demand more money. There is also the chemistry factor. The Leafs need to focus on the backend

    • He is a right handed Dman that can play 1st pairing minutes against the best players in the league in a shut down role, a very good skater but takes almost no chances offensively. Solid defensive Dman with a good contract. Not physical, like many Europeans plays a sound positional game.

      In a normal draft year with a strong top end this wouldn’t even be open for discussion but this isn’t that year. Good draft for overall quality of depth but no guarantee the player taken at #3 this season will ever have the value that Tanev has today.

      After the top 2 & even that’s soft compared to most drafts in the last 15 years, the next 10 to 15 guys are a coin toss.

      Tanev just entered his prime at the start of this season at 27, has only played 348 NHL regular season games so may still be another season from fully developed & has a very good contract 4.45 for 3 more years. Undrafted developed well in the minors. Played 29 games in his rookie year, 25 the next then final became a full time NHLer in the 2012-13 lock out season. Has played 4 full seasons since. Injuries are a concern.

      • Strange that everyone complains about this draft yet you want to trade an injury riddled guy who has no offensive upside when Dallas can draft Miro Heiskanen who most say will be a top pair Dman. Casey Mittelstadt is worth more as well. People act as if there is zero talent after the first two picks. There is still talent its just not going to be here next year.

      • I don’t want Vancouver to trade Tanev & certainly not for this years 3rd round pick & I think Dallas should draft Heiskanen at #3. few teams need D as bad as Dallas. Nor am I sold on Johns, Nemeth or Oleksiak. Will any of these 3 Dman ever be top 4 NHL Dman? I have no idea but I certainly have concerns they aren’t nor will ever be. That leaves Klingberg; 3 years of NHL experience, & Lindell; 1 year of NHL experience, & Hamhuis who will be 35 in Dec as Dallas’s top 3. Your not making the playoffs with that D & buying D in trade is ridiculously expensive & for a reason. There simply isn’t enough to go around.

        Nor am I complaining about the draft. Yes it’s missing serious top flight talent like most drafts but the overall depth is solid. Again there is no guarantee that Heiskanen ever becomes the player Tanev is today.

        Drafting 18 year old players is a crap shoot. The best player to come out of the draft may well be drafted far later than the top 10 but chances are we won’t know who that is for 5 to 7 years.

      • Actually you forgot Julius Honka who is going to be better than all of them but maybe Klinberg. He will be top 4 material and a PP Qb.

      • When? Most rookie Dman struggle to transition to the NHL. who’s he going to play with to shelter his development in the NHL. Should be a stud in about 4 to 6 years offensively, defensively?

        If he plays as an NHL regular next season, 60+ games that isn’t helping Dallas win games. They need to stop the other team from scoring. The run & gun they have played for the last 2 years is dead in Dallas. It shocked me they even played it with Lindy, but not a hope in hell they play it under Hitchcock.

    • Tanev’s not worth the #3 pick in the “class of 15….if he is imagine what a real top three defendder, one that actually has post season success is worth.

    • @SilverSeven..I agree about Tanev.Injuries mostly worry me and JVR over Kovalchuk any day.Besides, I can’t picture Babcock & Kovie working together at all.

      • Joey, I could not agree more with your comment regarding Babcock and Kovi. By the way, aren’t the Leafs sticking to the plan of developing talent within and staying young? Trading for Freddy Andersen was necessary but beyond that the Leafs have plenty of talent in house to keep moving forward in these positions. A trade or free agent signing acquisition is in much heavier need in Toronto on the defense not in the forward positions; as we all know! Insert an image of Captain Obvious here!

    • I don’t think moving JVR makes sense unless the Leafs feel they have a suitable internal replacement, and they can’t meet his contract demands. I would think that the difference in value in a trade for JVR with one year left, and Kovalchuk isn’t so substantially different that the Leafs would net a great difference in the returns, so I don’t think it makes much sense.

      I am not sure why the hate on Tanev. He is a good defensemen. Not spectacular, I see him as a guy probably best suited to being your 3rd most valuable D, but play top pairing 5 on 5 with your #1. He is pretty much the same kind of player as Adam Larsson. Larsson had the same injury issues prior to being trade, they play the same role, their counting stats are similar, they both played for bad teams, the difference is Tanev possession stats are slighly better. Neither one of them drives play, but slightly underrated in 5 on 5 offense as they are probably good for 20 pts, all 5 on 5.

      I don’t believe that the Larsson – Hall swap set the market, but the 3rd overall in this draft is not near Taylor Hall’s value last year. So I don’t think the 3rd is outrageous for Tanev given that there still is clearly a premium on D.

      This draft is interesting, as I think it will be similar to years like 2011 and 2012 where the best players and value could be a bit of a crap shoot and come later and be peppered throughout the first round. Also, we have two teams picking in the top 3 that could have made tweaks to become playoff contenders without moving up, meaning they could very well be willing to move things around depending on how they feel their team is positioned.

      I think this is the only reason we are talking about the 3rd being moved for Tanev, as normally, it’s not about the value so much as the team in the position to draft 3rd is far enough away from contending they would just prefer to draft.

  5. The Coyotes have a good young team and just like everybody else they have access to free agents and other possible trades that make sense to keep Smith. If they trade Smith it signals to their players and fan base that they think otherwise. The NHL salary cap era has seen several teams jump from playoff status to non playoff status in quick fashion. It’s a very competitive league and Arizona is one team that has a very important position shored up. If they trade Smith it will certainly cost their trade partner heavily.

    • @Steven.I”m fully aware of the Leafs game plan of developing youth moving forward despite what you might think.

      Upgrading their D is an obvious priority and to that end we can agree on that Captain.

      But, if The Leafs can’t find a way to sign JVR, they will have a hard time replacing him and they know it. He doesn’t play a 200′ game but he drives the net and scores 30 goals thereabouts yearly in tight spaces and the other 30 teams know that too.While the forward position is not an urgent issue for the Leafs, getting JVR under contract is somewhat of a priority and if they have to lose him, they will try and trade him for a Dman they want.

      Tanev has an injury history and I think he’s down their list of preferred defensemen to trade for and right now Benning wants a lot for a player he doesn’t really want to trade anyways. I’m curious to see what Lou & Co. decide to do.

      • Joey, I 100% agree, players like JVR don’t grow on tree’s, I never understood the constant trade JVR rant. I’m with you find away to get that deal done. I’m fully aware of the young stud talent that Toronto has, but players like JVR who drive to the net, play physical and score between 20 and 30 goals are not a dime a dozen. If I’m Toronto, I’m trying to sign JVR to an extension.

      • Joey, you are correct about JVR’s lack of a 200’game but does Kovalchuk have a 200′ game?

  6. I don’t get the Smith trade speculation. What team needs a goalie? They are few & there are numerous options available. Cory Schneider a far better goalie than Smith moved for the 9th overall pick & had a better contract. He still had 2 years remaining at 4 mil per at point of trade.

    Smith is worth no more than MAF, a 2nd round pick & a B grade prospect. There are several young goalies ready for the opportunity to be starters & you have numerous goalies that are potentially starters available, MAF, Howard, Halak, etc. that would make great !B options tpo help mentor these kids.

    No team is overpaying for a goalie, no need to do so, simply supply & demand. 2 UFA goalies just moved for absolutely nothing, Darling & Bishop & Bishop signed for a decent term 6 years taking him to 36 & just under 5 mil per. I din’t like Darlings contract.

    If Dallas doesn’t secure at least 1 #3 Dman & a #5, I can’t wait for the discussions about Bishops #’s in net. He’ll be the next reason Dallas can’t win games. You can’t win games with that D, not consistently, not when your 3 best forwards, Seguin, Benn & Spezza are thinking all offense all the time. I assume Hitchcock will bring his attack the puck every where system into play.

    • That’s true Striker goalies do seem to have little trade value lately. Perhaps that’s another reason to keep him. It ‘s weird though that such an important seems to hold such a small actual value. Maybe the goalies need to start their own union.

      • Its just supply & demand. Goalie development world wide greatly exceeds the NHL’s need to stock 31 systems. Getting a decent to good goalie isn’t hard, getting a stud not even that costly. The highest price paid in recnt history the 9th overall for Schneider.

    • I feel like the Smith trade chatter is coming directly out of Arizona. If you look at Arizona’s probably protection list, they aren’t slated to lose anything of much value. It’s possible, assuming Chayka protects Smith, that Vegas will select Domingue as the most value available out of Arizona to use as their backup or a trade chip down the road for a team looking for a backup proven backup

      I feel like Chayka sees Domingue as his goalie of the future – he has shown flashes. By floating Smith’s name into the rumor mill, he’s seeing what he can get in return plus then being able to protect the guy he wants to all along. Just exposing Smith makes little sense as you are bound to lose him for nothing. This is purely speculation of course

      • Las Vegas will likely draft about 12 players – at least – that would have been included in the protected lists of Colorado, Arizona and New Jersey (in descending order).

      • There are better young goalie options available. several waiver exempt.

        I assume baring trades Arizona losses Schenn. Arizona isn’t faced with losing anything of substance or quality unless they trade for a dman & move to the 8 skater scenario. Then the lose a forward of nominal value.

    • What I can’t wait for Striker is for you to stop harping on Dallas’s defense. You don’t think Hitch will get it fixed and make the players you mentioned (Johns/Nemeth/Oleksiak) better? In fact it will probably help Kari’s numbers as well. Yes they do have to show you/me first but boy you really like to rip into Dallas.

      • I like the system Dallas played & have been a seasons ticket holder for the Stars for almost a decade.

        I didn’t like the fact They didn’t address their D when they lost Goligoski & Demers, only bringing in Hamhuis & it wasn’t very good with those 2.

        It isn’t meant as ripping on them, it’s just I don’t think you can win with out a solid D & they don’t have 1. Nor do I think they are a playoff team as currently constructed. That could easily change before opening night & I hope it does.

        It’s unfortunate Jim Nill didn’t address the D ideally retaining Goligoski as he & Klingberg were great together. I didn’t want to see a system change in Dallas. Watching them play was fun, they played to score. Now we get the Hitchcock system, it’s a decent system just not run & gun like they tried to play the last 2 years, the season before last very successfully.

        It was a pleasure to watch, very entertaining.

      • How many teams are you a season ticket holder for? Seriously?

    • That and goalies have 0 value in general.

      It’s amazing so called hockey writers keep bringing up how teams would get a ton for goalies.

      Who is the last goalie that brought back a ton of value?

  7. The real issue with JVR is that he tends to disappear for long chunks of time and is actually not very physical on defense.However, losing him for anything other than a very good d-man will be a mistake that neither Lou nor Mike are going to make. Other teams, like the Hawks, Ducks and Sharks know that JVR could score 40 in the west……

    • Unfortunately non of those teams can afford him.

  8. By the way, the rumor sites are full of Leafs going after Chris Tanev and paying a silly price for him: first round pick, Carrick and maybe Kapanen. First of all Kapanen is going to be a really good player, top six! Second, Carrick is not much less a d-man that Tanev and four years younger…….Why the sudden interest in Tanev just due to his being right handed? He perha s stood out in a really bad Canucks team but otherwise, he is worth that pick, perhaps, and one prospect, nothing more. If the Canucks want more, they can sell him to other fools!! Maybe folks who see the Canucks more than I do can explain this to me?

    • Jon – I tend to agree. It’s obvious the Leafs are looking for an upgrade on defense (preferably top 4 and shoots right). If the Leafs deal they have the most depth on wing in their prospect pool and could replace JVR’s scoring if the right deal were to materialize. That said, I have no issue re-signing him to the right term and dollars if a trade doesn’t make sense. However, he does require the right line mates as he’s not great on the boards or in his own zone. His line was hemmed in their own zone more often that not vs the Caps. Either way…JVR has value on the team or as an asset to trade.

    • I haven’t seen anything from anyone legitimate with Tanev to the Leafs. It’s likely just people connecting dots .. Leafs want a RD.. Tanev is maybe available… Tanev is a RD .. Therefore the Leafs want Tanev.

      I don’t know that the Leafs will massively overpay for Tanev. Tanev would be an upgrade for the Leafs, but it does come at the cost of exposing Carrick, and if Benning is only mildly interested in trading him, I doubt the Leafs are going to be the team to blow his socks off with an offer.

    • Dman that can play 1st pairing minutes even 1’s like a Tanev or Methot who carry very cap friendly contracts don’t come cheap. In fact any Dman that can play top 4 TOI/GP in the NHL that isn’t ancient, over 34 is expensive. Simple supply & demand.

      Tanev is a very reliable defensive Dman who can skate with today’s players. He’s not going to punish people ro block significant shots he’s just going to play in or around 20 minutes anight reliably on a 1st or 2nd pairing. The fact he’s right handed as opposed to left handed increases his value further as they aren’t as plentiful for what ever reason & there seems to be more desire in the NHL today to have balanced D pairings. This never really issued to be a serious issue. I assume something to do with how the game has evolved into a more transitional faster game.

      • IF he is not injured and can stay in the line up. So far that has not been the case averaging 49 games played over his 7 seasons.

  9. Brooks is an idiot …. his “insider info” ranks right up there with Eklund