NHL Trade Tracker – June 23, 2017

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Chicago Blackhawks trade defenseman Niklas Hjalmarsson to the Arizona Coyotes.

Check in throughout the day for the latest NHL trades on the opening day of the 2017 NHL Draft. Analysis of the notable deals following the end of the first round tonight. 

The Pittsburgh Penguins acquired winger Ryan Reaves and a second-round pick in the 2017 draft from the St. Louis Blues in exchange for forward Oskar Sundqvist and a first-round pick (31st overall) in this year’s draft. 

The Philadelphia Flyers trade forward Brayden Schenn to the St. Louis Blues for center Jori Lehtera, a 2017 first-round pick and a 2018 conditional first rounder. 

The New York Rangers have traded center Derek Stepan and goaltender Antti Raanta to the Arizona Coyotes for defenseman Anthony Deangelo and the Coyotes first-round pick (seventh overall) in the 2017 NHL Draft

The Chicago Blackhawks have dealt Artemi Panarin, Tyler Motte and a sixth round pick in this year’s draft  to the Columbus Blue Jackets in exchange for forward Brandon Saad, Anton Forsberg and a fifth-round pick in 2018.

The Chicago Blackhawks have traded defenseman Niklas Hjalmarsson to the Arizona Coyotes in exchange for defensemen Connor Murphy and Laurent Dauphin. 



  1. yuck for chi town… really yuck

    • Stan Bowman is losing his mind….. The rest of the NHL is reaping all of the benefits.

      For those of you that have seen the Wedding Singer, you get it!

      • As pointed out today on Hockey Central At Noon, that’s what happens when 2 players (Toews and Kane( account for a full 28% of your cap and you simply can’t keep everyone in the fold. It was also pointed out that Edmonton would be headed down the same road should they fork over similar deals to McDavid and Draisaitl.

  2. so Panarin going to CLB pretty much done deal for Saad and Forsberg. possibly more

    How do you break up Panarin/Kane

    • settle out of court?

    • just terrible- this will sound funny but Ithink AP- actually improved Kane and not Vice versa..terrible terrible deals

      • Word is that Kane and Toews were the ones pushing Bowman to get Saad back. And pushing hard.
        They knew the kind of $ that had to go back the other way, and the type of player each of those guys are.

  3. Stepan and Raanta going to Arizona for 7th overall and DeAngelo.
    Arizona is on absolute fire today.

    Lyle, just FYI the site is failing to load at times. i’m sure this is one of the higher traffic days

    • Stepan overpaid yes but really the only Ranger center good in his own zone…

      I have said this before but 2 years of Jumbo Joe on Broadway is acceptable to me over Shattenkirk for 7 @ 7

      • This is a head scratcher for NY. Centers were a great strength for them last year, now Lindberg and Stepan gone? Yikes!!! Miller did not look so good in the small window he played center last year. What gives? Something has to be behind this trade.

        No thanks on Jumbo Joe. One of my favorite players, but not sure he fits their speed game or how much he has left in the tank. But agreed on no thanks to Shattenkirk as well!

      • Nyr I think this is more about the cost savings and the Rangers are probably targeting someone at the draft. Also, DeAngelo will be a nice surprise for you, he has all the makings of a dynamic puck moving defenseman

      • DeAngelo hopefully matures and stops Gordon from signing Shattenkirk.

        His control issues do not inspire me-Suspended for pushing the ref last year and :
        This isn’t the first time the New Jersey native’s mouth has gotten him into trouble. He sat for a one-game suspension for arguing with an official while playing in the Ontario Hockey League. He was also suspended by his OHL team, the Sarnia Sting, for use of a derogatory term directed at a teammate.

        seems like Coyotes and Tampa did not want the baggage

      • Sam Gagner is an affordable 3rd line option for the Rangers

      • DeAngelo being anything but mediocre at best would be a surprise. We in Tampa know him. Rangers got absolutely whooped on this deal.

    • Taz I had the same problem and switched from chrome to firefox and it made a big difference.

    • Arizona got ripped off but congrats to NY for trying to pull off another Ryan Mc type trade. Low risk High reward deal for them. Open up cap space and get two really good assets.

      • Lets not carried away. A 21 year old d-man on his 3rd team since being drafted and a 1st (7th overall in a weak draft) For a 1-2 Center and a solid, if nothing else backup ? Lets leave the Stepan bias aside…. he now no longer wears a Ranger jersey, I’m shocked you still devalue him….. let it go. Maybe you can focus in your cross state rival Philly and pick on Giroux and his 2+ million more than Stepans deal…. for what 2 more points?

      • *** a 21 year old d-man on his 3rd team with behavioral problems and 39 nhl games**** Does not really Look like a Gomez for Mcdonagh trade in the eyes of most …..that watch the players they comment on.

      • Claudia? he’s too easy to pick on. An overpaid number 1-2 center and what I think is actually a potential number 1 goalie… Stepan, in all honesty and no teasin’, is what he is. A decent player being paid about 1.5-2 mil too much. His NTC kicks in. He has trended about the same over the past several seasons and the thought he will get better on a worse team is unlikely even if he gets a boost in ice time. Raantta was a good pick up for phoenix. But ranger won this trade by a landslide. beautiful cap space, out from a bad contract, back up goalie on the rangers was a luxury… and they get a solid d prospect and a solid pick… even in a “weak” draft.

      • I all seriousness, Where are UFA 1b- 2A centers being had for 4.5 million per? That can play both ends, that get stuck with Crosby, Ovechkin type assignments, kill penalties etc. ? There are none that I’m aware of? Maybe $1 per overpaid,Maybe True 1 a guys make 8-10 Toews, Stamkos, Getz, Crosby, Malkin, etc. 1b- 2a Oreilly,Kesler, etc more than Stepan! ….last year his contract kicked in, before that he cost less than 3 per……? Which for that type of player is completely unheard of! (outside ELC’s)

        NHLnumbers breaks down money vs production…. You should take a look at some players, I think you’ll be shocked!

        Again, Look at Deangelo , his behavior, his +/- is PUTRID! This is nowhere near Gomez for Mcdonagh! Not even in the same galaxy! I’ll guarantee you won’t find ANYONE here to go along with your idea Arizona got the short end of the stick in this deal. If anything, NY did!

      • Factor in the cap space… the potential for stepan to remain stagnant or decline… the value young players and elc’s have… I don’t doubt people will see the solid work rangers did here.

      • Definitely cap help, no question. But at what price? I don’t see NY barring another significant move being a playoff team with Zbad, Hayes, ?, followed by another ? Down the center. If NY fails to spin something out of this deal bigger than it stands, hands down ny lost this deal. Stepan is no Crosby, but Stepan , Zbad , Hayes looks a hell of a lot better than Zbad, Hayes,?, and ?.

        The cap space is nice, but only if you can replace what u just lost. Before this deal they had around 12 in cap space with another 3 coming in Kleins retirement.

      • @NYR I agree with you that in the short run NY gave up quality. But when you factor in Zbad as a 1C and Kevin Hayes as 2C then there just isnt a justification for stepan at that price point. NY got a cost controlled asset, a high draft pick and valuable cap space. You should be pretty happy with this deal
        Arizona got good pieces too. Out of the trades today this was easily the closest to a win-win

    • A back up goalie and an overpriced and overrated centerman for two top end prospects and cap space that Rangers dearly needed? Good job for New York. Finally winning a deal.

  4. We need Trouba not Shatts

  5. The Stepan deal is proof that the salary cap produces parity. A (n overpaid and mediocre but still) top center and a (now) starting goalie for comparably little in return.

    Meanwhile, given that it is a cap league, the Rangers positioned themselves very well. DeAngelo can play 3rd pair RD for them and they’ll probably sign Shattenkirk with the money they save. Gorton’s a good value shopper.

    • You pens fans set the bar a tad too high on centers. I believe Stepans production was good enough for 20-22nd in scoring (among centers) in the league last year. Take away his usual assignments, pk time and the way NY splits toi almost equally from line 1-3 and he’s easily a 65-70 point guy. I mean if Pittsburgh split time like ny amongst 4 centers, and Crosby and Malkin averaged more than the :06 and :07 of penalty minutes per game, they’d probably suffer a significant drop in production don’t you think?

      • We are a touch spoiled with centers, I’ll admit. Though there were the Milan Kraft/Rico Fata years, too.

        I actually like Stepan a lot. But not at $6.5 M and not as a number one on a playoff team. If he’s your number two center, odds are good you are competing for a Cup.

        Big upgrade for Arizona, though and they still have Strome. Nice work all around.

      • Yeah, having Lemeiux, Francis, Crosby and Malkin may be a bit of a luxury. Unfortunately they don’t grow on trees. Back when NY was in their playoff drought , I was hoping they’d just do a full rebuild. Never happening in that city. But Finishing just out of the playoffs or going to the playoffs is never going to get you these type of franchise guys like Crosby , Mcdavid, or even a Tavares, Stamkos or Mathews. Kinda sucks!

      • Couldn’t agree more Nyr4life. I have always felt that no team should be rewarded for futility – much less 4 or 5 years in a row – but rather a full lottery EVERY year regardless of where you finish. That would do wonders for sound management.

      • And punish the fans of those teams that had management make poor decisions. Something should be done to prevent tanking (even as a pens fan I recognize that as sounding hypocritical related to Mario). But bad teams , like legit bad like col this year or the pens in the maf malkin, steal, Whitney years (Crosby just being dumb luck) should be able to try to draft their way back into contention.

      • Then have something in place to deal with what is obvious tanking because, if your concern is for the fans, how does it help the fans of teams battling for a playoff spot when a tanking team provides no opposition against teams who may be in the playoff mix with those other teams? That’s what Johnson did when he got Lemieux and it wound up costing 2 teams a playoff spot. It was so blatant that he even sent a call-up goalie back to the minors after he had the gall to register a rare Pitt shut-out, stopping over 50 shots.

      • I can see that argument George. How do you differentiate between tanking and just bad teams objectively. Col this year hands down should have the number 1 pick. Bad team.

  6. its all got really quiet all of a sudden after that late morning frenzy.
    It’ll be an exciting draft day I believe. I’m looking at the following teams making a trade: Minny, Toronto, Habs, NYI, NJ, Col, tampa, canes, dallas, buffalo and st louis. so pretty much half the league

    • Unless some or all of those teams are dealing with each other, it could wind up 2/3 of the league.

      • Rangers better have something good to bring to us. Step and Lindberg lose leaves big hole in capable forwards especially at center.

    • Add the Pens to the list. Beat writer Josh Yohe feels Rutherford is itching to make a trade or two.

      GMJR basically come right out and said they are shopping their first round pick.

      • Pitt media abuzz that kessel is on the block!?!?

      • I hear Ron Cook saying it over and over, but not Yohe, so…I doubt it.

        I wouldn’t rule it out because Sprong could fill the same role, but…I doubt it.

        Also, I think Phil has the full “I can veto anything” NTC/NMC, so…I doubt it.

        Never know with Jimmy, though.

      • Until malkin calls his bud Rossi and he writes it I’ll withhold judgment.

  7. Just spitballing…

    What about a Giroux for Galchenyuk, 1st round pick and third piece (maybe McCarron, seems like a Flyer type)?

    Giroux is (or is almost) 30 now. Philly is rebuilding. Montreal needs a guy like him desperately, especially if they want to keep Price. Pacioretty Giroux Drouin is pretty good.

    • With girouxs contract I don’t think anything more than galchenyuk would have to be added

      • Crack kills

  8. Sounds like scandella is on the move they want a first and whatever else they would want. Bruins and Habs seem to be involved

  9. I would of preferred Connor Murphy…

  10. Rangers found a sucker for 3rd line Stepan….

    • 55 points, 22nd for centers in the NHL. How may 3rd lice 55 point center out there?

      • Bozak….

  11. 8 years for oshie! Didn’t they learn none from orpik! What kinda deals shat alzner bonino etc gonna get.

  12. The stepan deal was great for the rangers. They realize that stepan is not worth that $ and is probably on the decline. Getting he 7th overall pick is fine. They just need to be smart about he additional cap space- use it wisely…don’t blow it on shattenkirk! Oshie for 8 years is plain stupid! The have burakovsky who can move up and they can always fill the gap of Williams with an affordable FA or even within with Vrana.

    • I tip my hat to the Rangers. Always know when to bow out of a long term overpriced deal and they did just that. That doesn’t mean Stephan is a bad player but in this Cap World you really know when to bail on a contract in order to keep moving forward or you will end up married to a contract that will force you to make moves you don’t want to make (Re: Blackhawks….Seabrooke)