Potential Vegas Golden Knights Roster

by | Jun 21, 2017 | News, NHL, Rumors | 33 comments

Here’s a list of the players reportedly joining the Vegas Golden Knights,. The roster will be officially unveiled later tonight at the NHL Awards in Las Vegas.


Marc-Andre Fleury (Pittsburgh Penguins)

The Golden Knights could also receive goaltender Jean-Francois Berube (New York Islanders).


Alexei Emelin (Montreal Canadiens)

Derek Engelland (Calgary Flames)

Jason Garrison (Tampa Bay Lightning)

Brayden McNabb (Los Angeles Kings)

Jon Merrill (New Jersey Devils)

Marc Methot (Ottawa Senators)

Colin Miller (Boston Bruins)

Griffin Reinhart (Edmonton Oilers)

David Schlemko (San Jose Sharks)

Nate Schmidt (Washington Capitals)

Clayton Stoner (Anaheim Ducks)

The Golden Knights could also receive blueliners Shea Theodore from the Anaheim Ducks and Trevor van Riemsdyk from the Chicago Blackhawks.


Pierre-Edouard Bellemare, left wing/center. (Philadelphia Flyers)

William Carrier (Buffalo Sabres)

Cody Eakins, center (Dallas Stars)

Mikhail Grabovski, center (New York Islanders)

Erik Haula, center/left wing (Minnesota Wild)

William Karlsson, center (Columbus Blue Jackets)

Marcus Kruger, center (Chicago Blackhawks)

Brendan Leipsic, center (minors) (Toronto Maple Leafs)

Oscar Lindberg, center (New York Rangers)

Jonathan Marchessault, right wing (Florida Panthers)

James Neal, right wing (Nashville Predators)

Tomas Nosek, left wing (minors) (Detroit Red Wings)

David Perron, winger (St. Louis Blues)

The Golden Knights could end up with winger Reilly Smith from the Panthers. They also received right wing Alex Tuch from the Wild. They are also expected to acquire the contract of winger David Clarkson from the Blue Jackets.

Note: This list will be updated periodically leading up to tonight’s NHL Awards at 8 pm ET.  Bear in mind this list is based on the latest reports from various media sources around the league. The official roster could be different than what is listed above.



  1. This team could finish ahead of Phoenix. Of course, so could my beer league team

    • I say it a lot… but it’s deserved. Great work Mr. Spector!

      • Thank you!

      • Chrisms, I fully agree Lyle does a great job and a better job of keeping a lot of the trolling off this site. Thanks Lyle

      • Meh he’s ok ?

  2. I do not understand Schlemko over DIllon(SJ).
    I do not understand taking Engelland(CGY).
    I do not understand taking Garrison over Sustr(TB).
    I do not understand taking Stoner & Theodore over Vatanen/Manson(ANA).
    I do not understand taking Haula & Tuch over Dumba/Brodin/Scandella(MIN).
    I do not understand taking Grabovski over another other forward(NYI).
    I do not understand Nosek over Mrazek(DET). Flip the goalie to ARI for multiple picks.

    I love the Linberg pick up. Smart on both ends. Solid 4th line center and if given more opportunity I think he will play closer to what he did his rookie year before he ws seriously injured.

    Probably why I am not a NHL GM…..but if I was the owner I’d wanna know if my selections can be flipped for greater value than what I did not select. If not….someone needs to be held accountable.

    • Wishful thinking on multiple picks for Mrazek – if that was possible Detroit would have made that trade, they’ve been shopping him for two months. Any team can have him after Detroit buys him out.

    • I DO NOT UNDERSTAND! why I hate Crosby.

      • Neither do I Caper! There is nor reason to hate Crosby! Except for the fact he might not be on your team. He is a true professional and has certainly done his part to expand the game of hockey.

    • Crosby.. brodin was protected and wait until you see the haul of picks and prospects they get! Emelin was the head scratcher for me 4 million for a bottom pairing guy? The Habs won’t be upset

    • He better have half of the picks for the next few years.

      So far, the only move I like is getting Marchessault for taking on Reilly Smith.

    • Finally someone has a brain on here.

      Finally someone is starting to understand.

      The NHL proved how corrupt they are.

      They set up the expansion rules and then don’t even follow them.

      They selected players that are exempt and in fact not available according to the rules they made.

      It’s nice to see someone finally have their eyes open instead of majority here who have their eyes wide shut.

  3. @Ihatecrosby….Has to be more to come on most of those picks. Draft picks and prospects are surely on the way to make you understand better I guess. Otherwise I am with you.

    • I know picks are coming. My contention is what they “had” to select along with compensation pick seems to NOT be as valuable as to what they made a deal to pass over. Heck…take the best player …flip for better picks/players…..

      They are allegedly eating Grabovski from NYI and Clarkson from CMB….to me that is a waste of 10million. for 10 million you can buy undrafted college and Europeans from the KHl to build a young farm team. again….I must be missing something. The 1st rounders they may get are not even top 10….. wow….

  4. With this defense I cannot reasonably see how Coach Gallant can keep up with the modern NHL. Most of this defense has skating & mobility issues to crack their own teams top 4. Some played under 20 games this season all as HEALTHY scratches.

    Gallant, as rumored, did not ave any feedback into the selection process.

    • When Bruce B. was coaching the Washington Caps, he had no feedback with McPhee on trades, often hearing about them via the media. Doesn’t surprise me about Gallant getting the same treatment.

    • First you said something very intelligent.

      Now you say something completely asinine.

      Gallant did have a say in the selections.

      10 that I am aware of and I’m sure even more.

  5. So basically they traded Brock Nelson for grabovski salary dump, berube and a 1st rd pick (#15) and they traded Josh Anderson for clarkson salary dump, karlsson and a 1st round pick (#24). The 10 million to help hit the cap floor allows them to field a roster of younger players without cap ramifications. Which would you rather have? Its not a clearcut decision either way

  6. Im sure theres much more to come tonight and tomorrow. Also at the draft. They could flip methot,neal, perron, fleury. And alot of first round picks are flippable. And in a weak draft year as this is reported to be id rather have quantity over quality. They could be packaged for a higher pick or a top prospect. Or just pick 4 or 5 players in the 1st rd.

  7. Heard Buffalo was able to make Carrier available to keep Ullmark from being selected. Tyler Ennis was protected in place of Carrier. Carrier at this point is more valuable than Ennis or Moulson up front. Still Buffalo needed to keep their backup goaltender. Another loss that goes on the Murray chalkboard. He brought in so many #1 picks and traded most of them and now they are losing another former classified first rounder who played like nobodys business last year to save their goaltender. Another reason the Lehner trade NEVER made sense. Murray couldve resigned Chad Johnson for another year instead of losing him to Calgary, used the first rounder for either White or Konecky and left Johnson unprotected in the expansion draft protecting Ullmark instead and acquiring a goaltender this offseason. Buffalo shouldve considered me for GM over Murray.

    • All wrong.

      Stop making stuff up.

  8. I told you all yesterday. McPhee is looking long term. sure he could have been a bubble team this year and then fall back and be worse in year 3 and 4 as players contracts expire. but why do that its shortsighted and stupid. this way he’s worse now and get top draft picks in the next few years and build a farm system with all the extra draft picks he got in trades

    some of you guys like ihatecrosby and striker just dont think like a gm does. its strategic… McPhee isnt thinking “how do I screw over so and so, like you are. he’s thinking how do I build a team that can win a cup and be relevant consistently.

    stop thinking how these picks can screw your opponents and start thinking how the picks help vegas long term

    • Bill, you are clearly as knowledgeable as you are charming.

      Your’s and McPhee’s plan to build a really medicore team instead of a good team is going very well.

      Getting that #5 over pick next year will make it worth passing on all of those better players.


      • why MG, because I was right?, you totally overlooked that mcphee needs to build not just an Nhl tea, but a minor league system too. what good does it do him to have even a playoff squad next year it the players he gets today leave when their contracts expire? your ignorance of what he’s trying to do is astounding. the Idea is to build a team and a pipeline over time, to draft and develop talent and to create a system and an Identity

        the Idea is not to make the playoffs in year one and then get worse going forward. rather its to acquire assets to establish a foundation and then Draft picks to build from within over time

        your problem is you were hoping Mcphee would hurt whatever your favorite team is, rivals. and he didnt….thats not his job. his job is to put his team in the best position going forward.

        cant help it if youre not smart enough to grasp the difference

      • I don’t think it was even a remote possibility without Gallant being some kind of voodo magic man that Vegas was going to be a playoff team Bill, no matter how you look at it I’d agree there are some strange decisions there without seeing side deals.

      • Yes, again, you and McPhee are super smart.

        Why would you build around aging pieces like 22 yo Matt Dumba when you can a couple of 18 yo maybes for him?

        Why get a 23-24 year old (ANCIENT!!!) center with star potential like Brock Nelson or Ryan Strome when you can get, LOL, JR Berube and then eat a bunch of awful contracts and roster bad players. Oh, and get another 18 yo maybe. In a bad draft.

        Half of T-Mobile Arena might be discounted hotel comps instead of paying customers in 4 years. Like Florida. Like Phoenix. MUCH bigger markets than Vegas.

        But, again…so smart to get in line behind Toronto and the others, especially now that there is a real draft lottery.


      • I think that’s gonna be a problem anyway MG it’s going to be a failure/shame if the long term plan of a hockey team is to draw tourists as an event destination, didn’t work in Arizona or Florida, won’t work there. How many Hurricane Coyotes Lightning Panther or for that matter any other southern climate based teams plan on taking trips to Vegas to watch a hockey game? Casinos will buy up tickets till the novelty wears off then it’s the discount bin for the Golden Knights.

      • I just think McPhee and company expected a lower quality of player to be available and were resigned to building a relatively standard expansion team instead of adjusting to the better players available.

        We’re not talking about building a team of 35 year olds for one kick at the can. They could have built a team that was very good now and still had a brighter future than most.

        They had proven NHL players with upside in their grasps and preferred a bucket full of “we’ll see”.

        We’ll see, maybe the upcoming trades will be better than a 6th to take a nobody like Carrier instead of Ullmark.

  9. some interesting picks of one over another on several teams. I am sure when the dust settles and we hear more about the side deals and the 3-way deals it will start to make sense.

  10. Just listen to Gary Lawless on the radio. he said there was no markets for goaltenders so that pushed Vegas to draft defenseman with their misc picks. Meaning they asked other teams if they wanted Vegas to select a goaltender for them but there was no interest.

    • how is that remotely possible given some of the guys that were exposed and the teams in need? Must have been asking too much or delusional. Should have been markets for both D and G

  11. I can see Neal being flipped to a contender. Surprised Rangers did not try to make a move for Colin Miller

  12. I was way off
    MAF. Pickard
    TVR Reinhardt Mcnabb
    Neal Eakin- R Smith in a trade

    I like Theodore deal
    probably going to get worse after the draft when they move some of these selections ……I am going to get tired of the saying “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”