Sunday NHL Post-Draft Rumor Roundup – June 25, 2017

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Could Ottawa Senators defenseman Dion Phaneuf waive his no-move clause?

Latest on Dion Phaneuf, Matt Duchene, Alex Galchenyuk and more in your Sunday NHL Post-Draft Roundup. 

TSN: Bob McKenzie reports the Ottawa Senators came close to moving Dion Phaneuf prior to the recent expansion draft roster freeze. During the draft weekend, they received interest in Phaneuf from clubs not on his list of acceptable trade destinations. General manager Pierre Dorion spoke with the defenseman’s representatives about expanding his trade list but nothing doing thus far.

McKenzie said this remains a work in progress and we should allow for the possibility of Phaneuf being dealt. With the Sens losing Marc Methot in the expansion draft and with Phaneuf maybe on the move, they could be talking to defensemen in the upcoming free-agent market. 

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Dorion confirmed he’s received calls regarding Phaneuf. The club would prefer to retain him but Garrioch believes that could change with one phone call. Dorion acknowledged exploring all options for the blueliner. Garrioch feels it could take until after July 1 to see how the free-agent market shakes out to see if those interested clubs remain keen to do a deal. The Los Angeles Kings have reportedly showed “more than a passing interest” in Phaneuf.

Ultimately, Dorion said it’s up to Phaneuf if he’s willing to waive his no-move clause. The Sens GM said he’d have no problem with the veteran defenseman opting to stay in Ottawa and denied any suggestion that his refusal to waive the clause for the recent expansion draft would be a problem.  

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Interesting development regarding Phaneuf. If he’s unwilling to broaden his wish list of trade destinations there’s nothing the Sens can do about it. That being said, the recent reports seem to suggest it’s possible. Sounds to me like the Sens are waiting for a club that he would accept getting dealt to.

If the Kings are interested in Phaneuf they must either shed salary or get the Sens to pick up part of his $7 million cap hit to make this work. They have around $9 million invested in 17 players. 

Pierre LeBrun reports the Colorado Avalanche aren’t budging from their high asking price for center Matt Duchene. His agent, Pat Brisson, had had discussions with Avalanche GM Joe Sakic. There hasn’t been a trade request by the Duchene camp. The Nashville Predators are interested, but GM David Poile insists he’s not trading one of his top-four defensemen. LeBrun anticipated Poile could get creative to get a deal done. 

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staple reports New York Islanders GM Garth Snow pitched defenseman Travis Hamonic along with his 2018 first-round pick to the Avs for Duchene but Sakic balked. The Toronto Maple Leafs “reportedly offering a package that included forward James van Riemsdyk and a 2018 first-round pick” for Hamonic, who was ultimately shipped to the Calgary Flames. Staple also cites two league sources claiming Brisson is “seriously unhappy” over Sakic’s foot-dragging on a deal. 

PUCK DADDY: Sean Leahy reports Snow will “100 percent” look at using the draft picks he received in return for Hamonic to add another high-end talent, if possible. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Regarding Duchene, Sakic will have to lower his asking price (reportedly a top defenseman, a top prospect and a first-round pick) if he intend to move the center. If Poile wants Duchene I think he could try to get a third team involved to get a deal done. As for the Isles interest in Duchene, I think trading away Hamonic takes them out of that sweepstakes. 

McKenzie reports Montreal Canadiens center Alex Galcheyuk is still out there. A “juicy rumor” linked Galchenyuk to Philadelphia Flyers center Claude Giroux, but he called it “just a rumor”. While Flyers GM Ron Hextall is willing to listen to offers for his players there’s no indication Giroux is available. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I still expect the Canadiens will move Galchenyuk for a top-four defenseman, but they could also try to use him to add a proven scoring center. Giroux had a no-movement clause and could nix any attempt to move him. His high cap hit ($8.25 million annually) and the steady erosion in his production screams “buyer beware.”   

NHL.COM: Dan Rosen believes the Avalanche, Canadiens, New York Rangers, Vegas Golden Knights and New York Islanders could make more moves before free agency opens on July 1. Galchenyuk remains in the rumor mill, linked to “the New Jersey Devils, Minnesota Wild and Anaheim Ducks, among other teams.” The Habs ideally want a defenseman in return.

The Rangers seek a top-four right-handed defenseman to skate alongside Ryan McDonagh. Kevin Shattenkirk and Brendan Smith could be free-agent options. They also need a backup goaltender. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The New York Post’s Larry Brooks wonders if the Rangers are willing to sacrifice one of their top-two young forwards (J.T.Miller or Chris Kreider) to land a top-pairing defenseman. I daresay it’ll take one of those guys to get that return. It could end up pushing the Blueshirts into the free-agent market. 

It’s expected the Islanders could pursue a No. 2 center. They’ve been linked to Colorado’s Matt Duchene. 

Golden Knight’s GM George McPhee is getting calls regarding blueliner Marc Methot, 



  1. Its rumored that Bergevin and Brisson are in talks for a 3 year contract. I would definitely like Montreal to keep Galchenyuk for a good try under Claude Julien. His value is low and he has potential for more than what we’ve seen. It will always be time to trade the guy later on in 2018.

    • 100%. I don’t understand trading Galchenyuk. They need a centre? They HAVE a centre! You have to try and let the young guys grow into the role sometimes.

      In a salary cap world, the only way to be competitive is to have some young guys progress. You need bargains. You can’t have a team of $6M players.

      Especially when Galchenyuk was 11th(!!) in league scoring last year before he got injured. As a centre!

      Give the kid more chances and cross your fingers. He has upside; see if he can hit his potential, and spend your FA money on a defenseman instead!

      • I agree with you and Louis Paddy. The Habs seem a little impatient with Galchenyuk. I would be more inclined to see if could move Plekanec and a prospect to get a defenseman personally if I was Bergevin.

      • Ya I think it’s too early to give up on this kid. A former 30 goal scorer and only at age 23 (I think), willing to take a one year deal to prove his worth.

        Yes we need to get more D, but I just feel trading him away would bit the Habs in the butt in the future.

        See what you pluck out of the UFA market first.

    • I agree. Trading either him or Bealieau made no sense to me. What’s worse is Mtl gave Bealieau away for nothing, a 3rd round pick; in or around 70th overall! The chances that pick ever plays in the NHL are slim to nonexistent & should they, the chances they play at least 2 years less than 5%.

      When Bealieau scores 35 to 40 points next season in Buffalo playing 2nd pairing minutes & PP time I can’t wait to see what people like Bigbear have to say then.

      • Would you have preferred losing him for nothing in the expansion draft? Because that’s why they dealt him, to at least get something for him.

      • No I would have protected him over Benn.

      • Striker why get nothing for him? You make no sense whatsoever it’s the same reason Boston let miller walk they aren’t that good just because his skates are size 11.75 and been in the league for 5.25 yrs doesn’t mean he is gonna magically become a 2nd pairing dman

      • You don’t see the major difference between benn and bealieu do you? Lol

      • Benn to me earned his spot on the protected list. Bealieau showed signs of offense but to me didnt show enough hockey IQ to look any better than Schlemko(his defensive stats and ability to pass) and they picked him up for a 5th rounder. When your a 3rd pairing D that can play 2nd pairing your a dime a dozen on the open market when you only have a month to decide who to keep, who to lose. Benn straight up plays better and helps Bergy’s “win now” mentality…im intigued to see if Bealieau ever learns how to take his game to the next level…also Bealieau was given too much 1st PP time and its easy to get the 2nd assist on the 1st PP cycle

      • I hope Beaulieu does succed in carving himself a long last8ng nhl career. I think it be a reach to wxoect him to get 30-40 points.

        But yes feel free to rub it in how right you were and how wrong i am l. I honestly hope your right.

      • Didn’t want to give up Beaulieu for nothing so they gave him up for 3rd and gave up Emelin for nothing? Does that make sense? They could have lost Beaulieu and still had Emelin but they preferred to lose both and get a third round pick… in logical terms this equates to:
        3rd > Beaulieu > Emelin

      • Got schlmeko a 3rd and 2million in space for two underachieving dmen in bealieu and Emelin major win for Montreal when Vegas took Emelin

    • i would like to see that and sign markov for 3 million no more cut him lose if he wants more buy plek out of contact open free agent with radalov tell him 4 years 6 mill take it or leave it ………then move on from the three go free agent enough out there this year sign for one year only bring up the young guns see what they have if nothing get rid of them

      • you will have a team \

        patch danult drouin
        shaw galany gally
        lettiu Mitchel Byron
        carr Flynn hudon

        now if you sign radulov 1 one move everyone down one right side with spares

        weber benn
        petry new guy from edm
        Davidson pick up someone

        sign markov and you can move him in 4 th pairing


  2. While giroux is a good centerman his contract is high and as Lyle said his production has declined, buyer beware is right

  3. Alzner has to be a good fit some where. For 3.5-4m you would have a pretty good 28 year old defensive player. A nice addition for the Leafs, Stars, and a few others….Flames might as well proxy at the draft over the next couple of years…..Can sign Lazar for 1.2m, a back up for 2.0 but have Gilles, McDonald and McCollum much cheaper and Stone for Harmonic range money and still have 8-10 million left for the balance

    • For that price Alzner stays in Washington. I’m thinking Washington buys out Orpik and signs Orlov and Alzner.

    • Given what Russell just signed for, and what has been reported, there is a good chance Alzner gets more than that range. For me, I think what he ends up getting is going to make it hard for a team to get good value out of his deal.

      But if by some chance a team who needs D gets him for the price you suggested, I think he would be a good signing.

      Honestly, I think Brendan Smith is going to be the better signing this summer. I actually think he is as good or even better than Alzner overall (just different), but will likely cost less.

    • I’d be shocked if alzner doesn’t get close to 6 from someone

      • Same here. He isn’t WORTH $6mil on the ice … but the premium on top-4 D being what it around the league, that’s what someone will cough up.

      • Alzner – he’s gonna get $6M for 6 years. Cuz it’s July 1 and some GMs get stupid on this date.

      • He’ll sigm 4.5 for 5 years.

    • Hope you’re right Silver Seven…. Alzner to the Leafs! He would be a great addition to Reilly, Gardiner, and Zaitsev. With the two signings from Sweden before the draft adding an experienced guy like Alzner would definitely strengthen the Leafs depth defensively. Not to mention getting Lilegren 17th at the draft.

    • If Alzner gets less than 5 I would be shocked. There will be a bidding war for this player. Think Petry type monies, factoring in the current cap situation. I assuming 5 to 5.5 for 7 years. I wouldn’t pay it but someone will.

  4. Recent contracts of : S.Jones,Krug, Ristolainen and Barrie are ALL under 5.5 . Alzner is not getting more nor worth $6m- should have decent term though.

    • You can’t compare Alzner to those d men. First off he is a UFA not an RFA and secondly, those dmen are all offensive and outside of Jones can’t play a lick of actual defense. Alzner is a stay at home dman. If you judge his play by the points he gets, then you just don’t get it.

      • Sorry I didn’t see Ristolainens name in there. He and Jones can play solid d, the other two not so much.

      • I agree king you cannot compare alzner to those defense, on the ice or contract status

      • Would he be a goid replacdmwnt for Methot?

    • “Bad analogy. Makes no sense” – Mario Lemieux in response to jaromir jagr calling himself the Tom to Lemieuxs jerry.

    • Not 1 of these players plays the same style of D as Alzner, all are either offensive Dman or a solid 2 way D like Jones. All were signed young as RFA’s not older as UFA’s most coming out of their ELC’s; Jones & Risto, or bridge deals Barrie & Krug. Zero to some leverage. Alzner has a ton of leverage & UFA’s get a mil to a mil 5 more on the open market.

  5. Sigh

    You people have no idea what’s really going on.

    Galchenyuk signed a new contract with Montreal before the Entry Draft.

    It won’t be publicly announced until July 1st.

    You people are fanatics and completely clueless.

    • Drouin was not brought in to replace Galchenyuk, he was brought in for MORE offense.

    • I think everyone typing into this board on a Sunday would by definition be a fanatic. Including you

      • Either that or he works for the Habs in some important capacity with total inside knowledge. Which, of course, is likely his secret fantasy.

      • At a bare minimum.

    • Really & their waiting to July 1st to announce it why?

      • That was for Delvecchio

    • I agree, I think we are going to see a different habs team this year. More offense and pray the defense can slow down the the other team and Price can stop everything…any thoughts on Radu?

  6. so Ryan Reeves is worth a 1st and a young player/prospect, but Duchene isn’t worth a 1st, a young d-man and a prospect? i wouldn’t trade him for anything less then that either.

    • Reaves trade was bad but that’s oversimplified. Reaves + a 2nd was worth the last pick in 1st round and a guy whose absolute ceiling is a third line center. Still a bad trade though

      • Sundqvist sucks. He’s not an NHL player. Not a good one, at least. He’ll be in Europe full time 3 years from now.

        So, they dropped 20 spots in the draft and got the best enforcer in the league.

        Given that they ignored Central Scouting on Lauzon, I believe Rutherford when he says they’d probably have taken him at #31. If so, they literally got Reaves for free and dumped a useless contract.

        Great trade.

        NOW…having said that…if Nashville hadn’t have taken Eeli Tolvanen, I’d have been out of my mind over the deal, because I think Tolvanen could be the best player in the draft in 5 years.

        But, he was gone, so…great trade.

      • If St. Louis had given us reaves for free it was a stupid trade. But even if the cost wasn’t prohibitive it still gets a guy whose talent level puts him at 15+ for forwards on depth chart. Playing him will deter zero crap on Crosby malkin. Zilch. What a joke for the back to back champs to regress to this type of garbage reasoning. I’m sure Dubinsky and Wilson and the like are just wetting their pants

      • Rutherford, Sullivan, Sid, Geno and Letang (and no doubt, Jake) see it differently.

      • sid geno and tanger all wanted Marc kept over Murray too…

      • The only people in Pittsburgh who wanted to keep Fleury over Murray are the casuals who like players based on personality because they don’t know what they are watching on the ice.

        And no, the players have never said anything of the sort.

      • I didn’t like the Reaves trade at first….but the more I looked at it Raves can skate and he will be a solid 4th line energy guy. He can skate and is a solid fore checker and many teams are really going to think twice about taking all the cheap liberties on Crosby and Malkin…. Sundqvist just isn’t going to play in Pittsburgh he is not better than Scott Wilson, Carter Rowney, Josh Archibald and the penguins have Derek Simon and this Hobey Baker winner kid Zack Anton Freeze knocking at the door soon…ok move…really protects the stars for the playoffs and places like Philadelphia and Washington lets see Tom Wiolson and all the Flyer goons do now…

    • It was a slide of 20 spots in the draft. the 31st for the 51st. Talk about misrepresenting the facts & StL got Sundqvist an prospect that is hard to determine what he is or will be. 2 years in NA but solid production in the AHL. Drafted 5 years ago & isn’t waiver eligible any longer so he stays in the NHL or is waived. Someone is going to give this kid his NHL shot & he could easily surprise. A good young 2 way player potentially.

      • Reaves isn’t a goon (like Semenko or Bob Probert was) he cant skate. Tom Siesto isn’t really an NHL player. REAVES CAN skate,fore check and makes the penguins A mORe physical and tougher TEAM to play against……Now they have Rowney, Wilson Hornqvist Kunitz and Reaves who will take the body consistently…and rEAVES may or may not help the cheap shit against Malkin and Crosby but it makes us more physical for playoff times.

    • Duchene to Blackhawks for Krueger, Seabrook

      and 2018 1 st. round pick.

  7. giroux To Montreal makes sense for mtl in terms of a French Canadian #1 centre. Only issue is they are not deep enough to get a package together for the Flyers. Maybe if they can get a three way with the avalanche to bring in Duchenne to Philly

    • The flyers might have to hold salary or take back a bad contract, giroux is good but not worth his contract

  8. I assume Shattenkirk signing with NYR is all but done. The cap space has been freed up to do so. I rumor circulated the other day NYR like Yandle coming back but didn’t like the term at his age & ideally wanted a right handed shot.

    Shattenkirk isn’t that much younger & Yandle was 29 when he became a UFA for NYR.

    I don’t mind this potential signing depending upon money; no more than 6.5 & term; no more than 6 years, less salary if 7, but not certain playing Shattenkirk with McDonaugh is best for McDonaugh. He would have to be the defensive player to allow Shattenkirk to do what he does, which is drive the offense moving up into the play.

    Regardless NYR has some serious money to spend even after Zibby gets a substantial raise.

  9. I realize neither team is mentioned but I hear everywhere that Carolina is willing to move a dman.

    So how about Toronto call and try and work out some deal involving Nylander and Hanafin.

    • that deal makes perfect sense for both teams… even as a straight up hockey trade. I’d compare it to johonsen for jones. All the talk of trading Faulk when he is solid and still fairly young…

    • Francis just came out & said live 2 days ago his top 7 D are set for next year & he will only move picks & or prospects to get a forward.

      GM’s aren’t always forthright but I will take him at his word over the press & bloggers. Francis exudes class for me.

      • Makes sense to see how your young forwards hold their own before moving one of the most valuable assets in the league. But if fleury/bean etc start pulling away moving a d for a good young forward during season could be a dynamite move. And leafs are a good dance partner.

      • Agreed.

      • Oh I had not heard that, still think its a great move for both teams though, especially in light of how the cap is affecting teams.

  10. I really like Calgary did. They saw how the Preds won and see that the West is weak and they are going for it.

    Not sure what is going on in Arizona. Did they make themselves better? Sure. Did they make themselves good enough. Probably not.

    • Agreed MG. I suspect those picks the Flames gave up are late rounders given that they will be stronger on the ice. They got a quality player and person on a discounted contract. They have such a good core they are going to be tough for the next several years.

    • West is weak? I would argue their are more top end teams in the West than East & this 1 was of the 1st years where the east has played well against the teams in the west. Unfortunately we only get to see teams in the west play teams in the east twice.

      • Weak. EDM is a default favorite even with some obvious holes. CGY is now really solid. I think the Kings and SJ are old and about to take a step back. ANH could go either way. Vegas, VAN, ARI, COL are all lottery teams. DAL is 2-3 NHL Dmen away from being legit. As long as Maurice is coaching WPG, I’ll have no hope for them. STL and NSH are favorites by default, they’d be peripheral contenders normally. CHI looks to have taken a step back…and that’s a step back from a team that got swept in Round One.

        In the East, it’s not much better. Really only WSH and CBJ seem poised to challenge the Pens unless MTL can really get it’s (stuff) together. Especially with OTT gutting their top 4.

        In a vacuum I’d say there is no way the Pens can threepeat, I know how tired that team was and that it barely crossed the finish line in Nashville. BUT, right now, no one seems poised to challenge them.

        I think a team like CGY could end up in the Final if Smith plays to form.

      • Want some call weak otbers call parody

  11. Not a rumour, but if I’m the Habs and I really want a better chance at winning, I’d think about something along the lines of:

    To ANA: Carey Price
    To MTL: Gibson, Rakell & one of their d-men (Montour?)

    Anaheim makes themselves easily a Cup favourite. They give up some depth but get the best goalie in the world while Getzlaf, Perry & Kesler still are in their window.

    Haves improve down the middle & on defense, which should compensate for a drop in goaltending.


    I feel the flaming coming! 🙂

    • Not a Habs fan, love Carey Price. I’m not sure if the Ducks could fit his potential new contract into their salary structure. I see the merits for the Habs in spreading their assets out a bit though.

    • As a Kings fan I would love to see the Ducks make a trade like that. But sadly I don’t think they’d be that shortsighted.

      Sorry but no way are they giving up a good young goalie, great young dman and an excellent young forward for one year of Price, who is most likely exiting his prime years.

  12. I would expect the Ducks will have to add a prospect and the Habs should add one of their goalie prospects but looks like a viable trade.

    Leafs should go to LV and offer picks (other than 2018 first), prospects (even if Bracco has to be included), and roster players (Kapenin, Soshnikov and/or Bozak) for Schmidt and Miller. That would greatly strengthen the defense or at least make it good enough until some of the prospects are ready.

    That leaves a lineup like the following:
    Leivo-Matthews-Kapenin or Nylander
    JVR-Nylander or Bozak-Marner
    Martin-Hyman-Soshnikov or Kapenin

  13. Striker, tell me again how Miller has never played center in the NHL. Then go resalearch his face off stats this year! Just kindly not comment when you are clueless, which is often!

    • Nash is nys left wing lock, Weber, subban, Hall, etc will never be traded! Drouin will only be traded for a “stud” ( your favorite term) dman! On and on about nothing you actually know!

    • I’m glad you’re also catching onto striker as well, he talks a big game but isn’t right very often

      • He is (too) often inebriated by the exuberance of his own verbosity.