Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – June 11, 2017

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Could the Chicago Blackhawks ship out a core player such as Artem Anisimov?

Updates on the Blackhawks, Rangers and Lightning plus the latest on Dion Phaneuf, Keith Yandle, Sami Vatanen and more in your NHL rumor mill. 

NBC SPORTS: Adam Gretz reports trade rumblings about the Chicago Blackhawks are growing louder. On Friday, Jay Zawatski of Chicago’s 670 The Score reported hearing there’s a good chance the Blackhawks could move a core player other than Jonathan Toews. He believes the move won’t help the club in the short term, as it could be to cut salary or restock their prospect cupboard.

On Saturday, The Athletic’s Scott Powers said neither Artem Anisimov and Brent Seabrook were asked to waive their NMCs. Gretz doubts the Blackhawks will move Toews, Patrick Kane, Artemi Panarin, Duncan Keith and Corey Crawford. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Hawks aren’t willing to part with those players listed by Gretz, the only real options are Anisimov and Seabrook. Of the two, Anisimov would be easiest to move. He carries an annual cap hit of $4.55 million through 2020-21 while Seabrook’s is $6.875 million through 2023-24. Unless the Hawks are willing to pick up, say, $2 million of Seabrook’s annual cap hit, I doubt there will be much interest in his contract around the league. 

SPORTSNET: In his latest “30 Thoughts” column, Elliotte Friedman reports it appears the Columbus Blue Jackets and Vegas Golden Knights could be working on something. He said there’s a possibility the two sides are discussing David Clarkson and also noted the Blue Jackets have the 24th pick in this year’s draft “and some young forwards at the AHL level who might be part of this,” though Friedman said it’s been difficult for him to pin this down. He points out any trades Vegas makes won’t be official until June 21.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Clarkson is all but retired due to a back injury and is reportedly willing to waive his no-movement clause to allow the Jackets to move him. 

Friedman also reports the word is the Ottawa Senators asked defenseman Dion Phaneuf to waive his no-movement clause in order to expose him in the upcoming expansion draft.  Ditto the Florida Panthers with Keith Yandle. Both blueliners have yet to decide if they’ll do so. Friedman thinks there would be a ton of interest if the Golden Knights selected Yandle and then flipped him to another team.

Nick Kypreos claims Vegas’ pick from the Pittsburgh Penguins will be Marc-Andre Fleury. Friedman suggests he could also be a “flip candidate.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Exposing Phaneuf in the draft would allow the Sens the flexibility to protect seven forwards and three defensemen. It’s doubtful the Golden Knights select Phaneuf, but the Sens could swing a deal with Vegas to ensure they bypass him and select someone else.

Yandle’s situation is much more interesting as the Panthers paid big bucks to sign him last summer and supposedly consider him part of their core talent. This could also be another scenario in which the Panthers ask Vegas to overlook Yandle and instead select another player.  

Friedman doubts the Anaheim Ducks are interested in Buffalo Sabres left wing Evander Kane. With considerable interest in Sami Vatanen, he doesn’t think the Ducks want to take back much salary. While he thinks shipping Vatanen to Tampa Bay for Jonathan Drouin, he doubts they can afford a new contract for the young winger.

If the Lightning can’t swing a deal for Vatanan, Friedman wonders if they’ll try to pry a blueliner (Jonas Brodin? Matt Dumba?) away from the Minnesota Wild.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Wild acquired Drouin, they could also face salary-cap concerns. Moving Dumba or Brodin would clear some cap room and they could free up more if another salaried player departs via the expansion draft. However, in addition to re-signing Drouin, they also have to re-up RFAs Nino Niederreiter and Mikael Granlund. That could be an expensive trio.  

Regarding recent trade speculations over Calgary Flames center Sam Bennett, a league executive said they’re reluctant to plug one hole by opening another. If they do move Bennett, the return will be expensive.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While anything’s possible, I don’t see the Flames parting with Bennett. They still have high hopes for this kid. 

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports the Rangers have spoken with clubs with player protection problems on defense or those that might be willing to move a legitimate top-pairing blueliner with a right-handed shot. Colorado’s Tyson Barrie and Winnipeg’s Jacob Trouba are players of interest but there’s nothing doing on those fronts for the time being.

Avalanche center Nathan MacKinnon is a player the Rangers and many others “would be willing to move just about anyone to acquire, but the problem is Colorado general manager Joe Sakic is asking for just about everyone.”

Contract talks continue between the Rangers and defenseman Brendan Smith. The Blueshirts also haven’t asked Dan Girardi and Marc Staal to waive their no-movement clauses for the purpose of exposure in the expansion draft. 

The Calgary Flames and Winnipeg Jets are believed among the clubs with interest in making a pre-expansion draft trade involving Rangers backup goalie Antti Raanta. The Blueshirts aren’t yet committed to moving him nor have they received a convincing offer. 

Brooks also dismissed a report out of Russia claiming the Rangers could be out of the bidding for Ilya Kovalchuk. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ll be shocked if the Avalanche trade away MacKinnon. Still believe Matt Duchene is their likely trade candidate. I wouldn’t rule out a Barrie trade for the right offer.

Maybe the Blueshirts intend to buy out Staal or Girardi later this week.That would explain why they haven’t yet been asked to waive their NMCs.

 The Rangers risk losing Raanta to the Golden Knights for nothing in the expansion draft.  But if they trade him, they risk losing another player they could prefer to protect in that draft. 

TAMPA BAY TIMES: Joe Smith reports Lightning GM Steve Yzerman has spoken with Vegas GM George McPhee but isn’t sure if he can work out a side deal that controls which unprotected Lightning player gets chosen in the upcoming draft. Smith speculates on the possibility of Yzerman swinging a deal with teams that have a glut on defense, such as Anaheim or Minnesota.

In his mailbag segment, he feels it would be more likely for Yzerman to trade Alex Killorn rather than lose him in the expansion draft, but given Killorn’s value to the Bolts, he thinks it’s crazy that a player the Bolts GM called part of the club’s core last summer gets moved.

He also wouldn’t be surprised if Drouin got moved but it would take an impressive return for the Lightning to part with him. He wonders if the Avs would part with Tyson Barrie. He also lists Anaheim’s Sami Vatanen or Minnesota’s Matt Dumba as trade options. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s a widespread belief Yzerman will make a significant move this summer to land a top-four defenseman. Drouin or Killorn could fetch that return, though Drouin would obviously attract better offers. I also believe it’s possible Yzerman could put Tyler Johnson on the block. 



  1. Apparently Joe Sakic hasn’t yet latched onto the tried-and-true axiom that you have to give up something substantial if you want to get back commodities that will strengthen your team overall. Continuing to ask – unreasonably – for the moon in exchange for his 3 best chips – MacKinnon, Landeskog and Duchene – will see his 3 best remain in Colorado while the team flounders for at least 3 more years. I think Roy saw this coming and was the main reason he bailed.

    • One of them, likely Duchene will get moved near the draft.

      Have absolutely no idea where the MacKinnon stuff is coming from: he said he’s not moving MacKinnon, Rantanen, or Jost.

    • George O, the longer Sakic stays in the management the more evident it becomes that Roy definitely saw something and chose to leave. Roy can be an ass to put it mildly but he loves to win, which nobody should have a problem with, and knew it was not possible with this group.

  2. George O where r u? I want your take on Ottawa asking Phaneuf to waive his nmc.
    Ottawa and Florida asking their player to waive their NMC so they can protect others and then going to ask LV not to select the guy you asked to waive his protection. If I’m Vegas that’s going to cost you. Yandle and Phaneuf Vegas takes both. Both might bring back better assets via trades then what’s left on the table from Ottawa and Florida.
    Why would Winnipeg trade for Annti Raanta pre expansion draft? They wouldn’t because that would mean they would have to expose Connor Hellebuyck and that’s not happening.

    • Neither team would have asked the players to waive without knowing ahead of time the cost to themselves from vegas. They would have weighed that cost vs keeping the players prior to asking them to waive so it is in a range that they think they can afford. or they want those contracts gone…

      • I see your point, but I doubt Vegas is telling anyone who they are selecting. They are certainly listening. I agree there is probably fear that LV may take a player they don’t want to lose, hence asking someone to waive their nmc, but that also is a gamble. I wouldn’t want to give up either of them two just to get rid of them.

      • Maybe, maybe not. I’m sure they have all spoken to Vegas but no guarantee’s deals have been struck. Perhaps they are just going to take the chance that they won’t be selected.

        Ottawa has 3 solid prospects Chabot, White & Brown, I don’t see them moving any of those players. Ottawa only has 4 picks in this years draft, & have already moved their 2nd in 2018. If they wish to expose Phaneuf it’s so they can protect 7, 3 & 1 with Methot being the 3rd Dman protected. What assets does that leave that Vegas can select in Ottawa other than Phaneuf? & what would Ottawa pay Vegas to pass on him. There’s little left, Claesson being the only tangible asset left as I’m not sold on Harpur nor Englund yet & I’m not passing on Phaneuf for these assets even if a Ottawa included Calgary’s 2nd this season nor their own in 2019. I would select Phaneuf happily.

        As for Florida they have a slightly better stable of picks but the prospect cupboard is even worse. What few young players they have other than Borgstrom & McCoshen are in the NHL. I select Yandle.

        I don’t even worry about trading these Dman if selected now, I cross that bridge down the road; years if necessary, as both have lots of term & value. That’s 2 Dman capable of logging 1st & or 2nd pairing minutes & finding a solid defensive partner for both in expansion is easy.

        Have we determined if NMC’s cease exist if traded. Didn’t Phaneuf’s follow him & apparently has stayed in effect in Ottawa?

      • Striker that’s an important question “does waiving your NMC mean you lose it permanently or just for this transaction?” Certainly makes for a pause whether to select a player or not. I thought he lost it but not certain.

      • I find this posturing leading up to the expansion draft very interesting. It’s really a greed issue. A team like Florida doesn’t want to risk losing a Petrovic should they choose the 7, 3 & 1 formula & doesn’t want to protect 4 Dman or risk losing 1 of Smith, Trochek or Bjugstad. I assume Barkov & Hiberdeau are locks.

        If I’m Vegas it’s a 1st+ & a solid + at a bare minimum to pass on either Phaneuf or Yandle otherwise I’m selecting them. When push come to shove on Friday the 17th & teams submit their protected rosters & stage 1 of chicken has played out no guarantee’s either are exposed, Phaneuf or Yandle. Although I could see Phaneuf exposed as what happens in Ottawa is always about money & even though Ottawa dumped a ton of cash when they secured Phaneuf making his full cost for the term of his salary they may want to recoup that savings now.

        I know that’s convoluted & hard to understand. I’ll strive to clarify. The cost savings Ottawa had at point of this trade with Toronto to acquire Phaneuf meant it only cost Ottawa 4.6 over the full term of his contract, once the salaries shipped out, their savings are factored in. That said they do pay his full cap hit & they may want it off the books now.

        Again if Vegas I take both players & their cap hits gladly & make them part of my core for several years unless I can flip for better value today. I have no issues with their salaries & they would essentially become Vegas’s top 2 Dman at least by TOI/GP. They are essentially that now. Phaneuf was 3rd for TOI/GP in Ottawa 10 seconds behind Ceci & Yandle lead Florida’s D in TOI/GP.

        The cost for me to pass on these 2 Dman is extreme.

      • I have no idea really Caper. I know we; not you & I specifically but on this site, have had this discussion but Phaneuf’s waived it to go to Ottawa but has to waive it again now. That implies for me that it stays enforce.

        That would mean to me that if Vegas selected & flipped these assets they would have to approve them after Vegas acquires them. For the record if I’m Yandle or Phaneuf I don’t waive unless I want to. Very similiar to what happened with Marleau & Thronton shortly after signing essentially matching 3 year deals.

      • this situation is a bit different than the ones like minny. minny and some other teams with extra d man can play chicken with vegas that they will trade those players to teams short on d. a brodin/dumba will bring back good tangible assets… so they have bargaining ground with vegas to keep vegas’s price lower to not select them. flor/ott has less as I doubt the get much in return for either player should they waive… far less bargaining power. But I don’t believe they would approach these players unless they had a decent grasp of the cost of vegas passing them over OR figure that losing those contracts isnt the end of the world… look at how much money melnyk could save! I dont doubt Mcphee is having these discussions in private with teams about what the cost would be.

      • I also dont see it as greed striker. teams just trying to do whats best for their chances of success and keep the best team together for their fans. thats almost the definition of the gm’s job. Vegas will do the best thing for themselves as well… in some cases it will involve taking assets to either take a player or pass on a player. for some teams that have the option of moving the player elsewhere it will be a lesser asset than those hard pressed.

      • If I’m vegas any deal every team wants to make starts with their first round pick and more from there otherwise get stuffed I’m taking who I want. 500 mil means take advantage as much as you possibly can from these teams needing help to get rid of a contract or or help to protect a player. Vegas doesn’t owe any of these teams anything. The cost of helping any team out should be incredibly high. outrageously high even.

      • Really 83? And when teams say to Vegas too much and trade there players to other teams so they don’t lose them for free how is that wisely using that 500 mil advantage?

      • The team first needs to be able even come up with a deal for said players. you think if Vegas doesn’t drop their pants for these teams they are all going to be able to pull of trades to help themselves out. Between the end of the playoffs and the 21st they are going to be able to make all of these trades to stick it to Vegas if they don’t go easy on them…not sure about that. Some teams may not want to lose 2 players to the draft let alone the players they may not want to lose in the free agency. Vegas needs to be as brutally unsympathetic to these teams problems as they can in getting the best possible team they can. They need to squeeze every thing they possibly can out in every deal made. They don’t owe any of these teams anything. They weren’t added to the league so they can take on every crap contract that these moronic teams signed players for and if they do…it should come at an outrageous cost to the team selling the crap contract. First round pick plus more needs to be the starting point for every deal any team needs to make to retain a player or to get rid of a crap contract. If not go ahead and trade him away we’ll pick someone else or keep the crap contract and we’ll take someone else. It’s as simple as that. What is the reason you think Vegas needs to go easy on these teams for $500 million?

      • It has nothing to do with going easy on anyone. If Vegas gets an asset from a team to not take a player and takes another player then they get two assets. If they ask for the moon and the other team doesn’t feel it’s worth it vs the return they get from trading the player then Vegas will essentially get the same list of players to choose from from that team except they lost that additional asset. Vegas could lose a lot of additional picks prospects if they don’t play ball. But it won’t be astronomically priced or those teams will walk. And time isn’t remotely a factor. I doubt the front offices of every team have been in the Bahamas these while playoffs

      • If you’re Ottawa do you prefer to gamble on losing Phaneuf or Methot?

    • That would seem to be a major risk – but I have to think Dorion – who’s no dummy – will have worked out a deal in advance with McPhee who will wind up with two decent players from the Ottawa system and maybe even a pick once it’s over. Where Yandle is concerned, he’s not in the same ballpark as Phaneuf in terms of being a solid stay-at-home D so maybe Florida is hoping McPhee grabs him. We’ll soon see.

      • And someone who admittedly does not follow Ottawa closely should not then say things like “There’s little left, Claesson being the only tangible asset left as I’m not sold on Harpur nor Englund yet …” Claesson lived up to his rookie billing by becoming a solid D-man during the playoffs, even contributing a bit of offense, and 6′ 6″ 225-lb Ben Harpur took the advice of his coach in Binghamton on his latest call-up and began playing like someone with his size. He will be the # 7 D to start the season in Ottawa and will gain more experience as the year goes on – unless McPhee sees that too. Dzingel could be another option for McPhee – or even the enticement along with whoever he drafts – not to take Phaneuf. He had 14 goals and 18 assists playing up and down the line-up and has blazing speed.

        I have to love those who smugly dismiss anything beyond the protected players as essentially useless – on a team that was one double-OT shot away from advancing to the finals.

      • I could see Ott willing to lose DP because of his contract… they could be seeing what you see george and feel that the money saved by losing him is worth the risk of the stacked d corps being able to grow and fill in the gap.

      • Ottawa has lots of sweeteners they could afford to trade to keep Methot, Phaneuf and Claesson. They have Dzingel, Wideman and Borocop would wouldn’t be protected in the 7F/3D structure plus Chlapik (wouldn’t want to trade him), Perron, Harper and Engelund who are all very solid B to B+ prospects. They have Calgary’s 2nd round pick this year too. They could give any three of these options to Vegas including whoever Vegas selects instead of Vegas just getting one. If Ottawa is cornered, they trade Methot for a significant return.

      • Do any of these teams have enough time to get a deal done before Vegas picks. If the Playoffs end tonight That gives them 7 days to get a deal done for players they don’t want to lose for free. if it ends in game 7 they got 4 days to get a deal done. Not a lot of time there to make everything happen the way they want it to happen before Vegas announces selections on the 21st.

      • It’s not a surprise . Teams including those still in the playoffs are working the phones and have been.

      • 8AM on the 21st is the deadline for Vegas to submit their list of selections.

        Once teams submit their protected rosters by 8AM on the 18th, vegas can sign any RFA or UFA not protected in liue of selcting a player from that respective team.

        I assume a few trades will get announced prior to any of the above but not before the NHL is awarded.

  3. I don’t believe Raanta would be Vegas’s selection from NYR in the expansion draft. There are far better goalies available & Lindberg or Fast would be better selections. Especially Lindberg who has untapped offensive abilities if ever deployed in such a role at the NHL level. He has barely played 4th line minutes in NYR in TOI/GP last season. If given a 3rd line C spot & 2nd line PP minutes he will produce & has at all previous levels. He could easily be a 20 goals 40 to 45 point 3rd line C with potentially even more upside.

    • I agree Vegas might not want him as their goalie, but with so many teams looking for goalies he might have more value to them as a trade chip. Which is same reason Rangers should look to trade

  4. Wow, I think Striker needs to write a book. Does he ever stop to catch his breath?

    • If you need to catch your breath typing a response to a blog then I highly recommend seeing a doctor.

      Carpal Tunnel now…

    • As often as you but my attention span is greater than 7 seconds.

  5. I would have to think that Phaneuf would only agree to waive his clause if there is a side deal worked out where he doesn’t get picked.
    Either way they are making deals whether it be for Methot or Phaneuf.
    As a Sens fan that has seen the majority of their games, Claesson replacing Phaneuf if he got picked would be great. Claesson had a good season and a better playoffs. Proving that he can play against top players and can pass very well.
    I always had a thought like what if a team worked a deal with Vegas to take a player with a big contract but then have Vegas trade him back to the same team but retaining salary? It might not be attractive for long term contracts but say a 2-3 years left deal for a cap crunched team. Vegas could double dip from the same team.
    Teams like Tampa, Minnesota and Anaheim should be fun to watch in terms of transactions. I hope this doesn’t disappoint like every time we have ‘lot’s of trades will happen’ statements lol

    • I believe the draft rules preclude LV from trading a drafted player back to their original team for one full year – specifically to prevent such sweetheart deals.

      I agree 100% with your take on Claesson. Those who never paid much attention to Ottawa this year are in for a major surprise with this kid. And I think Harpur is on the brink as well. He, however, will be brought along as the 7th D next season. Chabot is going to be somewhere in the Top 6 right from the get-go. I doubt he sees any AHL time unless there’s a total regression in his game as the season wears on. But Boucher will be patient and there are enough veterans on the D to help him work out the rookie mistakes.

      • I like Cleasson, & I’m not writing off Harpur but they won’t waste his development as a #7 NHL D depth option. He will need to keep playing to develop. Most #7 NHL Dman don’t have an NHL future. Harpur has waiver rights, he plays in the NHL at least 2 of every 3 games for at least 12 to 14 mins a game or goes back down.

        Cleasson is no longer waiver eligable so he stays & plays or Ott allows phaneuf to be slected, or trades someone to get Cleaaason into the top 6 as a regular. Again having these types of players sitting benefits no 1 especially Ott.

  6. It wouldn’t shock me if Minnesota packaged one of those Dmen with a toxic contract (Pominville perhaps) to a team that has cap space to absorb the hit for a combination of picks and prospects. That would solve both problems for the team.

    • When did Pommiville move back to the D position?

      • He didn’t say he did he said moves 1 of the dman with a toxic contract like Pominville’s.

      • I believe my comment said PACKAGE one of those Dmen WITH a toxic contract like Pominville.

      • You are absolutely right Ralph. My apologies. I need to practice what I preach about “reading” what someone says.

  7. anybody agree? a team scouts well,drafts well,develops players well,get good….then can’t sign everyone because the caps goes up so slowly and players will go for the best offer(can’t blame them)…someone suggested a kind of clause that allows players a team drafted,signed as undrafted free agents,or acquired though trades that never played for another team,to count their salary as 75% against the cap..for example,if the oilers sign mcdavid to a $10 mil a year deal,it only counts as $7.5 mil against their cap…a great way for teams to keep their “home grown” players without getting crunched by the cap

    • If that sort of thing is ever considered they would also need to change a draft system where a perpetually-inept organization gets 4 or 5 years of # 1 picks in a row. Why continue to reward an organization for poor performance? The draft should then be an annual lottery regardless of where you finish with everyone having the same chance. Talk about a motivator for sound management/coaching!

      • The rules regarding draft weightings has changed so drasticly the odds of any team even if they finished last every year for a decade wouldn’t get them 5 #1 picks never mind several in a row.

        At the new odds of 18.7% if you finish dead last of picking 1st are incredibly slim. What happened in Edm will never happen again due to the changes made as it did happen.

        The NHL is nothing if not reactionary.

    • Yeah, the Oilers are responsible for McDavid’s development. SMH

  8. Seems likely that if Jets are interested in Raanta that Rangers should look to put together a package deal for Trouba. With hold out last season they could be looking at more problems next off season. i fully expect Staal to be gone one way or another. Especially if we where to deal for Trouba, would need to buyout Staal or Girardi if they don’t waive ntc

    • Both can wave it like flags at U.N. HQ – Las Vegas isn’t picking either one.

  9. so Rangers want Trouba. Jets want Raanta. What would trade look like. Not including Skjei, what would Rangers need to add to a package of Raanta and their 1st rd pick to make this happen

  10. hi know what i mean…the oilers drafted him,so it’s easier for them to retain him..same goes for guys like letang or jamie benn..they were later round picks but they were “home grown”…a guy like cam talbot doesn’t count,as he came from the rangers..the better run teams get hosed,and the cap floor dwellers love it when they don’t have to spend

  11. Drouin , johnson and Callahan
    Galchenyuk ,Juulsen and 2nd 2018

    • Well my initial thought is why in the hell would the Lightning make that trade?

      They are on the cusp of winning it all, and this trade surely doesn’t push them over the top. You must be a Habs fans?