Wild Ship Scandella to Sabres in Multiplayer Deal

by | Jun 30, 2017 | News, NHL, Rumors | 18 comments

Wild trade Marco Scandella and Jason Pominville to the Buffalo Sabres for Tyler Ennis and Marcus Foligno

The Minnesota Wild traded defenseman Marco Scandella, right wing Jason Pominville and a fourth-round pick in 2018 to the Buffalo Sabres in exchange for forwards Tyler Ennis, Marcus Foligno and a third-round pick in 2018. No salary was retained in the deal. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Sabres needed to improve their defense corps. With the 27-year-old Scandella, they get a big (6’3″, 208 lbs), all-around blueliner who is capable of playing over 20 minutes per games. He’s under contract for three more seasons at $4 million annually.

This move could mean the Sabres won’t be part of the upcoming bidding war for unrestricted free agent Kevin Shattenkirk.

Pominville, 34, is returning to the club where he started his NHL career and had his best seasons. Those days are now in the past, though he managed a respectable 47 points in 78 games last season. Still, he could provide the rebuilding Sabres with some invaluable leadership and two-way experience. He has two seasons remaining on his contract at an annual average value of $5.6 million.

Injuries, especially concussions, have hampered Ennis’ NHL career. When healthy, he’s reached the 40-point plateau three times. If he can avoid further injury, he could be a good depth scorer for the Wild. Ennis has two seasons left on his contract with an annual cap hit of $4.6 million, though in actual salary he’s slated to make $3.65 million annually.

Foligno, 25, is a restricted free agent coming off a two-year, $2.25 million contract. He won’t be expensive to re-sign. The 6’3″, 228-pounder is a hardworking defensive winger. He should be a good physical addition to the Wild’s checking lines.

As per Cap Friendly, the Wild clear $5 million from their cap payroll for 2017-18. With over $18 million in cap space, that should provide them sufficient room to re-sign key RFA forwards Mikael Granlund and Nino Niederreiter. 



  1. The market frenzy hears up and people will now pay foolish $$$ to average, at best, players such as Alzner, (please, Montreal, sign him and make yourselves even slower!!) Boyle and many others. The Thornton-Marleau as a package deal seems tailor made for the Rangers, although it won’t help them get better but there is the wow factor they love! Girardi to the Lightning? To do what? Get injured blocking shots, which you could do by putting a stiff piece of cardboard on skates and you would have the same impact as Dan. He has character, but when people say he is a “character guy” they mean he cannot play any
    more. The age of funny money for defencemen is here-Orlov gets thirty million? No wonder McDavid gets over 100 million! But can the Oilers build a team around him? Is he really that good? Crosby and those like him made others better-I am not sure McD does that right now, he is too much the individual…but he is young, too young to get the bank roll they have given him. As a Leafs fan, I want them to get better via Marlies (Kapanen, Leivo, Dermott and others) and not through FA I suspect that Brendan and Lou are going to have a surprise in store but please let it not be Shattenkirk! Sign a back-up (Niemi? Miller? Mason?), find a gem in the FA market (not Justin W) if you can, ’cause this young team ain’t ready without some beef up front, and get a defenceman……….

    • You are not a very knowledgeable leaf fan if you wouldn’t want alzner on that team! He is EXACTLY what they need

      • Alzner is a decent defensemen but overpaying him isn’t a good fit for any team. His contributions on the right team as a solid #4 are worth ~$4.25, but even then he is pretty one dimensional, and you need the right partner. The Leafs D core needs more help that what Alzner can bring. He is kind of like a Adam Larsson if Larsson was older, overpaid (assuming he gets what he is asking for) and had no physical edge to his game. I think if Alzner is getting $5M+ until his mid 30’s, it’s an easy pass.

      • You’re crazy if you don’t think alzner would be a perfect fit for the leafs? You really need to watch Larson more if you think he is overpaid any knowledgeable hockey fan would say different and not one of the hockey guys like bobby mac would not laugh in your face

      • Bbb what the leafs need exactly is a #1 D. Alzner is not that. Yes, he would fit in and help but overpaying for him isn’t the best idea. If he is available at $4.5 x 5 then yes, he is what we need. Anything more is a difficult but correct pass
        The leafs have their LHD for the top two pairs, signing alzner means that at leat one pf him, reilly and gardiner play their less preferred side.

      • They also need a 1st pairing dman but the way Anderson got pelted alzner would help in a big way! The talk is 6yrs by 4 or 5X5 which wouldn’t be bad for any team that needs a solid defender

    • “The Thornton-Marleau as a package deal seems tailor made for the Rangers”

      Yeah it does, back in 97! Smh.

    • Mcdavid doesn’t make people better , lol . He needs to be more selfish at times if anything .

      • Yeah lol, may want to check in Letestu and Maroon
        McDavid is retarded good, damn, the Leafs were so close to getting him

  2. After a few years of feeling like Murray overpaid in every deal, this one feels good for Buffalo. Adding beaulieu and now scandella, without giving up a premium asset is great work. I’m glad they won’t go after Shat, he’s not a good fit.

  3. Thread completely about Buffalo & Minnesota yet a Leafs fan is the 1st to comment about “his team” signing every free agent available.

    • What else is new? And look at the stuff he said about mcdavid lol he doesn’t make players around him better? Geez

      • I was going to say .. Mcdavid doesn’t make players around him better and larsson overpaid ! (In a clear # 1 role on a good up and coming young D at 4.17). Do you watch hockey ? Or just a flames fan ?

      • Danny might have got smoked by Stevens! That’s why he hates on dmen lol

    • I know.

      It’s the regular for this site.

      That’s why I left for like a couple years and now came back to see if things have changed and guess not.

  4. The Calgary flames re-sign Stone. They must have what’s considered to be the best D in the league on paper at the moment. Very happy he decided less money and less ice time was what he wanted. 10 mil – 3 years

    • Nothing beats that mobile Nashville D.

      Calgary is probably a good second.

  5. Flames gave a 3 rd pick and his wife is from Calgary with twins (I believe) . Management had insight that a home town discount was in order. Calgary is where he wants to play and a Bargain as a result. I guess they are going to test the theory that defence wins championships !