NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 10, 2017

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The bulk of Montreal Canadiens’ goaltender Carey Price’s new contract will be paid as signing bonuses.

Updates on Carey Price, David Pastrnak, Ilya Kovalchuk & more in your NHL morning coffee headlines. 

SPORTSNET: Sources revealed the financial breakdown of Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price’s new eight-year, $84-million contract. $70 million is being paid out as signing bonuses. There’s never a season where Price makes more than $2 million in base salary.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Price isn’t the only notable player to get the bulk of his salary in signing bonuses (hello there, Connor McDavid). Expect the hawks on the NHL side to close that loophole in the next round of collective bargaining in either 2020 or 2022, depending on whether the league or NHLPA decide to opt out of the current CBA in September 2019. 

CSNNE.COM: Boston Bruins general manager Don Sweeney said talks are ongoing with restricted free agent winger David Pastrnak, though there’s no timetable to get him re-signed this summer. Sources suggests Pastrnak could get a deal just shy of what teammate Brad Marchand got (eight-year, $49 million) when he signed his new contract last fall. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Pastrnak could receive an offer sheet from a rival club but that’s unlikely. The Bruins also have over $13 million in cap space and can easily match it. 

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: The Stars signed Miro Heiskanen to a three-year entry-level contract. Heiskanen, who turns 18 on July 18, was the Stars’ first-round pick (third overall) in this year’s NHL Draft. 

STARTRIBUNE.COM’s Michael Russo reports Minnesota Wild winger Kurtis Gabriel accepted his one-year, two-way qualifying offer. He’ll earn $715K at the NHL level

NBC SPORTS: Ilya Kovalchuk signed a one-year deal with St. Petersburg SKA. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The New Jersey Devils, who own Kovalchuk’s rights for 2017-18, reportedly attempted to do a sign-and-trade before July 1.  L.A. Lariviere of TVA Sports reports the Devils didn’t receive any trade offers. 

STLTODAY.COM:  A public outcry among Blues fans ensured popular hockey analyst Darren Pang received a new contract from Fox Sports Midwest. 



  1. Why did this Kovalchuk thing go so horribly wrong? I don’t understand what the Devils were thinking here. A 6th round draft pick is better than the … well nothing they’ll get now! Terrible asset management, especially considering he’s already put the screws to them once before.

    • No one offered even a 6th round pick for him. No one wanted him.

      • I don’t believe that for 1 second . Maybe as Sovtechno states below, his contract demands were too rich for the few teams on his list. But even that sounds fishy. He was reportedly looking for 5.5-6.5 on a short term deal. I can’t imagine nobody wanted to roll the dice.

    • I don’t think it has anything to do with no one wanting him. The issue, to my understanding, is that his contract demands were far too high.

      • I think he wanted to play in the Olympics

    • Who cares. Kovalchuk is where he should be, Siberia. I’m not taking a 6th round pick for an asset of any nature, pointless. Why help another team solely for helping them & the player. Kovalchuk choose to leave, I had hoped for good.

      • Oh, my bad! If striker doesn’t care it should mean nobody does? Lol! Nobody cares about half of your never ending ramblings, fantasy pools, where you’re jet setting off to ….. but it doesn’t stop you from being you!

    • he wanted a 3 year deal at $6.5AAV, for a guy who has been out of the league for years, and is 34. Nobody was willing to give the Devils something AND give him a multiyear deal

  2. Lyle.

    Can you see any scenario where the NHLPA or NHL will choose to opt out of the CBA early, following the 2018-19 season?

    A significant portion of players have guaranteed monies being paid whether the NHL games are played or not & I assume the NHLPA will use that leverage to their advantage & those owners who willingly allowed their GM’s to sign such contracts won’t be happy paying them with no revenue coming in, allowing some leverage to the NHLPA.

    The NHL has serious issues that need to be resolved & unfortunately this is how collective bargaining between millionaires & billionaires works. The league shut down yet again.

    I perceive both sides will wait until absolutely necessary to shut the league down again. It will be interesting to see if the NHLPA can get their house in order or will we see the same old same old. The infighting never stops, the constant changes in management structure don’t help & the players will make the concessions the NHL wants eventually with the NHL giving back faster UFA status, better revenue sharing, more things lumped into HRR, not the least of which is expansion revenue, Olympic participation & numerous house cleaning issues.

    the NHL will be lock players out following the 2020-21 season, baring an intervention from God.

    • In the CBA talks, the league only cares about one thing, controlling escalating costs and the NHLPA only cares about their members getting every cent owed to them as they both rightfully have the duty to achieve that goal.

      • In a nut shell that’s it exactly Ron. A 3rd of NHL teams lose money, another 3rd barely make a profit & can’t if they don’t make the playoffs. The top 4 revenue earners in the NHL make more money than the other 26 combined. Better revenue sharing is a must & it has improved significantly with each lock out.

        You weren’t correcting a flawed business model in 1 player strike & 2 lockouts. Several more are needed but it’s getting better with each passing 1.

        The ground work for future revenue streams is in place. Expansion of electronic media & in 4 years when the NHL’s joint venture with NBC ends the NHL will get it’s 1st real US national TV contract. It will pale to the other 3 major US sports but it will be the 1st & it will be for monies never recieved before really. All will help.