NHL Rumor Mill – July 10, 2017

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Will Jaromir Jagr find a new NHL home this summer?

A look at some possible destinations for several veteran free agents in your NHL rumor mill. 

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Jared Clinton recently looked at several notable veteran players still available in this summer’s unrestricted free agent market and where they could end up. At this point in Jaromir Jagr’s career, Clinton thinks it’s ideal for him to land where less is expected of him, suggesting Pittsburgh, Vegas and Montreal as possible destinations.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of those three, Vegas might be the best option for Jagr. He’ll give them another recognizable name as they attempt to establish themselves, plus he played for Golden Knights coach Gerard Gallant in Florida. I don’t see Jagr as a fit with the Penguins or Canadiens now. 

A fourth-line winger role on a Stanley Cup contender could be suitable for Shane Doan, perhaps with Dallas, Anaheim or Pittsburgh. If center Matt Cullen doesn’t retire, returning to Pittsburgh or Minnesota could be possible. Returning to Montreal or joining Buffalo or New Jersey could be the best options for Andrei Markov. Being a bottom-six scorer and power-play specialist could be suitable for Jarome Iginla, perhaps with possible Cup contenders such as Dallas, Anaheim or Columbus.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dallas or Anaheim might be acceptable for Doan if he wants to stay in the Western Conference. The Penguins are reportedly searching for a third-line center so they probably won’t have room for Doan.

If Markov is willing to lower his two-year, $12-million asking price, I believe the Canadiens will welcome him back. If he doesn’t, I don’t see any NHL club paying up for his services.

Clinton noted Iginla’s offense revived a bit last season after he was dealt to the Kings. Perhaps a deeper roster seeking some experienced leadership could take a chance on him. 

Cullen could be leaning toward retirement. There was a report out of Minnesota earlier this month saying the Wild spoke with him but talks apparently didn’t go anywhere. 

Clinton speculates it could be retirement or returning to Buffalo for right wing Brian Gionta. Perhaps Brian Campbell could be a good fit alongside a younger defenseman in Dallas, Calgary or Ottawa. A younger team in need of experienced grit, such as Buffalo, New Jersey or Vegas, could be possibilities for grinding forward Chris Neil. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I wouldn’t be surprised if Gionta calls it a career. I concur with Cullen’s take on Campbell, though I think Dallas and Calgary could be done making moves this summer. The decline in Neil’s performance in recent years could spell the end of his NHL playing days. 

Francois Beauchemin might be a fit as a third-pairing guy for clubs such as Philadelphia, Anaheim or Los Angeles. As for Mike Fisher, it’s either re-signing with Nashville or retirement. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’m in agreement on both. Beauchemin still has enough left to make a good third-pairing rearguard. I doubt Fisher will move on if he doesn’t re-sign with the Predators. They’re giving him all the time he needs to reach a decision. 



  1. Pens sign jagr and move rust or horny for their center! It’s beautiful!

    • he’s not coming back to the Pens !!!

    • There is no room on the PP for him. If you sign him, he’s going to give his biggest return to a club on the PP.

    • I’m am a life long Penguins fan born and raised in Pittsburgh…(now living in Los Angeles)I never want to see Jagr in a penguins uniform again…he had a chance to comeback to Pittsburgh in 2012 and make it alright. (TO RIGHT HIS WRONGS)he screwed the organization when he left and he bad mouthed the fans…hell no…And he basically promised Mario he would return on a one year deal in 2012 only to bolt to the arch rival Philadelphia Flyers..he screwed us again…is a douche bag

      • He did some stupid stuff but the one year promise thing was never real… it was invented by the media and his agent (petr svboda). If he came back to Pittsburgh it would be to overwhelming cheers with a boo or two thrown in.

    • I’m not sure if I agree that signing Jagr is a good thing or not. I think instead they should use all the cap space they can get to trade for a good third line centre. So I agree move one of the young wingers for a centre. I would prefer they move Rust or Hornqvist but if Sheary or Guentzal will get them a good centre then make a move. Not even sure who they could be looking at. RNH? Or could sign Mike Fisher for one year.

      • Jake isn’t going for a third line center… they’d play him at center first. rust/sheary/horny could all go for the center… but bringing in a fa winger would allow pens to maintain their depth and ideally keep sprong/zar in wbs Scranton to start season.

      • Chrisms…should have known not to trust a gambler who is in debt…..yes i talked to a Penguins player agent at the Staples center 2 years ago whr Pittsburgh was hearing playing the Kings. o asked him what happened to Jagr in 2012 he said Philadelphia swooped in and offered $3.2 million where the Pens I believed offered $1.4 ?? the agent said Jagr was so in debt he needed the money…i say good riddance and i hope the never retire his jersey hey maybe the flyers or one of the 500 teams he played for can retire it…

        Mario will never make the same mistake again…..


      • I’m sorry you feel your childhood idol abandoned you😢😢😢. But even if it’s true (and your full of it). Sign him to a big bonus laden contract. Let him score those debts off

      • Sounds like a bitter agent talking to a fan if the story is true.

    • The Penguins do not need a forward under and circumstances except a 3C. No Jagr and no GD Shane Doan. It’s bad enough Reeves is going to be dragging the team down there is no reason to add one of those old-slow-mobiles. The only way Hagelen or Hornqvist move is for a 3C. I love how “fans” are trying to sell Sheary and Hagelen off to the first taker just because they had a bad playoffs. Both were injured for something sakes.

      • hagalin had a bad season overall… for the cost. good player, overpaid. sheary is worth more to pens to keep than what he would get in a trade… but centers are hard to come by.. its likely gonna take a decent winger to get one back… hagalin, rust, horny all could be trade candidates. I’d take a cheaper fa winger to replace one if they trade one.. and jagr kept up with the kids in florida putting up decent points. but he would have to sign cheap… Seems like he is holding out for a good chunk of money. unlike shane doan who is gonzo.

      • Hagelin didn’t have a bad year, Hagelin had a Hagelin year. He’s a 25-30 point guy with great speed and good defensive skill. I knew the year he was traded to Pittsburgh was going to ultimately make people think differently about him.

      • Overpaid but useful player… who else could possibly fit that description…

      • Hahahaha. I still like Hagelin. He’d fit right back in with Nys system. But at 4 million for a 3rd liner he makes Stepans deal look amazing! About double the points for 2.5 more.

      • Different skill sets but essentially yup. I love hags but he is a luxury. If he is the asset moved either for a 3 center or to make cap room for said center I’m a ok with it. Keeping him doesn’t faze me either. If he was at 2.5 mil he’d be great.

      • Chrisms….a he is not my childhood idol not even one of my favorite Penguins…..what he is is that girl who cheated on you and dump you and wanted to comeback..not happening… You would be a horrible GM. it is true your full of it when it comes to this i know what an A hole Jagr has been you don’t you didn’t grow up there here the local stories or know any of the people involved…What you are is probably one of these weekend warriors who writes these short stories on here thinking he knows whats up.

        glad your not running my team if Florida doesn’t want him and wont resign him and that is a desperate team for offense…should tell you something chrissy..

        let me ask you someone screws you in business trashes you and leaves you with a bad taste then says im sorry let me come work for you again to only screw you again to go to your biggest competitor and you still want to resign him…uuuuggggghhh your a mess

      • Girlfriend that cheated on you? Lol! U may have a few issues!

  2. Hextall is on the record saying the Flyers will not add a veteran to take a spot from a young player. Signing Beauchemin would take a roster spot from Morin,Sanheim or Hagg. At this point I doubt he would be better than any of these three anyways. Hopefully Hextall keeps his word and the Flyers give the kids a chance.

    • Agree Hextall has said over and over that he will not block out a young player. The only thing I can see is a veteran defenceman brought in on a PTO in case the young guys did not develop as planned for an injury.
      The pairings the way I see it would be ghost and Moran, Provorov and McDonald, and haug and Goudas. With manning being seventh defenseman.

    • Hasn’t acquiring Filppula & Lehtera taken icetime away from younger players? Thankfully only short term. Filppula only has 1 year left & I assume Lehtera will be bought out the season following.

      Trading Schenn who was essentially Philadelhia’s #1 LW; when injuries didn’t force him to C, & a fixture on 1 of the best PP’s in the NHL was odd but the compensation paid was very solid even having to take Lehtera’s 2 year 4.7 cap hit & 4.7 & 5 mil salary over the next 2 seasons.

      Philadelphia appears to be in a slight rebuild. tweak on the fly, similar to what Boston has been doing since Sweeney took over & Vancouver just started doing last season. Philadelphia made the decision to add youth to start last year & it will continue this season.

      I like what Hextall has done, again the Schenn trade is odd but the compensation justifiable. 2 1st’s is solid & Philly can afford Lehtera’s nasty contract.

      • At defence the flyers prospects are ready to move in. For forwards they may take a year or two. Patrick and Rubitsov are future centres. That’s a reason why hextall acquired Fillpillu last year.
        As for Schenn. His five on five production last year was Poor. When the two first round picks were offered the deal was too good to turn down. Nowadays to first rounders is more than Travis Hamonic was even able to retrieve.

      • I agree Scott. I’m not sure Philly could say no to that offer either.

    • Nyr4life …just an example t that bonehead Chrisms who thinks signing jagr is a good idea.I’m happily married with two kids fella.. just relax its an example that’s all

  3. Let’s face it, all the names mentioned above are closer to their Old Age Pensions than they are any return to “glory.” At last count there are some 150 UFAs still without contracts, and although the vast majority are career minor leaguers who, if they do get jobs, will simply be on AHL squads or perhaps Switzerland or Sweden or some such, there are a handful who should find NHL slots somewhere if not back with their last clubs. Such as Drew Stafford, Viktor Stalberg,Cody Franson, Jimmy Hayes, Tedy Purcell, Brandon Piri.

    Here’s the full current list (also including RFAs)


  4. I think the Jagr feel good story could be over. But again, he continues to surprise!

    • Guys like Jagr, Iginla, Doan, Campbell could show flashes of their old brilliance – usually in October.November – but the grind of a an 82-game schedule will wear them down, especially if they somehow found slots on a contending team since the late season games of those teams take on a much different intensity as the season wears on. That’s when they sit for long stretches or become healthy scratches.

      • Very interesting to see where Jagr, Doan, and Iggy will end up. Heard rumour Calgary talking to Jagr… I’d love to see Him here and get to watch one of the greatest players of all time. I should my son videos of Jagr protecting the puck (which he still does really well).

      • I would take Iggy over Jagr, I think Iggy could have a decent season left in him.

      • There is no room for an overpaid geriatric in the flames line up. They’d be better off paying a mil to Jankowski, Shinkaruk or Foo. Hell even bringing up Dube or Mangiapane early would be a better idea than over paying for Iggy or Jagr.

        Iggy will never get the cup he’s been dreaming of and Jagr should have taken a mil to play one more year in Florida.

    • Id sign all of them but for 1 million with bonuses if they reach certain goals.

      But thats me.

      • Gally Hab – unlike Delvecchio can you fill us in on WHERE you heard that rumour? Otherwise it’s just another “I heard from my second cousin’s ex-girl friend’s brother ….”

      • Don’t shoot the messenger George, but The Calgary rumour was by Ek. He said it was e4.

    • I hope it is over……. retire already…

  5. The UFA’s mentioned are all over 40 ! Except Neil/Gionta who are close

    I believe they need to stay in shape and try to land contracts later in the year . Adding experience for play-off runs. Better yet retire ! Stay in the game just not on the ice.

  6. Starting to wonder how many hockey writers actually watch hockey these days.

    How can you watch Mike Sullivan’s system the past two years and think that a Jagr or Doan would fit into it?

    Also, the Leafs should make an offer for Markov.

    • They think reaves will fit into it and he would lose a race to both.

      • Reaves is Pavel Bure next to them.

        Which is why “they” (the management team of the back to back Stanley Cup champions) “think” he will fit into their system.

      • They dont think he’ll fit into or even compliment the system.
        He’s been acquired for 1 reason only, and its not for his offensive or defensive prowess.
        Protect the Headliner.
        Nothing more.

      • Cept blues had the second highest rate of suspendable hits during his tenure there. Complete and utter nonsense.

    • You mean meet his 2-year $6 mil per demand? Otherwise, why would he go to Toronto for substantially less if it’s even close to what his (only) team of 16 years is offering?

      • No. I don’t think there is much, if any, demand for him anywhere near his price.

        Without knowing their exact cap situation, I’d offer a high dollar one year deal if the cap space is being wasted otherwise.

        1 year $5 million or 2 years $8 million, maybe.

        Then again, maybe I’d have flashbacks to how awful Gonchar was at the end and decide the big money for nearly 40 year old Russian D men isn’t a good investment.

        But, if you are going to pay Marleau using the logic they did…why not Markov, too?

      • Why would Toronto offer Markov a contract. They don’t have money to sign Brown right now. Plus with Brown they’ll be at 49 contracts, not exactly where a team wants to be at

      • I wouldn’t worry to much about the 49 of 50 possible contracts. They can designate players that return to Europe as exempt. Although signing Greening & Mueller this summer does appear odd considering the have 49 possible contracts already on the books.

        Tor will have about 6 mil in cap space once Horton & Lupul, he’ll miraculously go from being fit to play having been designated as such for the expansion draft to LTIR again. This is a joke & an embarrassment to NHL & NHLPA to allow this contract to be buried in this way. He’s healthy when convenient & unfit to play when not.

      • Why? The same reason they signed Marleau.

        Because their best chance to win might actually be right now when their young stars are cheap.

        So any short term move that costs you only cash and cap space is worth considering.

        Outside of the Pens, the East is wide open and the West is weak. This is the time to go for it if you are close.

        Edmonton needs to have the same mindset.

      • MG.

        I think you are correct. Not specifically about signing Markov but he is a UFA so nothing more than cash to make happen but with your cap hit issue. Although Tor’s cap space is getting limited. Will Lupul now be injured again & go on LTIR?

        If McDavid has just set the top end of the market getting 20% more than any other player in the NHL had signed for prior this is going to be a serious problem for all teams until we get to the next lockout.

        What’s Draisaitl signing for, Matthews, Pastrnak, Kucherov when up in 2 years, etc.?

        Is McDavid twice the player Scheifele is? He signed for 8 years at 6.125. I say he isn’t. Is he significantly better than Scheifele but I’ll take 2 Scheifele’s before 1 McDavid. His new contract is incredibly inflationary.

        Chi & Pit both had the luxury of tying up key assets, Keith, Hossa & Crosby in a different cap world where their cap hits got amortized over 13, 12 & 12 years respectively, if not other assets couldn’t have been had to make their cup runs.

      • Striker ,

        Wasn’t it you speaking up for bettman and the direction he has the NHL heading ? If that’s your stance wouldn’t you think the agents see the same thing ? It would be foolish for a gm to argue the league isn’t trending upwards after voting yes to expansion wouldn’t it ? Knowing this and guys already signed at 10.5 , how isn’t 12.5 a fair number for the reigning hart / art Ross winner for 8 years after this season ? How would chilly negotiate it any lower ? Hardly inflationary when dealing with the best player in the league moving forward on 8 years with players already receiving 10.5 . For guys like Mathews , maybe eichel the Mcdavid deal will enter as comparable, not with Leon , Pasternak nylander type

    • No cap space. Say no more.

      • The oilers will have around 23.5 million if the cap remains the same if Leon signs at 8.5 . That’s to sign maroon with a raise , maybe 3 million aav , nurse and Benning say 3.5 and 2.5 , strome (hasn’t earned a raise yet) , 2.5 , jokinen or another rental 1.0 , slepyshev 1.5 , caggiula 1.5 , brossoit 1.5 . That leaves 6.5 million to replace letestu or re sign and add value pieces . What drastic cap issues is everyone so torn up about ? Gordie ? Striker ? As the cap rises and Mcdavid enters his prime chilly will have more and more wiggle room .

  7. If I was Montreal I’d sign a few old timers like Iggy, Jager, Doan I’d sign them to all 1 year 1million contracts I wouldn’t play them all 82 games I’d manage their playing time so they’d be fresh for the playoffs and run them loose come playoff time.
    Also I’d sign Beauchemin 1 year 1 million he’s a good leader in the locker room and could teach Juulson and Mete a few things..
    I’d also look to sign Pirri to a 1 year contract 1 million … after that I’d tell Markov last chance sign or door is closed 2 years 4 million AAV he says no close the door and keep 4 million in your pocket come trade deadline trade for a offensive dman like T.Barrie

  8. Although old, I wouldn’t mind a player like Campbell or Oduya to slide onto the left side of McAvoy on a low cost, one year “bridge” deal

    • Campbell may be old but still a solid NHL Dman. He played as Chi #4 last season by choice, gave up millions to leave Florida & Ekblad didn’t look the same with out him.

      Plays a sound positional game, takes away lanes & has a solid transition game.

      But no to Boston unless a long term injury hits. Even then I would prefer to see 1 of the rookie D not yet in the NHL get a few games with the big club. 1 of McQuad or K. Miller will play their off side with McAvoy. Boston’s top 6 are set.

      Chara, Carlo.
      Krug, McQuad.
      K. Miller, McAvoy.
      Spare, Postma.

      • Campbell would provide more shelter to McAvoy on his natural side than either of those two on their off side. I love them both as players, but there is no need for the both of them as they play basically identical games with basically identical cap hits. One should be traded as part of a package – whether it be for a LW or top pair guy. From what I saw at development camp, Bjork looks like he can be that 2 LW from the gate so we’ll see how the summer progresses on that front

        I’m all for playing the kids. I don’t think many fans realize just how good this blueline can be in 2-3 years time. Campbell won’t make it all 82, whether it be injury or scheduled days off which is to be expected of a player at that age. This gives plenty of time for the kids to get the ice time they need at the NHL level to continue their progression

        Zboril got a lot of love at development camp but I don’t understand why Lauzon doesn’t see the same praise. Just as high ceiling for him. Could it be they are pumping tires on the one they are more comfortable dangling in a package? I don’t know

        Krug/Miller (or McQuaid, would rather Miller retained)

      • It’s not going to happen. The business side of hockey comes into play. At the trade deadline if in the playoff hunt for added depth & insurance sure.

        Playing your off side just isn’t that big an issue. 1 of the best D pairings in the NHL is Peitro with Bou. Both are righties.

        Boston; Sweeney & Neely, like McQuad & K. Miller’s games, obviously as they choose to let C. Miller go as opposed to either of them.

        The only way a player like Campbell is signed is if McAvoy is going down. That’s not happening. Or a trade to acquire a long term replacement for Chara is found. I think that ship has sailed. The D market is back to where it always is. A barren wasteland.

        Something will have to give on Trouba soon as he won’t be staying in Winnipeg long term but Winnipeg has up to 3 years to work out a solution to that problem. Can winning alter Trouba’s stance about playing in Winnipeg? He has marketing aspirations & they don’t exist in Winnipeg winning or not. He needs to get to a decent US market for that to be possible.

      • Jaybo is a lefty…

      • Capfriendly has it wrong on their primary Player page.

      • “1 of the best D pairings in the NHL is Peitro with Bou” – and both are head and shoulders above McQuaid and Miller combined

        Business side of hockey? Clearly you don’t see my side of the argument or just don’t care to entertain it since it’s different from yours. Would you rather have 2 interchangeable players that will miss at least 20 games between the two of them at a roughly $6M cap hit or one of those players and Campbell for probably around $1.5-2M less?

  9. Hey George O. Believe it or not there was speculation on TSN about Jagr in Calgary or Montreal. The problem is the second it appears there people think there is a real story. The guys on these sites like to speculate as much as you or I sometimes.

    • Both Calgary and Montreal have local casinos, so the possibility is there for Jagr to go to either.

    • That’s cool – just so we all know it’s speculation and not an embellishment of wishful-thinking. Maybe I’m in a minority but when I’m dreaming of seeing a key addition to the Sens I preface it with something like “I’d love to see so-and-so added to their top 6 F …” As for that Jagr rumour to Calgary, it’s something I completely missed. Thanks for the clarification.

      • Sorry, I read speculation on Jagr to Calgary….

  10. I get that Dallas may be the most improved team in the UFA market this summer & may have solved their goalie issue; have they?, but with the acquisition of Bishop, Methot, Hanzal & Radulov replacing, Niemi, Eaves, Eakin, Sharp, Hemsky, Hudler & Oduya are they jumping from 11th in the west, 24th in the entire NHL last season to cup contender?

    It’s not impossible just highly unlikely, nor do I have them as a cup contender. No slight to Methot & last years acquisition of Hamhuis but this D is still below average. Neither Spezza, Seguin or Benn are exactly solid 2 way hockey players & what ails Dallas’s goalies has as much to do with their 2 way play as anything.

    Can Hitchcock’s puck pursuit system help hanging the goalie out to dry endlessly? They are going to be better, significantly so but they aren’t a cup contender. Getting Janmark who played very well with Spezza before losing a year will help & the added development of their youth as well but cup contender? Not buying it.

    The elite, the cup contenders for me in the West are still Anh, Min, Stl, Chi & Nas, with Edm & SJ right there. Look at those teams D’s compared to Dallas. Dallas will have a battle on their hands just to make the playoffs. As will most, the conferences are getting far tighter & the difference in points between making it in at 7 or 8 & finishing 12th to 14th moving forward will be almost non existent.

    • People sometimes mistake being the “most improved” for being an actual contender.

      I like what Dallas did, but, they need 3 things to go right to be contenders…

      1) Bishop being a top 10 goalie instead of injury prone and inconsistent.

      2) One or two of the young D men to step up their game without seeing regression from Methot or Hamhuis.

      3) Most importantly, Radulov has to be a top line impact player…if he dogs it now that he got his money, they will go nowhere.

      Whereas, I only see one such big question mark around Calgary, who also improved greatly…will Mike Smith stay (semi)elite?

      If Smith plays to his recent career form, with that top 5 D corps and a better group of forwards than Nashville, they are the team to beat in the West to me.

      • remember dallas was one year removed from winning the division… I could see a rebound next season.

      • I personally have no issue with Benn’s defensive game. Not sure why you bring him into the same sentence as Seguin and Spezza.

        I agree with MG that if Smith is healthy and can regain his confidence and form then Calgary is the favorite to win the Pacific.

      • MG.

        I agree. I really like Lindell but there other 3 kids need time to learn & develop. But at least the making of a solid D are coming together even if Hamhuis & Methot are just buying time. Compared to the D they started last season with it has improved significantly.

        Hoping everything falls right is allot to ask for & chances are only some of it works out but not all. The kids are going to get a chance to contribute offensively & that might help. Janmark, Faska, Ritchie, Shore, etc. Honka may have to buy time as all other 8 D once Oleksiak signs need to clear waivers.

      • I have seen Dallas play a lot since they are in the same division as the Avs. The only reason they finished so low last year is because Segin went down. This kid is crazy good and makes me nervous whenever he’s on the ice. Not only is his shot deadly accurate, but he is a scary difference maker. Why Boston let him go is more of a mystery to me that McPhee giving forsberg away. He has become an elite leader in the NHL. All this team needed was a solid D and a goalie. To me they made vast improvement to both. Will the D and the new tender play up to their level, who knows. This was a team that is was a buzzsaw offensively anyway, and they fly with the fastest the league has to offer. I don’t like Hitchcock’s game for the offense they have because they were built to fly, but the defense will be solid. Does this balance the team, or does Hitch just swing the balance the other way? As they were, Dallas was the team out west that, when healthy, that had the scariest offensive capabilities.

        But, I think if Dallas stays healthy, Cocky doesn’t stiffle the offense, and the. D and tender play to their capabilities-Dallas may not beat Anahiem, but they could beat Stl,Chi,Sj, who all got worse so far. Nashville is better, but history has shown that when upstart teams have their best postseason success and then lose in heart breaking fashion are left broken and reeling. And I don’t have any idea if Rinne can redeem himself. The man was amazing, but he showed some mental weaknesses that concern me. Not to mention his kryptonite that is located in Pittsburgh. 1 career win only doesn’t make me optimistic that he will recover completely from this fall.

      • Ya got to think Radulov will have a big year going from playing with mediocre talent in Montreal to playing with very talented players in Dallas. Even Hanzal will pick his game up a little. They did have a number of injuries last season. They’ll be back in a playoff spot. It would be really hard for Bishop to be as bad or worse than Lehtonen or Niemi.

    • Playing the offside on D is a big deal. Until u played D your claim is only a guess. Not all can simply swap sides like u imagine.

  11. How does Anaheim have room for a Dman like Beauchemin. Their top 6 are set.

    Fowler, Bieksa.
    Lindholm, Vatanen.
    Montour, Manson.

    Spare. Holzer. Like most #7’s is paid to sit & practice & only plays if a player misses a very short period of time anything more than 2 games & another Damn is getting called up to play ahead of him. He’ll see 20 to 30 games annually seeing under 14 mins a game.

    When injures dictate Larsson will be called up to play ahead of Holzer if more than a game or 2.

    What’s really frightening is they have more solid D prospects coming other than just Montour & Larsson. Mahura, Pattersson & 2 college Dman Welenski & Thompson all have some form of NHL futures as well but most years away, although Welenski is very close.

  12. Any Cody Franson sightings? What is happening with this guy? He should have been signed early and, even now, no one’s talking about him. I don’t get it.

    • We are moving into the dog days of summer. Most teams have had or are having their player development camps to get a handle on what & who may be ready & which players with College eligibility are going to come out or return.

      We usually gap out on player signings now for months with the odd exception.

      Finding useful things to discuss gets challenging.

    • I saw it speculated that he was seeking multiple years, but other than that I have been surprised how hard it is for this guy to to stick. He can be a solid 2nd pairing guy and is decent on the poweplay. He makes a few bad mistakes, but they are fewer and farther between than people think, and he is likely coming at a bargain price.

      I was a little shocked that guys like Hainsey and Hunwick got signed so quickly while he sat on there. We see it year after year, that a player on a reclamation type deal ends up being the best signing in free agency, and with the need for defense you would think somebody else would think that and offer him something.

      • Franson will be signed eventually. He’really a 3rd pairing, 2nd PP unit option. He isn’t great in any 1 area, except size which he doesn’t use effectively.

        He cam move into a 2nd pairing role in necessary due to injuries but if he is for more than a 1/2 a dozen games your D isn’t good enough.

        I like Hainsey better age & all & Hunwick signed for chump change. Great value for Pit as Hunwick is reliable.

  13. nyr4life…i agree Hagelin had a Hagelin year and is invaluable on the penalty kill and other situations i love having him on the team.. Who got the empty net goal to seal it against Nashville Haggy baby…