NHL Rumor Mill – July 19, 2017

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New York Islanders captain John Tavares

 An update on John Tavares plus the latest on the Devils and Sharks in your NHL rumor mill. 

NEWSDAY: Laura Albanese reports Toronto Maple Leafs forward (and former New York Islander) Matt Martin wouldn’t be upset if John Tavares joined him with the Leafs, but he also wouldn’t be surprised if his former teammate re-signs with the Isles.

Tavares is eligible for unrestricted free agency next summer. Martin understands that’s a difficult decision for the Islanders captain, as his next contract could be his final one. However, he cites his friend’s loyalty and believes he’ll ultimately do what’s best for himself and his family. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Tavares rumor mill hasn’t been too busy so far this summer. There’s been little speculation out of Toronto musing over the possibility of the Leafs landing him, while the New York Post’s Larry Brooks suggested the Tampa Bay LIghtning might pursue the Isles star. Should Tavares remain unsigned by September, however, we’ll likely see a substantial increase in media coverage over his future. 

CBS NEW YORK: Steve Lichtenstein reports the New Jersey Devils’ lack of skilled blueline depth remains a troubling issue for general manager Ray Shero. The most notable names on their defense corps includes Andy Greene, Ben Lovejoy, John Moore and Damon Severson. Unless Shero addresses this problem via trade, it’s becoming increasingly unlikely he’ll find much help via free agency. Lichtenstein said UFA rearguard Cody Franson isn’t on Shero’s radar. Most likely, Shero will look to within to fill the gaps on defense.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t think Shero’s done dealing. He’s got the depth in prospects and plenty of salary-cap room (over $19 million) to swing a deal for an experienced defenseman. He could wait until training camp and preseason to evaluate his young blueliners before pursuing a trade. The Vegas Golden Knights could be a trade target, as they carry a glut of defensemen and could be willing to move one for a prospect. 

CSN BAY AREA: In a recent mailbag segment, Kevin Kurz wondered if the San Jose Sharks kicked around the idea of offering Edmonton Oilers restricted free agent Leon Draisaitl an offer sheet. He notes Sharks GM Doug Wilson has gone the offer sheet route before (Niklas Hjalmarsson in 2010) and it was his threat of an offer sheet with Boston that led to his landing goaltender Martin Jones. He also doesn’t expect the Sharks to move Troy Grosenick or Aaron Dell. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bear in mind Kurz was merely speculating about the Sharks making an offer sheet to Draisaitl. He’s not saying they intend to go that route. The Oilers already served notice they intend to match any offer for Draisaitl so I don’t think Wilson is planning to make that move. The Sharks have over $8.7 million in salary-cap space. That doesn’t really give them much space to make an unmatchable offer. 



  1. “The Vegas Golden Knights could be a trade target … (for NJ) …, as they carry a glut of defensemen and could be willing to move one for a prospect.”

    And judging by what McPhee accepted for Top 4 D-man Methot, it clearly wouldn’t – or shouldn’t – take much of a prospect.

    • Yeah, a 2nd in 2035 would work just fine.

    • If all Methot got was a 2nd round pick in 3 years and a non-prospect, Shero likely knows he could get Sbisa or Garrison for no more than a 3rd round pick. Vegas will likely get desperate to move at least one defenceman if they haven’t done so by training camp.

      • Vegas has 10 Dman that will need to clear waivers come Vegas’s 23 man roster submission the day before the season starts. Stoner, Hunt & Engelland would most likely go unclaimed if a trade isn’t made prior. That would get them to 7 protectors, Thedore would make 8. So Vegas doesn’t specificly have to trade 1 per say but which 2 sit every game if they don’t.

        The Dman Vegas may want to trade aren’t going to return anything considering what they were paid for Methot & Emelin. They got more for TvR. I don’t like what McPhee did except in 4 situations with Anh, Clb, NYI & TB.

    • Vegas over estimate the demand for methot. He isnt young, has injury hx and combined with his no trade list hand cuffed Vegas.

      I do understand the argument that perhaps vegas should of held on to him till the trade deadline but it sounds like they drafted alot of D and may not have had room to hang on to him.

      I also think the asking price from Ottawa to get mwthot back was higher than it was for others.

      • Agree on both fronts. Vegas took way too many defenceman and, as Striker pointed out yesterday, should have at least taken Clifford from LA instead of McNabb and Brouwer from Calgary instead of Engelland. Not taking Brouwer completely made no sense as Engelland likely would have signed there anyway.

      • I disagree with the Methot take. He has had injuries, most NHLers have. There is no way he is worth as little as a 2nd round pick 3 years out.
        Deadline, he’s worth a 1st and prospect.
        Right now I would think he is worth about the exact same. He’ll be playing first line at Dallas – to get that value is unheard of. This trade is as lopsided as the Erat for Forsberg trade McPhee made years ago.
        I have zero faith in McPhee being a good GM at the moment.

        Methot’s no trade list was 8 teams, that leaves 22 other teams. 6 of those were canadian clubs.
        I could list the teams that need a top 4 defenseman but its easier to list the ones that didn’t:
        Nashville, Minnesota, NYI and LA. Maybe I’m missing a couple, I’m certain a (much) better deal was out there.

      • I don’t know about a 1st but significantly more than was recieved should have been paid.

        McPhee had ample time to discuss concepts with teams. Taking all these Dman was a mistake & now he’s giving them away for essentially nothing. It’s shocking to me. These are solid Dman that help most teams in the NHL but teams are using tge leverage they now have to low ball McPhee.

        Not studs but Dman that can play solid minutes in 2nd & 3rd pairings. Very odd.

      • His no trade list is and was 10 teams.

        Phaneufs is 12

      • Mcphee likely would of been better off if he took cleassen. I think he will be well worth a furure 2nd and prospect a few yeqrs from now.

      • methods value was ok… those calling the prospect a non prospect is silly. but I really don’t get the timetable. why 2020? Mcphee should have been looking for picks in the past draft and the upcoming draft… who the hell knows what happens in three years… they could hit the ball out of the park on some picks and trades and be competing for playoffs in 3 years… or they could be stockpiling more picks and prospects at the deadline in three years… don’t make much sense.

      • Could it be that dallas did not hzve a 2nd pick till that year. Having traded away the others

  2. My plug for DeAngelo for Santini. Devils need PP QB…
    I know wont happen

    • DeAngelo has little to no value at this point. He is a work in progress. Maybe they turn him into the next Stralman, maybe he’s the next Mcilrath? Time will tell, but until then I wouldn’t expect more than a bag of pucks and a $1 off coupon for a hotdog at a vendor in Newark.

      • Wishful thinking I 100% understand.

        His half a season of NHL player equates to a Yandle with a temper. AV is going to love him.

      • Until he costs them a key game with a bonehead move … tick, tick, tick …

      • Ny would move a forward for a defenseman I would speculate… or they may just ride the storm this season with what they have. Severson, Santini, Mueller or Kapla I doubt are going anywhere until the devils know what they have in them. Hopefully Mueller is much like Larsson was under the PDB reign in Jersey. Pretty shotty going into next season, but rebuilds take time and Shero has done a great job so far.

      • DeAngelo has significant value. His offensive skills are exceptoional. He will be a #1 PP Dman in 3 to 5 years. Extremely 1 dimensional but the NHL has a ton of comparables. He will be Shattenkirk’s long term replacement.

        Dobber has him as the 19th best d prospect I believe & he’s the 67th best prospect in this years THN Future Watch.

        I love this acqusition for NYR & no way he’s being moved for Santini. Is he a premadona? Absolutely but like most he will figure it out as he matures. Only 22 in October & a reason he was selected in the 1st round.

      • DeAngelo will be in the minors until an injury to Shattenkirk allows for his skill set to be used. He needs to learn to play some form of D. He has an NHL future as an offensive Dman but that won’t happen until he has maxed out his waiver elligability. That happens next year. At which point he’ll receive sheltered minutes in an offensive role.

      • My biggest issue with the DeAngelo trade is how AV treats offensive defensemen.

        That said Lindy will be coach by the time DeAngelo is a regular

      • Oh yeah. It will be hard love. Going to be curious just to see how much he rides Shattenkirk.

      • “Significant value” ? On his 3rd team since being drafted 3 years ago in the 1st round? And we’re not talking about teams NOT in need of this type of player. (Tampa and Arizona) . How many times do you see promising young defense men of significant value being traded TWICE before their careers start? The answer is never! Regardless of how many times you have them in a fantasy pool.

        Once again, DeAngelo has no significant value whatsoever. Unless significant means a 3rd or 4th round pick? And I don’t think anyone truly believes he on his own is fetching more than that at this moment…..

        We’ll see….

  3. What prospects does NJ have? They may have the worst prospect group in the NHL. The few they have, Zacha, Hischer & McLeod aren’t being moved. They just acquired Mueller pre expansion from SJ, I don’t see them moving him, who does that leave? Santini another young D they can’t afford to trade.

    NJ traded their best young Dman in Larsson. Then watched their goals against increase exponentially & plumet down the standings.

    Sure they can trade with Vegas for some of their fodder any will help but not much. No 1’s trading the Dman many teams need unless the offer is rediculously lopsided in favor of the team with the Dman.

    The NYI could also move a reasonable Dman. They protected 5 for expansion & all 8 remaining have waiver rights, Pulock & Pelche stay in the NHL & play or something has to give.

  4. other than Theodore or Schmidt, which Vegas d-men represent an upgrade on what the Devils have already ?

    but McPhee is on the record saying he doesn’t want to trade his young dmen. so unless he changes his mind, I don’t see a “Deal with the Devil”s

  5. Why doesn’t anybody want Cody Fransen?

    • Because he’s slow & plays like he’s 5’6″ as opposed to 6’5″. Someone will sign Franson eventually. He can still play as a reasonably reliable 3rd pairing D.

      • The problem is – and this happened before – he and/or his agent think he is worth way more than what he truly is – a decent 5/6 pairing as you say. Until they come back down to earth he will squirm on the vine. Same with Markov, although for different reasons – in his case age. No way he gets two years ANYWHERE for what’s he’s asking. A guy I’d like on a 1-year $ 1 mil deal for Ottawa to be the 5/6 pairing with Chabot to start the year is Beauchemin who held up pretty good the past 2 years while playing on a very bad team.

      • George is likely right.

        He is aaking for more than teams ate willing to pay him.

        So he waits in limbo till a team and him come to agreement. Be it money and/ or term

  6. Tavares will NOT be signing in Toronto. Forget it!

    • Sadly, to “forget it” does not spawn endless speculative articles for some so-called journalists who are paid to produce X number of columns and who are often left searching about for article fodder. Until he re-signs with the NYI – or anywhere else for that matter – his name will continue to pop up – and nowhere more-so than in the TO media. That’s simply the nature of the beast.

      • Agreed George. It’s quite unfortunate though. As a Leafs fan I see no reason to go after him. Great player but where does he fit with the Leafs at this point? We need defense!

  7. Honestly, I think his agent is an idiot. He seems to be always in this situation. I agree with Striker – he does not play to his size. Not bad on the pp and can fire the puck pretty good. But, he should have someone out there other than a pto?

  8. After the expansion draft & McPhee finished his extortion the shoe is on the other foot now.

    Any deals he makes he will squeezed hard by other GM’s cuz they can wait him out.

    Overall VGK did well at Entry draft & got some good goalies & other parts from the expansion draft. How they follow all that up will be interesting. Upfront they lack good C’s IMO but a decent roster overall that won’t be doormats.