NHL Rumor Mill – July 20, 2017

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The Edmonton Oilers have yet to re-sign forward Leon Draisaitl.

Updates on Leon Draisaitl, Matt Duchene and Ryan Spooner in your NHL rumor mill. 

TSN: If Edmonton Oilers fans are nervous about Leon Draisaitl’s contract situation, Dave Poulin says they have nothing to worry about. The 21-year-old restricted free agent has yet to put pen to paper on a new deal but Poulin believes it’s just circumstances.

Poulin feels the buzz surrounding Connor McDavid’s recent new contract (eight years, $12.5 million annually) put additional focus on Draisaitl’s negotiations. He believes a deal will get done. While a bridge contract seems logical, Poulin feels it’s better if the Oilers lock him up for the long term. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Draisaitl’s contract status prompted a bit of chatter speculating he could receive an offer sheet from a rival club. Several weeks ago, however, Oilers general manager Peter Chiarelli said he’ll match any offer for the young forward. It’s possible Draisaitl might not be receptive to an offer sheet, which could also explain why there hasn’t been a big pitch made toward him yet.

This could take some time and there’s lots of speculation suggesting Draisaitl could get between $7 – $9 million annually. I doubt he’ll end up with a bridge contract. If he’s unsigned by September I expect we’ll start seeing some trade speculation but I don’t believe the Oilers will go that route. 

THE DENVER POST: Mike Chambers recently fielded some questions about the Colorado Avalanche from his readers. Regarding center Matt Duchene, the fact he’s still on the market suggests he could open the season with the Avs. Chambers thinks Duchene could fetch a top-four defenseman.

Regarding college prospect Will Butcher, Chambers thinks he’ll become an unrestricted free agent next month. As for defenseman Nikita Zadorov, while he reportedly has a deal in place with a KHL team, Chambers believes the Avs will re-sign him. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nothing really new here regarding Duchene. Butcher, winner of the 2017 Hobey Baker Award, isn’t garnering as much attention as Jimmy Vesey did last summer in the rumor mill. Probably because Vesey’s rights were dealt by the Nashville Predators to the Buffalo Sabres before he become an unrestricted free agent. 

CSNNE.COM: Joe Haggerty recently made the case for the Boston Bruins to retain forward Ryan Spooner. The 25-year-old has a salary arbitration hearing slated for July 26 and was frequently mentioned in trade rumors last season. He notes veteran center David Krejci is slowing down and suggests sliding Spooner into the number two center role at some point.

Haggerty expects Spooner more than doubles his salary in arbitration and centers the Bruins third line this season if management can’t find a suitable return for him in the trade market. 



  1. If all the chatter a couple of months back had any basis in truth and the Bruins were looking to unload Spooner, they couldn’t have received much in the way of tangible interest in the 5′ 10″ 185=lb C, likely based on his inability to handle the big Cs around the league and his paltry 32 goals and 85 assists – 117 pts – accumulated over 214 NHL games.

    If his cap hit goes from $950,000 to $1.9 million you have to wonder what that will do to any trade talk.

    • Spooner would fetch a 3rd pick at best possibly even worse he’s basically on the cusp of not being an nhler

      • I disagree he may be small in stature but the kid can play he makes the PP work he just needs a little confidence. Boston has plenty of leaders to help bring him along he will be fine.

      • If all Boston can get for Spooner is a 3rd, they will keep him. Spooner has 2 full seasons in the NHL. He’ll be scoring 25 goals & 55 points as a #2 C in the league for someone eventually be it Boston or someone else in a few years for about the next decade. He’s not the 1st nor will he be the last offensive specialist deployed in the NHL.

      • Spooner has ZERO value, he isn’t a kid he’s 25 like caper said he has no compete. Look and pirri and where he is now this is his las kick at the can in the NHL

    • The thing with Spooner is you want him to be a second line center, he has the smarts, the skating and passing; not a goal scorer. The issue is and always was with Spooner is his compete level. Understandably the center generally doesn’t have to go to the corners or near the wall. The reason Spooner is good on the half wall during the power play is because there is less of a chance of receiving a body check. Unfortunately with Spooner it’s get hit once and i’m done. When ever he decides to scum it up a bit for the puck, he generally never comes away with it. I will give him a little credit because last year he made more of an effort then in previous season. If he cannot change his mental attitude about getting hit and cannot produce more, I don’t see where he can fit in. This will be the most important season of Spooner career.

      • True that Caper, he also doesn’t handle the defensive responsibilities of a center well, which is why they tried him on the wing. Which he failed at due to reasons you mention. Also the reason he sat during the playoffs and why he struggled to get ice time under CJ.
        He is valuable on the PP as you mention as he has great vision and puck skills. He is 25 now, not a kid, and put up or or out of the league time.
        The Bruins need LD for their 3rd pairing and for depth. They have depth at center. Vegas needs offence and has a glut of LD. There has to be a deal their for a McNabb or Reinhart for Spooner fill in the extras to square up the deal as required.

      • Will Butcher is a LHD and won’t sign with the Avs. Would Colorado be interested in a deal for Spooner to give Butcher’s rights or is the extra time to negotiate not worth giving up the asset?

  2. Trade Spooner to the Avs for the rights to Butcher

  3. I’m going to call it. Avs are going to wait too long and lose the Duchene trade big, just like O’Reilly. The longer it goes the lower the chances of them winning the trade.

    • If the Avs truly had Hamonic and a 1st offered and turned it down, they already blew it. Sakic has made a mess of the whole situation. I don’t see any way they win now in a Duchene trade, and the way it has been public, hard to have him play on the Avs this season and not have toxic environment.

      • Apparently the 1rst in that harmonic trade for duchene was never offered.

    • Avs be a better team if had traded Duchene and not O’Reilly….

  4. The draisaitl extension is a huge moment for the oilers , and is a very difficult negotiation IMO with the center / wing debate , playing with Mcdavid for most of season and then his playoff run at center without . More leverage than a normal RFA coming off top 10 league scoring and playoff success . It’s taking longer than I expected but as an oiler fan im not yet worried and still feel a long term contract will be reached soon .

  5. Butcht isn’t garnering the same attention because he is not near the prospect that the Vesey was. The hockey news doesn’t have butcher even rank in the top hundred prospects. While Vesey was a top 20.

  6. 2 Proposals
    M. McCarron for M. Foligno
    A. Shaw + N.Juulsen for S. Reinhart

    • Both prospects are lower to middle tier at best. Shaw is a fourth liner with a fairly large contract. No way buffalo it’s trading Sam Reinhart for a package of any of them.

      • Habs aren’t trading juulsen for an overrated reinhart

    • not sure why the Wild would trade Foligno they are pretty set down the middle, not to mention the just acquired him a couple of weeks ago.

    • McCarron’s value is ZERO

      • Does that make spooners MINUS 1? Lol geez your a homer striker

      • No to both.

  7. I have wondered if we see someone snag spooner and get considerably more
    Consistent production out of him. If he played a better two way game he would be a solid player. Maybe it ends up being like seugin and better somewhere else than he was in Boston.

    • The huge difference is, Seguin was a # 2 pick overall (and SHOULD have gone first to Edmonton IF MacTavish had had any brains) who, at 6′ 1″ 200 lbs, is better equipped to handle the big Cs around the league, unlike Spooner whose slight frame and style of play is NOT suited to the position.

      • Spooner shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence as seguin lol seguin is better in every facet of the game

      • Seguin,s problems weren’t on the ice they were off he just needed to grow up Boston needed to give him more time. When they traded him there staff said Leopards don’t lose their spots. Dallas had a few headaches with him but not that many I wonder if he will resign with them or head to Vegas or New York for the night life.

      • the only difference between Spooner and Seguin is that Seguin puts up more points more consistently by having more natural talent. Seguin’s defensive capabilities are just as lacking as Spooners, as is any toughness to his game. He is a little bigger, so he can be leaned on a little more, but other than that they’re similar players. they both lack the commitment it takes to be successful

  8. Would it makes sense now for ARIZONA to offer sheet Draisaitl ? They made some significant moves and with new ownership does it make sense? Offer sheet is better than a trade for them with their prospects good to go….. maybe a 10 for 10 deal? Also helps them hit the floor without having to take on dead cap space.

    • Max. term is 7 years so 10 for 7….

  9. Signing Draisitl should be a breeze for the Soilers. Lets not forget, Conner McGreedy left money on the table for the team to sign other superstars.

    The Avalanche are trash for a reason. The same reason the Canucks are so horrible. Sign a big name from the past to run your team despite little or no experience. Linden, Sakic.

    • @Ron Jull
      Probably explains why the Flyers have been a perennial joke.
      #Oilers east.

      • Flyers never had a first overall pick, Edmonton had 4 in the last 6 or 7 years? Whole other level of stupid…