NHL Rumor Mill – July 5, 2017

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Are there no takers for unrestricted free agent defenseman Andrei Markov?

Updates on Andrei Markov and Ilya Kovalchuk plus latest on the Leafs and Devils in your NHL rumor mill. 

NBC SPORTS: Joey Alfieri cited reports by TSN 690 Montreal’s Tony Marinaro claiming unrestricted free agent defenseman Andrei Markov was speaking with only one team, the Philadelphia Flyers. Marinaro followed up saying Markov to the Flyers won’t happen, as the club doesn’t share his interest in joining them. The 38-year-old is having difficulty finding any takers for his two-year, $12-million asking price. 

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites Darren Dreger telling TSN 690 there was nothing new to report yesterday on Markov, other than he and the Montreal Canadiens have mutual interest. Regarding speculation suggesting interest in Markov by the Flyers, Dreger said he didn’t know that to be true. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flyers only have around $6 million in cap space. If Markov wants to go to Philly, he’ll have to significantly lower his salary demands.

As for the Canadiens, Dreger doubts they’re offering the veteran blueliner chump change. With over $60 million invested in 21 players, there’s enough cap room to bring back Markov on a reasonable deal, re-sign RFA forward Alex Galchenyuk and perhaps add one more player via trade or free agency.

Perhaps the Habs are offering a one-year, bonus-laded deal taking him up to between $5 – $6 million. However, if Markov won’t budge off his current asking price, I doubt he’ll find any takers around the league. 

NEW YORK POST/NORTHJERSEY.COM: Brett Cyrgalis reports the New Jersey Devils attempted to trade Ilya Kovalchuk prior to the winger’s decision yesterday to remain in the KHL in 2017-18. Kovalchuk was linked to the Columbus Blue Jackets, San Jose Sharks and New York Rangers. 

Andrew Gross reports the Chicago Blackhawks were believed among the teams with interest in Kovalchuk. He said the Devils were hoping to get a return that could help their rebuilding process. They still need to add a top-four defenseman. With Kovalchuk staying in Russia, Gross speculates the Devils could move a forward for help on the blueline. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Not sure which forward the Devils will move to land that top-four blueliner. Taylor Hall, Adam Henrique, Kyle Palmieri, recently-acquired forwards Marcus Johansson and Brian Boyle and 2017 first-overall pick Nico Hischier are likely off- limits. Center Travis Zajac has a full no-trade clause and carries an annual cap hit of $5.75 million through 2020-21, which likely won’t make him attractive to rival clubs. They might drum up some interest in promising Pavel Zacha, but I’m not sure they want to go that route. 

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites Darren Dreger’s appearance yesterday on TSN 690 Montreal speculating over other moves by the Toronto Maple Leafs. Noting that the Nashville Predators still haven’t found a suitable replacement for departed winger James Neal, Dreger wonders if there’s a fit there for James van Riemsdyk or Tyler Bozak. He cautions that’s merely his speculation but he feels Leafs GM Lou Lamoriello isn’t done dealing this summer. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dreger noted many observers felt Poile’s recent acquisition of defenseman Alexei Emelin was setting the stage for a trade with the Colorado Avalanche for Matt Duchene. However, that didn’t materialize. Sakic remains insistent on landing a young, established top-four d-man as part of the return for Duchene, while Poile said he’s not giving up any of his top-four guys (Roman Josi, P.K. Subban, Ryan Ellis, Mattias Ekholm).

If (and this is also merely my speculation) the Leafs are willing to part with van Riemsdyk I think Poile would be very interested. However, Lamoriello would also probably want one of Poile’s top-four rearguards. Bozak might land Emelin, but I’m not sure Lamoriello has interest in the former Habs blueliners. 



  1. Bozak for a 5/6 oft injured Emelin wouldn’t happen!And if the leafs wanted Emelin they would of offer Vegas a 2nd or 3rd them selfs! Nashvilles got him for what a 4th? But of course the leafs have to pay more,lol Trading Bozak would take away from the leafs depth at center!Bozak 45-50pt 54% faceoff 4.2? Mil.Hes not worth trading for the leafs! They need a number 2 and 4 dman and bozak or jvr alone won’t do!But jvr package with picks/prospects should get a number 4!.. p.s. the marleau signing! In three years when his contract is up,so is half this roster! I can list the guys but too long! Around 35mil and the three star kids 25mil!leafs hatred is salty here!

    • Leafs need a 2 and 4 . The blue tinted glasses. Reilly is the number 1 I guess ? Lol , 27 points , -20 … but he had to play vs top lines … as a # 1 that’s kind of expected . You need a 1 and a 3 who can defend so Reilly and gardiner can play 2/4 and use there offensive skill sets properly . And marleau coming off 4 declining seasons , at age 38 , is better than 29 year old Lucic ? Who has out produced him the last few years and also was brought in to keep teams honest with the kids . Marleau is supposed to bring this leadership and yada yada . I would be wary of signing a career regular season warrior , who consistently played for some of the best regular season teams and ousted early in playoffs . He was also a big part of that leadership group . Yes it requires a full team , year after year marleau had that until they got to the playoffs .

      • Who said Reilly is a true number 1? He plays that position unfortunately for the Leafs! And they couldn’t afford to get a true number 1! They art available! So ya they need a guy to play with him!which would mean a number 2! Will they obtain a true number 2? No very unlikely! Not in a million years I think the leaf haters would prefer! but a number 3/4 guy who would play with him,then ya I could see it happening! And George this is exactly what I ment! Lol Blue glasses classic man!and agree about Marleau the sharks lost because of him!and your right! What was Luo Brendan Hunter Kyle Hunter thinking? They should of called Craig! And you chirp about Marleau and defend the lucic signing? Come on craig who’s wearing the glasses my friend?

    • Not just TOR, but many delusional fan bases that think packaging multiple average to good players will land them a good to very good player. Nothing bad about the players you want to trade, but flip your offer around – say Hagelin/Hornqvist for Reilly – would you want that? Last year I saw NYR fans pushing McIlrath/Girardi for Trouba, saying that’s a fair trade, seriously? Point is, packaging Bozak/JVR and late round picks is not getting you a true top 4 Dman, maybe a borderline guy on a bad contract.

      • I don’t know a single sober NY Ranger fan that ever thought Girardi and Mcilrath were landing Trouba. There was a lot of talk here, and almost every one of them conversations started with Skjei, Kreider or Miller.

      • so a top line LW, top 20 point producer at his position, plus picks won’t get a top 4 D-man? OK then……

        Lets not consider Anaheim, Minny or Nashville. there are 27 other teams out there with defensemen on their rosters.

        This is the statement from the original post “But jvr package with picks/prospects should get a number 4” bet you didn’t actually read that and just went on to state your Leaf hatred.

        I would say Hornquist and 1st lands you Demers, gudbranson or Seidenberg, but hey, I’m a leafs fan so what do I know

      • “picks/prospects” – so JVR + 2018 1st Rounder? Or JVR + Liljegren? JVR + Liljegren + 2018 2nd Rounder? Those packages will land you a 2-4 Dman. Is that what we are talking? Usually picks/prospects to fan bases means a couple guys who are in year 3 of ELC, starting 2nd year in AHL and 3rd/4th Rounders. Point is, you got to give up something that is very good or may turn into something good, to get something good in return.

      • DTzac
        So the leafs are now willing to give up a 1 st , there top left wing and there most recent 1st round d man to get a top 4 d ?? How is that not like leafs management of old ? Sniff success , go for it too early , with past there prime veterans , instead of FINALLY committing to the re build ? As Lou swears is the plan ? I get trying to use the two year window before the rookies get paid , but that is a fairly large chunk of the future out the door after 1 first round playoff exit . To the capitals yes , the regular season powerhouse , known to get pushed by weaker and far lower ranked teams ?

      • Read what I said. JVR and a first, or JVR and Liljegren maybe throw in a second. What I am saying is to get a top 4 Dman under 28 with potential to be a #1, TOR will have to give up a lot. Now if you believe Reilly and Gardiner and Zeitzev are as good as you want them to be, maybe you flip JVR for an aging (33-37) vet who is a top 4, and not have to give up the youth. Basically what Pittsburgh has done. Personally, if I’m TOR, I hold onto JVR/Bozak/Kadri, pick up some older D to stabilize the back end.

      • Lol jvr or Bozak wouldn’t get you a top 4! Not a 1/2 guy but Methot? Demers? They play in the top four! What was Methot just aquired for?and Demers will be a salery dump a broken oft injured Hanzal for a month of service,was traded for a late first rounder a flukey eaves same! Yet a 27 year old 25-30g? With a year remaining at 4+mil would maybe get you? The Canadians just got a bottom dman for a 5th, Arizona got Hammer 3 cups and 4mil a year salery! for very little! And people could say cap dump! I guess their’s no more of them? if I’m the leafs I just keep him! Nice LW depth Go with what they have!

      • Ya DTzak is full of smack!Lol wondering who his teams is? and making up stories just to troll! Lol good lord! !

    • Hunter – 2 minutes for over use of exclamation marks!

      • Haha that’s funny…see I didn’t use one here and your right I should actually be suspended for the season oh was going to do it again and here too jeez what two minutes worked! Ah crap their goes 5 and a game misconduct! ..Thanks ref Lol

  2. “But of course the leafs have to pay more,lol” and “leafs hatred is salty here!”

    Those kind of unnecessary comments only invite the sort of responses on which you will then pounce, accusing whoever makes them as “Leafs haters.” Can’t you just make your point without lamenting about how hard-done-by are the poor Leafs?

    • Ya I guess,and George your one of the posters I mentioned that I enjoy! ..well don’t always agree lol but you do know the Sens and hockey in general!

    • Or and the leafs have to pay more comment was Emelin for Bozak! Which was insane! Lol

    • If you go back and read the comments on July 3 and you’ll know which ones! see what I mean! Ton the marleau signing!

    • Thank you for this George.

  3. Sorry guys for this late posts/response! But it was kind of funny reading the reaction from some of the guys in here,In which I hold high regard for their hockey knowledge and opinions! In which I’ll often read! So when I was reading why would the leafs sign marleau? We’ll the answer imo is first,jvr is gone second Babcock knows and trusts this guy! And you guys know him (marleau) right? Fitness freak hasn’t missed a game in what 8 years? Couldn’t win the cup! You realize that it takes 24 guys right kids!scored 27g last season! Im sure matthews and nylander can help try to increase hopefully in that department!and Babs said that he will be on their line! Also contract?well we have .Phaneuf 7mil, ryan 7mil, backes 6mil ,Ericksson 6mil,ladd,lucic! Lol oposo,Thorton 8mil 7g and marleau is better than all of them!But Thorton!Check out his body of work! and then check out all those mentioned players! The third year! Lol come on check the above mentioned players!(all their injury reports!) And age don’t mean shat cause he’s way better shape than all of them!seriously check out and compare,injuries, goals,possession Stats,including stats in the world’s and Olympics against the highest competition! And thanks Lyle for for a professional hockey site and a forum for us to discuss our opinions! Have a great day guys!

    • I like Marleau. I just think it’s an odd signing on both sides. It’s not injuries that would concern me, it’s Father Time that would concern me. The guy is 38 and may very well have a couple of good years left in the tank. Then again , he may not. He has been in a decline for the last 4 years. I’d imagine the trend will continue. I just can’t see signing him to that term and $ amount over JVR.

      • Yes you make a great point! But Markov Jagr Doan Iginla? He’s a fitness nut and who knows? Look at backes Ericksson oposo all injured!

      • Nash?…you said marleau was in decline Marleau scored 27g! Who was your highest goal scorer? Honestly asking cause I really don’t know! Not trolling! Just saying!

      • Kreider was their leading goal scorer with 28, Grabner 27, Nash had 23. But NY didn’t just sign Nash either. It was signed in Columbus long before he came to NY.!That contract expires this year, and I don’t think NY is re-signing him to another 3 year 7.8 deal. Nash has been injured the last 2 seasons and still managed 20 + goal seasons. Honestly I like what Nash brings even when he’s not scoring. A lot of nights he is the best player on the ice without putting up a single point. Love to see him back , but not at 6-7 per.

      • Hunter, why do you care who makes what and for how long? If your a leafs fan, and you like the Marleau signing then good.
        For other we debate the signing and how it makes sense. When I first read it I said hum that’s interesting, what does it mean? Are the leafs better with Marleau? absolutely is the $6m to much, no they have the cap space. Is the contract to long, not really. Why would Marleau go to Toronto? Is it just he money and term? Maybe. Does the leafs and Marleau see them selfs as Stanely Cup contenders within the three years? That’s what it comes down to for me, the way this make sense is that both Marleau and Toronto see themselves as Stanley Cup contenders within 3yrs. Personally I don’t necessary disagree with that.
        If the team projection keeps going up, they will be tough to stop from scoring goals. The defense, well Pittsburgh done it without a well established D, but they did get solid goaltending from MAF and Murray.
        One could argue the best dman on Pittsburgh during the playoffs is now on Toronto. Hainsey had a solid run and wasn’t suppose to ply nearly as much as he did and he was a solid contributor.
        Have to remember today is July 5th and how many realistic pieces if any are the leafs away from being contenders?
        Once your in the playoffs anything can happen. Did anyone expect Ottawa (outside of George) go on the run they did. (Gotta to add, watching Karlsson was fun.)Did anyone expect Pitts to win once Letang went down.
        In the end i’m saying yes the leafs have a chance because the East is wide open and they have one of the best young talented teams in the NHL that just added a smooth skating 37yr old who scored 27g last year and 25 the year before. But realistically a top dman would help solidify them odds.

      • @Nyr4life signing Marleau kinda makes sense now for me. Pretty much everyone thinks there’s going to be a lockout in 2 years. If Toronto stayed with the plan they’d be ready just in time for the lockout. If it lasts longer than a year. The rebuild may have been wasted. Toronto might as well go for it now

      • I believe the cba runs through 2021 or 2022. I just don’t think Marleau is the guy that puts Toronto over the top. With a lockout in mind, which I 100% agree is coming, I would have re-signed JVR and skipped on Marleau. Worst case scenario ride JVR into the lockout. I’m sure along with the lockout will come an amnesty buy out or 2. So they could have easily bought him out with no cap hit.

      • @nyr4life I don’t either, there has to be more moves to come. Even if 1 of the Swedes they signed pans out, they’ll still need another defenceman

      • You won’t hear me argue that Hainsy was the best dman for the Pens this year. He is so god awful at playing hockey I think anyone who said that might be drunk. He makes so many little mistakes and he can’t even make a simple breakout pass. Everything is rushed out of his end high and around the glass. If you watch the goals given up by the Pens this year most came from one of his blunders. Sooooo glad he’s gone.

      • @Nyr4life either side can serve notice after next year to opt out of the agreement. If that happens and Allen Walsh almost guarantees it will, we`ll have a lockout/strike in 2 yrs.

    • The ONLY thing that bothered me – well, “bother” isn’t the right word – maybe “puzzled” – was the full NM/NT clauses. You may be right and he does have 2 productive years left in the tank before he hits 40. But if he doesn’t there’s no way to get out from under without his approval and who will take that contract for someone pushing 40 who’s obviously past it (assuming he falters in TO)? In other words, what was he and his agent saying to TO when they insisted (I assume it was at their demand and not some gracious gesture by Lou) on those clauses? “If I bomb out … well, you’re stuck with me …” seems the only logical answer. As Nyr4Life says it’s just an odd signing.

      • Point taken! I think that they talked about extention to JVR’s agent and probably 7×7mil/years came up!so they decided to get a left winger to replace him! 7 years was to rich for their blood! Speculation of course! Plus they need a dman! Jvr++?Ikd but that senieo would make sense to me! And no doubt they would of prefered 2 years! But they wouldn’t of got him!and they sure as hell wouldn’t of got him if they knew they couldn’t afford him in the third year!

      • I think the best scenario was Marleau signing the 2 year deal and riding off into the sunset playing his entire career for no other team, and Toronto staying far away from this deal. To me, it’s just a waste of money, cap space, effort and roster spot. It does not cure what ails Toronto. And I do not see JVR fetching a top 4 d-man without adding significant pieces to the deal. But even then , Gms will be a little hesitant because they know they’re going to have to pay him big $$’s while losing a top 4 d-man. Then again, anything is possible I suppose.

      • Also who will take that contract? Dasuyk 7mil Pheonix, Clarkson 5.6mil.?,and just traded again!lol,George I get what you’re saying! But really ryan Phaneuf??no one’s taking their contracts either! Unless ottawa holds significant dollars or prospects/picks! Any team can make any player go bye bye! Unless it’s Brown with LA! Lol

      • Marleau has to agree to go bye bye. In this particular case it would more than likely have to be a rebuild team with nearly 7 million in cap space. I don’t think Marleau will want to go out on a rebuild team. And if past rumors have an ounce of truth to them, San Jose found out he wasn’t very willing to waive that nmc in the past.

      • I didn’t know we were talking about the Sens and what their situation has to do with Toronto’s. But since you brought them up, as Striker has pointed out on numerous occasions, after the Sens got Lamoriello to take all that garbage off their hands, the Phaneuf contract costs them a lot less than $7 mil per. Nor do I think they’re “stuck with him” in any sense of that phrase. He was one of the MAIN reasons they got to within a goal in double OT of going to – and perhaps even winning – the Cup. Don’t read too much into the Garrioch mumblings about how they desperately tried to trade him before the expansion draft. As Dorion has explained, sure they poked around – a good GM will find out what ANY player on their team might be worth to another team. That’s all part of the process. As for Ryan, with him it’s finger-crossing time that he will enter next season with the same mind-set he had in the playoffs after admittedly struggling with Boucher’s system right up to game 82. If he doesn’t, then we are indeed stuck with him. But he’s a lot younger than 38 going on 40.

      • True- but I think we have learned from Robidas/Lupul/Hossa/Clarkson should I go on- things happen. 14 million of the 18 plus is paid in the first 2 years..maybe Marleau doesn’t care to much about year three and “develops an injury”. If nothing else the Leafs have been creative in divesting themselves of bad money…if indeed he is bad money by year 3…you couyld do far worse for a 3rd line centre in year 3 …

    • I’m just not going to read through these posts at all.
      As a Leafs fan this signing sucks a$$.

      Here are the top 3 lines:
      Hyman Mathews Nylander
      JvR Bozak Marner
      Komarov Kadri Brown

      Who drops to the 4th line? Brown? Komarov? if they do then what happens to Martin, Leivo (LW), Soshnikov, Kapanen, Bracco (RW)

      Awful signing. I hope I’m wrong, but this was just terrible.

  4. I agree on Bozak. He plays an important role, and does it relatively well and doesn’t have a big long term commitment attached, however he isn’t enough of an asset to draw a piece in a trade that would improve the Leafs. Their biggest hole is still a solid top 4 D, ideally pushing Hainsey to the 3rd pair. Nobody is giving that up for Bozak, but at the same time the Leafs don’t really have another need that is worth creating that hole for, so it’s unlikely he moves. He is essentially an owned rental at this point.

    The Marleau contract seems to spell the end for JVR in Toronto in the long run. I don’t mind the player, but that 3rd year is brutal. They may live through it unscathed, which is I guess the risk they decided to take, but to me it forces their hand in other deals, and possibly creates situations where mistakes will happen.

    To me it signifies they are going to try and go as far as they can in the next couple of years while they have the kids on ELCs, which I get, you won’t have that cap space again anytime soon, so fair enough. But, that 3rd year means you need to be careful as that coincides with Matthews, Marner, and likely Gardiner’s first year of new contracts, while still having Horton on the books (albeit LTIR). This can work, but only if you are careful with other deals, like Brown and Nylander. This brings us to JVR, I don’t think they can chance re-signing him long term given the situation they may face at that time. So now he is more or less a rental. You went out and got Marleau, so to me that means you don’t trade JVR for picks/prospects, as you don’t want to weaken the line up, but you aren’t likely to get a player that helps the line up more than removing JVR hurts it given he has only one year left on his deal.

    There are ways this can work out OK for the leafs, but to me, there is a lot of risk bundled into that 3rd year, and I don’t know that it will have been worth it, even if nothing bad comes of it.

    • In three years half that team is off the books! Lupul Gleason buyout, jvr,bozak,Komarov, martin, Moore, Hainsey, smith,Komarov,and they’ll be able to replace them with kids coming up? they have one of the best cap guys in the league! Does anybody think that they don’t know about the year 3 contracts? And who said Bozak would get anything? I said Emelin for Bozak was not happening! Lol

      • As I said, they can manage it, but it makes me skeptical that they will continue to make the best decision. Hartnell is capable of similar production to Marleau, and cost $1M on a 1 year deal. As much as they want to instill character, this isn’t a massive need to go out and pay a ton for. That is what Babcock brings, also, Matthews, Marner and Nylander are very driven young players, and I don’t think they need Marleau to make them into good pros.

        Again, I like Marleau, but he is overpaid, and signed until he is 41. He is very durable, and can skate, but having an overpaid 41 year old on your roster with a full NMC when you are about to go into the first year of having Matthews, Marner, Nylander and Gardiner all on new deals isn’t ideal, and I don’t see that risk as being worth Marleau’s value in the next two years.

        Also, if Marleau does the LTIRetirement trick, the Leafs need to be able to ice a team that is $11.5M under the cap ceiling in the first year of all of those contracts. That doesn’t seem to give them maximum flexibility.

        There were also alternatives for the Leafs that made sense as well, which is one of the reasons I am critical of the signing. Hartnell has less risk, but has had similar production. He was overpaid, and Torteralla didn’t like playing him for some reason, but given what he did in limited minutes, he is very good bargain with no committment. Jagr is an all time great, would sign for 1 year, his speed wouldn’t likely cause the young Leafs too many problems as they can cover for it, he was great with the kids in Florida, and his committment to fitness is something you would love to rub off on young players. Again, likely as productive as Marleau, less committment. Pominville has just two years left, a smaller cap hit, and was just traded in a cap dump deal. He is a long time respected pro, who has been similary productive to Marleau over the last few years, and the Leafs could have probably gotten something for taking him, possibly even getting rid of a contract like Fehr or even Lupul in the deal.

        In the end, the Leafs are a better team on the ice than last year, and still have flexibility, but I think they gave up more flexibility than they gained in value relative to what was available, which is why I am critical of the deal.

        As for the Bozak comment, I was fully agreeing with you, in that Bozak is worth as much in his role with the Leafs as he is to other teams, and was simply saying that he is worth MORE to the Leafs than what they can likely get back in a trade for him, not that he wouldn’t be worth anything.

    • Risk? Ask tampa about risk! They might tell you 8.5mil for a twice broken leg player is a bit of a risk? And again you honestly think that they would sign marleau knowing that marner and Matthews are do and RISK! a cap crunch in the process! Does anybody think omg we’ll lose them!Cause of that stupid marleau contact! ..the answer is NOPE!

      • Not once did I say that the risk is losing Matthews or Marner. Those are no-brainer priorities, but because those are priorities, and they will still have Marleau’s cap hit no matter what happens, they will lose flexibility to retain someone else, or sign someone in free agency, and I think the risk is they may miss out on someone much more valuable than Marleau will be at 41. It’s an opportunity cost, and I don’t know that Marleau justifies the cost when compared to alternatives to improve their team this offseason.

      • Hey Danny wasn’t accusing you persay! Just saying people keep talking about the year 3 They’ll have about 35mil in cap,plus if the cap goes up in 3 years? The SPOTS!will be filled by Dermott Rosen,Borgman,Neilson on the backend? Gunderson (spelling?)Rychel, Johnson,kappy,leivo, Hyman,Brown who the last two will be signed shortly! The goat? Bracco, Altonen? On the forward positions They’ll be fine! Not saying all will be here in 3 years! but they have options and money! Luo Brendan, Kyle, Hunter, Babcock and can’t remember their capoligst name lol but I think that they know a thing or two more than the ones like us who enjoy talking about it! Cheers! And also your a great poster!very engaging!

      • Oh I just read my post from early and seen what I said and I relize want you ment! Apologies! Ya what I said after hopefully has clarification! Cheers! Dan

    • We got to remember that Marleau’s 3rd year is at a cap friendly 4.25 mil – the NMC sucks though… I think Uncle Leo is gonna get bumped to the 4th line… In reality who would you rather have on that line with Kadri and Brown – Uncle Leo or Marleau? Maybe Hyman gets bumped but I’d give him another shot at starting to put up numbers being on Matthew’s wing…

      If the Miller/Schmidt well has dryed up with Vegas then I’d throw some money at Campbell for a year or two and see if he’d play as a 5th / 6th but be an option on the PP…

      The only other thing as a Leaf fan i’m watching with interest is the Parayko situation in St. Louis – he filed for arbitration – this (as we all know) can be a can of worms – I honestly don’t know – how is St. Louis’s cap situation? Can they afford to pay him big $$$ if he wins the arbitration? May be something Lou can exploit if they can’t work out a deal ahead of time…

  5. I know I’m not alone here, I’m glad we can put Kovalchuk rumors to bed! Nj should have taken anything they could for him. Now, they get zero and he can sign anywhere he wants July 1st.

    • Your spot on with that!N.J.had a decent offseason! But if the Columbus deal was their?they should of ran off like bandits!

    • This could also be the “between-the-lines” message Kovalchuk is sending to Shero with his “I’m staying in the KHL ,,, for now.”- in other words “pull your thumb out of your butt and take what you can get for me NOW and move on, or look like a doofus by doing nothing and losing me for zilch next year.

  6. Would CBJ’s Ryan Murray be able to land Bozak in a trade?

  7. Id sign galchenyuk 6 years at 5M a year..
    I would try to aquire Faksa from Dallas in a trade
    Calgary’s Sam Bennett as Well
    What would it take from the habs to aquire these two young centers?

    • Drouin and Galchenyuk

      • LOL!

    • Jesus Tony that’s a great discussion! Obviously montreal is very thin down the center! And dmen and centers at a premium, I still think that their a deal to be had with Colorado with Duchene! He might not be the best pure center! But theirs not alot of opinions out their! Nuge?he’s not a number 1,but they might have to clear space? And who on montreal? Gally a 1st? Sorry don’t know their prospects to well

      • Hey hunter for Faksa
        Id give Shaw ++
        For Bennett
        McCarron and a 1st rd pick small +

      • Tony I wouldn’t have a clue if that’s value on either side, lol don’t know enough about the players involved! That’s if you’re asking me that is!lol George or striker or one of the other posters should know! Be careful but when proposing trades! Lol some get sensitive! But these guys aren’t to bad! Hell I’m talking if you’re new here!lol I’m the new one! Enjoyed chatting with you Tony and the rest of you guys! Enjoy your day!

      • I’m back Tony! So thoughts I highly doubt calgary would trade Bennett at this time!with the resently aquired Harmonic their going to make a push for a playoff run! Losing center depth they couldn’t afford it! And they have a guy like shaw named Fernand and he has better hands imho!,Nashville had center depth problems in last year’s playoffs! I was kinda surprised that montreal didn’t sign Gagne(spelling?)he’s more suited for the third line but for the price!Again their’s not much out their and it’s a tough spot!Cause they have to have centers to win!but they possibly or obviously will have to it by committee! Again duchene makes sense! The avalanche could hold salery!But that’s would be all of the above that you mentioned and that dman prospect I’m not going to attempt to spell his name lol but it starts with a J take care Tony best regards Hunter!

      • Being down here in Austin I know the Stars have high regard for Faksa as their third line center with Roussel and Ritchie. I can see why people might speculate since the Hanzal signing but he’s meant to be centering the Spezza line from what I hear. Also both Spezza and Hanzal have had their share of injuries so added depth doesn’t hurt.

      • Tony.

        Neither of these good young developing C’s are available but if they could be pryed from Dal & Cal respectively Mtl have the assets to secure either 1 of them.

        It’s time to let go of any hopes you might have that McCarron will be an NHL player. Simply can’t skate well enough. These players can be had for the league min come July 1st. Shaw has to much salary & term for what he brings to the ice. Both teams have this player in Rousell & Ferland.

        Faksa is Dallas’s #3 C now & Bennett will be a high end #2 when fully developed, only 21. These 2 C’s will be solid NHL C’s for the next 10 to 12 years acquiring either would be expensive there is a reason they were drafted 13th & 4th respectively in their draft years. Both are being developed conventionally & the best is yet to come for both these players over the next 2 to 4 years.

      • Sorry should read Mtl doesn’t have

      • darksidecowboy – Spezza IS a C. Have they moved him to a wing?

      • I have certainly been wondering how Hanzal was going to fit in. Someone has to move to the wing.

        Does Seguin play RW, Spezza LW? Both have early in their careers. Hanzal’s aqusition is some what odd as he kind of forces Faksa out of the 3rd line C spot. Surely Hanzal wasn’t brought in to be a #4 C or a winger?

      • Hey Hunter, not a hockey question but just wondering if English is your first language? Just curious. u

      • George O.- according to Hitchcock’s last interview they’ll both share centering duties on the second line. Hanzal will handle the defensive zone faceoffs while Spezza will handle the offensive zones. Faksa anchors the third nicely. To shake it up I can see Spezza with Seguin and Benn again if he needs some offensive push to his game.

    • Hey Tony!so striker and the cowboy from Austin! (Cool!)they gave you some hockey insight, hoped it helped? but as a warned! I’m actually surprised by his response!Cause I haven’t posted on here before much,but their pretty good guys from reading their posts,and not sure how often you check in?but ya when posting possible trade ideas which is absolutely fine! Unfortunately You’ll run into guys like “INTERNT RON”!!! Pay no attention,it’s when only criticism and trolling can get them attention! Cheers Tony

  8. I think the hype about Leafs d is just that:what the Pens had was a mediocre defense but effective back checking wingers and centers who let them play at the blueline, and let them clear the zone with long passes of off the boards I would love to see a really first rate D-man on the blueline but I am doubtful that JVR gets them that…and Ryan Ellis is not their guy, too small, too offensive minded when what they need is a Shea Weber type..and that person is not available!!
    Teams dodged a bullet when Kovalchuk stays in KHL. Habs are in trouble with what they have and they will find it hard to improve via trade…what’s in their pipeline?

    • Agreed with your assessment on the pens! They did an amazing job along the boards getting back! And jvr will not get and top pairing dman! Besides their’s none really available! And funny cause those who diminishe his value! I ask what player on their team gets you a top pairing dman?not sure who mentiones it but JVR ++cause of the contract will get you a number 3/4 guy!,then again it depends on the ++?so many variables to play into a trade! Salery retained?1st rounder top prospect? All of the above! I think that jvr Getz and perry line would look great! Anaheim needs a LW leafs need a dman! The greedy buggers have about 9 of them!Lol if their’s a deal it’s probably for the broken Vatanen who won’t be back til February; again another risk! Does he come back and performed as before? So jvr++ to Anaheim! Their ya go!

    • The issues with the D are real, but the hole is essentially one guy. The problem is it’s the type of hole that had everybody playing in situations they weren’t necessarily suited to.

      Hainsey should be an improvement over Hunwick, and is more capable of playing top 4 minutes, but realistically they can use another player.

      What I don’t agree with is that they need a certain type of D. This is an old model that doesn’t hold true. The best D’s in the league don’t have a Weber. The Leafs need someone who can play against top lines and either slow them down, or just not get stomped, but doesn’t slow down their team. Either would be fine. That would be guys like Tanev, Hjarlmsson, Demers, Hamonic (if he rebounds, which he should), Vatanen, and Scandella would all have been a very good upgrade on D for the Leafs. The bonafide #1’s don’t move, and the ideal defensive D (Ekholm, Manson, Lindholm, Vlasic, Muzzin, Stralman) aren’t available, so the Leafs need to play to their strength, so a guy who isn’t getting hammered in his own zone who can get pucks to their forwards so they can be in the other end more often will help the team more than a traditional big nasty, shot blocking stay at home defender.

      • Because they haven’t done their deal yet people are assuming that Hainsey will play in the 4 spot! Nope not in less someone is injured! They got him for a number of reasons and I could deferre you to articles pertaining to Hainsey in which Carolinas gm,coach, players,responded later after his trade and said great things about him,and how hard he plays smart and an amazing teammate! Then the pens coach sully said that with the injuries everyone had to play higher slotted, Hainsey was praised by players they couldn’t believe how fast he became part of the team!the players loved him, coach said he did everything he was asked and more! At times he looked over welmed but he did his job! being a 5/6 guy had to play big top 4 mins.he won the cup and it was great to see! And now Toronto Ron Hainsey Stanley Cup winner is coming to Toronto! ..no parade routes yet guys!…bahaha!!

    • You do not win back to back Stanley Cups with a mediocre defense. You just don’t.

      The Pens have a widely underrated defense, not a mediocre one.

      The Leafs should try to get Jason Demers. He’d fit their group nicely and push Hainsey into a better slotting as a #5.

      • Just as you don’t come within a double OT goal to defeating the defending cup winners with a mediocre D – from top to bottom.

  9. As an aside, has Cody Franson retired? gone on LTIR? taken paternity leave?
    I see so many teams needing a right shot, puck moving defence man and yet no one ever mentions Cody Franson. Why is that?

    • Lol no he’s still available! And poor guy has gone through this before! He’s a decent option for a 5/6 guy,his foot speed lacks but he can somewhat make up for that with his stick down low,he has a nice shot from the point and put in the right circumstance getting powerplay mins.could put up a 25-35pt season! Imho,and at 6.6 RH I think he signs in Vancouver! If I’m benning I’d be signing free agents take the risk of signing 1 year deals for a higher dollar and flip them at the deadline! You pay a bit more on 1 year but the picks/prospects you could get back?! Wash,rinse,repeat!

  10. As an aside – had to chuckle – who compared Hartnell and Marleau as similar? Haha come on..one can’t skate and was just bought out the other is perennial Olympian..come on ..

    • True and Hartnell is a decent depth maybe can play second line?havn’t seen him much!but a competitive player and great in the room! Marleau is on another level but at 38 he doesn’t score 40g! But after scoring 27 this year! with matthews and nylander 25-35 wouldn’t be a reach! And the other two could see their totals go up as well ! No more fourth line Hyman! Tough player!No hands!

      • Hunter, you haven’t “seen” much of hartnell but can say you’ll run him on a second line… but competitive and great ” in the room”? And this BS is based on your limited knowledge?
        How about stating things you know rather than what you think might be true? Stuff like, would you think if your first line LR was traded that he wouldn’t be able to net a top pairing defenseman? I know everyone undervalues other team’s assets and over values theirs. I think if we look at all factors other than he plays for the leafs, JVR would probably be a big improvement over what you may currently have in that role but yet won’t get the Leafs a top four damn, traditionally we have seen traded for a mere 2nd round pick.
        Today I must say there has been some funny ones… Shaw++ for Bennett and seeing a comparison between Hartnell and Marleau as interchangeable. Beauty guys.

      • Haha Hey RON you saying that you’ve seen some great trade ideas?maybe they are silly,maybe their down right ridiculous! Maybe the one guy was young? Maybe a 12 year old comes here and makes a trade suggestion(not saying he or anyone else at this time) !you going to jump all over that kid! Huh RON!when people post they sure a hell shouldn’t have to put up with the likes of you! I know you’re type smart ass maybe ask for clarification!maybe disagree like a man! Your not a keyboard punk!are you RON…be nice! Have a snickers You’ll feel better its just hockey!

      • Bye RONALD and try to settle down and be nice I’m sure it’s sunny where you are! Vancouver perhaps? And don’t be mean! Lyle has provided this site to be informed;upto date rumors and trades and news!He gives us his professional insight,and thoughts where one can communicate their passion in which we all share,this game of hockey! Have an amazing day my friend RON! Cheers pal

  11. JVR to NYR for any of their extra defensive talent? Holden, Staal, or a young up & comer (Graves)? Does that make sense? Is there even room to slot him into the NY top 6? Thanks for your thoughts…

    • No thanks to Staal! And I don’t think the Rangers will trade Graves.

    • They aren’t taking Staal and doing NY any favors. Graves has little to no value. And I doubt they want Holden. All that said, why would NY want another winger?

    • Huh not sure?great question? I’ve always thought MAYBE I put that in capitals for “INTERNET RON” Anaheim or Carolina Minnesota might be a fit?but new York I (you reading Ronnie) don’t know enough about Graves but I know that Staal has issues since his eye!because jvr is on a expiring contract maybe Holden I know he came from Vancouver and at a time was playing great steady hockey for them? But I honestly don’t know enough about the players! Striker would be a great option! Cheers Barry and sorry about that RON stuff just got a watch the trolls!Lol I’m sure he’ll pounce on your ideas too!

  12. Ok salty this morning wow I said if you could read! MAYBE!!! can you read that my dear Ronald!he could be on a second line? And who are you Don’t get up on me about a comment! Ya and know I guess I should of put in lately! I haven’t seen Hartnell LATELY!! lol and ya he’s a great guy in the room! You seen that HBO special where he had the rookies live with him! Or do you know that he resently turned into a raging alcoholic!or crack head!And speaking of and what are you going on about my limited knowledge Mr. Don cherry! And what the are you talking about for a 2nd round? Jesus Lol go back to bed Mr. Grumpy!

    • Huh?

  13. I know you guys probably beat this topic to death already, but why Desharnais? The last thing this team needs is another midget.. seriously..we already have Fast…

    • Fast is 6′ tall? Do you mean Zuccarello?

    • He’ll get the gullible all enthused with his buzz-bomb approach in October/November hockey, scoring the odd “exciting” goal as he flits here and there. But come mid-Dec on he’ll be a healthy scratch after winding up repeatedly on his ass and giving up 2-on-1 – 3-on-2 counter rushes. Oct-Nov hockey is for rubes as is April-May baseball.

      • Unfortunately, I have no idea what ny is doing at the moment. I don’t hate this signing, I don’t love it either. But with only Zibanejad and Hayes at center, and nothing special / affordable on the ufa market they had to sign someone. I can live with 1 year 1 million. His last deal was a lot worse. I’m still confused as to what they do for a 3rd line center. Right now, NY looks like a team on the outside looking in.

      • They still have a pretty good D and one of the best goalies in the game. Maybe Vigneault emulates Boucher’s system and instills a 1-3-1, counting on winning the majority of low-scoring games. Think the MSG crowd would support that? With the Knicks being the other major tenant I don’t see why not!

      • Nyr4life.

        I’m not even an NYR fan but have far more faith in NYR than you. This is still a cup contender. Top 6 eastern club team.

        There is a very good chance this years 1st round selection Andersson plays. Good size & has played with men for 2 years in Sweden.

        The Rangers will be fine. Perhaps Lettieri coming out of 4 years of university is pencilled in? With 5.5 mil in cap space & zibby eating up essentially all of that even if Klein retires cap space is limited.

    • Desharnais will suffice as a #3 C on a 1 year deal at a mil.

  14. JVR will probably get a young dman that hasn’t proved himself or if you start adding assets who knows for sure. If the Ducks are all in they may be able to get Manson for JVR, Kapinen or Rychel and an asset or pick. This would fill two forward spots with quality for the Ducks. If they want Brown even up for Manson I would do it even though the guy bleeds blue and I would hate to move him. Sounds like that is who they want. Brown is a second line guy on most teams because he can fit in and play with talented players.

    Personally I would like to see them get Demers and/or Miller. They would be low cost to acquire and Carrick would be competing with Miller to make the top six.

    • Hey tugboat boy your asking for it in here buddy,Lol to suggest that jvr plus even could aquire anything inside the top 4? Lol good luck bud! they’ll pounce on that one but I’ll agree with you that he will be moving on!

  15. To an earlier post by dee Hainsey is a bottom pairing guy! Jesus put in a top 4 role and minutes! Lol did you hear what sully and the pens players said about him? very high praise and hes a huge upgrade from Hunwick! And to George the Sens garbage, was buried in the minors the garbage is now gone! Got a 2nd and a prospect,ya George he’s a bust I know! And speaking of garbage they got rid of that garbage of a contract that nonuts hand out!and that contract cost the Sens Karlssons best friend to go bye bye! Alfie left,who Karlsson looked up too and his best friend left unhappy! Well he’s happy now mind you, and they need to wonder will Karlsson sign for 10to12 mil? Or is he now mad that ottawa chose not to deal with Vegas like other clubs and protect his best friend! And his other walk away from the organization. .again! Or check out free agency? See easy to talk smack about a fan base! Wow I honestly didn’t think it was that young of a poster base? Never seen this much trolling in here,cause when I’ve read comments from time to time they’ve been pretty interesting hockey discussions.Sens garbage lol! Wow and I thought you were one of the better ones!

    • Hey hunter another leafs troll! You will fit in well with yogi and shticky overvaluing leaf players!! Welcome!

    • “his best friend????” If you mean Mathot Where did you get that piece of information? Do you know that Karlsson’s stats are even better in the games he played alongside Claesson? Karlsson is a pro – and real pros know the game is a business. There is NO room for sentimentality. As for Alfredsson, who knows what goes on inside that head?

  16. Why not sign Markov for 2 years $10 mill. He is off the books in 2 years.

    • Are you talking about the Leafs? Markov is a left handed shot I believe, so there’s not really a fit there with the Leafs. Otherwise, he’s a very good defenseman who will get signed and play top 4 minutes somewhere, just likely not for $6 million per season. 2 years at $10 million sounds like a good bet to me.