NHL Rumor Mill – July 6, 2017

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Several factors explain why John Tavares hasn’t re-signed yet with the New York Islanders.

Latest on John Tavares, Evander Kane, Cody Franson, Andrei Markov & more in your NHL rumor mill.

NEWSDAY: Arthur Staple reports there are several reasons why John Tavares hasn’t signed a contract extension yet with the New York Islanders. Tavares is eligible next July for unrestricted free agency.

A possible new arena for the Isles, the club’s front office (he’s close to general manager Garth Snow) and Connor McDavid’s new eight-year, $100 million contract are among the possible factors that could affect his contract negotiations with the club. 

TSN: Craig Button also weighed in on the Tavares situation, suggesting Los Angeles Kings’ center Anze Kopitar’s contract ($10 million annual average value) as a comparable. If Tavares doesn’t re-sign with the Isles, he lists the New York Rangers, Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs as possible destinations.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The recent spate of notable contract signings, including yesterday’s announcement of McDavid’s new deal, has overshadowed Tavares’ situation. The longer he goes this summer without a new deal, the more speculation will arise over his future with the Islanders.

It’s far too early to ruminate over where he could end up if he and the Isles fail to reach agreement on a new contract. It appears Tavares is playing it cool, waiting to see what shakes out regarding several of those issues noted by Staple. 

FANRAG SPORTS NETWORK: Chris Nichols cites Darren Dreger’s appearance yesterday on Winnipeg’s TSN 1290 discussing Buffalo Sabres winger Evander Kane. While Dreger acknowledges it’s looking more likely Kane will open the 2017-18 season with the Sabres, he suggests there’s still time for a time in “win-now” mode to take a chance on him.

He said it was his understanding the teams that expressed interest in the Sabres winger were in that “win-now” mindset, though he didn’t know who they were. He suggests the San Jose Sharks and Anaheim Ducks as two examples of clubs in the mode.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s possible Kane could be dealt before the start of the season, but I believe if he was going to be moved, it would’ve happened by now. His long-term future, whether it’s in Buffalo or elsewhere, will be determined by his performance in 2017-18 and how much he’ll seek to re-sign with the Sabres before he becomes eligible next July for unrestricted free agency. 

Dreger also believes the Winnipeg Jets aren’t done making moves this summer. He thinks they’re in the market for another forward, preferably a center. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The pickings are decidedly slim in the UFA market. Mike Fisher, Matt Cullen, Daniel Winnik and Brandon Pirri are the best of the bunch. Fisher will either re-sign with the Preds or retire and Cullen is reportedly leaning toward retirement. 

NORTH JERSEY.COM’s Andrew Gross, replying to a reader’s question about unrestricted free agent Cody Franson as a fit with the New Jersey Devils, believes Franson seeks more than a one- or two-year contract. He doesn’t think the Devils would go for that.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Franson had to wait until September 2015 to sign his previous contract. Looks like he could be waiting a while this summer if he wants a lengthy new deal.

PHILLY.COM: Sam Donnellon reports Flyers GM Ron Hextall dismissed a report out of Montreal earlier this week linking his club to unrestricted free agent defenseman Andrei Markov. “Don’t believe everything you read or hear,’’ Hextall said, addressing Monday’s report from a Montreal radio station.  “I haven’t talked to Andrei Markov.’’



  1. Getting sick of hearing Tavares to Leafs talk. Leafs don’t need him nor can they afford him.

    Coming from a Leaf fan here

    • Laddy,

      There are many other Leaf fans in agreement with you! I among them. I am not overly thrilled with the Marleau signing either.

      • I hear you on Marleau but I have changed my mind and like the signing. I don’t think we need to worry on 3rd year, it is set up so Leafs could get creative. Babcock respects him as a “true pro” and with so many young guys that can only help. He is still a great skater and can play up and down the lineup.We are now overloaded with wingers and I hope we get a top right side Def. I don’t see Hainsey at that spot and I am not a JVR fan (too soft & lazy for me)I am starting to think that is the way outsiders see him as well.if so we will take his 25-30 goals and live with the rest.

      • Hainsey may be old but he will play a top 4 role for Tor. He lead Pit in TOI/GP in Pit after his arrival. 2nd in the playoffs, in Car prior to the trade he was 3rd.

        What you see in Tor on D is pretty much what you get. The D market has dried up. We have returned to the normal supply & demand curve.

        I see them resigning Polak perhaps they make a minor deal but no Dman of any quality left.

      • Hainsy has NO foot speed.

      • I don’t disagree George but that’s relevant how? His job is to play a safe reliable game reducing goals against. He’s not a puck rushing dman.

        That hasn’t changed from when he entered the game. Sure the games gotten faster & he’s still played that role.

    • I think the Marleau signing showed us the Lou has no intention of waiting around for a “what if” when it comes to Tavares.

      • George O you have no foot speed…LOL Hainsey played a ton for the Penguins and did a good job…you really think if he sucked that bad Mike Sullivan is going to keep running him out there on the top pair with Dumolin cmon…..is he super fleet a foot no but neither is Zedano chara and he plays well still.

  2. I’d love to see Tavares sign with the Rangers. But not at 10 per, and certainly not for 10 per x’s 7. But I think the fit would be perfect! I’d be happy with a contract similar to Stamkos.

    • The timing works out with Nash’s contract coming off the books after this season. Maybe Gorton knows something and that’s why he’s content to shift Miller to center this season. He can go back to wing next year if Tavares is signed. Making a deal for another center for this season would make finding cap room for a potential Tavares deal next year difficult.

      • NYR has no room to take on Tavares future cap hit. Nash may be coming off but Hayes, Miller, Vesey & Skjei will all be RFA’s all looking at significant raises, Buchnevich the year following. Grabner & Holden will be UFA ‘S next summer as well needing to be resigned or replaced & Zuccarello & McDonagh UFA’S the summer following.

        It is becoming immpossible to keep teams together in this cap world due to players contract demands & GM’s willingness to keep paying them. NYR won’t even be able to make the salaries work long term for all the tallent they already have.

        If McDavid is worth 12.5 & Kuznetsov just got 7.8 what’s McDonagh’s next contract? 7.5, 8?

      • The Kuznetsov 7.8 was the real surprise. he dropped almost 20 points in production though his second half was stellar.
        Regardless, I was surprised that he wasn’t bridged.

      • As I spoke about the other day, Mcdonagh could very well find himself expendable depending on the continued development of Skjei and Day. Hayes and Miller I’d like to keep, but Tavares is a big upgrade over Hayes who isn’t even a natural center. And if either or both Vesey and Buchnevich become that important, I think that makes Zuccarello expendable. I don’t think they open the vault for Grabner and Holden shouldn’t break the bank either.

        If I have to let Nash, Grabner and Zuccarello walk to sign Tavares, I’m doing it. Plus, if Mcdonagh and Zuccarello become expendable they can return future cheaper assets. If NY put McDonagh on the market, 20+ teams will be bidding.

        It can work,

      • If a #2 C can make 7.8 that’s a problem. He would be a #1 on many teams & will be when they lose Backstrom in 3 years to UFA status as their will be no money left to sign him

        This isn’t a viable business model. I don’t see either the NHL or NHLPA opting out of the CBA following the 2018-19 season but when the contract actually expires following the 2020-21 season we are in for a long lock out.

        The GM’s thru 150+ mil already commited to signing bonus’s in the 2021-22 season whether the NHL plays or not players won’t be as desperate to return as quickly as the last lock out.

        The scale between what the elite are paid, a superstar, star or even a really good player doesn’t have enough of a spread in dollars.

        If McDavid gets 12.5 what are Draisaitl, Pastrnak, etc. Worth or kucherov, seguin etc. Coming out of their deals very soon. This is insane. Zero fiscal sanity, just greed by all.

      • I don’t see McDonagh as expendable. He will have just turned 30 coming out of his 2 years remaining. This is an elite 2 way Dman. Something every team covets.

        We arn’t on the same page with Zibby & Hayes. I have Zibby as a very good #1 C very soon he just turned 24, hayes is a year older but spent 4 years in College. These are NYR’s top 2 C’s for a very long time to come. Hayes still needs 2 more years to fully develop.

        NYR has become a very young team rapidly & they are a great team now with a very bright future.

        Many of those other players you mention may be allowed to leave, Nash, Zuccarello, Holden, Grabner, etc. As well as Smith & Shattenkirk when their new deals are up.

        No room for Tavares. In fact I would be very surprised to see him leave NYI. It’s a great spot for him to be.

      • You’re not saying Hayes has a better ceiling than Tavares today are u? Lol. No way am I seeing Hayes , Zbad as a long term solution. A lot of people thought Stepan was in for the long haul. Again mix and match the players however you want. Hayes and Nash gone, Zuccarello and Nash, Nash and Vesey. I’m making room for Tavares if I have a shot. When’s the last time NY had a center of that Talent level? Messier and Gretzky in the 90s?

        As far as Mcdonagh goes, again I see where Day and Skjei go before making that.call. I’m not giving him 8 if Skjei or Day look like they can take the reigns.

        And we are miles apart on our outlooks of NY. Currently they have a 2nd center that’s not a natural center, no 3rd line center and a 2b 1st line center. Paper thin! This does not look like a team going to the playoffs.

        One significant injury at center this year, and they could easily find themselves at the bottom of the east.

      • Certainly not but not every team can have a stud C. There isn’t remotely enough to supply 31 teams.

        To be a very good team which NYR is you need 4 top flight D, that means 3 that real are #2’s or better & your #4 a solid #3. See Anh, Clb, Min, StL, etc. Skjei has 1 full season under his belt, Day has yet to play a game in the NHL. Neither of these D are a #1 or even a fully developed #2 by the time McDonagh’s contract is up.

        I would be shocked if NYR doesn’t sign McDonagh to a 7 or 8 year deal next summer at 6.5 to 7 mil per.

        The vast majority of Dman 80%, give or take 5% year to year take 400 regular season games or 5 to 6 years if you prefer to fully develop, at the NHL level.

        Who knows what Day will be. Not even in the top 100 prospects in THN’s Future Watch. Day won’t even be in the NHL when McDonagh’s contract expires so not certain how he’s helping to replace the potential loss of McDonagh.

      • Days value dropped off due to family issues. But the guy was 1of 4 players to get exceptional status to play early in the ohl. The other 3 names ? Ekblad, Mcdavid, and Tavares. I don’t really care where tsn has him ranked. And right now ny looks like they don’t really care about the immediate future.
        I like Mcdonagh, but depending on where they go in the next year or 2 (which looks like the wrong direction ) they may very well move on.

        And you’re right, every team doesn’t have that high end center…. which is why I say pursue him.

      • don’t think a top pairing d man would ever become “expendable.” it does make sense for rangers to look to Tavares though it would cost a lot of money. center far more important than wing so if you had to move one of the wingers striker mentioned you do it to afford the top line center.

      • I would say they could be come expendable if you have a guy ready to step in and fill his role in the near future.

        Let’s say Day and Skjei work out like that in the next 3-5 years. Now you have Mcdonagh long term and in the wrong side of 30 and 2 guys in low to mid 20s you can no longer afford. I’m not saying he’s expendable just for the sake of getting rid of him.

        Best case scenario, re-sign him to 4 or 5 so it’s not an issue either way. If the other 2 step up, Mcdonagh will have a very easy to move contract , and should get a boatload in return if they decide to move him.

      • I didn’t say TSN I said THN Future watch. The publish annually & their track record is exceptional. No better hardline publication. the best online is Dobber.

        I’m not disparging Day. Just saying he & Skjei won’t be replacing Mcdonagh 2 years from now.

        Players don’t develop physically at the same time or pace & judging a kid coming out of Major Jr. is hard enough never mind Bantam to play Major Jr.

      • U mean the same one that sang the praises of Etem , yaks , smith pelly? Lol. Striker, tell me where you “have him ” ? Nothing seems real here until you tell us who’s in your fantasy pools, where they’ll land , or how many 100s of thousands you’ve made Fromm being 68.7% right sometimes, unless you’re not…. Weber won’t be traded, subban, hall, Tampa will win the east, tads yada yada…Lmao

      • 3 days ago you were arguing Miller has ” never played center” maybe it’s time you stop pretending your an expert on every team! How many times have I busted or others busted u for talking out of ur a-s? 500? Shhhhhhhh “I don’t know” will do fine sometimes!

  3. JT -will fall between Stamkos and Toews… Kopitar signing I believe was a mistake by LA. Although you could say he won 2 cups and was a big part of those teams but 10 large?…Franson should land somewhere.
    Never understood the knock on him as long as he is reasonably priced. Sakic’s strategy may be to wait until the UFA well runs dry and then make a move.

    • With him being 28 at the start of the season the extension kicks in I would be hesitant to give him anywhere close to 10 for that term. A Stamkos type deal seems about right at the high end, not a penny more.

    • SilverSeven,

      I don’t understand the knock on Franson either. As a Leafs fan I would like to see him return.

      • Good 5/6 guy on the 2nd PP. He had his best years as a Leaf but got greedy as a UFA and joined a weaker team in Buffalo. He’ll be signed but it might be in his own best interest to sign a 1 year show me deal on a good team.
        Injuries may allow him to assume a top 4 role and he can then command the payout for it

  4. Winnipeg has Scheifele, Little, Lowry & Copp as C’s now. Perreault, Matthias & Dano can all play C, Petan is knockig on the door & Roslovic has to be close to seeing some time in the show.

    Not sure what need Winnipeg has for a C unless Little can’t be extended.

    • I’m with you striker, I don’t get that rumor either.
      The could have a trade in the works for Little but that would be a huge mistake, one of the most underrated two way forwards in the league

      • I sure hope Little is extended very soon. I give him Kesler, bergeron money happily. Their deals were signed years ago.

  5. With Marleau departing via free agency, Thornton only extended one year, it’s hard not think Sharks won’t be going after Tavares.

    • No cap room there either. Couture & Pavelski are both UFA’s in 2 years, Vlasic’s & Jones new deals kick in next year, Hertl will be an RFA.

      You shouuld take a quick peak at Capfriendly. Few teams can afford to take on a player at 7.5 mil + in this cap world.

      Until the NHL can negotiate a long term national TV contract. Their current joint marketing deal with NBC expires in 4 years the cap is increasing incrementally at 2 to 3 mil a year tops & that’s only if the NHLPA agree’s to some % of the escalator.

      • I brought up the cap Yesterday . It’s gone up 5 over the last 4 years, and I can’t see it really moving much further in the near future. 2-3 is much too generous.

      • Actually that’s not accurate. The cap was set at 60 mil coming out of the lock out but teeams were allowed to spend to 70.2 prorated for the 48 game season.

        So the cap has increased 15 million in that timeline.


      • Over the last FOUR years where has the cap gone? FOUR!!!! YEARS!!!! 69-75 ….. were both wrong! 6 million over 4 years is what average? 2-3? Yeah, go back to being an astronaut!

        Or do we have to hear another story of how you’re now an economics major? Lol ….. I have u at a 98.99 % chance to go on about more things u don’t know! It will go on for 477 days, and I have you in 83.5 % of my pools to be a guy that can’t get enough of yourself!

    • I can also see the Red Wings in the bidding if he leaves the Isles. Kronwall and Nyquist will be off the books by then. Plus Detroit really needs that star again with the steady decline last couple seasons.

      • Detroit could incure his hit moving forward as could several other teams.

        They don’t have many stud players facing big raises anytime soon.

  6. Can anyone explain to me what bergevin is doing? I have liked little of what he has done but another head scratcher for me.

    Giving Galchenyuk 3 years makes him a UFA coming out of it. I’m not sure this is the best course of action. We are already discyssing Duchene only having 2 years left on his deal effecting his value in trade.

    Is Montreal a playoff team next season as currently constructed? I’m not saying their not but Toronto got better, Carolina got better, Buffalo got better, Tampa Bay will be better, wins won’t be as easy to come by.

    Only NJ, Philadelphia & Florida appear to be on the outside looking in, every other team in the East should be in a battle to make the playoffs.

    • speaking of Philly, one trade that wasn’t discussed much here, or I might just have missed it was the Schenn/Lehtera trade.

      I seem to think that 2 firsts, late(ish) or not is a pretty steep price, Lehtera is overpaid but his contract lasts only a couple of years plus he might find third line duties as best suited for him. My thought is that this trade is more lopsided in Philly’s favor than I initially thought

      What were thoughts on this trade?

      • I was thinking the same thing. I think Schenn is getting traded at his max value, as he really does most of his damage getting good PP time. He may have lost some of those minutes to Patrick going forward, so trading him before his goal numbers dipped is a nice move.

        Lehtera gives you a lot of what Shcenn does 5-5, so I don’t think Philly really got much worse on the ice, and two firsts with less commitment to Lehtera makes me really like this move if I am Philly.

      • Taz.

        I like Schenn. Part of the price paid to Philadelhia is salary related. The paid a greater price to them to get them to take Lehtera.

        Marcus Johanson was cut in Washington. Also salary related but not a dump specificly. This is a very good player who like Schenn can play C or LW. The cost to NJ a 2nd & 3rd.

        I’m not sure what Philadelphia is here. What role are Lehtera & for that matter Filppula going to play in Philadelphia? How’s that effect Couturier?

        They got what will be 2 fairly late 1sts which is a solid return. I assume Lehtera will be bought out before this contract expires. This doesn’t make Philadlephia better today & the lose a key member of an incredibly PP unit.

        Trade is a draw for me. It will help StL playoff aspirations & Philadelphia took a step back in the short term but banked 2 solid picks. Is a rebuild or retool underway in Philadelphia? I don’t know what they are doing. That said i’m not opposed. Konecky & or someone else is going to benefit significantly. A 1st unit PP spot just opened up, similiar to marleau leaving SJ. What players are getting those minutes? That’s what I want to know.

    • Hello Stricker, coming from MTL, I can tell you the reason of this 2nd bridge contract is because the Habs didn’t want to commit to a 6M to 6,5M contract with Galchenyuk for 6 or 7 years. Galchenyuck had a excellent end of season in 2015-2016 and an excellent beginning of 2016 and 2017, but since he wasn’t has effective when he came back from injury probably affect his value. I think that Bergevin work hard to improve his defensive with the departure of Beaulieu, Emelin and soon Markov. There was a strong rumor that indicated that the 1st of MTL was in play against Dumba or Scandella at the draft. We still need a left puck moving defensement and our center line is still questionnable but again the UFA pool wasn’t great. The signing of Alzner is a good one, but we may see the same thing next year. A good start of the season and starting in January we will get less point than the begining and get an early exit again. We have too much winger and we should take one or two of them and try to get the puck moving defenseman or a center.

      • the thing is that this isn’t a bridge contract, he becomes a UFA at the end of the deal

      • I understand that but they have depreciated this asset & put the leverage in his hands. He controls his future now 3 years out & can do what he pleases when that time comes limiting his trade value some what.

        Mtl should have found a trade or made a choice sooner. To some extent this player has been mishandled.

        All good as if nothing else they gain his cap space 3 years out + what ever return he might bring.

        Is he happy in Montreal? People talk about Duchene but he hasn’t been portrayed as poorly by the local press & pundits as Gelchenyuk in Mtl.

        Just seems weird to me to make him a UFA 3 years out.

    • Striker mtl will be battling for the division again this yr, the d has vastly improved even without markov ridding themselves of beaulieu and emelin was major addition by subtraction. Jerebak, schmelko easily an upgrade over beaulieu and emelin. Lost radulov but gained drouin, the team I see dropping out of the playoffs are the bruins Sweeney has done nothing to improve and is stuck with that anchor of a contract backes has, and for some reason didn’t protect miller over millar?

      • You may be right, time will tell. I don’t have Mtl currently competing for the atlantic title, I have them worse not better. I don’t percieve the D as upgraded but Markov may still be back. I like the Alzner signing & yes he’s better than Emelin but Schlemko isn’t an upgrade over Bealieau. I would have preffered mtl add Alzner but retained Bealieau.

        I like Drouin better than Radulov but overall I don’t see all these changes making Mtl significantly better. Lateral with some nominal upgrades but who’s helping to drive the offense on D. Who’s the transitional Dman. Markov & Bealieau played that role last year.

        Boston will be better, starting year 3 of Sweeney’s rebuild so all those younger players will be better. Is that enough to get them into the playoffs? I’ll reserve judgement on that until far closer to the start of the season.

        It’s going to be far tighter in both conferences than it was even last year.

      • I would say Columbus, Arizona, Calgary and Carolina were the most improved teams this offseason. It’ll be interesting the watch how the Eastern conferences play out this year.

      • Also, fun fact, the entire carolina defense (which is quite impressive) is almost the same cumulative salary as Subban’s alone.

      • I see it the same Striker, Drouin has more value than Radulov based on age, but is he a massive upgrade for this upcoming season? Unlikely.

        Alzner is an OK signing, and Jerabek is a wildcard with good numbers in the KHL. However the Habs lost 3 defenders who combined to play half the game on average most nights, as well as their top D prospect, and they are taking a shot on a KHL defender, and the 4th best defender from a team that had a good, but not elite D core. I don’t see this as an improvement.

        The Atlantic is pretty wide open, so I don’t know that they fall out of the playoffs, Price is a reason to be at least somewhat optimistic on their chances, but they Certainly haven’t done anything to get better, and other teams in their division should be tougher next year, and Tampa is unlikely to miss the playoffs again, meaning someone is likely going to fall out.

        Boston is the other thought, but if Rask gets back to playing above average in goal, and their top line is still the best top line in hockey, I think it will be the 3 Cadandian teams fighting for those last two spots.

      • Hey Taz, I would put Dallas in that mix as well. They addressed every facet of their team, adding Radulov, an upgrade at 3C in Hanzal, a solid Defensemen in Methot, and Bishop should be a pretty big upgrade in net.

      • Spot on Danny, not sure how I left Dallas out. They are right at the top of that list

    • Bergevin is an idiot. Plain and simple. I’m a Habs fan, and I can tell you most of the city is going insane over his moves. They had a poll on the news after he signed Price and 70% of people polled were unhappy with the contract. Chucky at 3 years? Crazy. He will stand on his head for the next three years and demand 9 million per. Our next GM will have no choice but to sign him.
      Bergevin is acting like a GM who knows his days are numbered, desperation. Unfortunately for us faithful fans we are looking at another 5 year plan from whomever is hired next. UGH!

  7. I’m wondering where the best place for JVR is. What would the Leafs have to include with JVR to acquire Doughty? What would LA have to include with Martinez to get JVR? Or does JVR to NAS/MIN make more sense as part of an Ekholm (although he is an LD and Leafs need an RD) or Brodin or preferably Dumba? Thoughts?

    • JVR isn’t landing any of those.
      You’ll need JVR plus a top prospect plus picks (including a first) to land Doughty, minimum.
      The Leafs would have to add picks (and roster player/prospect) on varying levels to acquire Ekholom, Marinez and Dumba.

      To put this in easier terms
      Doughty >> Ekholm > Martinez >> Dumba > JVR for trade purposes

      • Martinez>JVR??

        HAVE would play top line in LA. Martinez is a second pairing D. No?

      • Martinez and Muzzin are essentially interchangeable #2/#3s. He is also signed to a very reasonable 4M contract for another 4 years, same as Muzzin but longer.

        From a trade value perspective Martinez is easily worth more. As a leafs fan I make this straight up trade in a heart beat

      • Jvr is basically a rental the return will not be there unless it’s a sign and trade, but doesn’t happen very often

      • Neither Muzzin nor Martinez were #2s last yr. Both bumped down to #3 and #4. Forbort was spires with Doughty on top pair. Hence my inquiry as to how possible Doughty acquisition would be. If La moves him, frees up cap space for other additions. Can play D by committee with Muzzin/Martinez/Forbort and then maybe sign a guy like Franson as #4.

    • LA recently paid big to acquire a winger with a year left on his deal, and is now feeling the hurt from that winger walking away. No way they would entertain giving away an asset like Martinez for a winger with one year before being a UFA.

      Take it with a grain of salt, it’s not an argument of who you think is a better player on the ice (although I would still personally take Martinez, or any of the D mentioned), but JVR with 1 year left is less valuable than any solid top 4 D with term left on cap friendly deals.

      The cap means a players real value is a function of how much control you have over the asset and how much value you get in terms of the percentage of your cap he costs, and how that value projects into the long term.

      If JVR was signed for 5 more years at $850k, he would be worth more in a trade than Connor McDavid signed for 8 years with an NMC at $25M per.

  8. I’m pretty sure Bergevin is trying to make a trade (Fucale might be one of them Who Will get trade) i see also Sherbak and Gallagher get traded this year… But for Tavares Habs could give (Galchenyuk – Gallagher – Fucale and a 2 or 3 rounds pic for Tavares and and 3 or 4 rounds pics both teams will win in this trade

    • Fucale is a bust.

      In that trade you’d have to Replace him with a 1st and another prospect just to acquire a (resigning) Tavares

    • None of these guys are first line guys, Gallagher is versatile but he plays a third line guy game but can maybe fill in to 2nd line duties if needed. He’s thrust on to the first line at times and he just isn’t first line material, Galchenyuk by all reasonable guesses isn’t getting there.
      Fucale has regressed, lindgren would have been a better suggestion. 2nd or 3rd round picks are just throw ins, that isn’t adding the value you need to get a Tavares.

      Can Ottawa land Tavares with Zack Smith, Hammond, Brassard and a 2nd? No.

  9. Tavares is going to re-sign with NYI or he is going to Toronto-the idea that they don’t want or need him is foolish but not at ten million per (and what exactly keeps JT in NY? That team is going nowhere)…as for all those d-men mentioned above, Muzzin, et al, none of them are worth trading prospects for…some are suggesting Tanev be obtained and let Kapanen go for him, plus prospects..anyone actually seen Tanev play-he was average on a bad team, will be average any place he goes. If I were the Leafs, unless they can get Manson or Dumba, leave JVR where he is and deal with the embarrassment of riches at forward for the coming year.

    • Here Here! Totally agree. Toronto does have the money – depends on if JT would take term over $$$. The argument that Toronto doesn’t need another center is silly. How could JT not be an upgrade over Bozak or Kadri? I like both those players but if you get a chance to land a guy like JT you take it. Bozak and JVR’s contracts are worth combined what JT would get paid – move them at the trade deadline and sit back and wait for JT to sign on July 1st… I’m sure we all agree that we have more than enough wingers to replace JVR’s numbers – we need to let them play to show it… I’m sure Lou and Shanny are salivating at the thought of having a Matthews, Tavares, Kadri down the middle lineup…

  10. Button is clueless sometimes. Tavares will never leave the Isles to go to NYR.

    • Why wouldn’t he? He lives there. Rangers are always relevant. Once Nash’s contract is done they’ll have the space to sign him to $10/year.

      Seems like the easiest move actually.

      • The way the Rangers are managing their payroll it sure looks as if they are setting themselves up to make a run for JT next summer and even resign Nash for a more friendly deal. It seems as if all the plans are a 4 yr window around Hank.

      • It’s almost a given they chase him. ( if he’s even available) They trade Gomez, Bring in Gaborik, trade for Nash, trade Gaborik, bring in Richards, trade for St. Louis. Buy out Richards, St. Louis retires, Yandle…. trade Stepan bring in Shattenkirk, it’s been the way they’ve operated in the cap era! Ny is not a 10 year rebuild team option, and they’ll always spend to the cap.

        As far as “never leave the isles for NY” why? Have they put together a winning team for this guy yet? They’ve barely even sniffed the playoffs in his time!

      • No they won’t they have numerous other of their own players to sign.

      • Striker…. shhhhh ” I don’t know” move on

    • Mick – you the man!

  11. I think Franson can be a 4/5 guy. Someone who can play in the top 4 if need be but would excel in the bottom pairing. Good passer and skater. Maybe not as physical for a 6’5 defender, but plays a solid game.
    I would like him in Ottawa but it would only happen if Ceci got traded and OTT loves them some Ceci so probably not.
    A fit with NJ would work because they don’t have a top 4 RHD. I could also see a team like Toronto with Babcock there. I think Franson would be his kind of player. Phili could also use a RHD.

    • All great posts guys nice to see! And jvr won’t get a top pairing dman period! No way!but a 3/4 guy maybe with a 1st protected and a prospect Rychel? Anyway I think they’ll stick to with what they have and maybe add at the trade deadline!