NHL Rumor Roundup – July 26, 2017

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It’s looking increasingly unlikely the Canadiens will bring back Andrei Markov.

Latest on the Rangers, Canadiens, Devils and Predators in your NHL rumor mill. 

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports the New York Rangers “are expected to deal defenseman Nick Holden” to add depth at center if necessary. They also have until Thursday to decide if they’ll buy out veteran blueliner Marc Staal. While that move would free up over $3.6 million in salary-cap space for 2017-18, the Rangers would be carrying eight seasons of dead cap space. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: You can see the full breakdown of a possible Staal buyout at CapFriendly.com. I think they’ll hold off on that idea and see how Staal performs next season. If a buyout becomes necessary next summer, better to carry six years of dead cap space than eight. As for Holden, I believe the earliest he could be moved is in September when teams are evaluating their rosters in training camp and preseason play. 

LE JOURNAL DE MONTREAL: Jean-Francois Chaumont speculates the Canadiens signing defenseman Mark Streit yesterday makes a return of Andrei Markov less likely. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Habs currently carry eight defensemen on one-way NHL contracts totally nearly $24 million. Still, they have over $8 million in salary-cap space. Markov seeks a two-year, $12 million contract and the Canadiens (and apparently, every other NHL club) won’t meet that demand. However, if he lowers his asking price, the Habs have the room to bring him back. 

SPORTSNET: Luke Fox reports New Jersey Devils left wing Taylor Hall likes the moves his club made this summer and doesn’t think they’re finished. “We’ve got some good pieces. I don’t think they’re done by any means. I think there’s some things they’re still looking to do,” Hall said. Fox notes the Devils have roughly $19.42 million in salary-cap space with only restricted free agents Damon Severson and Stefan Noesen to re-sign. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Devils need help on defense and GM Ray Shero is reportedly keen to address that issue. Free agent options include Andrei Markov, Francois Beauchemin and Cody Franson. Shero might have better luck via the trade market in September, as he has some depth in prospects to offer up as trade bait to cap-strapped clubs looking to shed salary before the start of the season. 

THE TENNESSEAN: Adam Vingan reports Nashville Predators GM David Poile maintains he’s not touching his defense in the near future. The Preds carry eight defenseman for 2017-18 and Vingan speculates that provides the club with trade chips if an opportunity to improve the roster presents itself. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Poile seems especially unwilling to move top-four defensemen such as Roman Josi, P.K. Subban, Ryan Ellis and Mattias Ekholm. 



  1. Only way Rangers buyout Staal is if they have a possible trade for a center and they need cap space. Otherwise, pretty sure Staal nmc goes partial next year. Makes more sense to keep him and Holden as they work in younger players. As season goes on maybe if you don’t play Staal so much he asks for a trade. Holden is on a good contract and will also have more value at trade deadline. By then maybe younger guys step up.

    • hearing that the Rangers may look to move Holden for a center. Instead of moving Holden how about Staal (2 million retained translates to 3.7) and a pick to the Leafs for Bozak (4.2) and either Marincin (1.45) or Marchenko (1.45)? Rangers get their center and cheaper option than buying out Staal, Toronto gets a veteran dman and free’s up ~2 million towards signing of Brown. Fehr may end up on waivers to enable the Leafs to have the coin to sign Brown and if not claimed then he comes back up when the season starts and Lupul and Horton go on LTI.

      • I can’t see ny taking on 5.6 in salary, while holding 2 on Staal. Just trading Holden seems like the easier / cheaper option. This deal would leave NY with almost no wiggle room. It’s basically turning Staals deal (5.7 )into a 7.6 problem.

        Moving Holden for a 3rd or 4th line center will be a wash.

  2. I totally agree with Slick62. Not buying out Staal makes the most sense for the Rangers. Let the kids play before assuming they are all NHL ready. Defensemen take the longest time to develop, and Staal is already developed. Besides Staal becomes even more valuable now without Girardi.
    I also feel they moved up in the draft to select Andersson with the intention to play him this year. If he makes the team out of training camp and becomes the C they need, then they don’t have to trade or buyout anyone.

    • I agree. Anderssson will be given every opportunity to make this team having played the last 2 years in Sweden in the men’s league, if not NHL ready perhaps UFA signing Lettieri coming out of 4 years of college or 1 of Tambellinni, Fogarty or Fontaine gets a shot. NYR will have close to 3 mil to address the issue should they choose to do so coming out of camp. They might also just grab a #4 C off waivers when teams start pairing down their rosters & waiving players to get to the 23 man roster limit.

      No need to expend Holden who essentially played as NYR’s #2 Dman last season & did so very well for peanuts.

  3. Nashville Josi, Ekholm and Ellis cost an average of $3.41, still have Ekholm for 5yrs at $3.75 is there any better deal in the NHL for 3 of your top 4 dman. I can see why he be in no rush to move any dman. If needed though what a return they could fetch with those cap friendly numbers. This team is well position and has a lot of team friendly contract, will the same be said for Ryan Johansen or will he break the mold at $7m plus?

  4. Poile would be crazy to even consider moving Subban, Jossi, Ellis, or Ekholm. He has exactly what everybody else wants a top four D that excels. I am sure some in Nashville think that a run with Falia and Johansen not injured would make a big difference. They have all the pieces they need to continue to contend for the forseeable future. Maybe goaltending will need to be addressed but Rinne was solid overall this spring.

    • Juuse Saros looks to be the heir apparent to Rinne & his development ties in perfectly with Rinne’s contract expiring. He has an iuncredible year both in the AHL & NHL although at 5’11” on the small side for goalies today.

      Going to be interesting see see Poile waive his magic wand with Ellis next summer when he can potentially be extended. Will he take a discount or get a huge payday?

  5. On a TEAM CANADA looks dreadful note: Can recently retired NHL’ers participate? Would there be reprisal from NHL/NHLPA? Sure some of the recent retirees would be better than the band of “not even AHL worthy” guys we’ve got going to the Socchi tourney.

    • Yes they can & why would the NHL or NHLPA care? They have already agreed players signed to AHL contracts can even go. If not contractually obligated toan NHL team it has nothing to do with the NHL or NHLPA.

      International hockey falls to Hockey Canada, NHL players or not.

      If Iginla, Doan or otgers aren’t signed I hope they go & help what ever team Canada ices win gold.

    • Let’s not forget the intent of the Olympics is to showcase the worlds best “amateur” athletes. The isnt supposed to be any NBA loaded USA “dream teams” or any NHL loaded Team Canadas or USA. No Williams sisters, no pro golfers, amateurs. While I admit to loving watch best on best tournaments thats what the World Cup is supposed to be for hockey and soccer. The Olympics used to be an athletes one shot at glory and sadly many have had that opportunity taken away.

      • I thought the olympics was to show case the worlds best

        Nothing about amature. Its best on best.

      • What about apparent amateur athletes who have everything paid for them so they can train, cars, housing, food, spending money, etc.. Are they amateurs?

      • Then again…. what don’t you know? Ready to say Miller never played center?? Two days ago you said u never said it!!!? Nah you won’t….. anyway….. the now? You just got done loving on the Nashville arvidson deal? So now 1 year is too small of a window? Lmao more proof u talk out of both sides of ur a_s

  6. Spooner for Holden

    • Boston has no room in their top 6 for Holden. Then there is the business side of the deal. Holden is a UFA next summer. If Spooners deal is only for 1 year he will still be an RFA coming out of it.

      I like both these players & if not for the above issues a decent trade proposal. A similiar fit for NYR may be found with someone else but Holden has value to NYR he made a good partner for McDonagh for extended periods last season.

      • Spooner plus plus maybe for Holden spooner has virtually no trade value at this point in time

      • Especially after just being given a 1 year deal at worth $2.825 million off the cap. Can’t see too many teams wanting to gamble close to $3 mil for a smallish C who gets bumped off the puck easily, just scored 11 goals and 28 assists in 78 games and was a healthy scratch for a couple of playoff games.

      • Spooner can be an asset, he is a 3rd line center and pp specialist, playing him on wing is like putting lipstick on a pig. If JFK earns the 3C job then Spooner will be shopped. Teams looking to improve their PP should be interested.

      • Yikes ,… pp specialist… that sounds an awful lot like Pirri part deux! And we all know how well that worked out in NY. You could actually feel AV’s hate for that guy. He was still playing full time in NY when I said a healthy team would be the last you see of his face on that bench.

      • I used that same example of pirri a couple days ago about spooner and look where pirri is playing now, spooner is on his last legs in the NHL

      • I disagree. No comparison between these 2 players. This was essentially Spooner’s sophomore season. Pirri played the same # of NHL games over a far greater period.

        Boy you guys sure like to live in the now. I year doesn’t define a players career nor abilities.

      • Yet another thing you are very wrong about striker you love the arviddison deal yet that is one good yr? Instead of just deflecting with a long drawing out comment why don’t you explain the difference?

  7. Is Marc Staal a bad player now or just overpaid?

    • Just overpaid in today’s cap world. Ideally he would be around 3.75 to 4.25 as a 2nd paring guy playing solid shut down minutes & only have 2 years remaining not 4.

    • Just overpaid for his ability level. Still a decent d-man but lack of speed and offensive creativity make his contract difficult to carry and next to 8mpossible to move without dead money coming back in cash or equally poor contract.

  8. I would say call up Vegas and offer Staal and a 2nd rd pick for Eakin (ideal 3rd line center) and Stoner (7th dman to play more youth)

    • I solid solution for NYR but is Desharnais really suited for 4th line minutes & what does Vegas really gain out of that? Stoner only has 1 year left so they get to dump his salary but Staal is signed to a huge cap hit for 4 more years & is just another LH Dman similar although some what better than what they have now.

      Based on how McPhee choose to draft they have no interest in winning games now & Staal would be an upgrade to most Dman they have now. I’m not certain Eakin’s will even play C in Vegas unless injuries hit. He may well line up as the #3 RW with Karlsson at C & help with draws much like Thornton & Pavelski sharing the faceoff circle.

      I solid proposal & if NYR were willing to eat some significant salary might be plausible.

      • I think McPhee wants to be competitive. Staal would be top 4 on this team along with Theodore, Schmidt and Miller. Staal is still better than Stoner, Engelland, Sbisa, Reinhart, Hunt, Merrill, McNabb and maybe Garrison.

        NYR can keep Stoner or buy him out to clear space but I think it better he play the 7th Dman and let the young kids play bottom pair with Holden OR be sent down to get more ice time rather than sit in the press box.

        Think McPhee would give up a 3rd line player for a top 4 dman to ensure more stability in front of MAF. Even as slow footed as Staal is he is still faster than Stoner and many of Vegas Dmen

      • IF NYR eats salary then Stoner cannot come back in the trade and the 2nd rd pick would have to be downgraded significantly.

      • Stoner isn’t allowed to be bought out. Any player acquired in the expansion draft isn’t eligible to be bought out for at least 1 year.

  9. NY Rangers are working on a deal to bring in Tyler Bozak from the maple leafs.