Oilers Re-Sign Connor McDavid

by | Jul 5, 2017 | News, NHL, Rumors | 36 comments

Edmonton Oilers sign Connor McDavid to an eight-year contract extension.

The Edmonton Oilers today announced the signing of team captain Connor McDavid to an eight-year, $100 million contract extension.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: McDavid’s new deal goes into effect on July 1, 2018. The annual average value is $12.5 million, eclipsing the previous league high of $10.5 million shared by Chicago Blackhawks stars Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews.

It’s also been reported that $86 million of that $100 million is a signing bonus. If the salary cap for 2018-19 remains at $75 million, McDavid’s cap hit will take up 16.6 percent of the Oilers’ salary cap space.  

The only surprising news here is McDavid’s new deal is actually worth a little less than the $13.25 million that he was originally rumored to receive. He apparently wasn’t comfortable with it being that much and settled for a little less.  

Most Oilers fans are likely rejoicing over this deal, and for good reason. After nearly three decades of seeing their best players depart because the Oilers couldn’t, or wouldn’t, pay up to retain them, McDavid’s new contract ensures he’s not going anywhere after his entry-level contract expires next year.

They’ve also got him locked up throughout the bulk of his playing prime. So unless something happens where McDavid or the Oilers seek a trade, he’ll be in Edmonton until he’s 29.

McDavid’s critics, of course, will be quick to pounce upon this as yet another example of a greedy young player taking on far too much money when he hasn’t really established himself yet as a true NHL superstar. It’s the same nonsense that was aimed at Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby a decade ago when he signed a five-year deal worth $8.7 million per season.  

Some will say McDavid should’ve left more money on the table to ensure the Oilers could build up the talent base around him. TSN’s Scott Cullen has the perfect retort: 



The bottom line is McDavid was the NHL’s best player during the 2016-17 regular season. He’s got the Hart Trophy, Art Ross Trophy and Ted Lindsay Award to prove it.

Over the next nine seasons, McDavid could become the NHL’s best player, piling up more individual honors and perhaps a Stanley Cup championship or two. The Oilers certainly seem to believe it. 

Nobody forced them to make this move. They did it happily, with no apparent concern over possible salary-cap issues down the road. If they have any worries, they’re keeping them well hidden. 

To paraphrase pro wrestler Ric Flair, “To play the man, you gotta pay the man.” The Oilers want McDavid playing in Edmonton for a long time and were willing to pony up the big bucks to make it happen.

Time will tell if McDavid’s big contract is worth it. If he becomes the league’s dominant player for the next decade and brings a Stanley Cup championship back to Edmonton during that time, it’ll be money well spent. 



  1. Good deal all around. Not sure if all edm fans will rejoice though. Sooo many of them were insisting the deal would be far less. If there was ever a offer sheet candidate it would have been him. Same reason pitt signed Crosby asap .

  2. Can’t complain about this really.

  3. I think most Edmonton fans will be happy for the moment. If Draisaitl gets 8-10 it will choke them to death. This will put them at 60-62 million next year on 13 players. I don’t see the cap moving very much if at all next year. It’s going to be hard to navigate around this without making some serious moves.
    He wasn’t comfortable taking 13.25 so being the nice guy he is he left 750k on the table! What a nice guy!

    Before this gets misconstrued, as things usually do here. I fully understand what Mcdavid is, and what he will be. I’m just pointing out how this will seriously effect them in the near future.

    • Ya no team can pay 2 players big money. Pits 3 cups, Chi, 3 cups, LA , 2 cups.
      Lets not forget that the oil have a good D core and only 1 guy getting over 5 in the next 3 years. So I don’t think the cap will be an issue for at least 4 – 5 years. oilers will have their 2 – 3 cups by then.

      • How many of Chicagos cups have come since Kane and Toews signed those deals? How many in LA since Kopitar signed his? Where have these two teams been in the last 2 years? Somewhere in between not good enough and cap hell.

        Edmonton hasn’t won anything, and what they will or won’t win is anybody’s guess. But just that , guess. Again, 13 players will chew up 60-62 per. If the cap stays at 75 that’s not a lot to round out your roster. That’s an average of 1.44 just to get 22 players. You know a lot of good players under 2 per? I don’t.

        I did put a disclaimer in there that I was just pointing out the cap ramifications. It’s not personal.

      • I think a pyramid sceme is a better analogy than the stock market. All the guys on the top get rich, while the guys on the middle and bottom get screwed. And much like any bubble, eventually it’s going to burst. I’m guessing that burst will be the looming lockout in a few years.

      • Yeah, it’s not like there’s any competition in the league. Two or three cups is guaranteed.

    • I think the number with McDavid is ok. I think the challenge will be if McDavids contract makes Draisaitl’s contract higher than it should be. I agree that will make it tough capwise going forward. I don’t see it a problem in the near term, however, but when they have to resign some of the guys on ELCs right now, it could be a problem.

      • That’s all I was trying to get at. Thanks!

    • Its funny how every year im told the cap won,t rise. Every year it does. Sure the union uses an escalator but it rises. There will be a new team generating more revenue to put in the pot this year.

      The cap will certainly rise again next year.

      Yet its like the stock market. Their are dips but if you invest for the long term you will notice that it dips up and down year to year yet always in the end it ends up higher than it was long before.

      Im quite confident in 8 years even with a dip for a few years the cap will be what it is today and likely much higher.

      Yet new CBAs can reconfigure the math. But if so rhe entire league will be adjusted to condorm.

      This contract is a ‘no brainer’ from both sides. I would of given the extra 750k with out hesitation.

      • Like the stock market? Lol. With the Canadian dollar hurting, I don’t see it really going up much or at all next year. And not much over the next 3-4. Over the last 4 years the cap hasn’t had any significant rise. Basically 5 million over that span. 1.25 per. A lockout is looming in the near future. Why assume everything will be great with the above noted storms brewing.

    • I agree Nyr4life. This is not really McDavid’s fault. He did put in all the work to become the next best player in the world. But nobody can argue that his contract, or others like it, put no strain on management to ice a balanced team. It just does, look at Chicago and Puttsburgh despite their successes. Edmonton is banking on Charielli being able to manage this effectively and I think he will. Maybe the owners should push for a franchise players’ to not exceed 15% of the salary cap. This would fix the issue and take the pressure off guys like McDavid to “settle for less”.

      • I don’t blame Mcdavid. I just despise how he’s being painted for leaving 750k on the table . Like he did them a favor by leaving enough on the table to make room for elc deal!

        And others painting the picture of him signing this deal from pressure from the Nhlpa!

        Side note: I wonder if the nhlpa illuminati have a hit out on Stamkos, Hedman, and Shattenkirk because they took deals for millions less than they could have?

  4. It boggles my mind that people expected him to take a huge pay cut to make the team better. It isn’t on the players to do stuff like that, and the NHLPA and league probably frown upon it. Its the responsibility of management to build a championship club, and the two top modern juggernauts paved the road to the cup with a duo of highly paid stars. One could argue that the Oilers pair is the best of the lot, which is saying something. It aggravates me that people expect players to do this. Its easy for us to leave 4+ million on the table when it is someone else’s money.

    • How exactly would one argue that Draisital is better than Malkin?

      Calder. Two Art Ross. Conn Smythe. Hart. Three Cups. Point a game player over his career.

      • Good point MG. Why does Malkin get such little respect?

      • He’s a Russian who intentionally stays in Sid’s shadow. That explains some of it.

        But, otherwise, I have no idea. Forget Top 100, he’s a top 25 player all time.

  5. Very deserving contract. Fair to both sides. Edmonton locks up their superstar for many years to come. At a very fair price for a player like McDavid. Although he was the top scorer this year, he’s not yet the best player. Sid is still #1. McDavid second.

    • The expectation is with Sid (sorry some hate nick names. I meant sidney. After all i dont personnaly know him) aging and Mcdavid entering his prime that will change

      But i get your point
      Just saying that no one claimed mcdavid to be the current best player.

  6. McGreedy gets paid. 12.5 million, add in at least 8 for Draisitl and the Oilers are screwed. 6 million for the Nuge, 6 million for Lucic, 4 million for Talbot makes for 36.6 million on only 5 players. The Soilers are now in salary cap hell with the BlackHawks and Crapitals. Only difference is the Hawks didnt pay out their top players until AFTER they won. Oilers Cup window is officially slammed shut by Conner McSelfish, lmfao.

    • haha ;you sound bitter for some reason. its a fair deal. hopefully they can get Draisaitl signed for $7.5M per

    • Sounds like a Leafs fan!

  7. Hopefully Buffalo can sign Eichel for 8.5-9 now. Holding out hope for way less for Jack because Buffalo needs talent around him.

    • The problem with these type of deals is the ripple effect they leave behind. Guys like Mathews, Eickel etc. will be setting the bar on Mcdavids contract.

      • Matthews will be the next record breaking contract.

        Eichel seems to want a bigger stage already

      • Leafs are already in a $3Million hole with the cap. Luckily Lupul comes off next year but Horton for another 3 seasons. Lou needs to be careful.

      • Oops, left the LTIR in there. If the Leafs are careful they’ll be ok. Have to think one of the young guys might have to go at some point though.

  8. If Draisaitl did not have that monster playoff he would be getting 7-7.5 and we move on.

    Does Leon sign a bridge and leave money on the table now or can he say no to a 8million x 7 year deal?

  9. Well I get the various points with being greedy and all. I mean, try taking your dang family to one of these games, it’s just a pain in the butt anymore especially if you have to work the next day. Parking fees, crazy food prices inside the arena , then if your team loses you go out and takes an hour to leave the area! But I don’t have an issue with stars making millions, it is clearly getting out of hand. At least it is not like sorry basketball that Golden State punk gets 40 million then James tweets it should be 80 million a year? If that is the case dip sh.t, then Mcdavid should get 90 million a year. There does seem to be some relevance to having 2 major stars up front, and try to get your 2 D studs then just fill out the team the best you can after that while trying to keep a solid Goalie around. But it will get almost impossible to keep depth players especially making 5 million and upwards with those massive deals. Hey , I’m and Avs fan so I’m still waiting to enjoy some kind of playoff run before I die!

  10. Nugent HAS to move now

  11. Absolutely no one comes to a game to watch Patrick Maroon or Andrej Sekera.

    People like McDavid are not overpaid. They pay for themselves and then some.

  12. Where’s oilfan?

  13. The more I see these signings that happened in the last 7 days and will happen in the future – as a Bruin fan I can’t believe how awesome the Marchand signing was. Are you frigging kidding me WoW what a buy.

    • As a Stars fan I can say the same thing for Seguin’s and Klingberg’s deal. Seems like those are in the past now. Luckily Stars have two more years with the hefty discount for Segs. Nill will probably extend him after this season which will kick in after the Spezza contract runs out.

  14. What about JT? Come on Garth time to pony up….

  15. Oilers won’t be able to to keep there core players if the cap stays flat


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