Stars Sign Alexander Radulov

by | Jul 3, 2017 | News, NHL, Rumors | 28 comments

Dallas Stars sign right wing Alexander Radulov to a five-year deal.

The Dallas Stars signed right wing Alexander Radulov to a five-year, $31.25 million contract. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Radulov’s annual salary-cap hit is worth $6.25 million. That’s up slightly from the $5.75 million he earned on a one-year deal with the Montreal Canadiens last season.

Radulov, who turns 31 on July 5, returned to the NHL in 2016-17 after a four-year absence, netting 54 points to finish second among Habs’ scorers. He was also their leading scorer (seven points) during the Canadiens’ brief appearance in the 2017 playoffs.

For months, speculation claimed Radulov sought a seven-year contract from the Canadiens for between $6- $7 million per season. Habs GM Marc Bergevin hinted yesterday that Radulov’s agent sought a significant deal but didn’t elaborate. We’ll likely learn soon enough how those demands were to the contract he signed today with the Stars.

It’s expected Radulov will skate on the Stars top line alongside Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin, where his playmaking skills could make that line even more offensively powerful. As a result, the Stars into a consistent powerhouse in the Western Conference and justify that expensive annual salary.

Radulov’s contract, however, pushes the Stars payroll to over $70 million for 2017-18. That leaves around $4 million to re-sign Radek Faksa, Jamie Oleksiak and Brett Ritchie. 

The Canadiens will miss Radulov’s offense. They already moved to address his departure, inking oft-injured former Stars right wing Ales Hemsky to a one-year, $1-million contract. At this stage in Hemsky’s career, however, he’s unlikely to suitably replace Radulov’s contributions.

This also likely means right wing Alex Galchenyuk, subject of recent trade chatter, will be retained by the Canadiens. 



  1. Stars had a great offseason and should be back in the playoffs bishop,radulov,methot and hanzal vastly improve there team

    • For certain. And laughing up their sleeve along the way at that wanna-be GM in Las Vegas who turned over Methot for a pile of nothing.

    • Stars major problems were defense, goal tending, and one way one dimensional forwards. So they got a a great goalie, if he stays healthy. Adding Methot was decent, but doesnt substantially help Bishop out in front of him on a whole. Radulov like Seguin can’t seem to find his way around his own defensive end. One selfish player is a lot, add another and that isnt a recipe for success.

      Hanzal is a career minus player on the downhill slide. His deadline aquisition by Minn didnt help them in the playoffs at all. Dont see him providing anything significant to the Stars.

      Stars can score goals. That wasnt an issue for them so adding Radulov i don’t see the value, especially at that term. They need D and strong back checking forwards.

      • Hanzal has played for Arizona so I wouldn’t worry about his minus, watching him play he is a solid two way centerman. Bishop is a huge upgrade as well as methot and radulov will set up with benn very nicely

      • If you had more goals scored against than scored for, you fix it by doing one of two things: score more goals or allow fewer goals. Dallas is doing both. Better goaltending, and more pucks at the other goal.

      • Agreed completely goodwood.

      • Watch for Methot to do for Klingberg what he did for Karlsson – give him room to make offensive plays while not worrying about the situation behind him. He was one of the main reasons the Sens got t within a double-OT goal of advancing to the finals. A “fluke” – I know, I know – that’s the popular theory from some who can’t tell their butts from their elbows. He will help Bishop a helluva lot more than you think.

  2. Hemsky?? File that under Desperate.

    • True

    • 1 year, 1 million dollars… how is that desperate? At that price tag it is pretty much a depth signing…..

      • Ya 1 yr 1 mill isn’t desperate over 6 for 3 yrs for a 38 yr old is desperate

      • If you mean taking up space in the recovery room for $ “just” 1 mil – well, yeah.

      • It’s “desperate” in that Bergevin tossed $1 million at a guy who is a walking injury waiting to happen, in an attempt to appease a fan base outraged over the loss of Radulov, and in an attempt to patch over the loss of a key offensive piece in Montreal.

      • Wouldnt Drouin be the peice to replace radulov and hemsky be depth for the injured reserve?

    • Methot’s tires (and wallet) have been pumped by playing along side the consecutive Norris nominee. Karlsson’s numbers( Corsi and PPG) have been better playing alongside Dion and Freddy Cleasson. .

  3. According to Marleau`s agent, 17 teams were in on Marleau. San Jose wouldn`t offer 3 yrs, only 3 other teams would. Obviously Toronto was one, the other 2 were Dallas and Montreal. All 4 teams offered similar salary packages, so it came down to Marleau picking Toronto over Dallas and Montreal. Radulov as per Arpon Basu managing editor at LNH signed the same contract with Dallas as he turned down in Montreal 3 days earlier. Montreal made an offer to Joe Thornton, got turned down. Made a pitch for Illya Kovalchuk, but Montreal is on his no go list (mind you only 3 teams on that list, Toronto is no.1). Agent Allan Walsh says that Europeans can defer vast portions of their income until they retire and pay a flat tax of 25% called a RCA (retirement compensation agreement) so taxes can`t be used as an excuse. So if Toronto`s desperate, what the hell is Montreal then. There`s always Jagr, at least if Montreal signs Jagr, he wouldn`t be holding back an up and coming prospect.

    • Of course the agent said that, its his job. The reason he went to Toronto is because they paid way way WAY to much for 3 yrs! That’s a desperate signing no questions asked

      • Sounds like the Bruins fan is jealous of Toronto not surprised

      • Lol jealous of what?

      • Also if you haven’t caught in BBB is a habs fan

  4. Habs might look into Kovy? Big body, can still score. Shero won’t ask much…..

    • Who’s “Kovy” – someone you know? If you mean Kovalchuk then say so. He might be “Kovy” to his teammates or close friends but none of us in here qualify on either count.

      • Seriously george. Players ve nicknames even fans can use. Its been a long going traditoon to shorter names and nothi g prevents a fan from doing the same.

        As a Sens fan you shoukd realise this.

        Alfy is alfy haha (alfredsson)
        Heater was Healtey
        Borocop is borweicki
        Zbad is Zebinajad
        Ek65 is karlsson
        God is Alfresson

        Etc etc

  5. Montreal is done. Loosing Sergachev will hurt them in a long way. Loosing Radulov will hurt them next season. But hey, we have Pacioretty….. if they wont sign anyone else, no play off in Montreal

  6. It’ll be interesting what Bergevin says about this. He said he gave the team’s final offer and a TSN article said he came back with an add’l year after Radulov agreed with the Stars.

  7. I still think that Dallas blinked regarding Radulov. They should have let him sit on the decision a bit. How many teams really competed to offer upwards of 5 year contract @ $6.25M? Were there two teams maybe? If Montreal maxed out at 4 years for similar dollars, in a market with really high tax, then why would Dallas give additional year for the same dollars in a much lower tax climate?

  8. Drouin/Hemsky to replace Radulov minutes and points? Alzner to replace Markov minutes and points? Price getting ten million per? Seems like GM of the year Marc Bergevin is putting all his eggs in the Patches, Turtleneck and Gallagarb basket yet again. Weve already seen this movie and know how it ends. Outside of Bungling Jimmy running the Dim Jim Expresstrain to Lotterytown in Vancouver Bergevin has to be the worst GM in the NHL. How does a team lose Radulov and most likely Markov and wind up with a worse team and less cap space? Brutal, just brutal.

  9. I remember when Bergivin was an idiot for signing Radulov in the first place…

    Maybe Habs should flush their pride for the next 5 or 6 seasons and tank like certain franchises?