Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – July 16, 2017

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Could the Tampa Bay Lightning pursue New York Islanders center John Tavares?

Could the Tampa Bay Lightning make a pitch for John Tavares? Could the New Jersey Devils make another move this summer? Read out for the latest in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks asks, “Am I the only one envisioning (Tyler Johnson and Ondrej Palat) being part of the package the Lightning would offer the Islanders in exchange for John Tavares at some point this season if No. 91 remains unsigned?” 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Yes, Larry, you are the only one envisioning that scenario. 

Brooks notes the Islanders are committed to riding out the upcoming season to get Tavares under contract before his eligibility for unrestricted free agency next July. However, if Tavares reaches free agency, Brooks believes there’s “a keen sense” the Lightning will aggressively pursue him. He also feels the lack of a state tax in Florida could work to their advantage. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Tax, schmax, everyone knows all the best Ontario-born NHL players sign with the Toronto Maple Leafs, right Steven Stamkos? Oh wait…

Okay, so I’m being a bit snarky on this one. Sure, the Lightning could pursue Tavares via trade or free agency. Stranger things have happened. Honestly, though, I don’t see why the Bolts would do this.

For one thing, why would they ship out two core players recently re-signed to long-term deals? Lightning GM Steve Yzerman didn’t sign those two simply to use them as trade bait before their no-trade clauses kick in next July. He believes they can help the Bolts return to the Stanley Cup Final.

If the Lightning make this move, where does Stamkos play? Do you move him to left wing to make room for Tavares as the top-line center?

And why trade away $10.3 million in combined annual average value invested in two quality core players to spend that much, if not more, for Tavares? That move not only robs them of their best left wing and two-way forward in Palat but potentially ties up nearly $20 million in just two players, Tavares and Stamkos. And they’ll have to re-sign Nikita Kucherov to a big raise (over $8 million annually) in 2019.  

THE BOSTON GLOBE: Fluto Shinzawa speculates New Jersey Devils GM Ray Shero might not be done dealing this summer. While Shero is down two draft picks, Shinzawa thinks he has plenty of salary-cap space to pursue a deal similar to his acquisitions of Taylor Hall and Marcus Johansson.

He points out the Nashville Predators have several restricted free agents (Ryan Johansen, Viktor Arvidsson and Pontus Aberg) in need of significant raises. If they get too close to the salary-cap ceiling, Shinzawa believes Shero will be happy to help them clear some salary. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Not sure if there’s a fit there. The Devils need help on defense. While the Predators have considerable depth on the blueline, they’re not keen to move a rearguard. 



  1. That was a bit confusing up top Lyle. Is it Johnson and polit I assume?

  2. Larry Brooks needs to put down the pot pipe and worry about his Rangers. His articles are nothing but an attempt at shock and aww because his true literary skills are horrible.

  3. Couldn’t a been that bad of a theory, it got reprinted here…

  4. I am thinking if this pipe dream had some basis a Tavares deal would have to involve Kucherov.

    • Marketing wise a Kucherov or another top Russian player would be great for Brooklyn.

      I would rather have Kucherov than JT

    • TB isn’t trading Kucherov. This Tavares rumor isn’t even worth discussing. If he leaves NYI it will be as an UFA with NYI doing everything possible to try to retain him.

      There are few teams that can afford to take on a player that should see 8.5 to 10 mil per on a 7 or 8 year deal. The few that can aren’t destinations that Tavares would be willing to even consider.

      • There might be 3 or 4 possible fits at best as a UFA. Perhaps another 1/2 dozen that would bid if made available. Can’t see TB as 1 though. I’m not certain in today’s cap world 1 team can have 2 centers of this quality for long.

        The cap landscape is skewed. Going to be interesting to see how what happens now that McDavid has set a new threshold 20% above what any player was making prior. Ever star or future star is going to want similiar monies.

  5. It wouldn’t surprise me for a second if Shero made another move. The whole league knows he needs D help, and the Devils have cap space, so maybe they take back a bad forward contract and get a good young D man out of it. Stranger things have happened

    • Have they?

      Getting a Dman now will be virtually impossible. 1/2 the teams in the NHL looking & none available except for possibly NYI.

      I guess it depends on what your perception of a good young Dman is.

      • Which makes me wonder why teams like NJ didn’t – or wouldn’t – come up with a better offer than a junior goalie and a 2nd round pick 2 years away to get Methot from LV.

      • Don’t forget Methot had a no trade list which we know contained 6 Canadian teams. I’d say NJ is a very likely possibility too

  6. Why would the Leafs want Tavares? The Leafs already have better than him. I have been wondering why it took so long for the Oilers to rebuild? Its not hard, Toronto did it in one shot, so I’m being a bit snarky on this one?

    • 1967

      • Shots fired.

      • Nice one.

      • Is that 50 years, 1/2 a decade, 1 generation or all of the above. Ha-ha!

        What constitutes a rebuild being complete, making the playoffs by 1 point? For me it’s a cup contender, you don’t have to win the cup that’s very difficult but you have to be right there battling for it for several seasons.

      • Sorry that should read 1/2 a century not decade.

      • Cmon the leafs have had a bright future since 1968! Just ask their fans

    • Hahaha Maple leafs have been rebuilding since they drafted Kadri and then they thought let’s trade for Kessel he’ll speed up the process of rebuilding great job only traded away two future stars owe let’s not forget trading away Tuka Rask to Boston as well … Toronto could of been cup contenders a long time ago if they would of hired someone that said hey let’s continue finishing last and drafting on top to be cup contenders and it only took a decade or so for someone to realize that. And draft Marner and Nylander and Matthews not really rocket science a 5 year old kid would do the same when your finishing at the bottom every year … Edmonton would of won a cup by now but again dumb higher ups … always drafting Forwards when obviously they needed some Defence and the most important position in hockey Goaltending.. Tell me when was the last amazing goalie and good defence top 4 guys in Edmonton or Toronto ans … exactly you had to think about it hence why they never made the playoffs .. they have been lacking the two important positions … Pittsburgh could brag and say they win by offence no they win because they had two good goaltenders … Chicago good defence when they won…. sure you need guys to score as well but playoffs you don’t see many 8-2 scores you see more 3-2, 2-1 scores

    • Quality veterans amongst quality youth.

      The pilers failed on both ends.

      Until McDavid perhaps Draisyle Edminton hadnt drafted a ventre comparable to mathews. Who seems a stud. RNH has proven a qualitu number 2 but forced into the top spotcatcday one. Yakupov hah. Eberle and Hall were good players. Hall being the better. But nothing pyshes a team forwatd likexa top teir centre.

      Also im not convinced toronto will be better next year.

  7. Ha-ha! It only took 50 years but the future certainly looks bright moving forward. The rebuild isn’t quite over yet. Still need to find 1 more solid top 4 Dman & going to be interesting to see what happens with their cap situation with JvR, Bozak & Komorov all facing UFA status next season, all the kids to resign & Gardner a UFA the summer following.

    Not enough money to pay everyone. This window could close rapidly, the reason Tor may have signed Marleau, Moore & Hainsey. If none of the kids regress Tor’s best shot might be next 2 years.

    Going to be very interesting to see how team Shanahan manages the cap & their assets facing UFA status.

  8. There are several people who post on this site regularly that show more thought, analysis, and fact based evidence then Larry Brooks; myself not included:). I am thinking more of Striker, and George O when I make this comment. I would rely on their thoughtful more so than many of the reporters mentioned on this site. Where does this guy get this stuff?

  9. So I have read many days where people here have complained that Toronto Is mentioned When they were not part of the news in the main article. Today they were not in the news but Lyle made a snarky comment about them and started What happened in the comment section. There are many Toronto fans that come to the site, if Lyle does not want to be objective then I will not be back. As a Toronto fan you get used to people in the comments section accusing all fans of not knowing anything about hockey, even when no Toronto fan has made a suggestion like specific players coming to Toronto. At least the commentary from the person who writes this site was always objective, if that changes I will not be back, I know I don’t post often and you won’t care about one reader, but I do read the site pretty much every day. As the creator of the site you do not make snarky comments about other teams, since you seem to want to start to do that to Toronto thEn I wish you the best but I will no longer be a reader of this site.

    • Nothing wrong with Lyle having fun.
      Just like there’s nothing wrong with passionate, over zealous Maple leaf fans.
      Or any fan for rhat matter.
      We’re all just a bunch of fans having fun.
      As long as we aren’t name calling and being jerks to one another its all good.

      • Yeah, fair enough I guess. Though I have not seen comments like that about other teams. Maybe I am just having a bad day.

      • Its all good.
        No one is immune to good natured ribbing in regards to our chosen team.
        Oiler, Hab, Bruins and Rangers fans eat it regularly here.
        They can dish it out with the best of them as well.

    • Touchy. It was clearly a joke.

      If your skin is that thin perhaps you should move off this site and anything else in regards to social media.

    • This is new Todd, a leaf fan complaining about the leafs being mentioned!