Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – July 2, 2017

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Colorado Avalanche still holding firm on their asking price for Matt Duchene.

Latest on Matt Duchene, Marcus Kruger, Sami Vatanen and Jason Demers in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.

BSN DENVER: Adrian Dater reports Colorado Avalanche general manager Joe Sakic declined to comment on the trade rumors swirling about center Matt Duchene. Current speculation has the Columbus Blue Jackets pursuing a deal for the 26-year-old Duchene. Sakic, however, is standing firm on his asking price, which includes a young, established top-four defenseman. 

NEW YORK POST: Brett Cyrgalis speculates New York Islanders GM Garth Snow has a bevy of draft picks to use when the proper trade arises. “That very well could be the Avalanche’s Matt Duchene, if Colorado comes down on the asking price after the free-agency dust settles.”

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Jason Mackey reports Penguins GM Jim Rutherford continues to shop around for a third-line center to replace Nick Bonino, who signed with the Nashville Predators yesterday as a free agent. He remains confident of landing a replacement through a trade.

Mackey suggested it was possible Rutherford was playing a game of chicken with the Avs over Matt Duchene. He also wondered if perhaps Rutherford might be trying to bring Carolina Hurricanes center Jordan Staal back to Pittsburgh. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As the free-agent pool drains of notable talent in the coming days, the focus on Duchene will escalate in the rumor mill. This could drag on throughout the summer.

The Penguins currently have over $11 million in salary cap space and still must re-sign restricted free agents Brian Dumoulin and Conor Sheary, who are in line for significant raises and have arbitration rights this summer. If Rutherford is targeting a $6 million player such as Duchene or Staal, he’ll either have to get the Avs or Hurricanes to absorb part of the salary cap hit or shed some cap space to make room for that expensive contract. 

LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL: Vegas Golden Knights GM George McPhee said he has nothing to report on a potential trade in which he acquired center Marcus Kruger from the Chicago Blackhawks. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sportsnet’s Chris Johnston yesterday reported Kruger was due a $2 million signing bonus from the Blackhawks yesterday. The center was expected to be dealt after that bonus was paid. Perhaps that anticipated deal goes down later today. 

THE PROVINCE: Jason Botchford reports Florida Panthers defenseman Jason Demers reportedly nixed a deal that would’ve sent him and his $4.5 million annual cap hit to the Vancouver Canucks. It was believed the Canucks were offering up Erik Gudbranson in return. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canucks re-signed Gudbranson earlier this spring to a one-year, $3.5-million contract. Botchford reports the Panthers are quite keen to move Demers, who also carries an eight-team no-trade list. Perhaps the Panthers will find a different destination for him later this summer. 

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons reports word around the league is the Anaheim Ducks have taken defenseman Sami Vatanen off the trade block. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Vatanen was originally believed available because of salary cap constraints and the need to protect other defensemen in the expansion draft. But after cutting a deal with Vegas and shedding some salary, the Ducks now have over $69 million invested in 21 players. So, there’s no urgency now to dump salary. 



  1. if pens are to get a big fish type center hags or maatta would have to go the other way. I dont think it could be maatta because pens dont have any replacement in line unless yet another deal exists. and hags, while a useful player, is overpaid and has mixed trade value. I’d offer av’s or canes hags, 1st rounder, prospect, and pouliot see if they bite. not sure they would be interested though.

    • They didn’t bite on Hamonic and a 1st rounder+. Now Columbus supposedly has Murray , another roster player and a pick on the board for Duchene. I don’t think Sakic is even sniffing for DP or Hagelin.

      • Sakic’s sniffing something! That’s for sure! You’d think he was trading Gretzky! Look at the Trade Bait Board on TSN. Sbisa, Tanev, Demers, and Barrie; his own damn player, are all available! Sbisa is a UFA; so if you are about getting D go sign him, Demers is on a team with a self imposed budget and basically feel they have to trade him and who failed to protect decent forwards from Vegas, Barrie; we’ll just keep him, and Tanev is another D man who could certainly help that team! Any of these D men plus prospects and another forward would be a good trade for Sakic. A number of teams in the West just moved further ahead of the Avalanche, including who I have been very critical of. Not sure what this is doing; but then he goes for Bernier, and then you ask yourself; what is next year’s draft class like?

      • I meant to say including Winnipeg regarding teams I think passed the Avalanche even further yesterday.

      • Harmonic is so overrated. His stats are woeful. So I would not have done that deal either.

      • neither do I. just spitballin.

      • @Steven, so there you have it, the Jets went and addressed both their needs a goaltender and a left shot dman. How both these signings affect the team, we’ll find out later on that. I good day for Cheveldayoff for taking care of business. Personally I think he overpaid for Kulikov services but unfortunately that is what you have to do in Winnipeg some times to get the player.

      • Sakic came out & said that the trade offer of Hamonic & a 1st was never offered.

      • Sbisa is signed for 1 more year.

    • The Hurricanes are woefully thin at C already, so I can’t imagine any scenario where they deal their de-facto #1 C in Staal. If anything, I think CAR is looking to add a top end C, though they don’t seem to be available. And no, I don’t consider Duchene ‘available’ at that ridiculous price. And to further downplay that deal, CAR would run into salary cap-floor issues if Staal were to be dealt.

      • salary would have to come back and car might have to eat a mil or so to trade him for value. they are better off holding on to him for sure.

      • Carolina’s top 4 C’s are Rask, Lindholm, Staal; although logs the most TOI/GP, & Ryan.

        They have Roy, Kukkanen & Saarela coming & Teravainen or Aho can play C.

      • Give us Hanifin straight up and you probably have yourself a Duchene. This is probably the player that Sakic most desires. He would probably just do a 1 for 1 swap. He has never said, himself, that he had to have anything beyond that Top young Defenseman. But, anything below a Hanifin type player, the acquiring team is probably going to have to add to that.

      • Duchene isn’t getting you Hanafin especcially facing UFA status 2 years out. That makes it a non starter. Hanafin is team controlled for d more years. It would be Duchene + & even then I just don’t see Francis moving that asset for about a decade.

    • Plus, how could a guy that who’s career average points ( mid 40s)!making 6 million per have any value? Down year, grossly overpaid, yada yada yada

      • I like Duchene but he is being valued by his GM compared to the two players taken in front of him in his draft year. Good player not great.

  2. I think who will win the game of chicken is well summed up with Lyles note of the free agent pool drying up. I know a lot of people are questioning Sakics way/ methods but between what Columbus is rumored to have on the table, and Nashvilles move to acquire Emelin . I think he may be inching closer to his asking price.

    • Betcha the rest of his players are observing how Salic is handling Duchene. Not good for player relations and ,aintauning the locker room.

      • Colorado ownership backed the wrong horse in the Roy-Sakic power struggle. I’m no fan on Saint Patrick – but he is heads and shoulders above Sakic when it comes to hockey management. Sakic reminds me of Réjean Houle when he was GM of the Habs, hired along with Mario Tremblay as coach after the firings of GM Serge Savard and coach Jacques Demers just 2 years after winning their last cup. Disastrous.

      • 4th Hanson. Do you really think Duchene is getting his feelings hurt over the possibility of moving to Nashville or Columbus from The Avs at this point? Also, what is Joe Sakic saying by demanding such a heavy return? ” you are a player of value, we have other needs at defense to become a better team but we value you enough to not give you away ”

        It’s a business, and every player is well aware of that. Loungo went through it for how many years? Hamonic went through this all year last year, Nash went through this in Columbus, Eberle, RNh in Edmonton….. it’s all part of the business. If they’re going to get their feelings hurt over it, perhaps they should have chosen a different career path.

      • You nor anyone else has any idea what the true relationship with Duchene and Sakic really is. Everyone is so quick to assume it’s estranged because that is only what the media would have you to believe. I’m pretty confident knowing both as I do that the reality of that relationship is far from estranged.

      • NYR5- I never said Duchene was getting his feelings hurt. I am more concerning over dangling a core player out there as trade bait for an indefinite period. It has to have a negative effect on the team and the player. This isn’t about a new contract for the player – the business side. Keep him or trade him.

      • All that being said, I still get max value or keep him! It’s still part of the business, what’s the worst that happens… they use this as an excuse to be a terrible team? Lol. I don’t think they can play that card!

  3. Hey Caper,
    I agree with you. My frustration with Winnipeg comes from my desire to see ALL Canadian teams be competitive. They are SO close yet so far away at times. Do you think they got Kulikov because a Trouba deal might be in the works?

    • Steven, personally I don’t think the Kulikov signing has anything to do with Trouba. The jets needed a left shot dman to go with Enstrom (1yr left on his contract) and Morrissey.
      There is still a problem with Byfuglien, Myers and Trouba all plaing on the right side. Not enough ice time to go around? Trouba is ni his last year at $2.8 with arbitration rights will be in for a significant raise. Does Buff or Myers move to their off side in 2018 (Enstrom contract expires). Was Trouba being straight forward with his request? If the answer to that question is yes, then he’ll be resigned to a long term lucrative deal. If the answer is no, then that’s a relativity Winnipeg must deal with. Then it becomes who’s the trade partner, who can bring what Winnipeg wants. The best trade partner would be a team with an abundance of left shot defenseman but are in need of a right shot dman. Winnpeg is solid up front and would need a defenseman back for Trouba and if it’s a righty for a righty why ae you making that trade? not that it couldn’t happen. I just see it being a righty for a lefty.
      In the end I hope Trouba stays in Winnipeg, if not go to Boston but they don’t have a suitable proven lefty at this time.

      • Thank you Caper. I hope Trouba stays there too. Do you think Mason is a good fit with the Jets? I think he may be the right guy to push Hellebuyck to greater heights.

      • I’m glad Winnipeg brought in a veteran to buy Hellebuyck a cushion to develop & take off some of the preasure. Would have preffered a cheaper option but I like Mason.

  4. Duchene’s feelings aren’t being hurt nor is Sakic a bad GM. He has only been 1 for 3 years, 2 spent with player personal decissions made by 2 people.

    I have maintained i don’t trade Duchene unless the offer is to good to refuse.

    This is a business. How did Yzerman fair retaining Drouin? Could we just sub your opinion of Sakic with Yzerman here George? Drouin returned with his tail between h8s legs completed the season & helped TB take Pit to 7 games in the conference final & were 1 skate blade ironically Drouin’s from winning that series. Drouin played great last season as I told you he would & has since been flipped for a stup prospect Dman. A year & a 1/2 later. This situation pails is nothing like that.

    Keep Duchene, Sakic should retain him unless he gets what he wants, he is a great player as his .73 PPG’s attest to. Yes he had a bad season. It happens. The chances it happens again are very ulikely. Colorado is already a far better team than the 1 that was iced to start & Colorado played the vast majority of the season with last season.

    That said tgey aren’t a playoff team but they will score 40 goals min more than last season & be well above 48 points. Think like 75 to 80 min.

    • Give it up – Colorado and Sakic ain’t hiring you as a reward for your unyielding support.

      • I support most people George but not all. I judge people on facts not the flavor of the week.

        Time will tell as always George & you will be proved wrong yet again. Sakic isn’t going any where. Duchene may well should Sakic get an offer to his liking. If not he won’t & that is my preference but D help is badly needed.

        It’s called a rebuild. Sakic isn’t trading Duchene just for the sake of trading him. He get’s the value he is worth or he stays. Most of you here want to judge Duchene playing on the worst team in the NHL last year, not his body of work or pedigree.

        I’m sick of the rumors also but that’s the world we live in.

      • I thought the TSN panel said it best yesterday. Colorado iced one of the worst teams in history last year. Sakic will be removed from his position by the end of the season next year. I agree George, Striker is continuously on the band Wagon of sakic. They are a disaster. Even the prospects other than jost are mediocre.

      • We’ll see but I doubt it. Nor do I agree with your assesment of their prospect pool. They have done quite well considering their draft position & are developing them properly in Jr & the AHL before bringing them to the NHL.

        It was ok for Arz, Buf Car & Tor to be brutal in their rebuilds but not Col? This doesn’t make sense to me. Colorado was dead last & ended up dropping to 8th.they didn’t have the same luxury odds of selecti g 1st overall that any of these other teams had.

      • Wrong yet again??? Like, your record is perfect??? Jaysus man – don’t look now but some of your “fact-backed” pronouncements have been shot so full of holes by so many in here it make Swiss cheese look like a solid rock.

      • I read these comments every day. And I am biased for the Avs, but Striker has been the fairest to this situation and Sakic. Everyone else immediately jumped on the viscous bandwagon against Sakic. But at least Strike has maintained an open mind on Sakic. I applaud him for knowing the history that Sakic inherited with the GM position and for giving Sakic and the Avs the benefit of the doubt.

        And the past few days people are starting to come around and find a little respect for Sakic and afford him a little leeway. Today it seems like Nyr4life has softened his stance some and is trusting his own intuition more on Sakic. As Sakic speaks up about this people are beginning to feel a little more comfortable with his stance and GM abilities.
        I just would like for people to remain open-minded about the heresay that goes on in the NHL and then make judgement when the facts are in. Instead of joining in on the lynch mob and then coming around when the facts come in. I think Frankenstein would applaud me here.

      • Striker, the hockey news has the avalanche prospect pool ranked 14th. When taken in consideration the average draft position they have them rank 21st. Which is not very good considering they have hit rock bottom in the standings

      • George.

        I say when I’m wrong openly & willingly. I am wrong on occassion. Just right far more often.

        You don’t like Sakic. All good. I may or may not. I’m undecided. He’s only had the GM title for 3 years & for 2 with Roy as VP of hockey Op’s & according to someone I respect Bob mackenzie authority for all player personal decissions. Roy that is. I’m giving Sakic at least 2 more years, probably 3 before I tar & feather him.

        As for Colorado’s prospect rankings in THN Future watch. What is or isn’t a prospect in their rankings is odd. There is no consistency. Nor am I saying it’s stellar but decent & only 2 of those Sakic has acquired either in the draft or trade have been regulars yet, Rantanen for 1 year & zadarov for 2/3rd’s. Numerous will be in the NHL next season.

        As always lets revist then.

        Streamfisher. Thanks for the kind words & support but I can handle George & his kind. He has selective memory at least when it’s working at all & at the 1st push back he reorts to personal barbs as he’s got nothing to back his bluster up with. Just hot air.

      • Striker you are wrong a lot, maybe in your mind your not but everyone on here knows different

      • No Bigbadbruins I haven’t. You just feel I have. When I’m wrong I say so. It happens just not often.

  5. Players only care about what is going on in the closed dressing room. All the rest is just noise…..Duchene needs to get dealt before next season. Nothing else but than to help the organization. A 4-5 defence-man, a #1 round or multiple picks and second/third line forward provides the Av’s depth and more than Duchene’s contribution. This potential trade is a watershed deal for Sakic and Colorado

    • No it isn’t. Duchene is a very good player but watershed deal?

      Trade rumors dog some players Duchene isn’t the 1st nor will he be the last.

      It’s just a trade that may or may not happen. It really doesn’t matter either way.

      I like Colorado better with Duchene than with out unless the right assets can be had. I don’t like the current rumor with Columbus. A young injury prone Dman & ? It better be a ton of ? to make it work for me.

    • We won’t really know how good/bad Sakic does until a deal is done. I have no issue with him wanting to get value, however I do think it’s a mistake to go into next season with Duchene unless nobody would pay a good value.

      It is puzzling to me that Colorado is drawing a hard line on the type of asset they want in return, they iced a god awful team last year, and their prospect pool is ok, but definitely not so deep in any area that they should be too picky about the types of assets as long as they are getting value.

      My biggest issue with Sakic is the perception that he doesn’t have a clear plan, much like in Vancouver. If Duchene had been traded for Hamonic + (forget what was offered, just giving a scenario), is Colorado going to make good use of Hamonic?

      Colorado doesn’t need a ton of years before being competitive, but they aren’t a piece or two away, and next year isn’t going to be very good either, so I would think their price should be whatever the biggest haul of assets you can get. I would think in the Avs situation they would want prospects, picks, ELC or bridged NHLers. If they want to add to the D pipeline, pick teams that can afford giving D prospects who are close. Maybe this is what Sakic ends up getting, but it’s not the perception he is giving off.

      • If you have been reading Joe’s quotes since the season ended, and his latest quotes on BSN Denver, you would see that Sakic has a very good idea of where he wants to take this team, their new draft philosophy, and why just a good 4-5 and some extras just won’t work. He himself has laid all these answers out. Sakic has never put Duchene up for a trade. Duchene is only made available if the Avs can get back that “Top young Defenseman that has been established and currently playing in the NHL.”
        {Sakic,I think, is Looking for a Hanifin, Ellis, Ekholm, type player. He has stated that he wants someone who can play top pairing that is under 26 and can grow with the young roster. (And this thinking is just my own insight based on what Sakic has said himself.)}
        [See how easy that was to say-TSN Hockey Insiders]

  6. Rutherford is a big game hunter, so it wouldn’t shock me, but…I really hope they aren’t going after Duchene or Jordan.

    Trading Maatta, after seeing the prices for mediocre UFA defensemen yesterday, would be insane.

    Trading Sid’s winger wouldn’t make much sense, either. With one *…if Sheary’s agent is making crazy and adamant contract demands, then Conor becomes very expendable very quickly.

    I’d rather find a younger, cheaper guy with upside. Mike Colligan suggested Radek Faksa after the Stars got Hanzal. Teravainen’s name has been out there. Same with Erik Haula.

    I’d try to see what I could get for some combination of Wilson and/or Kuhnhackl and/or picks.

  7. A few observations.

    Why did McPhee not know there was no market for all the Dman he selected? These deals should have been set or his draft strategy different. He has to eat 1.25 to move Emelin for a 3rd & can only get a 2nd for Methot! Good luck moving Sbisa if that’s the return on those 2 solid top 4 Dman.

    The expansion draft was a dud but some very interesting developments since, Chi trying to rebuild the 2013-14 Blackhawks, Arz finally deciding to take a step up & boy have some teams seriously improved themselves entering day 1 of the UFA market & some not.

    At 1st blush I really like what Arz, Cal, Buf, NYR, StL & Win have done & a few others. I’m at a loss to explain what Flo, Phi or MTL are doing.

    I had both conferences far tighter to start last season. Not point tanking it any more with only an 18.7% chance in the new lottery weightings. Both conferences will be even tighter next season. Making the playoffs is no easy feat.

    • Arizona was a massive shake up, and if timed right with rookies breaking out is at least an exciting shake up as well. It’s nice to see a GM kind of go for it. Calgary made nice simple improvements, so with healthy forwards, they should be confident in competing for their division. The Rangers made some significant changes, and getting shattenkirk on a 4 year deal for less than $7M should feel like a win.

      I like the Mason signing, but am not at all sold on the Kulikov signing. He hasn’t been worth that kind of money to this point in his career, still has some upside, but I am somewhat unsure of the end game. Who is the odd man out in the top 4? Are they committing over $4M a year to a bottom pairing defensemen? Buffalo has had a good summer, and the Scandella deal was massive value for virtually nothing.

      Florida is a mess, and sounds like they are willing to make more mistakes if they are treating Demers as a cap dump type of move. I actually don’t mind Philly’s summer. I think they sold high on Schenn, and bought very low on Lehtera to maximize value and actually cut cap space and commitment. Schenn has basically been a solid top 9 forward, but gets a lot of PP time. This has value, but he isn’t a great center, and at his current cap hit, he isn’t a massive bargain. Also, with Patrick coming on, there was a good chance he is losing a lot of PP time going forward, so maxmizing Schenn’s value now, while getting a forward who can take over his normal top 9 role for a little less money going forward seems like a really smart move overall.

      Montreal is still a big ? mark as I don’t think they can be done. If they are, they have accomplished a funny little shell game that got them nowhere. Their D isn’t better, their offence isn’t better, and now they don’t have their top prospect. That could quickly change if Radulov all of a sudden signs for a reasonable term and dollars, but right now it’s hard to see the on ice product as immediately better.

      Drouin is a great addition, but with Radulov taken right back out, it’s hard to see it being that much better offensively. Alzner’s signing wasn’t bad, as the term and dollars were less than I thought, but he doesn’t make up for Markov, Emelin, Bealieu, and potentially having Sergechev fighting for minutes.

      Minnesota has probably made the worst decisions in the offseason for me though. Their protection list without having a deal done was horrendous, and I have no idea why they didn’t end up paying much more to fix it. The Scandella deal doesn’t make a lot of sense for me. The swapping of Ennis for Pomminville just doesn’t feel like a win to me, and that isn’t a lot of value for Scandella. The majority of the cap space they saved in the deal was Scandella’s salary.

      For me the most surprising thing this summer has been the expansion prices. They started high, and teams with pre-negotiated deals seemed to pay more than teams without them in a couple of cases. Also, the value of D was much lower than I expected overall. Some of the biggest names were not really made available after, and I have been saying I didn’t think they would be at all based on the price Edmonton paid last summer, but I didn’t expect the values to be on the low side. Hamonic went for a price around what I thought value-wise, and Sergechev received great value, but Methot and Scandella went for much less than expected, Theodore was moved for protection, several decent young D moved for 2nd round picks or less, and Alzner and Shattenkirk didn’t get the salaries or term many expected (Although Shattenkirk reportedly left a lot on the table somewhere).

      • The leafs have had the worst offseason overpaying hainsey and why even bother picking him up he doesn’t address their needs for a defensive dman? And Moore? Why not let a young guy come in? There is a reason Lou hasn’t won anything since the cap was implemented

      • Habs,ducks and sharks have had great offseasons getting some of the big guys signed like drouin,price,fowler,vlasic and jones

      • I thought The Yotes got the most for the least, and will probably be the most improved team come season start. And,if Tippett was still on board, I would’ve felt comfortably optimistic that they could make the playoffs. Depending on the new coach, I still might.

      • Bigbadbruins. Youth needs veteran leadership & those assets can be flipped for picks aproaching the tradedeadline over the next 2 seasosn.

        Hansey is still a solid defensive minute muncher that can play a top 4 shut down role & Moore a solid 4th line C. I like both acqusitions for Tor.

      • Steamfisher, yeah I really like what Arizona did for the most part, and if nothing else, what they did this offseason is the kind of thing you hope teams do from time to time.

        BigbadBruins, ??? I don’t even know the point of replying, but I think you need to take a break from your leafphobia as it’s starting to be clear you are a closeted self-hating leafs fan with how much you must think about them. I didn’t mention them in the post you replied to, and they have barely done anything one way or the other to make them jump out as something to think about. So that means you just sat and there thinking about the Leafs, as they are always on your brain, and couldn’t help yourself with making a declaration that makes no sense as you are having a hard time coming to grips with the feelings that rest deep in your heart. There are support groups… I just want to see you get better.

      • Danny you were talking about other teams that had a bad free agency but because your a leaf fan you didn’t mention them? Everyone has an opinion Danny just cause it’s not the same as yours doesn’t mean it’s wrong

  8. Would Sakic call up FLA for Demers? Offer up Soderberg who has 1 less yr on his contract…. ? That may help his defense.

    • He could have acquired a Demer’s in the UFA market or in trade with Vegas. This isn’t what he wants. He wants a trade similiar to Johansson for Jones or a less established younger D & a 1st plus a prospect.

      He will get it or Duchene isn’t moving.

      Colorado is rebuilding, they aren’t trying to win, I’m not sure why expectations for them are far greater than other teams that have done so. Why are expectations so significantly different?

      • As a Bruins fan I would be happy to have Duchene as our #2 LW. Spooner a 1st & a D prospect not Carlo or McAvoy would work for me.

        The Bruins still haven’t addressed that hole.

      • Striker you say Duchene is a elite player and should not be moved but ok if the Bruins give him a healthy scratch a middle round pick and a no name prospect. Why would the Columbus deal be so bad again ?

    • You drive a hard bargain. (insert wry smile here)

      You, sir, have yourself a deal!

      • Soderberg for Demers it is!!

  9. After signing Brian Boyle and drafting Nico Hischier, the Devils” roster shows a preponderance of good centers, but only a few good wings. The Penguins, on the other hand, are well stocked with wings, but looking for a third-line center. I think it is more likely their next #3 center will be Henrique or Zajac than it will be Duchene or Staal. Ray Shero just signed former Pen Brian Gibbons to a contract, and last year picked up the Pens’ Ben Lovejoy and gave Pens’ flop Beau Bennett a try. If he still has any love for his first-round srlection, Derrick Pouliot, perhaps he and a wing (Conor Sheary?) will bring a center.

  10. Hans might have went a little overboard with Price Wow lots of money and 8 years.

    • The term is fine goalies don’t really lose a step especially one so fundamentally sound as price, the money well you have to pay the best goalie in the world what he wants

      • Price is the best goalie in the world & 1 of the top 5 players in the world as well. That said i’m not tieing up 10.5 mil in cap space in net.

        How do you flush out a roster tieing up so much money in net.

      • But it was ok when rask signed for 7.5 when the cap was lower? Striker enough with the Habs hate it’s getting old with you and Danny

      • I have never commented on Rask’s cap hit. I wouldn’t pay him 7.5 either. I think I have been very clear. I’m not paying any goalie more than 5.5 in past cap worlds.

  11. As you speculated Lyle, LV got Kruger today for “future considerations.”

    • George, no recognition I have stated numerous times right here for 10 days Kruger was moving to Vegas as soon as that 2 mil signing bonus was paid yesterday, even referencing it to the Bernier trade last summer.

      I feel so slighted. Hahahaha

      • Everyone in the hockey world knew it striker lol just because you said it doesn’t EVERYONE else didn’t know about it

      • Did they Bigbadbruins? I heard few people sying it & certainlt not you. You rarely make any form of predictions. You prefer to claim knowledge after the fact.

        Step up throw it out there. You would have won the lottery to if you just played those #’s. Ha-ha!

        I don’t sugar coat it. It say what i think will happen before it happens. You should try it. Then maybe you could be right or wrong as opposed to telling us you were right after it happens.

      • Why would I say it when it was one of lyles headlines? Lol

      • He counts stating the obvious as among his % of correct assumptions. That’s a lot like being 100% right on a one-horse race.

  12. Nice…Leafs sign Marleau 3 years for 6.24 per year

    • Ouch way too much.