Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – July 9, 2017

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Could Toronto Maple Leafs center Tyler Bozak hit the trade block in the near future?

Latest on the Toronto Maple Leafs, Detroit Red Wings, St. Louis Blues & Vegas Golden Knights in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.

NEW YORK POST: If the addition of Patrick Marleau forces the Toronto Maple Leafs to solicit offers for center Tyler Bozak, Larry Brooks believes the New York Rangers could be among the suitors. He speculates the Rangers would open the bidding by pitching defenseman Nick Holden.

Brooks believes Bozak will have to go if the Leafs decide to get into a potential John Tavares trade sweepstakes. However, the addition of Marleau makes it more difficult for Toronto to add Tavares. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s assuming the Leafs want to give up a big trade package to the New York Islander to acquire Tavares, or that they’re willing to pony up the $10 million annually he’ll command as a potential unrestricted free agent next July. With the Leafs already set with Auston Matthews and Nazem Kadri in the top-two center positions, not to mention the huge price they’ll pay to re-sign Matthews, Mitch Marner and William Nylander, I don’t believe Tavares is a fit in Toronto.

Like Tavares, Bozak is eligible next summer for UFA status. Given his solid performance last season, however, I wonder if the Leafs might consider re-signing him to an affordable three-year deal for around $4.5 million annually. Sure, Bozak could seek better offers elsewhere, but with the Leafs showing significant improvement, maybe he’d like to stick around and be part of the club’s resurgence. 

STLTODAY.COM: Jeremy Rutherford recently took part in a Q&A with his readers regarding the St. Louis Blues offseason plans. He believes they’re done making UFA signings, though he wouldn’t be surprised if they opt to bring back checking-line forward Scottie Upshall. He doesn’t see the Blues signing Jaromir Jagr. He does have praise for former Arizona Coyotes captain Shane Doan.

Rutherford said center Paul Stastny enjoys playing in St. Louis. He has a year left on his contract but Rutherford isn’t sure if he’ll be re-signed. If he is, he’ll have to accept less than his current $7 million annual cap hit. He also believes the Blues and Colton Parayko will hammer out a new contract before his upcoming arbitration hearing. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t see the Blues signing Jagr or Doan. They’re going more with younger players. If Stastny’s willing to accept a three-year deal for around $5 million, perhaps the two sides can agree to that. Given his injury history, however, perhaps the Blues will consider younger, healthy and more affordable options. I agree with Rutherford that the Blues and Parayko will work out a deal before his arbitration hearing. 

MLIVE.COM: In a recent mailbag segment, Ansar Khan said he doesn’t see the Detroit Red Wings trading speedy forward Andreas Anthanasiou. “They would only consider moving him in a package for a sure-fire top-pair defenseman. I don’t believe there is such a deal to be had.” If winger Tomas Tatar ends up getting a one-year arbiter-awarded contract, Khan speculates he could be moved by the trade deadline if the Wings are out of the playoff picture by then. 

TORONTO SUN:  Steve Simmons reports that, by his count, the Vegas Golden Knights “will have to move at least four NHL defenceman, maybe five, between now and the start of their first season. That’s a lot of dealing to do and a not a lot of time for GM George McPhee.”



  1. Bozak is one Leaf I would not trade. If you can get him at three years and $5M a year then sign him.

    • Would you dangle kadri out there if re signing bozak ?

      • I wouldn’t . Just looking for leaf fans take on kadri

      • Kadri not going anywhere.

        Long term plan.

      • Kadri was almost ran out of Toronto, now he’s the solid #2 man. I would not move him. Bozak fits in the #3 slot, in my book. Rangers backed themselves into a corner by trading Stepan without getting a replacement or an upgrade. Can’t win in this league if you are as weak down the middle as they are.

      • Can you win in this league with Reilly / Gardiner , zaitsev / Hainsey as a top 4 ? I’ll believe it when I see it , but if del is correct that’s what they will be rolling with .

    • Does this Brooks understand anything? Has he been told there is a cap to manage? Please stop with the Tavares crap! Ok so let’s pay for Matthews, Marner, and Nylander when their entry level contracts are done along with Kadri, and Tavares at forward! Remember defence? His suggestions are utter horse crap!

  2. The other day I was wondering if Holden could be part of a package to attain Duchene from Colorado and many of you guys thought I was nuts. Today I read Larry Brooks feels Holden could be used to acquire Bozak. This supports what you guys were saying. Holden is not getting Duchene. I’m back in reality now!

    • Don’t put too much into the warped musings of Larry Brooks.

      • Brooks os def warped but Holden will most likely be moved for Bozak.Leafs need a top 4 Dman and have surplus of centers.

      • Toronto doesn`t have a surplus of centres, wingers yes. I don`t think Toronto would trade Bozak for Holden, even if we did have a surplus of centres

      • Virtually nothing the Avs do makes sense these days. What a joke of a team they have become.

    • The Avs already let Holden go once.

      • For a 4th round pick, they thought so highly of him. For a team with the worst D in the NHL it didn’t make any sense.

  3. Even with a Parayko contract, I think the Blues need to sign a veteran depth defenseman (maybe from Vegas). Lots of young d’men not quite ready yet. Would love to add Doan’s leadership if the dollars were right. Stastny might accept a hometown discount.

    • I think StL’s D is set.

      They like to play Petro & Bou together even though both are RD’s. Paryako will play with Edmundson & Gunnarson with Burtuzzo or Schmaltz. Schmatlz is ready to start his NHL career. Lindholm also has to clear waivers to be sent down so he stays in StL or he will be lost on waivers.

      That’s 8 Dman the standard contingent most teams carry.

      • It sounds like Walman and Dunn (and maybe Lindholm) may have passed Schmaltz as “NHL ready”. I wonder if the dreaded Blackhawks would have interest in Schmaltz as a trade?

      • Schmaltz has been developed very well. 4 years of college & 2 years in the minors. He’s now ready to step into the NHL ful time. Walman & Dunn will be seasoned for a bit before getting to the NHL. Lindholm will play behind Schmaltz. Neither will see huge minutes. I would wager Schmaltz see’s about 55 to 60 games playing in or around 15 mins. Sheltered 3rd pairing minutes. Lindholm & Burtuzzo will share time as the StL #6 with Schmaltz. Lindholm should see about 45 to 50 games once injuries play out.

        Schmaltz is going to be a decent 2 way Dman with at least a #4 pedigree. In 4 or 5 years may even exceed that. This is a good young Dman.

    • Shane Done? Really?

  4. ” (Ansar) Khan speculates he (Tatar) could be moved by the trade deadline if the Wings are out of the playoff picture by then.”

    They will be.

    • I’ll have some Tatar with that Octopus thank you.

  5. Vegas is in fact trading D.

    Vegas is in fact looking to add more forwards.

    Toronto and Vegas have been discussing a lot of trade scenarios.

    Players being discussed are:

    Toronto offering:
    Lupul, Fehr, Komarov, Smith, Gauthier, Greening, Marchenko, Marincin, 2018 3rd Round Draft Pick and 2018 7th Round Draft Pick.

    Toronto wants:
    Miller, Schmidt, Theodore, Leipsic, Bishoff, Tuch, 2019 2nd Round Pick, 2019 3rd Round Draft Pick and 2020 3rd Round Draft Pick.

    Gauthier and Draft Picks have a lot of interest from Vegas.

    Trading Gauthier is a major benefit for Toronto depending on the return.

    If the return is Miller or Schmidt or Theordore then it’s a win win but it’s highly unlikely.

    Based on Toronto’s recent history with trades it’ll be for nothing.

    • You can strike Schmidt and Theo (who is waiver exempt) from that list. Those are probably the two moat untouchable in Vegas. I’m not familiar with bishoff but the leafs arent landing any of the of those defesemen with the players you mention in a normal trade scenario, then again it seems like vegas has a fore sale going on and everything is on clearance.

      Tuch and leispic are forwards so I doubt they are available.
      Vegas isn’t trading picks so that leaves Miller, which would be a nice addition to the leafs

      • Leipsic was picked by Vegas in Expansion draft for Wolves not the Knights.

        Tuch and Leipsic are set for first line and Bishoff 1st pair of D with Wisniewski on the Wolves.

        All 3 are available.

      • I don’t think Tuch is going any where he & a 3rd round pick were the compensation paid to avoid Dumba! He is a solid A class prospect & a big boy. I would have taken Dumba over that compensation even with Haula.

        Leipsic has to clear waivers to be sent to the AHL so he & Carrier stay with Vegas in the NHL or they will be lost on waivers.

      • You can add Nosek to that group as well. None of those young wingers are making it thru waivers. Vegas will have to keep them in the show or someone else will give them a shot. Anyone of those players would help NJ.

        Can anyone tell me what is happening in NJ at forward? They have signed 1 UFA forward in Boyle & made 1 trade in a salary dump from Washington in Johansson both great additions. I assume Hischier is a lock to play but that still leaves 5 spots open on their 23 man roster assuming they carry the standard contingent of 13 F, 8 D & 2 G’s.

      • I just heard that Vegas made Toronto an offer.

        Brad Hunt and a 2018 5th Round Draft Pick for Gauthier.

      • Striker,

        Just letting you know what’s going on.

      • & that’s news worthy because?

        Vegas signed Hunt as a UFA for the league min, although on a 1 way deal, a 5th is less than nothing. That has him destined for Chicago in the AHL & unlikely to be claimed as most won’t want to pay him 650K to play in the minors. He’s not even an NHL depth Dman, this signing makes no sense to me, a waste of money.

        Why would Tor give up Gauthier for nothing? Isn’t he being groomed to be a checking C in 2 to 3 years?

      • The consensus on Gauthier is he’s a bust.

        On draft day the forecast was 2nd Line. Then it dropped to 3rd line and now 4th line.

        They want to move him and get something for him before end of next season when he is an RFA and the market will give them absolutely nothing.

        The offer from Vegas was the first one. First offers are always lowball to see what the counter will be.

        I’ve heard other teams have become interested now as well.

        Edmonton is now in on Gauthier.

        Darnell Nurse is what Toronto want.

        Edmonton wants Gauthier, 2 draft picks and another player (unsure who).

      • WHERE – and from who – are you hearing these rumors? Fill us in. But if it’s someone’s wishful-thinking blog – forget it.

      • Tyler Durden?

      • George,

        I assure you this is credible.

        Ask Lyle to find my older posts and repost them and you will see everything I have posted has happened.

        These are negotiations usually not made public.

        I am only letting you know what’s going on behind closed doors.

        If your interested that’s great but if not that’s fine too.

        I don’t post often but if and when I do it’s worthwhile for all.

        Thank You

      • George did you ever see the movie “a beautiful mind”?

      • George key words “voices” “medication” and the song “Those Nice Young Men In Their Clean White Uniforms” may all apply to him at this time. He doesn`t post often, only when the attendants forget to lock his room

      • LOL. There is no chance Edmonton is moving Darnell Nurse. Not for a package surrounding a player who’s potential is a 4th liner. He is an important cog of their future.

    • Why in the hell would Vegas do this? And where did you hear such idiocy?

    • Why would Vegas donhis deal? Trade all their good young players for a bunch of garbage older players. Leaf fans truly think all their players are gold.

  6. Theodore is an untouchable- 21 and a first round draft choice. Team Canada World Junior….I would also believe Miller is virtually untouchable as their only Right shot defence man. That would leave McNabb,Stoner, & Merrill the only desired in my opinion. Garrison Sbisa no thanks unless they give them away and even then it might be tough

    • Garrison has a NTC

      • Hey Delvecchio did Howe errantly hit you in the corner with a real hard elbow?

  7. Well if Methot only returned a 2nd & Emelin a 3rd with Vegas having to with hold 1.1 of his salary to get that, good luck moving Dman like Sbisa, Stoner, etc. They will end up having to waive some dman before the season starts or give them away for nothing. A 3rd rounder is nothing, about a 15% chance that drafted player even gets a cup of coffee in the NHL. By the 4th round slim to non existent.

    Why McPhee took so many extra Dman is odd. I would have taken Clifford from LA not McNabb, Brouwer from Calgary not Engelland. Both to add toughness & grit to the roster. Clifford can take a regular shift & Brouwer ideally suited to a 3rd line roll but can play as a #2 RW & a big body for the PP.

    • Then again, no one ever accused McPhee of being Sam Pollock. What he did with Methot bordered on insanity! A junior goalie who will likely never even get that proverbial cup of coffee at the NHL level and a 2nd round pick in 2020 who’s not going to be seen until at least 2023-24 – if ever. That and the Forsberg trade combined puts him in Mike Milbury territory.

      • I’m not very impressed with McPhee either George. I didn’t expect him to build such a bad team in the short term & he could just as easily acquired the picks & selected better. Most of the picks, at least those on any significant value came from 3 teams regardless Clb, NYI & TB.

        With the exception of leveraging Theodore out of Anh & that also meant taking on Stoners 3.25 salary & he’s not eligible to be bought out & the Clb, NYI, & TB deals I liked little else specifically.

        I don’t like what McPhee did, I just can’t understand why he didn’t have deals in place before selecting all these Dman. He had ample time & if he didn’t know he could move them then he should have stayed away from the borderline guys where possible. Some were unavoidable as they were the best player available from that team but not in all situations, at least in my opinion.

        He drafted zero toughness, who’s going to stand up for all these young kids he’s going to be drafting? Clifford & Brouwer would have kept the liberties in check. Clifford is a true heavy weight that can play a regular shift as a 3rd or 4th line LW. Why McNabb when you already have so many Dman especially LD? Engelland over Brouwer? These are head scratchers for me.

      • Wouldn’t surprise me one bit to see McPhee offer Chris Neil a 1-year basic deal at $1 mil.

      • Mcphees ability to get picks and prospects, like tuch and theadore, in the draft was noteworthy… but some of the other picks and subsequent trades have been baffling. I know you say that they should have taken dumba but i believe that there was a deal in place to prevent minny from trading dumba before the draft. doubt it was ever really an option for vegas.

      • George,

        Chris Neil signing in Vegas is sensible.

        The problem is Chris doesn’t want to go there.

      • If he wants to make a million he will – he’s not getting many offers from any other source. Beats the hell out of unemployment.

      • Ummm pretty sure Derrick England was Calgarys muscle last year and did the protection. Brower simply collected checks all year.

  8. I would like to see Marleau mentor Nylander and share the duties of 2nd line centre having Kapanen or Brown on the other wing. That would leave Matthews with say Hyman and Marner. And Kadri playing a two-way role on the third line. That makes both JVR and Bozak expendible with some room for a couple more prospects in the top 9. However I expect them to keep Bozak and Komarov around this season for the sake of depth. JVR however will probably be moved for prospects/picks. If he doesn’t net them a top 4 defenseman no worries. Draft picks are like currency. They can see how the young guys like Dermott, Rosen and Borgman are progessing and fill needs later through the trade market.

    • Between Bozak and JVR…

      It would be and ONLY be at the trade deadline and it would be…

      Bozak NOT JVR.

      JVR is being talked about re-signing.

      Komarov is gone at Trade Deadline or end of season as UFA. NOT re-signing.

      • DEL, I swear I remember you predicting something a month or 2 back but the transaction I just can’t pinpoint.

      • Not sure where you get your information but it’s a little stale. Firstly, their lack of depth at centre was a major concern last year. They replaced Boyle with Moore. Marleau has not been a full time centre for some time. Babcock has said Nylander will start this season on the wing. Smith and Gauthier (inj) are no better than 4th liners. Unless they get a top 9 centre back they just don’t have the depth to trade Bozak.
        Secondly, I think it’s unlikely they tie up $12M+ in two 28+ LW, JVR and Marleau, with so many core players to resign over the next three years. They’re sitting right now with about $400K in off-season cap space, not enough to resign Brown. I highly doubt they’re intentionally going force him to sit out training camp so they can squeeze him in under LTIR. It seems pretty clear a trade is pending. One that would clear at least $2M in cap space.

        Thirdly, if the Leafs are in the hunt for a playoff spot it’s going to be tough to shed any of these guys at the trade deadline. Even if that’s when they’d realize the best return. We saw that with the Boyle trade. They were willing to give up a second round pick for the sake of a playoff run. I could see them letting Bozak and Komarov walk if it means a better chance of making the playoffs or maybe even winning a round or two.

      • Last time saying this…

        Bozak and Komarov will not be on the 2018 roster…

        JVR and Kadri will be…

      • “Not on the 2018 roster” is not quite the same prophecy as you foresaw a moment ago when you said, ‘moved, but only at the trade deadline.’ Is this new breaking information?

  9. Striker,
    Who cares if McPhee screwed up? Just another non traditional hockey market anyway.